Cuernavaca (2017) - full transcript

The coming of age story of a boy that after a traumatic event is taken to beautiful Cuernavaca, where he has to find his father while trying to adapt to life with his grandmother, who has problems of her own.


Andy, get up.

Can we stay and play costumes?

Didn't we say
we were going to toss this?

Dad gave it to me, it takes care of me.

You don't need it,
you can take care of yourself.


Invite some friends over
to celebrate your vacation.

- Give it to me!
- Shut up!

Come and make me shut up!

- You faggot!
- Stupid!

Fucking sissy!

Come here, you're dead meat!

I will beat you up!

Shut up fucking pussies!

I'm gonna kill you!

Shut up, stupid faggot!

Leave me alone fucking trashy!

Let's go.

Where are your friends?

I don't have my cape.

This one's cooler.

And the cape looks great on you.

It's much prettier.


All I wanted was my cape.

Madame, your bill.

You pay.

You don't need it.

- This is a stick up!
- Mom!

- Everyone down!
- Down!

- Mom!
- Give me the money, get down!



Come on, move, hurry!

You can not come in!

Is she your mom? Is she?

- Yes.
- Okay, come with me.


They let me take you to the ER
to see your mom.

You must know
she's still unconscious.

She can't open her eyes.

Where's the rest of your family?

My dad lives in Cuernavaca,
sometimes he comes to visit me.

Do you have his number?

Any other relatives?

I have an aunt in Canada.

- Where's my dad?
- He couldn't come.

Your family sent for you,
go with him.

You can't stay here.



Don't you remember me?



Don't you know who I am?

Haven't they told you
about your grandmother?

Is my dad here?

He's away.

But he'll soon be here,
don't worry.

You'll sleep in this one,
the other one's your dad's.

Look, here are some clothes
from when your dad was your age.

They're a bit old, but you can
wear them if you want.

It fits perfectly.

Everything will be all right.

You need a lot of rest.

Tell me about the stick up.

You were there, weren't you?

It's a miracle
nothing happened to you.

- Will my mom be okay?
- Of course, I'm sure she will.

Dhely, don't be rude
and talk to the boy...

...tell him about your kittens.

Yes, Mom.

Andy, I have lots...

...of kittens.

And what are their names?

Bruno, Chanito... Cu...

Cumbancha, very well, Dhely.
Very well, darling.

Yes, Mommy.


Come on sweetie, time for breakfast.

These gadgets aren't good.

Give it to me.

It's confiscated,
I'll give it to you when you leave.

Come on, let's have breakfast.

The boss wants you to put him
to work to keep him busy.

Come this way,
you'll learn something.

I'm not going to hurt you.

I know what happened to you,
it's okay.

Look, I'm sure your mom
will get better soon, you'll see.

Let's get to work.

You have to stick the trowel under
these tiny plants, they're weed.

Stick it all the way in...

...and pull it out, root and all.

Now you do it.

Well done, kiddo,
you're not that stupid.

Do these and I'll do
all those back there.

Look at you my baby.

Andy, come.

This is where I cure them.

These are my costumes.

Here goes my special power,
rays strike you!

I am a witch!

Dhely, no cats inside the house.
Sit, children.

Sorry, Mom.

Are we having supper?

No, we're not having supper.


I think it's better for you to know.

Your mom is dead.

The lord is the stronghold of my life;
Of whom shall I be afraid?

One thing have I asked of the Lord,
that I will seek after:

That I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life... gaze upon the beauty of The Lord,
and to inquire in his temple.

For he will hide me in his shelter;
in the day of trouble...

he will conceal me under the cover of
his tent; he will lift me high upon a rock.

And now my head shall be lifted up
above my enemies all around me...


Your grandmother and I decided...'s best if you come
to live in Canada with me.

Take me to Cuernavaca
with my dad!

Andy, you'd better go
with your aunt.


You'll stay with us...

...while your aunt does
the paperwork to take you to Canada.

Why didn't my dad come?

Really, he'll come home soon.

Don't worry!

Dhely, don't play with your food.

I'm not hungry.

Eat as much as you can, leave
the rest, don't play with food.

I want to go to my room.

Go ahead Andy, it's all right.

Good night.


Please leave a message...

Please leave a message...


Your credit has expired.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

All right, go to sleep.

You need to get a lot of rest.

May I have a kiss?

I know what you're going through,
Andy, I've been there.

I can help you.

Do you know
how to punish the bad guys?

Don't think about that.

My dad will know how.

