Cuidado con el amor (1954) - full transcript

Salvador acompañado de dos amigos de su padre a los que él llama tios, llegan a una feria en el pueblo, ahi conoce a Ana. Al ganar una apuesta le pagan con una casa hipotecada, para su sorpresa al entrar en ella se da cuenta de que Ana y su madre viven en ella, provocando un enredo divertido con un explosivo final.

Pay close attention to
the song the wind is bringing

it is a story of love that started
with a moment of sorrow

She was called Matilda de Pila,
her nick name, "La Chapeada"

she would refuse the love
that Ifigenio would lay down

Ifigenio was an errand,
he was called "Sombrerudo"...

his head was always adorned
by his funnel-like sombrero

[mariachi cry]

This flirty woman, Matilde,
on a night of gathering

a betting she conceived
that Sombrerudo would not win

She faked herself drunk,
next to captain Quirino

Next to him was El Charrascas
his nephew and bodyguard

The captain came to hug her
when Ifigenio made an entrance

they confronted, gun in hand,
and the Sombrerudo went down...

[Salvador gives mariachi cry]

[Salvador] A second one, guys!

[mariachi cry]

Matilde, La Chapeada,
all she did was laugh

as the poor man was agonizing
Charrascas gave him more

There is nothing left of that man
his grave lays in the barn...

hanging on top of the cross
we only see his sombrero.

We all did very well,
now, each one to his work.

Let us go with you, young Chava.

I said no, if all goes well,
I'll send for you.

Fine, I hope it is soon.

-Good voyage, Chava.
-Okay, thank you.


How is it going, son?

You've decided to leave?

I don't want to leave you alone dad,
understand please.

I am just curious to know
what's beyond the horizon.

Well, another horizon.

I knew one day you would go
an explore the world.

But remember that an
unrooted tree doesn't give fruit.

I know you get it, the earth is
our mother, our woman,

our sister and our bride.

We, the farmers,
always come back to her.

We will be waiting here
until the day your bring me

a daughter-in-law as pure
and beautiful as your mother.

If God blesses me as such, dad.

He will, if you deserve it,
because you have the means.

Even though from now on, your
life will be of a poor vagabond.

Many people would love
to have what you have.

You are the best rider
in the region.

And your deck of cards carries
a fifth "A", in case you need it.

I learned form the best, dad.

I had to complete
your academic education

with life education,
in which I am an expert.

Take this letter, it's for the guys.

Serafin Estrada and Felipe Ochoa.
The guys you're always talking about?

Those exactly.

You'll find them wherever there
are songs, drinks and cards.

You'll find them easily.

All Calinto knows them.

Give them, the letter
alongside with my regards.

They will complete
your instruction.

What good mentors
you're sending me to.

The best ones, you'll find
they're just like you.

One more thing.

Take these 1000 pesos
to get you started, son.

-No dad, keep them.
-Take them, you idiot.

You should never refuse money.

You can pay me back
when you come back.

That's fine,
and at double interest.

Like the Americans say,
"business are business"

-Well, that's all.
-Yes, that's all.

Dad, give me your blessing.

Son, go blessed by God.

With his blessed help
and a bit of your wick

you can withstand all
what life brings you.

Goodbye, dad.

[horse neighs]

Only a Norteño
would take that bait.

[Icasio] There you have one,
rich and ready.

You're right, you seem
to have eyes on your back.

[giggles nervously]

-Good day to you, gentlemen.
-Good day to you.

-Very good day.
-What can I give you?

One tall tequila, and another for
the gentleman and if allow me.

Thank you.

-Your accent is from the North?
-I am from Sinaloa.

Where men are born from
horses and burnt by the gun.
[men laugh]

-Are you on your way to the South?
-Not really, I'm here for business.

Do you know where I could find
Serafin Estrada and Felipe Ochoa?

Those names are familiar.
How do they look like?

A couple of brave guys,
love women, drinks and cards.

We have all that here,
they may be around.

-Do you think so?
-It's possible.


There is a guy outside
looking for you.

-Looking for us? Why?
-God knows.

He may have a lot of money,
he's the confident type.

-Send the guy our way!
-He'll dump his money on us!

-I have the right to be pampered.
-Don't be so greedy.

-Maybe he is secret service.
-Let's go see.

My dear God.

He is fresh from the hills.

That mountaineer looks elegant.
That face seems familiar.

I've seem him before.

-Should I introduce you to him?
-As soon as possible.

Just don't tell him who we are.

Let's see how much he can give.

Mr. Icasio, you had too much, look.

Don't say that, what would
the gentleman say?

Don't worry, I'll pay.

I was just kidding.

inside they can tell you about
the men you're looking for.

-Which way?

But, don't ask right away.

Play some cards with them first,
then you slip the question.

Those guys are hiding as
if they owe money to the world.

-Keep an eye on my horse.
-Don't worry.

No more petty gaming,
20 pesos minimum betting.

Good, I was getting bored.

-You like danger, my friend?
-Just enough to spice up my life.

Man, the same words that guy
would say, you remember?

-Who is "that guy"?
-A good man who left us hanging.

She found his angelical woman
and left us to dry.

You're a young man,
run away from angelical women

because they only want marriage.

A married man is a wasted man.

I can see him now, fat,
broken and wrinkled,

poor and with a bunch of annoying
children surrounding him!

[Felipe] And failing to stand
his old woman!

[Felipe] In the meantime, us...

A couple opens.
Your turn, my friend.

I pass.

There goes 50 pesos.

-And 50 more.
-There goes 100.

I won't go.

-I pay.

-I want three.
-Two for me.

Do it.


-Spades, does it work?
-It's good.

Two ladies, to open.

Four ladies.

Sir, you don't like
winning by a little.

Well, let's see.

What's your game, young man?

I'm looking for two skilled
players you man know.

Serafin Estrada and Felipe Ochoa.

-What for?
-My dad sent them a letter.

-Give me here.
-What "give me here"?

He is Serafin Estrada
and I Felipe Ochoa.

No way, my told me
they were two guys.

Are we not? A little rusted,
but guy still!

-Besides, who are you?
-Salvador Allende.

-What is Esteban for you?
-My dad.

Oh, my dear God.

No wonder he seemed familiar
from the beginning.

Get up young man, let us
look at you, good poise.

-Good legs.
-Strong arms.

