Cuisine et dépendances (1993) - full transcript

Martine and Jacques knew their friend before he became an important television personality, but have not seen him for over ten years. They are hospitable people - witness the fact that they have been putting up with having writer Georges be their informal roommate, as he sleeps on their living-room sofa off and on over the years whenever he is between jobs. They have invited their friend and his wife Charlotte over for dinner, and are on pins and needles, as they want everything to go just right. Instead, George allows his bitterness that Charlotte, his ex-girlfriend, married a success to overwhelm him, and Martine and Jacques are apalled when their brother, who hasn't a penny and is deeply in debt, persuades their guest of honor to join him in a high-stakes poker game.

Take your time, won't you!

I've been waiting half an hour!

You've got a nerve.

Don't shout, I got lost.
Nothing's marked.

It's all written there.
Downstairs too.

Open your eyes. Thingies on the 1st,
whatsits on the 2nd...

I didn't see it!

You think I like running everywhere?

You'll never guess who I met
after dance class.

- Guess.
- I've no idea.

You're in for a shock.
I invited him to dinner on Saturday.

On Saturday?

You could have discussed it.
Who is it?

Incredible. And?

He's still really nice.
We had a drink.

He has an office
above my dance school.

I'd never seen it before!

You invited him?
He remembers us?

Of course. He was pleased as Punch.
He said, "Yes, with pleasure."

He's still with Charlotte.
I invited them both.

He's still really nice, honestly!

That's good news!
I'm delighted, really.

So am I.


Quarter to ten.

That's right, quarter to ten.

Stop eating the pistachios.

You'll ruin your appetite.

It's for you again.


Well, well.

But you are coming?


- Alone?
- He's trying to park.

Oh, that's nice!

- Are we late?
- It doesn't matter.

I'm sorry.

We were stuck for 30 minutes
in the rue de Rivoli.

Is that Georges?

Come in, this is my brother...

- My brother.
- Fred.

- Charlotte.
- Excuse me.

Sit down.
You must be dying of thirst.

Georges, are you busy?

I'm smoking.

I didn't ask if you were smoking.

Could you give me a hand?

Thanks. That helped a lot.

Will you be eating in here?

I'm outside.
Getting some fresh air.


Are you spending the evening here?

Such contempt!
Two hours late!

And all they could muster
was a flimsy excuse.

Couldn't even be bothered
to make it plausible.

They apologised.
Traffic jams do happen.

Who believes
that excuse about traffic!

They've lived here for 40 years.

Paris has always had jams.

But being late makes you look rich.

It's traditional when you're famous.

Compulsory, even.

You put it off then finally
appear before the people.

Of course, he's the TV star.
Big deal!

Every jerk and his dog's on TV now.

They both apologised abjectly,
that should be enough.

Anyway it wasn't 2 hours,
barely one and a quarter.

Let's say 1 hour 22, then.
It's still late!

That's out of proportion.

No, I don't see anything
out of proportion.

And I was being easy-going.

Don't sigh as if you're dealing
with a child or a patient!

I'm a stickler about certain things.

You always were.

Always on your high horse.
Come down.

Relax. Take a deep breath.

I don't want to come down,
I like horses.

I'd rather be on my high horse
than on my knees.

Look, there's a world of difference
between the two.

I'm not going to argue for an hour...

You're right.
The main event is through there.

You're a real pain
when you want to be, Georges.

I'm sorry to have to say so.

I felt it coming, anyway.

I said so to Martine.
She felt it too.

I was positive you'd sulk

or find fault with something.

And you wreck things right away.

They're 2 hours late and
I'm wrecking the evening!

You've got it the wrong way round.

And anyway,

it's not a disaster.
I left suddenly.

That's not insurmountable.

They'll think I was shaken
by seeing them again.

The emotional shock.

- Emotional shock!
- Was I late?

You live here, it's easier for you.

I forget how this works.

And we weren't waiting in the rain.

We were nice and cosy
in the lounge.

Having a chat.

We were starving
and prowling around.

And like a fool, I stuffed myself
with pistachios.

Martine too.
You've ruined your appetite.

I'm being impolite too.
I have to go.

What about Charlotte?

What about her?

Aren't you glad to see her?

She was. She must have thought
you were weird.


Thought I was weird?
She'll get over it.

I used to think she was weird.

I got over it.

It all seems very lively.
That's a good sign.

Let's eat, though.
We're still hungry, aren't we?

Let's lighten up. Don't you think
we should be playing this down?

I'm doing what I can.
Take a look at me...

I'm already playing
things down a lot.

but I'm taking it upon myself.

I'll take some orange juice.

I'll look like the guy
who went to get a drink.

Well, I'll smoke another cigarette
and be there in 2 minutes.

I'll look like the guy
who convinced himself.

Don't be silly, go and say hello.

No. I don't want to say hello.

She's been wanting to say hello
all day, but now...

- I don't want to.
- What's your name, then?

- Alice.
- Come on, Alice.

No, I don't want to.

- Go and say hello.
- I don't want to.

Why not?

I'll put these in water.

Really, I don't mind.
Which way is it?

- Through there.
- This way?


Leave her alone,
she's tired.


No, I had a kind of hot flush.

I needed to breathe.

Feeling better?

It's coming back slowly.

We didn't even say hello.
What happened?

I didn't expect to see you.

Jacques didn't say you'd be here.

He lumped me in with the furniture.
I'm staying here for now.

- He's helping me out.
- That's nice of him.

Want one?

