Cuck (2019) - full transcript

When a frustrated loner gains popularity as an Alt-Right vlogger, the online echo chamber turns his fears into a deadly rage.

At Valley
Credit Union of Van Nuys you'll find...

Looking from the top down,

dividing us,

pushing us even further apart

I just don't know...

In the name
of the father, please lord...

You hear a lot of talk about

diversity these days...

The male gaze has always

framed our media
and entertainment.

The US Army,
the army provides...

Has been in Los Angeles

real state for 30...

Acts of confused rooms

and professional victims
in our media

and our institutions
of higher learning

and at the core.

At the core of their little

horrified nightmare
bedtime stories

to scare their children
there's a villain

and that villain
is white and he's male

and he looks a lot
like you and me.

But the greatest threat
to our nation

is the fragmentation
of our people

with this false sense
of diversity.

The progressives have
lulled the masses

with the idea that
somehow we need

the influence of African
and Hispanic cultures

that we're not whole
without them.

That is the greatest
fallacy of the past century.

Diversity is merely a crutch for

the parasitic tendencies
that these cultures

have on our own.

The time has come that
we are at full capacity.

But these others rutting around
in whatever godforsaken

way they want in
their own country.

If we continue to play
games with our border

and immigration policy,

it will be the death knell

to real America.

So, are you ready to
take the red pill?

Or are you just another cuck?

Fuck, fuck!

God dammit!

If you bothered
watching the fake news video

which I do not recommend to...

Anyone with a brain,

please understand
this, they have a goal

or an obsession and that...

Get my smokes?

- What?
- Devil's been after me

for a cigarette.

No, Ma, the doctor said no,

you have to move to patches.

No, baby.

Come on, Ma!

Been about a job yet?

No, the the army
hasn't let me know yet.

Where's my checkbook?


Gotcha, fucker.

Come on.

Come on.

Today we're shooting with an M4.

I'm going to get me
some trespassers

and I think I've found one.

Fuck that fuck up.

Oh, buddy.

Don't forget about my chew,

That's mint.


That's mint, I said wintergreen.

Bad for you, the mouth cancer.

Your mother signed this check?

Because it
is 75 quote unquote psalms

before you get over that hump

and when you get over
that hump you keep going

you don't stop just
like our lord and savior.

Jesus Christ didn't stop,
didn't beg for mercy.

Lord Jesus Christ we are
not strong like him...

But we can strive

and all we can do is strive

and hope one day to
meet our salvation

in a meaningful way.

Commends us to start
determining Saint...

But it's just math,

80 percent of women are seeking
that top 20 percent of men

and if you want to compete
with the Chads

that's who you got to be.

Hey, 'scuse me.


What're you listening to?


Are you listening to music?

My name's Ronnie.

Fuck off.

Look, I'm sorry.

You know, you don't have
to be a fucking bitch.

You know what my grandpa
had? He had a pension.

But people don't even know
what that word means anymore,

they think you're talking
about some sci-fi gibberish.

You mean I can have a real job?

And raise a family, own a house?

Have a retirement without
all this bullshit.

Yeah that's how California
used to be.

California was about
farming and industry.

It was about the American dream.

Watch your fingers.

Not anymore.

It's all just a tax racket
to keep us broke.

Now they got the Muslims
trying to break down the door.

Demanding sharia law.

I had some Middle-Eastern
fella come in here

trying to Jew me down
on some brake pads

and I'm standing there,
I'm thinking

I live in the greatest
country in the world

and I got to stand here
and defend it

against this caveman
who thinks he's standing

in the middle of some third
world camel market or something.

Fucking, my friend,
oh my friend.

Yeah, yeah I know
what you mean, man.

That's why I want to serve.

That's why I want
to go to the army.

Well, they'll be lucky
to have you, Ronnie.

They'll be lucky to have you.

Well of course they're
all queers by now.

Think you got to be
transsexual to get in now.

Yeah, shit that's probably true.

- My friend.
- My friend.

Oh my friend, my friend!

What are you doing?

I said don't touch your
father's things.


I talked to your probation.

He wants you to get a job.

He's not my probation no more.

Well, he will be when
I make the call!

I said I was fixing the car.

With whose money?

It's your fucking car.



