Daisy-Head Mayzie (1995) - full transcript

The Cat in the Hat (the most famous Dr. Seuss character) narrates a story about a girl named Mayzie McGrew, who mysteriously has a daisy growing from her head! This happens during the school hours, so she's ridiculed by her friends, and speculated by her teacher, principal, parents, and any other adults confirmed of Mayzie's problem. The situation reaches its high point when Finagle steps in and offers Mayzie a place in stardom, based from the daisy in her head. Mayzie herself, for reasons unknown, takes the offer, not long before she finds out the hard way how fame & fortune can bring unhappiness. It's some time after her daisy disappears that Mayzie realizes that the love of her family & friends is what really matters. From that point on, things are back to normal (except for a few of Mayzie's daisy's occasional sprout up every now & then).

It's hard to believe
such a thing could be true.

And I hope such a thing
never happens to you.

But it happened they say,
to poor Mayzie McGrew.

Alright, children.
Settle down now.

Open your books
at page 24, children.

It happened like this.

She was sitting one day at her desk
in the school in her usual way...

When she felt a small twitch
on the top of her head.

So Mayzie looked up,
and she almost dropped dead.

Something peculiar
was going on there.

A daisy had sprouted
right out of her hair!

Behind her was sitting
young Herman Butch Stroodle.

This looks like a daisy
up here on her noodle.

It doesn't make sense,
why it couldn't be so!

A noodle's no place
for a daisy to grow.

Then, upspoke another boy,
Einstein Van Tess.

The brightest young boy
in the whole of the class.

It's a very odd place
to be sprouting a daisy,

but nevertheless,
one is growing on Mayzie.

Look what's happening here in this room.

Daisy-Head Mayzie,
she's bursting in bloom!

Miss Sneetcher, her teacher,
came rushing up quick.

Such nonsense,
some child here is playing a trick.

Which one of you boys
stuck that thing in her hair?

You know that a daisy
could never grow there.

But teacher, Ms. Sneetcher,
I saw the thing rise.

Right out of her head
with my very own eyes!

Just give it a yank
if you think he tells lies.

I've had quite enough
of this foolishness talk.

Uh, Mayzie, hold still,
let me get at that stalk.


You better quit yanking,
you're giving her pain.

I'll bet that those roots
go way down in her brain.

♪ Daisy-Head, Daisy-Head,
Daisy-Head Mayzie ♪

Uh, children! Be quiet!
Good grief and alas.

To think this is happening
right here in my class!

♪ Daisy-Head, Daisy-Head,
Daisy-Head Mayzie ♪

I've taught in this room
20 years, maybe more.

But I've never seen
anything like this before!

♪ Daisy-Head, Daisy-Head,
Daisy-Head Mayzie ♪

I’ll have to report it.

You’ll just have to come to
the principal's office and show Mr. Grumm.

♪ Daisy-Head, Daisy-Head,
Daisy-Head Mayzie ♪

Now the principal,
good Mr. Gregory Grumb,

was a very wise man,
just as smart as they come.

He knew more than
anyone else in this nation.

About long division,
and multiplication.

Come in!

He knew all the answers.

Why oceans are deep, why skies are so high,
and why mountains are steep.

Can you tell me the answer
to this thing on young Mayzie?

My word,
a genuine daisy!

♪ I've seen them quite often
in fields, growing wild ♪

♪ but never before,
on the head of a child ♪

♪ Now, what in this world
ever made this thing sprout? ♪

♪ I have no idea,
but I'm going to find out ♪

♪ It says here ♪
♪ It says daisies grow on the land ♪

♪ They grow between rocks ♪
♪ They grow also in sand ♪

♪ It mentions right here ♪
♪ They can grow in a pot ♪

♪ But mention the head of a girl ♪
♪ It does not ♪

♪ Daisies, it says,
sometime grow in Alaska ♪

♪ Also, Missouri ♪
♪ Rhode Island, Nebraska ♪

♪ They grow in Japan ♪
♪ And in Spain and Peru ♪

♪ In India, France ♪
♪ And in Idaho too ♪

- Hehe!
- Oh!

♪ Daisies flower by the score ♪
♪ Timbuktu and Timbuck-four ♪

♪ Katmandu and Katman-did ♪
♪ They surely do and always did ♪

♪ In Shangri-La, Australia ♪
♪ Malaysia and Zanzibar ♪

♪ Even some parts of Africa ♪
♪ Daisies nearly everywhere ♪

♪ But to have a daisy in your hair ♪
♪ Is something new and something rare ♪

♪ In all my years of being right ♪
♪ I've never seen so strange of sight ♪

It stopped growing!

I think, I think it's going!

It's wilting, it's drooping.
How wonderful, Mayzie!

It soon will be gone,
you'll be rid of that daisy.

In just a few moments,
our troubles will pass.

Just as soon as it's dead,
take her back to class.

Then, the principal
saw a most terrible sight.

The daisy was dying.

And that was alright, but that daisy
was part of poor Mayzie McGrew.

And Mayzie was
starting to wilt away too!

Ms. Sneetcher!

Know what I think?

They're both going to wilt!

Quick, bring them a drink!

Oh, my!


That daisy...

That girl's the worst
problem in town.

You take her away and
you make her lie down!

Lock her up tight
in that room down the hall.

There's quite a few people
that I've got to call.

Get Mayzie's parents
on the end of the line.

I need them here quickly,
while there's still time.

Mrs. McGrew,
what's all the fuss?

