Curfew (1989) - full transcript

Two escaped brothers track down the people who sentenced them to death row, including a doctor and the judge. But when they get to the D.A. and his family they have an especially lengthy revenge plot in mind for them.

(ominous orchestral music)

(knife clinks)

(door opens)

(clock tricks)

- Hi, kids.

I win.

You're out, Bob.

- Ray!

- [Ray] Out, Bob.

- Ray! What're you doing?


(knocks on door)


(Bob yells indistinctly)

(woman whines)

(door crashes) (tense music)


(Bob gasps)

(clock ticks)

(brooding electronic music)

- [Ray] Doctor, Bob.

- [Bob] Dead.

- [Ray] Judge, Bob?

- [Bob] Dead.

- [Ray] DA, Bob.

- [Bob] Dead!

- [Ray] Good, Bob.

(explosion roars)

(dark electronic music)

(birds chirp)

(door opens)

(door closes)

- I make the rules, Megan.

She'd better start listening. - Walter.

10 O'clock.

She's a big girl now. She just wants a little freedom.

- "Wants, wants." (chuckles)

I know what she wants, but I also know what she needs!

- She'll be okay.

Don't you think?

- Oh, for Christ's sake.

We're only gonna be gone for three days.

- (sighs) It's just a phase.

- Mm, it's not a phase, Megan.

It's high school.

(suspenseful music) (distant dogs bark and yelp)

- Now, what the hell are you doing?

Look at this shit. You gotta stretch this shit tighter.

It don't work if you don't do it tight.

Give the hammer. Come here, let me show you.


Daddy gonna whoop your ass,

he comes out here and sees this shit.

(hammer clacks)

- [Bob] Ray!


Wait up, Ray!

- Stephanie!

- Hello, Judge. Mrs. Collins.

How are you?

- Stephanie.


- Can I offer you a glass of lemonade?

- No, thank you.

- Well, in that case, can I offer you a pair of pants?

- Oh, (chuckles) I'm sorry.

I'm afraid I have a date.

I'll just be going.

- [Collins] Miss Davenport!

- Yes, judge?

- Your father is a very important man in this community.

I hope you remember that, the next time you get dressed.


- Yes, judge.

(lemonade splashes)

(driver whistles)

(Ray hums along)

(suspenseful music)

(driver chokes)

(upbeat rock music)

- Did you see the game last night?

- Yeah!

It was pretty tight. - It was great.

(hand thuds)

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

- Shit.

- Satisfaction!

- You want satisfaction?

I can give you satisfaction.

- I think you need a bigger cigar.

- What? What do you want me to do?

Jesus, Jack.

- Ah, shit!

- Sorry I'm late.

(fist thuds)

- 10 o'clock?

- That's right. The old rules still apply.

Weekends are no exceptions.

I expect you to be firm on that.

- Yes, sir.

- Fresh sheets and pillows.

I hope you'll find this comfortable.

- Let's get a move on, Meg. It's getting late.

Goodnight, Mrs. Cox. - Night.

Still 10 o'clock? No Later?

- Oh, yes. 10 o'clock.

We expect you to observe our rules, Mary.

Whether or not those rules are enforced is up to you.

(Mary chuckles)

♪ In Dixieland, where I was born ♪

♪ Early on one frosty morning

♪ Look away ♪ Look at Ray

♪ Look at Ray

♪ Look at Ray ♪ Look at Ray

♪ Look at Ray ♪ In Dixieland

♪ Dixieland

♪ In Dixieland, I'll take my stand ♪

♪ Hooray

♪ For Ray

(both laugh)

(Ray coughs)

♪ In Dixieland ♪ Dixieland

♪ Where I was born ♪ I was born

(both laugh)

- I can't believe it.

Less than a week at Jefferson,

and you've already got a date with a quarterback.

(Stephanie chuckles)

I mean, it's amazing.

What did they teach you in junior high?

- Oh, Monica.

- It took me two years to get a date with the football team.

Two years.

God. Pete's a putter.

- Fourth down, 10 to go.

There is no time on the clock. It is completely hopeless.

Do you understand me? Completely hopeless.

Until this guy over here, Johnny, he takes the snap.

He faced back, he looks right, he looks left.

They've completely filled the zone, do you understand?

