Cuoc Xe Nua Dem (2020) - full transcript

A young jobless man has to work for the mafia to pay off a big family debt. Exhausted, he almost gives up until he meets her, a mysterious motorbike taxi rider. Their love chemistry turns out to be the revenge plan of a mafia boss who bears animosity towards them long ago.

Hey, morons!

Remember to write passengers's names
onto their packages properly!

If I deliver stuffs to wrong people
you dicks would take full responsibility!


Hey there!


You earn more than last month, right?

Nope, sis. Same amount of money

Just more smaller bills


You really should take some
time off to visit grandma.


I know

I'm trying my best to earn
money for her surgery.

Dear god, when it comes to hospital
everything is costly.

How long would it take for you
to earn enough money?


Didn't you tell me that you
had a new job this month?

Why are you still driving motorcycle taxi?

They haven't replied to me

But this job is fine too
I still earn enough money.

Fine my butt

You're a pretty girl Being a driver
like this would be bad for you

Try to find a new job

You should go now

OK, I'll go now

Have you done yet?


Can't push it?
Let me give you a hand.

Thank you, miss

No problem

Motorcycle taxi, sir?

To Hien Thanh Street, please

50,000 VND


Get on, please

You're small...
Are you sure you can drive?

You're smaller than my box

How about you hold the box, and I drive?

I assure you

I can carry two of you and 2 boxes

Hop up


What now?

Why did you run?

I haven't sat on yet

Then climb on

Almost forget

Here's the helmet

Here we go

Turn right, turn right...

Yeah, that's it

Keep driving, yeah...



Thank you

Thank you

The fare is 50,000 VND, please

Reach into my pocket
and take the wallet out for me

I'm holding the box
so I can't do that

How can I do that?

Why can't you?

If I put this down, and whatever inside
breaks, I will have to suffer for sure

Help me out, please

Hurry up
I can't hold it any longer

I'm opening it

See the 50,000 VND bill?

OK, put it back

Thank you

I gotta give you credit.
You're stronger than you look

Whenever you need motorbike taxi, call me.
I'm that strong.

Then give me your phone number
so that I can call you

Save your number on my phone

Hurry up
I can't hold it any longer

Are you done?

Here, thank you

Thank you!

Bye bye!

The Late Night Ride

Hello you guys!

Hey, Mr. Tin

Do you feel better?
Back to work already?

Yeah, I'm fine now.

Mrs. Sau, as usual for me, please.



From now on, You're not allowed
to be around here any more

What do you mean by that?

I have been driving motorbike taxi
at this bus station ever since

If I am "not allowed" here,
then where should I park then?

Do I look like I care about that?

You park your bike anywhere you want
as long as you don't park here!

Big Boss doesn't like
unlucky women like you, OK?

Who is your Big Boss?

What bad luck has I caused?

Big Boss just took over this place

Why are you staring at him?
Get lost!

Watch where you go!
You don't have eyes or something?

You were driving on a small street
you should have paid attention

You can't blame me for this

Then who do I blame?

Look at this!

My bike is broken into pieces!

Pay up!

Take your bike to a garage
I'll pay for the repair

How can you pay?

Call that number
I'll handle all the expenses


How can I know for sure that
this business card is truly yours?

What an unlucky day!


Sy! Sy
Don't leave me behind


I told you already!
Don't borrow money from them!

Sy! Sy! Sy..

Is that enough, Big Sis?

You don't have guts to skim off my money

I'll go then

How long did you intend to avoid me?

I didn't avoid you

Oh, you didn't?

My boys had searched for you for days!

Your decrepit house was always locked!

We simply ain't destined to meet each other

Shut up!

Are you trying to mock me?

When will you pay your debt?


I am having some troubles right now

And I'm in short of money
so can you just extend the due date...

In short of money?

You're always in short of money

Wanna welch on your debt?

No, no I don't...

Well, no need

Boys, release him

For real?

Go and take her instead!