No, thanks. I just ate 250 of them.
I'm struggling.

- I see you're writing.
- When did you see that?

I read a novel once.

The novel!
Then I'm still writing.

Are you doing well?

Yes, okay.
I work too much, but I'm okay.

Working too much is awful.
That's why I work very little.


Are you late to all your dates

or just unimportant ones?

- What do you say that?
- Just wondering.

You are unpleasant.

It's nothing to do
with how important a date is.

I don't like arriving late.
We were stuck. It happens.

But we apologised.
What can I say?

No, it's me. I hold grudges.

I can't stand people being late.

It puts me in a bad mood
that takes ages to break.

Some things make you more sensitive
than others.

With you it's lateness.
I'm sorry, now I know.

But I'm glad to see you, Charlotte.

Very glad to see you.


- You've become a real woman.
- Yes. It was to be expected.

What did you think
of what you read?


The novel.
Just out of curiosity.

Very good.

If I remember rightly,
it was rather dark.


Extremely dark.
I write what I see.

You're still as easy to chat to.

So you've met up, then.

Your husband's telling a joke.
We're in stitches.

Bravo, Georges.
You distinguished yourself.

Jacques was very shocked
by your attitude.

Honestly, what a way to say hello!

I intended apologising.

I'll go and bow to him
and recite a welcome poem.

I'm sure he'll be touched.
Excuse me.

He's mad. Worse than before.
He doesn't improve with age.

How did you get my number?

Of course I haven't forgotten.

Of course.

Absolutely, a debt of honour.
I agree with...

Indeed, I was going to
pop round tonight.

We're agreed on that.

See you later, then.

Well, right away.

Do you want a hand?

I do, to be honest.

I'm not like this, I hate that.
But I'm overwhelmed.

We were worried.

We were wondering
if you were coming.

So of course to kill time
we were nibbling.

I bought a huge bag of pistachios.
I adore them.

I could eat kilos of them.

And Jacques was giving us
a hard time.

"Stop it, you'll ruin your appetite."

Georges wasn't at all amused.

You know him,
not much amuses Georges.

Georges is Georges.

You remember,
he's a real Scorpio.

He's a typical Scorpio.

What is a real Scorpio?

The worst sign there is.

I read a chapter on it.

It's an awful sign.

I don't get on with Scorpios.

What sign were you?


Oh, yes. That's right. You were.

But wait!
What ascendant?

Scorpio, I think.

Oh, that's better.
They cancel each other out.

The same ascendant sign
cancels it out.

So Gemini-Gemini doesn't make
four personalities.

I don't know much about it
but I believe in it.

Really? I don't.


No, nothing.

It's never pleasant to wait.

But you know how it is.

A last-minute phone call
that drags on, you can't hang up.

The telephone's terrible,
you're set to go and...

I understand,
I'm a telephone addict.

I'd be lost without it.

It's such a great way

of communicating.

Yes, you can't deny it.

But it's intrusive.

And it drives your husband mad!

No, it's mainly he who phones.

Yes, of course.
How silly I am!

In his job it must never stop.

You must be in demand constantly.

Yes. Constantly.

Oh, it's funny,
seeing each other again.

- You haven't changed.
- You've changed loads.

Georges was saying
I'd become a real woman.

For once I agree with him.

Can you cut the tomatoes?

How long has it been anyway?

Ten years?

Longer than that!
You don't realise.

It was in...

Wait, I can tell you exactly,
it was in...

In 1983.

Ten years, then.

Yes! Just think, that's ages.

A lifetime. A short lifetime.

Time to do a lot of things...

It's a cycle.

I believe in cycles.
They say 10 years is a cycle.

Really? I'd heard it was 7.

Yes, it is 7, but...

You know, 7 and 3 make 10,
and 3 years is a cycle.

Anyway, there are several cycles.

That looks good.

It's haddock,
more original than salmon.

It's true, people always do salmon.

Haddock is fine.

It's less fashionable.

No, it's very tasty.

Won't that be black?

No, we wait hours in the mornings.
I hate that machine.

And you?

I don't know it well,
but it seems a bit slow.

Who does?

No, I was joking.

And how are you?

Well, it's hard to say
in just two words

but let's say I'm fine.

As I said to Georges,
I work a lot.

But I'm fine. And you?

Very confused, I'd say.

Yes. Very confused.
We're alive, though.

I'm going mad.
I'm looking for the can opener.

It's incredible.
Jacques is incapable

of putting anything away.

Shall I take it in?

Say I'll be right there,

everything needs doing at once.

Ask Jacques
what he did with the can-opener.

I'll try to remember.

Thanks, you're an angel.

I must change.
I look like a cleaning lady.

This is a long corridor.

They're a pain.
They won't let me alone.

That's twice today:
her and at home.

It's oppressive.
The climate's getting heavy.

- Who are they?
- You wouldn't know anyway.

The time for talking is over.
It's very simple...

- You need money.
- Yes.

At least 5000 francs
in the coming minutes.

With 5000, I can calm them down.
Put them to sleep, let's say.

I'm in the kind of mess...

So what's new?
You'll always be in a kind of mess.

Don't be so definitive.

All you ever say
is "always" or "never".

You can't talk to you
without you generalising.

It's a pain. Don't prejudge people.

They can have several chances.

Things can turn around.
One day I'll be lending you some.

You'll be glad of me then.

- When will you lend me money?
- It's a figure of speech!

You want the exact date?

I'm not giving you a penny,
mark my words.

