Cum Companions: Lectures in Lust (1996) - full transcript

- Check the temperature

- I prepare the catalyst
- Well, prepare it.

- I think it will work.
- Yes, Professor.

- Hello, excuse me ...
- Stop there.

What do you want?

As usual. I'm going to see Professor Steinbach.

It's not possible, he mustn't be disturbed.


You are not allowed to enter,

ask for an appointment and come back when you get it.

It's pleasant



- You are the person in charge, do what you think is necessary.
- ***

Don't move, don't move suddenly

Of course

And there you go

One moment...

The day has come, it's the day.

Yes Professor

*** [sie war aber nicht einlassen]

I will test on myself

Does it taste good?

You too


It's ticking ...

Go for it...!


Yes, it was fast, it was ***, suck it, suck it

Oh yes, it's already better

Oh yes it's good

It's quite big, as in its best moments

Today I am the happiest man in the world


I discovered the secret of eternal youth.

Incredible, when we know that this morning again

it was so small, and

now it's so big ...

Notice this stability ...

Yes, ***

*** [die hände gehalten jetzt werden wir]

*** [ihnen zeigen was eine harke ist]

That's great

Give me everything, I want it ... yes ...

Can I tell you something?

The last time I thought about ***

*** it was a long time ago...

I have to check.

Hold on. I have it here ... yes.


That's it

I would rather continue the

work we started

Yes me too...

- ***
- ***

I waited for this moment for years

I find it interesting, don't you?


But it interests me too

I must admit that I even want to ***

You can ... Go ahead

Come on ... Show me your ass

Professor ... *** now
[jetzt gelten / werden sie wie]


What an ass

It's driving me crazy


I want to feel you

I still have new areas to discover

and this area interests me a lot

Put it inside again

*** [ein generalüberholtes vor besorg dir dirzt)

*** [geschafft of the gebraucht nicht war]

It's good in the ass

This week everything is possible,

*** [erfassen kann hierüber der gummihand]

Come here, come

I like it like that

and continue to suck

Please, come ride this beautiful piece



- It's a wonderful life
- Oh yes

I have to join *** [ich muss bei]

One moment, I need a test tube

I have to study the side effects,

I will take a sample

It's not going to be long. I come back soon

It's almost done

Come quickly

I need it....

Yes, I'm coming right now

Hey, look, did you see that color?

- ***
- ***

- Come on ...
- Yes I'm coming

She is still standing

This is incredible

Yes, it comes

It's very hard

You are so hot

This is the ultimate test ...

I cum

Rosie? Rosie?

Oh no, wake up, wake up

Oh, I think about it, it must be because of the gas ...

... but it stimulates men

This requires more research

A series of tests

My dear...

I couldn't know

Susanne? What is going on?


You fainted?


What happened?

You studied too much and fell asleep?

Yes, it must be that.

So tell me what are you doing here?

Why are you here?

I wanted to see Steinbach for my project

but he's not here

Get up first

He doesn't let anyone in

Strange... Wait, I'll help you

We'll have to smash the door

Yes, we'll see.

So, how are you? Good.

Come here, hey.


Do you want to go to the bathroom? Okay

I check if it's free ...

Ok, come here, there is nobody.

- Can you go alone?
- Yes Yes. It's okay.

Well, well

She's really not bad ...

but if I try something I will ruin everything

Everything is fine?

What is that?

He was there when it happened ...


Strange. It smells weird

Hold on...

I'm here!

What are you doing?

I am crazy about you

*** you are my friend,

*** you are my best friend

Why are you lying?

If they learn that ...

*** [vielleicht war ich total war dass ich]

*** I need a woman

Oh my Susanne

Right here, ***


*** [maniche 38 ist das geil los ich brauchte einen noch schwester]

It's too good

Now I want your mouth

*** [loskow macht eine spalte aus]

I fell in love with you, ***

- *** if you promise me
- ***

- Okay
- Yes?
- Oh yes

- I do not understand that you can do something like this
- That's not what you think

- You're absolutely right
- Not at all. Prove it.

- What does it mean?
- He told you, he was not himself

- Yes, I heard correctly

She's telling the truth,

She was lying on the floor of the toilet,

in front of the lab.
*** [wirst of? hast of]

I swear I was there, and I breathed this gas,

and then it happened.

It's not against you, it's not true

we did not betray you

I'm going to the lab tonight to see,

we will check that

Come on

It's quiet

- Let's go
- Yes Yes

There is nobody.

Very good. Let's go into the lab now.

*** [wegen der es drei]

- Go ahead
- Ok, I'm going first

*** [wollte dir dir noch habe allein]
- ***

Nobody. Come, come ...

