Cubby (2019) - full transcript

A 26 year-old from the Midwest moves to New York City to find hope and self-discipline through his friendship with a precocious six year old and the adult superhero Leather-Man, who is conjured from a psychedelic cupcake.

(glass breaks)

(upbeat electronic music)

(upbeat guitar music)

- Okay. Your grandson got a job in New York City.


Wake up, it's grandpa.

You're awake.

I know you are.

Talk, talk, talk!


(upbeat music)

- [Mark] Stop the car, stop the car!

- Calm down.

- Don't touch me!


Stop the car!

(man wheezing)

- I got one, I got one!

There you go.

It's really pretty here.

(upbeat music)

You are on a rocket ship to success, you know that?

- [Mark] I'm hungry.

- [Mom] Thank God you're gonna be out of the house.

- [Mark] I lived in the garage, mom.

It's not even technically a part of the goddamn house!

- [Mom] Marky!

Do not take his name in vain.

You know that upsets me.

- [Mark] Do not call me Marky, Peg.

- Okay, I won't call you Marky.

(upbeat music)

Here's some money.

Now hide it.


Lava lamp.


Are you the happiest boy in the world?

I'm the happiest mom.

Mark, don't be a sourpuss.

- The gallery receptionist is an entry-level job Peg.

I'm gonna sit behind a desk and ask people to sign.

- The guest book.

- I can't talk to people.

- Mark, you are somewhat unbearable,

but all the unbearable people move here.

You're gonna kill it, you're gonna make it work,

get a raise, take on the world.

Besides, your father's already turned the garage

into another room for the cats.

- Funny.

- Not a joke.

- I can't take all of this.

- Sure you can.

Look, look!

The Klonopin.

Here, let me put this in.

You're gonna have to get a therapist

and a prescribing psychiatrist, okay?

Here, look at me.

Focus, focus.

I could never do what you're doing.

Give me a hug.

Never mind, I know, no touching.

Don't forget, send me your address so we could

do the snail mail.

What are we doing Mark?

- Snail mail, mom.

- That's right.

I love my son!

- [Woman] Shut up!

(upbeat music)

- [Narrator] Sometimes you have to bend the truth to get by.

This time, I went too far.

(upbeat music)

(phone ringing)

- [Mark] Greetings Noah!

It's Mark from college.

My mom just dropped me off at my new job in Manhattan

and it's really neat and I'm looking for a room

and I thought of you.

Yes, I can come over right now.

I'm gonna hop on the subways.

(buzzer rings)

Noah, hey.

Really nice apartment.

- I go by Noah-Gregg now.

- [Mark] Is Greg your middle name?

- No, it's one name, Noah-Gregg with two G's.

- Do you want me to say the dash?

- I didn't say the dash.

You have a big closet through there, lots of storage space.

- Nice.

- We call our home a collective.

Lars is the leaseholder so you pay him directly.

He's smart.

He wrote his dissertation on eco-feminism.

Then Alexis is his girlfriend.

She's V successful.

She works in not-for-profits.

I'm two doors down.

We all pitch in for household items.

Mark, Mark.

You got a job at an art gallery?

- They made me an offer I could not refuse.

I have all the cash.

- Lars, money.

Don't be a problem, Mark.

(dangerous music)

(upbeat electronic music)

(magical music)

- [Narrator] This is Milo.

He's king around these parts and my new boss.

- What do you want?

Voltair or Froth in the Daydream, or all of them,

every single book in the whole kit and caboodle,

from shelf to shelf, ceiling to floor,

mouse hole to mouse trap, and for what?

(boy giggles)

So you can steal every book, take them all home,

put them in your room?

Now you're the smartest boy in the world.

I don't stand for it.

I wanna know why, I wanna know how.

Look at this super cool coloring book.

Life Lessons for You and Me and Jellyfish Beas.

- That doesn't say jellyfish beas.

- [Mark] What does it say Girda?

- Life Lessons for You and Me.

- Hold on.

You can teach me how to read and I'll teach you how to draw.


- [Milo] Deal.

(upbeat playful music)

- Open her up.

Let me throw it in.

Yes, yes, yes!

Buddy, I know it's hot.

(upbeat playful music)

- Hey.

You're standing in the squash, man.


Sup man?

You like books?

Wow, dang, all right.

Turned right away, did you see that?

If he wants to come to the book club,

it's just right around the corner.

I'm Russell.

- I'm Mark.

This is Milo.

- Have I seen you around?

- Probably not.

- [Russell] You sure?

