DTC -Yukemuri Junjou Hen- from HiGH & LOW (2018) - full transcript

Dan, Tettsu and Chiharu (DTC) were exhausted after all those exciting days. Yet what awaits them is an extremely boring life. In order to seek for excitement and youth (and girls), the trio...

During the desperate struggle
with Kuryu Group over the SWORD district,

a new gang was formed.

Its name is DTC.

See you later.

-Let's go, guys.

Wow, this place is packed.

Let's show them what we can do.


What's the matter?

Cobra has always been around
at times like this.

But he's not today.

-I'll admit, I'm nervous.
-For sure.

We're the stars this time.

No, we're not, dummy.

Oh, right.

Did you know the "Y" in "Y-shirt"
stands for "white"?

-Who cares about that now?
-Is it because the front is like a "Y"?

Apparently not.

What about a V-neck?
It's called that because it's like a "V."

Right, a V-neck is, but not a "Y-shirt."

Then where's the "WH" in "white"?

White Rascals
should be called "Y Rascals."

"The white demons of seduction,
Y Rascals!"

That's lame.
Chiharu, give back the "WH." Give it back!

-It's not like I stole the "WH."
-You started it, WH-thief!

What the heck is that?


-That was lame, Dan.

Give us the strongest drink you've got.

-The hell I am!

Don't hesitate, oh my blue

Is that really what you want, red voice?

Some days, we don't know what to do

Let's find the answer, traffic light

-Watch me, my dear
-Oh, please

-You know I can't say "I love you"
-You coward

Do I stop or do I go?

Yellow man! What will you do?

The single word "love"

Can't express how I feel

Forgive each other

It's okay to be unsure

It's our first time

-Say the name of the one you love
-Let's call your name

Shout it good and loud

Red, green, yellow

Colorful life

-Every time your name is called
-Notice me

Just realize that

You are loved, so smile

Shine bright, traffic light

Let your love fill the world

Shine bright, traffic light



It's been a while since we did this.


-We fought all the time.
-The battles never stopped.

We need to be more chill, you know.

That's right.


Hurry up and go.

Why don't you leave first, Dan?

I can stay here a lot longer.

Me too.

Iizuka, I heard you bought a house.

How about your kids?

My second is coming soon.

How old are you again?

I'm already 30.

Do you enjoy your job?

No, it's definitely not fun.

But, you know,
once you have kids and buy a house,

you can't quit the job you've got.

Find a way to relieve stress.

-Relieve stress?

You're just going through the motions
for the rest of your life.

No matter how much you want
to get out of it, you can't.

You just work for your family
and to pay off your mortgage.

My life ended at 35.

For guys like us,
God gave us a single reward.

What is that?

Let's get a beer.


Thank you.

Hello, Dan Market.

Oh, sorry. I'll be right there.


You're working your tail off
every day, Dan.

That's for sure, but…



I wish I had money.

Well, I sure don't have any.

You wanted to talk?

-Have you decided?

About this bathhouse.

Oh, that?

You'll keep it open, right?

I know I need to think about that, but…

after what we heard yesterday,
I can't stop thinking about

what my future holds.

Oh, that? I know what you mean.

It's not like I have no hope.

It's just that…

Here we go!

…it has been so thrilling until now.

Freeze! Police!

We even exposed the government cover-up.

But then,
when I got back to ordinary life,

it felt so darn boring.

It's no surprise.
We used to be in lots of fights.

An alliance in SWORD.

Thanks to the SWORD alliance
that Cobra made,

it's peaceful here now.


When Cobra and the rest of them quit,

we'll be the leaders of
Sannoh Hoodlum Squad.

-I don't want to think about it.

Smoky's gone.

Take care of everyone.

Rude has new leaders

and Oya High will eventually graduate.


That's for sure. They can't be
high school students forever.

You can hardly call Oya High
a high school anyway.

Hey, wait a sec.

Rascals have SMG
and Daruma Family has Babies.

I can't even imagine it.


we're going to have to face off with them.

Maybe we don't.
It's not like I want to fight them.

Darn it all!

I can't shake off this feeling.


Fists won't solve our problems anymore.

-I'm going to work.


What's your problem?

Is everything fine?


Here you go.

-Thank you.

Yo. Oh, Yo.

No, I'm Chiharu. Chiharu.


-No, I can't take that.

Besides, I'm Chiharu.

Get something good to eat with this.


I would like to go with you, but…

I'm sorry.

Thank you, Granny.


You're such a good boy, Yo.

Hey! How dare you tell us
to come and see you, Ozawa.

We're busy, man.


Hey! Is that how to talk?

We're your seniors, you know?

First, have a seat.


What a pain.

