Curacao (1993) - full transcript

The island of Curaçao was discovered in 1499 by Alonso de Ojeda, one of Columbus's lieutenants. The inhabitants were Indians of huge physical proportions therefore aptly called "Isla de los Gigantes" or (Islands of the Giants). Within 20 years, the name Curaçao appeared on a Portuguese map. The island remained Spanish until the Dutch conquered it in 1643.

[Man speaking over radio]
...Cost of shipping in the Indian ocean.


Okay, Joshua,
I'll take it.

[Man continues speaking]

Visibility fair.

Seas rough to variable.

[Men chattering]


[Men yelling
and glass smashing]

[Alarm blaring]

[Men yelling
and water rushing]




[Metal wrenching]

[Men yelling]

[Football commentary
over radio]


I'm trying to sleep.

Oh, you wore me out.


[Man speaking
foreign language]

in foreign language]

...A sodding tourist a bit like yourself.

There is a circling
of sharks.

The bloody sharks.

And they were bucking
right down to the shore.

If you're very lucky,

you can see
the feeding frenzy.

One starts to bleed.

The rest will turn cannibal

and shred him in minutes.

The sea goes
all coppery and churning.

You don't ever want
to be out in a small boat

when that happens.


Grand sight, though.


I wouldn't doubt it.

I'm sure it is.

Well, you'll have
to excuse me.

No, hold on, no.

I had this friend,
you see.

I must tell you
about him.

Ah, his life went
all to hell.

Well, he wrote
this little note, you see,

telling everybody
he didn't blame them,

which really means,
"I hope

"that your bloody
intestines fall out

and are eaten by dogs."


And then he sailed
this little boat of his around

to the place I've been
telling you about.

They'd been feeding
the monsters.

The sea was all...Roiling.

And then he opened a vein

just here.

Sort of an incentive
for the bastards,

kind of like an hors d'oeuvre.


you'll have to excuse me.

I've got to meet my wife.
She's shopping.

At midnight?

Oh, my wife,
she shops all the time.

Well, you come back.

You're the sort
we like here:

A listener.


Oh, uh, terribly sorry.

I--i didn't see it.

Well, next time.


Why don't you just change
the sign, Cornelius?

"No bloody tourists."

Well, I enjoy chewing one up
now and then,

especially during
karnaval time.

Stephen, do you want to drive
up to westpunt with me?

I have to bring back
my boy.

What's he doing there
at this hour?

The restaurant closes
at 6:30.

A woman.
What else?

Davy, my jan got
a pretty little tourist

up at westpunt?

He don't tell me.

I'll pass.

Every time we go up there

I'm reminded how small
this island really is.

A bit of the old
exile blues.

Think of the thousands
who pay

to visit this little
island paradise.

They have a choice.

Why don't you just leave,

I mean,
I'd miss you, but...

You know I can't.

How would I?
You've never said.

Why don't you go?

You know I can't.

How would I?
You've never said.


Great basis for a friendship.

Some ought to try.



I can tolerate any view
of myself except seedy.

What about
the beautiful yankee girl?

She's up in my apartment.

Wants to take me home
to Philadelphia,

be her pet.

Sounds bloody perfect to me.

Wouldn't be right.

What the hell does that mean?

It means I don't love her.


Who knows what that is?

Will you ever love anyone?


I don't know.

Well, it sounds to me

as if you're here
for the long pull, Stephen.

And you best make
your peace with it.

Maybe I'll get a dog.

[Calypso music]

♪ ♪

Morning, Rose.

No visitors,
no phone calls.

What else is new?

You really enjoy my status

as a nonperson, don't you?

I read this postcard.

Sexy lady.

I'm the security officer;
My postcards are classified.

And your wife wants
her alimony.

Oh, give me a break.

I have some more bad news.

Our commercial attache
is drunk

down at some exotic boite

called the half moon.

It's not exotic; It's a toilet.

Well, I defer to you.

In any case,

he's disgracing
his country,

and you are supposed
to go and get him.

Forget it.

Let him drink his way out
like any other diplomat.

Well, you're going
to get in trouble.

If only I could.


The consul does want
to see you.

What are you,
the angel of death today?

Where were you yesterday?


A friend
lent me his boat.

The Dutch bar owner,

Thinks he's British, actually.

And a restaurateur.

Yes, yes, whatever.

Now, look; I suggest
you stay away from him.


Well, your career,
for a start.

I don't have a career, Henry.

