Culpa mía (2023) - full transcript

Noah has to leave her town, boyfriend and friends behind and move into the mansion of her mother's new rich husband. There she meets Nick, her new stepbrother. They fall madly in love in secret.


Noah, are you ready?


What are you reading?


Just tell me. I'm not wearing my glasses.

You're not going to talk to me?

This isn't easy for me either.

You spend your life
trying to get to the next level,

but the same monster
keeps getting in your way.

But one day,
when you've run out of hit points,

you're given
an extra chance at life, just like that.

Mom, enough video game metaphors.
I'm not ten.

Well, it's like opening a new book
and a new story begins. Better?

Damn it, Noah. Now we'll be
the main characters of our own lives.

Your life. Mine's 1,000 km away.

Now I'm all by myself
just for a fucking whim.

- Will and I love each other.
- Don't want to hear it.

Well, we love each other.

I love somebody too
and you didn't care.

I didn't want to keep you
from Dan and your friends.

Noah, you're 17.

I'm sure you'll make friends
being this nice.

I'm not in the mood.

Honey, St. Marie is a good school.

It has a great volleyball team.

- You'll be the captain in no time.
- Don't you get it?

I don't wanna go to a fancy school
a stranger is paying for.

He's not a stranger, he's my husband.

So get used to it.

Hi, Manuel!

Will, honey!


How was the trip?

I'll tell you later.

Please, miss.

- I can do it, thanks.
- It is my duty.

- Allow me. Allow me, miss.
- No.

- I can do it!
- Allow me.

Let Martín help you.

Let me take the suitcase!

You win, Mortimer.

- I'm so happy to see you, Noah.
- I can't say the same, I'm sorry.

Well, I just want you to feel at home
and for you to consider me your family.

At some point.

Why don't we show you around?

Take it easy.

- Good morning.
- Ma'am.

All right, sir.

This is the hallway, that's the kitchen,
the bedrooms are upstairs.

- This is the spa.
- And the gym.

This saves you quite a few maneuvers!

Don't you have a library?

Or a guest room
where I can be alone and rest for a while?

Your favorite colors.

A decorator helped me,
but I chose most of it.

I don't know what to say.

I wanted you to have what
you always wanted but I couldn't give you.

It's amazing.

- Thanks.
- You deserve it, sweetie.

Okay, Mom.

And it's not a guest room.

I'm sorry.

In fact, Nicholas' room is next door.

Oh, right, Nick.
Daddy's boy, the perfect son... How cool.

Listen to me.

As perfect as he may be,
he's your stepbrother now.

You have the same right
to be in this house.

You know I'll never see it like that.

And I won't stop
until you see this as it is, our home.

Now unpack.

This is obscene.

Very funny.

The ringtone you had was so dull.

- How do I change it?
- Don't!

I want you to hate me.

Hate you?

I don't want you to bug me
about how you miss me.

Well, suck it up,
because I miss you already.

Well, I hate you. I'm so jealous.
That dressing room!

I'm not going to wear
any of those dresses.

Are you crazy? Enjoy it!

I can't stand all this extravagance.

The house smells like poodle perfume.

Can you picture me in the spa cuddling up
to one of those pompoms on legs?

So I have to feel sorry for you
for being rich?

Today it's family dinner
at the sailing club.

I'll puke overboard.

Look, his great-grandfather
was an English admiral.

Enough to make you puke again.

- Post millions of photos, please.
- Yes, I will.

I didn't eat anything and I'm starving.

Why don't you ask your butler?

I bet these people
don't even have a lousy sandwich.

Just as I expected,
not one goddamn sandwich.


You must be my dad's new wife's daughter.

How about an Angus ragout?
Some ramen? An apple strudel?

Don't know what you eat in Yokel-land,
but if you're gonna throw it up...

- Nicholas, right?
- That's right. And you are?

- Seriously?
- Are you still there?

- Noah?
- Noah?

Isn't that a boy's name?

Your limited vocabulary
doesn't include the word "unisex"?

Do you know what Thor's favorite word
from my vocabulary is?

It starts with "a,"

then "tta,"

and ends with "ck."

- It's not funny.
- He doesn't like you.

He must think
you snuck in without permission.

But that's not true, is it?

That's enough, Nicholas!

He's like a poodle, but smarter.

Did you hit your head as a baby, you jerk?

