Cube (2021) - full transcript

In the remake of the Canadian film, six males and females of varying ages and backgrounds find themselves locked and confined in a mysterious cube shaped room. They do not have any ideas where they are and decide to escape. They need to work with one another and decipher the code needed to exit the cube.

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Translation and subtitles from the best translation team of Japanese movies and series
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! are you awake

! Thank God

You are probably wondering where is this?


it's true

I'm like you

Without knowing how I came
I'm in this weird place

And that boy does not speak at all

And you were asleep too


I waited for you to wake up



Phone and wallet?

! Yeah


It is not ours either

One hard

Did you do anything special?

... For example, a crime, something

! Not


! Of course not

! I do not

! Sorry

Do you have a moment?

.. I say

where is here?
... We have no idea about it

... I do not know anything about this room

! Sorry

!! He's dead .... he's dead ... he's dead


Really ... what are you?

... Stop it

! I do not want enough

! You are dying

What was that?

If you do not want to die then follow me

what do we do?

... I go

! Enough

You .... what are you?

What are we?

! I am Kai

Kai Asoko

! Our name! آهان اسممون

I'm Uchi Shinji

Goto Yuichi

what is your name?


What are they?

Do any of you remember where he is from?
Or something in these themes?

I am an employee of a boarding store

... I finished my work and went home

... I drank a sack

Then I lost consciousness

What do you think?



I think I was asleep at home

... So bring you when you are asleep

Or are you still dreaming?


Bring it?



.. Here

Is there a hidden camera here?
A TV show?

... Hey Hey

! is there anyone?

! Answer me

... hey

I did not do anything! So why did I get stuck here?

! Hey

...shut up

! OK

... another room again

This goes on forever, doesn't it?

!Wait a moment

Do not check the other parts?

... It might be a surprise way out

..Only if we open it


Give me your shoes


I say

Is one linga enough?

The others are too

... it's true

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring
That we can use?


... It was just a thought

So then you go down?

.. Not

... This is not the program I was talking about

So zip your mouth

!Go over there

179 .... 762 ...

... It is not opening

No benefit

There has to be some rules here, right?

.. For example, the door should not be open or empty

Let's go


! numbers



... I do not understand the meaning of those numbers at all

In fact, in the room where the spear was, there were a series of numbers like this

You mean, like, an IP address?

Is there a number at the entrance of all rooms?

... I am not sure

! I was saved

! My name is Ando

... Iron removal

I work in a company

When I came to, I saw that I was here

! I thought everything was over

A child?


Why is a child here?


... Mr. Ando

! We have to go out

! let's go

We did not come here to save you

what do you mean?

We got stuck here without knowing anything

We are looking for a way out


Yes, it is

...I see


Do we really want to go up there?

... Honestly, I'm not ... but Mr. Idea

... It is moving forward little by little

... and we have no choice but to pursue it

! Is it good

... It seems hard

Are you going up?

It looks very hard from the outside

No, this is hard for a child

it's true?

! چیهارو

what has happened?

take off your clothes

You take off your clothes too

! Just do it

! Ochi

! پیرهنت

! چیهارو

! Go I count Ruth

! I count Ruth

! Do not pull our feet

! Ochi! Ochi

! اخ

what happened?

What was room number?

"Do not say" ah
! answer

! I asked you what was the number of the previous room?

I think it was around the intelligence of the eighth room

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

Well, if there is a trap in the way, we can not continue that way

Do we have to go up again?

! No no ! Not so

Not this normal! Normal

Really! Well done

what has happened?

! Why are you shouting?

This does not seem to be the way out

Did you check for traps?

! Not

! I think there is no problem

Why did you come back?


So if there was no trap you would go inside, wouldn't you?


We did not know if you would die or not

Isn't it Goto?

! I will go first

! I went


What kind of meat is this?


What kind of meat is this?


! Go up

! Go up

What the hell is this?

! Play! Play

! Play

! It is not opening

! Come down! Sleep on the floor

! Open at the bottom

! open it

! Open at the bottom

! I am sorry

! move

! I am sorry

! Go

! Shake

! Let's go

! hurry up ! hurry up

What are you doing?