Chance Dalmain,
we're excited to announce

the release of his new
book Threats and Promises.

First of all
it's an honor to back, Jim

and I think the true
credit for the book must go

to the loyal subscribers
that helped me

get this project off the ground.

What we're seeing more
and more of, Jim,

is the unification of
like-minded patriots

who've had enough of
the liberal media's

war on the American identity.

We're tired of having
minority victimhood

and trans hysteria
shoved down our throats.

But unfortunately that's
the battle that

has been brought to us
by these cultures

with their identities
that are so weak

that they have to construct
false narratives,

these lies.

Our company offers
a lot of discounts

to our drivers
who are able to work

high-traffic shifts.

Holidays, professional
sports, big concerts.

You find that driver's license?

Ooh, this is a state ID,
where's your license?

And social?

I think it's somewhere in here.

If you give me the number
I can look it up.

- Can I just mail it?
- Sure.

You know if you take out your phone
I can show you how to use the app.

I forgot my phone at home.

Well did you at least
bring your car?

Fucking bitch!

Hey, I got this clock, watch
and a pretty good knife.

The watch runs?

Uhm, I was hoping maybe
you'd fix it.

Buy, sell, pawn, no repairs.

Any way I can get cash
today, up front?


Is that real?

The Desert Eagle?


45, pretty isn't it?

- Hell yeah.
- Can I touch it?

Cash first, 1200.

Can you knock off
like two maybe?

Not a toy, 1200.

No, fuck!

Come on!

Ronnie, what did I say?

Just leave me alone.

- Did you get the job?
- No, 'cause your

car's a piece of shit.

Mouth, no obscenities
in my house!

I couldn't get the job!

'Cause your car!

The engine, it blew up
and now it's going to

they're going to take it away
and it's going to

cost a fucking fortune.

Oh, baby come here

and give your mother a hug.

You know, this wouldn't
have happened

if you were more responsible.


You know that you've
always been immature.

You probably got mad
and wore the car down.

It was a good car.

You think that this is my fault?


Don't you fucking dare.


Well sure, yeah
I feel like people

should be free to identify
however they want to.

The parameters of
gender should be based

on feelings and not science?

Well, it's not about feelings.

If I claim to
identify as a woman

can I get into women's shelters

and blame my social

on my menstrual cycle?

No, I'm not saying that at all,

what does this
have to do with anything?

So does he have access

to weapons, guns,
knives, anything?

No, no he's just angry.

Okay, same as last time.

Won't you have a seat.

- Hello, Ronnie.
- Sir.

You know why your mother
called me here tonight?

Yes, sir.

Y'know, frankly I'm...

I'm tired of getting
these calls.

You've been off probation
long enough,

what's the problem?

I'm just frustrated.

No one listens to me.

I feel like shit.

I'm listening to you
Ronnie, loud and clear.

Now, I could cite you for
a domestic, but I won't.

If you touch your mother,
that's a whole other story.

We clear?

- Yeah.
- Alright.

We haven't had a real man
in this house

in so long, thank you Officer.

Okay, if he has any
more outbursts

we can refer him to
county for a psych eval.

Having a job would help
him out a great deal.

He'll have one this week,
or you can take him in.

- Goodnight, Ma'am.
- Goodnight.

Fucking bitch!

I can't be fucking anything
I need to be!

This fucking country,
you fucking hear me!

I just get angry sometimes.

There's a lot going
wrong in this world.

Right now, right?

Lot of bad shit, huh?

In our country...

Today was a pretty
rough day for me.

I lost a lot of money
and I lost a car

and I lost a job.

But everywhere I go
there's illegals

and they're running the show.

They own everything.

And they look down on you.

My father was a real man.

He died.

In the Gulf War.

Back when America cared
about its heroes.

But now we got these
libtards running the show.

You can't be proud to be
white and male anymore.

It's not politically correct.

Everywhere you go people
try and tell you

what to be, what to think.

Well, you know what?

White men created this country.

We created this country.

But we're losing it, folks.

But as real patriots, we got
to have each other's backs.

Because I don't want to
lose this fucking country

to sharia or fag pride,
not on my fucking watch.

Everywhere you go people
try and tell you

what to be, what to think.