Bony hands, good for the cards.

Nothing is creaking.

Butt still up.

Strong chest.

I'm not surprised, Esteban always
liked doing things right.

-Let's see the teeth.
-I'm not a horse!

And we thought
we were still young.

I feel old just looking at you.

-Me too.
-That's a big boy.

Why are you sad?

He is right!
This is a day to celebrate!

We have fund a son!

And we need to drink to that!

-But, of course!
-Don't look so confused,

Your dad and us never set
limits to our properties

and he is not going to deny
our side of your paternity.

-Of course.
-I don't like that.

Boy! Have some respect
for your dads!

Give us the letter, surely your dad
is placing you under our tutelage.

Give me!

And toast with us.

A toast between father and son!


[letter gets open]

Compadre, you have longer arms.

[reading] "My dear brothers"...

My eyes got tired, you read it.

[reading] "My dear brothers",

-"I am introducing my son..."
-[both men] Nice to meet you.

Don't be rude,
say "nice to meet you too"!

Of course!
An educated man is a strong man!

-Nice to meet you.
-Good. Keep reading.

[reading] "I introduce you my son,
he is there looking for adventures.

He is there finding his own luck,
fighting his own battle,

and taking an aim at life.

I thought, if he is brave
enough to go into the world,

he should have the best teachers,
who mastered in life,

you are my dear brothers.

Although, I've taught him
all I know

he is not wise yet and doesn't
know what age has taught us.

But he is a noble guy, open to
learning and nothing scares him."

What am I? A bullfighter,
a bull or a stubborn mule?

Life has us be both
at one point or another.

Sometimes bulls, other bullfighters,
most of the time, mules.

Don't interrupt!
Go on, son.

[reading] "I just want him to settle
down so he can be happy as I was,

next to a sweet and pure woman

like the one watching us
from heaven."

There is the catch, marriage.

So young and they want to tie
him down, that's not nice.

-Keep reading.

Keep going.

[reading] "He witnessed my life,
now he needs to witness yours.

To see and choose,
to try everything.

Only a wise man knows that
thirst is satiated by water."

-You heard "water" and got all sick.

Don't interrupt, keep going.

"Give him room in your mariachi
group, the most famous of Jalisco.

Uh, that was over a long time ago.

Quiet, keep going.

[reading] "my boy is a so-so singer."
Not so much...

[reading] "He'll do good by you.
Now, in name of our brotherly love,

I trust my boy to you,
making sure, above all,

for him never to carry
a death over him

unless it's for self-defense.

Your brother that remembers
you fondly, Esteban."

What does the other letter say?

It's the same one.

A careful man is
as valuable as two of them.

Your dad placed one letter inside
the other, in case one got lost.

You're dumb.
Your dad was always proper,

He sent two letters,
one for you, one for me.

Esteban did good
in getting married.

Look at that great boy
he brought into this world

to take care of him
in his old age.

When I remember my Chavela,
my conscience goes upside down.

Well, to revive your already
dead conscience

that Chavela must
have been a vision!

She was like a fine horse
I could never tame.

But she liked money,
so I had to goo find my luck.

Then I got distracted
somewhere else.

When I went back to marry her,

she run away, shamed by the town,
carrying a new born.

I looked for them all over,
but never found them.

Well, let's stop talking
about sad moments.

Your dad knew how to do
things right.

I'll go for the guitar,
and you sing for us.


Before you start singing whatever,
choose your song well.

We can give you a sample,
and you take it from there.

-Right compadre?
-Right! Get the guitar, compadre.

You get the dark,
and I get the brown.

Look carefully, now it's not
the same as before.

Now it's all about the voice...

[singing] Augustin was coming
down on a horse

and they betrayed him
when he got to Brave street.

Augustin was coming
down on a horse

and they betrayed him
when he got to Brave street...

Augustin was a nice boy,
two names and double the heart.

-There were many women.
-He died by falling in love.

[singing] Where did he die?
He died in a bar.

Where did the mourn him?
In the house of Joaquina.

Where did he die?
He died in a bar.

Where did the mourn him?
In the house of Joaquina...

The lady was nice, she saw him
laying in a bloody pool

and said, "let me bring you a
blanket so you don't catch a cold"

A compassionate woman
is always welcome.

-He liked going from one to one.
And he died in one of them.

[singing] The road he traveled
was called Matamoros

That's where Jaime died,
because he drank to his ears

The road he traveled
was called Matamoros

That's where Jaime died,
because he drank to his ears...

-What a drunken guy.
They called him the cork.

[Serafin] He would grab the bottle
and never come for air.

-Let's sing the goodbye?

[singing] White dove of golden beak

Augustin Jaime died
for falling in love.

White dove of golden beak

Augustin Jaime died
for falling in love...

-Well, he died of death.
-He really died.

-What do we do now?
-Wait for the burial.

[men celebrate]

How did you like it?

It was great, my dad never sung.

How could this mariachi abandon
us, we still sing like the best.

-Those were good times.
-Let's keep it rolling.

-Are you sleepy already?
-Me? Sleepy?

-Let's go wherever!
-Let's go!

But, wouldn't it be better
to wait until nightfall?

-He doesn't like the sunlight.

What's with the mystery?
What are you hiding from?

Owe money,
or the police is after you?

Nothing like that.
Let's go somewhere.

-But before that...

Tell him, compadre.

We're going to fix you up.

What's going on?

We're not going out
with you like that.

You look too clean and too fancy.

Don't get scared, we'll just
rough you up a little.

-No, wait a minute...
-Don't move or we cut the jacket.

-It looks nice.
-We'll make it ugly in a minute.

[Serafin] Excuse us.

There is a lot of people here.

-Where is Salvador?
-Where is this boy?

Maybe he got lost.
Let's go look for him.

No wonder he wanted
to leave the bar.

Look at him!
As quick as the thought.

[Felipe] He's not wasting time.

Let's lend him a hand?
What do you say?

Let's see how he does.
Maybe he won't even need us.

With so much twisting,
you'll get the button out.

-May I try?

-Sorry. Done.

Thank you very much.

-What an idiot, she left.
-No good at all.

-Follow her, dummy!
-You had her, then let her go?

-If your dad would see you.
-She look like a decent girl.

[both men gasp]

You're so naive, little boy.

Those things don't exist here!

She is a decent girl.
Let's go.