Completely filled the zone.

There is nowhere to go, but long, deep.


Let's go! (plates clang)

(men yell over each other)

- Get outta here! - Gotta love my mow!

- Get out! - Out, out!

- Get out!

- What the hell was that, for God sakes?

- I'm taking care of things.

What? Do you want me to arrest them?

You want me to arrest them, I'll arrest them.

- Are you all right, man?

Sorry, are you all right?

(teenager howl and laugh) (motorcycle engine roars)

Hey, give me some napkins.

There you go. Here.

Look, dinner's on me.

(Monica screams)

- Somebody help!

He's dying!

He's bleeding! Come on, somebody help!

- All right, everybody stay put!

I'm gonna take care of this!

- [Monica] Come on!

(tense electron music)

(Pete groans)

- You'll be okay.

(Pete groans)

- My god!

Do something, please!

- All right, don't move him. I'm gonna radio for help.

All right?

Don't touch him.

(Pete groans)

Clear one nine. Clear one nine.

I need an ambulance. Rural route one, Pink Cafe.

I repeat, ambulance. Pink Cafe, rural route one.

Do you copy?

- [Dispatch] We copy.

(Watkins sighs)

- [Secretary] No, you can't go in there right now.

The doctor's in session! What're you doing?

No! (screams)

(dark music)

(door opens)

- Are you next?

(phone rings) (clock ticks)

(phone clicks)

(phone drones)

(phone clacks)

- I'm sorry, ma'am, but your hour's up.

We'll try to get to this, next time.

(water splashes)

(Pete and Monica chuckle)

- Monica!

You are a born actress.

I swear to God, when I heard her screaming,

I completely thought I was dead.

I swear to you.

- (chuckles) I am a girl of many talents.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Maybe we shouldn't have done that.

- What?

- Well, I mean, he's a police officer.

It's his job.

- He's a cop, Steph. They wear sunglasses to bed.

Besides, without us, they wouldn't have anything to do!

(Pete and Monica laugh)

Go ahead. It won't bite.

(Monica giggles)

- I know this is difficult for you, Bob,

but it's for your own good.

So, let's...

Let's think back.

August 23,


And you're on trial, Bob.

You and your brother are on trial.

You're accused of killing.

Accused of killing a little girl, Bob.

- I'm sorry, please!

- Will you shut up?

This is a private moment.

This is family.

- I didn't do it, Ray.

You know that. I didn't do it.

- I know! I was there, Bob.

But the doctor didn't believe you. Did he, Bob?

He said you were lying. He said you were making it all up.

- I didn't do it!

- Look, I'll do anything. Just tell me!

- He said you were competent, Bob.

Do you know what that means?

That means that you knew the difference

between right and wrong.

You knew it, Bob, and yet you still killed that little girl.

- No!

That's not true! You know that, Ray!

- Yeah, but the doctor doesn't agree! Does he, Bob?

He said you lied.

- I don't lie! - Leave me alone.

- I don't like that! - Please leave me alone.

- I never lie!

I don't like that!





(body thumps)

(eerie music) (Bob sighs)

- I know.

I know, Bob. I was there.

- John, no.



(Stephanie sighs)

- You get one chance to sack the quarterback.

It's now or never.

(Stephanie sighs)

(car door slams)

(Monica moans)

- [Monica] Oh, Pete, you're the best.

- [Pete] I am?

Oh, really?

Oh, Mony.

- Okay, Steph. What's up?

I thought you liked me.

- I did!

I do!

(Stephanie sighs)

I don't know, John.

Just that, in a car?

I can't.

- It's not where you do it, Stephanie.

It's who you do it with.

I like you.

You like me.

Hell, I can't afford a hotel room.

- Oh, shit! I've got to get home.

- Now? - Yes, now!

I told you I had to be home.

My parents are leaving for the weekend.

(John hums jauntily)

- [John] Get in.

(car starts)

(car door slams)

(suspenseful music)

- Will you be coming to bed, dear?

- Just one more brief.

- All right, then.

(door closes)

(door closes)

(Mrs. Collins screams)

- Who's this? I'm trying to shave here.

Does anybody knock?

The court of California's now in session.

(gavel clacks)

The Honorable Judge Robert Joe Perkins is presiding.

