Cuddle Weather (2019) - full transcript

After realizing that prostitutes are not entitled to the best part of love making, two sex workers form a screwy relationship as 'cuddle partners' only to realize that they want something more.

[All dialog unless otherwise noted
is spoken in Tagalog]

[woman moans and pants]

- [sexy music]
- [moans continue]

[man in English]
What's your name?

[In English]
My name is Shin, sir.

[In English]
Conquer me!

Miss Shin?

[Man speaking in Mandarin]

[Shin] Some are born smart.
Some are born talented.

[In English]
Monsieur, is this alive?

[In English]
Why, Madelein? You want me to stop?

[In English]
Oh, no, no, no. I like it, I like it!

[In English]
I love it! I feel alive!

Some are born rich.

- [In English] I want to deposit in you.
- [In English] Invest in me!

[In English]
I said call me, "Uncle!"

[In Taglish] No deal, banker.
I'm very close to my uncles.

[In English]
So, how much do you want?

[In English]
Plus 3,000?

- [In English] Deal.
- OK!


As for me, I was simply born.

- No high IQ...
- [in English] Let's go, monsieur.

- [In English] ...special skills...
- [in English] Yes.

- [Moaning]
- ...or money.

- [Man moaning]
- [in English] Oh, no. Oh, yes!

[In French]
Yes, yes!

- [In English] Yes!
- Shin, Shin, Shin.

- [In English] Yes! Yes!
- Shin! Shin!


- I had to go into this to survive.
- [In English] Yes! Yes! Oh, it's so good!

[Mumbling in French]

- [both moaning]
- [male] Yeah! Yeah!

[Screaming in French]

[cash register dings]

And daily, this goes into me.

[Phone alarm beeps]

[sad music plays]

[bed creaks]

[in Taglish]
Happy birthday, whores.


[In Taglish]
Here's my payment. I'm all covered, OK?

"Ate"? We're not sisters.

[In Taglish]
"Atty" as in attorney!

Why do you even want to change your name?

It's not bad.

[In Taglish]
I have a client named Macaroni 5000.

[In Taglish]
The other one's called Circumcision.

You're wasting money.

What's it to you?

- [In Taglish] I want to be born again.
- [In English] What?

- You?
- Stupid.

[In Taglish]
Born again! As in rebirth!

[In English]
New name. New life.

So I can go off the grid.

[Roar of distant traffic]

[man laughs]

- [in Taglish] Kap, did you miss me?
- Stay there! There!

Why are you suddenly so shy?

It's just that I don't want anyone
to see me

[in Taglish]
still going to this cheap motel.

I like it here.

I want you to see
where the money for you comes from.

From them!


Go for it! That's it!

Kap, you're so good!

[Moans distractedly]

[in English]
Yes, Kap! Mmm!

Whoo! So good!

[Man moaning]



- [man] I want you!
- Kap...

[man moaning]

Do you love me?

You're... you're a flirt!

[Moaning and panting]

Tell me! You love me!

- [Man] You're a whore!
- [Woman moans]

It feels so good.

- [Shin moaning]
- [woman] Harder!

[Heavy breathing]

You feel so good,

- Captain Filemon Wenceslao III!
- I love you. I love you, whore!

- I love you, whore!
- [In English] Barangay Red Light District,

- Makati City!
- I love you!

I love you, whore!

[Heavy breathing]

[glass smashing]

It's broken.

I can't believe you made a scene!

You know the elections are coming up!

If I lose, I'm going to have
the entire Poblacion raided!

Starting with you!

I couldn't help it, Kap.
You felt too good.

You're so big. Devil's fuck.

- Me?
- Of course!

I fuck like the devil?


Let's face it, I'm a normal size

compared to the foreigners
you suck money from.

- Here.
- Kap. What gives, Kap?

[In Taglish] My rate's been 10,000 pesos
since last year.

[In Taglish]
I ain't no street walker no more.

[In Taglish]
I've leveled up. Class A.

Same slut.

You've gotten too much from me already.

I've been your customer since
way before your hips looked like that.

[In Taglish] You big fuck!
This will really be your last!

I'm quitting!



Are you knocked up?


What will you do?

Do you have a degree? Special skills?

I bet you'll be hawking again
after an hour of hunger!

I can do it! What do you people care?

I'll give you a few months.

You'll still be the same slut
when we see each other again.

You have nowhere to go, Sunshine.

Look who's talking.

The one who became barangay captain

[in Taglish]
with neither brains nor skills.

Nothing's impossible, Kap.

[Kap] ...until no one wants you anymore.
You'll retire a pimp, junkie or a hobo!

[Shin in Taglish]
You don't fuck like the devil!

