Deep Winter (1985) - full transcript

Deep Winter

Get over here and help me!

What are you doing here?
- Huh?

I thought I'd told you...

Go home Einar!

You were never here.
- Elsa?


Go home!
- Yes.

You've seen nothing.
- Yes.

Seen what?

What have you done this time?

What exactly do you mean when you say
that you aren't sure the siblings in.

Reykjafjordur are willing
to sell the estate?

Your assignment wasn't to find out
what they want or do not want.

Your assignment was to buy the estate.

And understand that even though
the land is the richest in all of

Vestfjordur when it comes to
geothermal activity,

that still doesn't mean it is
the only place suited for such

a big fish farming facility.

Therefore, we don't understand how you
can come here and ask for more time

so you can negotiate an agreement
with these siblings.

Especially since I've heard that
they own only half of the estate.

Half the estate? No, that
must be some misunderstanding.

The oldest brother...

Andr?s, that's right.

He owned half of the estate.
- Yes, but he passed away.

You might not know that he was married.

Yeah, but he lived abroad.

Andr?s Magn?sson worked for Richter
und Wassertad in Munich.

Married, 16th of April, 1981.

Died in a car crash, 30th of
November, the same year.

No children.

His wife, Elsa Magn?sson, works for
Wannberger Elektrotechnische Fabrik

in Munich.

This woman now owns half of
the estate in Reykjafjordur.

I guess I should try to find her and...
- I have done that already.

Of course she wants to sell her share.

But I told her we won't be able to
breed fish in only half of the fjord.

So she's going to make her
stepfamily come to their senses

and I hope you will help
her in any way you can.

And where can I reach her?

She went there herself this morning.

To B?ldudalur?

Well...I offered her a one week's
vacation here from Germany.

She's probably entering
Reykjafjordur as we speak.

She will contact you in B?ldudalur
sometime in the next few days.

Her name is Elsa.

Strange how everything looks
different during deep winter.

You think so?

Andr?s always said that spring was
the prettiest time around here.

I'll never forget how scared
I was driving here.

I think I could never get
used to these narrow roads.

The rocks hanging over your
head and the sea below you.

Sure. Still, this can become
quite boring during winter.

Are you still working for
the road administration?

No, though sometimes I help
with the snow plowing.

Is it hard work?

Not this winter.

There was a blizzard in December
so everything stopped for a week.

Since then, it's been calm.

Except when the road closes
due to an avalanche.

Are avalanches common around here?

You can always expect some once
the spring snow starts to melt.

It's so steep.

I hope you're not trying to scare me.

It is nothing to be scared of.
So far we've been very fortunate.

- Yes.

You know why I've come here?
- Well, I'm not too sure.

I read that letter.

Those men want to buy the estate.
I can't afford to say no.

No. I understand.

And they want to buy right now.

Otherwise, they'll just
go someplace else.

This is our chance.

That might be. But it isn't
just as simple as that.


There's three of us siblings.

Is Unnur not willing to sell?

She won't even discuss it. -But she
can't make a decision for us all.

No. We have to discuss this at least.

I own half of that estate.

A majority decision is enough to sell.

So if either you, or Einar...


Isn't Einar of legal age?

Yes, I guess so.

Unnur refused to take away his autonomy
when he went south to the asylum.

Is Einar living in the south?

No, he is home.

He's been calm since he came back.

Does everything Unnur tells him to do.

He's on some medication.

I won't try to stop you if you
decide to speak to Unnur about this.

But I know how she will react.

We'll see what happens.
- Yeah.

That's the best option.

This is the estate.

What happened?

Problems with the electricity?

The goddamn electric motor
keeps breaking down.

I haven't found the time to fix it.

We're still waiting for the
power lines to reach us.

How do you do?

Nice to meet you.

And welcome.
- Thank you.

So you have decided to visit the estate?

Einar! Take the girl inside the house.

Pleased to meet you.
- Yes.

I put your things in a room downstairs.

You will have to climb down that ladder
if you don't feel like going outside.

Be careful with the ladder.

We wouldn't want you to have an
accident, the first night here.

I realize this is not as stylish
as what you are used to having.

I'm used to many things.

This is very cozy.

I just hope I'm not throwing
someone out of his room.

Not at all.

After Andr?s left home, this
has been used as a guest room.

But we don't get many visitors.

So this was Andr?s's room?

Perhaps you would like another room?

Oh no, that won't be necessary.

