Cudo nevidjeno (1984) - full transcript

The peace of a small fishing village is shattered by the coming of a young, and stunningly beautiful, wife of a local guest-worker. She intends to live in her father's house, which in the mean-time became a pub. From that moment her revenge begins, toying with to people, their passions and interests. This comic-erotic dimension a lyric element is added, her relation to a local musician. That relation, and the life of the whole village, ends in tragedy.


Based on a story by
Živko Nikolić



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Any more?

This time there is.

Take her across.


Come on, hurry up!
We'll be the last ones!

What are you doing?

You, what are you all
dressed up for?

Let my man be proud among men.

He'd be more proud to have a son...
barren woman!

I must marry another

but I'll hide you in my sleep...

What do you think?

Nice song.

I composed it all myself,
words and melody.

What about the voice?

A real Caruso!

It's worthless when no one here
has any hearing.


And where are you going?

I'm looking for Kosjerić's house.

Which one?


The one...
who went to America?

- Yes, I'm his daughter.
- Daughter?

That was his house.

Isn't it a museum?

No, a tavern.

My father told me it was
our family museum.

You better not mention
your father here

or say whose you are.

My stomach hurts.

Thank you.

You haven't taken me anywhere
in a long time.

- Hey, my Grandma Grana.
- Hey, my Zeljo.

Screwing anything, Grandma?

Angels be with you. Your grandpa
lies dead in the house.

Good afternoon!

Please come in.

What are you looking for here?

A job.

A job?

A job.

Just to be honest.

Let me see.

Sit there.

Beat it.

- You, Zorka...
- I'm listening, boss.

You're fired.

What did you say?

And clear out that room
upstairs right away.

What's with you all of a sudden?

I'm not satisfied anymore.

Not satisfied?

But you were satisfied
last night?

- Shut up.
- You were last night?

Shut up, bitch, you'll drive away
even these few guests!

You're lucky.
I really need a waitress.

What are you doing with that
pole all day, poor thing?

There's an engineer over there,
ask him.

I won't ask anyone, by God.

If I speak up, I'll get a beating.

And with boss Šćepan...
there's no screwing around.

God bless you, Šćepan.

Good afternoon, boss Šćepan.

I mourn with you.
I mourn with you.

Baro found a new waitress.

- How does she look?
- Like from a magazine.

Dad, stomach.

Where does that Baro
find them, god damn it?

He collects lowlifes, whores. He screws
them as long as I've known him.

We're going in.

- Đoko, you stay and think of something.
- What?

I don't know, something about
me as a hero or...

- Think of something, brother.
- Fine.

Hey, friends!

I just came to check.

There's mourning in my house
and you act like this.

Don't any of you count on me
to come to your funeral. No!

God forbid!

Miss, we're dying
from funerals like these.

Zeljo, talking to the staff
is prohibited.

Well, Baro, if I were you,
I would forbid the guests

even to enter!

Go change into something more decent.
You see it's causing a scandal.

Silence! Silence, silence!

There is an American millionaire
among us!

Zeljo! Zeljo, brother,

- What is this?
- Your uncle sent his will from America.

From today, all his wealth is yours!

Let the sun warm me too.

Kid, get a drink for these
wretches here, poor thing.

C'mon, Zeljo.

- What, Baro?
- Who will pay for it?

America, Baro, America!

You don't know what America is!

The women sit naked
in the shop window there.

You can buy pussies at any
tobacco shop, poor thing.

Hands off, Zeljo, that's my job.

Were you serious about that will,
or are you making it up?

You hear the millionaire!

Zeljo, poor thing,
your grandpa is being buried.

Let's go with the people.

And right now,
when it's most beautiful.

Dear Joksim!

Honorable and noble!

I mourn for you as a brother.

You're leaving...

from this world...

too early.

In the best years, so to speak.

Yes, yes! In the best years!

Because whoever experiences
these years ahead of us

he had a reason to be born!

He will see...

an unseen wonder!

- He's crazy.
- You, Joksim...

you didn't believe that
man could fly.

But he flies!

That frogs... could multiply
to 17 species of fish.

You laughed when I said

that this lake
would be a source of life.


What I have just imagined...


been seen...


anywhere... by anyone!

