Curry and Pepper (1990) - full transcript

Two best friends and cop partners become the subject of a beautiful news reporter's documentary. The two soon find themselves competing for screen time as well as the love of the reporter while after a murderous arms dealer.

I'm scared.

The cop shoots.


Chi can do cartwheels.

Well "monkey" is his sign.


- Which one?
- Santa Claus.

There's Santa Claus
everywhere, right.

Bet how much?

One hundred.

Got it.


Hurry up.

One hundred.

Why isn't the sun out yet?

Pepper, Merry Christmas.

- Shooting a movie?
- No, it's a stick up.

Why are you running away?

Pepper, why are you chasing me?

You run, of course I follow.

You chase me,
of course I have to run.

Give me a break.

Curry, playing catch the robber.

Hello, brother Chen.

Why don't you arrest him?

It's a dead end.

Stop pretending.

Druggy, do you have any dope?

Dope? I'm in deep trouble.


Pepper, I'm really scared.

Me too, but I'm still following you.

Move over, move over.




Safer if you climb up.

The higher I climb
the harder I fall.

He doesn't believe you.

Just do an earth quake.

Curry, don't shaking.

Why are you shaking me?

Don't use such big force.

Calm down.

Pepper, be careful.

Hold on tight, okay?


Does it hurt?


Shit you, hurry.

Druggy, where are you going?

Keep on running.

You always run into a dead end.

Keep on running.

He is fit

Sir, I have no where to go,
don't push me.

If you jump, I won't push you.

I'll get killed if I jump.

Then jump, I won't arrest you.

Make sense.

What's the point of staying alive?

You're cruel.

Shit, he really jumped.

Shit, no fun.


There's more...

Hey, he's yelling for help.

Help, I pulled a muscle.

Weather man said
it's only 1 degree today.

Big brother.

One degree?

We are social workers.

We have to do something,
this isn't right.

It's wrong.


Let's jump down to save him.

Sure, who's afraid of who?

I'll count, we'll jump?


I can't swim.

1, 2, 3

You're too much.

I didn't say jump.

You are really low.

I said jump when I say jump.

You're despiteful.

You're too impulsive.

- Damn you!
- Come on.

- Shit you!
- I'm waiting for you right here.

Quan taught you guys to be loyal.

You're actually here
stealing my chocolate.

Pepper, your chocolates are sweet.

Quiet, you take this for a food market?

Anna, give me a glass of water.

You have had breath,
put a ginseng in it.


Sir, didn't get him.

What an idiot.

I didn't even have time
to observe him.

How was I suppose to catch him?

There a new assignment for you.

What is it?

Those arms dealers.

Last assignment at the whore house.

They almost castrated me.

It won't happen this time.

You might even get a promotion.

Quiet down...

Inspector Ma.

Change these into one sided glass.

We can see the outside,

but they can't see us.

I know.

Thicken ceiling, floor,

and those walls.

And install alarm devises.

- Who is he?
- I don't know.

Sound proof is the most important.

Who is he?

And this door.

Change it to steel.

And put 3 more locks.

- Understand?
- Yes.

Who is he, who?

You will move
to the next door tomorrow.

- Move?
- You will receive the notice.

Who's is he, who, who?

What's this for?

Be aware of their manners.

Yes... What pads?

Probably diapers.

Why should I move?

What's going on?

You can have it back.

Who is that man with whiskers?

The big man in Inspections.

So he can walk side ways?

What does "hum" mean?

That means shut up.

Ok, ok, you guys get out.
Stop talking...

Curry, Pepper.

Yes sir.

Sir, what can we do for you?


Doctor said my blood pressure is rising.

Do you know why?

You eat too much sweets.

You should cut down.

I ran into Chief,
Chief ran into Sec. Chief.

Sec. Chief said
the lights aren't pretty.

I think it's better than last year.

Last year was nice,
this year is okay.

The whole floor is collapsing,
it's okay?

What are you two doing?

Ok, here a chance for you.

My wallet was picked this morning.

At Tsim Sha Tsui?


Don't worry,
no matter what it takes.

We'll find it back for you.

Good, what is that in your mouth?


What for?

Should I put...

Go... fine, get out...

They give me a headache.

Don't eat this.

It's none of your business.

Do not get into trouble.

It's 3 months before my retirement.

We go it.


I have two tickets for the movies.

I've told you long ago.

I'm not interested in drama films.

It's not drama, it's "action".

You got it?

You told me you like it.

I'll wait for you
at 9:30 at the theater.

If you don't show up I'll kill you.

You're very good to me.

So now you know.