- Order in the court.

(gavel thuds)

Order in the court!

(gavel thuds)

- We've done nothing to you.

You can't do this.

- Charlie, please.

Do what they say.

- "Charlie, please"?

"Charlie, please"?

Do you remember me, Charlie?

Do you?

Hm, Charlie?

- Yes. I remember.

(gavel thuds)

- What about me?

Ask him if he remembers me.

- What about it, Judge?

Do you remember my baby brother?


Do you?

- I remember.

I remember!

- Charlie, who are these people?

- Mother, please! - "Mother"?


(Ray chuckles)

Isn't that affectionate, Bob?

Isn't that sweet?

Mother and father.

The American family.

Pension programs, Bob. Life insurance.

- She's the rock. - Right.

Mother dies. Father dies, a month later.

- Please.

I'll do anything.


- Please, please.

Plasma, platitude.


Please, please, please.


(tense music)

- Go ahead, Charlie.

Tell Mommy.

Tell her you sent us away. You threw away the key.

Go ahead. Tell her.

- My God, Charlie! Please!

- You leave my wife alone!

(gavel thuds) - Order!

Order in the court!

- [Ray] Tell her that we're killers, Charlie.

Tell her that we kill.

- Murderer!

- Order!

(Collins screams)

Order in the court!

(gavel thuds)

Order in the court!

(gavel thuds) (flesh squelches)

(body thumps)

(clock ticks)

- [Ray] Prosecution rests.

(brakes squeak)

- [John] Hey.

Leaving for the weekend, huh?

- God, I hope they haven't left yet. They'll kill me.

- [Radio DJ] That was Pig with "My Girl" from their

latest album climbing the charts here in Clintonville.

Now on KREY, let's get the weekend on.

Got a new one here for ya. Hope you enjoy.

(muffled rock music)

- Maybe some other time, John. Really.

See you later.

- Yeah.

See you later.

(suspenseful music)

(keys clink)

(door closes)

(clock ticks)

(keys clink)

- Mom? Dad?

Sorry I'm late! I had an accident.

Oh, shit.

I'm dead.

Mrs. Cox?

(door closes)

(cat yowls) (Stephanie gasps)


(fridge door opens) (dark music)

(fridge door closes)

(switch clicks)

(cat meows)

Come on, you.

(door opens)



(door closes)

(door opens)

(switch clicks)

- You must be Stephanie.

(Stephanie gasps) You're late.

(cat yowls) (Bob groans)

(Stephanie gasps)

(vase smashes) (Ray groans)

Get her! Get the little bitch!

(tense electronic music)

(car door slams) (car starts)

- Judge!


Somebody help me!


(glass shatters)

(lock clacks)


Somebody help!

(Stephanie gasps)

(Stephanie gasps)

(phone clicks)

(strong wind blows)

(phone thuds)

(door slams)

(Stephanie pants) (tense music continues)

(brakes squeak)

- [Driver] Is there a problem?

- Please help!

They're in my house!

I need the police.


(Stephanie sighs)

- Live around here, miss?

- Could you please hurry?

There are men in my house!

- Well, I'm over the speed limit now, miss.

- My house is being robbed!

The judge and his wife!

- There's no need to scream. I'm not deaf.

Not every man with a cane is deaf.

- I saw them! Please, can't you drive faster?

- [Driver] Better safe than sorry, miss.

(tense music continues)

(tires screech)

- He's seen us!

He's coming! You've gotta hurry!

- I can't drive when you're hanging on me like this, miss.

- Drive!


(car engine roars)

- Oh, no.

(cars clunk)

(car engines roar)

(tires screech)

(car door slams)

Where did you learn to drive, young man?

We could've been killed! (cane thuds)

(tense music continues)

(cane thuds) (driver screams)

(cane thuds)

(cane thuds)

(cane thuds)

(car engine roars)

(car starts)

(tires screech) (engine roars)

(tires screech)

(tires screech)

- Come on!

(brakes squeal)

(car door opens) (police radio chatter)

(car door slams)

Please! I need help.

- Look, you get outta here.

I told you, you could get outta here,

and you're friends, too.

(ominous music)

(muffled police radio chatter)

- [Stephanie] There is a man out there!

- You heard the man.

You turn right back around and go out that door.