Where do you call my dad?

To his cell phone,
he travels so much.

When was the last time
you called him?

Last night.

Why the third degree?
You sound like a detective.

I told you, he'll be back soon.

Hey, kiddo.

Hey, Andy.

Are you okay?

Come, let's go. Come.

You can't just lie here,
in the dark.

Come on sweetie, get up, come on!

What city is my dad in?

I don't know, he travels so much.

Come on, get dressed.

As of tomorrow,
you'll help us make jam.

It's been the best therapy for me.

She says she loves you.


I can make it on my own, Mom.


- Something else will turn up.
- Hope so.

- Take care.
- We'll keep in touch.

Where are you going?
It's dangerous outside!

Making jam will keep you busy.

This is where we make the jams.

I brought the machines myself,
from Germany.

That's why my jams
are the best in Cuernavaca.

Guys, from now on,
Andy will help us harvest.

Mommy, can I come in?

Go away!

Well, okay, everyone get to work.

We have to fill the buckets
with guavas.

Look, these are the good ones,
the ripe ones.

Oh, that's pretty.

Look, this is the right color.


- What's with you?
- It fell!

Hey, what's up, kiddo?
Are you coming with me?

Don't listen to him Andy,
he's just bothering us.

This is it.

It isn't that hard.


Now you.

I don't know.

You can do it, come on.

One, two, three.

The girl I like, her name is Poison.

Well, that's what they call her.

She's really pretty.

What? You like girls, don't you?


Come on, I'll show you
a great place, it'll cheer you up.


This is how we open it.

This is the jungle.

Your grandmother doesn't like us
coming here, but I love it.

I come when I feel sad.

You can see my house from down there.

This is really cool!

That's where I live.

Look, that's my gang,
the girl is Poison.

I can see you, your jacket is nice.

Guess who? I'm looking at you.
I'm your conscience.

Help me make a cell phone work.

What cell phone?

It's really cheap,
where did you get this?

It's my dad's.

Thanks Andy, I love guavas.

Oh! Here comes the bad guy.

So will you help me with the phone?

I don't like that loon,
why do you hang out with her?

She's nice.
Come on, help me with the phone.

I have to take it with me
to check it.

Stay with her, ask her for help.

How did the harvest go?


When Grandpa died,
I felt the same way.

But focusing on work,
it faded away.

Did you also tell that to my dad
on the phone?

What do you mean?

Andy, Chanito does love you.

Stop it, Dhely.

Go with Esmeralda or with the Icon.

Please help me.

You didn't let me take it
to check it, I can't help you.

I can't find the charger.

Your old man must've lost it,
he keeps losing things.

Let me see.

- What do you want it for?
- It has messages to my dad.

- They're no use to you.
- They can tell me where he is.

If you want to listen to them,
give me money for a phone card.

And extra money for a charger.

No, don't take it.

Who'd want it?
You have to give me at least five hundred.

- Where would I get it from?
- From your grandma.


Go away!

What are you doing here?
Go to sleep!

- Can I have some money?
- Go to bed!

Where's my grandma?

She isn't feeling well this morning,
sit down and have breakfast.

Esmeralda, girl, come!

Take the boss her aspirin.

I'll be right back.

What? Go away!

Poison is playing hard to get.

She wants me to quit the gang.

You're two-hundred short.

Just kidding! I'll have your phone
working by tomorrow.

When my dad comes,
he'll take us far away from here.


Besides, it's a beautiful place,
though it's a long ride.

Shut up, girl, come,
learn how to defend yourself.

I'll teach you. Defend yourself!

Really? No.

Check this out.

Guard up, double punch.

An upper jab, another.

Come on, girl, like I told you.
Like I told you, double.

Another one, upper.

That's it, great.

Put them in there.

You're all stupid.

You're stupid.

What are you doing?

Charly, put your shirt on
and go home.

- Can you pay me for the harvest?
- We'll talk this week.

And you, go to your room!

- Dhely, come!
- Yes, Mom.

Why did you take money
from my purse?

I didn't do it.

Dhely saw you.

I'm missing some money.

- It's not true.
- You're a thief, like your father.

That's how he started
and ended up in jail, now you?

My dad is in jail?

No, not anymore,
but he's never taken care of you.

Give me back my money or you'll be
grounded until you leave.


We're going to mass, and if
you repent, I'll buy clothes for you.

Just as messy as your father.

Did you pray for your mother?


Are you sorry you stole from me?

- I want bubbles, Mom.
- Yes, darling.