Nice to be able to rely
on your sister.

You've done plenty of relying.
We've been too good to you.

Kindness has its limits.

I've told you the story of the frozen
princess a thousand times. Sleep.


Goodnight, Quentin.

I don't remember.

You do, she thaws out
and marries that guy. Get to sleep.

What a very nice chap.
Very witty.

His story had me going.

A true story, apparently.

It's nice to meet someone
with his class.

He's not a waste of time.

You can tell he's used to
playing with the language.

He's a professional!

He's funnier in the flesh
than I'd imagined.

Of course he is.

When you know him,
he's nothing like

his public persona.
Appearances can be deceptive.

Of course, you know him
better than the rest.

You don't know how right you are.

What are you saying?
Is something going on?

Leave me alone.

So something did go on!

- When does this date back to?
- None of your business.

I wouldn't tell you about it.

That's hardly ethical.

You don't know, that's rubbish.
Don't annoy me!

You think I could hit him for 5000?

Don't be silly.
Help me, I'm overwhelmed.

I have to change. Nobody cares

about this party except Jacques,
who's doing nothing.

- Why change?
- I stained myself.

- Where?
- I don't know.


Marilyn? Where are you?
How do I look?

Of course they're here.
They were only 90 minutes late.

That's 3 times you've told me
you're coming. Come!

Have you any cash?
Can you get some out?

No. It doesn't matter.
But hurry.

What are you up to?
Where's Martine?

Changing. She stained herself.

I feel totally surrounded.

She doesn't care.
Everyone's waiting. It's awful.

He's criticising the food.

He's funny, well-mannered,

but direct.
It's only natural, he's hungry.

So am I, at this time.

And Georges is messing up
the atmosphere. What a pain.

You bend over backwards
for people...

Where's your girlfriend?

Coming, she called.

But Jacques,
I really feel cornered...

You wouldn't have any cash on you?

So you're leaving me alone
with them?

I don't know what to say.

I've been concentrating for an hour
trying to think of something.

With the best will in the world.

I remembered a few stories
we laughed at.

But that's all.

I don't mind filling in.
I spend my life doing that.

But what do I say?
He's a foreigner to me.

I can't even understand him.

These long, laborious silences
are starting to get painful.

Georges, emergency.
Do you have any cash on you?

No. Not at all. Very little.

I'm in a difficult position.
Things look sticky.

What's the matter?

I gave my marker.

- Marker?
- I had no money. I lost.

They took it badly.

It's not done.
You bet what you have.


And they said: "Tonight."
Final chance, of course.

They have the tiniest
sense of humour.

- Tonight?
- Don't worry, Georges.

Don't take it to heart.
It's to ask me for money.

I've been ripped off by people
who are used to doing it, that's all.

People like you, but dangerous.

Lend me some money.
I've a pistol to my head!

I'm forced into asking you
for a little money.

And you lecture me.

I said nothing.
Did I say anything?

It's amazing.
He tells me his poker stories

I couldn't care less about.
With the rippers off

and the ripped off.
Are you interested?

Good. These stories are just
an excuse to ask for money.

"I'm forced to"...
He doesn't even say "borrow".

He knows he won't pay me back.

You owe me 70,000 francs, Fred.
7 grand.

I don't know when I'll get it.
And you tell me stories

that always end with:
"I'm forced to ask you..."

And you want me to be surprised?

And wait for the punch line?

I know the punch line by heart!

I'm not lecturing you.
I don't want you to change your life.

Just change your bank.
I am not your bank any more.

Nor is your sister.
That's not a lecture.

It's a decree.

- My sister goes on at him.
- Of course.

But he's basically a good bloke.

You, Georges...
I've asked you already.

You're skint?

- You've nothing. We're agreed?
- We're agreed, yes.

Well, I'm in a very deep hole.

Is that right?


Is this story about villains true?

Of course it's true.

Look at me, Fred.

It's the last time.


That's all you have, is it?

No, that's fine. That's nice,
it'll calm them down.

I don't want to interfere,
but I can smell burning.


No, that's a normal smell.
Can you smell anything?

I've no sense of smell...

Do I turn it off?
I don't know...

I could turn it off.
But should I turn it off?

- You think so?
- It depends.

If it should be burnt, then leave it.

I can't smell a thing.

Mind you, now...

Where's Martine?
I don't know if it should smell.

What do we do?

Look in the oven, you'll see.
Open it.

- It's all dark.
- It's well done, anyway.

What was it?

- Ask Martine to come.
- I have to go, they're waiting.

I'll be right back.
Wait for me.

We're not waiting for
any more latecomers.

They hardly touched the log.

Seems to be going well.

I should have left it
but it melts so fast.

It's starting to go well.

What? What's starting to go well?

The party,
I thought it was going well.

You haven't worn that for ages.

- Doesn't it suit me?
- Yes, that's just it...

Why don't you wear it more often?
It's wonderful.

No one touched the log,
did you see?

- You had too many pistachios.
- A log I had made!

It was a good idea,
a yule log in June.

Look, Martine,
it's not tragic. It'll keep.

Too many entrees!
Eyes bigger than our bellies.

"After this I'll do that."
And in the end you're not hungry.

There were too many entrees.

And you stuffed yourself
with pistachios. I warned you.

I told you and Georges.

Don't mention Georges!
I can't bear him.

Always nit-picking,
nothing's good enough,

no one's ever decent enough
for him.

I've had it up to here
with his superiority!

In fact, I'm sick
of him living here.