Not on my fucking watch!

As real patriots we got to
have each other's backs.


My father was a real man.

Ronnie I am proud of you.

It will be the death knell

to real America.

Are you ready to take
the red pill?

Or are you just another cuck?

You've done this work before?

You know, I can push a mop.

What kind of job you had before?

No, I haven't 'cause
my mom's sick

and I take care of her.

But I put in for the army,
I want to end up there.

We'll start you off part-time,

trash and stocking the shelves.

Maybe later you make cashier.

Hey, I want to get some propane.

Hey there, I just bought
one of these,

can you load it up for me?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Ma'am?

Do I look that old?


Hold on one minute.

You look familiar,
do I know you?

I don't think so.

You live around here?

Well I'm actually...

Oh, I got to take this.

You forgot your receipt.

Thank you.

What's going on Ronnie?
You're quiet.

Eh, nothing.

Women or money?

How about both?


I just need to...

How do you fucking know if a
woman is interested in you?

Without fucking scaring her off?

- I'm serious.
- All right, I hear ya, well that's the game.

You got to hold yourself up.

Hold yourself up, really.

Women smell weakness a mile away

they don't like it,
zips 'em right up.

But it's on you.

Yeah but they're all
different now.

They are, they're all different they
think that all guys are out to fucking

be rapists or pigs,
I mean you just try

to say hi to 'em
and they freak out,

they even hashtag about it.

Ronnie, Ronnie listen to me.

You got problems with
women because

you got problems with yourself.

You get straight up here and
it is going to rain pussy.

40 days and 40 nights
I guarantee it.

I guarantee it!

Plop, plop, plop. All over you.

I guarantee it, man.

Ronnie would you come help me?


Yeah, Ma, just give me a minute.


Ronnie, get in here!

Look at her, the old bitch.

She won't ever let me alone.

She gets something out
of this, I swear.

I mean, women, they're
always trying

to get more comfortable
than they deserve.

While a man has to get out there

hunting for another job,
competing with other men,

she can just get lazy and soft.

They think they're entitled
to this shit.

But there are other
women who want to compete

because they want an alpha male.

So they paint themselves up
and they look like sluts

y'know, and then you look at
'em and they act all innocent,

but here is why you
got to be an alpha male,

because everywhere you go,
every culture

man, stronger than woman.

Women are weaker, women
are weaker so they need

a man to get them stuff.

Got to know what you're
dealing with.

Yeah, that's it, stay strong.

Patriots, stay strong.

Fuck yeah.


Yo, Reza!

What're you doing
in those books?

What if somebody wants to
come in and buy something?

I'm studying, but I think my dad

wanted you to change the heads
before you started mopping.

No, he didn't say shit to me.

I think you just fucking study
so you don't have to work.

It's the SAT I'm trying
to get into Stanford.

Oh, okay, you're going to
be Mr. Fancy Pants, huh?

- Yeah.
- Mr. fucking scholar, okay.

Well, you know what?

Condoms, I want some rubbers,
I have a hot date tonight.

I'm serious.



Do we get an employee discount?


Keep the change.

'Cause come tomorrow, you're
going to hear all the stories.



I'm going to get some big news.

Hey, Melanie... Hi Melanie.

Hi, Ronnie.

Hi, how are you, Melanie?
I'm Ronnie.

Well, it's Ronald but everyone's
always called me Ronnie.

Ooh, I'll have that.

Madame Butterfly tea, please.


So, I figure I just need
one more semester at Season.

I mean I could do another
semester but I really

want to push for UCLA,
they have a much better

program there and I dunno,

I just kind of want to
explore some place new.

Right now I'm just happy
that I can pay my bills

and I'm finally getting
to study what I love.

So what about you,
you seem kind of quiet.

I have a job and I'm
just kind of hanging out,

y'know like I can't complain.

Do you enjoy what you do?

Mmm, no, but I mean
who does, right?

Maybe you could find something
that you enjoy better.

I'd really like it if
I was in the military.

Special Ops.

I don't really know
much about that.

Why the military?

What do you mean why?

I'm just curious.

Well, because there's a
shitload of threats right now.

We're getting threatened
all the time

and nobody's doing anything,
so I want to

fight for our country
you know, they need men.