Please, I'm begging you

My daughter has nothing to do with this

Just do whatever you want to me

If you want, just kill me
but don't hurt her

I'm begging you, please

Oh, now you're scared, eh?

This has nothing to do with her

I will pay the debt

But I need time

And I don't have the time for you

Even if you kill us
You would gain nothing

If you give me more time

I assure you

I will pay off the principal and interest

My god! That sounds so reckless

You got balls

Big talker, too


The appearance isn't bad either

And you can scrap

Wanna pay off your debt?

I will help you

What's on your mind?
Tell me, so that I can help you find a way

Why aren't you talking?
I feel uneasy now

You should return to our hometown
I will take care of the rest

What do you mean by that?
Return where?

This is partially my fault

I need to be here to resolve this with you


All of this is your damn fault!

Keep it down, will ya?

OK, fine, all of this is my fault

But I didn't do this
for my own personal gain

I did it to take care of our family.

I want to take care of my daughter, Ngoc

Your sister

Even though I'm not your biological father


Yeah, I went to a real good garage, so...

I didn't intend to cheat you out of money

Less than I expected

One million Vietnamese Dong only?

I though you were trying
to scam me this morning

Turns out you really keep your words

Scam you for one million only?

Don't wanna lose my face

Have you eaten anything?
Wanna join me?

Your treat?

Miss! One Broken Rice with
Grilled Pork Chop Meatloaf and Egg

One plate of extra rice
and one plate of extra pork chop.

Wait a minute...

I'm full, so...

I didn't order for you

You're tiny, yet you eat like a bear

You ain't afraid of being fat?

From my perspective

If you work hard

You should eat to your heart content

I'm pretty already
don't need to worry about that

So you can joke

But what is your so-called hard job?

I drive motorbike taxi

You? Drive motorbike taxi?


Bus Station of City

And I was banned from
that place this morning

How come?

They said something like: "You're a woman,
you bring bad luck..." I don't know.


If you don't mind
I can introduce you to another bus station.

Consider this as an apology
for the accident this morning.

For real?

Then why should I mind?

I have a new gig, and that's a good thing

The problem is: This bus station
is unlike any regular stations

That place operates at night only

And the passengers are shady

Can I trust you?

It's up to you

Who are you?

A gangster

What do you want?

Collect debts

Sis... Sis...

Buy some lottery tickets, please

OK, I will buy some for you

How is your wound?

It's fine

I need to retire


I'm tired of this job

You have paid all of your debts,
you can retire if you want

Who says that you have
paid all of your debts?

The night is still young, boy


Are you trying to kill me?

I'm at home now, so how can I kill you?

Why do you keep joking around?

I haven't done paying the old debt. And
you just borrowed 200 million VND from her?

I return home from Sai Gon
I need to show off a bit.

I need to buy some gifts
for people, you know?

I also need to take care of my business
and your sister

God damn it!

Are you trying to make me kill you?

You're an ill-bred!

How can you talk to me like that?

Bottom up?

Yeah Bottom up?

Let's end this quick, so
that we can wake up early

Your son is an asshole

Something's odd.

Why would we go here to collect debt?

Don't be so tense

We do this all the time

This ain't "all the time".

I feel a bit odd right
when we set foot in this place.

Shit, I may die before
paying all of my debts.

Just calm down

We collect the money,
then we get out of here.

You make it sound so easy

Mrs. Thon doesn't try
to kill you, so no sweat

You still own her tons of money.

So you finally show up, eh?

Where's the money?


Kiss my ass, you dumbshit!

Pay up!


Her name is Thu, employee of Mr. Luc

From now on, she would join our group

Nice to meet you all

So you wanna lie in bed forever?

I don't want to do this job anymore

If you want to give up then remember the
reason why you do this in the first place

If you stop, you can't pay your debt

I will do whatever you want
but I won't scrap for money any more

So if you want to pay your debt quickly
without being a debt collector

Then I will arrange another job for you

But this time
you don't get to choose

Honey boy
Wanna some fun with me?