You're simply a devil!

[In English]
Happy Valentine's.

[In Taglish] Who are you, miss?
Hold it, I'm in my briefs.

- [Man] Hey.
- I'm Angel.

[In Taglish]
Your partner was lame in bed.

How do you know? Are you psychic?

Hey! Don't try those tricks on me.
I'm onto those.

[Soft exhale]

[gasps, panting]

[Shin chuckles]


And that's what horny feels like.

You don't care about anything anymore.

All you know is that you want more.

[In Taglish]
Are you up for round two?

You're a whore?

Aren't we all?

Who hasn't made some quick bucks
through the flesh?

Good point. But then...

[in Taglish]
Five thousand pesos. The whole shebang.

[In Taglish]
The stuff of oh-my-gods.

[In Taglish]
Oh my God, 5,000?

[In Taglish]
Ten thousand is my usual.

[In Taglish] But it's a special day
and I'm feeling charitable.



That was you earlier?

Over here. The other side.

I heard you moaning! You were so good!

I knew it!

[In Taglish]
Master! Boss! Idol! Sempai! High five!

So, you heard me?

I heard you, too.


You heard me?

So that's why! I thought you were psychic!

[In Taglish]
Well done. Come on, high-five.


But if you're a slut
and you just did it...

how do you just roll over

and act like it's nothing?


I'm the best.

Because I sell so much more
than horniness.

I fulfill all your fantasies.

I make you all believe I'm horny for you.


You're broke? All you have is bus tickets!
You a bus driver or something?

[In Taglish]
Do you take me for a test drive?

Money? Wait, wait. Here.

That's too little!

[In Taglish] What?
The air conditioning shrank it just a bit.

- You speak as if--
- That's not it. Are you sure, 1,000?

For all these?

Keep it!

Is 1,000 too small? That's all I was paid.

You're a whore, too?


- What the hell? Can you keep it down?
- [Whispering] Sempai.

Do you own this place?

You should be splitting the tab with me.
You should have paid 150 pesos.

[In Taglish] One fifty?
I could have had three meals for that.

[In Taglish] Well, who got it in your head
that 1,000 is your going rate? Stupid.

[In Taglish]
It was my first time.

That's why I wanted to learn
your techniques.

[In Taglish] Excuse me. Do I look like
I give internships? Training?

[In Taglish] For your information,
I'm not accredited or anything.

Give me a break.

How do you survive this whole thing?
Just tell me, please.

Your walls are paper-thin.
This fell off on its own.

Damn. Sorry, Myka, I can't let it pass.

[In Taglish]
That's still 300 pesos in penalties!

That much?

- They'll make me pay for it!
- Fine.

Are we good? We good? Put this away, then.

[Man] That's just 150 pesos in one hand,
Myka! My other hand's empty!


Did you hear me? You can take a cut.

You really want me to be your pimp?

I can't possibly be earning cuts
from your noob moves.

And that's why you have to train me,

What the hell does "sempai" even mean?

Anime! Don't you watch anime?

- You must have a very sad life.
- Wow.

[In Taglish]
And you must have a bouncing life.

Last time I checked, you were a callboy.


You don't have to announce it.

[In Taglish]
Just give me one tip.


You really won't give me a break,
will you?

Just one.

What's your name?


- My mother--
- I don't care.

Just get rid of your name.

Don't use your real one.

What should I use?

[In Taglish]
Something like Penelope.

Idiot. How should I know?

Find yourself a huge turn-on kind of name.

A turn-on?

- Right, look around.
- A turn-on?

- You might stumble on something.
- A turn-on?

Here. "Sonny the Plumber."

How about Sonny?




What are you doing?

[In Taglish]
You want that cake?

[In Taglish] It will be my treat
if we go on with our lessons.

Stop it.

[In Taglish]
"Son, is your roaming on?

Two thousand pesos is badly needed
for the pig's meds.

[In English]
Text back, ASAP."


[in Taglish] Why was your father asking
if your roaming is on?

I was supposed to go abroad.

- Seaman.
- Seaman?

No wonder you're lost at sea.


See what I mean?

As I was saying,
I was supposed to be a seaman.

I paid my placement fee
but the recruiter ran off with my money.

It was a scam.

I'd already told the folks back home
that I was aboard.

I couldn't take it back.

I'm the eldest.

[Ram slurps]

Want some?

[In Taglish]
Thank you for being so nice, Sempai.


So, I took a big part of the 1,000 I have
and paid for this pricey cup of noodles.

- I should have looked at the price...
- Hey. I'm taking off.

- Why?
- I still have a client.