I don't even have a job.

I mean, who am I supposed
to be protecting here anyway?

You want to tell me?

I'm sorry
if you're bored.

But you're still going
to have to toe the line.

Or what?

You'll take away the key
to the executive bathroom?

And one more thing!

Since you are, at least
putatively, state,

I suggest you wear
a coat and tie

while you're working.


I beg your pardon?

No, I'm not going to stay away
from wettering.

[Door slams]

Thunder all.

I thought we did
more business last night.

Let's take a trip.


That boat out there.


I don't care
what it's called.

I just want
to be on it.

I've been no place
but Aruba

since I come
to this shit pile.

Where do you want to go?

I don't care.

Somewhere real.


New York.

If you really want
to make me happy,


I've been
to those places.

Well, send me, then,
just for a little while.

Stephen was in last night,

You two must be
the only people

in the antilles
who aren't happy being here.

He's weird, you know.

He's my friend, boy.

Well, you better think twice
about that one,

because there's all kinds
of rumors about him.

In a tight little place
like this,

gossip can be dangerous to US.

You understand?

Best to steer clear of it.

I was only doing it for you.

Thank you.

I'm going to do
the vegetable shopping

and then stop
at the bank.

Stay in the bar,
will you?

Do I have a choice?

When I come back,

you can go riding
or sailing

or anything you want.

[Horn bellowing]

in foreign language]


hi, Cornelius!

[Speaking in foreign language]



[Distant gunfire]






Do as you're told, old man.

You understand?


[Siren wailing]

Stay back!

all right, back, everybody.

I'm the security officer
in the American consulate.

I know who you are,
Mr. Guerin.

This is none
of your affair.

Who are they?


Refugees from Indonesia,

an unhappy minority
in the Netherlands.

They occasionally
blow things up.

Only god knows
what they want.

Well, there may be some
of our people in there.

I want to help with this.

I think we can handle it
without the u.S. Marines.

Extra police are arriving
from Aruba.

They'll put an end
to it quickly.

Quickly usually gets
a lot of people killed.

Objection duly noted,
Mr. Guerin!

Now please leave,

or I will put you
under arrest.


in foreign language]

What do they want?

What every terrorist wants:

To be famous
for a few hours.

God help US.

Not likely.

He's frightened now.


I know what that is.

God in Christ, I know.

You're afraid now.

And I'm not.

Ever shot anyone?

You didn't do those out there.

It was your boss
did that, huh?

You're young.

You could still have a life...

If you don't kill anyone.

I've had my share of dying.


You can see it in my eyes,
can't you?

I'll kill you.

You'd be doing me a favor.

Maybe too late.

This close, I'd probably
take you with me.

Give it up, son.



Get out the back!

[People crying]


[Suspenseful music]


hold it! They're coming out now.

[Siren wails]

Thank god.

(Man #1)
Move it! Move it!

(Man #2)
Take care of the hostages.

Everybody back.
Everybody back.

(Man #3)
Just look at the camera, please.

sir, turn around.

excuse me, sir.

My name is susie Wilkins
from kbtv.

Can you tell me
what happened in there?

[Upbeat music]

♪ ♪

Let's see those elbows working!

You're a hero!

I'm a dead man!

Stay away from me!

[Music plays in the distance]

[Pounding at door]

open up, you bloody quisling!

Where are you?

Come on!


It's open.

Jesus Christ.

The very one.

Crucified like me.


Stephen guerin,
where were you, man?

Don't you know
I'm a hero?

I saw you.

King of karnaval.

You know what happens
to him.

Gets himself
fucking sacrificed afterwards.

He plows the queen
or a maiden or someone.

They go to the harvest.

And then they cut off
his balls and pickle them.

And then all the women
chop him all up

so as his blood runs
into the earth

and makes it fertile.

God, I am drunk.

Perhaps a beer to taper off.

Is that what you meant

when you said
you were a dead man?

When did I say that?


What I meant
was dead broke.

All this celebrating.

You should see the place.

Bloody ruined.

I can imagine.

About 12 hours ago,

you told everybody
to belly up on the house.

I killed one of them, you know.

Younger than my jan,
he was.

A lot of people are killed
by kids today.

Still, I had a gun.

I could have stopped him
with my hands,

with either hand.

I wasn't there,
but you must have had a reason.

You wouldn't have done it

out of panic.

Thank god
you don't know me, Stephen.

You must have saved
20 lives, Cornelius.