We have a favor to ask you.


It's obvious what we want.

We don't have a clue!

We, the Recorder Brothers,
want you to go on tour with us.

Who are the Recorder Brothers?

You don't know?

The music business is wide open
and Japanese music is hot.

Even glam bands have a Japanese style.

You must know
the famous Shamisen Brothers.


That's why we decided to play…

the recorder.

So now, we are…

the Recorder Brothers.

-We blow hard.
-We blow hard.

I didn't understand 90% of that,
but we'll do what we can.

What is all this about a tour?

You see, my daddy…

I mean, my pop saw how hard I was working
with my music group,

so he went to his pals
and organized a tour for us.

We haven't even debuted yet.

You know how nervous we are?

-Tell him "No."
-I can't!

It'll make Daddy look bad.

But why us?

Instead of just us two, we want to
take the world by storm with a big group.

To add more members,
we wanted to ask our trustworthy pals.

DTC, you're our only choice.

You talk big,
but you're basically anxious, aren't you?


What? We have to sing too?

You just sing and dance about
what you think is nice.

What? We'll dance?

We also have outfits.

-Who said--
-Listen up!

Musicians get the chicks.

How about it?
It seems we're on the same wavelength.

Let's go.

Hold on!

I'm not doing this!

What are you guys thinking?

I got carried away.

This will only hurt us.


-I'm out of here.

Don't go!

What a couple of morons.

Spoiled brat.

I hate how Ozawa
is always mooching off his parents.

But didn't you find the idea
kind of exciting?

They've got intensity and passion.

That's true.

I want to do something!

But I don't know what.

Is that why you're frustrated?

You've been feeling the same?

I've been feeling it too.

You too, Dan?

I don't want to just goof around.
I can't afford it.

And we've got jobs.

The young lack money.

The grown-ups lack time.

The old have both time and money,
but they can't do much physically.

In other words,

we need to make our move now.

Then what will we do?

What do we lack? 

Whoa, she's a cutie.


Yes, she sure is.

I'm with you guys.

You guys want to go on a trip?


-Pack this.

You don't need that, man.

Yes, I do!


I tweaked your bike for you.

-Thanks, man.
-No problem.

I also put your logo on your helmets.

You're the best, Yamato.

That's so cool!

Nothing beats a motorcycle trip.

You bet!

Get a look around outside SWORD.

I plan to learn a lot.

Do that.

All right.

I'm counting on you.


These are so cute.


Thanks for the food!

That's so good!


This feels great!

We're cruising!

Tap here. Thanks.

Hurry up! What's your problem?

-Did you get it?



DTC is awesome!


This warms you up!

This is so great!

It's good!


Give me a bite of that Seafood.

-Don't eat it all.
-I won't.

-That's great!
-That's so good.

That Seafood reminded me of something.

It's your fault that Kanio formed
the Recorder Brothers, Dan.

What? Why?

Kanio let his imagination
get carried away too.

Hey Cobra!

I told you not to get serious with Kuryu.

Now they're after us because of you!

Destroying Kuryu is fine.

But think about the rest of us!
We're all Sannoh Hoodlum Squad!


We're quitting Sannoh Hoodlum Squad.

We formed a gang that will never
turn their backs on their friends, DTC.

"D" for Dan, "T" for Tettsu,
"C" for Chiharu.

What about me?

We came to tell you that.

Let's go.

Kanio thought he was left out.

He's imagining things.
I wish he would quit that.

That traumatized him. Poor guy.

-You meanie!
-Shut up!

The "C" in DTC can also be for "Kani."

-Doesn't it start with "K"?
-That would make him "Can-o."

Can-o! That's hilarious!

Can-o. What a laugh.

I found some "can."

Mine's "carry" flavored.


This road trip is awesome.

It sure is!


We're here now.

Okay, where to next?

-It's exciting not having a destination.

You guys want to
keep going along this road?

No, let's take a detour.

Why? What's there?

No fights on this trip, right?

That's right. Zero fights.
Laughs, 80%. Moving memories, 20%.

-Then let's not go through here.

Do you know Housen?


It's a skinhead high school.

-Like the Daruma Family!
-Cool! Let's go!

No fights, right?

There will be fights for sure.

They're high school kids too.

Let's leave Housen for next time.

Then let's take a detour.



Would you make up your mind?

What will we do?

We'll deal with it somehow.

I mean,
we're the Recorder Brothers, after all.

Ozawa, turn right up ahead.

Thanks, partner.



Begging for it won't help.

I can't pump gas unless you pay.

Yes, you're right.

I guess we'll have to find work
around here, right?

Thanks for the charge.

Anything around here?

There's a hot spring up ahead.