- It's clear?
- The air seems normal?

There is no gas, come,

there is no one else, come on.

What are we doing now?

*** [sie ist so war]

Light here

Ok, it's done

- What...
- No, not like that

*** [damit] ***
- It's completely useless to use that

That's a lot better.

It's open. Come.

- Give me your handcuffs
- Yes

It's too tight. It hurts.

It's necessary

But it's ok, it's ok.

I become a wild animal with this thing

I can't enter.

There's surely a need for a password. Try with "Rosie"

*** [der hose viele rune schaffte chemikalien]

*** [richter of irgendwas nach abfüllers wird sein]

Go ahead, try it.

*** [Rosie war ein flop]
but now ... that's it!

*** [würdest of weiß]

How do I know if that's it, there are so many
[es könnte sein hier steht so viele]


*** [davon und es riecht]
but the password is "erection"

*** [der bleibt sich doch immer]

*** [3g pass und man sich]

His porn magazines, [seinen blauen zeug]

I ended up finding them in his office

I'm trying ... but I'm too young to die

I am ... but if it explodes, we will go to

heaven together and I will make you live a real hell

You warm up, come see here

Yeah, maybe you're talking about his ***

It's not ***

Somewhere on the right is the bunsen burner.

- It must be heated for 10 minutes
- Yes

No, he corrected today to 2 minutes, because of toxins


Yes, it is not compatible with women.

Before, it made them faint

*** [ich habe ich keine]


Do exactly the same thing as this morning ...

Come on *** [los gehen wir auf die lieder waren]

Lie here

No, completely.

Approach the edge. Yes.

I love your pussy.

At the moment, I love all pussies

Now, your turn. *** [streckt mit den aarstraße]

It's very exaggerated, and then I've already solved this problem

- ***

*** then you woke up alone,

- and you had sex like you don't have every day
- ***

I need you, I just can't do it without you,

Don't stop, don't give up,

because other institutes will succeed,

- ***

My darling, we'll get rich,

I have the formula that allows men to never

lose their power, they will always be virile, ...

But only researchers
[jedoch nur die forscher]

And it's just the beginning. When we'll sell

the formula, we'll become rich and

I won't forget you, believe me.

Why is the door open?

Are you sure you didn't forget to close it?


You really haven't forgotten ...


What is that?

It's a crowbar

A crowbar ...

My computer!

- What...? ***

Where is the computer?

Nowadays young people... mamma mia ...

No respect for my privacy

Have you changed the data?

This incident could take us years back

I know you are students here

but I don't recognize anyone.

Nobody comes out of here.

You will have to be punished.

What you did is called a burglary,

it's a serious crime,

I should just give you to the police

Please, do not do this,

[bitte nicht ich denke auch die hässlichste frau auch nicht]

What you say gives me an idea ...

You will test it, here and now

You have the choice: either I give you to the police,

either you do my experience immediately.

You could show a little more gratitude

Ok, you do not really deserve that right now.

Rosie, call the police.

We really appreciate it, and

we will participate in the experimentation.

Good very good.

Rosie won't call the police,

but, I'm expecting a lot of seriousness

and attention from you, ok?


This one is for you. To keep in the fridge.

Take care of it, because in the world of research

they are all like vultures.

Hmm, with you, we'll start immediately

See you again in 3 days.

Go out before I change my mind.

Susanne. Not you. Come here.

Hello, I'm talking to you.


Come on.

Now, take a sip

That's good, that's it

Not bad

Coming soon. It's coming.

I am very impatient.

Good reaction.

It's only for you.

...and for me

- ***

- I feel tingling in my pussy

***. You will do the same with it.

Oh yes, it's very good.

Show me, I want to watch your body


*** [verflucht in de Rosie jetzt]

Show me your ass

Very tight. I like this.

Still a little closer, it's not in yet

There is nothing like youth

She will make me cum


*** [from the bist of so gierig auch]


A few more bumps

Magnificent. Take it gently both

She sucks you good

What now?

Drop your head and show me your ass

Watch out little pussy

It's big

You know how to seize your chance

- ***
- ***

Let's try something different?


You'll see

It is an external application

It looks exciting

We'll try, and we'll see what happens

It's well open

Here you are


It works well

I can finally live again those fabulous moments

- I cum
- I cum

It works every time,

the failure rate is zero.

Research has shown that male parts

can double their optimal size and

they also have greater stability

Whatever the person, the agent provides

reliability, both in terms of size and duration

The duration can be controlled. No operation,

no long preparation,

just a sip and go.