You called me, boss.

I see you have... a new woman.

- Boss, she is honorable.
- Bring her to me now.

- Boss? - I must know who comes
and who goes here.

You must go to Šćepan!

Wear something long and baggy!

And you, beat it!

The Kondić brothers are coming!

I'm sorry, Kondić brothers,
there is no more space.

Who says so?

You see, there is space.

Excuse me,
what do you want, please?

The new waitress.

I'm sorry, Kondić brothers,
but I have to go.

- What is it, Zeljaš, scared?
- I have nothing to do with them.

I'm in mourning.

It's closing time.

Closing time? In broad daylight?

We left the horses, the sheep
and the house...

to the wolves on the mountain
because of her.

And now it's closing time?

Where is she?


what do you think, will all this
turn out as I imagined?

Today, science can do anything
if there is enough money.

For something like this...
money must not be lacking.

Not all people
are like the two of us.

It's important that they follow me.
And when they follow...

No one will resist you.

God gave to you...

and everyone will give to you.

- What you mean?
- Signatures.

To sign here.

Who will sign?

All the inhabitants
on the lake, everyone.

It's for the general progress
of man.

- It's written there.
- "I give my consent

to break a tunnel through
Velje Brdo all the way to the sea."

A huge tunnel.

What do they
need that tunnel for?

Your female mind
can't understand that.

You just collect the signatures.

And smile nicely.

Move this...

or that.

For the benefit...

of man...

and for a new era.

Have you seen the engineer?
He's measuring again.

It would be better to see
where our husbands are.

They don't come out of
the tavern all day.

My Šoro goes there of course,
but only officially.

So does mine.


To the American woman!

- Baro's acting shy with us.
- Yes.

- Where's that one going?
- He's going down to the basement.

He always has something
to do down there.

- Is there more?
- This is the last one.

Here, sign.

Now you sign this.

Give me.

You don't even know
what you signed.

- For some kind of tunnel.
- Through Velje Brdo into the sea.

He can do whatever he wants.

I'm going across the sea...
to the world.

We could go together.

- I ran away from there.
- Verka!


You to dance, me to sing and
the whole world is ours.

- I've played before.
- So?

- So nothing.
- Verka!

Do you hear how much I call you?

I didn't hear, boss.

What are you doing here?

- I brought the goods.
- C'mon, closing time.

Come by daylight,
this isn't a brothel.

What is it, boss?

You must lock yourself in well.

You know yourself...

what kind of people are here.

When it gets dark...

not even a bear dares to
walk the street alone.

The Kondić brothers would crush stones
in prison in any other place...

but they walk freely here.

At least they're stupid...

but that Zeljo, that dynamite man
and poacher...

Šćepan watches over a person...

and for one fish,
he'll kill him like a rabbit.

His guard Šoro...

he can't wait to kill someone.

His wife is barren and
he hates the whole world.

Everyone who
enters this tavern...

That lunatic Caruso ...

They're all unhappy and crazy.

Okay, boss, what's that
supposed to mean now?

It means, my child...

to stick to me.

We'll find it easier together
in this dirty world.

What if I don't want to, boss?

I had ones like that...

I throw them out on the street
for two or three days...

so when their ass gets hungry...

they come back to boss Baro.

What are you doing?

I'm going to get hungry.

Stop, damn it, I was kidding.

- What do you want from me now?
- Nothing, cross my heart...



to see you naked.

- Out.
- Excuse me?

Get out!

The guys mow soft grass

under the mountains,
under the mountains!

The girls carry water for them

between their legs,
between their legs!

Do you know
fishing is forbidden here?

You won't shoot us, will you?

I will, if need be!

But you're a poor shooter, at least
where women are concerned.

Go scare your wife
if you have something!

Father Makarije...

if you know God...


If I were a man!

What is this, Father Makarije?

A fallen angel
punished by God...

or Satan in female form?

No, father Leontije...

that is, as the common people say,
a good cunt.

Shall we?

The fish are about to
bite my ass.

Wait until this spook is gone.

Who is it?

- Me.
- Who?

The American!

Oh God.

You'd like the American?
You want the American?

You'd like the American,
would you?

I'm on duty here.

What do you want?

I want you to make me a child!