He should go.
He's not staying here for ever.

We were just helping him out?
Then he should go.

Shall I tell him?

He should have the tact
to go himself.

Can we decide once and for all
that the can-opener lives here?

You never put it back.

All right, it's there, Martine.
You seem very wound up.

It was temporary.

That means what it says.

He knows very well it's temporary.
He knows that.

He's going through a difficult patch
right now.

He doesn't like the situation either.
Don't be mean.

No, you're very wound up.

What's the matter?

Tinou, what's wrong?

His bitterness.
His inability to be happy!

He doesn't say a thing,
then suddenly he jumps on him.

It's always the same nonsense.

This time he's come up
against someone, though.

He's lucky it's a gentleman.

Did you notice how he handled that?
Real class...


It's another world.

He's a success,

a major success.

But it's no big deal to him.

Georges is in a tricky situation
right now.

We're all in a tricky situation!

Are you in a tricky situation?

Everyone is, in general.

Life is a tricky situation.

Did my brother ask for money?

- I didn't lend him a penny.
- Me neither.

We do have herbal tea?

Martine, don't we have
some herbal tea?

Herbal tea?

Marilyn wants one.

Marilyn? Herbal tea!

Yes. Marilyn, herbal tea.
There's nothing odd in that.

No. We've a bucket of cold water,
if she likes.

Herbal tea!
What a neurotic she is!

She was fidgeting
throughout the meal.

My brother has a taste for slappers
that flabbergasts me.

Almost 40, he's still collecting
them. He'll never change.

I can't stop drinking!
I'm totally dry.

Apart from that,
I think the party's going well.

Right, I'll take this in.

No doubt you think Marilyn
is incredible?

Like everyone else.

I'd be a hypocrite
if I said I didn't.

- She's very...
- Please. I get the picture.

- Watch out!
- Sorry. I was just going past.

Don't you have anything strong,
like a brandy?

We're bored stiff in there.

It'll drag on if I don't
get plastered.

They're onto real estate.

Why invest in property,
income, tax reductions...

I don't care.
I don't have a flat.

I've barely a bed,
I can't lay it out.

The one up there.

I've just seen Martine.
She likes me more and more.

She's discovering me.

She's very angry with you.

- I can see why.
- Yeah, yeah.

She was making eyes
during the meal.

In fact, I think she's just
protecting him.

It's only natural.
And understandable.

She invited him,
so she wants him to be happy.

I invited him.

She still wants him to be happy.

She's the mistress of the house.

I see you've grasped the situation.

Of course.

Besides that, she's on edge.

She's had a hard day.
Looking after the children...

And organising the meal.
Everything a woman does...

in a house.

She's a right to a relaxing evening.

That's right.

You're right.

I'll have a quick one with you.

She's very highly-strung.

I'm having trouble
understanding her tonight.

She's upset with everyone. You,

her brother,
her brother's girlfriend...

By the way,
what a bit of stuff, that Marilyn!

Isn't she extremely good-looking?

She's extremely good-looking.

She has enormous capital.

She knows that.
She's invested everything in it.

I would too, if I were her.
What an arse!

Nice arse, nice arse...

How long does a nice arse last?

She'll feel she has to have
it re-done. That'll cost.

She'll have forty years
to think about that.

A fool's investment.

I'm not surprised.

- It's turned into an orgy!
- What?

No. I'm only joking...

He's in sparkling form, as they say.
Fine acrobatics.

It's simple: the women
are totally charmed.

The men too.

Charlotte seems used to it.

Day-to-day life must make you blase.

She's more into nodding her head,

"Yeah, I've heard that before."

But very understanding, very nice.

I'm getting on well with her.

She has an important job in a paper
that sells by the thousand.

It's incredible,
what you're telling us...

So the women...
are all charmed...

Especially yours and mine.

If I might say,
your girlfriend is...

Quite a piece of work.

She seems nice.
What does she do?

She's a whore.

Fine, that's just what I thought.

What kind? Professional?

No, the usual. Voluntary.

Picked her up in a nightclub.
Love at first sight.

We've been together 4 days.

Except when I'm playing,
and as I've played a lot...

So nothing definitive.

No, it's starting off quietly.
We're observing each other.

What's that?

Brandy for Georges.
I'm accompanying him.

I'll accompany you
while you accompany him.

I just wanted to phone.

It doesn't matter.

I thought the food was too salty,

The cook's in love,
as they say.

You're not gay.

You know him, he's anything but.

Indeed, but tonight
he's lost his sparkle.

What do you want me to do?

A tap dance routine?
It's not compulsory, surely.

You're gay. Fine.

Do what you like
and leave me alone.

I didn't win the Loto,
I've nothing to sell,

I've no reason
to be particularly gay.

I'm a human being,
not a gameshow host.

It's only on TV
that people laugh like morons.

Nobody asked you to
laugh like a moron.

Just not to chill the atmosphere.

That's less restrictive.

It's true, you did cast a chill
over the meal.

I couldn't quite see why.

I'm sorry to say
his reaction was imperial.

Oh yes, very composed,
very humorous.

He could have buried him.

Of course.
But he didn't.

He's an odd chap:
he observes old-fashioned customs

like not stirring shit at a party.

He could have buried you.

75% of us agree with him.

- So what?
- That's a majority.

Listen to them!
Right away: "That's a majority!"

Which majority? The one
that thinks the earth is flat?

The one that wants
the death penalty?

The one that wears a feather in
its arse because it's fashionable?