- Here, your allowance.
- Yes, Mommy.

You're not getting any, you didn't
give me back what you took.

- Carmencita, how are you?
- Hi Blanca. Fine, and you?

Fine, but a bit tired,
our neighbors won't let me sleep.

- Yes, they're terrible.
- Terrible.

- Don't go, Andy!
- I'll be right back!

Don't take long
and don't stray too far!

Tickets, please!

Pay with this also thems, and thems.

I'll give your chage right away.

Make it spin!

- Hey.
- Give these to the gang.

Here you have.

Want some?

What about my card and charger?

- Not yet, later.
- I want some cotton candy.

I don't have enough.

Blanca, we're off now.

We'll have breakfast
and find a solution.

- Yes.
- We're all tired of those people.

All of us.

- Have a lovely Sunday.
- Thanks.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Andy, we're leaving!

- Please.
- Where are you?

Let's gm.


My purse!

My purse!

He just stole it!

Thief, he stole my purse!

I forbid you from seeing Charly!

- It wasn't him.
- It wasn't?

You're a terrible liar,
your father's criminal genes!

- To the restaurant, ma'am?
- No, home!

Charly can't step foot
in my house again! Get it?

Yes, ma'am.

- I'm hungry, Mom.
- We'll be home soon, darling.

What is it, Delfino?

Don't look.

We can't take it any longer.
Cuernavaca isn't what it used to be.

Come for breakfast with Blanca,
we must do something.

They're right next door,
it's madness.

Fine, see you tomorrow.

Don't fire Charly,
let him come back.

That topic is closed forever.

Can I sleep with Chanito?
He's sick.

No Dhely, you know you can't.

Yes. Yes, Mom.

Help me, before the women come.

Look, these are really ripe.

Andy, help me get down!



Kiddo, what are you doing here?

Come in.

What, can you tell I'm working out?

- What's up, girl?
- Cut it out!

What? Do as I taught you.

You're a sissy.

Do you have
the card and the charger?

I ran out of money.

That's not all,
the gang doesn't want me near them.

They say I'm an idiot.

Well, enjoy.

Please Charly,
help me with the phone.

Don't worry, I'll have it all tomorrow.

I'll give it to you at the river.

Stop whining. Here you go, blondie.

Hey, kid. Wait.

Look, it's not that I don't want
to help you...

...but since I can't go inside
the house, everything's harder.

You know.

Do you promise you'll help me?

Yes, the problem
is that damn old woman.

We're both screwed.

Yeah, damn old woman.

Thank you Carmencita,
they look delicious.

I'm glad you like them,
we make them

with all the love in the world.

My husband loves them, he says
they're the best jams in Cuernavaca.

They are.

Okay, what should we do
about the neighbors?

My husband says
they're drug dealers.

- I can not talk to governor's wife.
- Yes, talk to her.

They might be involved
with the dealers too.

How did the cats get in?

What's going on?

Rosa, Delfino,
get these cats out of here!

Andy, get over here!

I won't take any more
nonsense from you!

Next time I'll send you
to your aunt in Canada!

You can't, I'll go with my dad.

Your dad won't come,
he doesn't love you.

Go to sleep.

I'm glad you came.

Thanks a lot.

Now you have to help me
for the gang to take me back.

Yes, of course.

Help me break into the house.

- Promise you'll do it.
- I promise.

Thank you for increasing
your balance.

You can make calls now.

- Are you all right?
- Coming!

All the guavas you harvested
need to be peeled.

I'll tell you how,
this is one of my secrets.

We boil the fruit without the skin.

Pay attention!

Come here.

Esmeralda, teach him
how to peel them.

Careful he doesn't cut himself.


Look, it's easier this way.

There are many ways to peel them,
like this...

- I'm going to the bathroom.
- Don't take long, we have to finish.



This is the first stored message.

Andre's, it's your mom,
you must call me.

There are very serious problems.
Call me.

This is your next stored message.

Andre's, it's me, Miguel...

we are waiting for you.
Come to the same place.

...It's gonna be cool. Hurry up.


Leave your message after the tone.

I'm looking for Mr. Andrés Nava.

Or Mr. Miguel, it's urgent,
have him call me back.

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

Your grandma wants you
to come back and finish.




Do you know Mr. Andrés?

Or Mister Miguel?

Who is this?

I'm Andres's son...

Andres who?

...Andrés Nava.

Look kid, stop pestering.
It's late.

Hello, Dad?