I mean most guys
in college today

are cucks anyway, you know?

- They're what?
- Cuck.

You know cuck, like a pussy.

That's a derogatory use of
that word, I find it offensive.

Pussy? Why?

Because you think
pussy means weak.

Anything a woman has
is less than a man's?

No, I got no problem with pussy.

I just mean that men
should act like men.

You know, I mean you
like real men, right?

Admit it, all chicks do.

- Chicks?
- What? I...

Nothing is untrue, what I said.

You really think that you're
going to support yourself

with this bullshit arts degree?

You know what, I think
you would've been

a lot more successful

if you'd have gone to college.

What is that supposed to mean?

We are not a match,
best of luck.

Wait a minute, you can't
go anywhere yet

I bought you this
fucking coffee.

I bought you this,
here no, look.

Let go of me!

You think
you're better than me...

Let go of me!

- She said, let go!
- Hey man!

Okay no, no, no,
I'm not a bad guy

I'm just trying to talk to her

but you're being
a fucking bitch!

You're being a fucking bitch!

And that's why college
is a breeding ground

for this liberal communism.

They're out to brainwash
people, folks

and they're succeeding
by turning

these women into
fucking feminazis.

Meanwhile, while men
are out there trying to

get real jobs that are
useful to society,

these women are tricked into
studying this useless crap.

What're you going to do with
a women's studies diploma?

Let me tell ya you're probably
going to marry a rich guy

like the gold digger
that you are.

You act like you're respectable,

well you don't have any
respect for average guys.

Fucking gold digger.

You work hard and wait
for the vultures.

You better believe it, patriots.

They cheat too, guy with
more money, nicer car,

bigger cock, bam she's gone.

And they get away with it,
they get away with it

'cause they got all
these guys who are

white knighting around them.

All these fucking losers who
are trying to defend them,

they want to fuck them,
but they make me look out

like I'm the bad guy.

Any guy who defends
feminism is a cuck.

He's a cuck or a fag.

That's it, that's all I got,
signing off, patriots.

Fucking bitch.

God dammit.

What the...?

No, get out of here,
no, I'm not dealing.

- What do you need?
- Need?

Ah, shut the fuck up.

Yo, Forrest Gump,
yo, watch the car.

Yo, you spraying my
shit on purpose?

Damn, fucked up the wax!

Look at that fucking sign.

What's it say?

What's it say, it says no
loitering on property.

Oh, that's your rule, Opi?

Why you calling me Opi?

Yo, clean that shit up, Opi.

Why the fuck you guys
calling me Opi?

Yo, clean this shit up
with your tongue, boy.

Why don't you go back to
Africa with your legs, boy?

Yo, what the fuck did
you just say to me?

You heard what I said.

Go back to fucking Africa.

You fucking nigger.

- Punk.
- Go back...


What the hell is going on here?

Man, you all right?

You niggers! You stupid niggers!

And you, the both of you

you fucking sand niggers,
you're not Americans

and you're ruining this
place, just get out!

You are fired, you hear? Fired!

Get off my property
before I call the police.

Go back inside.

What do you want?

Um, I was wondering if
you needed any yard work.


Oh, hey there.

This young man is wondering
if we need help with the yard.

I can do anything,
anything you guys need.

You know what, yeah,
yeah I think we

might have some work for you.

The flowerbed in the front, huh?

Yeah, we'll be out in a minute.

Just right, the one on the left?

To the left, the flowerbed.

- Hey.
- Hi.

I thought maybe you
could use some iced tea.


It's good, thank you.

You don't plant the planter.

Here, what you do is
you just give it

a little light squeeze...

and slide it
right out like that.

And you sort of loosen up
the roots a little

then slip it right in.


Yeah, just like that.

- Another one?
- Yeah.

Oh, let's do a purple one, okay?


It's kind of blue.

Perfect, oh that's great.

And just like that.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Not right now.

No? Huh, I'm surprised.

- Red one?
- Yes, please.

- Want more?
- Thank you.

Yep, gentle, gentle.

Now let's do a purple one.

You got it.

Thank you.


Bill and I think you're
pretty cool.

We're going to party tonight
if you want to join us.


We sometimes record it.

Just for personal use.