What don't you like
about a dead funny guy

who's rich, famous,
and doesn't make a meal of it?

You like him, don't you?

I see no shame in that.

Neither do I.
It's a matter of taste.

- What don't you like?
- Everything.

I've nothing to say to him.
We're worlds apart.

He's a paleface.

You were friends

back then.
- Not a bit.

Of course we were friends.

We were as thick as thieves
10 years ago.

It's hard to tell from you two.

He's milking it
to fit the circumstances.

Our friendship wasn't so remarkable.

No one mourned when
we stopped seeing each other.

Let me remind you, we stopped
seeing each other

out of solidarity with you.
Try remembering that.

You were ill at ease, jealous.
Yes, jealous.

Because Charlotte went with him
and not you.

We lost touch
because you didn't want to see her.

I don't regret it.
That's not the issue.

It's the truth.

So it's just a silly story.

Yes! When you're young
you stick together,

you stick up for each other.

With hindsight...

it comes down to
a lot of romanticism

and a lot of pride
for not much in return.

Odd couple, in fact.

You'd expect him to be
with Miss World.

Not a bit of it:
an intelligent girl.

You'll be able to see each other

This lovely story will continue
on a more healthy basis.

Why not?

I think it's possible now.

A few nice parties
to look forward to.

You don't have to come.

I shall abstain.
Alas, while I'm sleeping here,

I don't really have much choice.

It's temporary.

You'll find a flat in the end.

Now I think on,
I'll have to start looking seriously.

The atmosphere here is nice

but I'll pop back to the lounge
for a change.

I don't understand you, Georges.

Hey, Jacques.
He suggested a game of poker.

There's no reason
not to indulge him.

We'll have a quick one.

Did you hear?
He suggested it.

A friendly warning:
a quick game of poker.

With matches. Agreed?

A parlour game,
not an ambush.

We're not savages.

What a face.

Who? Me?

No. Me.


I couldn't call before,
I'm not at home.

Old friends.

A reunion. Exactly.

It was very salty.
Everyone's after a jug of water.

Hardly at the coffee.
It's dragging on.

I don't know.
In an hour at least.

No. Don't call before,
there's no point.

Stop it.

Stop it.

I'm going to have to hang up.
Yes. All right.

See you later.

You scared me.
Were you there? Where were you?

There, on the balcony.

Getting a bit of fresh air.

Everyone's after a jug of water.
We're dehydrated.

It was good, but salty.

Yes. You can tell that fish
came from the sea.

Did you hear my phone call?

What do you mean?

I just called someone.
That phone call.

- Did you hear me?
- I heard you very well.

I'm sorry, I couldn't help it.

You can count on my discretion,
as they say.

You can tell whoever you like,
I don't mind.

It wasn't secret.
I'd rather you know that.

- Okay.
- I don't hide from anyone.


I didn't want you to misunderstand.

- So your husband knows.
- Yes.

An easygoing marriage.

Yes, if you like.

A convenient arrangement.

Exactly. Need to know

anything else?
- Yes.

Do you know of a nice two-room flat

that's very quiet
with a ridiculously low rent?

Because we've reached
a kind of saturation...

I'm very embarrassed.

But how do you live?
If it isn't indiscreet.

I work part-time in a travel agent's.

Is it interesting?

It's riveting.

You have big reductions
on flights, though.

Yes, but I'm scared of flying.

That's a shame.

It's hard luck.

- You like card games?
- It depends. Why?

I think they're going to play poker.
Your husband suggested it.

He loves it,
he plays whenever he can.

He's found a kindred spirit in Fred.

What do you think of your friend
Martine, after all this time?

My friend Martine?

She seems more assertive.

She used to be more shy.
More awkward.

She blossomed in marriage,

with her home and children.

A typical blossoming.

Better than nothing.

No doubt she thought that.

What about you,
don't you want children?

Oh yes...

But I've time.

I can't allow myself to stop
in my job.

- Your famous paper.
- Why famous?

Fred was heaping compliments
on you, your paper...

It's not my paper,
it's my husband's.


Right! His paper.
Now I get it.

I couldn't see
what was holding you back.

What is holding me back?

You have common interests.

It often happens in marriages.

You can forget
that kind of innuendo.

I told you, the situation's
quite clear.

As for my job, I do it well
and my employer is satisfied.

Simple, isn't it?

It's a choice like any other.
Each to his own.

Personally I think he lacks
a little touch of love.

Is that so?

A little touch of love?
You reckon?

Can you elucidate?
With more detail.

I'd like Mr Perfect's opinion.

Isn't that right?
You're never wrong.

Isn't it a drag, always being
better than the rest?

It was the same when I knew you.

You were alone on your little rock.

Bolstered by absolute truth.
Always judging.

Ten years later, you're still there.

You haven't moved an inch.

And the world is still
as cowardly and corrupt, right?

Don't you think
we've heard it all before?

It's the only one I know.

If you'd said yes 10 years ago,
you'd be on my rock with me.

I took some juice.

Of course, go ahead.
It's nice to meet someone polite.

I took it.

That's fine.
Sorry, I feel furious.

You look it.

It's my brother's friend.
Her manners amaze me.

- I'll be all right. Excuse me.
- Are you going to play poker?

They are,
I'm not interested.

I hate poker.

I can't stand lies in general.

- I'll help you tidy up.
- No. The cleaner's coming.

She'll have some work for once.

Stay right there!

The girl split something.
We need a cloth and water.