- I just moved here from Indiana.

- Midwest boy.

Straight to bets dime, that's bold.

- Is there a tree house for the club?

- [Russell] Sorry?

- A ladder that goes up into the tree house.

- No.

I unfortunately forgot about that.

There's no tree clubhouse.

Just a normal house.

- Russell!


Help me with these weeds!

- Okay auntie.

Maybe I'll see you there?

- Cool.

- [Milo] Let's go home.

(light upbeat music)

- [Narrator] I don't always take my pills.

I'm fine without them sometimes.

It's a controlled substance.

I control how much I take.

(light upbeat music)

- [Noah-Gregg] Dude, that whole rhetoric

that we were talking about.

- [Woman] The people with neither the need

nor the knowledge to use patterns.

- Dismantle a scaffolding?

You can't be standing on it.

Here he is.

- This is fun.

Group project?

- Yeah Mark, group project.

There's the bell.

Better get to class.

(woman giggles)

- Ding.

(man chuckles)

- Wanna compare report cards?

- [Woman] No.

- How was your day Mark?

- It was great.

How was yours Noah-Gregg?

- Oh my God, the most amazing facial today.

- And not the kind of facial you're used to.

(woman giggles) - You're disgusting.

That was once.

- What's that smell?

- This is a shared meal.

Everybody brings something.

- Like friendsgiving.

- Babe, you sent him the email, right?

- Yes.

- Everyone CC'd on email.

- Ew Mark!

- [Man] Aw Mark!

- You're gross dude!

- Are you a child who just wandered into a kitchen?

- I didn't see a fork.


- Mom just made a beautiful meal.

I can't believe this guy.

- Mark, stop staring at Noah-Gregg's nipple.

- Is he undressing me with his eyes?

He used to do that all the time in college.

Grow up Mark.

- You walked in our dorm room naked, Noah-Gregg, butt naked.

- Okay?

- Okay? - Butt naked.

- The point is Mark, this is friendsgiving, right?

Everybody brings something.

- To share.

- Let's put on some Cher. - Yeah.

- The notion that you couldn't utilize

existing chaps of power to in fact, change is absurd.

- [Narrator] When I was six years old,

I found a magazine under my mom's bed.

There were a lot of different ones,

but this one made me feel something very special.

It was called Shag, the Hairy Hole Hunter.

There was this man inside.

He was like a superhero, unashamed and unafraid.

I called him Leather-Man.

At school, the kids were mean to me.

I never stuck up for myself,

I didn't know how to ask for help,

but when things got really hard, I think of Leather-Man.

What would Leather-Man do?

(inspiring trumpet music)

(man breathing heavily)

- [Voicemail] You have one unheard message.

- Mike, it's mom.

Call me as soon as you get this.

Is your phone even working?

Your student loan payments are two months past due.

Have you gotten any health coverage yet?

You need to talk to the owner of the gallery.

What is it, Milo right?

Just explain your situation to him.

Tell him that you need a clear mind at work.

Honey, I've been thinking about something.

Why don't you just draw some nice landscapes,

just some alfalfa and moss, crab apples, goats.

Remember when we used to live down the road

from the ostrich farm?

If you had just been drawing that

instead of the people from the nudist colony,

you wouldn't of gotten off on this wrong track.

My show is on.


Love you!

Call me!

- [Television] In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous.

In New York City, the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious felons.

- Holy!

- What are you doing?

I'm just kidding.

(woman giggles)

Feel free to take whatever you want.

I'm gonna have some salad.

You want some?

- [Narrator] That's Annie, Milo's mom.

She's not like my mom.

- I love my son!

- [Narrator] She's more like this.

- Charlie and I are having a date tomorrow.

- [Narrator] And this.

- Okay, okay, okay.

I wanna talk to you.

Milo really likes you.

You're a big part of his world now.

- Fuck!

- Excuse me?

- No, I thought you were about to fire me.

I'm really anxious because I don't

have enough money for my rent right now

and I need some part-time work.

If you know someone who knows someone who needs someone.

- You don't use that language around Milo, do you?

- No, no.

I would never.

It's just because it's you and me.

- Have you set up any play dates with Milo's classmates?

- Do play dates pay more?

- No.

Milo really needs to have some play dates.

It's necessary for his cognitive development.

- I taught him how to draw a seahorse and a starfish today.

Starfish is just a star.

Annie, when I was little,

I used to lay all my toys around me,

my coloring books, my crayons, I used my imagination.

Look at me now.

Turned out great.

Oh my God, the cheese is purple in your salad.