! hurry up

!hurry up

! Hey

! Be calm

! Because of your hesitation, we were dying


! Enough violence

Because you did it before, right?

You are progressing alone, right?

! You behave like children


what? Do you want to use violence again?

! You are just a child in the body of a man

.. but you have a negative attitude towards this issue

... You said we would all die

Did you say something?


Thanks for a few minutes ago


You finally saved us all

Do you remember the numbers in the room that had the trap?

His numbers?


179 .... 762 ... 554

I think it was 179 .... 762 ... 554

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How old are you?

I am twenty-eight years old

! I have not just turned twenty-nine

You are an adult


... I hate adults

I see

... I hate adults

... this

... I'm a fool, this is hard for me

! Let me see

... Hmmm ... that's it

این... This is here

This room has spears

Did you mean that?

! fantastic

what has happened?


All room numbers have an order with the number eight

What are you talking about?

.. Sorry

! Maybe we can get away from the traps

Shall we move away?

Really ?

!Yes! But I did not think, I thought what

So what does it mean?

When there is a trap

There was always a prime number

! Sorry

What is the first number?

Prime numbers can only be divided by one and itself

For example, the numbers 2, 3, 5, or 7

! OK



The spear trap room was 179

The room with the trap from above was 199

I do not remember the rest, but

All rooms that have traps are prime

... Finally, they are all married

! There is no prime number

So there is no trap?

Well, there is no prime number right now

So it makes no sense, right ??

How do you prove that there are no traps?

Why do you listen to a child at all?

Goto, what shoes?

! Hey

I'm sure ... there are no traps


... we can go inside

! It's wonderful

! It is wonderful! It's wonderful

! We can do this

It seems that with this method we can make more progress

! It is not a prime number

526 ... 714 ... 632!

They are all married! We can move forward! They are all ok




Is there a prime number?

... so it means that

Are there traps in all directions?

So let's go back?

Are we coming back?


! It is not opening

what did you say?

!It is not opening

So what were the numbers?

Did you see the numbers correctly?

! See them all again


... This is not good


! لعنت بــهــش

What was that?

Do you think he did not just react to the sound?

to sound?

But a while ago, I did not really make a sound

Is there a mechanism that does not respond to such a sound?

... If we do not make a sound, we can cross

Are you serious?

! We can get through it

! On you! Pam! پام

This is a scratch

! Do not touch me

! I am sorry

! It hurts

! I have to say this

Hey, what is your plan?

Sorry it was not intentional

Was it not intentional?
Mr. Ando-

Are you one of them?

Why did you imprison us here?

Tell me how

! You're wrong

! اندو

What is the motivation and goal?

... Please do not put everything on my neck

Wasn't all this your fault?

! People like you just mix other people down

Tell me, what ability do you have?

... I apologized

Wasn't that enough?

! You bitch

! لعنت بهش

Because of this little ... I was about to die

A cube?

... this

What are you doing?

... Not Mr. Ando

He says it is about 4.5 meters away

Which is a 4.5 meter piece of this room

Isn't every single room like that?

What is that?

A map?


! This is a cube

We can go out, we can go out, right?

Without that piece of wedge

! This is a trap! Do not breathe

What are you doing?

! hurry up

What are you doing?

! We still do not know where to go

Why was there a trap?

... should not be any prime number

You made a good point

But at least we're sure in the rooms
With the first number, there must be a trap


There must be some kind of clue
So we can get out of here


Could you get any clues?

All cubic rooms together
Assemble to form a larger cube

Just like this room

There should be a more detailed point
There is, right?

Being a series of numbers that could
Be 27 and 25 at the same time

Or maybe they just could
Be one of two numbers 25 or 27

Maybe the way out was written there?

I'm sorry, but I do not know anything about this

So none of this nonsense
It's not useful, is it?

But if so, at least
We know the number of rooms is not infinite

There must be a way out
... exist from here

At the moment we have no choice but to
Let's continue like this, am I not right?

... That too by looking at numbers

What the hell is this?

So what does this mean now?

...We returned

We're back here

This body was in the first room we came from

You mean, like, back home?