It's Andy, I'm at the house in
Cuernavaca, come and get me.


Thanks. I thought I'd lost it.

I'm glad you came for me at last.

Hey, sorry,
I didn't know you were here.

It doesn't matter, come.

First Joyful Mystery:
The incarnation of the Son of God.

Our Father who art in...

Hi, Mom.

You're back.

...thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in Heaven...

Third joyful mystery.

Enough, Dhely.

- Hello.

Come Andrés, we need to talk.

Wait for me here.

Our Father who art in Heaven.

Hallowed be thy name,
thy Kingdom come...

I didn't know about your mom.

I'm sorry.

You have to punish those thieves.

Let's go away from here.

We can't.

I don't have any money
or anywhere to go.

Hold on a bit...
while I find a place to go.

Children, supper time!

- How are your cats, Dhely?
- Chanito is sick.

Tell Delfino and he'll take him
to the vet tomorrow.

Where did you hide
this time, Andrés?

At a friend's house, Miguel.

The one you met in jail?

Mom, not in front of the boy.

Go to your room, Andy.

- The boy hasn't finished his supper.
- Andy, go to your room, please.

What are you trying to do, Mom?

Why aren't you asleep?

I'm thinking.

What are you thinking?



Do I have to cry over Mom?

Only if you want to cry.

I just can't.

Everything will be all right.

Do you love me?

Please, be careful.

I don't want accidents like last year.

Yo have to stir them all the time.

Rosa, please check the quantities.

Dhely, you know perfectly well
you can't be here.

Chanito wants some jam.

- What's wrong, Andy?
- I thought you were gone.

No, I'm still here.

He won't move his legs.

I don't want you to go.


Charly is my best friend.

We go to the orchard
and he taught me to climb trees.

What's going on here?

- Move, get up!
- All right, all right.

Out, everyone get out! Out!

Get out!

Right now, everybody get out!
How dare you?

Hey, get all these bums
out of here!

- Get up!
- Fine, fine, all right.

- Get out!
- Fine.

Get out!

- Let's go.
- Make that cat shut up!

- No more cats Dhely, understood?
- Yes, Mom.

- Delfino will take them all away.
- Yes, Mom.

It's no big deal, Mom. The cat
urinated on the rug, that's all.

How dare you?
After what you've done.

You stole my pills again.

Go get dressed.

- Let's go away.
- Get dressed, then we'll talk.

- Chanito, bad cat, Chanito, bad cat!
- Hey no, stop!

Chanito, bad cat!
Chanito, bad cat!

- Chanito, bad cat!
- Dad!

- Chanito, Chanito, bad cat!
- No, Dhely, don't!


- Dhely, stop! Stop it!
- Dhely, Dhely, Dhely!

- There, there, it's okay now.
- It's okay.

Stop, stop.

I'll give you two sedatives.

Give her one now and one tonight.

Just one because they're strong.

Andy and I are going out.

Come on, come on.

Let's go.

Your grandmother lent me her car.

I'll treat you,
we'll do whatever you want.

Let's go to Mexico City.

No, not yet.

Let's do something here.

Let's go to the fair?

All right.

I want you to be happy.

Can Charlie come?

You know I don't like him,
but today you're the boss.

Hey kid, don't forget
you made a promise.

You're helping me get
inside the house.

I can't, I'm going to the city
with my dad.

I wouldn't trust your old man.

Give it a harder spin!

- This time I'll get it.
- Let's go!

Well, if you hit it three times,
they give you money.

I want to go.

Let's go.

Wait, I want to win something for
you, there's a costume there.


Thanks, I almost lost it all.

- I'm hungry.
- We're leaving soon.

My chance to break even.

Sir, it's in plain sight.
If you find the ball, I pay.

- I keep it if you lose. Okay?
- Play, play.

Here or here?
Where is it? Lift it.

- Here.
- Perfect, that's the one.

- Lift them.
- Here are four.

Okay, here, here or there?

Just the ball.
Okay, where is it?

That's it, lift it,
see if you're right.

No, you lose.
Look, this was the winner.

There you go, which one?

- One more time, hit it.
- Take a good look.

Keep your eye on the ball.

Here or here? Who spotted it?

Lift it, I'll pay.

- This one's the winner.
- That's it!

How much? Bring it, I pay.

See you, kiddo.

This one's the winner, watch.

There we go, who can see it?
The ball, who can see it?

All right, break even.
Lift it, where is it?

You cheated.

Is there any problem?