We're making one for
seven years, and nothing!

I'm just wasting my strength.

You're saving yourself
for the American, aren't you?

Oh, fuck...

This one is crazy, fuck...

What troubles you, my child?

I can't have children, Father.

And my man doesn't even
look at me anymore.

What a beauty.

He's wrong, of course,
he's wrong.

I'm going crazy, Father.

C'mon, have a drink.

Refresh yourself.

- I don't drink, Father.
- That's why you go crazy.

This is Christ's blood.

Go on!

In this monastery,
the blind see again...

the lame begin to walk...

and the dead revive.

I know, Father.

Do you remember Batrić's

15 years of barren marriage
and now she's pregnant.

I heard that you
read a prayer to her.

I read to her, strongly.

Read to me too, Father!

I will!

I will, I'll read to you,
by God. Come on!

Come on.

I'll read to you.

- Lie down here!
- Huh?

Take it off.


You must take off everything...

to be clean...

and naked...

- as at baptism.
- I can't do that, Father.

God sees everything ...

you can't hide anything
from him.

I'm hiding it from you, Father.

I am his representative.

How can I, poor me!

And how can I, poor me!

Don't be afraid! Fear not,
my child, just relax!

This is Makarije,
the miracle worker!

This is that
miraculous monastery.

Your grandfather saved it
from the Turks.

Later they painted
the iconostasis on it.

Look at it.

Just... don't say anything
to Father Makarije.

But why?

It's better.

- Father Makarije...
- I know...

I will atone for my sin.

This is my last.


take out the bed,
I'll sleep on the bare floor.

Three days...

on bread and water...

and with prayers.

I won't see anyone!

Three days?

At least six, Father Makarije.

There's no need to overdo it.

Can I help you?

Are you Father Makarije?

I'm sorry, but he's only
talking to God now.

Can I come in and
see the monastery?

I'll take you to the monastery...

for women.


You have the look of a saint...

It would be a shame
to be tainted with earthly life.


people love a living saint.



So it never occurs to me again.


Here I am.

You were looking for me?

Father Makarije,
you are in prayer.

I haven't started yet.

We have time.

Come, son... walk.

Father Makarije...

It's alright, six days.

Father Makarije, I can't
tolerate this anymore!

It's alright, nine days
and three floggings.

- Where are you going with that?
- But you said!

Leave it and go outside.

Come on, get out!

Now it's just us, my child...

let's see what's troubling you.

What's troubling you, my child?

Give me your signature, Father.


And what will you give me?


I don't have anything.

You do, you do.

God did not skimp.

Well, Priest, it's not for you.

Sit down.

In this monastery...

the blind see again, the lame
begin to walk, the dead revive.

Watch what you do, my child.

I'm Makarije, the miracle worker.

And I've seen a lot
of such miracle workers.

I can make you a saint,
and I can make you a witch.

I can curse you and banish you.

But what you set out to do,
priest, you can't do.

You're mistaken, my little bird.

Not a single one
has escaped me yet.

Didn't I say...

a true saint.

Guess my wish.

Let's pick up
those things and go.

There is a picture...

It was here, here it is!


Who is that?

My grandfather.

Baro sold everything else.

Sold to who?

Here and there.

How can he sell what's
someone else's?

He got it all from your father.

This house and things and
those gold ducats, everything.

Got it?

At dice.

Playing cards!

And this is all that's left?

There's a saber...


He cuts meat with it.

Who is it?

It's me. Baro.

What do you want?

I'd like...

to see you naked...


For you... it's not so much.

They say that in America...

women sit naked
in the shop window.

And it pays.

I'll pay too...

I even have gold ducats
if needed.

Even gold ducats?

As many as you want, darling.

She's not in bed yet.

- Let's go up.
- And the fish, Zeljo?

Never mind the fish.

Just a little...

what does it cost you?

I'm already old...

maybe this is... my last wish.

Lord God, this is my last.

You'll step on
many more women, boss.

I won't.

I feel...

I'm done!

It won't trouble me anymore.

Toss those ducats...

Toss them where?

Where? At my navel!

If it misses, it's mine.

If you hit it, I'm yours.

You're mine!

You're mine!

What's he doing?

I can't see well.