This suitcase is locked.

But I unpacked this one and put
everything in the dresser.

Thank you. But you didn't need
to unpack my suitcases.

I'm used to doing that.

It was no bother.

Unnur! The Pot's boiling over!
- Take the lid off the pot.

This used to be the twins room. But
Magn?s moved upstairs when father died.

And Andr?s stayed, alone in the room.

It is the warmest room
in the entire house.



I guess I'll go see about the pots.
No one else will.

I'll call you when dinner is ready.
- Thank you.

The potatoes are delicious.
Do you plant them yourselves?

Everyone's too lazy to bother
planting potatoes around here.

It's not worth the effort.

Having this much geothermal energy
can be a valuable asset.

There's no shortage of food around here.

The house is heated with the
water from the geyser.

That's just a small
part of the hot water.

And the rest isn't used?

It goes to the swimming pool that
the youth association built.

Most of it goes into the sea.


Hasn't anyone shown any interest in
harnessing this kind of energy.

No please, sit down.
Let me do the dishes.

It's not the custom here in Reykjafj?r?ur,
to have the guests do the house chores.

Though it might be
customary in other countries.


Where are you going?

Wait a moment.

Don't tell me someone was still living
in this house after you were born?

No, the new house had already been
built before Unnur was born.

How old was she when she
took over the household?

When mom passed away?

She was somewhere around thirteen.

Thirteen years old.

Why didn't your father
hire a housekeeper?

Who do you think would
want to move to this place?

Yeah, I guess that makes sense.

I can't understand how people
can live in such an isolated place.

Have you never wanted to
travel and see the world?

Oh sure. In fact, I've travelled
to many places on my snowmobile.

What are you doing here?

I've finished making the bed.
Can I have a cigarette?

Let's go.
- Yes.

How many sheep do you have here?
- They aren't that many.

Enough to make a living from them?

Yes, along with some other things.

Strange smell in here.

Does it always smell like
that inside the stables?

The smell is pretty strong.


It's the smell of the hay. After
the harvesting, it gives that smell.

They look so clumsy.
Don't they need a haircut?

Shear them? I haven't
had the time to do it.

Do you think sheep are fun animals?


They are all right, poor things.

Unnur has a much closer
relationship with them, compared to me.

She can recognize each
one of them by their name.


I would never be able
to tell them apart.

After all, I'm more used to the company
of people and not that of sheep.

Don't you think this
place is too isolated?

I don't know. Sometimes, I guess.

I'm sure you would like it
better, to be among other people.

You think so?
- Yeah.

You are the type.

I've finished the tobacco Unnur.

Unnur dear.

We're out of tobacco.

- Do you often take a swim in the pool?


So won't you join me in the pool?

It's way too cold for
ladies to be taking a swim.

You just watch me.

Have you taken your medication?
- Yes.







What is this?
- Huh?

You don't have to finish all the sugar,
just because I go outside for a moment.

Aren't you coming? The
wate is wonderful.

Since you do not dare to come, how
about you go home and get me a towel?

Scared of going in the pool?

I'm too busy to fool around.


Where is Magn?s going?

He is going to help the farmer at
Foss with the snow plowing.

He has to hurry.

Hello. Can you connect
me to B?ldudalur? 22-32.

G?sli Sam?elsson.

Hello? It's Elsa.

I can't really tell yet.

There's a strange atmosphere here.

I'll try to meet you tomorrow.

Pull it up. Like that.


I can't hear you.

Elsa? Elsa?

Try calling again. Hello? Hello?

You look like you've seen a ghost.

That's how it felt. I was on the phone
when the door suddenly slammed shut.

Same with the trapdoor. I couldn't open
it but then all of a sudden it opened.

Yeah well, this is an old house.

Whenever there is a draught inside the
house, the trapdoor can be difficult.

No draught can be this powerful.

I hope you're not suggesting
that ghosts are responsible.

Now go inside and have
a nice cup of coffee.

And let me know if you
notice anything unnatural.

You drink a lot of coffee.

Don't you think this deep winter
just seems to drag on and on?


Does Andr?s own a VHS recorder?

- VHS recorder.

Yes. We owned a VHS recorder.

Is antenna needed?
- For a VHS recorder?

No, I don't think so. The
picture comes from the device.


Why do you ask?

They told me I needed an antenna.

A TV needs an antenna.
- TV is a totally different thing.


The trawler had a VHS recorder.

