Cupid's Paradise (2018) - full transcript

In a world where everyone is rated based on superficial factors, Jenn is desperate to find a match within 100 dates before she becomes Cupid's slave.

I found our next match!

Mariam, and Josh,
thank you for trusting me

with your pursuit of love!

On your trip back home...

you will find your family and friends.

We hope you enjoyed your stay in...

Cupid's Paradise!

A six?

You don't like Cupid's selection for you?

indecipherable gossip

No, of course I do.

King Cupid is a genius, right?

Jenn, right?



Did you order yet?

Can I get you a drink?

No thank you, I...

don't really like drinking.

Uhm, do you like shots?

I love shots!

Two tequilla shots please!

So what do you do for fun?

Bottoms up!

I'm sorry, I'm...

I'm not feeling very well.

Let me get you
a glass of water--

No no, Ken--

- Kevin.
- Right...

you're really nice...


I'm looking for at least an eight.

Times up! Times up!

Times up! Times up!


just let me have one more date!

He could be the one!

cryptic chatter

Times... up!...

for Elizabeth Wilson.

After 100 dates without a match...

you... will now become a
permanent employee of...

Cupid's Paradise!

Well I'm sure that won't happen to you.

Good luck finding your match.


He's just a six.

Well, yeah...

but how do I get assigned
with a nine or a ten?

I know of something,
which could help you.

What is it?
I'll do anything!

You can have this for free.

My god! Uhm...

thank you!

That's... amazing!

I- I just drink it?

Ok... thanks!

For only today!...

our sponsors at Melani-Vanka management

would like to proudly present the new...

Whitening Serum!

Purchase this before your times up!

Yeah, I like that.


our new leopard body suit!

Guaranteed to give you...

confidence!... allure!!... and...

a higher hotness score!!!

- Alright!

Let's do this!


How are you?

Good! Thank you!
How are you?!

I love what you're wearing.


You can be my little pussy cat.


Ha ha!... you know how much
I love the pussy cat.

I gotta go.


I really need a higher score.

Ok, great!

No, no, no-no-no...

How many kids you wanna have?



I see.

That'll be all.

Do you have anything el--

Ok, cool.



Hi Ben...

I'm Jennifer.


are you having a drink?

Ok... uhm...

- do you?--
- I found our next match!

This never fails.



Look fine
like a nine...

and don't you worry about times up.

It's just...

All right you guys, we're just gonna...

make this work!

There you go...

now we got some...

some bouncing, yah!

My god!


There you are.


I'm Jenn... you're Jay, obviously

Can you imagine not being a nine?

That'd be so boring!

So what do people normally do in here?
I mean...

You're not really a nine, are you?

Uhm, -

No. I mean--

OK, uhm...

I- I can explain. I-

I just- I just really like these socks!

No no no... uhm--

You don't even belong here.

We can't serve you if you're under a six.



Hey, are you ok?

What happened to you?

Are you hungry?


Come on...

we'll get you some food.

Thank you.




ok, I- I- I surrender...


my god!

Yeah, well, uhm...

it is my biggest talent.

Any other hidden talents
I should know about?


no. No.


Yeah, well...

I'm sure...

this added to the mystery.


It's not funny.

I'm so mysterious.

- You don't know me.
- Stop!

I could be anyone!

Kevin, come on--

You're gonna chase me down
in those boots?

- In those boots?
- No, I am not!

No! No...

The boots are off!


I'm really sorry...

about before.

System breached.

System breached.

Unknown object identified.

Times... Up!...