You better be there.

Bye Bye.

Uncle, there's an inspection
at 3:00 today.

Disappear on your own.

- Thanks.
- Bye Bye.

Young and bright?

Sure, and me?


Big sale...

The boss isn't there today.

Good watch, name brands,
I have it all.

Young man,

bring a real fake watch home.

Come on, good watch for you.

You don't know anything.

Come on, boys, girls, good watch.

High class watch, you like?

Rolax, Casio,

Seiko, very cheap, come and buy.

You bought this for me yesterday.

this is not a jewelry store.

This is good watch,
you won't regret it.

Won't regret, understand?

Bad watch bring bad luck, right?

This isn't a big business, ok?

I will call the police
if you don't return the money.

Everyone, take it easy.

Let's talk inside
so the cop can't see me.

Don't worry...

Hi, Michael Jackson,
I'm out of here.

Don't go.

Nothing, put down your bet.

- $100
- You got it.

Give me my money back.

Sorry, no return, help...

I lost.

It's $200.

Stop it, don't move.


- It's the police.
- He doesn't understand.

He sells the fake ones.

Damn foreigner.

You shut up.

Damn foreigner.

You said Chinese are mutt, mutt.

Your mother is a pig,
and dogs fed you.

I am your father.

Does he speak Chinese?

What difference does it make?

Do something if you want to live.

Even that is wrong.

For real.


Why the cart wheel?

It's my natural response.

You won't give me face?

Here's something strong.

Ok, ok.

I'm weak.

Don't worry.

Why so forceful?

How else was I to save you?

Someone picked our boss's wallet.

Get the man out.

I've quit.

Quit being a thief?

No, quit telling on people.

I pick you.


Hurry and look for it.

This is it.

No, he is in the hospital.

He is in jail.

- He's crippled.
- It's him?

He owes me $500.

Get him, get him.

You're good, fooling around?

You guys are fooling around with me.

I didn't tell on Ko last time.

You haven't paid me.

I was afraid that you have forgotten.

Here's $1000.

- Came to senses
- Thanks.


I want $500 for saving your life.


You're too much.

Give it to me.

It's $800 for the two of us.

Make sense.

Only $200 left.

But, I lost
on the horse bet yesterday.

It's half for you and me.

When did I say that?

- I did.
- Ok.

$100, want it?


you'll get it sooner or later.

You two are bitches.

The boss's wallet.

Right, you don't
have my picture on it.

How will I let myself down.

I think you're asking for it.

I'm not finished yet.

I only used the credit card
for a T.V.

This is the receipt.

I'm not lying, really.

You burned.

The police force have the day off.

To look for this wallet.

I give you a suggestion,
buy a quilt.

And prepare to spend
new years in jail.

Good luck.

Hey, come on.

I'll give you some inside story, ok?

Doomed this time?

I got away.

But won't get away this one?

This is very hard.

But I still have to tell you.

Guy called Dog
is looking for Arms to buy.

I think he's planning a robbery.


Yes, it's true.

We'll call you if we need you.

It's all set.

Not bad.


Brother Chin, come on.

This is the way I am.

Praise low,

step high.

The poor don't move,
rich don't bend.

Shoot me? Come on, shoot, stupid.

This is wanton noodles.

That's not noodle, it's rice.

No wanton?

Is there a dog in a hot dog?

I thought cops eat everything.

He's right.

Why do you always come here?

Because I like him.

Chin Wantons,
we don't sell wantons today.

Wantons are for dogs, I'm like this.

Come and settle
this international feud.

How should I give change
for U.S. $100?

Why are you two look at me?

Go get him!

What's happening here

We don't have any more HK Dollar

We are tourist, we don't have HK money

I get it, no problem.

Brother Chin.

They used all of their H.K. Dollars.

They only have U.S.,
would you accept?

Ask him if he
takes People's Dollars?

Mad man, arrest them.

Arrest them.

We'll give them change, any change?

- Me again?
- Sure.

You have to pay me back.

$700, not enough.

I only have $100.

$700, ok?

Thank you.

I make a profit, thanks.

Ok, all set, everyone's happy.

We didn't lose anything.

Right, I didn't.

But I'm not sure about you.


Ever seen Washington
scratch his nose?

Why didn't you say earlier?

I told you to arrest him.

But you lost your mind.

"I love you Ma Ma Me Ya" crazy.

Good thing the money isn't mine.

Good? I loan you the money.

It's $900.

Finish the noodles?

It's 176 bowels.

They say good man don't get cheated.

Now is the stupid gets cheated.


Shut up, hold it.