Not enough.

I don't know
what you're talking about,

but you better
sleep here tonight.

I thought it was finished.

And the terrible thing is,

when they were carrying me
the hell all over town,

I discovered I still love life.

And I was afraid again.


[Bird squawking]


Reminds me of home.

I go to parties this boring
all the time at home.

We're in the Caribbean.

Don't you know any pirates
or dope smugglers?

I made the mistake
of telling my boss

I didn't have enough to do.

What are you doing?

I'm guarding him.

Which is nuts,
because the bank robbery

the other day
was the first crime

in curacao
in 20 years

with the exception
of a stolen camera or two.

Your friend who caught
the robbers, Cornelius.

Why don't you take me
to his bar?

You wouldn't like it.

How would you know?
I might.

Do you ever refer
to your hometown as "Philly"?

Of course not.

I rest my case.

I hate being patronized.

Good afternoon, Stephen.



I'm sorry to intrude,

but I didn't want
to leave the boat

before I met your
beautiful companion.

Diana waterman,
this is the South African

consul general,
friedrich low.

I'm delighted to meet you, miss waterman.

I like his manner, Stephen.

My mother's family
were from Vienna.

I wouldn't brag about that
in Johannesburg, Freddy.

It sounds way too Cosmopolitan
and just a little Jewish.

Oh, Stephen is very hard
on me, miss waterman.

But it's because
I represent the republic.

Even now,
when my poor country is making

such great progress.

Stephen is very hard
on everyone.

Oh, I know.

And he claims to be
a terrible cynic.

But I suspect you have
considerable influence

over him, miss waterman.

If you could make
our mutual friend here

more accepting of my country...

We need more friends like him.

Good day.

Good day.

Boy, you are hard
on people.

You should see
how hard they are on people

where he comes from.

Honest to god, Stephen,

he's just a nice man
making harmless pleasantries.

It was not harmless.

[Cheerful music]

♪ ♪

Would you marry me?

You just want my car.

I don't know how many proposals
you get a year.

Keep this one in mind.

It's not half bad.

Do you want a drink?

No, thank you.

I'm trying
to cut down.


You don't seem
to need alcohol

to make love anyway.

Is that what we're going to do?

Might as well get something
out of it

if you're not going
to marry me.

I didn't say that.

Didn't say anything.

It's a hell of an offer.

I'd be a fool not to.

Just a minute here,

I'm not so sure
it's a good idea anymore.

I'm a proud woman.

The time it took you
to make up your mind

is going to stay with me
for a long time.


Do you have a wire on her room
as well?

No, she's clean.

Rich tourist.

Not a political bone

in that gorgeous,
insatiable body.

Mm, there he is.

Lucky bastard.

I hope you two have a good reason

for bringing me all the way
over from San Juan.

Well, rawlings did report
he's getting restless--

Denny, rawlings has been

whining about him
since he got here.

Yeah, but now
the South Africans

are showing an interest.

Oh, really?

We're a long way
from Pretoria.

Here, look.

See him?

Sitting at the bar?

He's not local.

He's got tribal scars
and an accent.

The South African consul here
moonlights for their service.

Seems he's got this guy
tagging guerin.

Has guerin made him?

Sometimes it feels like it,
but there's never any sign.

No, there wouldn't be.

How long?

Oh, for some days now,

ever since the bust-up
at the bank.

Boss, I get a feeling
you know our boy personally.

Yeah, I know him.

[Horn honks]

So when will you be ready
to come to Philadelphia?

If I were your father
and you brought me home,

I'd put you
in a nunnery.

That's an attractive thought.

Do I get the feeling

you're trying
to avoid the issue?


Well what?


You're a gorgeous girl.

You could have anybody
you wanted.

I'm just...


Stay here.

Stephen, how are you?

What is it you want,

I'm shopping for my wife.

Don't screw with me.

I was only waiting
till you were alone.

There's someone in my country
who would like to meet you.


He'll tell you that

Campo alegre at 10:00
on Thursday evening.

If you agree.

Forget it.

This is a very
important person, Stephen.

He'll pay you $1,000
to come.

Just to show up.


No obligations.

I'll be there.

I don't want the money.

You need the money, Stephen.

What was that all about?


Don't worry about it.

I got to get you to the airport.

The plane doesn't leave
for another three hours.

Well, there's traffic
and customs.

You never know.

I'll be right down.

My car's
the green m.G.

It's parked
right out front.

Yes, sir.