-[Serafin] Hey, wait for us!
-[Felipe] Wait!

Boy, you need to open your eyes.

-[Felipe] The girls go fast here.
-[Serafin] Right.

-[Felipe] open your eyes.
-[Serafin] Right.

-[Felipe] You'll end up empty handed.
-[Serafin] Right

[Felipe] Go in.

-Fine, fine.
-Not fine at all.

If you don't listen to us, what
are we going to tell your father?

Right, besides,
you're leaving room for failure.

A hunter who let's go of
his pray is an idiot.

I get it, but my heart tells me
she is a decent woman.

Compadre, look who is coming.

There you have your decent woman,
she came looking for you.

Time to hunt.

Now what?
Are your eyes deceiving you?

If she was a decent woman,
what would she be doing here?

Come one, don't get like that.

Just to convince you, I bet you
100 pesos she's looking for a man

-She is not!
-I take that bet!

-100 by 100.
-I rather loose and for you to win.

-Go for her.
-Do it for the bet.


What a shy boy.

Excuse me, you don't seem
to know anyone here.

-I don't know you either.
-But we've seen each other before.

Listen to me, please.
You can't be here alone.

If they see you unaccompanied,
they could be disrespectful.

-Let me go.
-As you wish.

[men laugh]

You're calling too much attention.

Come here.

Excuse me gentlemen, excuse me.

-What do you think, compadre?
-Good hunting.

We can see the whole bar
from here.

-What are you having?
-A lemonade.

The same.

-Can I help you with something?
No, thank you.

Thank you.

Give me all the liquor you have.

You don't serve lemonade here,
what a shame.

-First, we add rum.
-Tequila after the rum.

Of course,
tequila needs some mezcal.

Don't leave the gin left out.

-Now what?
-Some syrup to make it tasty.

Some syrup here.

-Lemon juice.
-Lemon juice.

-Plus some orange juice.
-Yes, orange juice.

It's looking better.

A little bit of saffron.


-That saffron doesn't look good.
-Then some ice.

Ice, there...

A blessing, just in case.
Take it now.

-With lemonade?

-It's bad luck.
-Are you superstitious?

A little bit, we are surrounded
by strange things, miracles...

Some are alive due to miracles,
do you believe in miracles?

-I do.
-Me too.


This has a strange taste.

Maybe because I never drink
lemonade, I forgot the taste.

Yes, it tastes strange,
but I was very thirsty.

My mouth tastes bitter.

Compadre, what do you think
they're talking about?

About the three wise men.

I was hoping
for something different.

Let's go help him.

Good afternoon.

Son, introduce us. Don't be rude,
what is the lady going to say?

My uncles, Miss...

At your service miss,
I am your humble admirer.

I feel the same as my compadre.
not a bit less.

Nice to meet you.

-Tell us, how is out boy behaving?
-Very good.

[laughs] He is like his uncles.

The same thing,
so you don't work too much.

You, come here.
Bring us the same, exactly the same.


What were we saying?

Oh yes.

You like Gaspar,
but pray to Baltazar, right?

[Felipe and Serafin laugh]

Gentlemen, do you want a song?

Of course Chato,
we were waiting for you.

-What are you doing here?
Sorry Chava, we followed you.

-What should we sing?
-"Gorrioncillo Pecho Amarillo", yes?

-Yes sir.
-Go ahead then.

Here we go.

No, better sing "100 años”

-That's just for you, compadre.
-You're not any younger.

Tune your guitars!
I like good music!

-Cheers, cheers.
-Yes, cheers.



[guitar plays]

You walked right beside me,
with cruel indifference,

your eyes never wanted
to turn toward me

I saw you, you never saw me,
I spoke, you never heard me

and all my bitterness
got swallowed inside of me.

My life itself is in pain,
to know you have forgotten me

and to know I don't even
deserve your disdain.

And yet your existence
is still coupled with mine

and if I lived 100 years
100 years you'll be inside me.

You walked right beside me,
with cruel indifference,

your eyes never wanted
to turn toward me

I saw you, you never saw me,
I spoke, you never heard me

and all my bitterness
got swallowed inside of me.

My life itself is in pain,
to know you have forgotten me

and to know I don't even
deserve your disdain.

And yet your existence
is still coupled with mine

and if I lived 100 years
100 years you'll be inside me.

[people celebrate]

Here, so you speak well
of the city people.

Here, take it. Don't take a bunch,
so everyone gets some.

God bless you, thank you.

Son, you sing so well.

Same as my compadre
when he was your age.

No compadre, same as you.
[men yell]

Don't fight,
same as the both of you.

-That deserves a drink.
-Of course, sir.

-No more.
-Why not?

You shouldn't drink more.

No one tell me what to do.

[men laugh]

Well said.

It's better to tell him now
than to lecture him later.

It's for your own good.
It could be bad for you.

Lemonade could be bad for me?

[men laugh]

Okay sweetie, let's unveil this
once and for all.

We made a bet with him.

You just have to answer one
question and we'll have a winner.

Stop that, please.

You made the bet, don't deny it.

I don't deny it, I can
claim failure if you want.

Here you have the 200 pesos,
but stop that already.

I want to know. Ask me.

You came here looking for a man?

Looking for a man, right?

Yes, how did you now?

[men laugh]

Excuse me.

[men laugh]

What are you laughing about?
I came looking for my father.

... your... your father?

Yes, and I'm desperate.

Since a few months ago,
he is no longer the same.

[Ana Maria] He drinks, gambles,
he looks desperate.

I can't make him tell me
what's wrong.

Three days ago I heard he was
here and came looking for him.

I am so sorry, we misjudged you.

Miss, we bed your forgiveness.

That's why he left?

Good afternoon.

[Serafin] Miss, miss!
Allow us to walk you out!

We will escort you so
no one disrespects you.

No one disrespects me!


[crowd laughs]

-We messed up, compadre.
-She has a strong hand.

Where is Chava? Let's tell him so
he won't think bad of her.

And before she tries to hit him.

-Chava, that girl...
-Don't talk to me about her.

You were right, I promise you,
from now own I'll listen to you.

That vicious woman ended
the faith I had in people.

[festive music]
[people celebrate]

Here goes the color...

[people celebrate]

[Serafin] Well, 200.

[dealer] On the table.


And a topped one.

-A couple of kings.
-I pass.