Come help me.

You wanted to move.


We haven't caught the thief

If we only bring back a television,

boss will hate us.


He's retiring,

give it back to him later.

Harder, harder.

Didn't you see I'm trying?

You're blind.

I know.

Hold it there.

A letter from
my girlfriend in Canada.

Drop her.

She always ask for money.

We've been together for 10 years.

You're cold blooded.

Brother Curry.

Come in.


Be careful.

Sorry, sorry, let me pass.

Don't you see this,

let me pass.

You first...

Great Stereo.

It's so so,

The speakers are bit old.


No, I'm emigrating.

Have a good trip.

- Happy new year.
- Happy new year everyone.

Where are you emigrating to?


No, it's Lithuania.

Did you lock your door?

Look what door? I left first.

Oh no!

Those two cripples.

Don't run, stop.

Get in,
I said never rob a cop's home.

There's a picture on the door.

You helped me.

I didn't tell you to take the T.V.


Should listen to me
and bought insurance.

We'll see how you'll live now?

Did you come here to fool around?

Tell me which one
is the house owner?


Look, look, new arrival.

Which one of you use this?

What were you doing in my room?

Fooling around with a woman.

Chi, what tie is it?


Soccer game.

Get a good seat.


they are world class.

Give it to me, watch the game.

These two balls are better.

Look at them.

Mimi on the left, great.

Wrong, the one
on the right is better.

Really? The right one is better.

You have good taste.

I think so too.

You touched them?

I know you're small,
have I touched you?

- I'm long and that's good enough.
- Give it to me.

Your hair is long.

Not me, him.

You don't need insurance this time.

It's not me.

Sorry, wait.

Come here.

Why are you arresting me?

I saw you throw the stuff
in the ditch.

Does it have my name on it?

It has your finger prints.

It's in the ditch,
where's the prints?

I almost forgot,
thank you for reminding me.

Please stamp your prints on it.

This is a trick,
I'm filing a complaint.

We have about 169 complaints.

You have to wait until 1997.

Go file the complaint go.

I know,
you two are the toughest cops around.

- I'm flattered.
- Thank you for the compliment.


Do you know
I waited for you last night?

I saw that movie already.

But there's movie called "Egg Soup".

It's very good,

I plan to take you tomorrow.

I don't believe you.

We have more than
100 complaints on you.

Handle it yourself.


Go talk to her,

I'll never finish on my own.


Which one is Director Chou's room?

Up front take a right.

Thank you.

Miss, he move over there.

The one on the right is bigger.

Director, someone's looking for you.

Come in.

Miss Mimi is looking for you.

Good morning, Director Chou.

Good morning,
please sit down Miss High.

No, my name is Luo.


What does she want?

Probably wants me to go on T.V.

I have an introduction letter here.

I want to do a special
on the police here.

Introduction letter?

What is it?

High Mimi is here.

Which High Mimi?

The one from last night.

One big one small.

- Really?
- I'll be darn.

Where is she?

Inside, in the director's office.

These two will be fine.

These two?

Any problem?


but I can find someone
more suitable.

This one has received awards.

This one has performed on stage.

I don't need to look,

I'll just use these 2.

They are big trouble makers.

Tell them to come to
the station tomorrow.


What a joke,
you can do whatever you want?

This is a favor I'm doing you.

I'm in charge here,

Pepper and Curry are out.

You can think it over.

Who's that?

Hello Inspector Ma.

- Uncle.
- You're here.

About the case on the special.

The director has locked it over.

I don't have any problems.

I don't have any objection,
you neither?


why should I?

Then we'll go ahead with the plan.

You didn't need
an introduction letter.

I won't give you any troubles.

No matter what, thanks, bye.

What are you two doing here?

I'm on your side.

Me too.

We heard everything.

No doubt,

she was dressed quite high.

But we won't give in.


her uncle is Inspector Ma.

So? Is the Inspector big?

It's not a matter of big or small.

It's a quality that counts, right?

You have to consider our chief.

What has he taught us in the past?

A man must be strong.

You're like a puppy right now.

You have to put chief
into consideration.

He's retiring in 3 months,

you know?

Shut up.

All of you shut up.

You shut up.


We lost our heads.

Your turn.

Just say what is on your mind.

You fat ass.

Just call me if there's any problem.

Leave it here.

- Coming.
- Are you Miss Luo.


Miss Luo.

Please to meet you...

- And this is?
- My colleague.

Really, please to meet you...

Get in, you take the bus.

You're colleague isn't on yet.


Hey, you're going to take over?

Get in, you.