Take it to the lobby
and call me a cab, please.

What are you
talking about?

I'm taking you
to the airport.

No, you're not.

I said get me a cab!

I don't need to be escorted
out of the country.


Stephen, piss off.

[Upbeat music]

♪ ♪

Well, she sounds
like a great girl.

You should have gone
with her.

At least one of US would
have been free of this place.

Stephen, yes!

Cornelius, karnaval
gets longer every year.

He's dead.


the prince of Malta.


¿Has visto a Cornelius?

No esta noche
no lo he visto.

Buenas noches.

[Thunder rumbles]

Has your father
come back yet?

He's up in his room
with the door locked.

Hard to believe, huh?

The big hero of the bank?

Did he say anything to you?

He just said,
"bring me a bottle of rum."

God damn it, Cornelius,
open up.

You got me looking
through keyholes.

What's going on here?

I thought I was your friend.

Go away!


Did he ever mention
the prince of Malta?



[Gun cocks]

[Thunder rumbles]

[Telephone rings]


Stephen, it's Davy.

A policeman was here.

what's happened?

Cornelius won't let him in.

He goes away for a warrant.

I think it's something bad.

where's jan?

who knows where that one goes to?

Stephen, Cornelius tell me
to get out,

and he needs someone
to look after him, you know?

I know, Davy.

Look, I'll be right there.

The dutchman?

He claims he was born
in Australia

of a Dutch father.

That apparently

is the only
honest word he's spoken

since he came here.

We put him in the computer
at Langley.

Should have something back

I'll be sticking around
a few days.

I want you
to stay on guerin.

I don't care if he knows.

Call me.

It doesn't matter what time.

People who are made angry
by the presence of a policeman

interest me.

Perhaps you've heard
of my friend's

legendary intemperance,

but not of his
exaggerated sense of pride.

He hates to have people
see him when he's sick.

You're not my bloody lawyer.

I'm not sick; I'm drunk.

Three days now.

And you haven't been out
of your apartment

in that time,
particularly two nights ago?


Can you give proof?


This man was murdered
two nights ago.

About 1:00 A.M.

He was registered
as Joshua mepinyana

from Kenya.

But his papers were taken.

Do you know this man?

why should I?

We were hoping you might.

This was found
in his bed-table drawer.

Maybe the man
admired courage.

You are a consular officer,
Mr. Guerin,

so I suppose
I should be tolerant of you.

I didn't know the man.

I wonder if you would mind
coming to my office,

heer wettering.

We might inquire
into this affair

in some more detail.

When did you say
this murder occurred, sergeant?

Approximately 1:00 A.M.
Wednesday morning.


I was drinking
with Cornelius

until well after 2:00 A.M.

And why
did you not say so earlier?

I didn't know where
you were going with this thing.

Thank you for the tea,
heer wettering.

How did he die,
this man?

He was garroted.

We haven't found
the murder weapon.

But it cut so deeply
into the flesh,

it almost severed the neck.

We believe it was applied

A very cruel death.

All right,
who is this guy?

I didn't kill him.

Come on, god damn it.
You owe me this.

I didn't ask you
to make a fool of yourself.

Tell them you were confused.

Your watch was broken
or something.

I wouldn't have thought

you could be this much
of a coward.

Get out of here, would you,
before I put you out myself.

Oh, you couldn't even
manage that

without your little gun.

Hi, sweetheart.

Not tonight.

Stephen, come in.

What is this,

Love or politics?

I'm grateful for your
coming here, Mr. Guerin.

Stephen, this is
Dr. Karl seemueller.

May I offer you
some tea?

wait for US outside.

You a medical doctor?

Of philosophy only,
I'm afraid.

the gray science.

You get gray by mixing
black and white, don't you?

That would seem a rather
inappropriate science

where you come from.


You have wit.

That's comparatively unknown
in our profession.

What is "our" profession,

You work for
the department of state,

and I work for the ministry
of foreign affairs.

I'm not, and you're not,
and we both know it.

Well, what
do you think I do?

South African bureau
of state security.

You're a b.O.S.S. Agent.

B.o.s.s. Isn't called that

It's the national
intelligence service now.

Well, b.O.S.S. Suits you.

We want to recruit you.


You're an experienced


Extensive contacts
in Western Europe.

What makes you think
I'd work for you?


My friend,
you killed a fellow agent

in the American service.

That's not nice.

He was a traitor.

I made a decision
in the field.

