Curious (2006) - full transcript

Beth & Ryan are about to walk down the aisle. All is in place but one thing: the groom. As the big day draws near Ryan & Beth have a fight. Out of curiosity,Ryan winds up at a popular gay ...

Good morning sexy!

Should I wear a tie today?

I don't even bother.

No one looks to me.
Their noses are too busy down there.


Should I take the day off?

Surprise Beth.

That's a great idea.

Let it go just!

Yeah, I will be there too.

You know the place I'm talking about?

Okay, Beth. Okay, cool.
I'll see you down there..

- It'so beautiful down here!

Such a gorgeous place.

Thanks for taking the day off.

- To make our plan.

I love this place.
It's so peaceful and quiet.

- Yeah.

Mum and dad used to bring me down here

You can...

Oh, just so many picnics just over there.

- We used to come canoeing here
when we were kids.

- Really?

It was a journey that used to take
what seems like a million miles away from reality.

We used to start all the way down there,

and make the way passed this point,

and, believe it or not,

there was always someone sitting
right here.

- Oh, fuck!

Do you really liked sitting in this spot?

- Yeah.

Come here.

- Ryan

Are you sure about this wedding?

- Of course I am, Beth!

I love you more than anything.

- It's not that...It's just...

- Look.

Everything is gonna be okay.

- I know. It's just...
I guess I'm being silly.

Look, you've not been silly.
You've just been you.

The only thing I know is
that we love each other

- We are good friends.

- Yes, we are the best friends.

Everything is going to be okay.

When everything seemed fine

and going to plan.

Just before the big day
we had a fight.

- Nothing else to say about that.
- It could be over!

- It could be over!

- It's over!

- Wait Beth! Listen to me!

You start to make me angry.

And you know what happens
when I get angry.

After Beth and I got out our last word

and had a chance to calm down,

she told me that she tought we should have
some space for each other.

They say that in life, you can have
two things guaranteed,

death and taxes.

Somewhere in there,
they should add a breaking-up.


that's life!

I noticed that I stopped in a part of town
very unfamiliar to me.

I found myself staring at a very strange
looking dark red building.

It seemed to have all the normal
traces of an older building.

But there was something unusual about it.

One by one, guys began to make their way
into what appeared to be a club entrance.

Since became very apparent to me

that this was a gay nightclub.

I have to admit, my curiosity
was getting unbearable.

For some strange, unimaginable reason,

I was curious to see what this place
was all about.

Maybe it was curiosity.

Maybe was the split up with Beth.

Whatever it was,

I was ready for it.

I walked over to the club entrance,

and then made my way discreetly.

The lion's den.

- Thought you weren't coming in tonight.

- Yes, just got called in at the last minute.
- Oh, cool

- Well, I'm on in five.
So, I better get going.

- Okay. I'm going to check up the renovations

- Don't do anything stupid.

To piss go off. Break a leg.

- What ever happended to the innocence?

Fuck it.
Who cares anyway?

Look at me. My god!
I'm so fucking hot.

I love when guys look at me,

pervert me

and wonder what would be like to touch me,

feel me,

taste me

Hell! Even fuck me!

- Dear Ryan,

I'm writing you this letter
for many reasons.

First thing that I miss you and
I love you.

The second

is to let you know how I'm doing
and what I'm feeling.

I'm seeing things a little bit
more clearly now.

I feel we have all grown in many ways, yet

pulled away from each other
in many ways as well.

I need more time
to sort out things.

I want to thank you for being my best friend
and being understanding.

I know this time apart is
the better for both of us.

Your best friend, Beth.

- Hey man, how're you doing?

What do you think of my show?

- It was good.

- Great music, eh!

- A bit loud though.

- It's a nightclub.

I haven't seen you here before.

- It's my first time.

- Virgin?

Wanna see something really cool?

Come with me.

- Ah, I'm not sure

- Come on, I don't bite.

Come on!

This way.

- It's okay and now relax. Shhh!

It's okay and now relax.

It's everything okay?
You're alright?

It's everything okay?
Are you alright?

- It seemed someone was having
a good time.

- Oh man!
I feel like shit.

- Here.

Take one of these.
It's gonna make you to feel better.

- No, no drugs.

- It's okay. Promise. Trust me.

Just swallow straight now.

It will take a while,
but you'll feel better soon.

Come with me.

Come on.

- What a hot fuck that was.

Sorry. I get to go.

- Wait!

What about me?

- What about you?
Just another fuck.

I don't fall in love with fucks.

What were you expecting?
A wedding?

See you.

Sometime our curiosity
get the best of us.

Sometime leave us hanging in suspense

and what feel like a million miles
away from reality.

There is no magic spell or wonderful, real answers
about sex, life and love.

Beth and I never got married.

and we actually ended up having a few drinks
and a few laughs over the all thing.

Looking back on it,

she knew exactly
what I was going through,

what I was feeling,

what I was thinking,

even what I was doing.

And above all,
she allowed me to be me,

to let me see throughout the curiosity

that had such a strong hold on me

for all those years.

She had been and would remain

my best friend