I doubt there's much.

We'll just have to check.

What about the bikes?

Taking a trip?


Nice. That's youth for you.


But it feels like something important
is missing from this trip.

I know what you mean.

-You do?

Chicks, right?

That's right! We haven't run into any.

It's hard to get motivated, right?

There's no passion in the excitement.

-No excitement either.
-That's right!


What we're missing is money.


Where are you going?

There's a hot spring up ahead.

-We're leaving the bikes?
-That's the problem.

Come on.


You can park them here for a week.

Go earn some money.

-Thank you!
-Thank you!

You call this a shortcut?

The map app said to go this way.

This car breaks down easily
any time it goes off-road.

Then why did you take this car?

Our destination is right over there.

Let's take a short break.

My gosh!

-Hey! Oh, no! Crap!
-Oh, crap!

Didn't you engage the parking brakes?


I'll go and engage it.

Hurry up!

Engage the brakes? Don't? Which one?

-Tell me!
-Get back here!

-Get back here!

Okay! I'm back!


-We finally made it.
-My first walk in a while.

Let's go.

That's hot!

Why don't we take a little break?

-Good idea.
-Hold on!

Let's find a job that pays first.

Good idea.

That felt nice.

Yes. That was a nice bath.

-Nice and warm.

-That's for sure.
-It sure is hot.

My body is so warm.

-It sure was hot.
-It's so hot.

-I could almost melt.
-Yes, me too.

What is this place?

I'm getting aroused.

I never knew about this place.


instead of working for a day,
how about staying for a few days?

-I like it.
-I knew you would!

Let's split up and find work
that includes room and board.

Let's get some excitement!

-All right!
-All right!

What the…

I thought I knew those voices.

I brought it.

What's the matter?


Okay, let's get started.

Time to make some money.

Step right up!
Everyone loves a daruma shoot!

From the bottom to the top.

Follow the steam…

and keep climbing those steps.


Thank you.


-Thank you.

No luck here either.

What's with this hot spring town?

It's nothing but stairs.

I'm going back.

From top to bottom…



where did they all go?


Are you okay? Are you hurt?

What the…

What a little brat.


there's a man on a business trip
having an affair

who steadily let loose his sexual desires.


It's the forbidden tryst between a man
and a woman whose love was unrequited.

Let's listen to them sing...


We're crossing the line

Embracing each other exotically

A single dreamy night rendezvous
Wet with tears

I'm so aroused...


-When you spoke into the mic earlier…

You've got an awesome voice!

I don't do it often.
This time was special.

It got me really excited!


Don't use the credit card

-We don't want to leave evidence
-That's good.

-Don't take off your ring

-So, how did it go?
-I would end up losing it

No luck.

There are jobs,
but nothing that includes room and board.

I guess we're sleeping outside.

You're looking for
a place with room and board?

That's right. We asked around a lot.

By the way, Chiharu,

how are we paying for this?

Oh, crap. It slipped my mind.

I'm sorry.

Can we work to pay for our drinks here?

With room and board?

-But it's filled with holes
-Hold on.

Hey, what are you doing here?

You've got it all wrong, dear.

-Who is this guy?
-It's not what you think, Dan!

Hey, I thought you went to
a class reunion tonight.

You've got it wrong! No, you don't.

I don't? I know what you two are up to!

Dear! Don't throw things!

The flames of the bloodbath bang bang

-Am I vulgar?
-To the max

What? Was that part of the song?

That's a new style.

Moritaya. They're sure to have
a job with room and board.


I'll call them for you later.

Be there at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow.

-What, 5:00 a.m.?

-That's early!
-That's early!

I have to make it the perfect crime

But it's filled with holes


The owner of Bar Kazashimo
told me about you.

I'll decide if you can stay
after seeing you work first.

Good luck.

I'm so sleepy.

What a pain this is.

Hiring us depending on
how we do is brutal.

I hate the feeling of being tested.


I think it's okay. It's pretty clear-cut.

In this world, we're judged by results.

This is our chance.

Let's do this.

Dan can say oddly wise things
when he has just woken up.


Start with this. Good luck.

-Yes. You just have to hang them up.


I totally got the toughest job.

-Good morning.

Thank you.

Lots of our workers are out with colds,
so I didn't know what to do.

I appreciate this.

-Excuse me.

I'm the proprietress of this inn,
Mari Morita.

You need to look neat.

Ms. Mari…

-Grilled fish up.
-Got it.

Just carry them.

-I finished hanging them out.
-Sunny day, isn't it? Next, do this.

By myself again?

Ms. Mari…

You, over here next.

Just wash them.

Sheets, please!


Open these windows!


-Put away the futons!