Isn't there a clean tea towel?

Down there.

Can't she get her own tea towel?

There you go.

Have you seen that girl's routine?

She doesn't hesitate a second.
She's a hardworking girl.

A right slapper.
Honestly, dressing like that!

Even you, back then
when you were emancipated...

I was emancipated?

In what way?

Well, you were pretty fearless.

You didn't need an invitation.

No, you were just like

all the girls at 18.
But not that bad.

The length of her skirt...!

Each time she bends down
there's a lull in the conversation.

And she's doing her hair
every five seconds,

talking like a child,

laughing hysterically whenever
she understands something.

It's nauseating!

I don't care about her play-acting
or her clothes

but they're all sitting there
hypnotised, fascinated...

Like rabbits caught in headlights.

She was almost obscene with
your husband. I'd have slapped her.

If you knew how many Marilyns
I come across.

Between 3 and 15 per night.
It's a routine.

I couldn't slap them all.

He's well known.

They swarm around like flies,
doing their ritual dance,

standing on my feet in the process.

No. And anyway,
to tell you the truth,

he's not that shy.


What are you saying?
You mean that...

he's not shy?

I'm just saying.
It's not important.

You scared me.

Don't worry.

I'll end up not inviting my brother.

He turns up here with all sorts.

Well, I've nothing against
the socially disadvantaged.

He makes friends easily,
it's a passion for him.

Typical Pisces.

Pisceans love everybody.

You and Fred aren't much alike.

No. Not at all.
I like him a lot,

loads, he's my brother,
but we're diametrically opposed.

Of course I don't know him,
but he seems charming.

He's so difficult! Look,

I have two children,
one 3 the other 6.

- You see what that means?
- Yes. I can see.

I'm almost wore worried about Fred
than both of them.

That must be difficult.

You have to watch them
like milk on the stove.

And that's not all. You want
a glass of water? A bit of log?

Yes, I'd like a glass of water,

No log?

No, thanks.

What about Georges?

Has he been here long?

Almost two months.
At first it was for a week...

He had this woman for 6 years,
she was very clever,

just what he needed: someone
to keep his feet on the ground.

It was all going fine,
as far as I know,

and suddenly he left her.

Just like that. He had
a brainwave and left everything.

God knows why.
We never understood.

That's weird.
Didn't he tell you?

Not a thing. He turned up here,
putting us in a spot.

And Jacques, who can't say no...

said yes, and you know the rest.

We couldn't abandon him.

You're his friends,
he came to you.

Yes, of course,
he should have done.

Charlotte, can I ask you something?

Give me an honest answer.

Go ahead.

You promise?

Cross my heart.

Was it really too salty?

- I'm looking for matches.
- I don't care.

Yes, it's me again.

No. Look, I thought about it.

I can't leave for a while yet.

It's silly waiting for me.

Because it's not practical.
I can't make it.

Yes, just forget it.
What can I say?

Yes, I changed my mind
because I'm tired.

No, look, I'm not at home,

I'm talking in front of everyone,
it's embarrassing.

Yes, we'll see. Goodnight.

Did you hear how you were speaking?

What could I do?

You were signalling with your eyes,
I could see that.

- What could I do?
- Don't talk to me like that!

Tell me.
Tell me what I should have done.

Grabbed him suddenly?
Stopped him from talking?

You do it, he's your brother.

Don't talk to me like that!
Show me some respect!

Especially in front of people.

I'm sorry, I got carried away,

please forgive me.
I spoke badly to you. It happens.

Well, it shouldn't happen.

You pushed me into answering
like that.

Nobody's here,
I'm asking what could I do.

I took him to one side,
talked to him twice.

Before things got ugly
and during.

He said not to worry.

He isn't worried,
he doesn't want us to worry.

Each time he looks at me
like I've told a joke.

My worries amuse him.
He's radiant, you can see that.

They've both gone mad.

You saw it.

As soon as they mentioned money,
I said what I thought.

And then I retired.

I knew it.

I didn't want it to degenerate.

Even better,
I told him beforehand.

With matchsticks!
A quick game of poker! My eye.

It's 100 francs a match.

It's as if they were bewitching
each other.

Not to mention that Marilyn
who sticks to the table

and regularly throws oil
on the flames.

How exciting, a cock fight!
It's pathetic.

I'm disappointed.

I'm very disappointed.

- Mummy, I want a wee.
- Go on.

- Can't you wee on your own!
- Tinou, please.

Don't exaggerate,
we'll find a solution.

They'll stop sometime.
It's 3 in the morning.

- It's not worth crying over.
- Yes it is!

It's the tension.
It'll do me good.

I'm sick of this.

I'm really, totally sick of this!

Of what?

Of everything.

- Come on.
- Leave me alone.

I'll get over it.

My nerves are bad at the moment,
that's all.

What are you doing here?

- I want a wee.
- You want a wee?

Are you all lost?

Let's go.

Right. Let's talk turkey.

Thank you both for the favour
you've done for me.

I was in a spot, you put me up,
very nice of you. There.

We're not kids any more
and this situation can't go on.

I can tell I've been a burden
to the household.

So I'm going.

Can I use your phone?
I have to call some hotels.

What, right now?

The sooner the better.
I'm getting sleepy.

Sleep here.

Two guys are playing poker
on my bed.

I might as well go now.

- At this time?
- Yes. I'm sleepy.

- Then use the phone.
- Thank you.

I'll put my bag out of the way.

I forgot the directory.