Do you know what you are doing wrong?

... We're done

Even if we do our best and
... Let's continue on our way

All this is nonsense

It is of no use

We are not going to get rid of this valley hell

Shut your mouth, man instead -
Hey -

Stop it

Let's go

Maybe after listening to you
Weren't we back here again?

Go alone

Please wait a moment

We do not have time for these things

If you go alone, you will be killed

... If you die, all your efforts will be in vain

If we do not hurry, we can not
Get out of here

Please listen to me

Isn't that weird?

It's so unusual that
I went back to the first room

Because we have to be somewhat of a
Follow certain terms and conditions
Rules: If they pass through a window, then
They can not go back through the same window, so only five
They have the right to choose, in which case it is not possible
They can return to their original place

He's right

We just went to higher rooms

Which in this case to get here
We mostly moved to the lower rooms

You mean, like, we didn't come back here?

... We did not return

... These are the rooms that move
... or something like that

No ... maybe this is us
We were not back here

If we continue .... if we continue like this
Come on, then we can go


What else do you want to do?

Do you think we should go?

Let's go

We all get out of here

...I'm sure


You must have a reason to be in such a hurry
Am I not right Mr. Idea?

Maybe you have someone outside who is waiting for you?

For example, your spouse?

Now maybe never
I can not have a wife

It's all my fault

But I will definitely get out of here

Even if I'm the last person to go out

all right

Pull it up

You have a lot of problems too, right?

Um ... can you give me that button again?

... Button

Come on

Mr_G, Hashem: Translators

This is the same room that had the first number


hurry up

hurry up


Mr. Idea

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Mr. Idea

... hey


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Aren't you crazy?

...I understood

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... Cartesian coordinate table

!Cartesian coordinates

... As I said

... Finish this job

Z = 11, Y = 23, X = 9 The coordinates of this room

X equals going to the next room
Z = 11, Y = 23, 10 with

... ZYX

Are the sides of the cube bigger?


X can be the maximum numeric value
Equivalent to 999

Both Y and maximum numerical coordinates
It can be equal to 27

For example if we have four more rooms
... move Y in the direction

We can according to these calculations
Let's get to the end of one side of this cube

Is there an exit?

do not know yet

But if we go to the end, it is possible
Something catches us

I'm not sure if the idea was still here
He continued on his way very fast

I want to continue on my way

... X = 9
(Sum of digits of the number on the left)

... Y = 24
(Addition of middle number digits)

... Z = 11
(Addition of digits to the right)

... Y = 24 Since

If we continue on this path, we must
Let's reach the end of one side of this cube

... I can no longer continue

... We may get out of here

... we may die

... I do not want to think about anything anymore

Mr. Ando

... I'm no longer like I used to be

... hey

Do you think this is a kind of punishment?


What gold did you make?

This is all I have
I do nonsense

Hey, I got home



... hey

... hey

are you okay?

are you okay?

Hey, how are you?


... You also have the eyes of a sinner

... deceiving people

... Betrayal

I do every wrong thing
I did it, think about it

And I have to be punished for it

I am fully aware that I am not a good person

... But

It's my pride that does not leave

Mr. Ando, ​​Ochi

Mr. Ando?

This can be our farewell

I should have done it sooner

how come?


I can no longer stand this life

I hate young people like you

Ochi, stop in front of Mr. Ando


there will be no problem

I'm here


Let's get to the end of this cube


Why here?




Go ahead

... Hiroto

Where you stand is very dangerous

If you fall from there, you will surely die

... I'm tired

What are you talking about?

Come on, come here

It does not matter what I do or where I go
... This life is very painful for me

Do your best

Just do whatever Dad says

I tried too


Why don't you try your best?

That was the only thing right now
... I did not want to hear

At least one goal behind hard work and
... You can handle this situation, bro

I do not think this is true for me

Not true

No, this is not true


...It is not true

... I have no choice

... I have no other choice

No it is not true



... hey

Hey Hey

I said it was impossible

To get out of here alive

Do not give me so much nonsense

I have a job and a family

I'm with a useless clown who has none
I have nothing to do, I'm different's true

Whatever it is, I'm still young

... Ando

You're a disabled old man, right?