- Yeah.

It's the beets.

- [Mark] Shit.



- Mark.

- Lars, knock please.

- I did.

Do you have rent?


Mark, I knock every night and you pretend to be asleep.

You owe me part of last month's rent,

internet bills from the last few months.

- One, I don't use the internet.

I don't have a computer.


- [Briahna] Yes?

- [Narrator] Briahna, I met her on the subways.

She did my palm reading and now she lives in my closet.

- Briahna!

- Yes?

- Here is some rent.

I need rent.

- This is a fraction of a fraction of what I need.

Hey Bri, I need your share of the rent too.

- You spent all that already?

Mark's supposed to give you my share.

- I don't really care where it comes from.

I just need more by tomorrow night.

Are you doing okay Mark?

- Yeah.

Everything's great.

Thanks Lars.

I just need something to carry me over.

I lost what you gave me before.

- Losing is a construct.

- That's great.

It happens to be true,

but I need to know that you can pay rent, Mark.

Ask for more hours at the art gallery or something,

sell the fucking beanie babies!

We talked about this!

They're rapidly diminishing in value!

- Are they?

- [Lars] Yeah, of course!

I sold mine in high school.

I made a killing.

- Thank you Lars!

- Just sell the fucking beanie babies!

Bye Bri.

- I need the pills.

Do you have any?

If you had one right now, all I need is one.

- Little bear, you should do yoga.

We should do yoga together and Mark.

Let me get my journal.

The perfect manta came to me during the last full moon.

- No Briahna!

No more mantras please!

I'm freaking out.

I'm babysitting Bri, okay?

I need the pills.

If you had one pill.

I'm going to a book club tomorrow, okay?

If you had one pill.

- Little bear, little bear, little bear.

(woman hushes)


The book club is in here.

I do have something I can give you,

but it's very strong so you need

just a smidge of it and it'll tie you over.

Don't eat it all at once little bear.

(upbeat euphoric music)

- [Mark] Milo?

Hey bud, where did you go?

- Will you go to school with me?

- Come on, you're gonna have a great day.

- The kids are gonna be mean to me.

- Why?

- They said my eyes are tiny and that

I look like dirty ice cream.

- First of all, I love all three of your eyeballs equally.

Second, ice cream can't be dirty.

It's impossible.

Ice cream is perfect.

(man's voice echoes)

That means you're perfect.

(man's voice echoes)

- I am ice cream.

(mellow guitar music)

- [Mark] Is that you?

(mellow guitar music)

- [Voicemail] You have one unheard message.

- [Mom] Mark Nabel, crude, rude, and socially unacceptable.

How many weeks has it been?

I tried to take money out of your account for your loans,

it's empty, overdraft sunny.

You should call be back and tell me

what the heck New York is like.

This Milo guy, does he like your anatomical representations?

You could probably get Milo's job one day.

Gallery director.

I have a care package that I want to snail mail over to you,

but I need your address!

- Is everything okay?

- I'm chill, I'm late.

- I took him to the after school drop-off so he could play,

but he just kept screaming for you.

What happened to your head?

- I was racing here and I ran into

a little baby tree and I fell.

- Mark, why are you late?

- I met a whale on the Hudson and he was talking my ear off.

I'm sorry I was late.

I have an idea.

- [Milo] What is it?

(mellow piano music)

- I'll always be here for you, okay?

- [Milo] It's a cool eye.

- Yeah?

It's bloody.

Don't do that.

Let's go buy a shit ton of candy.

(mellow piano music)

- [Narrator] Milo, he gets me.

I know he's six, but he's like my best friend.

If I had a kid, I wish he'd be just like him.

- [Mark] Are you ready?

- [Milo] Yes, yes, yes.

- [Mark] One, two, three!

- [Milo] It's cool.

- Can you reach one?

I'm eating a fish.

- This never works when you're gone.

You have to copy me.

- I'll copy you.

- Look up.

I stopped it.

- Look up.

- Do you think I'm ugly?

- No, why?

- I don't know.

Just 'cause.

- The gallery is looking spectacular.

(boy giggles)

(dangerous music)

Milo, I think I wanna take this with me.

We could sell this for $1,000.

- No Mark, no.

Please, it's my favorite.

- [Mark] Okay, but Milo, let me frame it.

I'll bring it back.

- No.

I love him.

Don't take it.

- Sure.

Sleepy time?

- [Annie] I wanna talk to you 'cause I got

a call from the school today.

You were an hour late?

- I'm really sorry.