Why don't you buy one?
- Yeah.

It could be a great pastime.
- It is expensive.

You're a landowner.
- Yeah.

You could sell your share of the
land and buy a VHS recorder.

Do you smoke?
- No thanks.

So you don't have a cigarette on you?

Ah, I see.

Actually, I have a present for you.

I bought it in the duty free store.

That carton of cigarettes in your
suitcase? - How do you know...

I'll go and get it.
- Yes.

There you go.

Are you not going to smoke?
- No, Unnur thinks I smoke too much.

Earlier, it felt like someone
held the trapdoor shut.

And then the door slammed shut
even though no one was in the house.

Unnur was outside doing the laundry.

Does this happen a lot?

Perhaps this place is haunted?
- I don't know!

Would you like some candy?
- No thanks.

What's that you got there?

Don't know. Just some stuff.

What's that? - Don't
know...well...those are pictures.

A shell.
- Pretty.

A knife.

And stuff like that.

A clock.
- Computer watch.


Jesus feeds five thousand people.

That's what this picture is showing.

That one is beautiful.
- Yeah.

A blind man receives sight.
These are miracle pictures.

This man was blind.

When I was talking earlier on the phone?
- Yeah?

Did you move the door?
- I opened it, it opened.

Yes, I know but...
- Jesus lives.

I'm talking about when
the door slammed on me.

From Jordan.

Einar is showing me what's in his box.
- Well I'll be!

I didn't know he was prepared to
have his treasures on display.

Your fishes are beautiful.
- Yes.

They're beautiful.


Can you let me in?

Let you in?

I'm locked out.

Someone has locked the door.

Yes. I'll be right there.

I apologize, the truck got stuck
so I needed to go on foot to town.

No problem.

Too bad about the truck.
- Oh?

I had hoped you could give me
a ride to B?ldudalur tomorrow.

Take you to B?ldudalur.


That won't be a problem.
We can use the snowmobile.

Good night.
- Good night.

What were you two chattering about?

I thought you were sleeping.

Elsa asked me to give her a
ride to B?ldudalur tomorrow.

What for?

I guess she wants to take a look around.

You won't be taking the truck
since it is stuck somewhere?

No, we will use the snowmobile.

The snowmobile?

Try to eat something, Magn?s dear.

I think we need to have a serious talk.

The only reason she came here
was to force us to sell the estate.

And what will become of us then?

Are you using lipstick?

Like I can't put on
lipstick if I feel like it?

Can you tell me where I can
find G?sli Sam?elsson's office?

It's up there.
- Thanks.

But I am ready to sell
my share of the estate.

That way I've done my part
and can leave this place.

Why won't you buy my share?

Either we will buy the entire estate, or
else we will find another land to buy.

It is all up to you.

All you need to do is get
one of them to sign the papers.

I'm not sure if I can
stand staying there any longer.

It feels like someone is
watching me through the window.

My room gets ransacked and...

it's impossible to sleep at nights for all
the noise, even though no one is awake.

Hard to tell if the place is
haunted or I'm being persecuted.

Well, if the place is haunted, that might
help convince the folks they need to sell.

What do you mean?

I'm saying, you are running out of time.

You're in a hurry to sell your share,
and you must make them leave the estate.

Whatever it takes.

And since the place is haunted, they
should be happy to move out from there.

I can keep on trying.

I think it would be best for all
of them to get out of this isolation.

Then it is decided.

You do your best and I will
see if I can't do something too.

Been waiting long?
- No, just a little while.

Where did you go while I was shopping?

Nowhere. Just took a look around.

Did you meet someone?

No. I don't know anyone here.

Did you buy skis?

No. There was a ski competition
here last week, so I left mine.

Did you win?

No, I fell.

I will have to leave them behind
again, they won't fit on the snowmobile.

No, we must be able
to find a spot for them.

Do you know how to ski?

Only water skiing.

Oh yeah?

Water skiing?


Magn?s, stop!




Are you hurt?


Didn't you hear me?
- No.

You sure you're all right?


Here are the keys for
your truck. I got it out.

Thank you.

Einar. Did you take the cigarettes?

Is something wrong?

Unnur doesn't want me
smoking your cigarettes.

That's just silly.


I'll hold on to them.

Didn't you shut off the snowmobile?

No...I mean...I don't know.

I have your jacket Einar.

You know you're not supposed
to go outside dressed like that.

Haul it up.