Thor hates it when people insult me.

- Relax!
- Say something, damn it!

Thor, stop.

- What are you doing?
- Seriously, or I'll hit you.

If he senses a threat,
he'll rip you to shreds.

- You'll still get a pan in the head.
- Thor, sit!

You're crazy, aren't you?

By the way, from a distance,
I couldn't see your freckles, sis.

I'm not your sister nor anything like it.

Hey! I see you've already met.

Oh, yes, Nick is very nice.
But I like Thor best.

Right, cutie? Come here.

Come here, little guy! Hey!

I don't know what's wrong.
I must scare him.

That was awesome!


- You're still there?
- My God, your stepbrother!

Was that the sweet boy your mom mentioned?

You see? A total dick.

Is he hot, though?

So you're a gossip and a pervert.

So he's a total hottie, then?

I don't know. I didn't really look at him.

I don't mind the lack of punctuality,
but this dinner is bad timing.

I'm sorry, it's not negotiable.

She must be choosing a dress.
We went overboard in the store.

Right, sweetie?

You look stunning, Noah.

Let's go.

Why don't you take a picture?

Next time, you're driving.

Should I change the music?
Maybe she likes something more... Right?

You're riding shotgun, you choose.


- Is the temperature okay?
- Yes, don't turn it up.

No? You like it cool?

- Hands on the wheel.
- No...

On the wheel, please!


- It's a straight road.
- You smell great.

- 7654. Nick.
- There's Nick.

Noah, your membership card
will arrive next week.

Meanwhile, you can use my surname.

- Won't that be confusing?
- Why would it be?

Hello, Mr. Leister.

Hi. I'm Mrs. Leister. Noah Leister.

Congratulations, sir. I did hear rumors.

No, Antonio, no. I'm not that kind of guy.

This is Mrs. Leister.

- I'm sorry, how silly of me.
- Don't worry. It wasn't your fault.

Come on.

Summer has never been my favorite season,
but with this sea, the sunsets, you...

This city amazes me.

Ranked as one of the most charming places
in the world by National Geographic.

Thanks to our lobbying.

Are there a lot
of forest fires around here?

Yes, Noah, unfortunately,
it's a blight on our city.

There have been two already this summer.

I don't get people
who throw cigarette butts out the window.

Ever had points
deducted from your license?

For doing that? Impossible.

Nick doesn't smoke.

He's an athlete. Surfing champion, right?

- Yes.
- Surfing?

Is there a problem?

No, I just prefer
team and strategic sports.

Where you have to use your intelligence.

If you'll excuse me, I have to go to work.

- At Mikel's?
- Yes.

- Your first case?
- I wish.

His dad asked us
to take care of the paperwork.

He studies law, and gets great grades.

But it's all strength of mind,
no intelligence.

Don't worry, if you're fired
from Mikel's dad's firm,

you'll still have your dad's.

There'll always be
a Leister Enterprises subsidiary to milk.

- Right, Nick?
- Noah, please.

It's fine.

My evening was going to be dull...

Now we'll have something to laugh about.

See you later, sis.

- I'm leaving too.
- You're staying.

No, wait. Nick.

Can you take her home?
Isn't it on the way?

Not really, it's quite the detour.

- I'd rather take a taxi.
- That's enough.

We won't tolerate this attitude.

- It's best if you get along.
- Will's right.

Go with Nick, don't worry.
He's a careful driver.

- What are you doing?
- What's your problem now?

I don't want to die
because of a lunatic who can't drive.

- You think you could do better?
- Wanna bet?

You're in my house, in my city,
and my car, so shut up.

Just because you own things
you think you're gods.

Well, you're in my personal space,
my comfort zone, and my sight, so go away!

Your mom must love you
a lot to put up with you.

What would you know about a mother's love?

- What are you doing?
- Get out.

- Why? What did I say?
- Get out or I'll get you out myself.

You wouldn't dare.


What is he doing?

No way, no.


Nick, let go of me!

- What are you doing?
- Call that taxi.

- No taxi will pick me up here.
- Uber, then.



Nick, seriously? You're not even going
to give me a safety vest?

This can't be happening to me.

And now I'm out of battery. God damn...
Fuck! That asshole!


Come on...

Fine, don't stop.
I bet you're a serial killer.

I dodged a bullet there.