Hey boy

Wanna take a joy ride with me?

One black coffee, please


Thank you so much


OK, then.
I'll arrive there shortly

Oh, so you're still alive then

Why... Why are you here?

So you don't remember
anything from last night?

Are you Sy?

How do you know my name?

Uh, nothing

I'm your motorbike taxi


I didn't hail any motorbike taxis


It's fine, you're the one
the caller asked for Hop on.

I'm telling you: I
didn't hail your service.

Even if you carry me home

I don't have money to pay you

That's okay

Your fare was paid in advance.

Who paid?

Someone requested me to
come here and pick you up

Trust my, I'm a pro

You're from Central Vietnam, right?

How do you know that?

It's your accent


I'm from Central Vietnam, too.


You're from Central,
then why do you sound like a Northerner?

And that's weird to you?

He seems not okay at all, doctor.

Don't worry
He's in a state of psychological shock

He slammed his head to the ground
it's OK


I slammed my head, and that's OK?

Don't worry
It isn't as serious as you think

You just need to rest for a few days

Thanks a lot, doctor

You're welcome.

Now you can fill the patient
check-out form, and pay the bill

Call someone from home
to pay your bill and check you out

Didn't you hear?
I'm about to die

Jeez, you're such a baby

Doctor said that you should be fine

I slammed my head on the ground!
That's not fine!

Almost forget...
I still don't know your name


Here, eat this

I paid for your bill, remember to
call your family to check you out

I don't have a family.

You should eat
then I'll take you to your home

I need to go to work

I'm sorry

I'm causing you too much trouble

When I get better

I'll go back to work to pay you back

OK then. You should eat.

Hurry up


Everything is going according to the plan


Keep it up

I'll take my leave

Here, here...

Park your bike here then go into my house
to get shelter from the rain

It's fine
I can go back to my home now

How can you?

The streets will be flooded.
You can't go anywhere

Here, let me help you

Just go inside first

I'm used to this.
It doesn't matter

My shoes are so wet

Are you cold?

Of course I am

I was sitting in front of you, right?
Blocked all the rain for you

Where're you going?


Wear this

No thanks, don't wanna

It's dirty

It's not

It's the cleanest shirt in my clothes

Come on, wear it


I'm good


Your disease may spread to me if I wear it

I'm sorry.
I take that back

I didn't mean that

Don't be so stubborn

Your clothes are all wet

You may get sick wearing wet clothes

So you woke up

I thought you would sleep until you're dead

Here, have your lunch

What time is it?

It's 2:00 PM already


How could I oversleep that much?

You got fever last night

Enjoy your lunch

You too

What's wrong?

This rice is spoiled

How come?

Then you taste it

It's not spoiled at all

What's wrong with you?
It's so sour

Yeah, I got it

I know why it's sour to you


It's not the rice

It's your terrible mouth!

You haven't brushed
your teeth before eating

And now you're telling me
that the rice is spoiled?

Stand up!

Hurry up!

Stay away from me

No, no, don't you laugh

You're big and strong,
yet you can't even have a decent job

You don't know nothing about that

Each person has his own personal
circumstances and problems

But you gotta put your
heart and mind in your job

What do you mean?

Look, I myself would be
afraid to look at you

So now

I think that you…

You have to…

Oh, you have to buy nice clothes

You have to restyle your hair,
get a makeover, you know?

You have to look like some
handsome oppa of Korea

People would love that!

Who are you?
Why are you guys barging in like this?

I should be the one asking you that

Yo, Hot Boy, now you
bring client to your home?


Who's client?

Watch your mouth

Where's this month's payment?

You're a few days late!

I don't even have money
to buy foods and medicine

How can I pay you?

I'm in a very shitty luck these day

For damn sake,
he's in debt and he talks like an owner

I can't find any customers

And I just had an accident

You gotta give me some time
Why the hell are you keep pushing?

I don't give a damn

Mrs. Thon says if you
don't pay her by tomorrow

Then your stepfather and stepsister
won't live to see another day!