I was in the park all day, it was really hot,

and I wasn't feeling well.

- You didn't schedule any play dates, did you?

- No, I didn't.

- Okay, okay, okay.

I'll do it then.

- About today, I'm never late.

I'm so not a late person.

- If you're gonna be late,

you really need to call us, okay?

'Cause it's your job.

- I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.

- Oh my God, what happened to your face?

- Surprise girly man.

You are terminated.

- [Narrator] This is Charles.

He's a fun dad and he's never told me

I've done anything wrong.

- What happened to your face?

- I was just telling her.

I was in the park.

I was super dehydrated, working out,

and this giant weeping willow came out of nowhere,

head-on collision.

- Shit, are you okay?

Oh shit.

- Weeping willows, tricky.

Show Mark what we got Milo.

(man growls)

- [Charles] Cute, right?

- [Mark] It's a lion.

- This week, Thursday pick-up is Charlie.

Milo's starting soccer in the park.

- Sorry.

I told her I didn't mind if you took him to soccer.

She wants me to spend more time with him.

- No, it's fine.

- Any plans tonight?

- No, probably not.

- One of my buddies at work just

moved here with his boyfriend,

hangs out a lot in the village.

You ever get down there?

- Mark, are these yours?

(phone vibrates)

- This is me.

I am so sorry, I gotta go, but thank you.

Sorry, thanks.

Love you!

(mellow dreamy music)

- Boy.

- Man.

I think you're super, super sexy.

- Take me.

Take me to this.

You know you wanna show me off.

- Yes, please, sir.

(man giggles)

It's such a beautiful night.

The sky and the water and the lights.

I wish we could go in for a swim and just cool off.

I know it's not clean or warm,

but why encumber ourselves with such elements

even the Gods cannot control?

I'd climb upon a killer whale.

- [Voicemail] You have one unheard message.

- Hi, Mark.

It's Russell from the garden.

Just a friendly reminder that the

air quotes tree house meeting is tonight.

I mean book club.

(man giggles)

But seriously, you should show.

Just remember to come to the backyard when you get here.

Find the ladder and meet me up top.

Also, I hope you like what I did with that joke there.

I said air quotes, but I also did them with my hands.

Bye Mark.

(kids yelling)

(mellow dreamy music)

- Mark!



- [Mark] You okay?

- He pushed me off the slide.

- He's a crybaby.

- Shut up.

- Yeah, shut up.

- Don't talk to my son that way.

- Your son's being a dick.

- He's like a little girl.

- I'm not a girl,

and he said I was too little and pushed me off.

- What the hell?

You're terrible.

- Out of control.

You know you're bleeding, right?

- I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding.

- [Woman] Do you know him?

- Is that his dad?

- I'm his babysitter okay,

and I was trying to help him because

you're a little monster pushing him off the slide

like a fucking psycho.

- Grace, he's his babysitter.

I see them here all the time.

- Simone, I think Cooper left his scooter

by the monkey bars.

Would you?

- [Cooper] I'm hungry Simone.

- Nicely Cooper.

Who ever hired you was foolish.

- Why don't you keep children of the corn away from us?

- [Milo] Yeah.

- Thank you.

I'm glad you're okay.

- Ow.

- Sorry.

- [Milo] Hey Mark.

- Thanks bud.

- Mark.

- Yeah?

- Can you stay late tonight?

Charlie's still not home and I have so much work to do.

I just don't have time to play with Milo.

- I just have a thing to go to.

- [Annie] What?

- It's a date.

- That's great, but can you reschedule because

I really need you.

- I just can't tonight,

but if this is gonna become a regular thing,

I could totally use the extra cash.

- You know what, go on your date.

We'll talk about it later.

- Duh, yeah.

You're the best Annie.


- What's the most offensive is not they're lying.

One can always forgive lying.

Lying is a delightful thing for it leads to the truth.

What is offensive is that they lie

and worship their own lies.

That's it.

- Thank you Cora.

That was a nice passage.

- I didn't choose it, she did.

Would you like to read a passage?

- Cora, it's his first time.

- There's always gotta be a first time.

(man chuckles)

- [Woman] That's it.

Let's eat.

- [Russell] Mark.

- [Mark] Me?

- I only invited one Mark.

You didn't read the book, did you?

- No.

(man giggles)

- How 'bout we read it now?

- Really?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

The food's ready.

- It'll be there.

I'll start.

This evening however, upon coming out onto the street,

he became acutely aware of his fears.

Now you.

- I want to attempt a thing like that

and am frightened by these trifles.