- Hey, are you okay?
- Yeah.

Some jerk left me stranded here.

All alone, in the middle of nowhere?

Yes, all alone, in the middle of nowhere.

- All right, bye.
- No, hey!

Wait. Okay, I know that sounded bad.

But it's true. I can't leave you
all alone in the middle of nowhere.

Okay, that sounds better.

Do you have an iPhone charger?

What a day. I couldn't even take
my charger out of my suitcase.


- Where am I taking you?
- Where are you headed?

To some random party at a villa out here.

I'd invite you, but if what I said
sounded bad,

you'll think I'm gonna dismember you.

The surprise guest, right?

- Where do you live?
- Know where the Leisters live?

Of course. Do you live near there?

- I live there.
- What?

You live in Nicholas' house?

Worse. He's my stepbrother.

- And the one who left me stranded.
- Nick?

What an asshole.

Well, now I get it.
He didn't have time to drop you home.

- What do you mean?
- He wanted to get there early.

- Get where?
- To the party I just told you about.

Hold on, Nick is there?

There's no party without Nick.

Noah, listen.

It's a gang get-together, so be careful.

That's the most dangerous one over there.

That guy in white is Ronnie.

Got out of prison yesterday.
To give you an idea of what the deal is.

What's up?

- How are you?
- Yo, Ronnie.

- Good to see you.
- You good? How are you?

Listen. You've got
the purples, the greens,

the blues, and then there's our gang.

And that's our leader.

Let's go!

How's it going, man?



- What are you doing here?
- Surprised I made it on foot?

- Who'd you come with?
- Shithead.

Freckles, just go back
to where you came from.

I'm staying here
until I want to leave.

- I won't repeat it.
- You're in no position to order me.

- I'm not?
- What if your dad finds out about this?

- You wouldn't dare.
- The perfect boy, huh?

Damn. You've really fooled everyone.

- I'm perfect in many ways, honey.
- Modesty isn't one of them.

The other girls
are not concerned about that.

I'm not like most other girls.

You're not? I'd say you are.

Ordinary lips...

An empty gaze...

A neck...

- What's that?
- A knot.

To show how twisted you are?

- To show how strong I am.
- Strong.

A figure-of-eight knot,
the hardest to undo.

There's no knot too hard for me.

Just by kissing their tattoos,
girls loosen up.

- How can you be sure everyone likes you?
- Small details.

- Such as?
- You haven't asked me to let go of you.

Obviously I want you to let go!

Never mind. I like women,
not girls with braids.

- I never wear braids.
- Look, sis,

you have no idea what you're getting into.

So stay out of my way,
and I'll stay out of yours. Got it?


Can I help you?

- Shit, sorry. Is this your Jeep?
- No.

Just some creep's
who snuck into the party.

Wreck it, if you want.

You're Noah, right?

If Nick sent you to watch over me,
I don't need it.

I'm not here for him.
Mario told me what he did.

- Are you his girlfriend?
- Mario's? No.

No, Nick's. He's got his tongue
down every girl's throat.

Nick and I go way back.

- I feel sorry for you, he's a jerk.
- He has his days.

Hey, what's up? Cheers!

What's up, dog?

How are you? Sorry for the trouble.

If I'd taken the sports car,
I wouldn't have had an excuse.

No worries, I'll take the 4x4.

- Fuck.
- What is it?

I can't see my boyfriend's
and my best friend's stories.

So you need a new boyfriend
and a new best friend.

- I'm Jenna.
- Nice to meet you.

- I must've just pressed something.
- Look at me.

Forget about that, girl.
Take off your bra, get drunk,

and make out with the hottest guy.
In that order.

I'm not really into all that,
regardless of the order.

Who's that hottie talking to Jenna?

Hottie? You're tripping, dude.

Go on, get out of here.

Put this on so Ronnie's gang members
don't bother you.

Anything I can put on
to keep Nick away?

Hey! Hello, ladies.

- Hi, man.
- Hi.

Hey! Hey, shoo!

No, this is Lion, my boyfriend.

- He's one of ours.
- Welcome to the club, then.



So you're Nick's sister.

Damn, news sure travels fast, Ronnie.


What's up?

Coke or mojito?

- Coke.
- Here.

- Shit, this has rum in it.
- Just a little.

- No, thanks.
- Drink, it's good.

- No, thank you.
- Drink, don't be silly.