Fire! Over there!





What happened?

Someone attacked me.

Who did?

Someone came from behind me.
Then everything went dark.

Did you hit your head on the pen?
Think the ram attacked you?

She ripped my clothes off.

Magn?s. Don't let her get me.

Going to burn me
alive inside the stables?


And you hit me Magn?s?

Don't we need to get her to a doctor?

Calm down.
- I won't leave this place!

That is the only thing we can do!

It's our only option and you know it!

Calm down! Calm down!

Unnur dear? Unnur? Are you hurt?

She will stay here for the night.
I suggest you go to Hotel Vegam?t.

Wouldn't it be better if
someone stayed here with her?

I'll take care of her. She's
sleeping, I gave her an injection.

Won't the doctor see her?

That won't be necessary. But we
may have to contact the police.

Unfortunately, all the roads are
blocked because of the blizzard.

The police? What for?

Well, while no bones are broken,
she's all bruised and battered.

And I am supposed to report all
such cases to the authorities.

Put a tape in?

I've already told you, there's
nothing on before eight o'clock!

And I fucking hate it when
people mess with the TV controls.

How was it?


The food.

Oh...yeah...nothing more for me.

I don't understand it.

She must have fainted or something.

Unnur has never fainted before.

She has seemed really overstrung.

I'm worried about all this.

That's understandable.

Oh no. You don't understand.

You don't know what it is
like, living in the country.

Gossip has started for
smaller incidents than this.

Real toxic gossip.

Elsa. You're wanted on the phone.

- Hi there.

So, all we need to do
now is follow through.

What do you mean?

Well, I had promised to try to help.

I think this is going too far.

Don't worry, it will be impossible for
them to stay at the estate after this.

With injuries, a fire and
even a house that is haunted.

So you think the news will spread?

What do you think? Especially now
that the media has entered the picture.

How did the media hear about this?

They jumped on the story immediately.

They haven't had a juicy story
like this for a long time.

Now wait just a moment. I'm not
sure I get what you are saying.

That's right dear. Just act like
you don't know what's going on.

Sorry. I thought...thought you had gone to
sleep, I was seeing if the door was locked.

Why would I lock it?

I don't know. I just
wanted to make sure.

Would you like some whiskey?

I couldn't sleep.

So the plan is to return
to Reykjafjordur tomorrow?

Of course.

What will you do?

I'm not sure.

Something might happen tomorrow.

Like what?

I'll talk to Unnur.

Why don't you try to
do something yourself?

Perhaps I will.

I don't want to keep you up.



Don't go.

Sit with me a moment.

- Yes.

Just a little while.

I don't know, I don't understand...
- Shhhh...

I wasn't expecting to find you here.

I just fell asleep.

We're going home.

In a hurry?

What you may not have noticed
is that it was snowing last night.

Roads are impassable.

So G?sli Sam?elsson will give
us a ride on his snowcat.


Once the snow has been removed,
we can take the truck.

The sheep have to be checked on.

Someone has to look after them.

Though you may be enjoying
life here in B?ldudalur.

What is this? Who forgot to turn
off the lights when we left?

The outdoor lights were turned on.

But I turned off all the
lights inside the house.

It seems like you've got some visitors.

Well, nice to meet you.

And it's about time.

Problems with the snowcat?

It was being repaired,
so there was some delay.

Take a seat.

There's coffee, won't you have a cup?

Where are you coming from?

That's quite a story, let me tell you.

It's been an eventful day for all of us.

We had planned to go to B?ldudalur
but the weather blocked our path...

so instead we went to Patreksfjordur.

There we rented a jeep and
drove through this snowy moor.

We had to shovel and struggle...

and finally the fucking jeep
broke down in the fjord next to here.

So we had to walk the rest of the way.

I hope you'll forgive the intrusion.

Listen, won't you run down to the stables,
we would like to take some pictures.

Pictures? Of what?

Of where the accident happened.

The only pictures we've gotten
so far are of the dog.

Magn?s. What's going on?

I think you better lie down.

Won't she follow us
to the stables first?

We would like to ask a few questions.

What is the meaning of this?
Who sent you?

What do you think you're doing?

Just taking some pictures.

Einar, get in your room.

Go away, go away, GO AWAY!


They had no right.

Who would do such a thing?

Jesus. Jesus lives. Jesus
feeds five thousand.

The home in Jordan.

A blind man receives sight.

Who opened my box?