[knock on the door]
[dealer] I rest.

[Hilario] I pass.

-[Salvador] I pay.
-[Serafin] I pass.

-3 dames.
-3 kings.

Mr Hilario, your luck took a turn.

It's late.

-Time to cash?
-If you say so.

-You owe 20,000 pesos.
-I won.

You don't win anything.

I have nothing to pay with.

-I have nothing to pay with.

Do whatever you want with me.

That's not good enough.
I will shoot you!

You're not ashamed?

-Sit down boy!
-Let's talk this out, boy.

You know I played straight
and I won.

Yes, but this happens all the time.

-I will kill him.
-What do we do with the dead body?

Kill me.

I don't deserve to live.

You're not useful to us dead.

I need you alive so you can pay me,
someday you'll have money.

Never, I'm ruined.

You must have something.
Try to remember.

-[crying] I have a house.
-You see?

Then you give me the title.

It won'r be useful to you.

It's in foreclosure
and they will take it away.

The sell is scheduled for the 20th.

This is not good at all.

It was all I had.

My wife and daughter
will be thrown to the street.

I got desperate and came to play.

I had the hope
of winning something

and pay for an extension.

I am going crazy.

I thought they would give an
extension for a legendary house.

I live in an area called
"La Llena de San Cristobal"

San Cristobal?
The Hill of San Cristobal?

That same one,
my house is the best in the area.

The call it,
"The House Of The Medallion".

If you've been in San Cristobal,
you should know about it.

No sir, I don't know it.

I worked hard my whole life,
day and night,

to save money to buy that house.

And now those
bad men will take it.

Just because
he loaned me 20,000 pesos.

You give it to us for 5,000 pesos,
you're going to loose it anyway.

-Are you crazy?
-Completely crazy?

I know what I'm doing.
I'll tell you later.

If you give it to us right now,
we'll give you 10,000 pesos cash

so you can start
your business again. Yes?

You're not teasing me?

Of course not, let's go
to the notary if you want.

[crying] Thank you.

How can I ever repay you?

[Hilario] May God bless you.

You are a group of angels.

The House Of The Medallion

[Serafin] This is the one!

[Salvador] The one for what?
What is it good for?

Lost money, in two weeks
we'll loose it to foreclosure.

When that time comes,
we'll have brought it down.

we bought it to destroy it?

Like my brother Anislado said, "No".

We lost the 10,000 pesos we
had left in this stupid thing?

We didn't loose them, listen to me.

There are 500,000 pesos in gold
coins buried inside this house.

And no one had found them.

-Where are you going, compadre?
-How is that possible?

We've bought the best
treasure for 10,000 pesos.

500,000 golden coins, multiplied
by 7 and some, it's like...a lot.

Four million pesos!

it sounds too good to be true.

You don't believe it?

These are the scars made by
the bullets of the Revolution.

And when I remember
the horror of the battle

I lift my soft voice to declare
that us, the veterans,

the ones who answer the
fearful voice of the oppressed,

never hesitated in filling
the battlefield with our blood

in defense of the highest ideals.

What highest ideals?
You just played the trumpet.

-Playing to give the orders.
-Continue your tale, uncle.

It was right here.

We were following general Romero,
he carried the federales quota,

more than 500,000 pesos in gold coins.

He and few of his followers
stayed there.

We came in fighting.
We took over them soon after.

We started to look for the money.
Looking here and looking there.

We were looking, suddenly
the Robles brigada came onto us.

Since they were many,
they pulverized us.

They left me for dead
in the middle of the corpses.

I wasn't really dead,
I was faking it.

I am the only survivor
from that event

and the only one who knows
about the buried coins there.

Now there are three.

-Three to one.
-The same thing.

-What are we waiting for? Let's go!
-Let's go now!

Wait a minute!

First, let's see
how things are inside.

Let's greet the family.

I'm sure mr. Hilario told them
we were coming, as he promised.

They may be waiting for us
with open arms.

I'm coming! I'm coming!

What do you want?

Tell the lady we're
the new owners of the house.

Oh my God!

Push harder!

-[maid] The lady is not here.
-We'll wait.

-Leave, please.
-No way, this is our house.

-That's true.
-It'll be better if you leave.

I know what i'm telling you,
the house is falling apart.

It's filled with scorpions,
rats, snakes, crickets and spiders.

-So what?
-[maid] There are also ghosts.

-You heard that? Ghosts.
-That's even better.

-When do the ghosts come?
-At night.

That deserves a drink.

-You're not leaving/
-Of course not!

You'll regret this!

Melchor! Melchor!
They've arrived!

-The ones throwing us away.

-What do we do?
-What we agreed on.

-See? let's not waste time.
-Let's check the whole house.

You have a young ear,
find the hollow sound.

-There it is.
-Don't be funny!

[dogs approaching]

After them!

[Serafin] Compadre, don't be a coward.

[Felipe screams]

Why don't we shoot them
and end this?

No way, poor animals.

-They're just doing their job.
-[Felipe] That is to bite us?


[dogs bark]

Do you have some sugar?


Chava, maybe they want tequila.

-[Sebastian savors]
-Not for you!

[dogs bark]

Ma'am! Ma'am!

Help us please.

What are you doing there?

Waiting for you to come,
as you can see.

Mr. Hilario didn't tell you we're
the new owners of the house?

He did. Come down please,
you must be uncomfortable.

This is actually nice,
do you want to come up?

Please, make the dogs go away.

Melchor! Melchor!

Come take the dogs.

Don't worry,
they don't bite decent people.

They don't bite decent people?
Make them go away.

-Have some respect.
-Don't be so fresh.

Come down, please.

Hilario told me how kind
you were to him.

We can't thank you enough.

Well, the way we were received...

Chona! Chona!


I can't really fly.

Chona! Chona!

Is the girl back from school?

Chona, answer me!

[Rosario] Is the girl back from school?

[Chona] not yet, I'll go get her
while I go get bread.


Forgive them. Melchor and Chona
like this house a lot.

They don't allow anyone
to do anything to it.

I bet you want to rest?

We prepared a room for you.
Come this way, please.

We'll be right there ma'am!

-What do you think?
-This will be hard.

If they don't allow
anything to anyone,

as soon as we start digging,
they'll jump on us.

I'm worried about the little girl,
kids see and tell everything.

As soon as they find out
we're looking for treasure...