Clean this room!


Hurry up.

I did it, Ms. Mari.

Watch out!

You're that brat.

Mom, hurry up!

How rude!
I'm having a word with your parents!


I'm sorry, Megumi.

What a sweet girl.

Thank you.

Let's go.

Ms. Mari has a kid.

-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, Dan and Chiharu.


-This is brutal.

What was his name again?

I don't know.

-Where's Tettsu?
-I don't know.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Thank you.

I see the proprietress has a child.

Hey. Don't pry.


Mr. Miyazaki,
do you know where our buddy is?

No, I don't.

Hey! Don't bully me with kisses!

You really are a sweetheart!

-Here, have this.
-No, thanks.

There are no young men at our inn,
so we're all starving for love.

Starving? Don't you all have husbands?

Of course we do.
But there's always room for dessert.

What about Mr. Miyazaki? He's nice.

Not Mr. Miyazaki.
The proprietress has eyes for him.


Her husband died five years ago
and left her with a daughter.

Mr. Miyazaki has been
her pillar of support since then.

Come on now, sweetie pie.

It's almost check-in time.

Carry the guests' bags to their room.

-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.

Hey, where have you been?


Mr. Miyazaki. There's trouble.
Can you come?

Oh, sure.

-I'm counting on you.

I'm worried about Ms. Mari. Take over.


What's with him?

-We have guests. Let's go.
-Yes, sir.

Welcome. We'll take your bags.

What are you guys doing here?

-This is a problem.
-What'll we do?

What's the matter?

The musicians who were supposed to be
in tonight's show

suddenly said they won't be performing.


Everyone was looking forward to it.

I wonder what happened.

I wish I knew.

I'll go talk to them.

What selfish musicians.

Who are they?

The Recorder Brothers.



We can't cancel suddenly like this.


I can't play the recorder
with my hand like this.

At any rate, let's have some tea.



You can use your hand.

I don't want to do this!

Just the two of us is impossible!

We've come this far, so we have no choice!

-Tell them we've got sore throats.

Do you want me to disgrace my daddy?

How dare you jerks cause trouble!

-What are you doing here?

Who cares.
Get ready or I'll kick your ass!

You just did!
I'm older than you, you know!

He says he doesn't want to play!

We can't take the world by storm
with just the two of us!

Chiharu, is everything all right?

It's all right, Ms. Mari.

They'll play tonight.

Let us know if you need anything.

You bet we do.

-Why are you here?
-It's a long story!

What about you?

We've done nothing but fight recently.
That's why.

Rocky, are you okay?

This will be the new Club Heaven.

Until the new Heaven is ready…

these girls will be out of luck,

so Rocky told us
to accompany them on an outing.

You Rascals sure have
a great benefits package.

So, what about you guys?

We ran out of cash on our trip,
so we're working and living here.

Listen. No talk of SWORD here.

Zero fights this time.

We know. Right?

We're here on vacation too.

Later. It's a huge drag
with you guys around now.


Don't forget that we're guests here.

-Why are they here?
-How should I know?

This is bad. Really bad.


This is bad!

-What's your problem?
-It's bad upstairs too.

-SMG's up there.
-Why do I always do this?

I took on a crazy job.


Why do we have to perform?

They said they can't do it alone.

Then why don't you just join?

I would be too nervous on my own.

That's lame.

I understand,
but you could at least ask us first.

We're here.

So what are we supposed to do, Ozawa?

Take the world by storm.

Not that. I want an explanation!

Just say the trivial things
that you think are nice to do.

That doesn't make sense.

For example,

tapping a sleeping guy
when you get to the last station.

-What's your problem?

-You'll scare someone shouting like that.
-That's the deal.

That's insane!

-We're panicking.
-Did you lick this?

-Excuse me.
-Come in.

Can we go ahead with the show as planned?

-Can we have a little more--
-Sure, it's fine.

I didn't know that
you were a musician, Chiharu.

It's not something one brags about.

I can hardly wait.

It'll be an awesome show.
Enjoy it with the audience.

So that's what you're after!

-Chiharu, Ms. Mari is single now, but--
-She's single?

So she's single.

-Yes, but--
-Then I've got a chance.

-Ozawa, let's practice.

Is this that easy?

Let's start with your recorder parts.



Ladies and gentlemen,
it's the show you've all been waiting for.

Let me introduce
the up-and-coming musicians,

the Recorder Brothers.


Nice things!

Nice things!

Nice things!

If you just want to be popular
You'll never change this world

Your heart is overgrown
With fleeting feelings of kindness

If that's what you've got
Take those feelings

And use them to do something nice
For the people of the world

Nice things!