- He thought with an odd smile.

- Yes, all is in a man's hands and he

let's it all slip from cowardess, that's an axiom.

It would be interesting to know what it is

men are most afraid of.

Taking a new step, uttering a new word is

what they fear most.

I need to stop.

- Now you read it.

- Now I have.

I'm gonna go eat something.

♪ When all the saints of God be gathered home ♪

♪ We will tell the story

♪ How we overcome

♪ For we'll understand it better by and by ♪

♪ Temptations, toils, and snails ♪

♪ They often take us on a whale ♪

♪ Our hearts are made to bleed

- [Leather-Man] What's wrong Mark?

♪ And we wonder why the test

♪ When we used to arrive to do our best ♪

♪ But we'll understand it better by and by ♪

(upbeat guitar music)

- Do you need something to sleep in?

You look like a dad from the '90s.

- Like your best friend's hot dad?

(man chuckles)


- [Lars] Mark?


- Hey Lars.

- Hi Mark.

I'm gonna need that rent money.

We talked about this.

I don't like coming to your door,

or whatever the fuck this is.

- Just one minute.

- You said.

- One minute.

- I'm not gonna stand out here for a whole minute.

- Well try.

- Whoa.

This is a lot.

Can you give me the rest by tomorrow?

- Sure, yeah.

- Great.


How are you?

- I'm great.

- Alexis made this amazing farrow salad

if you wanna join us.

- Farrow?

- We're gonna reheat it.

Yeah farrow.

- I don't know what that is.

- It's farrow.

- What's farrow?

- It's a grain.

Maybe next time.

I changed the Wifi password.

It's moochorthief, one word, all lowercase.

- Moochorthief?

- Moochorthief, one word.


- Lars, I still don't have a computer.

- [Lars] Okay Mark, whatever you say.

- I wanna be next to the window.


- Whatever.

- Do you always wear those clothes all the time?

- [Leather-Man] Have you ever been dominated?

- I've seen it in a magazine before.

There's a straight guy who gets roofied

by a bunch of gay guys and they all

take him to a garage and tie him up.

- No, that's not okay at all.

- It's hot, it's really hot.

- Safe, sane, consensual.

Have you heard that?

- Safe, sane, consensual.

That's pretty awesome.

I like having you here.

- I like making you feel safe.

(mellow piano music)

- [Mark] I love it.

- [Milo] Dolphin.

- [Mark] I absolutely love it.

- [Milo] Dolphin.

I wanna put this out here.

(light upbeat music)

- Where does it go?

- [Milo] Up here.


This would be good instead.

- [Mark] Think about it, think about it.

What do you see?

- [Milo] A lot of fish.

I wanna do it.

Can I do it?

- I'm thinking a little bit of blue over here,

blue over there, some water, swimming, swimming.

(duo laugh) (upbeat music)


- Boop, boop.

- Boop, boop, boop.

(heels clicking)

- [Charlie] I don't get why he's getting bullied at school.

- [Annie] He says the kids are making fun of his cubby.

- [Charlie] He told the little girl to get a life?

- [Annie] Mark's teaching him how to stick up for himself.

It's kind of fine.

It's good.

It's good.

(bell rings)

- I need a box to mail a package to my son.

He lives in New York City.

He works in a gallery.

Of art.

- Okay.

What size you want?

- That small one up there.

I think that'll be fine.

- Damn.

That going in the box?

- Yes.

- Ma'am, do you have any firearms,

fireworks, lithium batteries, paint, fuel,

cremated remains, glue, varnish, or prescription drugs?

(mysterious music)

- Lilo.

(man giggles)

- Hi.

- Can I help you?

- I believe I have some mail here.

- Lilo!

Hi, can I help you?

- You already asked me that.

- Lilo!

- No, don't Lilo, don't.

- Excuse me.

- Can I look through your mail?

- Lilo!

- No Lilo, no!


Listen, there's a big mix-up.

We have very similar postal addresses.

- We're all good here, Lilo.

Where exactly do you live?

- It's this address, but it's not.

It's a new township in Brooklyn.

- Township?

What's the name?

- Lilo.

- [Receptionist] Excuse me?

- Lilu?

- Like my assistant?

- Yes, like your assistant.

That is so weird.

Lilu, where I live, there's actually an umlaut on the O

and it's basically a synecdoche of the Brooklyn region.

- You're that Mark.

Yes, I do have your mail.

Give me your ID, please.

That's it.

I would suggest you converse with your

local mail carrier in Lilu,

or tell your mom to stop addressing things

to you and the gallery.