- What the hell?
- Last time you crash my party.

Get your Jeep and scram before I kill you.

Why do guys
solve everything with violence?

Right. I'm still hurting from your punch.

We agreed to stay out of each other's way.

What are you doing?

That asshole
goes around spiking girls' drinks.

What? Shit.

- I'm taking you home.
- No, I'm going with Mario.

Mario! Mario?

I'm fine, I just feel a little hot, okay?

Hey, leave me alone.
I'm just cold, damn it.

No, man, not again. No, let me drive.

- I've always wanted to drive one of these.
- My baby? Never.

- You're drugged and don't have a license.
- I'm just dizzy.

You did drink, though.

Just one shot.

Yeah, but off of someone's boobs.

Nice and salty tequila mixed with sweat.
Tasty, huh?

What would Freud say about pouring liquids
and sucking them all up like that?

Freud isn't some trap singer,
just so you know.

He'd say that it's like shedding tears,
or something worse,

on your mother's breasts.
So suck on that!

Leave my mom alone.

Sweetie, where's the Bohemian glass?

What's the matter?

Your mom never taught you that there's
a thing called a glass to pour liquids in?

Hey, Darcy, my friend!
This is your great-grandson.

But don't be fooled,
he's no English dandy like you,

even with a damsel in his arms.

Oh, my!

What's this?

I bet you drink your steroids
out of a glass though, right?

Well, you know what? Glass is a liquid.

A liquid that holds another liquid.
Neat, right?

If you were capable of having emotions,
you'd appreciate it.

Glass flows so slowly
that it appears solid.

That's why it's so fragile.

Hard, but fragile.

No, not the light!

Don't touch me.



Sweetheart, wake up.

- Sweetheart.
- Rafaella!

Come, honey.

Come on.

Get in here.

- Here.
- What's going on?

Open the fucking door!

Don't come out, okay?

Open it or I'll break it!

- Working at Mikel's house, were you?
- Yes.

- Ibuprofen?
- Thanks, Martín.

- Coffee, miss?
- Thanks, Mortimer, I'll get it myself.

- What happened last night?
- You really don't remember?

- This'll be fun.
- When your dad walks through that door.

- We'll see who ends up worse off.
- Tell me.

I put you into bed
and lots of things happened.

You didn't touch me.

That's what a psychopath would do.
You're more twisted, Nick Leister.

- Really?
- I know you did something.

- Did you record me?
- No.

I should have, you were very funny.

Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- How was last night?

Last night?

- You know where I was last night?
- Yes, at Jenna's.

You texted me to say you were staying
there to watch La La Land.

- I did?
- Jenna is from a very wealthy family.

Well, that's besides the point.
Her boyfriend is a mechanic.

You're going to get on just great.

Yeah, I'm sure.

Thanks for introducing her
to your friends.

You're welcome,
anything I can do to help.

You're so sweet.

And I'm glad
you've settled your differences.


Were there any boys your age?

I don't need friends.

You separated me from Dan,
but I won't forget him.

- Sweetie...
- He's much better than all these snobs.


Her boyfriend. She misses him,
she must've had a bad night.

More pancakes?

I'm good. Thanks, Petra.

- Right here's fine.
- I'll get sunburned.




- Watch out, Lion.
- So cool.

I almost hit you.

Hey, sis.

Don't ever touch my phone again.

Don't ruin one of my parties again.

- La La Land?
- It suits you.

I hate chick flicks.

You're more into porn, right?
With that face...

Leave her alone.

- Just ignore them.
- It's fine. I can stick up for myself.

Bro, you missed out
on the best part of the party.

I know, man. I crashed.

I stayed up reading.

Hey, did you know that glass is a liquid?

Crazy, right?

- Are you shitting me?
- I'm serious.

I swear. The windshields
you replace in the garage?

Pure liquid. How about that?

- What are you smoking, bro?
- Crystal.

Mikel, tonight
we do need to do that paperwork.

- What time should we meet?
- 9:00 at my place?

9:00? Okay.

- We can order some pizza.
- Okay. Cool.

Come help me with this.

Nice ass, right?

And now, like flies to honey...

- Nick.
- What?

- You didn't invite us to your party.
- I saw you there.

Please, can we come to the race tonight?

I don't know what you're talking about.

The weather is nice today, isn't it?