Georges, how are they getting on?

Fred's still winning
but more than before.

The other guy's pride is hurt,
he's hanging on...

- It's just wonderful.
- Fool!

- See, he's happy!
- Not happy. I'm thrilled.

You have to tell me now.

I don't recognise you.
I don't understand.

You're overexcited, just like a kid,

and now it's like you're annoyed,
hurt by something.

You say you're fed up.
What's going on?

It's like someone's hurt you.

No. It's me, it's my life.

Your life? What do you mean?

I'm fed up with my life,
nothing happens.

We never go out or do anything.
I don't work, I just stagnate.

I'm a good mother,
but that's a fat lot of good.

Nobody cares about mothers.

I wanted to get on in life.

I wanted to create something,
to be useful.

I don't know...

Take part in humanitarian
initiatives, save people...

Charlotte works,
she meets people,

she's in touch with the world.
It's so important.

She's right in the world.

Work, then, if you want.

That's easy to say.
What can I do?

It's too late now.

I don't understand.

Things aren't like
you'd like them to be.

Everyone knows that.

It'll pass.

Did it just hit you like that,

You wanted to be right in the world
and you're not?

I think you're just going through
a temporary depression.

Everyone does, Martine,
you know that.

From one hour to the next,
everything can make you sick.

You don't know why you're here.

It happens.


It just hits you like that.

We don't know why we're here.

That's it.

But I do think it'll pass.

Come on.

- You've nothing else to say?
- No.

What do you want me to say?

- You tell me.
- There's nothing else.

What else could there be?

I'd say.

It's the death blow.
I took 11,000 in one hand.

I'm slaughtering him.

I warn you, stop messing about.

Sorry for the interruption.

Yes, hello there.

I want a taxi for 13...

The phone number?
Yes, it's the...


Wait. Hello?

- Bitch!
- Sorry. I didn't hear a thing.

Stay. You're not bothering me,
I'm calling a taxi.

They play you shitty music
then hang up on you.

A pleasant way of communicating.

What's the phone number, please?


- 93?
- 93!

93, thanks.
Do you want to call?

No. I've time.
I have to look.

Thanks. It won't take long.

Yes, hello, I'd like a tax...


93, yes.

What are you looking for?

- An hotel.
- Yes?


No car for now.

Do you have a car?

You're looking for a hotel?

A little hotel.
I want to go to bed.

Really? Why?
You're leaving tonight?

Yes. It just came over me.

Right. I'll try this one, then.

Hotel Europa.

Is this the Hotel Europa?

I'm sorry, I've woken you up, sir.

No. Right.
Do you have any rooms, please?

No. For tonight.
For now.

Yes, please.

A few days.

I don't know. A week or two.


Right. How much is that?

Very good. Very good.
How much is that?

I'll think about it.

Yes. That's right.

I aimed high.

I'd forgotten Paris prices.
They've changed a lot.

Go ahead if you like.

I'll wait a little longer.

Don't bother. I disturbed you...

No you didn't, don't be silly.

I was just being friendly.

I wasn't used to it.
It surprised me.

We have trouble talking.

I'll say.

Always did have.
Ten years ago it was worse.

I must admit I wasn't very attentive
at the time. Well...

Only to myself.

It was me, me, me...

It was always me.
I behave like...

I could never talk to you,
and I've made no progress at all.

It's me.

It seems you were with someone
for a good while.

Why did you leave?

It lacked that little touch of love.

I'll try another number.

How's the poor boy
you were calling?

He must be... Yes, hello...

It's hard on the nerves,
they don't let you speak.

How is he?
Probably doubting.

He may be dozing off.

He'll be in bed.
I released him.

That's very good of you.

I'm like that.


93, that's it.
No. I'll hold the line.

Are you... going home?

I was falling asleep in there.

You never know how long
a poker game will last.

Poor Jacques and Martine.
They can't be over the moon.

No! They're thrilled.

They'd do anything to please you.

To please him, you mean.

To please him.

I'm the caliph's wife.
An accessory.

I'm not complaining.

I know I can be ignored
for a whole evening.

But these were friends.
I expected better.

Jacques has said 2 words to me

all evening.


Anyway, I tend to do that.
I always expect better.

You got one?

- No cars at the moment.
- Oh. Right.

I'll wait a while.

I'm cold, I'm frozen.

But it's warm.

Is it? I'm cold.

I always am.
Don't you remember?

You want my jacket?

Yes, I'd like that.



There. I think these hotels
are grotty enough.

They should fit the bill.

Let's dive right in.
"Travellers' Hotel".


Oh, I'm tired.
Aren't you tired?

Me? I'm almost catatonic.

Yes! Traveller's Hotel?

Sorry, I must have woken you.

No, not at all...

Right. That's the main thing...

Good... Would you...

That's very good of you.
I appreciate...

Yes! Well you're in luck,
because I...

But... I don't doubt it
for a second.


No matter. I wouldn't have minded
if you'd been sleeping.

Yes... No. But I...

Well... Well done!
Well done, sir.

Yes, I quite understand.

You're the night watchman.

If everyone did his job...

Do you have any rooms?

Well, a room!

That's rather why I'm calling.

Yes, I thought to myself:
"Why not try a hotel!"

Yes, well? So...

Just one?

Oh. Not one! Fine...

Of course I'll try elsewhere.
What else could...

Yes. If you'd have said...


Well, time's getting... Yes.

Goodnight then, sir.

Yes! Goodnight to you.

I beg your pardon, Charlotte.