Stand up like a shop sign

-That fell over in the wind

Tap the shoulder of the person sleeping

-When you get to the last stop

When you find something someone lost

-Dust it off

Don't criticize your friend for being late

Ask about their health

And wait!

-A nice thing!


Prying into the details of
The love life of strangers

And asking if they did the deed or not
And wanting details

That's a bad thing!

Bad thing!

If you just want to be popular
You'll never change this world

Your heart is overgrown
With fleeting feelings of kindness

If that's what you've got
Take those feelings

And use them to do something nice
For the people of the world

Nice things!

Nice things!

Recorder Brothers!




-That went well!
-Our dancing and playing weren't that bad.

I told you being a musician is nice.

-Being a musician is great!

All right!


Hey, we got tons of tips!

Thank you, everyone.

That was a very novel song and dance.
It was great.

You looked great, Chiharu.

We look forward to your shows
for the rest of the week.

-We appreciate your help.
-We appreciate your help.

Well, I guess it's all right.

The proprietress has something to say
for all you've done today.

We can't hire you for long,
but please stay here.


Mr. Miyazaki will show you to your rooms.

-Thank you!
-Thank you!

We can finally sleep on futons!

This is so nice.

Oh, by the way, Chiharu…

about Mari…

When Mari and I get together, I'll be…

the third-generation owner.

You're not qualified!

Don't you think I would make a great dad?


A dad who's a virgin? Ludicrous.

I hope you'll be a virgin all your life.
I'm sick of hearing about it.

Doesn't it feel like just after a fight?

I'm exhausted but invigorated.

You think so?

Well, I mean,

we fought for the town and our pals
and they believed in us.

This suddenly occurred to me
while we were working today.

We basically do work to help someone else.

Aren't they similar?

We do work for money,
for satisfaction, and for our dreams…

but if you forget you're doing it
for someone, you lose sight of why you do.

I see.

Tettsu, that's pretty sharp.

Anyway, let's keep it up tomorrow.

-You're right.
-I'll do my best at work and in love!

Ms. Mari!

-Hold on.

At least look at yourself in the mirror.
This is a service industry, after all.



They look happy.

I can't stand it.

Why not?
What's wrong with them getting along?

He could be your new dad.

I heard.

Heard what?

That you're dating Ms. Mari.

I see.

I'm happy as long as Ms. Mari is happy.

You better make her happy!

I'll kick your ass if you don't!


You're thinking about marrying, right?

Have you proposed to her?


I don't intend to.


I respect her late husband, even now.

-That's why--
-I don't care about that!

You love her, right?

Yes, I do. Of course.

Then tell her honestly how you feel!

I've thought about it a lot.

But when I consider Megumi's feelings,

I doubt it's the right thing to do.

-I've finished cleaning the bath.
-Thank you. Good work.

Excuse me, Ms. Mari.


I'm sorry about
how Chiharu has gotten excited around you.

It's okay. I'm just happy to know
that someone is curious about me.

Then Mr. Miyazaki must seem
awfully curious too.


Mr. Miyazaki is a nice guy.

He's very kind.

So I've heard.


he worries about others too much,
so he can't take action.

It's nice here, isn't it?

I'm on break now.

I found a nice place.

But you found it first.

You're totally ignoring me.
It's like I'm talking to myself.

I must be crazy
talking this loud to myself.

Oh, well.

Why are you still here? It's annoying.

Why can't I be here?

What is it with
that weird feeling of cold distance?

My parents got divorced when I was little

and my mom raised me on her own.

Sometimes, she brought men home.

I couldn't stand it.

I wonder…

if Mom will get married.

Good question.

But my mom,

she's still single.

I have only one father.

What's with the depressed look?

-Can't watch the pay porn channel?
-I'm not like you, Mr. Pay Porn.

Don't call me that. My name is Dan.

Who cares about that?

Listen to this, Kazuya.

Don't call me by my first name.
I'll end up liking you.

It's about Mari and Mr. Miyazaki.


Mari is waiting for Mr. Miyazaki
to propose to her.

-But apparently, he doesn't want to.
-That's not true.

He's worried about her late husband
and Megumi and waiting for the right time.

-That means he's not ready, right?
-Hold on.

Look at it from Megumi's perspective.



You'll take care of Megumi, Dan?

-That's hard to picture.
-That has nothing to do with it!

I understand Megumi better than you two.

-Your emotional age is close to hers.
-Shut up!

About this talk of Mr. Miyazaki
proposing to Mari or not.


In Megumi's mind, she doesn't like it.

She loves her late father.

I think she feels like
her mom will forget about her dad.

I see.

I think Mr. Miyazaki understands that,
which is why he's reluctant.