Unfortunately, your service
didn't see it like that.

And this factor's come
to dominate your life.

Or should I say
the absence of one?

And you cannot afford,
heer guerin,

to be contemptuous of anyone
who offers you an alternative,

even the devil.

If all this is true,

why am I still
in government service?

You're an exile.

They've eliminated every record
that you even exist,

much less earned a living
for the last 15 years.

Even your social security card
has been expunged.

You cannot gain employment.

You're their prisoner.

You know a lot.

You'll consider our offer?

Of course I'll consider it.

I'd like to get out of here
without getting mugged.

For your trouble.

What is it
you really want?

I'm being perfectly frank
with you, Mr. Guerin.

Now, please, take it.

Keep it.

And that black thug
out there?

I don't want him
tailing me.

His name's merton.

Catch him if you can,
Mr. Guerin.

But I warn you,
don't discount him.


Sorry, mate.

I thought
you were someone else.

What are you doing here?

I'm glad you're home.


'Cause all of a sudden,
I'm in a shitload of trouble,

and I don't know why,
but I think you do.

What do you mean?

Ever since the bank,
I've felt it,

the air getting thick.

And tonight
some South African spook tried

to recruit me to spy for him.

All right, I'll tell you,
but you've got to help me.

Not likely.

Someone's got hold of jan,
someone from the past.

They'll kill him.

So call a cop.
I can't.

Well, they must want
something, then.

Give it to them.

I can't do that.
Neither can jan.

Although he must have
thought that he could.

He's so desperate
to get away, you see.

What are you saying?

He'd sell out
his own father?

Where is he?

Freighter in the harbor.

They telephoned
this afternoon.

I wouldn't talk to them,

but, unfortunately,
jan did.

And then I became concerned,
and I followed him.

It was the bloody bank,

you see.

My damn picture went
all over the world.

Who are the players?

A couple of hot-shot boys
from Hong Kong.

The hsung brothers.

They don't look like much,

but you know how
the Chinese feel about family.

Well, these two murdered
their younger brother,

and all he did was Nick
a few Bob from the company.

Yeah, go on.

I need you to help me save jan.

What have I got to do with it?

I didn't mean
for it to happen, Stephen,

but the cesspool overflowed,

and your shoes just happened
to be right next to mine.


My life was already
screwed up.

Now you're telling me

that I'm sucked into all this
just because I'm your friend?

The only one I have.

Let's go.

Thank you, Stephen.

there's no sign of the crew.

I know.

It's wrong.

Is it a trap,
do you think?

I don't know.



He was terrified.

Let's try this way.

Holy mother of Christ.

He was just a spoiled lad.

It's leather,

same as the Kenyan
in the morgue photo.

When they poured
the water on him,

it shrunk and tightened.

Let's get him out of here.


We won't get out

He's your son,
for Christ's sake.

He was not my son.

He was my...

Fancy boy.

Well, I don't give a shit
about that.

We're not going
to leave him here.

He's dead; He had no family.




[Breathing heavily]

I'm sor-sorry.

Look; You better tell me

what the hell
is going on now,

because I'm in this thing
up to my goddamn eyeballs.

Three people
have been killed.

All right.

Get me a drink.

I'll tell you.

The hsungs own ships.

Some years ago,

I captained
an old tanker for them.

The prince of Malta.


We ran oil to South Africa
from the Gulf.

There was a u.N. Embargo
at the time, of course,

but all it means to them
is more profit.

We're dodging missiles
and gunboats

from the Iranians, but...

These bastards,
they don't give a shit.

they call me in.

A little favor,
they want.

They'll pay me a bloody fortune

if I sink the prince.


It happens more than we know.

People have made

millions and millions
of dollars, Stephen.

And there's no crime
one can't buy

for millions of dollars.

I imagine they got you
for a little less.

Well, it was for my retirement,
you see.

Last chance, at my age.

Hell, I didn't know anything
about explosives.

They had to show me how
to set the timer

and where to place the charge.

We were running south
to Cape Town,

where we were supposed
to deliver our cargo.

The crew must have known something.

Half of them

couldn't even read or write,
let alone speak English.

What about the mate?


He was a canny one.

I swear to you,

he knew something.

Somehow, he knew.

That was your conscience.

No, no,
it was more than that.

Anyway, I started
to bring her in close

so the crew would have
an easy row in.

What happened?

They told me that it was
a wee, small charge.

Let the sea in slowly,

and everybody
into the boats.