I'm very embarrassed.

So is Martine.

We didn't expect this.

The party spun out of our control.

Fred wouldn't notice.
He's always a problem.

He has no discernment.

He's behaving irresponsibly.

- It doesn't matter.
- I feel for your husband.

He's losing heavily.

Don't worry, it doesn't matter.
He's no beginner.

He likes it a lot.

I don't know what to say.

I'm more than embarrassed.

I'm ashamed.

I'm deeply ashamed for Fred.

We could just die.

- It's all right!
- May I?

I'm talking to Charlotte.

It doesn't matter.

I'm sorry but I think
it matters a great deal.

It's very nice of you to say that,

but I know it matters.
I invited your husband.

Invited both of you, in fact.

I wasn't inviting you into a trap.

Believe me,
my husband is a gambler.

He often plays.

Sometimes he wins,
sometimes he loses.

But you really shouldn't worry
about it.

Anyway, you couldn't predict this.

I should have done,
knowing Fred!

He's unscrupulous.

I wouldn't have invited him,
if I'd known.

It's pathetic!

He knows I hate his scams,
so he jumps on every chance.

He's always swindling folk.

So what?
Folk must agree to it.

I didn't ask you.
I know you think that's fine.

Of course!

Elsewhere, he can do as he likes.

But not in my home.

What do I look like, eh?

What do I look like?

I can think of something.

Oh yes? Come on, out with it.

- An applicant.
- What?

Yes. An applicant for something.
Don't you see?

No. I'm in no mood for subtleties.

I want things out in the open
right now.

- Am I disturbing you?
- Not at all!

I watched you tonight.

I wondered if you were looking
for a job. Are you?

No. Be more direct,
I don't understand.

Charlotte told you
it doesn't matter!

It's her husband, she knows him.
Why the precaution?

You're walking on eggshells.
What are you scared of losing?

Has his esteem become
indispensable in one evening?

What would you give to keep it?

Don't look so indignant!

You remind me of blokes
waiting for autographs

not knowing if it's a Nobel
prize-winner or a weatherman.

- You're always superior.
- You don't know this guy!

You haven't seen him in 10 years
but you fight his corner

like he's your closest friend.

What does it matter
if he loses money at poker?

Is he broke? He's a journalist,
writer, TV presenter.

He has income.

That's not the issue, Georges.

I repeat, this is my house

and no one will be swindled here.

No one mentioned a swindle.

Who's implying that Charlotte's
husband is being swindled?

I won't have it!

I watched them play for 2 hours.

Fred isn't cheating.

Believe me, he's not.

He's on the level.
There are no victims.

Just Fred who needs money
and is winning some.

I see nothing immoral in that.

If you weren't blinded, dazzled,

you'd see that.
- That's your point of view.

Don't tell me how I am
and how I should be.

I just see myself as civilised. Yes!

With a sense of hospitality.

The same one you've taken
advantage of for 2 months.

Is it over?

Nice game.

Very nice, in fact.

I got just what I wanted.

Unfortunately for him,
though he played very well.

But tonight the cards fell for me.

- How much did you win?
- 80,000.

- What?
- 80,000.

Think you're clever?

Jacques! You can't let this happen.

I'll see to it, Martine.
I'm just seeing to it.

What will you do?

I don't know.
Maybe I'll buy a car.

I hope you won't take it.

He will.
He gave him a cheque.

A cheque for 80,000 francs?

He lost, so he paid me.
There's nothing odd in that.

I will not

have you swindling people here.
- Just listen...

Yes. Swindling! Exactly!

Martine, don't start shouting.
Don't make a scene.

Yes. I won. It's no big deal.

That's not at all what I meant.

- I did.
- You have the cheque?

Of course, I saw him take it.

- He's got it on him.
- I'm not saying I haven't.

Take a shower.
I've got it and I'm keeping it.

I don't want you here again.
This is the last time.

Okay. It's the last time.

You mean to keep this money?

Hasn't this gone beyond a joke?

The cheque's yours, you earned it.

I saw you play.
You turned the tables very neatly.

Very bold and composed.
It's yours.

Thanks, Georges.

Can I phone for a taxi?

I said you could.
Go on, use the phone!

Thanks. Very nice of you.

Fred, how much do you owe me?

I can see him coming.

Can you see me coming, Fred?

No. I'm over the moon.
I was barely listening.

I asked you
how much do you owe me?


Now I can see you coming.

I'll give you a cheque
for 10,000 francs

and you give me yours in return.

You owe me 70,000.
You're in a position to pay me.

What if I just went?

You won't leave
till you've paid me, Fred.

He paid up, why shouldn't you?

Pay what you owe.

And you'd stop me going?



We'll see about that, then.

It's worth a try.

Yes, he is stopping me.

Well, you can't win 'em all.

Come on, then.
Let's see your lousy 10,000 francs.

He won't accept it anyway.

I hope you're proud of yourself.

Yes. Hello.

I'll give it to you.
Couldn't you be nicer?

You don't answer when I say hello.

No doubt you'll hang up on me now,
won't you?

That's lucky.

Never. No, never!

Nobody talks properly.
We're not animals.

Yes, all right, I'll wait.
Thank you.

It's all sorted.
I gave him his money.

The matter is closed.

Very good.
You did the right thing.

He was tired, and...

he asked me to say goodnight.

Oh, Fred...

He's taking Marilyn home.

He's gone.


He's gone.

Thank you!

Subtitles - Henry Moon