Miss. Thu

Can I borrow you some money?

I don't even have a cent


Can you help me out somehow?

I will definitely pay you back as
soon as possible, with full interest


It that Mr. Luc?

Give him the requested money

Yes sir!


So? Did you get money?

Thank you so much

I still don't understand why
I would borrow money for you

But if you scam me,
I would be killed for sure

Trust me, I will pay
you back, with interest

Right, now turn the bike around
Hurry up

But why?

Go to a few places to take care
of my business. Chop, chop…

Wait here


What's wrong with you?

Why would you use that
money to go shopping?

You were right

I need to become handsome

Wow, playing games on this phone
would be so awesome

Are you nuts?

We don't buy expensive phone to play game

You're wasting your time playing game

Then you should have bough
a cheap phone like mine

You only use phone to call and text, right?

Drop that gaming nonsense

Let me show you

The clients are here

And so is the money

You understand?

Seem you don't understand

What a bunch of crap!

I'm going

Hey Go where?

I may need you to give me a ride

Why don't you just hail a motorbike taxi?

And what is your job then?


From now on You will be my
personal motorbike taxi driver


Your personal driver?


You don't have to drag your butt
back to that bus station every night

Just look at me

I just got a complete makeover

I'm hot now


You sound… reasonable

How much would you pay me?

Normally, for each ride
I would pay you 40,000 VND, right?

Now I will pay you 30,000 VND for each ride
pay in full, monthly


Are you crazy?

Personal driver is supposed to receive
a higher salary ain't that right?

Normally you would pay
me 40,000 VND per ride

Now you ask me to be your personal driver
with a lower salary?

You don't know the different
between "wholesale buying" and "retail"?


You pay a discounted price
when you buy wholesale.



You're nut

40,000 VND is the final price

Take it or leave it, OK?


I was just kidding
You don't have to be this angry

You act like a man, you know?
OK, I'll pay you 40,000 VND for each ride.

Could have done this sooner

Hey, it's 10:00 PM already

You want me to sleep here or something?

Don't you tell me that all you need is cool phone
with some apps and you can earn lots of money?

Yeah, it's 10:00 PM

It's still early, no sweat

People around here always
have fun at late night, right?

It's 11:00 PM now

The owner really wants
to kick us out of here

Stop whining

Let's go home. We will return tomorrow


I'm listening

Somebody just stole our goods


Who is trying to mess with this Nhat Sinh?

Change your clothes

Go there with me

It's just a petty thing

Let me call Long to handle that

You don't need to bother yourself with this

It's OK, it's OK…

I will always be right here with you.

Here are your coffees

Thank you

If I have to sit here until midnight again,
you're on your own tomorrow

I know

Answer it

For god sake, answer your phone!


Yes, yes

That's right


Where is that place?

Whataya want to drink?

Two black coffees, no ices, please

OK, wait moment.

What's wrong?

You just earn some money
yet you don't look so happy

I think I'll quit

I will find another job

I will find a way to pay Mrs. Thon and you

I don't wanna do this job any more

Hey you!

Where is our money?

Can you just give me a break?

I'm still new to this.
How can I pay you?

You're no longer a gangster
and you still dare to talk to us like that?

I don't give a damn about
how you get your money

If you don't pay her,
we will follow the order.


So what are you gonna do to me?

Answer this.
This is someone you know


I received your gift


What gift?

The gift that some nice men brought to me

Are you OK?

I see

Yeah, that's right.
That's my gift for you

You should go to bed now.
It's late

I got business to attend, so…

Now you know what you should do

Next time, there won't be any gifts for her

Let's go!


Sit down

Calm down, will you?

We will find a way

I'm pissed


Here you go

The money I own you.
Thank you a lot.

See? I keep my words, right?

Give me the rest

That's a joke

Bottom up!
To celebrate this!

Why are you just keep ringing the bell?

If I don't do this
it would take you forever to change clothes

Where do you wanna go this early?