If that's...

cool with you?

That's it.

Yeah, go ahead, come
here, darling, it's okay.

You like to watch?

Yeah? Me too.

Oh, that's it. Touch yourself.

Come closer, Ronnie.

That's it.

Go ahead, play with yourself.

On your knees.

Yeah, oh yeah.

Oh, let me see.

Oh, that's it.

Take your shirt off.

That's it, that's it, baby.

So we really like you, Ronnie.

You like to party with us?


We shoot a lot of our parties.

Mainly for my VIP crowd,

you know just stuff like
you did tonight.

You get paid.



Two, three times a week.

All you got to do is
follow the script.

Can you do that, Ronnie?

Can you follow the script?

Baby, I've been worried sick.

It's some darn girl, isn't it?

- No.
- Some little thing

- you've been seeing.
- No.

Did you have a good day at work?

Yeah, yeah, it was good.

Work's good.

I'm sorry, I cannot help you.

Please, I need
the money, please.

These are too old, they're crap.

I try them,
they all work, I swear.

I have better ones in my store.

Ten dollars, it's okay.

I said no.

Please I need the money.

Excuse me, do you speak English?

Do you speak English?

He said no, he doesn't
want your shit.

That means get the fuck out.

You still got the Deagle?
I brought cash.

Sold it earlier today.

Shit, guess it's not
my lucky day, huh.

Well, what about that?

How much?

So, I've been reading
some of your comments

first of all thank you,
a lot of patriots

enjoyed my last video

and I just want to say
that I did it for you guys.

I'm worried, I'm worried about
the safety of this country

as we get more and more
of these immigrants in.

We're not only seeing
them take over stores

and neighborhoods, but they're
actively threatening us

and trying to make us afraid.

I mean, okay here's
what happens,

see, the liberal presidents

that we've had, they
slowly started giving

more and more and more of
these special snowflake rights

to people who don't belong here.

Everywhere you look
you got liberal cucks

screaming about black
rights, Muslim rights,

they say we're to blame,
that we owe them something.

They stir shit up these days
because they know

that the liberal Jews are
going to print anything

that attacks real white
American men.

So you best believe I'm
going to stand my ground

if I... if I need to.

Look, I'm not racist I just know

the difference between a
black person and a nigger.

Now the Muslims... don't
even get me started

they come in like rats, you
just blink and they have

taken over everything,
every single store,

they think that they're
better than you.

Makes their day to look down
on a real American.

Just because you got an
upgrade from goat-fucker Syria

that don't mean that you can
come here and try and take away

the freedom that we made

for ourselves, for this country.

You try and come over,
take it away from me?

Not on my fucking watch.

Sayonara, bam!

That's it.

Signing off, patriots,
stay strong.

Yeah, that was pretty
fucking good, you fucking...

You come here...

Not on my watch.

Not on my fucking watch!

Never look
in the camera, Ronnie.

So let's do it just
like we practiced, okay?

- Yup.
- Okay.

And action.

Honey, I've been thinking.

Oh, yeah? What? About what?

About last night.

You didn't leave me satisfied.

I didn't?

You lasted two minutes tops.

I think it's getting worse,
and your dick is too small.

So you know you friend
Jack from work?

Well, I invited him
over to show you

how pathetic you are.

Hey, sugar. Hey, buddy.

- Look at all this ass.
- Ooh, yeah.

Let's get you
out of these clothes.

Yeah, oh yeah.

That's what a real
cock looks like.

Ah, baby.

Yeah, baby, suck it.

That's right, baby.

Suck it, baby. Suck it, yeah.

Oh, suck that dick.

Oh, baby.

I want to fuck, take this off.

Show me. Oh, yeah.

- Fuck you, baby.
- Oh, yeah.

Fuck that ass.

Get it up, honey.

Can you get it up?

Can you do it,
can you get it up?

Oh, yeah. That's a real cock.

Oh, oh yes!

Oh, that's it!

Oh, I'm coming!

Look at that pathetic
little thing.

Look at you, you're nothing,

you're so sad, you're such
a pathetic little man.

Oh, yes.

Oh, yes, yes.

This is unreg,
38 special with a 58 range.

Didn't do nothing,
it's called a burner.