But in Megumi's mind,
she doesn't like that attitude either.

In other words,
he shouldn't be holding back

on becoming the third-generation owner.

In Megumi's mind,
she wants him to notice--

Would you quit saying, "In Megumi's mind"?

It's ticking me off.


From Megumi's perspective,

she's worried that they will forget
her father if they get married.

-In Mari's mind, she won't.
-In Miyazaki's mind, he respects him.

Now you're doing it!

It sounds like
they've all got their own reasons.

Let's write it all down.

Mari and Megumi and Miyazaki.

-Hold on. Which is Mari?

If you use their initials,

everyone is an "M"!

Wake up!




At this rate, nothing will change.

That's why we need to talk things over.

So, what do you think, Tettsu?



Miyazaki and Mari's only choice
is to convince Megumi together.

-But doing that is--
-Hold on!


May I say something?

What do you think, Chiharu?

But doing that is like telling her
they can't get married because of her.

Good point. They can't blame the child.

What do you think about that?

But he'll be looking out
for the future of this inn.

It's selfish of her to be like that.

Good point.

However, Megumi will eventually
become the proprietress here

and run this inn too, dummy!

Oh, man. We'll never solve this.

It's morning.

Why did we stay up all night
discussing someone else's personal issue?

We must be stupid.

We've got to go to work now.


You sure like this place.

I've got work after this.

That's nice. It looks expensive.

Don't be silly. It's a toy.

But you sure take good care of it.

It's a memento from my father.

Come on. Hurry up.


Megumi, I've got something for you.

What is it?


Nice, isn't it?

Why don't I put it on you?

Will it fit on your ring finger?

-It fits!
-It fits!

That's great!


-Now, we all have one.

I see. No wonder it's so precious.

But you know,

the present is
just as important as your memories.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

You seem awfully tired. Are you all right?

Actually, the three of us had
a heated discussion yesterday.

We didn't sleep a wink.

Is that right?

-What was it about?

About the future of this inn.

Thank you. That's good to hear.

Wait, Ms. Mari.


I'm not that bright,
so can I ask you frankly?

What is it?

Why don't you marry Mr. Miyazaki?

I'm worried about

How things look

To others

But actually

I truly do

Love you

I would rather

Forget these

Overflowing feelings

I want to get married.

-But I search for you

I don't want to marry so badly

that I ignore what Megumi wants.

I love you more than anything

If you'll cry for something more than me

Then cry for…

That's a nice song.

Who is it for?

I can't say. It's embarrassing.

It's how I get rid of stress.

There you go again.

No wonder Mari fell for you.


Songs are so unfair.

They always steal your heart.

I've never sung to her.


Everyone's got their problems, right?

You're right about that.

Megumi understands,
but still can't accept it.

"I love you, Mr. Miyazaki,

but marriage doesn't involve
just the two of us."

"I love you too!

But when I think of Megumi…"

Why are you boys so passionate
about other people's problems?

How should I know?
It's not that serious for us, though.

It's a personal problem,
so why don't you quit meddling?

But if guys like them
don't help them along,

they'll never get married
until Megumi grows up.

Maybe so.

Then why don't you force
Mr. Miyazaki to propose?

Okay, let's say
Mr. Miyazaki proposes in his own way.

"Marry me."


Mari would be happy,
but Megumi could get hurt.

"You're so selfish, Miyazaki!"
Megumi can't accept it at all.

"Mom, I won't stand for it!"

"Mr. Miyazaki,
if Megumi won't stand for it,

I can't marry you."

Hey, do something about it!

-Yes, you, Miyazaki!


I see.

-I see!
-I see!

That's what we'll do.


What did you want to see me here for?

-Mr. Miyazaki.

I want to confirm with you again.


Are you truly in love with Ms. Mari?

-What is this all about?
-Please answer me!

Yes, I want to make
both Mari and Megumi happy…

from my heart.


Why am I in charge of Megumi?

Hey, Dan.

Can't you be more polite?



Oh, no. That actually feels good.

You're weird.

Hey, Dan…

can you come with me later?


This is the only way to convince
Ms. Mari and Megumi at the same time.

Convince them?


The three of us
thought it out long and hard.

Mr. Miyazaki!

You'll regret it if you won't be frank
and just try to cover up your feelings!


Megumi can only be convinced
by telling her how you feel!

You're right.

Thank goodness.

Good morning, everyone!

Okay! It's morning!

What's all this about?

That's so bright. Shut it.

It's so bright!

You're the only ones I can ask.

I need your help.

You're up, guys.

It's about time.

We always pay our debts.
We're the Recorder Brothers!


Thanks, you guys.

Don't get us wrong.

We're only doing this
for the happiness of two women.