If you don't, I'm throwing you out.

- My father's the district attorney, you jackass.

(Watkins sighs)

- [Watkins] Keep my seat for me, Jack.

Be right back.

- [Jack] Okay!


- [Watkins] Okay. Where is this "man"?

- You'll have to break in. I left my keys.

(doorbell rings) Mrs. Cox can be in trouble!

(knocks on door)

- [Watkins] Mr. Davenport?

Mrs. Davenport? It's Officer Watkins.

- They're not home! I told you!

They're gone! They left!

(door opens)

- Yes?

- [Stephanie] Mom!

- Well, I'm sorry to disturb you, Mrs. Davenport.

Your daughter reported a break in.

- She said what?

- Is everything all right here, Mrs. Davenport?

- I'm sorry, Officer.

Stephanie had a fight with her father.

It's a family matter.

(Stephanie sighs)

- No, that's not true! I saw them!

You've got to believe me!

A judge and his wife are dead! Please, listen to me!

- [Watkins] Your daughter's been hanging around

the wrong crowd, Mrs. Davenport.

I'm afraid they may have been drinking.

- Thank you very much for your concern.

(door closes)

(car door slams) (engine roars)

He's gone.

- Hello!

(Stephanie screams)

(clock ticks)

- All right, now.

Just what is it you want?

- Peas. I want peas.

- You people should eat. Really.

It's gonna be a long night.

(Bob howls)

- [Walter] I asked you, what do you want?

- Potatoes.

Gravy, please.

- Mom.

We really do appreciate this, Mrs. D.

You're an excellent cook. - Mm-hm.

- Bob and I, we haven't had food this good in what, Bob?


- Seven. - Seven.

Seven years.

We've been away.

(Ray and Bob laugh)

- Damn it! This is between you and me, Perkins.

Leave my family alone. They're innocent!

- "Innocent"? - Yes!

- What do you know about innocent? I was innocent.

I was trying to help my brother, and you put me down.

You put me down.

"In the name of the State of California,

I prevail upon the limits of our laws.

Kill these men, for they have killed.

Show them no mercy,

for they're merciless."


It was quite a speech, Walter. Really was quite a speech!

I remember every word of it. Do you?

- No.

- Didn't hear you that time, Bob.

"Kill these men."

- "Kill these men."

- "For they have killed." - "For they have killed."

- "Show them no mercy." - "Show them mercy."

- "No mercy", Bob. - "No mercy."

- "No mercy.

For they're merciless."

- "For they are merciless."

- Well, shall we have our coffee in the den?

(dark electronic music)

- You're a very pretty girl, Stephanie.

- Well, what do you say?

Well, what do you say?

- Ray!

- What do you say to my brother?

- Thank you.

- Please.

We won't do anything. We won't say anything.

- You won't?

- [Megan] I promise! Nothing at all.

- You mean we can just walk out, just like this,

and nothing's gonna happen?

- Nothing. Not a thing.

- Lovely.


- Okay.

(Ray whistles cheerfully)

(door opens and creaks)

(door closes)

- Just joking.

(Ray and Bob laugh)

You don't understand.

You see, something did happen.

It happened. (Megan gasps)

- [Walter] You god damn bastard!

(glass shatters) (Ray groans)

- Whoa!

(men grunt)

- No!

Leave him alone!

(Walter pants)

(Walter coughs)

(Ray groans)

- [Ray] Okay. Okay.

Well, isn't this sweet?

My baby brother has a crush on your little girl.

(man grunts) (glass smashes)

- [Pete] Forget her, man! Take it easy!

- What do you mean, "Take it easy"?

This kind of thing doesn't happen!

- Hey!

We have all been there, buddy. Now, come on!

- Not me, Pete. No way.

No girl has ever turned me down!

- Forget about it, John. She's a prude.

You need a real girl.

- Exactly.

You need a real girl, like Monica.

- Right, John. A girl like me would never turn you down.

- Now, come on! Come on!

Let's go get some pizza and beer!

(men grunt)

(tense electronic music)

- You a handyman, Walter?

(electric drill buzzes)

(electric drill buzzes)

(electric drill buzzes)

What about him, Mrs. D?

Is Walter a handyman?

- What would you know about a handyman?