Be careful out there.

Got you, you fucking nigger.

And, action.

I thought you said
you were married.

I could never stay
married to a man

with a dick that small.

But I thought you liked the
car that I bought you, baby.

Well, Antonio here loves
bending me over the hood.

That's right, baby.

This is how a real man
bends her over the hood.

Yeah, oh yeah! Yeah.

Oh like that, like that, yeah.


- Get down by the bed.
- What?

You want to get paid or what?

Don't chicken out on me, Ronnie.

And, action.

Oh, yeah, that's it.
Are you ready, baby?

- Yeah, baby.
- You there?

- Yeah.
- Uh huh.

Ready, I'm ready, yeah.

And, right in his face.

How do you like that dick?



It was a shock, I know!

Ronnie, look at me!

You and me, we're a team,
right, you understand?

We just, we got to have
each other's backs.

But I didn't sign up for that.

But you're great at what you do

and we need you.

Listen, we need to just
spend some time together

just you and me, don't we?

Yeah, yeah.

So tomorrow Bill's going
off to Ventura.

Come on over for a drink, okay?

Okay, good.

You did great, you did great.

- Thank you.
- See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

You really think it's funny?

Well, you're either in AA or
some sort of religious kook.

So which one is it, Ronnie?

Oh, it's neither,

I just don't
like the way that it tastes.

Well, we're going
to change that.

Salt, tequila, lime,
gimme your hand.

Lick, drink, suck.

Are you okay?

The first one's always
the roughest.

Can I kiss you?


You want to do some crystal,
it'll straighten you out?

No, I'm okay with the drinks.

Let's go outside.

- Can I tell you something?
- Yeah.

You can tell me anything.

I want to do something
else with my life.

Maybe get out of LA.

Yeah, me too.

I could take you away, I could
take you away from all this.

What do you think?

I really like you, Ronnie.

Do you like me?


Have you ever been with
a woman before?


Uh, ooh!

I love you.

I love you.


How'd you sleep?

- Fine.
- I bet.

Candy probably gave you
a little something.

Gave you a free one, huh?

Yes, sir.

Well she might've given
it to you for free

but that's my wife.

Look, it's not...

You want me to fuck you up?

- No.
- Then you got to pay.

Okay, how much?

200 bucks.

Can I get you a check?


Go on, Ron, why don't
you get your clothes?

Can't you do
something about these guys?

There's nothing I can do,

I try to tell these guys
don't come in with...

- He's a fucking clown.
- I know, there's nothing I can do about it.

Excuse me, are you a veteran?

- Yeah.
- What unit?

54th battalion, Afghanistan.

- Where?
- All over.

That's a First Gulf War uniform,

you look a little young, bud.

Stealing valor there, junior?

Hey, I'm talking to you!


So a lot of people think
that conceal carry holders

are scary,
yeah they think they're scary,

well, you'd be right to
be scared of this.

That's a fucking 38 Magnum,
it's real.

Has enough power to
kill a grizzly.

That's why the liberals
want it banned, yeah.

But here's the thing,

when the shit hits the fan,
when the real bad guys take over

you're going to want us
on your side.

When the time comes you're
going to be begging us for help.

But here's the thing, we
don't have to do anything

for you liberal cucks.

You tried to take away
our second amendment.

So when the fire comes,
you're going to burn.


Hello friends, especially
all my SoCal subscribers.

I am really excited
to let you know

about this event coming up,

it's going to blow your minds.

Of course, if you're
all up to date

on current events

you've already heard
the good news.

Our president will
be down in Anaheim

to talk about immigration
and laying that spiritual

foundation for that wall.

Of course, there's going
to be plenty of protesters

waving their commie signs.

That's why we need you
and your support

to show up as well.

I'll be there myself,

promoting my new book.

Advance copies are in, might
have a few extra to hand out.

I'm really looking forward
to meeting everyone there.

All my fans,
all those channels that

I personally subscribe to,

we are gaining ground
in Washington, friends.

I think it's only fair
that we show our solidarity.

There's a link
in the description below,

I hope to see you there.

We're introducing
to you a product

that all the stars in Hollywood,
California are using.

All those people with
the convertible down,

wind in their hair,
flying down the ECH.