Push it, push it forward

OK then

Wait, wait…

Get out, get out


Today, I'll be the driver

I don't have money to pay you

No one asks you to

Hey! What about these things?

Hurry up!

Wait for me a bit



Is that your boyfriend?

Good for you.
He looks handsome and quite a gentleman.

He isn't

Stop denying

According to my romantic history
that guy is definitely your boyfriend

Nope, he's my current employer

Wow, your employer?

Yet he takes you to this place on a bike?

I long for an employer like him

We're gonna be late!

OK, this month I earned a
lot more money than usual

Please tell my grandma that
so that she would feel happier

I have to go now


Yup, pretty girls living in this city,
they all fall for temptations


Less eating, more drinking, please


A gift for you

Why do you give me a gift?

Jeez, don't over thinking, okay?

You just know that this is a gift
from your boss to you

Then I refuse


OK, OK, then I give this
gift to you, as a friend, OK?

Then I accept it

What will you do after
paying all of your debts?

I'm gonna get cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery?

Then what about you?

If you have lots of money
what will you do?

Same as you, get cosmetic surgery

For real?

As far as I can see
you're beautiful already

Why would you get cosmetic surgery?

I know I'm beautiful, I just want to

Apparently you suffer a serious case of NPD

I'm just kidding

Oi, are you drunk?

No, I'm not

I'm not drunk.

If I have lots of money…

I'll go back to my hometown

Buy a house and open a small shop

Then I'll take my grandma
there to live with me

That's the peace I want

But this life doesn't bring you peace?

Only the rich can have
peace in this big city


Is he your son?

Please, I'm begging you.
Spare us

I'll compensate for every damage he caused

I don't ask for your money

I just want you to confirm
whether he is your son

Yes, yes he is

Then why did you tell me that
you had cut all ties with him?

Are you trying to mock this Nhat Sinh?


Please, don't…

I beg you, don't hurt my father

This is on me

I will return all of your goods

Then tell me this:

Which punishment would you
suffer for stealing my goods?



Please, please don't...


Dad, no!

I'll take responsible for his foolishness!


Well done

But that finger...

Can only compensate for
the sin of mocking me!

Now, about my stolen goods...



Cut off his damn finger for me!

Please, please... I'm begging you...

Dad, help me! Dad!

Please don't…

Hey uncle!

Here is the parking pass

Thanks you

Hello? I'm here


Why do you quit?

My grandma falls ill

I need to go back to my hometown

OK, I understand

But, just wait for me...
Don't go just yet

Yes, I'll come to your house,
don't leave


I'll go with you


She's seriously ill and weak

Seventh Aunt told us to hospitalize her

But she refused

She insists on waiting for you

You... you...

Yes, I'm here. I'm here with you, grandma.

You... you...

Grandma! Grandma!


Grandma! Wake up, please!

I'm here with you, grandma!

So this is your home?

Big brother?

Big brother?


Where have you been all this time?

I'm so sorry

I'm here with you now

Hot foods coming up!

It has been a while since we have
such delicious foods like this!

So awesome!

What happened to you?

What do you mean?

Then why are you bald?

About this...

I... I shaved my head to
prove that I has changed

I walk the right path now,
I have quit drinking and gambling


What now?

You just said you quit drinking.

Just a sniff

So you haven't quit drinking

He's drunk all the time

He keeps saying that he
would quit, but he can't

Because that ain't easy!

You can try to quit, if you can!

And since I have failed to keep up
my promise they're all angry at me

And you still try to drink it?

Why are you keep staring at me?

Your big daughter?

What daughter?

This one

Stop joking around

Joke what?

She's a friend

Oh, girlfriend?

Then bottom up with me!

No, no...

Then eat, let's eat, let's eat...

Drink it up

I'm sorry for misjudging you

Nah, why would you?

You were actually right, you know?

Thank you, anyway

Because If you hadn't been there

I wouldn't have known how to
explain things to my family

Don't be so formal

You have been helping me ever since

But, Thu...

You have to promise me this...