Someone opened it?
- Yes!


you had no right!

Go away.

You're going to force them
to leave, whatever it may take.

Making up a fake ghost story and
get newspaper men from Reykjavik.

I haven't noticed anything supernatural.
- I don't care what you say.

Get the hell out of this house!

Let's talk about this rationally.

What would be rational for
you to do is leaving this house.

We have nothing more to talk about.

Isn't it up to the master of the house
to decide who he wants to talk to?

It would be best if you'd leave.

Unnur needs peace and quiet.

Isn't it only fair that we get a short
interview, having travelled all this way?

If you won't get out right
now, I'll get the police!

It looks like you have
plenty to write about.

Well boys, let's not be difficult.

You're coming with us, right?

No, I'm staying here.
- What for?

That's my business.

Suit yourself dear, but remember that it
wasn't me who started this haunting tale.

This place isn't haunted!
- Get a picture of him.

And there's no telling if
you've heard the last.

Get out of here!

Well, let's go.

That was quite a spectacle. What
the hell is going on around here?

This is what can happen in midwinter.

It should be illegal to live
on these tiny remote farms.

I'm not sure what I should write about.

Let's wait and see what happens. Perhaps
you won't have to write anything.

I could also have a
word with the editor.

So, they're gone.

How is Unnur doing?

I think she's sleeping.

It's probably best if
I check on the animals.

Were you in the kitchen?


Where is Magn?s?

I don't know.





What is going on?

Come here.

Magn?s. Help me!

No one asked her to come here.
She's trying to get rid of us.


Help me.

Let's go home. Let's go home.
Let her freeze to death.

We won't have to do anything.

We should get you home. Stay
where you are, I have to get her home.

Hold on.

Help me.

Yes. Yes.



Oh, it's you.

The flames are becoming
a regular sight around here.

I noticed your shed by the
pool burned down last night.

Where is Magn?s?

I...I don't know.

What about Elsa? Where is she?

I don't know!

"Don't know, don't know."
You must know where she is!

She's gone.


There haven't been any flights
scheduled out of B?ldudalur today.

I drove her over the moor.

To Brj?nsl?kur.

How did you manage that?

The snowmobile.

She was in a hurry to get back south.

So you're not expecting
her back any time soon?

No. She lives abroad.
- How come...

Go home Einar. See if Unnur needs help.

Since that is the case, she must
have told you on the way there.

Told me what?

Well, I don't think she would
have been willing to leave...

if I hadn't bought
her share of the estate.

She didn't mention it to me.

Perhaps you just forgot in your haste?

Of course, we can locate
her to confirm all this.

If that's really necessary.

No, she may have mentioned it.

Yeah, I thought so.

I've got all the papers.

But what matters the most is
the mutual trust between us two.

After all that's happened.

I don't see why you shouldn't
be allowed to continue living here...

and work at the fish farming
facility once it's been built.

I don't want to force you to leave.

What did you do to him?
- What did he do to us?

It was an accident,
we don't know what happened!

We must report this. - No! We'll
hide him before anyone comes.

Let's burn him!
- No.

Then no one will find out.
- No!


Don't you think this
has gone far enough?

Have you completely lost your minds?

You haven't killed anyone.

Though you came close,
that night in the pool.

I came back and looked for you.

I decided to hide in
the stables that night.

When I saw G?sli the following morning,
I was about to come out of hiding.

That was when I noticed you were
burning my suitcase and I realized I...

had to leave at once if I
was going to escape this place alive.

I flew back home without
leaving any message.

And now that I'm back, I find
out you have sold the estate and...

a fish farming facility
has been erected.

That's the reason I've returned,
to speak to G?sli Sam?elsson...

concerning my share of the estate.

I hitched a ride from B?ldudalur
and walked the rest of the way.

As I approached the house,
I heard a noise from inside.

Are you still having fun,
feeding the fishes?

Don't you realize, you fucking
lunatic, that they can die from it?

They are no pets.

Who let you inside?

Stop it, you moron.

I said, stop it! At once!

You would perhaps prefer to
go back to the lunatic asylum?

Are you going to stop it
or not, you fucking retard?

I'll teach you to
leave the fish alone.

Shall I lead you to the
water, so you can join them?

Suddenly, they noticed me.

G?sli turned around, and saw me.

As he turned around...

he must have slipped.

Because he fell and knocked
his head against something.

I saw it was an accident.

I ran away to get help.