Let's walk around these nuisances,
you get us to be alone.

-Enough, let's tell them to go away.

They didn't give me anything
at the pawn show.

-Get the bread on credit.
-Let's see if they want to.

We regret to tell you

that our circumstances
have changed and us...

[Chona] Ma'am!

The girl is coming.

[girl] Good afternoon.

[emotive music]

Now, we're really in trouble.

This is my daughter Ana Maria.

She is the school teacher.

-That gentleman is...
-I know him.

I don't think so, that guy looked
like me, but he is dead.

-You killed him.
-[Rosario gasps]

I didn't mean to.
That poor man was so weak,

he would get drunk
with just a lemonade.

That's true.

he just needed a simple girl with
a sweet face to put on a pedestal.

But you were quick
to bring her down.

His imagination was worse
than his drunkenness.

No, he just had faith on people.
He even believed in miracles.

-So, he never searched for truth.
-He died when he found it.

May he rest in peace.
I'll pray for him.

Prayers won't save him.

If he can't be saved,
I'll cry for him.

A regretful tear
may bring him back to life.

Oh my God! What a blasphemy!
And you killed a man!

Where? When? How?

When I went to San Isidro
looking for dad.

I came into a bar,
or a game house, I don't know.

Your dad?

They didn't tell you?

Look at that.

You don't need to cry or pray.
The dead man came back to life.

By the holy Virgin,
I'm going crazy.

You'll go to confess tomorrow.
Go to your room to think about it.

Yes mom.

And you...

-What did you want to tell me?
-It doesn't matter now.

I wanted to tell you, you can
still live here as always,

the house is yours,
imagine we never bought it.

The house is all yours.

[Serafin] You messed up, son.

It's never wise to mix
women with business.

We'll have to tell them about this
and they can't keep quiet.

Get this in your heads, I like
the girl and I will get to her.

That's going to take a long time.

She's a good girl, and she doesn't
seem to like you much.

If you annoy her with your advances,
she could mess up our business.

We better get rid of them
as soon as possible!

No gentlemen.

I gave most of the money
for this business.

What money? My compadre
and I gave those 10,000 pesos.

Half and half.

And the 20,000 pesos
I won against Mr. Hilario?

Chava is right, they can stay.

But don't change the order of life.

Wine, money, cards and women.

-Women at the end.
-Well said, compadre.

You spoke wisely.

Our priority is to find the coins.

-Uncle, get your calendar here.
-Yes, because we're wasting time.

-We can stay here until the 20th.
-Today is the 7th.

That's my lucky number.

So, we only have 13 days?

13 is my number, there goes the "X'.

I'm sure we'll find the treasure!

Let's go to sleep,
we'll wake up at dawn.

We're going to work hard!

-Compadre, easy on the snoring...
-[Serafin] Look who is talking...

[Serafin screams]

-What happened?!
-The scorpions!

-[Salvador] Not with the gun!
-[Serafin] I see some on the floor.

There are two here!

Don't be scared, compadre.

I can take on tigers or lions,
but not little animals!

-There is one!
-[Felipe screams in pain]

You landed right on my bunion!

It looked like an scorpion...
[Salvador laughs]

[Felipe snores]

[Chona] Melchor! Melchor!


-[Melchor] Oh my God!
-[Chona howls]

[Melchor] Holy Spirit...
Holy Spirit...

-[Chona howls]
-[Melchor] Holy cross... holy cross...

Holy cross... Holy Spirit!

Come on! It's me!

Don't look at me with deer eyes.

Get up and drag the chains
while I hollow.

[Chona howls]

[Chona / ghost howling]

Did you hear?

Wake up!

[Chona / ghost howling]

-An apparition!

-There are ghosts.
-It's the general's ghost.

Where there are ghosts
there is money.

We're saved, compadre.
Ghosts and treasures go together.

-Get Salvador!
-What's going on?

Listen. Where there are ghosts
there is money.

We found it. We're saved!
We're rich!

-We're rich!
-We're rich!

-Yes! We're rich!
-Rich! Rich! Rich!

[Chona / ghost howling]

[Chona / ghost howling]

[Salvador screams]
[Ana Maria gasps]

[romantic music]

[rooster crows]

[Felipe snores]




Co... compadre...

Compadre, the sun is up.

Compadre... please... take it away...

In the name of your holy mother...
take it away!

Look at this!

Compadre, take it away, please.


[Felipe] Compadre...

[Felipe] Compadre! Chava!

[Felipe] Ta... tara... tarantula!

Poor thing, she's cold.
Don't bother her.

She's coming.


[Felipe] Compadre... Compadre!

It's time?
We have to work a lot?

Look at this compadre!

Wait compadre, I can't wake up
until I've washed my face.

[Felipe] Compadre... take it away!

[Felipe] Chava! Chavito!

Ta... tara... tarantula!

Don't move, you hairy one...

Uncle, don't do that!

My goodness.

This poor animal has the right
to enjoy its God-given life.

-Poor thing.
-[Felipe moans]

Maybe its in-love.

Melchor! Melchor!

Melchor! Melchor!
Ay Melchor! Melchor!

-Chona, what's going on?
-[Chona] Melchor!

-What did you do to Chona?
-Me? Why do you think ill of me?

So, her screams were for nothing?

I don't know what to think about
the strange things happening here.

-Did you hear last night?

It's not the first night
that ghost came.

And I thought it was a bad dream,
I didn't eat dinner last night.

I am so sorry about that.
Do you want some breakfast?

If it is the same to you,
I'd rather eat now.

Let's go to the dinning room.
This way.

After you.

[Rosario] This girl had a bad dream,
she dreamt that...

[Ana Maria] Mom, please don't tell.

Let me do it, if you tell a dream,
it won't come true.

She dreamt a gorilla took her
in his arms and hugged her tight.

-Was the gorilla ugly?

Be careful, sometimes
dreams come true.

[Rosario] Really?

Maybe Ana Maria sleepwalks.
You hold it.


I thought it was you
who was walking in the hallway.

[Rosario gasps] Was she the one
dragging the chains?

No, just this gun.

The gun your dad gave you?

Ma'am, there is doctor Sandoval.

-This early?
-That's what I told him.

He says he wants to talk to you
before walking the girl to school.

-Invite him to the living room.
-I did that already.

He says it's urgent.

-Excuse me.
-Sure ma'am.