You're a pig.

- Pardon me?

- [Megan] You're a pig.

(plastic lid clacks)

(spray can rattles)

(spray can rattles)

- If I'm a pig,

what are you?

I want you to get down like a pig,

and roll around like a pig.

(Megan spits)

I'm not a pig. I'm a painter.

(spray can hisses) - No!

(melancholy piano music)

- [Bob] Boop. (laughs)

(Bob hums melodically)

- Bob?



Where are you, Bobby Joe?

Now, look.

I know this isn't the real thing, but I'm gonna try

to make the experience as authentic as I can.

(spray can hisses)

God damn it, Bobby Joe, where the hell...

- Right here, Ray Don! - Did you get it?

- I got it!

- Okay, Walter. Old pal, old buddy.

Man of the house.

It's time for a little walk the yard.

(glass bottles rattle)

Let's go.

(Walter groans)

Come on. Move it.

- What do you think, Ray?

- I'm building you a nice jail, Walter.

- [Bob] Move.

(lock clicks)

- This is where they take you, after the pile, Walter.

A good long walk in the exercise yard.

(glass shatters)

(glass shatters)

(glass crunches)

So many times, I went round,

and round,

and round,

walking and thinking,

walking and wondering,

what happened to Walter Davenport?

(glass shatters)

What about his family?

Are they strong?

Will they stand behind him, in his hour of need?

Or are they likely to faint at the first sight of blood?

- Please, God, don't do this to me!

(glass shatters)

- I walked for hours, Walter,

after they brought us back from the chain gang,

all the way until they rang for chow, I walked.

(glass shatters)

And walked, back and forth, across the exercise yard,

thinking of you.

It's time, Walter.

Time to walk,

and think about us.

- No, I won't!

- Walk, Walter!

(glass shatters) - I was doing my job!

- And I'm doing mine, Walter.

(gun fires) (Walter screams)

(gun fires) Dance, Walter.

(gun fires) (Walter screams)

(gun fires) (bullets ricochet)

(Walter screams) (glass crunches)

(Bob giggles) (Walter screams)

(gun fires) (Bob giggles)

(Walter screams)

(Bob giggles)

(Walter groans)

(Bob chuckles)

(clock ticks)

Don't worry, Walter.

It'll be over soon.

(head thuds)

- Tied us up.

They gagged us.

We heard you come in.

We tried. - Don't worry, Mom.

- We should've done...

- It's okay.

- I should've done something.

I should've tried to warn that policeman. I should've-

- They had Dad.

They would've killed him.

You, too.

- They wouldn't have gotten you, Stephanie.

I'm so sorry, Stephanie.

I'm so sorry.

(hammer thuds rhythmically)

(gentle electronic music)

(playful orchestral music from TV)

- Another man for the hole, Bob.

(Bob laughs)

(body clatters)

(Stephanie screams)

Warden would like to see you, Mrs. D.

(dark electronic music)

- [Megan] No.

- Now, you gotta let- - No.

- [Ray] Come on.

- [Megan] Oh, god.

- [Ray] Just this touch, okay? Come on.

It's gonna look good.

- [Megan] No!

- [Ray] No.

Just this one.

Just, just...

(Megan gasps)

This is gonna be just...

It's gonna be perfect.

- Stop!

(gun cocks)

(Megan breathes heavily)

- Let's go again.


This touch.

(Megan pants)

Oh. It's perfect.

You look...

You look good, Megan.

You look like a hooker in the rain.

- You're a... (grunts)

(Megan screams)

(Megan pants)

(Ray chuckles)

- I want you to take a look.

Want you to look at yourself.

Go on.

Come on.

Come on.

Take a look.


Now, well, you look like that,

and maybe hubby doesn't bring the newspaper to bed.

- You lowlife redneck!

(Ray chuckles)

Get out of my house!

(gun fires)

(gun fires) (vase smashes)

(gun fires) (mirror shatters)

- Are you gonna be nice?

- I'll be nice!

I will.

- Okay.

I want you to show me how nice you can be.

- Tell me.

Tell me what you want me to do.

(Walter groans)

(glass clacks)

(Walter groans)

- I'm sorry.


Why are they doing this?

(Stephanie sighs)

Who are they?

- They raped a 16-year-old girl and stabbed her to death.