... hey

watch your mouth

I am not under you

Also, the company you work for
The circumstances or rank do not matter here at all

... I hate you so much

Great people like you, no one is better than us
No, you are extremely arrogant

... I hate you too

Because you have all your problems
... You put the neck of this world

And just a baby Lucy that
It never grows

Another sound?

Where did it come from?

Was it down there?


What ... what happened?

Dirty old men like you

Depriving us of our freedom

leave me

Who is Hiroto?

Is he your younger brother?

First you tried to save him and
... You extended your hand

But then you withdrew your hand


For what?

Do not want to answer?

Do not want to answer my questions?

This is not fair

Adults always behave
They are wrong with us

I know why your younger brother, Hiroto, died

I know


This should be room number 26

The sound of the wind?

...the outside

... The end of one side of this cube

That is, 27 is just the name of a district?

... 3

It took about 3 seconds

... So the height is here

Its height is about 53 meters

Were you really able to calculate it?

Impossible to get down from here, right?

Come on

I give this to you

Even though you have a button


That room is moving

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring
The wall is on that side

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?


It is moving again

The room that is moving, finally
Must return to its original place

With this account, room coordinates
What is going through that valve?

Y If I assume maximum numerical coordinates
Is equal to 27, so room 999
(Sum of digits equals 27)

, Among all the numbers we saw
Could you see the number 999?


... 999

... 999

I saw it in one of the previous rooms

If I remember correctly, be right
Two more numbers were written

Shows Y = 27 So that is the coordinate room

That means we can go to that room
Where to get to the exit?

We do not know if we will enter that room again
Moves or remains motionless

But if we are lucky, it is possible
Return to its previous place


No way

I can not believe


We saw each other again

thank God

After all, we are all sort of
We were able to survive

Is this blood?

are you okay?

Mr. Ando is not with you?

... Ando

... fell into a trap

... Ando

...I'm really sorry

? Y = 27 to a room with numerical coordinates

Simply put ... it means possible
Can we escape from here?


There are no prime numbers here, let's go


hurry up

Ms. Kai, so do you

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Take my hand

What exactly happened to Mr. Ando?

It's because of that trap
He died in one of the rooms

Mr_G, Hashem: Translators

Probably that moving room
Not too much, right?

what has happened?

Do you want to say something?

... he is lying

What do you mean?

... Uchi probably killed Mr. Ando

I found it

01:29:14,600 --> 01:29:16,150
I will check the room a little before you


why u say that?

... When he said Mr. Ando was dead
... was smiling

...Very strange

... Nothing


Although all three are numbers
... This room is prime numbers

Did you kill him?

... Ando

Maybe I killed him


Why did you do this?

Why did I kill him?


Hey, sorry ... wait a minute

I forgot

He told me that I had problems
It is not the fault of this world and it is my fault

But I thought the opposite

I have worked hard so far

I was working somewhere
I did not like working there at all

But really working as a salesperson
... a store is very nerve-wracking

Even middle school and high school kids were touching me


... I was harassed

I'm not right, what?

... I did my best

... but eventually I got angry

I did not get what I wanted
In this case, too, I have no choice

What should I make up for these shortcomings?

I do not want to continue my life anymore

I wanna die

Do I really want to die?

... if I can not die

So I kill


... I've been thinking about this for a long time, but

What are you thinking about now, Goto?

... because of this

Did you kill someone for this ridiculous reason?

We have people whose words and deeds are not the same

But in that case ... I think you too
You have killed at least one person so far

Children should not be in the way of adults



... Adults betray

And they decide unfairly, right?


What should I do?

Well, that's not that important

... Goto



This Dina is just full of despair and hopelessness

We have no choice but to die

There is nothing good about getting out of here

No one ... believes in any aspect of us

I believe


I believe in Goto




Welcome back

We do not have time anymore, faster

You two have to hurry


What are you going to do

It's okay -
نــه -

... نــه



The way out is right there, facing it

Even if you get out of here, it is possible
Do not change your life situation compared to before

Are you still on your way?

I ... I have to change my life

Good bye

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... Indeed

What are you?