Sorry Miss Luo.

I'm very important here
in Tsim Sha Tsui.

People call me the All Mighty,
Chao Wen.

How do you do Officer Chao.

Don't call me Officer Chao.

In case I lose my identity.

Call me Pepper, or Banana.

I'm Curry, how are you?

Miss Luo, you light up the world

Mr. Curry,
you haven't started the car?

There's more space
in the front of car.


Are you trying to kill me?

All the cops in H.K.
Have to fight alone.

People trust your abilities,

- No one will ever help you.
- I don't think so.

She doesn't believe us?

- You really don't believe it?
- No.

We'll prove it to you.


Sir, don't take my money.

I'm blind, young man, help me.

I'm blind, I didn't do it.

All my wife's money was robbed.

Sir, young man, I'm blind, help...

- Go away.
- Robbery.

Did you see that?

We work hard to stop prostitution.

For example,
the sign on the building.

It says "Chang Fen", student lover.

And "young widowers" are our aims.

It's like an invasion,
hurting our youth.

Where have
all the moralities gone to.


we have a new group of ladies.

Please have more temperament, okay?

Why pretend?

University student.

School seems very far away from me.

I can't tutor her any longer, ok?

You don't have to tutor her.

She can yell and twist.

And never play hooky.

Is that a compensation to me?

Come on,

you didn't pay the last time.

I'll give you a 20% discount.

Miss Luo, I can explain.

Don't record.

Don't record, Miss Luo.

This is nothing big deal, don't record

You never pay

Stop yelling at me, I have no money

Even a cop still need to pay...

Come on, don't record this.

How many robberies are there
in a day?

Every month.

There is about 28 cases per day.

Come earlier if energy rate is high.

Couldn't you be more serious?

Sorry, sorry.

Don't run!

Where are you going to?

Don't run...

Chivalry, kneel down, money.

Sorry, sorry.

So their robbers.

He has a knife.


Should... Should I give him my ID?

Give it to him...

Want the cuffs?

Shut up, give him anything.

The gun too?

They have knives, what do you think?


Come back here.

You dare to rob a cop?

Damn foreigner.

Question them.

Stop it, talk on the side.


Are the shots okay?

If not, we can take two.

What is he doing?

Probably it's his arthritis.

Here, have a cigarette and walk.

Don't move.

These 2 guns are pointing at you.

Which one do you want me to use?

Are you set?

Move, it's the hand, stupid.

Dare messing with the Bears
of Tsim Sha Tsui?

You handle the handicap.

OK, you come over here.

How dare you steal my money?

Don't, he's questioning him.

It's been an hour,

kill him.

What would you like?

And you?


3 beers.

I'll go say hi to a friend.

Chase or not?

Chase what?

High Mimi, of course.

I'm not sure yet.

I'm going to chase her,

but as you see,

she can't stay away from me.

It's you that
can't stay away from her.

Right, stick together.

I tell that,

she's lived abroad.

And is now a reporter.

Pretends to be classy.

May be you are wrong this time

I think she's got depth.

What do you know?

You have to trick girls like her.

Trick her harder.

If you really like her,

why trick her?

She is really nice.

Happy new year.

What's the matter?


Are you hurt?

She kissed me.

Now you're dumb?

You haven't even finished.

Sorry, excuse me...

Happy new year.

What are you doing here?

Just a minute.

When luck comes,
you can't even hide from it.

Come on.

Come here... here.

What are you doing?

I called you all day.

You just called me.

I have news for you.

Dog has a shipment to buy tonight.

- The guns?
- Of course.

- Really?
- Of course, it's real.

Of course, it's very real.

You have a very long antenna.

I receive all the pages
in Hong Kong.

Can you receive our Pagers too?


How else was I suppose
to know you're here?

Alright, quit the nonsense.

I have to go else where.

You two stay.

That's it, Bye Bye.

- What?
- She kissed me.

I'm out of here.

He's drunk.


Are you cold? I'll lend you my coat.

You're cold too.

I'm wearing bullet proof vest.

Really? Is it a regulation?

Of course not.

I don't want to die.

No one knows, not even him.

You two are good friends.

We went to the academy together.

We work and get off work together.

Sleep together, play together.

I cook and he eats,
I take care of him.

I'm like his mother.

I think he's strange.

- Strange?
- Right.

Actually we're both
a little strange.

That's why we are the best partners,


You're very normal.

He is too,

but since we're little.

He has a special curiosity
about girls.

When he was little,

he used to peep at girls take baths.

It's rising.

Sorry, I fell asleep.


- Who?
- Dog.