Sign the guest book.

- I just love New York.

The skyscrapers are crazy and you see so many people

that you don't know what their story is,

and the lights, and the Statue of Liberty.

I've never been and I wanna go,

but I don't even know how to get there.

In my mind, the Statue of Liberty is everything, right?

This is freedom.

New York is the Big Apple.

You are who you are, you can be what you wanna be.

These buildings, they're probably one billion people

in each of these buildings who have their own story.

I don't know what they're doing, but I love them.

(upbeat music)

- [Man] He's powerful, huh?

- Yeah, he is.

- [Man] He's got this thing.


Who'd you come with?

- [Mark] Actually, I came with him.

- [Man] Wow.

What do you do?

- [Mark] I'm an artist.

I draw things, nude figures, male.

- [Man] You ever draw him?

- I like all your tools.

- Toys, not tools.

- Can you show me how to use them?

- No, I don't think so.

- What's the problem?

- I don't think you're ready for it.

Don't touch that.

- Tie me up.

(man yells)

- Mark, I was literally just grabbing the candle.

- But it felt like a million needles

were going into my body and I was drowning

and everything was coming down on me.

- Not another word.

Blink twice if you consent.

- Holy fuck!

Are you serious?

That was so hot!

- Mark, think of a time in your memory where you felt safe.

Where are you?

- My cubby at school.

It was like a tunnel to another world and I climbed inside.

Everybody liked me there.

I liked myself.

- That's good.

We're there.

(upbeat piano music)

- [Voicemail] You have one unheard message.

- [Charles] Hi Mark, it's Charles.

Today's a really crazy day.

Remember Annie's dress from the dry cleaners

and make sure Milo is ready to go right on time.

I was in Milo's bedroom this morning and

the wall was awesome!

You guys made such rad decorations.

Cool stuff.

See you later dude.

- Hey buddy.

Get on my shoulders.

We're flying to the moon.

- I'm too big.

- Too big?

You're like if a pinky finger had a pinky finger.

- You're a weird babysitter.

- Everyone has to wash their hands and his are dirty!

It's the rules!

Milo broke the rules!


- First of all, it must've taken ages to

get that all on there, okay?

We are not going to remove it.

I won't allow it.

- Milo, you are bad!

- Honey, why are you so worried?

You really need to worry about yourself, okay?

You wanna break some rules?

- This one.

- Here we go.

(phone vibrates)

Look, we're the same.

(upbeat electronic music)

You can do this, you can do this.

- [Milo] Is it ready, is it ready?

(phone vibrates)

- Milo, Milo, it's not a toy.

- This is Milo.

- [Woman] Did you say Milo?

- Give it to me.

It's not a toy!

Don't be stupid!

(boy yells)



Yeah, it's a kid.

I'm a babysitter.

His name is Milo.

- [Milo] Leave me alone!

- I know, I know!

I don't work at a gallery.

- [Milo] Leave me alone!

- I hear him!

I'm a liar.

If you stop talking, I can go fucking help him!

Are you okay?

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

Let's sit up here.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.

- I hate you.

You're not my friend.

- I won't do that again, I promise.

- You will.

Don't touch me.

- [Charles] We are gonna party tonight!

- Oh no, what happened?

- Hi Charles.

- Buddy, you're not in your little man tux.

- Oops.

- When did you get your nails done?

- I was in Manhattan and I bought some polish.

- So you just painted his fingernails?

What happened with the dry cleaning?

I thought I asked you to pick it up.

- I did, but I lost the ticket thingy

and I demanded they would give it to me, but they didn't.

- Charlie, will you clean him up?

We're already 15 minutes late, Mark.

The firm is presenting the CEO with an award

and Milo is handing it to him.

Mark, this is unacceptable!

- He asked me to paint his nails.

I didn't force him to do anything.

- You should know better!

He doesn't know what he wants.

He's six years old.

- He does know what he wants.

You're the one who doesn't know.

He doesn't like lions, Annie.

He likes fish.

He asked me to paint his nails.

It doesn't mean anything.

- Does it hurt?

- No.

It doesn't.

Can Mark go with us, please?

- [Charlie] Wanna wash your hands?

- Cold.

Come with me.

- [Mark] I can't go.

I'm sorry Milo.

Your mom hates me right now.

- I love you.

- [Mark] I love you too buddy.

(car horn honks)

- Daddy, daddy.

- Annie, you look really beautiful.

- I need you to clean up the kitchen before you go,

absolutely no more playing in our bedroom,

and I need you to tidy up Milo's wall.