Hold on, Sempai. Wait for me--



- [In Taglish] Sempai, wait for me.
- That's her!

Hold on! What did you say your name was?
Sarah Angel Myka...

Look, Ma, it's Heart.

Your prodigal daughter,
reporting back to earth.

Idiot. Her true name's Kara.

That's why Kabayot and company call her
"Kara Karatera."

[In Taglish] Why is she acting so special?
It's not even her birthday.

[In Taglish] It is her birthday.
We don't call her Heart for nothing.

February 14.

[Woman 3 in Taglish]
Hold it. What are you doing here?

Where's that white knight
you were bragging about?

The one who was going to
get you out of here?

At least I tried before giving up.

And I don't need a man
to get me out of here.

Why can't you say it? He left you.

Even after you turned your back on us
and your real self, he didn't choose you.

The whole of Poblacion beds you,
and you have nobody to cuddle with.

- [Woman 1 laughs] She has no friends.
- [Woman 2] Not one.

[Ram in English]
♪ Happy birthday, my friend! ♪

- ♪ Happy birthday, my friend! ♪
- Who is that?

- ♪ Happy birthday, happy birthday! ♪
- [Woman 1 laughing] What a junkie!

- ♪ Happy birthday, my friend! ♪
- [Women laughing]

Freaks! Let's beat it, girls.

[In English]
Sempai! Happy birthday.

Here. For you.

[Slow, downbeat music]

[phone beeps]













[Slow, downbeat music continues]

[phone alert]

[hopeful music]

[phone alert]


[Hopeful music builds]

So ugly.

Who are you?

[Stammers, hushed, in English]
What the fuck are you talking about?

[In Taglish]
Damn, I got excited for this?


- [in English] Who do you think you are?
- Your name's Doc Y?

Not too many doctors are called Y!

- Doctor? Patient's more like it, dumbass!
- [In English] Can you lower your voice?

Don't you dare come near me,
or I'll punch you in the face!

[In English]
You're making a scene, whore!

[In Taglish]
You're calling me a whore?

- You sad dick! You sad, ugly dick!
- [In English] What the fuck?

You're sadder, slut!

[In Taglish]
And fuck you, I'm a real doctor!

And Y is for Yale!

[In Taglish] Who are you kidding?
Yale is a padlock brand, dumbass!


Fine, fine! Don't touch me!
I'm stepping out, see?

And why me?

- You should go arrest his scandalous face.
- [Doc Y] Whore!

Fuck him.

[Indistinct chatter and traffic noise]

[slow, downbeat music]


Why the long face?

You've been like that for almost a year.

Come here, boys! Quick!

[In English]
A, B, C, D.

- How much?
- Go.

Five thousand. Full service, ma'am.

For a face like yours,
I can give it up for 4,000.

- Your prices are off the roof.
- That's really the going rate for boys.

That, for someone I would just cuddle?

It's a waste of time,
just cuddling until morning.

I can still get off two more times.


- Bye.
- Let's go. Maybe next time.

So... Hey!

[In Taglish]
Stay here. I'll see what I can do.

Ahem. Psst.

I will miss you, you grouch.


I won't miss you.

No one will look for you here
when you leave.

You don't belong here,
like I've been telling you.

Get out.

[In Taglish] I just need money.
Retirement money, let's put it that way.

If you run after money,
you'll never make it out.



He's all that's left. Noob. He's not mine.
So, if he turns out a junkie--


That's my sempai!


- [Stutters] Sem...?
- She's my sempai.

- Sempai?
- Yes!

You know the rule. An hour.

If I sense a boner,
you can kiss your 1,000 goodbye.

I'll even throw you out.

Hug me tighter.

Like that?


Stop breathing so heavily.
It's hurting my ear.

[Sad music]

I won't get a hard-on.

You're my sempai.

If I had it my way, you wouldn't even pay.

You know what?

That tip you gave really paid off.

The three girls from last night
told me you're all alone.

I was thinking...
maybe you could let me stay.

Please? I'll pay rent.

In return,
you can teach me your techniques.

And every time I earn, you get a cut.

You really think you're going to succeed
in this industry?

Can you fire off five times a night?

Can you give it up for girls,
boys and gays?

Are you ready to get drained,
dried up and broken?

I don't have a degree.
I don't know anyone here in Manila.

My body is all I have.

That's it.

So, I struck a deal with the Lord.

He said,

"Sure, be a callboy, on the condition
that you don't cheat on anyone."

What did you say?

The Lord gave you his consent?
What exactly did he say?

upon offering thy body to feed thyself,

hold tight to thy Christian heart."


So, what does the Lord's voice sound like?

Something like,
"Ram, to the confessional--"



That's Big Brother, you idiot!