- Okay, listen, you cheated.
- Hey, you lost.

You cheated. Hey, you cheated.

They ripped me off.

I swear I'll find a way
to get money to go away.

Sorry, I should've listened to you.

I'm hungry.

We'll eat at home, come.

Damn it!

The keys, damn it,
I can't find them!


Let's go.

Good evening.

Andy, Andy, Andy.

Wait for me, boy.

Look, I don't have the keys.

I'll lift you,
you'll climb over the fence...

- ...and open the gate, go on.
- No.

What do you mean no?

No, don't, you'll wake up
your grandmother!

You're an idiot,
you ruined my life!

Now you're messing up
your son's life!

Why have a son
if you can't take care of him?

He's your son,
you don't take care of him!

I don't want to either.

Don't ever ask me for anything,
don't ever speak to me again!

I want to live in peace, understand?
Live in peace!

I don't know how I raised
such a useless bum!


What's a ludopath?

Nothing, it's a disease.

Are you sick?

No, lie down.

Let's go away.

Go to sleep.

Go to sleep, go to sleep.

It'll be all right.

Dad! Dad!

- Andyg.
- Dad!

Come inside, come inside.

You don't understand it now,
but the best thing...

...that could've happened to you
is that your dad left.

Come on, eat.

This may not be the best time
to tell you this, but you must know.

You'll be attending boarding school
before you go to Canada.

I can't keep you here.


This line is out of service.



Grandmother is sending me
to boarding school.

We have to find my dad.

He left again?

He shouldn't be far.
Do you know where Miguel lives?

If he left it's because he
doesn't want to be with you.

Let him be.

You can leave Cuernavaca with me,
away from that nagging old woman.

But you have to keep your promise.

Look at the little fish.

It's okay kid, don't worry.

We'll do everything right.

Take it easy.

Unlock the door at midnight.

Look, here, wear this.



Everyone leaves!

All go away!

Everyone leaves me!

He left me...

He... My husband... killed himself...

Leave me alone!
You're leaving too!

Leave me alone, leave me!

No, no, you're leaving too!

You're also abandoning me.

No, no, don't touch me,
don't touch me!

Go away!

Come in.

Finally, kid.

Come on.

They changed all the locks
and keys, right?

- You said you'd be alone.
- They wouldn't believe me.

Hurry up, let's get the appliances!

Come on, let's go!

Stop making noise!

Where's the money?

- I don't know.
- What do you mean you don't know?

Without money
we can't go to the United States.

I know where it is.

- Okay kid, let's go.
- You may need this.

Hey, the money is upstairs.

Put this on.

So they can't see us.

- Here.
- Is it loaded?


Soot! Shoot! Give it to me!


You'll have to answer
this man's questions.

I'm from the Prosecutor's Office.

We need to know
who gave you that gun.

Who were you with that night?

I was alone.

Tell the truth.

It was all me.

Covering up is a crime.

Tell him, tell the truth!

Charlie and his gang were with me.

Okay. Very good, darling.

That's it, here.

Did you see them?

That bastard.

Andy isn't bad...'re the bad ones.

It was your fault.

Eat up, you don't know
what you're saying.

Andy, come here.

Dhely, do you want me to go too?


- Do you want to help me?
- Yes.

Forgive me.


This stand is my cousin's,
I'm sure he will help us.

- Hi, cousin.
- Hi.

- I brought you what I promised.
- Let's see.

We'll exchange it for the sugar
and the other stuff.

Take them all.

More, more.

These are my aunt's trees.

She said we could take
all the guavas we want.

- Come, Dhely, help me.
- Yes.

Where's Charly?

I heard he's going to the
United States with his gang.

The drugs dealers are supposed
to help them, but I'm not sure.

Will he come back?

I don't know.

Look, it's cold now.

It's much better
than the other one.

Of course it is, I made it.

I made it.

Dhely, it was a surprise.

They're delicious.

Forgive me.

What you did
can't be fixed this easily.

But thanks.

Don't send me to that school.

Your dad came for you.

Pack your things.

- I don't have much.
- Pack whatever you have.

Where are we going?

I don't know, we'll try to get
your mom's apartment back.

We'll figure something out,
let's go.

Pack up.

Andy, let's go!

Andy, let's go!


Andy, wait.

If you want, you can stay with me.

What about my dad?

No, he has to go.

- Bye.
- Andy!

Your dad came for you
to take you with your aunt.

They're taking you to Canada.

Your dad isn't going to keep you.

Everything will be all right.