It was a bloody atom bomb!

No boats, no time,
everybody blasted into the sea.

The explosion,
the flames, screams.

You could smell
the burning flesh.

And the sharks.

I can still hear it.

I shut my eyes;

I can see it.

Jesus, god.

And you were the only survivor.

I thought so then.

Until I saw the mate.

36 men.

Stephen, they swore to me
that no one would be hurt.

They weren't having witnesses.

Scared to death

the South Africans
would find them out.

You've got something, don't you?

That's why they're all here.

The ship's log.

Inside is a bill of lading

for the cargo we sold secretly
in mombasa.

Anybody would know from that.

Give it to them.

I can't; They'd kill me
the minute they had it.

Would that be worse?

[Thunder rumbles]




three sugars.

You remembered.

Of course.

We lost you
for part of last night.

Where were you?

Choir practice.

I heard you were posted
station chief in San Juan.

Not bad for a lady
of color.

Why did they send you?

Why are you talking
to the South Africans?

Breaks the monotony.

What does seemueller want?


What'd you say?


Don't you think you ought
to ask Langley first

what they want?

I don't care
what they want.

Yes, you do.

You don't have
any other choice.


You enjoy this,
being my keeper?

It just happened to fall
under my responsibilities.

I don't think we should
let it get too personal.


Not this time.

I'll have the information
from Langley this evening.

Why don't you stop by?

Hotel carib,
around 7:00?

Or call.

I'd rather you tell me
to my face.

Davy, give this
to Stephen tomorrow.

Not before.

It's important.

You are not coming back
tonight, boss?

It's karnaval.

I know.

Hey, Cornelius!

Good luck
with the fishing!

[Yells back
in foreign language]


Just in from Langley.

They want him to go over
to the South Africans.

How's he going
to take it?

I'll find out.

Show him in as you leave.

[Telephone ringing]

She's all yours.

This is very nice.

Kgb used to have perks
like this.

Remember them?

Sit down, Stephen.

You're all gussied up.

I'm dressing for success.

Would you like a drink?


I had thought we might
go out, have dinner.

I know a little place.

Even if it is karnaval.

Hey, works for me,
a date.

I'll go change.

Fix yourself a drink.

♪ ♪

You bring them all here,
don't you?


I don't blame you.

It's tricky,
being out with a woman

that knows everything
about you.

It makes you predictable.

You've never been that,

I could say the same
about you.

Well, shall we
get this over with?

What do our masters want?

They want you to accept
the South African offer.

Listen, Stephen.

They're offering you
a new life.

They're calling you back.

This is what
you always wanted.

Simple as that?

I'm rehabilitated.

Didn't anyone tell you people
the cold war's over?

Well, look, there are always
old enemies and some new ones.

It's an important part
of the world.

We don't have any assets
in their service.

That's all.

That's all?

You know, I look at you.

Is it possible
that we ever had anything?

Please don't.

Okay, forget that.

But I got you out of Cuba
24 hours before a firing squad.

Shouldn't that count
for something?

You were doing
your duty, Stephen.

God, you're cold.

You killed another agent.

It isn't my fault.

Julia, you were
out there with US.

You know
that Sandy sold US out.

If I hadn't have killed him,
we'd have all gone down,

dead or in somebody's gulag.

You were a witness.

You didn't even come
to the company trial,

for Christ's sake.

Because they had already
decided you were guilty,

and you know it.

Look, what do you want
from me?

I wanted you to put me
before your career.

I'm sorry.

I know
what you went through.


You know, they didn't know
what to do with me

for a while
after the conviction.

Till they dreamed up
this deal.

So they put me
in that bin they got

out on the chesapeake

where they keep the loonies
and the burnout cases.

I didn't know that.

I'm sorry.

How could you
not know that?

For the same reason
I wasn't at your trial, Stephen:

They sent me back
into Cuba.


You didn't have to go.

I'm Cuban.

You know what that regime did
to my family.

They killed my father.

For three days,
I saw them torture him.

He didn't speak.

That's why I joined the service.

I've been fighting them
my whole life.

I didn't know that.

Would it have made
any difference?


You've always been
so honest, Stephen,

so righteous.

[Festive music]

♪ ♪


Don't do it.

Tell them no.

The South Africans
are killers.


You are going to take
Langley's offer, aren't you?

in our service,

only citizens
can become officers.

You've already made it
painfully clear

what you think
about the republic.