He said, "Come with me to the other room."


Why... What...?

[Phone rings]

Why? Hey!

You know what?

You're the only guy
who's gone a whole hour

without acting like a pervert around me.



My 1,000?

[Light music]

Do you really want me to teach you?

Of course. I'll do anything for the money.

Fine. Come with me.

- I'm a man whore.
- I can't hear you.

- Louder! Come on!
- I'm a man whore!

Go loud and proud.
You're a man whore, remember?

I'm a man whore!

There you have it. He's a man whore.


It's a wrap. Good job.

Why did I have to do that?

So you know how long it takes me
to get a boner?

Of course! I need a video to blackmail you
with if you ever pull a trick on me.

I'll make sure you're all over Pornhub.

[Men laughing]

- Let's hide!
- Hurry!

- [Indistinct chatter from men]
- [both laughing]

You gullible whore.

You nearly got caught.

Hey, don't get angry.

Come on, it's all good.

Fine, Adela.


My name's Adela.


Beautiful name. Sempai Adela.

And you're Ram the Whore.

Ram the Whore at your service.
Ram the Whore, Sempai Adela.

Wait. The hell! It's 6:00.
Wait for me here. Just a bit.


You know the drill. Two trays.
Then tell her to keep the change, OK?

[In Taglish]
Thank you. Here's your tip.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Hey.
- Hey, you almost hit me.

Why did you follow?
Didn't you hear what I said?

You went off with my briefs.
Let me have them.

Don't steal them. I don't have any others.

I can't believe you'd bother looking for--

I'll wash them.

Why did you have to send someone
to buy you eggs?

Can't you do it yourself?

Mind your own business.

You'd never understand. I have
a complicated life and tons of secrets.

I'm sorry but I can't tell you.

Are you on bad terms with your mom?

- How did you know that was my mother?
- You look alike.

She can't be your daughter.

[Laughs sarcastically]

You think this is funny?

I told you to do one thing.
Wait for me there.

How can I have you in my house
if you can't follow simple instructions?

But my briefs...

- Get out of my way.
- Wait, wait, wait!

- Fine.
- You can't take it back.

You already agreed. My hopes are up.

But you're such a pest!

- Let me help you.
- No, thanks.

- No, let me.
- I said no need.

- Not necessary.
- I got this.

- I can do it. Give me that.
- Hey, you might fall over!

Oh, no!

[Light music]

Your eggs!

[Eggs splattering]

[Adela crying]

There. We're quits.


[in Taglish] So, I take a 20 percent cut
from your earnings.

[In Taglish] Rent is 5,000. Electricity
is 800. Water, 200. Internet, 500.

[In Taglish] All the groceries
and everything in the fridge

are available for you if you want,
just make sure to pay for them.

It's so expensive here.

[In Taglish] But the most important rule
of this house is, "No boners."

You're getting too used to
the sight of my thing.

With all the dicks I see every day,
unless yours talks,

[in Taglish]
it's nothing special.

[In Taglish, in high-pitched voice]
"I'm nothing special?"



[Gentle, romantic music]

[in English]
Good night, Adela.

[In Taglish] Lesson number one.
Change your name every so often.

So, what's your entire name? Adela…

Adela… keep out of my business.

[In Taglish] Lesson number two.
There's no fixed price in this industry.

Haggling is the name of the game.

Prices could go up or down.

It's all up to your sales skills,

[in Taglish]
and the quality of your product.

- Miss, how much is this?
- [Saleswoman in Taglish] 1,900 pesos.

What? That expensive? Look.

[In Taglish]
There's a nick over here. This is 1,900?

- That's right.
- [In Taglish] Make it 800.

Fine, fine.
Since you're my first customer today.

[In Taglish]
Yes, thanks, miss. I'll take that.

This will look cute on your baby!

- This will look cute on your baby.
- We don't have a baby. We're sluts.

Come on.

Did you hear what she said? Miss!

I'll come back for that
when we have a baby!

For now, she's my baby!

[Adela in Taglish] You have to keep up
with all kinds of fetishes.

[Adela in Taglish]
Get this: Fist be with you.

- [Ram] I can do that.
- [Adela in English] Eat feet all you can.

[Adela in Taglish] Threesome with middle
aged exotic Filipino in need of money.


You've done all that?

What? You're disgusted with me?


You impress me.

High five!

Come, let's sit.

[Adela] Have yourself tested here often.
It's free.

[In Taglish]
Always carry a condom with you.

And take a dose of PrEP medicine
every day.

There's such a thing?

Yes. Keeps the HIV out.

So, are you ready for lesson number three?