Nick! Nick! Nick!

Good luck, baby.

Careful on the sixth turn, it's tricky.

- Okay?
- Don't worry.

That's it. Go, Nick!

What's the matter?

Are you afraid
you won't make it to the final?

Don't worry, I'll beat you
like I do every year.




Come on, Nick!

Come on, that's it! Step on it!


- Hey!
- What a surprise!

Come on! Go!

Come on!

I don't know what's wrong.
He's not focused.

Let's go!

Come on, Nick!

Problem's the sixth turn.

He has to turn through the wide side
and hold off braking.

How do you know that?


Let's go!

Yeah! Come on, dog!

Come on!

Nick! Nick! Nick! Nick!

She's back for more.
Is she his girlfriend?

Anna? His only girlfriend is that machine.


Fuck this shit.



What is this crap?

No, I can't believe this.

- Your boyfriend?
- And my best friend!

She's sucking his face right off.

Fucking leech! God fucking damn it!

- I can't believe this.
- Hey, come here.

- Cry it out.
- No way.

"Get drunk and make out with some guy"?
Or the other way around?

Depends on how hot he is.


Come on!


Come on!



No, not like that.

Look at the camera, okay? Now kiss me.

Leonardo Daniel Ponce de la Rosa,
your ass is on my car.

- Sorry, Nick.
- Beat it.

Stop scaring away
everyone who comes near me.

You're still drinking
everything people give you.

So what?

I won't take you home.
Especially if you're pregnant.

- I just wanted a picture.
- A picture?

- Yes. Kissing someone.
- Right. Trying to make Dan jealous?

- What happened?
- None of your business.

So that's what
you've been doing all night.

Sorry I'm not as complicated as you,
racing cars to prove who has a bigger one.

If I get you your picture,

will you go home already?





There's your picture.

Come on.

Wait here.
I'll go get Jenna to take you home.

Anyway, I'm going back to the party.

Where have you been?
I haven't seen you all night.

What are you doing?
Do we have time before the finale?

Just a quick one.



So cool.

Hi. It's clear you know a lot about cars.

I've raced once or twice.

- I thought it was your first time.
- I wish. But I'm not racing.

No? Then why are you at the starting line?

Already? So soon?

No, hey, I...
You don't get it, I'm not racing, Nick is.

So why the fuck isn't he here?


Whoa, baby! Where are you going?

If no one races, we win.

I can tell you want to.

Since you're a woman,
I'll give you a five-second head start.

- What do you say?
- Five seconds?

What's up, Nick?

- What are you doing here?
- Ready?

- Didn't you get my text?
- What text?


But if you're here, then...

You're shitting me.

What? Why aren't they going?

Hey! What are you doing?
I just gave you a head start.

I know, I'm using it.

When we reach the finish line,
I want people to know a woman beat you.

What the fuck?


What are you doing?

What the hell, asshole?

I like this girl.

Come on!

The sixth turn.

She's not braking.
She'll run off the track.

Yes! Take that!


What's he doing?

What's he doing? He's crazy!


Yes! Yes!

- Have you lost your mind?
- But I won.

- You don't know what you've done.
- Damn cheaters!

What happened, Leister?

The finale was between you and me.

You've totally disregarded the rules.

- So we win.
- That's ridiculous.

She's not in the gang. We'll race again.

She is. She's wearing the bandana.

You're the one who cheated
by ramming into me.

And I still beat you, asshole. A woman.

Look at me. A woman.

- Shut up, will you?
- Sorry, Nick.

Rules are rules. So pay up.

I'm transferring the 15,000.

- Nick, that's crazy.
- You just couldn't help yourself. Move.

I'll pay you back,
even if it takes me years to save up.

And the other thing?

I know it's hard
to part ways with that beauty,

but you don't have a choice.

Nick? You can't give it to him.
Are you crazy?

Don't worry,
I'll take you for a ride anytime.

You're not going to enjoy it.
You know why?

- No.
- Because I beat you good.

Everyone'll remember that
when you're showing off in it.



Next time,
don't let that bitch out of the house.

What are they doing?


Push forward! Come on!

What's wrong, girl? Let's go.

Get in the car. Come on.

Let's go, brother!




- Are they following us?
- I don't think so.

Jenna, are you okay?

- Answer me.
- Stop pestering me. I'm in shock.