Bob said he loved her.

(Megan sobs) (water splashes)

- Look what you did to my face. (chuckles)

(Megan coughs)

It's worth it.

(Megan coughs)

Now, uh...

Clean is a...

It's a state of mind.

(electric razor buzzes)

(Megan screams)

(playful music from TV) (muffled screams)

- What're you doing?

Stop it!

(Stephanie sighs)

What do you want?

- I want this.

- Yes.

You can have it.

- Thank you.

(muffled screams)

- You leave my mother alone!

Let me out of here!

Let me out!

Please let me out. (sobs)

- I could let you out.

- What do you mean?

- Maybe I could let you out, if you'd be with me.

- All right.

I'll be with you.

(hammer clinks)

(hammer clangs)

(ominous music)

- We'd better hurry. He'll be here.

- I just wanna find my mother first.

- What about me? You said you wanted to be with me.

- I will!

I promise.

As soon as I find my mother.

- But I'm right here!

(pipe thuds)

(body clunks) (Bob groans)

- [Walter] Stay behind, Steph.

(Megan grunts)

(Megan yelps) (water splashes)

(ominous electronic music)

(stairs creak)

(muffled water trickles)

- [Ray] Looking for me?

- [Stephanie] Mom?

- Drop the gun.

(gun thuds)

Kick it over.

Thank you, Stephanie.

- No!

- Beg, Walter.

- Please.

Please. I beg you, please!

- On your knees.

- Please. I beg you, don't, please!

Please, please!

(gun cocks)

(Stephanie gasps)

Please! Please!

(Walter sobs)

(gun clicks)

(Walter breathes heavily)

- Okay, Walter.

You can take this soggy bitch back to the hall.

- I'll kill you.

(crickets chirp) (vehicle approaches)

- We're late.

- Hey.

What are we doing here? I'm hungry.

I gotta get some food. - Well, go back, then.

It's your life.

- Well, what about you? (John scoffs)

- I feel like having a party!

(Monica giggles)

What? Are you with me?

- I'm with you, John. All the way.

- Would you keep outta this?

(car door opens)

(car door slams)

- Stephanie Davenport is in debt, and I mean to collect.

- Get your mother something to put on, please.

(Megan sobs)

(trunk creaks) (Megan sobs)

- [Roy] You let her out, Bob. Why?


- She asked me. - She asked you.

It's not good, Bob.

It's not good.

- She said she wanted to- - She said what?

- She said-

- Said she wanted to be with you?

- Yes, that's what she said. She said that.

- Well, she's lying to you, stupid shit. She's lying to you.

You're younger brother, Bob.

You got no education.

I love ya, but you're younger.

You listen to me, okay? You do what I say.


- Okay.

(Bob sighs)

(door rattles)

- Try the bell.

- What? Spoil the surprise?

No, there's gotta be a way in, around here somewhere.

- Guys. You guys.

You guys, listen.

Listen. I'm hungry.

Let's get some pizza.

- I don't want some pizza, man! I want some satisfaction!

Now, are you with me or not?

- All right.

- Listen.

You check around back and I'll look for an open window.

- All right, all right, all right.

Monica, you're with me.

- No.

I'm just gonna stay here.

One of you guys can come and get me.

- Suit yourself.

- It's time, Walter.

Time to carry out your sentence.

- You lied to me.

- Did you know that in every firing squad,

there's one rifleman loaded with blank?

It was considered a humane measure.

Meant to keep a lingering possibility

that the rifleman didn't kill.

Helps the rifleman with his indigestion.

Helps him to fight insomnia.

And it's a tragedy.

Because in every firing squad,

hundreds and thousands of years of killing,

there isn't one rifleman who can sit here and say,

to you or to me, that he knows what it feels like to kill.

That's sad.

That's sad.

(tense electronic music)

- First one to the door.

Looks like you win.

- Come on. Let's find Stephanie's room.

I got an ax to grind.

- Hey. Are you sure her parents are gone?

- Yeah. That's what she said.

Well, what do you say

we check out her parents' room first?

- Come on.

- Ready.


(guns cock)

(toaster clatters)

(clock ticks)

- Whoa.


(brooding electronic music)

(Pete hums cheerfully)



You guys?