Yes, my sweet lady?

You stay here.

Don't ear-drop what
they're saying in the living room.

Me? Since when?

[Ana Maria] Chona! Chona!


Your authority is not worth much.
Here you go.

Maybe this will
make them listen to you.

You were really awake, right?

Next time don't call me ugly.
I don't look like a gorilla.

Do you think I'm an idiot?
I took away the bullets.


No, it won't end like this.

[Felipe] Of course, compadre.


That's a funny way to eat cream.

You always liked to eat.


My compadre deserves
the same treatment.

Ay! Don't defend me again!

She's hit us so much,
we're beginning to love her.

What do you mean "we"?

[Serafin moans]

[Felipe groans]

Ma'am, I am very thankful, as always.

-At your service.
-Thank you very much.

Ana Maria...

[banging on the door]

-Who is it?
-[Ana Maria] Me!

-Who is "me"?
-[Ana Maria] Open the door please.

-[Salvador] Do you need anything?
-Nothing, thank you.

May I?
There you go.

-Thank you.
-[Salvador laughs]

-[Chona scoffs]
-Funny place to keep the broom.

I put it here when that idiot
comes, makes him leave sooner.

Today it didn't work so well.

Ana Maria was entertaining him,
he is his boyfriend.

What? Him?
He's almost in the grave!

That's what I tell her.

He is a widower and with
daughters older than her.

They were waiting for the
last daughter to get married

to set their wedding date,

but now things are moving
faster because of you.

No way! I'm not responsible
for that miracle.

Miracles of the devil.

He found out you guys were here

He came early to ask the lady
to go live at his house.

-And the lady said yes?
-No way!

So he suggested
to move the wedding up.

That's when the girl came in.
She was furious!

But she gave in and tomorrow
they'll send the invitations.

That's not good. Let's stop
that wedding no matter what.

What are you going to do?
My sweet girl is very stubborn.

And we're in a desperate situation,

we owe the butcher, the baker,
the milkman, everyone.

If you help me, I swear
Ana Maria won't marry him.

Melchor and I will be
on your side until death!

And to show my support
I won't play you my next trick.

-Poison on my food?
-No, not on your food.

The lady and the girl
would also get poisoned.

I was going to put
something in your bed...



Compadre, I think you're the one.

That's enough of that.

Right, those of little eyes,
are known to steal.

You don't know anything.
Let's be quiet.

What are you fighting about?
You found more scorpions?

Worst than that. Someone
took 250 pesos from my wallet.

[Serafin] And I lost 350,
that's a total of 600 pesos!

[Sebastian clears his throat]
-There is a thief here, and you?

I didn't loose anything.

-[Rosario] Good morning]
-Good morning ma'am.

Chona! Chona! My breakfast
and my juice for my pills!

-[Chona] i'll be right there!
-Sit down.

Mr. Allende, I'm thankful
and humbled by you.

Chona told me
you paid all our debts

with the grocery man,
the butcher and the bakery.

It was a lot of money.
600 pesos!

[Felipe and Serafin choke]
-[Sebastian] Don't worry ma'am.

[Rosario] We'll pay you back.

Hilario sent me a letter,
he is doing fine.

Providence sent you
our way to save us.

He found your dad,
they were old friends.

I girl won't eat breakfast.

She wants me to bring her
breakfast to school,
she was fasting.

Excuse me.

That's good.
She has some things to confess.

My daughter killing a man...

it can't be.
It just can't be.

-It happens ma'am.

[banging on the wall]

[loud banging on the wall]

Good morning, I need to talk to you,
can I walk you to church?

-Let me pass.
-Not unless we talk.

-The doctor is waiting for me.
-The more he waits the better.


[Felipe and Serafin laugh]

She won the fight,
you only lasted three kicks.

First on the rib, second to the air,
third on the floor.

Keep your heard up, don't be sad.

-Should we help him?
-Go back to work! move!

Sure, now it is time to work!

You just like giving orders while
holding your little hammer, pum, pum...

These youngsters are mean,
unjust and ungrateful.

They like to boss the rest around!

-Well, let's go do it.
-What else can we do?

-Don't look beat down.

[men moan]

How are you feeling, compadre?

I think this will be
my resting place.

Keep going, this will
make you loose weight.

-My right kidney is floating.
-Good think you learned to swim.

I think it'll sink.

Maybe you should quit the mezcal,
that may burn it.

Don't exaggerate.

Keep going!

[Chona] My dear girl!

My sweet girl!

You got a telegram!
You got a telegram!

It may be from you dad,
disapproving of your wedding.

-Give it to me. You don't know that.
-Of course I do.

Everyone who loves you,
think the same way, right sir?

[Salvador's voice reads]
"I plead you give me a time
and day to meet with you.

Respectfully, Salvador Allende."

Fine, wait here.

I will talk to you.

A year from now!

-What is that?
-The girl's food.

-Is she sick?
-She's pretending.

-Why don't you bring it in?
-Me? What if she's naked?

That's better. Maybe that will ruin
the merchandise for the doctor.

What if she screams?

From now on, I am deaf.
The lady is out.

-And Melchor?
-He can't hear anything. Here.

Go on.

Don't knock. Just go in.

Just leave it there Chona.
Thank you.

What is this?

I came to tell you...

you don't need to marry that
old man to get away from me.

If you asked me,
even if I don't like it...

I'll never see you again.


So, I'm marrying the doctor
so I can get away from you.

I've never seen anyone so vain.

Use your head Ana Maria,
don't destroy your life.

I'm marrying him
because I'm using my head.

To live a grey life,
no happiness, no love.

But with respect,
kindness, education.

You say that because
you're afraid of life.

Your cowardice stops you from
fighting next to an honest man,

-one that is starting from zero.
-Where is that man?

I just see one seeking adventure,
a drunken, a gambler, a partier!

Ana Maria,
I will restore your faith.

How, sneaking into
the room of a decent woman?

You didn't give another option
to tell you what i told you.

Well, you told me.
And you know what I think.

If you have any decency left,
get out of here!


But I vow to change your wrongful
ideas one way or another!

Get out of here!

I hate men who
want to be dominant.

"Dominant" is too high
of a word for me.

I am more of a tamer.

Get out! Out!

What a shame.


[Serafin] We don't have
much time, compadre.

The general didn't have
to hide his money that well.