I worry if you don't talk.

- Because you love me?
- Don't start.

- Not even a little?
- Girl, quit nagging me.

- God, you're lame.
- "You're lame."

- Come on! Get up, you've slept enough.
- I don't feel well today either.

Today is Will's company gala
and I need your help.


Is that Dan?

I didn't know that you were so close
to him and Betty. I'm sorry.

- That doesn't matter now.
- It does.

I don't want to see you like this.

You'll end up mummified
with all that Egyptian cotton.

Here's the plan: breakfast
at the beach club and then the hair salon.

Which one?
Will and Nick will wear a tuxedo.

Nick's here?

He's been missing for 4 days,

but he knows this gala's important
to his dad. He'll show.

That hater again?

It's got to be Ronnie, right?
Just block him.

Yeah... I just got here
and everyone hates me already.

Which one are you wearing?

Hey, Will! Which one?

Both are beautiful.

I'll tell the designers,
but which one should I wear?

We'll be late for rehearsal.

I don't know. The black one.

Important people will be there.
Judges, lawyers...

- We can't leave this to chance.
- Relax, you'll look gorgeous.

That's not the point.

What's the matter?

What are you worried about?
Not being good enough?

Is that it?

Look at me.

You've been through
more important tests in your life.

This will be child's play.

I don't know what you saw in me.

I remember you
walking through that cathedral,

and describing its altarpieces
and its dome with such passion

that it seemed
like you'd built it yourself.

I'll have to show it to you again
because you never looked up.

Tonight's going to be the same.

I'm only going to have eyes for you.

Hey. Listen to me.

This family and all of its companies,
think of them as a huge cathedral.

And you'll be
the perfect tour guide. Okay?

- I love you.
- I love you too.

Hurry up.

I think I'll wear the pink one.

Hey, you know Rodrigo
wants to be my boyfriend?

The blond? What will you tell him?

- No.
- Good girl!

You'll only get heartbroken.

Do what I do, sis,
run away before it's too late.

I have two boyfriends already.
Why would I want three?

My blood sugar.

Come here, sweetie. There we go.

Mommy's going traveling again,
will you come see me?

I don't know.

- When will she be back?
- She didn't say.

What if she doesn't come back?

What do you mean?

What if she divorces my daddy
and abandons me?

- That will never happen, honey.
- She did it to you.

That was different, sweetie.

I was a disastrous son,
an intolerable little devil.

Unlike you. You're a little angel.
You're growing wings and everything.

Hey, Maggie...

I have to leave early today.

No, why? Please don't go!



Honey. Everything went great.

Hello, Noah.



Those turns are impossible.

They can be done.

You just have to pull on the handbrake,

and turn the steering wheel 20 degrees
to the right and 60 to the left.

Twenty, sixty. Like a passcode.

That's right.

You stood Anna up at the gala.

Where were you?

With someone who needed me.

I thought I was your only sister.

- I'm sorry about...
- It doesn't matter.

No, it does matter.

- That car must be worth over...
- That doesn't matter.

This isn't right.

- No, it isn't right at all.
- No.

You're my stepsister and you're 17.

Then kiss me until I turn 18.

Don't let me do this again.

Wait, you get close to me
and I have to prevent it?

I don't know what's happening to me.

Nick, is that you?

You think what you did today was okay?

It wasn't just a gala,
we were introducing ourselves as a family.

We can't give that impression.

Your dad is upstairs.
You should talk to him.

I'll go right now.

And you? You didn't say a word all night.

What am I going to do with you?

- From racing driver to car washer.
- And tomorrow, waitress.

- Want one?
- You shouldn't kill your last brain cell.

Hey! Don't.

We agreed you couldn't come
near me. Remember?

But you can watch.


- Hi, sweetie.
- Hi.

Why are you washing that beater?

I have a surprise for you.

- What, the car?
- No. The car's mine.

Hi, Noah.


What are you doing here?

You can kiss, don't mind me.

It's good to see you.

I need to finish washing
the car, I was...


- Come, I'll show you to your bedroom.
- Okay. See you in a bit.

No! No, please, no.


Nick! We've got a problem.

- You're the one getting close now.
- No, it's just...

- My boyfriend... I mean, my ex is here.
- You're the one with the problem then.

- I sent him the picture of us kissing.
- Oh, right! That picture. Yes.

So what?