That's right, we're
looking to transform

your life into a new
deluxe system.

Ronnie, my smokes.

Yeah, you want to be in it?

Fuck yeah, you want to know
what really pisses me off?

What offends me, all
these fucking sissies

who care more about safe
spaces on college campuses

than our right to
say what we want.

If you want a safe space,
stay the fuck home.

You got any more?

Don't pay
attention to the trolls.

All these fucking libtards
are all over the place.

And this place is
a fucking snake pit.

They're marching,
screaming, you can hear 'em.

Amping up for their own
little snowflake rights.

I have my papers and
I did it the right way

and I'm here
in the United States

and I'm extremely patriotic.

I love our president
and I just think people

who are not from this country
should, you know, leave.

They just think they
can sneak in,

like that's not right, you know?

Thank you.

Patriots, live update,
I'm down in Anaheim

you wouldn't believe
these libcucks down here.

But Mr. Dalmain called
on us, so we've come.

There's a lot of people who
are flat out anti-American.

That's it for right now,
signing off, patriots.

Signing off in this.

Get whatever
you want, it's on me.

Thank you, you sure?

Oh, absolutely.
I don't often get the chance

to meet subscribers who
have their own channel.

So, you're trying to spread
the word about real America?

Trying to tell what's gone awry?

Yes, sir, I mean that's
why I pretty much

started my channel, you know.

All the problems we're
facing, immigrants, all that.

Yeah, I think you
follow my views on

identity-forming cultures,
the systemic

watering down of
the white nation state.

How I see it, we got to
have real patriotism.

You know, cause otherwise
anyone could come in here

and take this country away.

To be honest with you,
I am sick of the blacks

and the Muslims, they're
telling us what to do.


Yeah, you're quite astute.

I can tell that the anger
in your videos is real.

I'm sure that's part of
what makes 'em so popular.

Thank you, Mr. Dalmain.

Let me ask you
a question, Ronnie.

How far are you willing to go?

What do you mean how far?

Well, our country, it's shifting

not just in terms of politics
or morality, but culturally.

Europeans are the creators.

They stoked the fires
of art and industry.

But now we're losing the
battle on a population front.

All these Africans
and Pan-Asian peoples.

Hispanics, they're here to stay.

We're in need of a great
cultural revolution.

It's theirs or ours.

It takes an iron will to
build a great civilization,

and a small lapse in faith,
that could cost us everything.

Faith in like God?

In our identity, our principles,

the DNA of European nations.

And when it comes down
to fight for that identity,

where will you be?

Will you fight for it?


Good man.

I'm eyeing these chili fries.

- Hello.
- Mrs. Palicki?

Who's this? -This is Shirley
from Valley Credit Union

calling on behalf of
the fraud department.

- What?
- Your account has

been flagged
for suspicious activity.

Can you please verify
a recent check?

Well, who was it made out to?

William and Candice McKenny.

Says here computer help.

Well, thank you, thank you
very much for telling me.

Did you authorize the check?

- Goodbye.
- Mrs. Palicki?

Hey, you, eat trash.

I'm sorry, what?

You nasty thrifter whore!

What the fuck is wrong with you?

What did he pay you for?

Calm the fuck down, lady.

What did he pay you for?

I don't know what you're
talking about.

My son, Ronnie, what
did he pay you for?

What did he pay you for?

You nasty whore!

Ronnie, come back to me.

Ronnie, Ronnie...

Next stop, Fullerton.

Arrival in ten minutes.

I need you.

Do you like me?

You said it was for
your VIP members.

You could've blurred
out my face.

Drop it, you got paid.

You fucking lied to me.

What do you want from us?

I... I want you.

In exchange for the videos
I want you to fuck me

the way that I want.


You did it before.

I was high, I needed you to keep

making the videos, that's all.

But you fuck any type of guys,
fucking niggers and spics.

I fuck who I want!

And in case you haven't noticed,

you're not exactly my type.

You fucked me!

And you're a fucking
escort, you advertise.

I can get you money.

I will never fuck you, cuck.

Cuck, I'm not a cuck.

Sure you are.

What kind of a real man
takes it between the eyes?

Why are you being a bitch to me?

Just stop being a fucking bitch.

Piece of shit.