What are you looking at then,
you blind fool?

- I see, Zeljo, but poorly.
- What's she wearing?

By God...



Let's run, Zeljo!

I didn't see anything, my eyes.


Thank God.

It's started.

Lord God, what is this now?

What will we do?

Wait for her to
get tired or freeze.

She's not a fish,
she has to come out.

What will we do with her?

You, nothing.

She'll be all mine.

God damn it!

Give it to me, give it to me!
Please, just to smell!

Give it!

Don't drool on those
panties, moron!

What do you want?

Sit here.

I don't sit with guests.

We're not guests, we're suitors.

And who are you courting?

You. We're taking you home.
This isn't for you.

Excuse me?

I didn't understand you.

For you to marry us.

All four of you?

We are poor brothers.

One is enough.

But I prefer one rich man
to four poor ones.

But we're the strongest.

How strongest?

One must know
which one is strongest.

We know that among ourselves...
and it doesn't concern others.

Well, now marriage.

If I'm going to be your wife,
I need to know who's in charge.

I'm the smartest, Petar is the strongest
and they're around somewhere.

- Around somewhere?
- We'll do this at home.

We'll work it out here
where you started.

Well, by God, you don't look
weaker to me.

I'm the strongest.

I can carry all three
with my teeth.

Don't, for God's sake!

When you agree on who is
strongest, then come!

Why didn't they provoke me,
I would show them.

- C'mon, Zeljo, closing time!
- Come home with me.

What's with you now?

Because of those panties.

- Panties?
- Panties.

- Here, come here, come here.
- Here in the house?

- You said home?
- Don't be afraid,

just to show you something.
Come here.

- I'll tear them apart.
- Who is this, Zeljo?

Đoko, Dad, Đoko.

Since when does Đoko
wear a skirt, son?

Sleep Dad, to grow up.

You brought that whore
into my house?

She's a nice, good girl
from a good home, I tell you.

She just came
to get her panties.

Whose panties, no accident?

Ours, ours, she'll be ours.

You want to marry that freak?

I will, Dad,
I've had it with you.

When she enters the house...
I leave.

You'll leave even sooner, Dad.


What do you need a tunnel for?

Not me, Makarije, but the people.

The people?

The people understand nothing.

When have the people
ever understood?

But I don't understand either.

Tunnel... signatures...

What are you up to, Šćepan?


now you will see.


Ah, that's the tunnel?

It is.

All this you see around it...
is our lake.

And where will this water go?

Through the tunnel, Priest...

- But where?
- To the sea!

To the sea?

It all goes to the sea.

When we drain the lake...

- What will these people live on?
- Cotton.

To eat cotton?

To sow it, Priest,
cotton plantations.

They'll mow it like clover.


my monastery will be left dry?

No fish... food...


- Here you go!
- If you get in my way, Priest...

I will unfrock you forever.

I'll list your bastards...

and send it to the Bishop.

And if necessary...

I'll even arrest you.

So, boss...

shall we play ducats again?

You took everything
the first time.

I have nothing more.

But you have...

the tavern.

You'd like the tavern too?

Let's play, boss...

for whose it will be.

I won't give the tavern.

You will, Baro,
even if it kills you.

It will kill me, you know.

It's not easy for me...

but I won't give... the tavern.

Well... if you won't...

- there will be someone else.
- Stop!

I'm going.


or nothing!


is it better now?

It's much better now.

I'm the strongest!

Come on, get ready to move.

What about your brothers?

They're like cattle...

now I'm in command.
You'll just work and give birth.

Leave the rest to me.

Well then.

Now I'll go...

to get ready. Wait.

Let the ducats be enough...

at least give me back
the tavern.

Whose tavern...

you bastard!

Boss Šćepan!


- Just look how she's dressed.
- Boss Šćepan!

- What is it? - The Kondić boys
want to take me by force

- and set my tavern on fire.
- It must be set on fire.

But it's mine now!

I have a contract!
Signed by boss Baro!

And why did I send you?

To sign for the tunnel...

or for the tavern?

They say they don't need
that tunnel.


While they have fish, water and wine
they don't need anything else!

Screw people like this!

They see nothing beyond fish.

C'mon, come with me.

Look, look...

she even harnessed Šćepan.