Happy new year.

Heavy weapons.

In front of the camera,
be more brave.

Sure, I'm the protector
of my citizens.

I'll count to three, you go out.

Stop the tricks.

Stupid, am I a tricky person?

1, 2, 3,

Good thing I'm smart.

I didn't expect you be so pitiful.

You're low.

After all these year.

Shut up.

Are you finished arguing?

Let's go.

Cops, you're all surrounded.

Who's that? Go take a look.

Are you okay?

Yes, fine.

Do you think we'll get a promotion?

Sure, you'll get a demotion.


I want to know what happened.

How did they find out?

I've repeated 7 times.

8 times.

Shut up.

Did you know
Dog is an undercover cop?

We've spent 3 months.

Finally got the group to show up.

Now you've ruined everything.

I warn you, never touch it again.

We got the information.

So we had to take care of it.

And, never touch Dog again.

Not even a puppy dog.

Next time,

I'll ship you to the boarder, out.

It's hot.

Listen, I was going to tell you.

I have decided...
Gold bowl hand wash.

You're drunk,
what are you talking about?

Really, I even have name cards made.

Comments and suggestions welcomed.

Wow, it's a Philippine maid service.

You're pimp?

- It's prostitution
- Come on.

I always get beaten up.

So I've decided to have a career.

Curry, Pepper,
I'll need your support.

Why don't you
take a good look at yourself?

I have,

not bad.

It's there, I'm still handsome.

Something will happen
sooner or later.

You crow, everything will be fine.

Nothing will happen.

Why so polite.

Alright, I got it,
Bye Bye, Miss Luo.

What, High Mimi looking for you?

Not me, it's us.

Looking for me?

I just told you, no.

It's us.

She's taking us dancing,

to thank us.

You have no sense at all.

Usually the first date.

Always use a 3rd person
as an excuse,


- Yes, right...
- Don't just eat, say right?


If you were a woman,

who will you choose?

For a husband that is.

Why ask? You of course.

I said you.

Did you hear me?

Come, eat...

Have some fun later.

Let's not go home tonight.

Where should I go?

It's will be noisy
in my room tonight.

You won't be able to fall asleep.

Miss Luo.


Sorry to let you wait for so long.

I just got there too.

It's noisy

What would you like to have?


And you?

Ok, two beers.

- This is fine.
- I want this, two.

Thank you.

Miss Luo,
you look very pretty tonight.

- Thank you.
- You are welcome.

I've been troubling you two
for so long.

I have presents for you,

small one is for you.

You shouldn't have.

The big one is for you.

It's so big?

May I open it?

Open it.

Ok, ok.

Miss Luo, this is interesting.

It looks like you.

Yes it does.

It's a watch.

Your name is Curry.

This brand is Gary,
goes well with your name.

Miss Luo, my English name is Rolex.

- Thank you.
- How nice.

- Like it?
- Yes.


Sorry, he likes that word.

Do you have to go?

Sorry, I'm not feeling well.

Wait, I want to go to
the bathroom too.


Let's all go together.

This way...

- Curry, what a coincidence?
- I have to use the bathroom.

Do you like it?

I'm soaking in it.

Come in.

Guarantee satisfaction.

What are you doing?

They just arrived,
start working tomorrow.

I brought him here for some fun.

What do you think?
Like it? 20% discount.

Not bad.


30% discount.

You think this is a slipper sale?

Bargaining with me? No!

Order drinks for yourselves.

When did you
become such a smart ass?

Fine, stay, 30% discount.

And no more bargaining.

Good night.


You didn't shit anything.

No, how was I?

You didn't have to kiss.

I didn't.

Did you hug?

When I dance of course.

But not so tight.

You bastard!

Don't insult my father!

You son of a bitch.

It's you two again, chase them.

It's that cop, come on.

Son of a bitch.

You see, she kissed me first.

Don't insult her.

She just kissed me.

The hell with cologne, women.

I didn't just put it on.

How come I didn't know?

Lt'd be gone if you did.

When will our special
will be broadcast?


You met with Mimi?

It says right here? Where?

Give me a little more lie.

Forgot to buy milk powder.


Come on.

The trade off is here?

Do you want to go to the boarder.

Those cops are probably watching us.

Let's go.

Don't let them see us.

They'll think we're spying on him.

Good thinking.

Oh no,

do you think they saw us?

No, If they did they'll call us.

- Right.
- Hey brother.


A pair of jerks.

That's a nice toupee you have there.

Your helmet is nice too.



Police, all of you lie down.

Up there.

All of you lie down.

Be careful!