My kidneys feel
like rocks in a stream.

Maybe a drink will soften them up.

-That boy looks sad.
-Let's cheer him up.

Let's go.

This is worse than I thought.

When the bull can't hear
the shepherd's call...

it gets lost in the bushes.

-You don't want t drink, son?
-No, thank you.

We all need it sometimes,
to celebrate or to drown.

I tell you because I now!

Thank you, my old friends.

I want to show her I'm not ill.
I can go on with no help.

[Felipe] I got it.

Show her you're a man with doesn't
quench his sorrow with wine.

-Yes! Show her that!
-I want to show it to myself!

-Don't yell son, we believe you.
-You're wasting your time!

That sorrow cause by a woman,
can only be helped by:

-a drink, cards...
-Or another woman.

Play hard, she is a teacher,
and they are very smart.

They ask you to do the math: 2 + 2...

and you always answer "10"
She's not good for you, son.

You walked right beside me,
with great indifference,

your eyes never wanted
to turn toward me

I saw you, you never saw me,
I spoke, you never heard me

and all my bitterness
got swallowed inside of me.

My life itself is in pain,
to know you have forgotten me

and to know I don't even
deserve your disdain.

And yet your existence
is still coupled with mine

and if I lived 100 years
100 years you'll be inside me.

You walked right beside me,
with great indifference,

your eyes never wanted
to turn toward me

I saw you, you never saw me,
I spoke, you never heard me

and all my bitterness
got swallowed inside of me.

My life itself is in pain,
to know you have forgotten me

and to know I don't even
deserve your disdain.

And yet your existence
is still coupled with mine

and if I lived 100 years
100 years you'll be inside me.


-Do you have a cigarette?
-In my jacket.

-Do you want one?
-No, thank you.

Stop to take a break,
we've done a lot today.

-Well, you.

I have to find that treasure
no matter what.

Felipe missing as always.
He is very lazy.

-I'll go look for him.

My God!
What is this?

They're going to change
the whole drainage system,

put mosaic in the floor
and fix the whole house.

-How much are you going to pay?
-They are very nice.

That gentleman is one of them.

-So, you're one of them.
-Well, I'm not two of them.

She is Mrs. Isabel Hurtado,
the owner of the lease.

-[Serafin] Nice to meet you.
-Take me to your associates.

I'm not married because I don't
like being bossed around. Bye.

What insolence.
Write that down Cayetano.

Ana Maria, you take me
to the other ones.

-Feel right at home Mrs. Isabel.

Excuse me, I'm the owner
of the lease of this house.

-Nice to meet you.
-I want you to stop doing this.

-Really? How come?
-This house is almost mine.

We can talk when you
get rid of the "almost".

Don't be insolent with me!

I warn you, if I haven't received
payment by the 20th

Ana Maria will go to jail.

She is the co-signer in the house

and she needs to keep it
in good state!

What would you loose
if that doesn't happen?

The property has more value
than your lease.

Such insolence is outstanding!

If you're going to insult me, bring
your husband to pay for your words.

I don't have a husband.

[laughs] I believe you.

Fortunately, I'm a widow.

Fortune to the dead husband.

-I don't want to talk to you!
-Thank you very much!

That woman can send me to jail!

That's good.
You can't marry being in jail.

How can you be so cruel?

Don't worry. Maybe the doctor
will pay and spare you from jail.

He may go broke.

If I were him,
I will happily go broke.

You could never make
a sacrifice for me.

Do you really think so?

Ana Maria, have you ever
asked me for anything?

Come on!
Who understands you, woman?


Listen to me, that girl is crazy.

She has a strong hitting hand.


It sounded like it hurt.

We only have a day left.

A day wasted. Today starts the
celebration of the town's saint.

I have a plan.

It's our only hope.

-It's a desperate plan.
-Say it.

One of you two...

has to fall in love
with Mrs. Isabel.

-Why me?

I don't even know her.

We got in a fight with her.

She's an angry widow like...

perfect for you.
You'll like her.

No sir. I never loved
a woman for her money.

Well, learn.
You're not loyal to our cause?

Compadre, didn't you say
you were a Casanova?

Maybe you're afraid of women.

Me? Afraid? Where is that widow?
Bring me to her!

I don't see the skin, just
the belts that come from it!

Tomorrow at the fair,
I'll get her ready for you.


I don't ask God to give me,
but to take me where it is.

-What if you fail?
-I never fail.

That's why we have the dynamite.

If the treasure exists,
it has to be here.

Tomorrow, when the fireworks
go off, we blow the house up.

-How? i don't understand.
-I do.

I'll prepare the barrels tomorrow.
Years in the army will help.

-You're no soldier!
-Shut up!

What do we do with Ana Maria?

She's attentive about everything.
She is anxious to get married.

Yes, that girl is crazy.

I will take care of her.

Tomorrow at the fair.

[festive music]

[singing] I sing under your window
so you know how much i love you

I know you don't love me,
but I am dying for your love

They tell me I am in a mistake
to please wake up from my dream

but it is their mistake
because I will make you mine

What can I do?
My love for you is true

I've already fallen for you
and forget you I cannot

What can I do?
My love for you is true

I've already fallen for you
and forget you I cannot

They tell me that to love you
I need the biggest fortune

that I need to reach and gather
the stars and the moon itself

I won't get you the moon
even less the start above

and even as a poor man
you'll come to love me soon

What can I do?
My love for you is true

I've already fallen for you
and forget you I cannot

[Salvador sings]
I know there are many women
and I could have lovers galore

but none of them is of my care
I only think of your brown eyes

my heart has chosen yours
I don't want it in such sorrow

it has suffer for too long
now I demand your love!

What can I do?
My love for you is true

I've already fallen for you
and forget you I cannot...

[people celebrate]

[festive music continues]

-Doctor, you've been detained.
-Dad, they caught you.

-Can I pay my fee here?
-No sir, come with us.

-Do you want us to force you?
-Excuse me ladies.

You are excused.

Dad finally left.

Ana Maria, he is such a fine man.

He is the most annoying man
I've ever met.

Compadre, your tasks awaits you.

-I'm ready compadre.
-Let's go.

-Good evening.
-Good evening.

That song was just
for you Mrs. Rosario.

Introduce me to him.

This is Mr. Salvador Allende,
this is Miss Carolina Sandoval.