And on women, it works like an aphrodisiac,

they can't be indifferent,

they become hot, hot, hot,

absolutely amazing.

Your pharmaceutical group is the partner

I need. This product is worth gold,

I promise you a gold mine.

All the research work is done.

About risks: check my results

If you do not believe me, all the data

are in the computer. Check and you will believe me.

You can check, they are there.

I posted them here, you can watch

Please, watch them closely

It's important to understand everything

I have documented years of research

*** [naja wenn sie mir]

It is not necessary to believe me,

nor to believe the data,

you can try it yourself

I'm sure my little miracle will please you

Well, I have to confess something to you ...

What the matter my friend?

Sexual problems ...?

We'll fix that.

That's why I invented it.

I mean, it's not a problem I only have from time to time

Drink, it works immediately.

It will act soon

I do not feel anything for now

Take care of him

- *** [weiters ist]
- What are you doing?

It is very good

Show what it means "to invest"

- That's, uh ... Erection?
- No


It's his day today.

You must relax

I'm relaxed, but

I feel a slight tingling.

Good. It's going to be damn good.

How are you feeling?

Let's join the party.


I'll tell you ***

Just when it comes

It's too good

Get up and turn around

I feel totally like a new man

*** [assist ist aber auch ein]

*** [immersing schön schnell rauf und runter]

You are fantastic

*** [es kann jetzt immer so gar nichts nach]

- ***
- ***

We're going to win both, you'll see

You have convinced me

Haven't I? We will do miracles.

A sip? A last one before you hit the road

This taste ... I love it too

Where is the contract?

Bottom right please.

Fantastic, my dream becomes reality.

The one who made me try convinced me

- Well it was worth it.
- Yes

I'm curious if we can get something out of it

Maybe this person knows him

Perhaps. I will place myself here.

Hello, hello sir. The "Live Zeit".

- Oh, television?
- Yes, for the "Live Zeit".

We are here to interview Professor Steinbach.

Oh, the professor is not here. Sorry.

- Yes, yes, but ...
- But I can answer your interview.

I've known the professor for a very long time, you know.

Let me remember ... it was ...

We need some pictures of the lab,

since we are with friends it shouldn't be

a problem, is it?

Ok for this time, but it's

only because you are a young reporter

What type of TV channel do you work for?

For "Live Zeit"

- Really?
- Yes. May I come in?

5 minutes, no more

Yes, thanks. Make sure no one is bothering us, ok?

Hey, let's take a shot in front of the shelves, ok?

Sound test?

1, 2 ... It works?


Since yesterday, a professor is making a sensation

with the discovery of his miracle

We are here in his laboratory, the place

where he spent years searching for

what he finally gets to his goal.

and here...

... maybe this is the legendary product?

It's good

What is happening?

- I feel weird ...
- What?

Help me

What's wrong?

I can not really explain, it

burns me like fire ... Help me

It's hot here

Take me

I want to see you

Sit here

Come higher, here

How is it?

Good, but give me your tongue again

Turn around. I want you from behind.

Come on the couch.

It will be more convenient for us.

Thank you for welcoming me for the evening
[ich danke für die klausur der abend breast gemütlich]

It's because you wanted us to play cards
(Skat: card game for 3 players)

But there are other games that can be played threesome

That's true!

There is nothing interesting on TV ...

Try channel 11, there is always a

movie after the "Live Zeit"

Hey, this is the lab!

I am currently in his laboratory

where he spent years searching for

what he finally gets to his goal.

and here...

... maybe this is the legendary product?

It's good

- I feel weird ...
- What?

Help me

What is happening?


What is happening?

I don't think they've been hurt


It's incredible. They broadcast that!

Interrupted broadcast

Now even the television excites me
[jetzt ist auch noch der fernseher breast geistlicher]

because everyone will do this kind of show
[spannend werden denn and jude muss dir zeigen was]

I still have some in the fridge

I almost forgot that I had it here

What is that?

I told you: burglary is worth it

Maybe finally his tests are correct

This one, I took it discreetly. He doesn't come from his series of tests

You stole it?

I ***

Hey sister, do not drink everything

Honestly, this man deserves ***

- ***
- ***

I'm too hot with this sweater

Just go, come on

- ***
- ***

I am also ***

What do you mean?


You're done?

Not yet

It doesn't matter

Come here

Let's start by hugging ourselves a little

Its good. Now your turn, Nikoletta

I've already tried it

I needed a ***

Put it deep

You want the cream, just like me.

Oh yes faster

*** [sie sind das Hans]

- [Nikoletta:] ***

- [Susanne:] ***

- [Hans:] ***