(clock ticks)

(basketball thuds)

(door opens)


Stephanie, is that you?

(basketball thuds)


I'd wake up, if I were you. John's here.

Stephanie, come on.

Wake up.

Aren't you the sleeper?

(Pete gasps)

(Pete groans)

(Pete chokes)

(door closes)

- This must be the place.

(door creaks)

(door closes)

(clock ticks)

- You're making a mistake, Bob.

Bob! Listen to me.

This is wrong.

Ray is trying to hurt you again!

- No talking!

- It's Ray!

Don't you see?

- No talking in the line!

(fist thuds)

(gun cocks)

(Monica moans)

- Oh, god.

(Monica moans)

(Monica moans)

- Oh, yeah. - Oh, yeah.

(John moans) (Monica breathes heavily)

Yeah. - Oh, oh!

- Okay. (moans) (Monica moans)


(John grunts) (Monica moans)

- [Monica] John?

- [John] What, babe? What?

- John? - What is it?


(John grunts) (Monica moans)


It was her idea, P!

Mr. Davenport!

Gee, sir. I'm really sorry.

I thought...

We were told, um...

- Stephanie said that no one was gonna be here

and she invited us.

- "Us". And who's "us"?

- I'm a friend of Stephanie's from school. I'm Monica.

And, um, this is John.

- Hello.

- Are there any other children in my house?

- Uh...

Just us, and Pete. He's here, too.

- Curly-haired boy. Uh, six feet tall?

160 pounds?

- Yeah. Yeah, that-

- We met.

- Mr. Davenport, I'm really, really,

really, really sorry about this.

But I was wondering it'd be possible for you, um,

just not to tell him?

About this?

- Well, I'll tell you what, Monica.

I promise not to tell him about you,

if you'll promise not to tell him about...

(neck snaps)


- Now, what do we have here?

All right.

(muffled police radio chatter)

What's the matter, old man?

Too much to drink?

(ominous electronic music)

(ax clatters)

- You lied to me.

Ray said so.

- [Watkins] Come in, Charlie. This is Watkins.

You say the man had a scar?

- He had a scar right up on his face, right about there.

- [Charlie] Another football prank. Hey, Sam?

- Uh, I'm not sure. Listen, do me a favor.

Pull the facials on those two recent prison escapees.

Let me know if either one of them has a scar.

- [Charlie] Hang on.

That's ten four on the scar here, buddy.

Bobby Joe Perkins' got a nasty one,

right down the side of his face.

- He is hurting you by making you hurt us!

- Quiet!

I'm the jailer man. I say no talking!

- He is a liar. Isn't he, Stephanie?

- Listen to him, Bob.

He's trying to help you.

- We can all help you, Bob.

- Ray is trying- - Ray does not lie!

He does not lie to me! He would not ever do that!

Not ever! Not now!

- Walter! (Walter groans)

No, no! (foot thuds)

(foot thuds) (Walter groans)

- Stop it!

Leave him alone!

- I don't listen to you.

You don't like me.

You like Ray!

- That's not true!

Any girl would like you better, and he knows it.

- Will you be with me?

- No.

- Will you be with me now?

Will you, Stephanie?

- Stephanie, don't do this.

- Yes, Bob.

I will.

- I really should check it, Charlie.

- [Charlie] I'm telling you, it's those god damn kids.

They'll drive you crazy.

- Yeah, well, if the DA's in trouble,

I'm gonna lose more than my mind.

I'm gonna check out the girl's story.

- [Charlie] You do that, good buddy,

but don't go waking up the DA at this hour,

unless you find somebody dead.

- [Bob] Ray!

Ray, where are you?

- Forget about him, Bobby Joe.

I want you now.

Untie me now.

- Ray!

- Girls like you disgust me.

(water trickles)

It keeps happening, and happening,

and happening.

(water splashes)

You try to get under our skin.

(ominous music)

Why don't you just go away?

Just, just leave us alone.

Why the hell do you bother us?

(siren wails)

(car door opens)

- Ray!


- Judge?



(door opens)

- Ray?

Ray, where are you? Ray, I gotta see ya.

Come on out, Ray!

- Hello, Bob. What can I do for you?

(clock ticks)

- She said she would, Ray. She said she'd be with me!