Let's get away!


Let's get away, Zeljo!


Stop, I'll shoot!




Get up!

You see I'm wounded!

Dear brother...

You're not, you thief!

I shot in the air.

- What is it?
- I caught a killer.

- Who did you kill?
- These.

- What is this?
- A trifle, boss.

Quiet, thief!

If he had more dynamite, he would've
killed all the fish in the lake.

Come here. You wait.


They would all be killed?

How could I?
A fish or two at most.

Here's your dynamite,
take as much as you want.

Blow up all night.

I'll reward you handsomely.

You see...

what will happen to the lake
when there are no fish?

Who needs a lake with no fish?

And the only way out...

will be... where?

Through the tunnel.


Take it and blow up, you fool!

And your guard?

He's a fool too.

- Take this girl to court in town.
- To court?

- To certify the deeds immediately.
- It's almost night.

- I need yours.
- Mine?

For the American?

It's official.

- What are you doing?
- Take it to keep warm.

- Mother, it's official.
- Official or not, just get with her.

Now or never.

She can give you five sons,
each one like the Kondić brothers.


as soon as I'm gone,
the killers start.

Hit it, Zeljo!


Would you like to rest?

The night is long.

I have a blanket.

My wife is barren...

would you give me a son?

Well, I would... if you could
find me some nice guy.




What's this, old man?

This won't end well.

What is it?

Let us in, poor thing.
Are you crazy?

I can't, I need the house.

Go on, have fun somewhere,
I'm paying.

Hey, my boss Baro...

did you ever hear of a son kicking out
his father because of a whore?

I don't care anymore.

You'll care when you're left
without your American.

- She comes to my house at night.
- Why?

To get her panties.

Whose panties?


Get back!

Get back, get back!

Where are you going,
are you crazy?

Give me your hand.

And where are you going?

I know who it is!

Stop spitting, talk!

I know who killed
all your fish in the lake.

- Who is it?
- That nobody, that Zeljo...

- He's got money like he robbed a bank.
- Thank you...

but don't tell anyone.

Feeling better now?

It'll only be better if you
throw that punk in jail.

She's gone.

What did you say?

They say she left with Šoro.

- With that impotent fucker?
- Yeah.

Now you will see!

Where is she, god damn it!

She has to come.

Oh, how I'm going to fuck her!

First we'll take turns
with her like a cat.

We'll destroy her...
but me first!

Of course.

Give me, Mara,

a little water

from yours,

from yours,

for me to dip

the whetstone

to halfway,

to halfway!

Get up, you bastards,
you're fouling this bed!

- Who is that?
- Thieves.

Stop, I'll shoot!

What is it?

Run, they're killing her!

- Now you'll see your God!
- Let me go!


No! Stop!

You'll hurt my child!

What child?


I'm pregnant!

Mine, fire!

What is this, boss?

There's no fish.

And they say the lake
will disappear too.

What will we do then?

- Nothing.
- How nothing?

What will we live on?

On cotton.

On what?

Two harvests a year.

You won't touch anything.

We'll bring you labor
on the side.

And you just sit back...

go by car...

through the tunnel...

towards the sea! To life!


the boss of this tavern
is known.

- It's known.
- It's known, Baro.

- I'm the boss.
- It's all written here.


that's not valid!

You see,
certified by the court.

A roll of the dice!

Here, people!

- You got it by rolling the dice too.
- But...

- that's prostitution!
- Baro...

shut up,
we know each other.

As of today,
she pays the taxes.

C'mon Baro, bring some drinks.

To celebrate.

Stop, women!


What will I say when the Lord
calls me back to himself?

I'll tell him, my God...

you gave me goats
and billy goats...

I give you goats
and billy goats back!

Stupid goats,
that's what you are!

Where are your husbands?

Since she bathed naked
in the lake...

even the fish are dying!

Your husbands...

sign for a hole...

to make the lake flow out
through the hill!

And now she carries...

someone's child!


Maybe your man's!

Or yours!


One whore to bring evil
to our village!

She should be burned!

Who did it to her,
if I only knew.

By God... Zeljaš...

you missed out on the most...

I could jump on her anytime,

whenever I was up to it.

Why are you laughing,
you spook, what's with you?