- [In Taglish] Last one, don't worry.
- Right, game.

[In Taglish]
Give yourself a deadline.

[In Taglish]
This can't be your finish line.

This is just your springboard.

As soon as you get what you want,
you can go.

So, when is your deadline?

At first, I thought I'd do this
until I'd saved enough.

Then I would again try to apply
as a seaman.

But then it hit me:
There's nothing wrong with our job.

I've been earning so much.
It's really such a big help to my family.

[In Taglish]
You know, for the first time...

[in Taglish] For the first time...
I'm a useful eldest son.

You still haven't answered my question.

I'll have nowhere to go if I get out now.


we're just getting started.

What? What are you talking about?

- We're just getting started.
- You're such an idiot. What?

Let me finish.

- What is it, then?
- I mean...

We're just getting to know each other.

That's why I don't want to stop.

I don't want to leave my sempai behind.


Whatever. You think too much.

I have to go.

- Why?
- [In Taglish] It's an emergency.

- I'll see you at home, OK?
- [In Taglish] Emergency? Why? What?

What's this?
It's as big as a rich person's obituary!

[In Taglish]
Relax. Another lawyer called me up.

[In English]
His client wants to make sure

[in Taglish] that the property
in your name would still be valid

[in Taglish]
once you change your name.

Is this Yan?

Yan called?

[In English]
His lawyer did.

No, I don't want the condo.

That's actually one of the things
I want to get rid of.

[In Taglish] Are you sure?
Who wouldn't want something like that?

[In Taglish]
Oh, well, just be ready for the next step.

[In Taglish]
What's the next step?

[In Taglish] Hearing.
Bring along two disinterested witnesses.

You can bring friends.


[Phone rings]

Who let you in?



Do you want something to eat, ma'am?

Ram, could you go back in.

Repair the broken... whatever.
Find something to repair.

So, you live here.
It's not too far from the market.

I looked for you everywhere,
only to find your address in the papers.

Of course you wouldn't find me.

I look different now.

I'm beautiful now.

You've always been beautiful.

So, why are you here?

Because of this.

I can't stand the name you chose.

How about Lovely instead?

That was the name I wanted to give you.

But this big white father of yours
wanted naming rights.

And he left anyway.

Lovely isn't so nice either.

What about Judy Ann? I liked her a lot
when I was pregnant with you.

And Esperanza was your favorite show.

Could we go hands off on my name?
It's mine.



[Adela's mom]
Can I deliver here next month?

I change addresses all the time.

So, you're changing your name.

[In Taglish]
Is that your deadline?

Sempai, you should have repaired this
a long time ago.

It would have been easy,
but now it's a mess.

Could you leave it alone?

It likes being torn.

It likes the rugged look.

So, you like the rugged look.
How long have you been with this?

It's my longest relationship.

It's the only one that can hug me
without feeling me up.



And what about me?

It was there before you.

[Ram in Taglish]
Shoot, insert, pull.

Right. Then you go in again. There.

Once you get the rhythm,
you can pick up the pace.

But don't rush it, or you'll get hurt.

Go slow and steady with it.

[In Taglish] If it won't go in,
just whisper "love you" to it.

It will make its way in.

Why do I sense a pervy turn to this?

- That's your own mind talking.
- Why?


Now your turn. Grip it firmly.

Hold it. I've seen this move before.

- What?
- You're making a pass at me.

Why are you in a bad mood?
What is up with you?

Don't touch me.

- Why are you upset?
- Enough.

- Just poke the other pillow.
- Ouch! That hurts.

- I told you to go slow or you'd get hurt!
- That hurts.

- There you go.
- I lost...

If I get pricked again,
it will be the end of you.

I'll sew your balls together.

My balls aren't even torn.

So, I'll tear them apart.

It fell here. Move, I'll find it.

- [Adela laughing] Ouch.
- Where is it?

It's here. Don't move.

- [Adela laughing]
- [Ram] Stay there.

Sonny boy.

[In English]
Fast, romantic lover.

- Here.
- Aw.

You get a hired cuddler and a maid.

Exercise is not limited to the body.
The face should get some, too.

Here, do this. Press your nose.

Like this?

Be serious for once.

See, this is my favorite, the smize.

You narrow your eyes.

Why do you want to make your eyes smaller?

I don't like them. They're too big.

What? They're very beautiful.

Look at those.

You don't have to change them.

You're even more beautiful
when your hair's not colored.


Just the way I like it.

Whatever. Could you get that other box?

I read on Facebook...

- Let go--
- don't need a problem

[in Taglish]
as an excuse to cuddle.

- Stop it.
- All you need is the pouring rain.

[In Taglish]
That's cuddle weather.