Call the ambulance.

Police, borrow your car.

What is it?

How's Curry?

Still critical,
go take a look at him.

Why did you do that for?

Wanted me to feel bad
the rest of my life?

You're not going to leave me,
are you?

You know we haven't
pay our rent this month.

I know I'm cruel.

I'll apologize now.

Did you hear me...

You're crying...

Hey, you're tricking me...

I'm wearing bullet proof vest.

This is your first day as a cop?

The killer shot at him, not us.

People saw you two
running around shooting.

Called to complaint
for 6 hours straight.

Who would take the blame?

Anna, give me a glass of water.

Is this your first day
as the director?

How did you train your brothers?

Sorry, Inspector, sorry.

My undercover man is dead.

You ruined everything.

Who should take the blame?

Just let us take the blame.

We tried so hard
to stay away from Dog.

Used all our strength.

Who would know the followed us?

And got kill,

how can we not do anything?

That's right.

Do you have a flower
on your shoulder?

You're not qualified to talk to me.

Say nothing.

Shut up.

Write me a report right away.

Yes sir.

Give you two one week vacation.

We're fine, boss.

I'm not, just let me rest okay?

Yes sir.

It's better this way.

Did you think this thing is light?

Good thing we didn't
get send to the boarder.

What's the big deal
with a long vacation?


Are you okay?

What a big ticket.

It's a video tape
from the supermarket.

This is what Killer looks like.


I developed it
and came to give it to you.


Kiss hard.

You are such a jerk.

You told us to stay away.

He's so ugly,
careful you'll have nightmares.

Everyone come over here,
good show...

Looks good on the camera

Sure, needless to say.

I was talking about Curry.

No, Pepper is better looking.


Of course you would say that.

Don't worry, just look.

Aunt Ho.

Hello, who is it? Ok, see you later.

Ignore this, understand!

Come on, it was a joke.

Who is she,
why were you on her side?

I have a date.

Who with?

An old classmate.

Tell her not to watch T.V.

Hello, hello...

What a coincidence!

Not really, I live across form here.

Did you forget?

I live across from here too.


Your girlfriend called.

Said she'll come on Valentine's Day.

His girlfriend is very nice.

I have to go now.

What do you mean?


That's why you don't
have hemorrhoid anymore.

You're cured.

Old classmate?

You're so naive.

Do you know that?

You're wearing my broken shoes.

Did you sleep with her?

Forgot to wipe your mouth.

How will you face
your girlfriend in Canada?

You told me to break up with her.

I didn't tell you to pull my leg.

Why would Mimi like you?

She's rich and powerful,

she's just playing.

Why would she fall in love with you?

This is my own business.

Chicken man.

You like to be soft, ok?

Watch your words.

For real?

Do I look I'm joking?

I'm not kidding neither,

give my cloths back.

I bought it myself.

- The belt is yours.
- Give it back.

The cloth is mine.

Shoes are mine.

Underwear too.

How could you be so clear cut.

Everything in this house is mine.

I've been taking care of you
for so long.

I never forced you.

You like to cook for me
and do the laundry.

What was I suppose to do?

Fine, stop it.

You can have them back.

Your underwear, wash it yourself.

You've worn it, I don't want it.

What $700?

You owe me $700, give it back.


Still owe you $400.

You're serious?
Never talk to me again.

I know you are still available

When I was small,
I loved to collect shell


Have you ever seen the glowing shell?

You are lier.

Yes, I was grown in Lamma Island

When the sun rises

All shells in the beach are shinning


What are you doing?

Hey, what are you doing

Wait and see if you are lying


- It will be long
- I don't care

You handled Mimi so easily.

You'll get any body you want?

Be careful.

You have the right not to believe.

It's my own business, not yours.

You're not being very sanitary.

Accept reality, it's cruel.

I don't think so.

No other way.

It's a fact that High Mimi is mine.

I'm going to ask for a new partner.


Why change partners?

Because I don't think
he has any class.

I think he has a lot of class.

But he's diseased, I can't help it.

He has V.D.

Great, you're a great match.

You won't have a new partner.


Curry, Pepper,
I haven't sell for a long time.

I won't go anywhere.

I'm 1/2 second faster than you.

I got him first.

You tell him, say it.

The time is the same.

What do you mean?

I was faster, is that the same?

Pepper, don't do this.

Tell him I cuffed you first.

And I'll let you go.

Tell him I was first,
I'll get a car for you.

I don't trust cops,

take me to the station.


Don't pull, I'm going to fall apart.

Follow me.

Follow me.

Take whatever you want.