What is it?

The women are coming.

What is it?

What do you want?

Her and her bastard!

C'mon, ladies, go away,
the tavern isn't for you!

It's not for whores either!

- You, daughter-in-law, scram!
- I won't...

until she points a finger
at the bastard's father.

Go home.

Back off!

The child is mine!

I'm the father.

Šoro, son, is that true?

It's the truth.

Let your mother hug you!

Let me hug you.

Lord God, help me,
if you're really there!

Make my man come back to me,
to have peace in the house.

You heard!

And what of it?

What of it?

As you can see,
we are not barren.

We never were, until he
brought you home!

Leave us!

We don't need a barren woman.

That won't be possible.

I'm pregnant too.

- Huh?
- I'm with child.

- What are you saying?
- He did it to me too.

Give me some water, girl,
from this valley, from this valley,

to splash the whetstone
to halfway!

Way to go, Šoro,
you make me proud!

- You make me proud.
- I could do it all along, of course!

- My wife is defective!
- Is she feisty?

Is it possible, next to me,
her with you!

- As you see, it's possible!
- Possible?

Well, I'm going to have to
kill someone.

I just don't know
if it's first her...

or him...

- or myself.
- First yourself!

Give me some water, girl...

People! People!

Another round for everyone!
My treat, my treat!

My Šoro...

did it again.

- Huh?
- Again!

- Huh?
- Krstinja is knocked up too.

What is this?

More water?

Where did this water come from,
mother of God!

How's it going, people?

Worse and worse.

It'll be better, it'll be better!

When, boss?

When I say something,
it will be so.

Well, you said that
the lake would dry up

and it seems to be rising.

- C'mon, don't be a fool.
- It's rising, rising, boss.

Look how much water!

It’s from the snow melting
on the mountain.

In August... from snow, huh?

From the mountain?

- You really guessed it.
- C'mon, go!

But, by God, the water
came to the floor.

We won't say anything about it.

I can't say it too loud,
but this Šćepan and his...

How long will I...
have to carry... this water?

Until whenever you get it dry.

When the tavern was mine,

there was wine in the cellar!

We know.

And water in the wine!

This won't last long.

Carry and don't talk there!

- Is it hard for you, Krstinja?
- Since I got pregnant, nothing is hard.

And what will happen
with the American's child?

What's Šoro's is mine too.

When no one contributes,
even the church breaks down.

I'm afraid, Father.

Don't be afraid, daughter,
don't be afraid. It's not a sin.

It's a gift from God!

We'll have two of them.

That other one...

it's the devil's business.
It won't even be born!

It'll pass like its mother!

She came out of the lake,
she'll end up there!

Stop, you bitch!

What do want from me?

My child!

Woman, you're crazy!

I am... I'm crazy!

Promise when you give birth,
you'll give it to me!

What are you saying?

It's from my man anyway.



Nobody will know anything
about it. I promise you.


Disappear where?

Wherever you want!

Why do you need mine
when you have yours?

Here's my baby!
This is my child!

What are you laughing at?

What are you laughing at,
what's so funny?

Here is mine!

Lie in my bed,
I don't sleep anyway.

Even when I was little

I had a strange dream once...

Do you have a nightgown?

I have a shirt.

She came out of the lake

half-fish, half-fairy...

- Turn around.
- Huh?

To undress.

So get undressed,
I've already seen you naked.

I even sing a song
about it. Listen!

Her white skin broke me

I wanted to die for her...

Listen to this now.

When I saw you in reality

carried naked by the waves

then I realized my dear

in my dream it was you.

What are you doing here,

Don't be afraid, it's my father.

What are you doing?

Singing, what else?

You sing to this satan but not
in church, you antichrist!

- Where were you going, Dad?
- What's it to you...


Have you seen Zeljo around?

I don't see anyone anymore,
and I'm not interested in anything.

And you're right, by God.

Even my Zeljo,
my great friend...

left me for some hussy.

- And where are you going?
- What do you care?

Better to push my boat.

Better to push
something else of yours.

Better than you have pushed,
but nothing.

Maybe I'm the right one.

You're all the right ones...

but no baby anywhere.

You didn't say
where you're going.

To the mother of God!