So, just relax and enjoy this moment.

Here we go again with your antics.

You can only hug me when we're both tired
after a long day's work.

And why the hell do you believe stuff
on Facebook?

- Everything on Facebook is true.
- [In Taglish] Only rich people can cuddle!

- Cuddle is not even a word in Tagalog.
- It is! "Yakap!"

- Idiot. "Yakap" means hug.
- Is that right?

See? No Tagalog word for it, right?

[In English]
Sempai, flowers for you!


- So sweet!
- You like them?

They smell rotten.
Where did you get these?

No. Smell it! My rent's inside!

This is what I want.

This is the scent I've been looking for!

Excuse me, just taking care of the flies.

Your grin is so wide,
you might swallow a fly!

- You're acting like teenagers.
- You're just jealous!

I want to join in.

Just don't go near me.

I'll stay here in the corner.

Don't go near me.

- You...
- It's a nice time for a nap. It's raining.

It's the fault of this stupid rain.
Getting you all soft.

[Steady, romantic music]

[phone beeps]

I have a message.

- Stop moving. I'm trying to relax.
- But I have a message!

There you have it. You have someone
to hug now and not just one.

This is good.

- Hey, what are you looking at?
- You're gorgeous.

You make me forget you're my sempai.
You look more like a client.

What do you mean? I look loaded?

Not that. You look powerful.
Like you can do anything. Buy anything.

And you look like you're attending prom!

Really? I've never been to one.

We couldn't afford the registration fees
for those things at the time.

- Really? You didn't go to prom?
- No, why?

That is so sad.

I had no choice.
I couldn't afford stuff like this.

This suit, I didn't have anything
to buy long-sleeved shirts like these.

I guess that's why I'm feeling
like hot property right now.


- Hey.
- What?

- I finally get a high five out of you!
- Not a high five, you idiot.

- What is this for?
- Let's dance.

Sappiness not allowed.


Just put your hand on my waist.

There. Dance.

I feel giddy.

[Slow, romantic guitar music]

This is getting old.

- How about giving me a twirl?
- Oh, twirl then. There.

[Romantic music continues]

Hey. Hey, what's this? Ram.

Just getting myself some luck
before the grind. Come on.

Getting handsy now, are we?

- Are you good? We're done.
- After you.

No, you first.

I got this from a guy
who was walking past me.

- What do you think? Told you.
- You're a fast learner, huh?

- Of course.
- [Both laugh]


[phone beeps]


[phone beeps]


[Phone beeps]


[Phone beeps]



- Where is he?
- He's here.

Come with us.

[Downbeat music]

[in Taglish]
That was some convention.

[In Taglish]
I waited 11 months.

What happens to the condo
if you're changing your name?

Are you wanting to get your stuff?

Sorry, I threw it away.

What are you going to do?

Same plans.

All our plans.

Leaving this job. Studying. Starting over.

But I'm doing them without you.
All possible.

[In English]
I miss you.

[In Taglish]
You miss me, but that's all.

You don't love me.

There's a big difference.


[In Taglish]
Pass me some more lubricant.

Who's this?

Is this your client?

[In English]
Sir, good evening, sir.

[In English]
Nice suit.

Yes. Lucky to fit into it.
It belonged to her friend.

Who was that?

Got to go. Kind of in a hurry.

- [In English] Three shots...
- Shot? OK.

[In English]
...for a threesome.

[In Taglish]
Just sex.

There. Go on.

Is that good?

Mm hmm.

[Panting and laughing]

[yells happily]


[Downbeat music]

[in Taglish]
What's your name, young lady?

[In English]
What's your name, I said?

[In English]
What's your name?


You're so beautiful, Adela.

[In English] Can I kiss you
while you're wearing her old clothes?

That was not part of the deal.

I'll pay you more!

[In Taglish]
I don't feel like it anymore.

Why are you acting up, whore?

What happened to your hand?

Just some old spirits. But I'm good.

[Upbeat music plays indistinctly
inside café]

- Oh.
- OK.

[In Taglish] Who's the Sakuragi in bed?
The MVP? Threesomes are nice.


Here's your commission.

Here, look.

That's your commission.

You're really my lucky charm.

What's wrong with you?

Didn't you make money?

[In English]
Twenty thousand.

Who was that guy in the hotel?
The one you were talking to?

- [In Taglish] Just a client.
- [In English] Client?

[In Taglish] Client? But the look on your
face is of one who was shortchanged.

I was.

What did that jerk do to you?
Should I hunt him down for you?

He loved me.

Treated me like a human being.

He was the biggest asshole
among all my clients.


[Noise of distant traffic]

Take a shot.