I feel like I've been stabbed!

And you have
every right to feel that way.

Momma, it's okay.

You worthless little
piece of shit!

- Stop.
- I didn't raise a thief.

You never had any job,
I didn't raise a liar!

Okay, okay, okay.

You're okay.

Sit, sit down.

did you write the checks?

- Yes.
- Can you tell me what for?

Go sit in jail,
you stupid little thief!

Stealing from your mother
like some beggar,

is that what you are?

You're not my son,

go rot in there
like some smut whore!

Small in the eyes of God!

Not my son, not my son!

Thanks for the ride,
I'll pay you back.

No, no don't worry about it.

You don't belong in
a place like that.

You're going to be
all right, Ronnie.

You going to be all right.

Whatever comes you just
take it like a man.

You're going to get knocked
down and you're going to get

knocked down again
and you just keep getting up

and keep swinging.

- Alright?
- Yeah.

- You all right?
- Yeah, thanks.

See you around.

I'm sorry, momma.

- They let you out?
- Yeah.

Baby, baby,
I've been so worried.

Oh, you can't keep doing this.

You've got to be good, you've
got to be good, Ronnie, please.

You're probably starving, huh?

You need your mom better
make you some food.

Get you something to eat.

Here, come with me.

See that's what
a real man looks like.

I could never stay married to
a man with a dick that small.

But I thought you
liked the car that I bought you.

Look at that
pathetic little thing.

You're so sad, you're such
a pathetic little man.

Oh yes, oh!

I sometimes highlight the people

who mistakenly consider
themselves our peers.

The shitlord you're
about to see,

he stalked me at the convention
just this past weekend.

He called himself
a true patriot.

Well, ladies and gentleman,

let me introduce you
to TruePatriot89,

otherwise known as Candy's Cuck.

That's how a real cock looks.

Get it up, can you get it up?

Hey, little buddy.

How do you like this dick?

oh yeah right in his face.

Where do these losers come from?

Is this a mole trying
to weaken our force?

Maybe the virtue signaling left

will accept this kind of
behavior, but we won't.

He's a nutcase and
a definitive cuck.

In every sense of the word.

Ronnie, Ronnie stop! Stop!

I'm going to phone Dixon,
now you're going to get it!

Your father would be ashamed!

- Hello.
- Candy?

It doesn't need to be like this.

What the hell do you want?

Just listen to me, I...

I really like you.

And I really want
to be with you.

And me and you can just
get out of town.

Just leave together,
Bill doesn't love you.

You can't possibly love him,

he's using you
and he's a pimp and an asshole.

I'm a really nice guy
and I just want you to...

I just want you to
give me a chance.

I'm going to give you
a chance, okay?

And I suggest that you take it.

- Bill.
- Candy.


What the fuck, Ronnie?

Who's the cuck now?

Ronnie no, no!

No! Fuck!


What the fuck?

What the fuck is this?


We're closed!


Ronnie, what are you doing?
You don't have to...

Ronnie, please don't
kill my son, Ronnie.

Ronnie, please don't shoot!

Ronnie, don't shoot!

Come out with your hands up!

Come out now!

Get down!

So I wanted
to shoot this video update

for the die-hards who
watch my channel.

I haven't really talked about
myself too much on here.

But I wanted to share
what's going on with me.

Last night I had the
opportunity to meet

one of my personal heroes.

Hello, Chance.

I never thought that
he would actually

take the time to get
to know me, but he did

and for the first time
I feel like

someone's actually
listening to me.

And all of you, all you patriots

who keep subscribing, guys,
that means the world to me.

Thank you.

I feel like I could do anything

and like we are going to
change the world, you know.

I mean, man, this year
has been like the best.

I've learned that
in life you got to

go after what you want
and you can't let anyone

tell you what you can
or what you can't do.

You just go for it.

There's one more thing.

I uh...

I got a sweet lady
in my life right now.

And she sees me for me, and...

I can see that she needs me.

And you know, maybe
I need her too.

'Cause love hasn't always
been an easy thing for me.

But... but...

I'm trusting myself
that maybe she is the one.

So wish me luck guys, kay?

And I also hope things are
good for you out there too.

Stay strong, patriots.

Go catch some waves.