Goodness to Betsy,
I'll catch the next bus!

Quickly, I need Mr. McGrew!

- Are you McGrew?
- Mhm.

Call for you.

Yes, this is...


I'll be there in a dot!

My shoe, McGrew!
My shoe!

That's quite a neat trick!

I'll be there in a tick!

We need all the help we can get!

Then I'll come along too,
my brother's a vet.

Finch the Florist.
Roses, carnations, holly.

You mean up here?!

I'll be right over!

My, oh my.





Mr. McGrew, my shoe!

My shoe, Mcgrew!
My shoe!

My, oh my.


How do you do,
I'm Mr. McGrew.

Where is my daughter?

Uh, I thought she was with you.

- Uh, no. I, but I was here.
- I believe that's my shoe.

- McGrew. Well, I won't leave...
- Uh, who is this...

Dr. Eiseinbart.

- Please let me, through.
- Aah!


My poor little daughter!

The daisy!
It's true!





You know what I think?


I think, that Mayzie and her plant,
could help me get a research grant!


His honor, the Mayor!

♪ I am very important ♪
♪ That's why I'm the Mayor ♪

♪ My pictures on posters ♪
♪ On walls, here and there ♪

♪ At meetings and greetings ♪
♪ There's really none to compare ♪

♪ I'm the best at long speeches ♪
♪ Chock full of hot air ♪

♪ I promise my friends ♪
♪ That if I'm reelected ♪

♪ This daisy on Mayzie
will be disconnected ♪

♪ He promises his friends ♪
♪ That is he's reelected ♪

♪ This daisy on Mayzie
will be disconnected ♪

♪ The law of our fathers
is simple and sound ♪

♪ Daisies belong and
should stay in the ground ♪

♪ The rest are illegal ♪

♪ We'll bar them all from town ♪



Oh, thank you!

Thank you!

♪ Daisy-Head, Daisy-Head,
Daisy-Head Mayzie ♪

♪ This daisy on Mayzie
has sent the town crazy ♪

♪ Daisy-Head, Daisy-Head,
Daisy-Head Mayzie ♪

- ♪ Daisy-Head, Daisy-Head... ♪
- ♪ Daaaaaisy ♪

♪ He-he-he-he-he ♪

♪ He-he-he-he ♪
♪ he-head ♪

♪ Mayyyy ♪
♪ zieeeee ♪

♪ I'm... ♪

♪ Finagle, the agent ♪
♪ You've heard of me, I'm sure ♪

♪ I represent, um,
young "what's his name" ♪

♪ And others now on tour ♪

♪ But Mayzie,
you're so special ♪

♪ Please let me
shake your hand ♪

♪ Your talent is a wondrous thing ♪
♪ Unique in all the land ♪

♪ That daisy's your ticket ♪
♪ To fortune and fame ♪

♪ As the money rolls, in barrel loads ♪
♪ For the rights of your sweet name ♪

♪ Daisy-Head Mayzie ♪
♪ Spelled out in bright lights ♪

♪ We'll draw kids in the day ♪
♪ And their parents are night ♪

♪ Little children will plead ♪
♪ For just for a peek at your weed ♪

♪ Oh, Daisy-Head Mayzie ♪
♪ You've got quite an act ♪

♪ Stick with me kid ♪
♪ And sign this contract ♪

Mayzie, no!
Don't be a fool!

Don't turn your back
on your friends and the school!

But Mayzie
didn't stop to blink.

She signed her name
in Think-Proof ink!

Your flower needs to sign too.

Just a floral-mality.

You understand.

Mayzie, Mayzie,
what have you done?

I'm going to be famous,
and have lots of fun!

Daisy-Head Fever
is gripping the nation!

It’s quickly becoming
a worldwide sensation!

Can I speak to my daughter?
It's Mrs. McGrew.

Sorry, she’s busy 'till, uh...

Daisy-head burgers,
and daisy-head drinks.

Daisy-head stockings,
and daisy-head sinks?

Daisy-head buttons,
and Daisy-head bows.

Mayzie was famous,
the star of her shows.

See Daisy-Head Mayzie!

It's not much to pay.

A daffy and dazzling new Daisy Ballet.

Don't be shy, lady.
Have a good stare.

At the girl with a daisy,
that grows from her hair!

Fame had knocked on Mayzie's door.

Come in!

And now,
she had it all, and more.

She had all her money,
stacked up in tens.

But what good is money,
without all your friends?

She had found her dream,
but lost her way.

That was a price
she just couldn't pay!

So Mayzie McGrew,
she ran night and day.

With nowhere to go
and nowhere to stay.

I can never go home.

Nobody loves me.

Nobody loved her,
poor Mayzie McGrew.

It's hard to believe,
such a thing could be true.

And maybe that's why then,
this daisy above.

when Mayzie below
began talking of love.

Well, you know about daisies
when love is in doubt.

The job of a daisy
is try and find out.

They love her, they love her not,
they love her, they love her not.

They love me.
They love me not.

They love me?

They love me not?!

Don't worry Mayzie,
they love you!

They love me!

And that's the moral of this story.
Love means more than fame and glory.

Well, that’s how it happened.

The thing went away.
And Mayzie McGrew is quite happy today.

Back at her studies and doing just great.
In all of her subjects, in room number 8.

And concerning that daisy...

You know that it never grew out
of the top of her head again ever.

Um... Well, it practically
never popped up there again.

Except occasionally,
just now and then.

And after all,
I am getting used to it!