You have to be strong

I understand your feelings right now

You think that you can't overcome this


You don't need to worry

I'm very strong

I'm so glad to hear it

I have a feeling that your
grandma would be happy

Since she got to see
you before passing away

She knew that you're a good person

More important, she
knew that you're healthy

So promise me...

That you will always be this strong.

Don't cry

Happy birthday to you

This bouquet is for you

Thank you

Take a seat, please

Sit down, please

You just eat something first I need to
pick up my friend, I'll be back shortly

I wish for you to be beautiful and happy

Have some wine

Thank you

But I can't drink wine

I have prepared all of these for you

But you...

Just a sip, then


I'm sorry for reacting like that

I understand

Don't be sad

If you are like this,
your grandma won't be at ease

About that...

The past is in the past

It's judgment time



Hello? I'm listening

But I asked for a day off?

What happened?

Who's calling?

It's Mrs. Thon

Your phone is ringing


Don't need to answer


Have you ever loved someone?

So you ask me out for a drink, not because
we haven't seen each other for a while...

But because...

I have no idea

I feel very annoyed right now

I'm not sure if that's love or not

To sum up: I really hate this feeling

Which means...

You like someone, but you
wouldn't dare to confess?

And you feel annoyed when you see that guy
happy with someone else

That's one-sided love

I think I'll just go home

But we're drinking now

I'm tired

OK then I'll take you home

No need...
Check, please!

I can go home on my own

I'm leaving Bye


Apparently she is in love with that guy

I thought that you had gone away

I... I come here to tell you that...

From tomorrow

I won't be working for you any more


Thu... Thu... Thu

Welcome back, honey

I have waited for this day for so long

Seeing you again like
this, I feel flustered

Just stab you right here...

But that would be too easy for you, right?

How about I slit your pretty face?

I just don't have the heart...

Or a slash on your throat


I would just look at the blood spilling
out from it as your life slowly fades away


That will take so much time

And I don't have time
to wait for you to die

What to do?

How about...

I just give you back
everything you had done to me

Yes! I'll give you back
everything you had done to me!

I'm begging you!


I didn't do that on purpose

Why are you begging?

I don't blame you for nothing

I'm in love with you

You see?

I have prepared another
birthday party for you

I have also prepared another gift for you

Happy Birthday To You



Thu Are you okay?

What a surprise, right?

You're all surprised, right?

Well, this is fun

A beautiful birthday gift


You love her, right?

Do you know that I cut
your face because of her?


You're a crazy bastard!

You're a perverted psychopath!

Oh wow

Now you're cursing the
one matchmaking you two?

Oh so you think that some gods
from up there bring you guys together?

Because of you

I had to over strain myself
to come up with a perfect plan

To create a beautiful love
between you two this whole time!

I am your god damn Cupid!

I turned your stepfather into a debtor

I had people cut your face

So that you would become a street gigolo

Not done yet...

That bike crash

You and her, meeting each other

Then falling in love

I grew your love into a big tree,
and now I will harvest the result!


If you want revenge, why
don't you just kill me?

If I had wanted
I could have killed you a long time ago

You turned me into a disabled person!

Now I would do the same
thing to the man you love!

So that you will live miserably
for the rest of your lives!



Why should I?

Don't hurt him

Then what do I have to do?

What do I have to do to satisfy you?

Why are you always such a pain in the eyes?


I have a new game now

I guarantee: It will be
fun, and no one gets hurt

First option:

You rape her, right here, right now

Second option:

You use that knife to cut off your dick

I don't wanna be the villain here



Let her go

Drop your gun

Drop your gun, now!

Drop your gun, or I will kill her!

Nhat Sinh!

Drop your gun!

You idiots

To me, no one is important!

Who else wanna try?

I will shoot you all

Whoever dares to fight me...

Will die!

They will die! Understand?


The police arrest everyone

I'm leaving now


All of you...

I will kill all of you!

Die! Die! Die...

You need to confess everything
about the illegal activities of Mrs. Thon