We've got to set up the best situation.

First, build an atmosphere
that thrills her heart.

-What would that be?
-Don't you worry.

Don't you know who we are?

SMG, the world's greatest drama.

That's why…

we'll prepare the greatest stage ever
for this guy.

First, let's see the place.

Nice, isn't it?

You have a place like this?

I freed it for the weekend.

Look! There's even a stage!

Yes, let's do it here.

Yep. They've got all the equipment too.

We'll need outfits as well.

Don't you think casual would be better?

I've called in some experts.

Come in!

Who are they?

They're specialists in this field.



And to really knock her socks off…

What? I thought it was "Party Time."

I'm going to sing too!

We'll make the music.
You think of the lyrics.

What? Me?

We need to make it flashier too.


Leave that to us.

You guys?

They're party experts.

You can't have a party
without Daruma, right?

Okay, we'll make this great.

"Traffic Light"?

Don't look yet!

Hey, guys!

Here is tonight's star.

All right.

I really appreciate this.

Move it. You're in the way.

Get rid of the recorders!

Quit standing there. Get moving!

This is our role?

That's right.

You need to give them time
to do their thing.

-Yes, ma'am.
-I can't hear you!

Yes, ma'am!

Dad often took us here by car.

Is that right?

Actually, even now, when I have a bad day,

I get in Dad's car.

You still have it?

In Grandpa's garage.


Wow, what a beautiful place.

-It's beautiful.
-It sure is.

You can even see the ships.

-Can you see them?
-What is that island called?

-I'm not sure.
-Maybe we should get going.

-Let's go.

Hey, Dan…

what should I do?

Good question.

You probably shouldn't force yourself
to compare Mr. Miyazaki to your father.

If you're worried about your mother,

one way to resolve it is to let
Mr. Miyazaki live with you guys.

I see.

You're probably right.

Why did you do that?

This is what I want.


I got it. It's a surprise.

Right. I'll pick you up tomorrow.

Okay. See you tomorrow.




You're weird, Dan. Bye-bye.

-One more time.
-All right! We're done!

Tomorrow will be loaded with surprises.

-Oh, cut it out, Chiharu!
-Oh, cut it out, Chiharu!

-Cut it out!
-Cut it out!

-Just follow the beat.


Aren't you practicing?

You better believe it.

-Like this!
-Hey, hey!

Remember, zero fights this time.

Hey, wait a sec.

You're one guy short.

Tettsu! Chiharu!

Dan, you're late.

Hey, this party depends on you guys.

We know that.

Forget that for now. Come with me.


Come on.

One more time.

No luck! I can't see a thing!

Darn it! Dan!

-Describe it again.

It's a toy ring about this big.

What? Oh, no. I can't even see Dan.


Take care of things here.

Sure. Enjoy yourselves.

-Let's go.

-We never found that ring.

Why are you still dressed up like that?
Hurry up and change.

Hey! We're ready anytime.



are those guys all right?



Now we just need Megumi.

She's here.

That guy too?

Once you change, we'll start.

I'm sorry.

What? Wait…

What the…


Dan, where's Megumi?

I don't know. I lost her.

You lost her?

What should we do?

We've got to find her.

Let's split up and look.

Get ready so we can start
at a moment's notice.

Got it.

Have you seen Megumi?




Darn it!

Where could she be? Think.


Where else would Megumi go?

Even now, when I have a bad day,
I get in Dad's car.

You still have it?

In Grandpa's garage.

It's me.
I need you to find something out for me.

This must be it.





Thank goodness.

Why are you here?

You're my responsibility, Megumi.

You've had to hold it all in, haven't you?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry too. I was so meddlesome.

Is this your dad's car?


Dan, put out your hand.



What? You found her?

All right. I'll take care of it.

Got it. Then it's on?

Got it.

I guess I should do my job.


Did it go well?

We're having a hard time.

I see.

That's life for you.


-I have a favor to ask.
-What is it?

-Like the other day…

What? Here?


"From the legendary gang Mugen,

only one man remains.

His name is…


Whoa, I'm on fire now!

Thank you!


Must be nice to be young.

This feels good. Where to?

Just keep driving.

Look, cassette tapes.

How retro.

Dad loved this song.

Did you listen while driving around?


What the…

-Takeshi. Miyuki.

-Congratulations on your marriage.
-He must've been practicing a speech.

I'm Seijiro Morita,
a friend of Takeshi since university.

Let me congratulate Miyuki as well
on being pregnant.

As for myself,

I have a daughter.

My daughter's name is Megumi.
It's written with the character "love."

You see,

I gave her that name
to tell her something.


love my daughter.

But I'll probably be too ashamed
to ever tell her that to her face.