- Sure she did, Bobby Joe.

They say that to all the boys.

(tense music)

- [Bob] Raymond!

- I need all available cars out to the Davenport Farm,

right away, you got that?

- I got it! What in the hell- - Now, Charlie!

- [Ray] I said no, Bobby Joe. Okay?

Forget it.

- [Bob] Frank, come on!

- [Ray] No.

- It's just a little while.

It's just a little while!


- Enough romance!

Bobby Joe, enough.

We gotta finish what we started.


(tense music continues)

(car engine roars)

(car door opens)

(car door slams)

Time for you to burn, Walter.

(knife hacks)

(knife clatters)

- When, Bobby Joe?

I need you. Don't let him do this.

- Time for you to pay dues to the state, Wally.

- I want you now, Bobby.

Right now.

- Ray?

- Please, Bobby. I need you.

- Ray?

- Shut up, Bob.

(sparks crackle)

(suspenseful music)

It's time to close the books, Walter.

You got any last requests?

- God, Bobby. Please!

- You...

Leave him alone.

- Why not, Ray? Why can't I?

- Don't listen to her, Bob.

She's trouble.

They're all trouble.

- Kiss me, Bobby.

Untie me! I can't wait anymore!

- [Megan] Stephanie.

- Ray, I got to! She wants me to!

(hand slaps) (dark music)

- Don't do this.

- Go ahead.

I dare you.

- No, Ray!

- He said he'd take me away, Bobby.

Don't let him.

Don't let him take me away.

I wanna be with you.

Let's run away. Now!

- Did you say that?

Were you gonna take her away?

Were you?

- He was, Bobby Joe.

He told me he would.

- Who are you gonna believe, Bob?


Or her?

I'm your brother.

I raised you.

- I love you, Bobby Joe.

- I'll leave you, Bob.

Who's gonna take care of you?


- Do you love me, Bobby?

Do you?

- [Bob] No!

- Bobby, please!

- No, Ray!

Not gonna do this to me again, Ray!

Not again!

(elbow thuds) (Bob groans)

- [Ray] Let me go, Bob!

(Bob growls)

Let go of me, Bob.

Let go.

(men grunt)

- Help! Somebody help!

(men grunt)

No! Please, stop!

(men grunt)

Please, stop!

(muffled grunts)

(men grunt)


- [Bob] Ray!

- [Ray] God damn it, Bob! You're my brother!

- [Bob] I'm gonna kill you! I'll kill you!

- [Ray] Let me go, Bob.

(men grunt)

(electric drill buzzes)

(Bob groans)

(Bob groans)

- Don't move!

(gun fires) (blood splatters)

(gun fires)

- [Ray] Hey! Look at me, dick!

(gun fires)

(Watkins grunts)

(gun clicks)

(muffled gun fires)

- Stephanie.


Get outta here. Don't worry about us.

(muffled gun fires)

- [Walter] Get the gun!

(glasses thud)

(Ray breathes sharply)

- Okay.



where are you?

Where is she?


- Closet.

(dark electronic music)

- Stephanie?

Come to Papa.

(gun fires)

(doors thud)

(objects clatter)


You wanna play?

Then let's play.

You got three seconds, and then it's frying time.


(lid creaks)



(lever clacks)

(door thuds)

Shit! Fuck!

- You'll need these, asshole.

(gun fires)

(cans clatter)

- [Ray] Okay!

(muffled sirens wail)

(muffled car doors slam)

(muffled sirens wail)

(muffled police radio chatter)

(muffled police radio chatter)

- [Officer] You, in the house! This is the State Police!

I repeat, this is the State Police!

Come outta the house with your hands behind your head!

(tense electronic music) (muffled police radio chatter)

- Stephanie!

- Well, go ahead. That's what you want, isn't it?

You use us. You manipulate us.

We're standing in the rain and humiliate us.

Go ahead, do it. You killed my brother, kill me.

Kill me.

Go ahead.

(gun fires)

- [Officer] The house is surrounded!

You have 30 seconds to comply!

I repeat!

The house is surrounded!

You have 30 seconds to comply!

- Okay, you guys! I promise!

Home by 10.

(door closes)

(gentle electronic music)

(car door slams)

(Stephanie gasps and pants)

(dark electronic music)