Hurry, catch up. Catch up.


Give me that.

I want to stop.

I really want to stop.

I'm liking my new clients.
They're great. Especially Miss Melba.

Get the fuck out!


A great client?
All clients see us the same way.

Look at those buildings.

Look at them.


- See those?
- Yeah.

Pick one.

I can name you all my clients in each.

People think money comes easy for us.

They're so clueless.

We're so spent.
The people they abuse are spent.

[Sad music]

We've run out of desire.

[In Taglish]
Not just for sex. For everything.

There's no one sadder

than a person who has run out of desire.

[Sad music continues]

That's one ugly name.

[In Taglish] You woke me up
from my beauty sleep for that?

Adela is so much nicer.

Finally, I've chucked one customer.

Hey, you people!
Do what this girl did, OK?

Thanks again.

Here comes your sidekick.

- You take care.
- All right.

So, is everything settled?

This is it.

It's finally happening.

I don't really understand
why you want to leave.

Because no one believes I can do it.

He didn't believe I could do it.
That's it.

All of them.

[In Taglish] They thought,
"Once a whore, always a whore."

Excuse me.

[In Taglish] It's all a phase.
Doing it for a lifetime is a choice.

Those clothes were his? The ones I wore?
Don't worry, I'll throw them away.

Don't throw them away. I need rags.

Cheer up.

- What the hell?
- Hey, you're burning up! You have a fever.

That's just the fever of desire.
The important thing is I have a new name.

[Adela's mom]
Are you her friend?

Of Adela? Yes, something like that.

So, it's Adela now.

It's been nine years
of these monthly orders.

But no one really buys that many eggs
from me.

She'd send different people every day.
That's how I knew it was her.

Why don't you drop by from time to time?

I've always told her that if she's tired
of this job, she can always come back.

I'm just here, waiting.


Do you know what she does?

What do you think?
Who else would she get it from?

Here. Why don't you go see them?
Go home once in a while.

Not at this time. I have a new name.

It's useless. I'm a different person now.

Do you stop helping them
because you're a different person now?


[phone beeps]

Hold on.

Wait a minute.

- Hey.
- For a bit. Hold on.

Didn't you make a lot the other day?

Maybe we could take a break today.

Live, for once.

Expenses don't take a break.

Let's both quit.

At the same time.


We could just save
and then quit when we're old.

Just like...

Just like your mother.

Now she's running a business.

Don't you want that?

Where do you think she got the money
for her business?

My body paid for that, Ram.

They moved here
when I started sending money regularly.

I want to do the same for my family.
Like what you did.

Can't you see?

Look closely.

[Indistinct, happy chatter]

Is there an extra chair?

No, right?

Do you even think they remember me?

[Sad music]

We're not bad people.
We just have an unusual job.

I want to be with you.

We could take care of each other
while we work.


What are you talking about?

Your plans are for normal people, Ram.

I don't get why you can't just try
being with me.

I won't leave you hanging
the way that doctor did.


Don't I have the right to start over?

How can I start over if I have
a relationship with another whore?

How is that a new start?

Is that the real reason?

What else?

Is that it, or are you just scared
of starting over alone?

I'm right, aren't I?
You yourself don't believe you can do it.

You see yourself as a mere whore.
Am I right?

You have so many excuses.

[Sad music continues]

[slow guitar music]

["Migraine" by Sue Ramirez playing]

Can you just tell me your new name?

Whores never reveal their real names.

Don't worry.

As soon as we're out of this job,
I'll tell you.

What about your old name?

I promise to tell you when we quit.

Tomorrow? Shall we quit?

Tell me your name first. That's it.
I love it here beside you.


Stefany Johnson.

[Romantic music]

[phone beeps]

[Ram whispering]


Hey, are you all right?

Where are you off to?


You can sleep until you feel better.

I'll cook before I go,
so you can eat when you're up, OK?

Gotta go.

[Sad music]


[noise of distant traffic]

[sad music continues]

[in English]
I miss you.

[In English]
I'm sorry.

[In English]
Please forgive me.

I'm leaving.

This is the last time I'm going to ask.

Will you come with me?

[Rustling paper]

[door beeps]

You still treat her like a prostitute.

You're a dick.

[In English]
You're that guy.

[In Taglish] What's your role in her life?
Boyfriend? Sponsor? What?


No wonder. So, you're the same.

Take care of her. She's important to me.

You're turning your back on someone
you truly care about?

That makes you the whore.

[Slow, sad music]

[door closes]

[slow, sad music continues]

[door beeps]

Do you take me for a client?

This setup sucks, Ram.

You told me last night you were quitting.

I believed you.

I don't know what you want me to do.