Nice to meet you ma'am.

-You're the doctor's daughter?
-That's right.

Oh, your future step-daughter.

-Would you like to dance?
-Of course!

-Excuse me Mrs. Rosario.
-Go on.

Compadre, there she is.

Saint Mary of the Helpless...

Compadre, it's her!
It's Chavela!


No, I can't seduce her for money.

Then do it for love or
for your mother, talk to her.

-I can't.
-What do you mean?

-You're going back on your word!
-Compadre, you don't understand.

My hearts is afraid of her.
I'm leaving.

Compadre! Wait for me!

Thank you very much.

You don't want to ask me to dance?

I would love to, but,
what would the doctor say?

-The doctor doesn't like to dance.
-He can't for his arthritis.

Don't be rude and ask me, please.

Fine, since you ask.

Go ahead.

I can guess why you asked me
to dance, you want to lecture me.

Call it whatever you want,
but I like Carolina a lot.

Mer too, she is a pretty girl.

I warn you,
I won't let you play with her.

-Play with her? How?
-Pretend to love her to spite me.

I didn't even think about that.

It is true I like Carolina a lot,

and I think she's fond of me.

She is infatuated with you,
your spite has blinded you.

And your jealousy
has made you imagine things.

You're the most hateful man
I've ever met.

And you the prettiest
mother-in-law I'll ever have.


You marry the doctor, I will
marry Carolina, we'll be family.

I told you what I had to say,
take me to my table, please.

No, no, wait for the end
of the song.

What?... No, wait for
the end of the song.

Do you want me make a scene?

Dance nice.

Smile, smile.
Good job, girl.

[singing] If you dare to love me
just a little bit.

I don't ask for much,
I'd be happy with just a bit

Oh, my dear girl
our love would be beautiful

I am sure you will ask
from my love a bit more

You are my life
and I die without your love

I am sad and I am miserable
living without you

If you are next to me
just for a little bit

you know how nice it will feel
to whisper about love

If you dare to love me, my beloved...

I am sure you will ask
from my love a bit more

[people celebrate]

Excuse me.

I have a headache mom,
let's go.

No way. As long as Salvador
is here, I won't leave.

Good evening.
[Chavela grunts]

I've been inside for too long.

Leave this guy here.

Don't let him leave, he'll
run away, he is a coward!

You shut up!

You wanted me to stay
with the window? No way!

Let's go gorgeous. I'm enough man
for whatever you want.

And as you say, "women and mules
love sugar and a strong hand".

Sweetheart, don't be like that.
Don't leave me alone.

-Why don't you keep me company?
-You wish.


Well, what can I do?


Can you bring me back home, please?

Of course.
Besides, I have a patient.

Now it's time to get
the dynamite ready.

Excuse me.

Now that I finally found you,
I can respond for our daughter.

And give her the fortune you've
gathered in all these years.

You and your hunger for money!
That kept us apart!

And it will continue to do it.

My money is for my daughter.

Give her your name and
something else, when you have it.

For my daughter I will buy
your hardened heart!

You will buy it the same way
you and those two bandits

bought that house, my house,
to destroy it!

All three of you will go to jail!

Police lady, please
let me get out of here!

I will blow that house away
with dynamite!

[door opens]

[stuttering] N... no!

What are you doing?
Get out!

You can scream, but I won't get out.

Don't be scared,
I won't get close to you.

I plan to spend the night here,

for the town to find out
and stop the wedding.

I will turn so you can dress up.

-can I turn now?
-[Ana Maria] No!

-I've waited too long.
-[Ana Maria] Hold on!

[drawer closes]

[Ana Maria] You can turn now.

Get out of here now
or I'll kill you.

Would you dare?

Get out or I'll kill you.

Everyone will be on my side.


-You don't know what you're doing.
-And you won't tell me about it.

I will count to three.
If you don't get out, I'll shoot!

One, two...

Kill me then...

Ana Maria, I'd rather die
than to live without you.


You won't shoot me.

[gun falls to the ground]

[romantic music]

-No one saw you come in?
-No, no one.

That doesn't matter now.

It matters a lot.
What would people say of me?

-Were you telling the truth?
-Absolutely, I swear.

Do you swear
you'll be an honest man?


-Hard working?

Will you stop going to bars
and playing cards?

Everything you want, my queen.

[suspenseful music]


Run compadre!
I lit the fuse.

-What fuse?
-The one for the dynamite. Run!

Wait! Let's tell Chava,
he is in Ana Maria's room.

-My God!

[Serafin] Chava! Ana Maria!

[banging on door]
I thought no one saw you come in.

What is this?
You are the worst!

-The house will blow up!
-The dynamite is lit!

-The dynamite! Let's go!
-I won't go with you!

Let's get out of here!
Didn't you hear about the dynamite?

I bet you will shame me
in front of the whole town!

-No! I swear!
-I don't believe you!

Get it Ana Maria! There is dynamite,
the house will blow up!

I want to blow with the house!
Let me go!

I'm telling you to let me go!

-Open the lock.

-Open the door!

Open the door!

[banging on the door]

-Let's go there!
-No! Come this way!

-Let's open it.
-Let me go.

-It's closed.
-We can't open it.

This way!

We're trapped!

Chona! Melchor!
Run away!

-No Salvador!
-Where are you going?

Salvador, no!

[Ana Maria screams]

The fireworks are
specially loud this year.

The house! The bandits have
blown it away with dynamite!

-The house!
-Let's go!

[people scream]

-Let's go see.
-I want to make surer i am alive.

-The treasure!

-We found it!
-We found it!

[Serafin and Felipe] We found gold!

Compadre, come see!

-We found the gold! We're rich!
-Gold, gold!

I can't believe my eyes!
That's gold!

-Finally! That's you my general!
-It's real gold!

This won't last, you're rich.

We both are!
I will still change for you.

I will be an honest
and hard-working man.

-You swear?
-I swear everything you want.

Look at this!

[banging on the door]

-Who would it be?

-Go check.
-It's my turn?

-You take this.

-Take care of it...
-Just go!

[banging on the door]

[Serafin] Who is there?

[banging on the door]
[Chavela] Open!

-Come in.
-What happened to the house?

all of you, go back to the fair.

[Felipe] Chavela!


Look! Gold!

-What do you say now?
-I've always loved you, Felipe.

[Felipe grunts]