Nevertheless, we will
pay you at the same rate.

Then I don't give a shit.

I assume that's your colorful
yankee way of acquiescing.

$5,000 American.

I won't kill him for you.

What are you talking about?


in foreign language]

All right, now,
Mr. Guerin.

I know that wettering
is a friend of yours.

But he's a criminal.

And you are employed by US.

Whatever he is,
I won't sell him out.

We require mainly

the ship's papers

and the two Chinese gentlemen
who cheated US of our oil.

Wettering's not so important.

Why do you care so much
about the papers?


Despite what you think,
we are a nation of laws.

I've seen your laws
on the 6:00 news.

You'll find these men
and deliver them to US?

I took your money,
didn't I?

There's $5,000 here.

New bills?

I just want a receipt.

You can keep it in your safe.

Who is it
you don't trust?


Well, I resent this
very much.

Now, I will not be a part
of any dirty--

[telephone ringing]


[Woman speaking on other end]

I'll tell him.


There's a policeman
in your office,

a detective Van vlaanderen?

[Door closes]

I am sorry to tell you,
Mr. Guerin,

that your friend
heer wettering is dead.


It appears
he drowned himself.

There was a note saying
he was depressed.

He took his boat
to the windward side.

Sometime over there,
he jumped out.

He must have cut himself,
because there was blood

on the...Gunwale.

That's it?

Right now, yes.

Oh, the young man
he claims to be his son

has also disappeared.

Do you know where
we might find him?


Where was the body found?

I don't expect
there would be much left

after the sharks.

The boat washed ashore
near Santa catarina reef.

Do you know it?

Cornelius did.

Well, I will take you there
this afternoon

if you'd like to see
for yourself.

It's not necessary.

Oh, but I insist.

People never knew Cornelius.

They think
he's big, tough.

My sister in Lisbon has
the t.B. Real bad, you know.

Cornelius gave my family
the money

to put her
in a private hospital.

But he don't want anyone ever
to know.

Any sailor who comes in here,
he give them money too.

Well, congratulations, Davy.

Cornelius left you
the restaurant.



What about jan?

Forget jan.

He's run off somewhere.

He left me the southern cross.

Oh, Stephen.

He knows how you love
that little boat.


If Cornelius wanted
to hide something somewhere,

where would he put it?

Not in the apartment.

Jan stole everything.

Anyplace else?

The boat.

That murdered man,
the Kenyan,

do you think wettering
was telling the truth

about not knowing him?

There's no longer a need
to protect him, Mr. Guerin.

He is dead.

Is there anything you want
to tell me, Mr. Guerin?


I got an idea.

Why don't you help me

sail the southern cross
back to willemstad?


I think the sea air
might clear your head.

No, thank you.

In spite of being
a dutchman,

I have no stomach
for the sea.

Good luck, Mr. Guerin.


[Suspenseful music]

in foreign language]

Mr. Guerin.

Mr. Guerin, please.

We would like to talk to you.

I'm worthy hsung.

And my brother Harold.

Please, get in.

Who told you I was stupid?

Get in!

What are you doing?

Are you mad?

People will see.


Why would we harm you?

You're a poor man
with something.

We are the rich men who want it.

Should this not be
a happy occasion?

Okay, look,
here's the deal.

Your pals stay here.

You meet me
at the end of the dock...

By yourself.


[Both speaking
in foreign language]

Mr. Guerin, where are
the ship's papers?


How would I know?

Captain Van belkin.

The late Mr. Wettering
informed US.

He told you I had them?

Well, perhaps he wished
to see you made wealthy.


I bet the insurers
of the prince of Malta

might pay a little something
for them.

What do you think?

In that case,
we would have to kill you.

I risk that either way.

Might as well cut
the best deal I can.

Very practical,
Mr. Guerin.

Very Chinese.

Is that supposed
to be a compliment?

I want £100,000.

We accept this
as reasonable.

And I choose the time
and the place of the transfer,

which won't be easy either,

since that son of a bitch

wants a piece of me too.

How is it
you know heer seemueller?

How do you think?

He wants you and your brother
back in Pretoria

so he can hang you both
in the basement.

That's his man over there.

Perhaps you will help US
to kill him first.

You're quite a bunch.

Who are you going to find
to kill me

after I help you kill him?

You just get
the money together.

You disappoint me, Mr. Guerin.

We hsungs are honorable men.

Sure, you are.

You think you can trust

heer seemueller more?