But every time I call her name,
in my heart, I'm saying, "I love you."

I wanted to tell her that,
so I gave her that name.

But sometimes, when I call her
by her name several times,

she gets angry with me.


As my daughter continues to grow up,

every time she's called by her name,

I want her to know that she's loved.


That's for your friend's wedding.

When did you get here, honey?

Dad, it sounds like a love letter
to your daughter.

It does? I can't say it?

Of course not.

I didn't think so.

Darn. I have to start over.

Your dad must be happy.


You're definitely loved, Megumi.

I know that

you've given up on some things.

But you can't give up
on your own happiness.

Do you know the best way to never give up?

Always try again.

Try again. No matter what, try again.

That way, you'll always find happiness.

If you always look in the shadows,
you'll never see the sun.

And it's so close too.

Can we still get him to propose to Mom?

Of course.

You guys…

get ready!

-All right!
-All right!

You both look pretty cool.

You're cute too, Megumi.

You look really great.

What about me?

Not bad.

All right!

Why are you so happy?

That's better than "weird"!

You're nuts!


See you later.

-Let's go, guys.

Wow, this place is packed.

Let's show them what we can do.


This turned into a nice party.



I need to go to the restroom.

Did you know the "Y" in "Y-shirt"
stands for "white"?

-Who cares about that now?
-Is it because the front is like a "Y"?

Apparently not.

What about a V-neck?
It's called that because it's like a "V."

It's almost time.

I'm so nervous!

Right, a V-neck is, but not a "Y-shirt."

DPD's about to begin.

What's that?

Then where's the "WH" in "white"?

The White Rascals
should be called "Y Rascals."

"The white demons of seduction,
Y Rascals!"

That's lame. Chiharu, give back the "WH."
Give it back!

-It's not like I stole the "WH."
-You started it, WH-thief!

What the heck is that?


-That was lame, Dan.

Give us the strongest drink you've got.

-The hell I am!

Don't hesitate, oh my blue

Is that really what you want, red voice?

Some days, we don't know what to do

Let's find the answer, traffic light

-Watch me, my dear
-Oh, please

-You know I can't say "I love you"
-You coward

Do I stop or do I go?

Yellow man! What will you do?

The single word "love"

Can't express how I feel

Forgive each other

It's okay to be unsure

It's our first time

-Say the name of the one you love
-Let's call your name

Shout it good and loud

Red, green, yellow

Colorful life

-Every time your name is called
-Notice me

Just realize that

You are loved, so smile

Shine bright, traffic light

Let your love fill the world

Shine bright, traffic light


will you be my daughter?

I'm not your father.

No matter how much I try,

I'll never measure up to him.


even so,
I want to make the two of you happy.

You can hate me.

You can disobey me.



never run away alone again.

If you have a bad day in the future,

then tell me all about it.

I will…

accept everything about you…


Every time she's called by her name,

I want her to know that she's loved.

I want you to promise me.

Don't you dare ever…

forget your father.

Please make me

your daughter.



Dan, are you crying?

You're crying too!


All right!

How's that? Pretty awesome, isn't it?

What the heck is DPD?

It's short
for "Dokkiri Proposal Daisakusen"!

Or "Dokkiri Proposal Daiseiko."

That's for sure.


Thank you for all you've done.

Here you are.

I added a little extra.

Thank you!

We really…

do have all of you to thank.

Will you continue your trip?


They've still got their tour.

We've got no choice.

We appreciate your help.

Tettsu, come back anytime.


-Thank you!

-Have fun.
-Good luck.


We'll go on ahead.



Thanks for everything!

No problem. Later.

Come back again.



Don't call my name like that.

I'll end up liking you.

Darn, these are great lyrics.

They are my words of thanks
to Sannoh Hoodlum Squad.

And it's to encourage us in our future.

Those are the feelings I put into it.

Nice. We've got our own song.

Yes. There's just one thing.

What's that?

The key is way too high!

You've got to try.
That gives it a youthful feel.

A high key is youthful?

-What are you talking about?
-You said it!


I think it's ready.

You're right.

The three minutes are up.


Can-o gets the Seafood.

Yours is "Carry," Ozawa.

All right.


Well then, everyone, shall we?


-Thanks for the food!
-Thanks for the food!

-That's great!
-This is so good.


Eating like this with pals
is what youth is all about.

Yes. We're awesome.

-We're so on fire!
-We're so on fire!

-That's good.
-It's great.

Where to next?

You've got your tour.

I know.

I prefer the beach to the forest.

We've already decided.


How about across the sea?

-Yes! All right!
-Yes! All right!

That would be awesome.





Subtitle translation by Brian Athey