I don't want something
you don't want.

Curry, Pepper.

I don't believe
anything the cops say.

I'm not leaving.

When did I become a vegetarian?

Why don't you give me a banana?

Right, I brought a banana for you.

Eat it after your meal.

What do you mean?

Don't be wrong,

Curry has a very rich girlfriend.

You should be happy for him.

Take your time,

I show you my girl friend's picture.

I met this model in Guangzhou.

I told her,
I'm a Gold Finger in Hong Kong.

She wanted to marry me right away.

I think she heard it wrong.

Thought I make gold rings.

She must misunderstood.


even though Curry has High Mimi,

you'll probable turn into Bruce Lee.

OK, don't lose faith.

Even you have a girlfriend.

Ten, be honest.

Am I really disgusting?

Disgusting? No really, just a bit.

You're god damn too honest.

I have to find something
meaningful to do.

Not have to, you should.

Then good.

Find the person that killed Dog.

Find him right away.

I'm not working
undercover any longer.

I'm going to study law,
become a lawyer.

Live a real life with my wife.

You'll need money to marry a wife.

I said I'm not working undercover.

Unless you give me $20 thousand.

It's not the money,
it's the principle.

$15 thousand or forget it.

I won't work
for less than $10 thousand.

Fine, $10 thousand.

$8500 and start right away.

- Happy Birthday.
- Thanks, Mary.

Happy Birthday.

Thanks, why did you come so late?

Close your eyes.

What is it?

You bought it?

I made it just for you.


Joey, happy birthday.


This is for you, like it?

Pretty, thank you.

Sorry I'm late,
there's a little traffic.

It's okay, this is Tony, Gary.

Hi, how are you...

Please to meet you.


I've seen you somewhere before?

At Oxford University?

No, no, you're mistaken.

Then it must be Cambridge?

I think you have the wrong man,
Tony right?

I don't think we ever met.

Gary, this is my friend.


This is impossible.

Tony, people are waiting
for you over there.

I've seen her.

Are you really a cop?


Do the cops take bribes?

Do me a favor.

If you ever see me
in my red Farrari,

the one with 38's on the plate,

don't give me a ticket.

Excuse me...

USC, USC class of 82,


Just let me think about it, okay?


Sorry, Inspector Ma.

You're here too?

Don't cops work 24 hours a day?

I'm sick.

And you're drinking?

None of your business.


I remember, Camton College.

I saw you on the school paper,

I didn't go to college.

Shit you.

No class at all.

What? Are you mad at them?

I'm mad at them?

They're making fun of me.

They're just joking around.

I'm a cop, they think I'm strange.

I don't.

Your cloths don't go
with the tie I gave you.

Just the tie?

And a lot of other things.

Hey, what's wrong?

Don't speak English to me.

- Sorry.
- It's my fault.

Joey, come cut the cake.

Come in with me.

You go ahead, I'm leaving.

Gary, please.

Pepper must feel very alone at home.

I should go home.

Will you call me?

I'll call you.

Wait till I finish cutting the cake?

Wait for me.

It's for you.


Who is it?

Didn't say.

Man or woman?

Didn't say.

Didn't say anything?

How did you know it's for me?

I don't know, I guessed.

Why touch my book?

Let me play the cross word puzzle.

You can read?

Basically if a man
falls out of love,

puzzles and poems
are what he should do.

If you want you can have it.

Out of love? I'm not like you.

Differences in character.

Go to hell.

You can scream, you're king tonight.

Ever thought about
changing profession.

Become a sweeper?

You can never clean up
all the garbage.

Like cops never
finish catching bad guys.

I don't get it.

What is one day
the sweepers don't sweep?

There will be garbage everywhere.

You're right.

So sweepers have to sweep,
we catch bad guys.

And continue to be a cop.

What about brother?

You decide, you're the king.

Come... hurry,

follow me.

A lot of guests are waiting for you.

Shit, taking so long for make-up.

if the guests pay too little,

you will tell them it's too little.

Too few.

Not little, it's few.

It's little.

It's hard to curse.


you're 1203, 1204, 1205.

Anything goes wrong, come to me, ok?

Go up, the guests are waiting.

Never mind this sad face,
looks like a hooker.

Be smart, hear?

Hello, call 619.

Yes, Ten is looking for him.

Tell him to come to Pacific Hotel,
thank you.

Let's go to Aunt Ho.

It's your temper I'm afraid of.

Ten called,

the killer is in Pacific Hotel.

Thank you sir.

Don't go, don't go.

He didn't pay for
the women and room.

You guys be the judge.

White plays for free?