- If he recognizes you, he'll tell my mom.
- Noah?


Excuse me.


Can't believe you had
the cheek to come here.

I came to say I'm sorry.

- Sorry?
- Sorry.

Betty didn't mean anything.
I missed you and she reminded me of you.

You remind me of an orangutan,
but I didn't kiss one.

Noah, I know.
I know I've been a real jerk.

I deserve everything I have coming.

Sorry, dude.

- Pack your bags and leave, today.
- Fine.

- But there are no flights until tomorrow.
- God damn you, Dan!

Well, brother!

You're soaked!
No worries, dude, come with me.

- Are you stupid?
- That was fun, wasn't it?


I'll help you dry off.

Okay? Look.


What are you doing?

Dan could see us.

If our parents catch us,
it'll be game over.

Is that what you want?

No. You?


Right... Let's see.

Oh, God.

It's fine, we'll dry you off,
we'll help you...

- Sorry, who is that guy with Noah?
- That's her neighbor, Cayetano.



That's right, Nicholas.

Hey, wasn't that the guy from the picture?

- Surprise!
- Damn, Mom.

Look what came for you.

I'd say these flowers
smell like a reunion.


- Honey, did something happen with Dan?
- No.

I just didn't expect to see him so soon.

It was some sort of emotional jet lag.
I'll be fine.

Have you met someone else, maybe?

No, not at all.
Who would I have met?


Well, he'll be on the same floor.


Dan. I trust you'll behave
responsibly and show restraint.

- All right, Mom. Get out of here.
- Okay, okay...


What the hell?

Why are you doing this?

- That's not mine.
- Please.

I'm persistent, but not violent.

Is it from Betty?
Does she know you're here?

Forget about Betty.

Does your mom not suspect any of this?

- I don't know what you mean.
- Sure.

Can we talk tonight over a drink?

Mallows? Who would send mallows as a gift?

I found you a cheap hotel nearby.

You gave that Leister
a good beating, right?

Don't worry, the car won't be
the only thing I take from him.

So what are you waiting for? Go get her.

I thought you'd want to be here to see it.

Call your buddies and let the party begin.

- Bye, Nick. It's your loss.
- Some other time, girls.

Hey, Nick!

What are you doing here?
Did your car break down?

If you need a ride someplace, really, I...

I want you to deliver
a message to your sister.



- Are you okay?
- Just what I needed.

I'm sorry. I thought you were Dan.

I still would've hit you
if I'd thought it was you.

- Did I do that to you?
- No, but you could've if you wanted to.

No. Your nose is bleeding,
don't tilt your head backward.

You need a cold compress.
Do you have painkillers?

You know about beatings as well as cars?

I'm perfect in many ways, honey.

- Who did this?
- Never mind that.

I swear that from now on,
I'm not fighting anymore.

- It was Ronnie, wasn't it?
- That guy is crazy.

He's after you.
You have to stop going out alone.

- So do you.
- I'm serious.

- So am I.
- Well, let's stop going out alone.

Both of us.

Not the most romantic way to say
you want to spend more time with me.

Do you want to spend more time with me?

I can't. Dan's still here.

Do you still have feelings for him?

Does it hurt?

Quite a lot.

What about here?

Or here?

What are you doing?

I need to check your sensitivity.
You could have a damaged nerve.

The heat of your hands
won't help with the swelling.

I can feel you're more swollen.

- We're being bad again, Freckles.
- Do you want me to stop?

Are you sure you can resist?

Why do we girls
always get hooked on the bad boys?

You're cocky,


and you're violent.

You're wrong. I'm not like that.


Are you okay? I heard a bang and...

I heard a bang too,
but I got them all in the face.

I'm fine, thanks.

You wanted me to forgive you.

Well, if you could
keep this to yourself, please...

Do it for me.

- Come on, Petra.
- Hush!

- A little higher.
- Good morning.

I cleaned the leaves out of the pool.

- I'm sorry you slipped.
- It's not your fault, Morti.


All done. Dan is on the plane.

- You got a letter from school.
- Thanks.

Looks like he didn't say anything.



No spots left on the volleyball team?
That's too bad.

What's wrong?


- I'll move.
- No, we're in a rush.

Hi, Anna.

All here?

Noah, the race the other day was awesome.

- Where'd you learn to drive?
- I'd rather forget that night.