- Milo just said he loved me.

- What?

- He just hugged me and kissed me on the cheek

and he said I love you.

I want you to know I care very much about you and Charlie

and this house and your choice of string cheese

and puddings, which I adore.

I promise I will do so much better, especially for Milo.

- Charlie and I are having a day tomorrow,

so why don't you take Milo to the aquarium, Coney Island,

just the two of you.

He's been asking to go with you for awhile.

Are you available tomorrow?

- Yes, yes.

I have zero mostelle things to do this whole weekend.

Stunning, absolutely perfect proposal.

I accept.

(car horn honks)



(funky upbeat music)

- [Lars] Mark!

Mark, there's someone here to see you.

- Hey Mark.

- Hey.

- [Russell] How's everything?

- Good.

Everything's great, it's good.

- Nice.

I'm sorry, I just thought I'd stop by.

I hope that's okay.

I tried to call a few times and you didn't pick up,

but I guess you're busy.

- I'm just working a lot.

- [Russell] Right, the kid, babysitting.

- And my art.

- [Russell] You're an artist?

- Yeah.

- Nice.

- How's the garden?

- Garden is good, except the squash you stepped in that day.

Can't eat that.

(men giggle)

I came by here, I was just thinking about something.

I sort of thought you and me had a thing together.

I don't know, I felt it.

You felt that, right?

- I did.

- I don't know.

It just kind of feels like you've

just been ignoring me a little bit.

- Russell, it's all very new for me.

I'm trying to figure things out.

- Now I know.

In case you wanna finish that.

I'm gonna head out.

I'll see you later.

- I'll see you later.


(upbeat music)

I think it's closed.

I have an idea.

(upbeat music)

- Goby - Goby.

- Dude, say it again.

- Banner fish. - Banner fish.

- [Milo] Next!

- Muli-color jwor, angel.

(cellphone vibrates)

♪ Give me little water silvey

♪ Give me little water now

♪ Give me little water silvey

♪ Every little once in awhile

♪ Every little once in awhile

♪ Every little once in awhile

- What's this?

- It's a fish.

What happened in here?

- Why didn't you answer when I called you, Mark?

- [Mark] We were getting a fish.

- You have to answer the phone when I call you.

- I'm sorry.

Milo was having a great time.

We can take the fish back.

- I don't care about the fucking fish!

What is this?

- That was an accident.

- Okay, okay.

This picture of dicks that I found

in my son's bedroom was left here by accident,

is that right?

- I wasn't thinking.

- No, you weren't thinking and there is no excuse, Mark.

You don't pick up the phone,

you leave pills that are not yours lying around my house,

and then you expose my son to this?

- I'm not an enemy.

I'm raising your son.

- You're not raising my son.

- No offense Annie, but actually, I am.

- That is ridiculous!

- Let's go downstairs.

- You are not raising my son.

- I wouldn't hurt Milo.

- We know Mark, but it doesn't matter.

- Please Charlie, please, please.

- We'll cut you a check.

- Annie, I don't wanna go.

- I'm sorry.

You have to.

- I can't.

I can't.

- Mark, if you don't leave right now,

we're gonna call the police.

- Can I say goodbye to him, just once?

- Your grandson got a job in New York City.

(upbeat inspiring music)

I got one, I got one!

I love my son!


- I can't get to you.

- I'm with you.

- Charlie, I think he's still here.




How dare you?

Don't you ever come back here, ever!


- $36 Mark, really?


This isn't enough!

Stop, stop!

- I'm trying to find you cash Lars, okay?

The feng shui's really off.

I thought I'd kill two birds with one rock.

- If you can't pay for the room, you gotta move out dude.

I don't know what to tell you.

- Looking, I'm trying!

- You don't have to behave like this.

- Mercury is in retrograde.

You can feel it, can't you?

How's the baby?

- What baby?

- The baby Mark sits.

- Bri, I need more pills or we're out.

- Did you pay rent?

- Do you pay him in pills?

- She does.

- Not in my house.

(woman laughing)

- Hey babes.

- Excuse me, it's nice china.

- Mark, do you want me to recycle your hand drawn porn?

- Porn?

Mark, you draw porn?

- Of course he does.

He doesn't get any IRL.

- Lolz.

- Mark, let people serve themselves.

- You better not put your grubby hands in my casserole.

- Stop it, everyone!

Please, respect the dignity of this spirit before you.

I know that it doesn't mean anything to you guys

to care for another soul, but Mark,

he's been child rearing for the past three months now

and he's doing the best he can.