Pay the money and leave.

I don't want U.S. Dollar,
I want H.K. Dollar.

I don't feel
like exchanging the money, pay...

Alright, I'll take
your luggage for deposit.

Come here.

That's my dad.

Baby, stop the car.

Why would tat fatso have my picture?

It must be the cops,

go finish them.

No, forget about the deal.

Go to High Sea.


Turtle son.

Our men.

found this on the dead body.

Alright, all of you go back.

Where is Ten? Tell me.

Ten has two wedding invitations.

This time he's serious?

Why are you guys so nosy?

Our Inspections
have everything arranged.

Prepared to get the guys tonight?

There are other ways.

Shut up.

They'll definitely cancel this time.

Call off their duties.


Careful I call off your duty too.

You shut up!

You shut up too!

You shut up three!

I quit.

Me too.

Don't be so impulsive.

What kind of an attitude is this?

High officials like yourself.

Have no right talking
to small cops like us.


Who, who, who, who what?

I've endured this for a long time.

I'm Director Chou, they're my men.

They're my business, not yours.

You two stop working for a while.

Hello, yes.

Here's the $10 thousand I owe you.

Ten, I drink to you.

Have some.


I don't know.

Everyone's at the dock.

Go back to the station.

Mad dog.

Where's the gun?

Gave them back to the force.

What should we do?

Why are you so nervous?

Come on, let's go. The back door.

Jump, hurry.


Hello, you're crazy.

No, if he comes, we're dead.

You'll die if you jump.

No I won't.

We might not lose.

Pepper, hurry and jump.

I say no and I won't jump.

Pepper, he's coming.

Say no more.

Curry, I'm leaving.

You're tricking me again.



Mr. Chen isn't back yet?

Then we have to leave first.

Pepper, come over here, hurry.

- Move fast.
- What's the matter.

Where is the key
for the gun cabinet?

Right here.

Wait, you're really
going to marry me?

I'm very serious.

My mom can
start arranging the wedding?

Yes, but not too much.

About 200 tables will be enough.

You be careful.

What are you doing?

Go through the back.

Not going to the dock?

Are you kidding?

Then what are we doing here?

Anna asked the officials for us.

Ships will dock at 17.

The ship has an "L" on the chimney.


It's 4:00, where's the ship?

Should be here soon.

Look, it that it?

Big brother.

Put it there.

I want to stay in HongKong.

You can leave now.

Freeze all of you.


General, something's wrong.

Chou, go take a look.


- Right in front of me.
- Behind me.

Go up.

I told you not to mess
with that cop.

I'm sending you back to mainland.

Coward, trying to mess everything?

You just killed a lot of men,
you know that?

I didn't even shoot.

I didn't either.

Oh no!

You almost killed me.

They're exchanging bullets.

See who's faster.

No more bullets.

I'm telling you.

I really killed a lot of people.

Right I did too.

That's such a big ship,
how many are there?

70 or 80 men.

I only have a few bullets left.

That means
I have to kill 3 with every bullet.


let's stay here for now.

What did you say? Coward?

What about Ten?

What are we doing here?

Why are you telling me all this?

You know I loyal to my friends.

Fuck you Fang, you come out here.

Just kidding.

Did he follow you?

How would I know?

Did you hear foot steps?

I only heard your heard beat.

You have more suggestions,
think fast.

You're better than I.

You are better, hurry and think.

You have more tricks.

Forget it, let's go up first.

Curry, I got him.


You think only you
wear bullet proof vest.

Shit you're full of it.

We're on the highest floor.

Really, any higher?

Shit, this is
my last roll of bullets.

I only have 6 left.

He's coming.

Are you ready?

Yes, go.

Did you get him?

I think I missed.

I have only one bullet left.

And I have only two left.

I'll count to 3 and we'll go out.

1, 2

Wait, should we rehearse again?

1, 2, 3

I think we got him.

Is he dead?

He was fine on the last shot.

He got shot 3 times this time.

Right, he should be dead.

He's still alive?

Are you sure?

No more bullets.


Go to hell.

Go to hell...

It's okay, I have one more bullet.

Hold still, I'll be right back.

Shit, this isn't the right one.

Got it.

Pepper, we're fine now.

I know we've done something
to be proud of.

This will shake the whole world.

What do you think.

I think she'll call me
tomorrow night.

And come back to me.

Shut up, I think she'll marry me.

Idiot, she's never loved you before.

If she know I killed Dog,

she'll love me.

I wounded him severely.

Bull shit, fuck you.

Come on, the hell with you.

Shut your mouth, shut up...