Her dad was a rally driver.
She has a photo on Insta.

Was he good? Is he still competing?

He died.

He stepped too hard on the gas.

- I'm sorry.
- What about you, Nick?

How did you get into this gang culture?

- I don't wanna talk about the past.
- Grew up without a mother

and ran away.
He wanted to be a rebel.

- Enough, Anna.
- Daddy canceled his credit cards,

and in Mexico, he met Lion,
who taught him how to live dangerously.

Then he hooked up with his bestie.

You don't have a dark past, Anna?

No way. My life has been very boring.
Maybe if I'd met you sooner...

- She was the classic school bully.
- Screw you.

Did you send anonymous notes
to the girls you didn't like?

She ripped their eyes straight out.

So I need
to get to know you better, right?

- That was a long time ago.
- Wait.

I have something for you.

I owed you a car, right?

It's perfect.
You can't sneak into this one.

But seeing you in that uniform
was the best gift.

I was going to get you a poetry book,
but I see that's not your thing.

No! I don't want Anna
to rip my eyeballs out.

This had never happened to me
with Anna or anyone else.

It's the first time
I can't control myself.

Mario is waiting for me.

What does he want from you?

I just know he smiles when he sees me.

Are you going to settle for a smile?

Until our faces hurt.

That guy has no blood in his veins.
He can't give you what you need.

What do I need?

You don't need kisses,
you need volcanic eruptions in your mouth.

You don't need caresses,

you need furrows
burying in deeply until you shiver.

Vertigo-inducing whispers in your ear.

You don't need pleasure, you need shivers.

We didn't see a thing.

Well? Was that poetic enough?

We now have a car for the races.

Added 100 horsepower to Jenna's car.

You can borrow it anytime.

Dude, are you crazy?
Isn't she your stepsister?

- So?
- Isn't that like incest?

After that beating
and what you were doing to him,

he won't have any strength left to fight.


You guys don't settle
on going for a coffee or watching a movie.

Hit him, Bruno!


- Don't do this.
- It's okay. He won't even touch me.

This is nonsense.

- Isn't it exciting?
- Getting hurt excites you?

- Pain doesn't bother me.
- And your opponent?

Do you enjoy hurting others?

No, I just like to fight.

Well, I don't get it.

- It's a way to blow off steam.
- From what?

What trauma do you have
that's making you do this?

Leave him alone.

I'm sick of you!

What the hell is this idiot's problem?

Are you going to let her
soften you up? Come on.

Go, Nick!

Hey, Nick is fighting!

What is this shit? Did you know
it would be like this?

- Kind of.
- Just for fun. This is obscene.

What if they beat up
a homeless person tomorrow?

Forget about all that, okay?
Because it's not worth it.

- Go on, show him!
- You got him!

- Go on!
- Come on!

Nick! Nick! Nick!

I wanted to thank you
for asking me to come with you today.

It made me very happy.

Sorry it was such short notice...

I don't want this jerk
putting his hands on you again!

Who the fuck do you think you are?

- Mario, I'm sorry.
- It's fine. I'm okay.

Of course, I guessed
something was going on.

Mario, you can't walk home.

What the fuck do you think you're doing?

I don't know.

I've never felt jealous of anyone before.

You drive me crazy.

So this is all you can offer me?

This can't ever happen again.

- I swear I won't do it again.
- No, nothing can happen between us.

Ever again.

What? Why? What's wrong?

- You're hurting me.
- Stop messing with my head.

- What's wrong with you?
- Don't you see?

- I'm scared.
- Scared of what?

Besides the dark, like a little girl.

Of you.

I can't have a violent person
in my life again.

Everything okay, Noah?

Need a ride home?

Mario! Jenna's taking us home.

Pick me up on the way!

I taught her the basics.

The brake,
the gas pedal, the gear shift...


I need to tell you something about Noah.

Did you know her dad tried to kill her?

- What?
- With a knife.

He'd never touched her before.
Only Rafaella.

- He hit Rafaella?
- That's right, son.

There are people like that.

Violence is their way
of blowing off steam.

Why are you telling me this?

Rafaella is scared he'll come back
to try and hurt Noah.

- Come back from the grave?
- The grave?

He was sent to prison.

- Wasn't he dead?
- No. If only.

His sentence was reduced.
He was released two weeks ago.

We've ask