What's the problem?

Remember the rules?

[In Taglish]
Rule number one, no boners.

You've had two since then.

You can show yourself out.

You're so unfair.
I don't know why you're in such a hurry.


I'm in a hurry?

I've been wanting to leave
for the past nine years, Ram!

You think I should go slower than that?

Relax, I've seen plenty of those.

Unless yours dispenses cash,
you're nothing special.

You're doing some whoring
first thing in the morning?

I have no choice.

I have to work extra to be able pay you.

A whore gets angry
for no other reason but being shorted.

What do you really want me to do?

Throw away all my plans for your benefit?

You know what I think?

If I had treated you like a whore,

if I had properly abused you,

if I had not allowed you to feel loved,

allowed you to feel loved while we fucked,
then maybe...

maybe you wouldn't be so angry.

Is that it?

That works for you?

Yes. Exactly.

[In Taglish] You can add my fee
to your rent this month, too.

[In English]
Plus 10,000.

You know what?

It's so hard to love you.

I cannot afford you.


[downbeat music]

[in English]

[In Taglish]
So you can let your inhibitions go.

[In Taglish]
We'll be very busy tonight.

[In Taglish]
And you'll be richer for it, I'm sure.



- Go, go, go!
- Hey! Hey!

[In English]
Sweetie! Some more?

I don't want to do this anymore.


[noise of traffic and indistinct chatter]

Ma, there's a customer.

[Adela's mom]
I'm coming.

- Hey.
- Two trays.

[In Taglish]
Surprise, I didn't listen to you.

You really got all of it from me.

Suits you, though.

I don't care how it sounds.
It's just a name.

The important thing is it's mine.
And I will take care of it.


please come home.

Maybe in time.

I have to get it together.

I told you I'm OK.

Ma, I'm OK.

You're my daughter,
no matter what your name is.

You'll always be my daughter.

[Gentle piano music]

[in English]
What are you doing?

I can't do this anymore.

[In English]
You're gonna walk away from all of this?

[In English]
Look at yourself!

[In Taglish] You fulfill your desires.
You're earning.

[In Taglish]
You're aboard a ship, well, in a way.

I have to hop off.

Please take me back to the dock.
You don't have to pay me, Melba.

Ma'am Melba.

Just take me back. I want to go home.

ARE YOU FREE 8 p.m.?



[Indistinct laughter and chatter]

Oh my God. Wow.

I thought so.

[In English]
One last night?

What for?

[In Taglish] Are you checking
if I'll jump at another gig again?

[In Taglish] Did you expect
to meet someone like me here in Manila?

I prayed to God.

I just wished for a job.

I prayed
to be able to see different places.

Meet different people.

Then I met you.


You met me.


What happened to your plans?



Comb that street, bro!
All the whores hang out here! There, too!

[Frantic screams]

[police siren wailing]

Bro, hide in one of the rooms for now.
They're raiding the area.

- And don't make a sound.
- I don't want to go back to that room.

Come on, bro.
You can have your pick of rooms.

Please, just do me this favor.

- They're going after whores tonight.
- [Police siren blares]


[sobbing continues]

Have some faith.

We can be together.

I like you.

I love you, Adela.

I've seen hundreds of rooms, Ram.

Maybe even thousands.

Countless beds, bodies, thrills.

Out of those thousand times...

how many times did anyone ever love me?

Once? Twice?

I can't bet on those odds.

[In Taglish]
You were my deadline.

I saw myself in you
before all this ever happened.

I just wanted to save us.

I wanted to save both of us.



Will you come with me?

That one, and that! Beat those doors down!
That place is teeming with whores!

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, Kap.

[In Taglish] Lesson number two.
There is no fixed price.

[In Taglish]
What if I don't make it as a seaman?

If I have to go back to the province?
What will you do?

I'll go with you.

- Look into that, too!
- Yes, sir.

What if we can't land a decent job?

What if we drown in debt?

What if all plans fail?

I have no idea.
The important thing is we are together.

What if I love you too much?


As if I've never known the pain
of loving someone?

That place is the worst!


[Ram] I will love you over and above.
You're my sempai, remember?

So, what's your new name?


Plain, ordinary Marie.

Marie, there's nothing ordinary about you.

Search all the rooms.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

[Siren wailing]

[distant, indistinct shouting]

[banging on the door]

Whores, you're breaking the law!

Have you seen these faces, Kap?
Are these prostitutes?

At your word, we'll pick them up.

No, I don't think I've seen those faces.

- Sorry for the bother.
- Please excuse us.


Fuck, I love you.

[Steady, romantic guitar music]

["Migraine" by Sue Ramirez playing]