- I'm sorry, child whatting?

- This is rich.

- [Noah-Gregg] People trust you with their kids?

- Mark, Mark, Mark.

This wine, it's not for you!

- Why is it always friendsgiving here?


Why did you change your name to Noah-Gregg with two G's

when you moved to New York?


I don't get it!

It's crazy!

- You fucking believe this?

(man burps)

Nice Mark.

- [Alexis] Oh my God, he's fucking crazy.

- He's out.

- It's two G's, yin and yang, it's balanced,

which you could use!

- Oh my God, she almost set this house on fire.

- He has a problem.

- No Gregg, I just can't right now.

- I can't right now.

- [Alexis] I understand.

- Thank you.

(dreary music)

- Mark?

I'm sorry.

- For what?

I feel disgusting.

Do you think I'm stupid?

- No.

- Something's wrong with me.

- People think I'm stupid, but they're wrong.

- Let's go out.

- Look.

Come here little bear.

(upbeat euphoric music)

- [Leather-Man] Think of a time in your memory

where you felt safe.

- [Mark] My cubby.

It was like a tunnel to another world and

everybody liked me there.

(upbeat euphoric music)

- Ever!

(woman vomits)

- [Briahna] Gotta go little bear.

- [Bartender] You're cut off, man.

- Still not charged.

I need more time.

- You need to close out, now!

- Whoa there partner.

- Listen to me.

Your friend almost stained my authentic

Himalayan oak wall with her blue stomach acid.

- She's not my friend, she's my fractional roommate,

and three, you have blue on your chin.

- Fuck.

(man giggles)

- Just kidding.

- I'm calling the police!

Who the fuck raised you?

- My mom raised me.

My mom raised me, okay?


(mellow dreary music)

- Mark, don't throw tantrums.

It's not cute.

Learn how to communicate.

Life will get so much better if you do.

Mark, your breath smells terrible.

I should've told you that a long time ago.

Are you mixing water with the toothpaste

to make more when it runs out?

- Sometimes.

- Don't leave your backpack unattended in New York City.

It's reckless.

(mellow music)

- [Mom] I never fit in.

My whole family told me that I was unbearable,

but who wants to be bearable, right?

I'm not mad at you.

You haven't done anything wrong.

I feel like if I could talk to you,

I might be able to help you.

I need to know that you're alive,

I need to know that you're functioning.

Please, just call me.

I really love you.

(phone dials)

- [Mark] Hey.

I'm at Pels Bar on Rodger's Avenue.

Can you come and get me?

- [Bartender] You need to pay for your friend's drinks, man.

- [Mark] Russell!

- What's going on, Mark?

- I wanna tell you, but are you sure you wanna listen?

- Are you high?

Talk to me!

That's why I'm here, Mark.

I see you.

- I bought you that squash and my mom wrote me a letter.

- That's why you called me?

- Yeah, and I'm high.

I gave you that squash to tell you I like you and

the world has not been very kind to me.

- I know what that's like.

- You are so beautiful.

I should've told you this weeks ago.

Earth stinks.

Let's move to Pluto.

(man laughs)

- You know, you took the planet right out of my mouth.

- Does my breath stink?

I feel like I should brush my teeth.

- No, no, no.

You know, I have some great toothpaste at my place.

- What flavor?

- Apricot.

- I would love to try apricot.

- [Narrator] That night,

Russell and I figured out we both like to

take care of other people.

We also figured out we're really good kissers.

- [Bartender] Guys, go home.

(upbeat guitar music)

- [Narrator] I'm finally getting the hang of

this thing called the solar system.

I'm now a dishwasher at a taco joint in the west village

so I was able to pay back Annie and Charles.

I still take pills, I tried tai-chi,

I'm learning how to be honest.

Earth still stinks, but at least my breath doesn't.


- [Mark] Hi.

- Hi?

- Is Milo home?

- Who are you?

- I was his babysitter.

- Right.

Is there something you needed?

- I wanted to talk to Annie.

- She's not home right now.

- Are you telling her I'm here?

- I don't know exactly what happened,

but for me right now in this moment,

I probably would not have come back.

Can I take a message for you?

- Can you give this to her?

Is there any way I can see Milo?

- [Babysitter] No, I'm sorry.

I don't know you.

- Thanks.

(phone ringing)

- Mark?

- [Mark] Hi mom.

(light upbeat music)

- [Russell] Mark, there's someone here to see you.

(light piano music)

(upbeat music)