He's the one
who instigated our plan.

He received $10 million
for it.

Now he's afraid
of his own government

and wants to kill US.

He would kill anyone who knows
about the prince of Malta,

including you, Mr. Guerin.

Good day.

Tell Langley
I'm not going to do it.

Tell them I freaked.

Tell them guerin
finally went native,

like Cornelius.

Only Cornelius didn't have
the guts to deal with it,

and I'm the only one left.

It's not so bad, though.

I finally found something
to care about

like you care about Cuba.

What are you talking about?


For 36 dead sailors
on the prince of Malta.

I don't get it.

I really don't.

I mean, you didn't
even know those people.

Seemueller was part
of the plot.

He got rich
off those corpses.

Oh, god.

So you're going
to make them all pay...

By yourself.

How can you?

I'm going to let
the wolves eat each other.

Stephen, the service
will not forgive you.

I know.

[Phone rings on other end]


Worthy hsung, please.

Hello, this is hsung.

It's guerin.

Be at the land house Van burker
at exactly midnight,

and you'll get
the ship's papers.

Land house Van burker,
how do I get there?

Look on your tourist map.

I'll be there.

And you better keep
an eye out for seemueller.

He's been on me all day.

Very well, Mr. Guerin.

[Phone dial ratcheting]

[Phone rings on other end]


Dr. Seemueller?


If you want the hsungs,

they'll be
at the land house Van burker

at exactly midnight.

And they'll probably be armed.

go around back.

Come on.

in foreign language]

[Gun cocks]



in foreign language]

Come on, seemueller.

Where the hell are you?


[Dramatic music]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

come in, Mr. Guerin.

Put the gun on the floor.

I'm on your side, doctor.

So you say.

The gun.

Now, I'd like
to thank you, Mr. Guerin,

for arranging
this little meeting.

He betrayed his own country.


shut up, you foul little monkey.

You didn't do all this killing
by yourself, did you?


You underestimate me,
Mr. Guerin.

Where's your, uh...

African friend?

I don't need any black
to help me kill you.

You see, US afrikaners
are very efficient peop--



[Cord swooshes]




I thought you'd left.

I never killed a man before.

All this
for a dead friend.

He's not dead.

He led me here.

God damn it, Cornelius.

36 dead men.

Go ahead; Run away
from this, you bastard.

[Calypso music]

♪ ♪

Where are you going?

London's a good town.

Can always find
something to do

in a good town.

You don't have any papers.

Did you forget my training?

What about the local police?

A few questions.

People disappear down here
all the time.

I sent the ship's papers
to the insurers.

You know,
the company's severing

all connections with you.

Pension, ancillary employment,

You know the drill.

Come with me.

It wouldn't work.

It might.

This is my aunt Renata in Miami.

Kind of a personal drop,

but please don't use it
till we're both very old.

You're the only part I regret.

[Telephone ringing]


What do you want?

No, I'm leaving
on the night flight.

[Door shuts]

All right.

I'll come.

are you going to kill me, Stephen?

You're already in hell.

Hmm. So I am.

They all know me here.

But they're good boys.

They won't give me away.

I'll get off soon.

Why are you hiding?

Everybody's dead.

Someone will always know.

You, for instance.

I wouldn't be surprised
if you hadn't already sent

the bloody papers
to Lloyd's of London.


A man like you would have
to do the right thing.

The tropics don't turn out
any michelangelos or Cadillacs,

but they can do
a good beer.

Why are we here?

We were buddies,
weren't we?

Tie it off proper.

You ran away,
left it all for me.

Your crimes,
your crap.

How does that
make US buddies?

You had the courage,

I didn't.

You had it at the bank.

Oh, well, I was--

I was on show.

Don't you see?

Blood running high,
no time to think.

I'm like that.

But once I saw jan...

I never meant for you
to be hurt, Stephen.

I hope you know that.

We used to come down here
to go fishing.

Do you remember?

I remember a lot.


If you're wondering why...

I can go on living,
I wonder myself.

See, I don't believe
in god or retribution,

any of that now.

It's all right here,

down here
on this lovely earth.

But every time I get set to pay,

I remember how
the southern cross looks like

from the deck of a ship.

On the midnight watch.

The sound of the engines.

Warm night.

The sea slipping by.

And the great silence.

And then I'm a coward again.

Good-bye, Cornelius.


If you could.

You know, I don't believe
in much either.

I guess friendship's about it.

Good-bye, Stephen.