Just so I don't
see you anymore!

Have a good trip.


Women disappear...

fish are dying, the lake rises...

and it's all her fault!

Not only did she walk
around the village,

but she also found a groom!

We will not allow unclean forces

before these honorable people!

What's this all of a sudden?

It's not sudden, it's been
rising a long time.

A long time?

And you're silent?

Well, it's awkward,
I don't know how to tell you.


It looks like we made
a small mistake.


The sea is...

...higher than the lake.


The lake is below sea level.

The sea... comes like this...


it goes and the lake...

here. And now it, this...

- Wait a minute!
- Then all the water... - Wait a minute!

Didn't you measure?

I started from your idea.

Well, I'm not...

the engineer, but you!

Well, I'm not quite either.

I still need two exams.

I'm two exams short.

The water rises
and you do nothing!

How nothing, I sang
a song about it!

And why wouldn't you marry me?

I will!

We'll go out into the world.

We'll sing there,

and the people... like this!

We finish a song...

and the crowd just...

And what do we do now?

Now we'll do our song.

I'll take you, my fairy...


To where you've never been.

We will ride horses

at a white wedding!

We will ride horses

at a white wedding!

It's rising.

Oh my God...

what will we do now?

Come on...
we'll fill in the hole!

But the hole is dry, boss,
not even a drop. Take a look.

- There's nothing.
- What is this?

I took the stones for analysis.

You were digging and shooting.

But others shot too, boss...

who knows where this
corpse of yours is leaking.

And the idea was yours

But with public support!

Here are the signatures, here.

The people are with me!
And you?


- What's up, groom?
- What's bothering you, Dad?

You're really going to
marry that witch?

Fairy, Dad, fairy.

A fairy that the whole village
was lined up for!

Everyone but you.

That's why you persecute her.

I persecute that satan because
she's responsible for all this!

Drop dead!


Šoro, poor thing,
what are you doing?

Are you really going
to her wedding?

You see the devil takes
everything from us.

You don't even have a wife.

The priest says
she went in the lake.

She's gone... she's gone
now when we need her most.

Where are you going, poor thing?
Come back, people will laugh at you.

Jošo. Oh, Jošo!

- What?
- Shall we go to the wedding?

What kind of wedding,
poor thing?

Don't you see... just to drown?

Where is Zeljo?


Are you going?

I'm going.

- Where are you going like that?
- Into the lake!

C'mon, don't be silly.
We'll be late.

For me...

Đoko, there's no life
without her.

- Is he crazy?
- Let the spook go.

Spook, sure.

We'll see who's a spook.

I'll break up their wedding
with one... move.

You will play...

but at my funeral!


Come with us!

It'll be a wedding like
the world has never seen!

Happy travels!

I have other things to do!


Brothers, I'm sorry!

God damn, it's salty!

People! We're sinking!

We're all sinking into the sea!

Let them all sink,
god damn it!

Whose is that meadow,
whose is that grass

whose is that girl,
rosy and blond?

Whose is that meadow,
whose is that grass

whose is that girl,
rosy and blond?

I'll cross that meadow,
I'll cross that grass

I'll kiss that girl,
rosy and blond!

I'll cross that meadow,
I'll cross that grass

I'll kiss that girl,
rosy and blond!

I'll mow that meadow,
I'll mow that grass

I'll propose to that girl,
rosy and blond!

I'll mow that meadow,
I'll mow that grass

I'll propose to that girl,
rosy and blond!

Whose is that meadow,
whose is that grass

whose is that girl,
rosy and blond?

- Whose is that meadow...
- ...with whom you began to love...

- ...rosy and blond!
- ...started from the world...

Catch me , now, now...

- Clear the way for the bride to pass!
- What?

Yours isn't any prettier!

Move it, ugly, when I say!

Your mother made you ugly!

Who are you talking to,
you bastard?

- You!
- Let them pass.

You let them, I won't.

Brothers, follow me!

People, what's wrong with you!

We're sinking!

We're sinking, people!

Boss Šćepan!

If you know God, help!

Easy, people, easy!
Be patient!

And what will become of us?

Wait a bit while we
find the hole!

Everything will be alright!

translated by vertovfan@KG
synchronized by djvaso@KG