Cuba Libre (1996) - full transcript

Tom is constantly running into problems and gets beaten up time and time again.

Number 9

That's beautiful

I've seen you before

That's possible

I commute. I'm on my way home.

I've an hour, let's go to a hotel.

You know

At home my yard wants digging up

Kids with braces

A wife, a non-alcoholic beer

And a dinner table

Bread with sesame

Margarine, lowfat ham

I'm hungry

You can eat as much as
you want. Later. Let's go

What's your name?

Tell me


How many do you see?


And now, how many?


What's today's date?

I don't know

- Where are you from?
- Don't touch me

Gerd, can you come upstairs?

That's alright, I'll take
care of this man

I'd dump him in
the gutter if I were you

Well you aren't


I follow my own philosophy

These are hard times

One ought to preserve one's strength,
no undue strains

I can see where your philosophy got you.

Do you need to see a doctor?

Where do you live?


I tell you what, you can
stay at my place for now

My name is Jimmy.


They call this the Honeymoon Suite


I like it

Who did that?


A woman


Your girlfriend?

I don't want to talk about it

Did you hurt her?

I told you, don't want to talk about it

What are you, crazy?

Quite right, it's my heart.

A girl broke it

At some stage these stabs began

And then one time I woke up suddenly

With a tingling in my arm

The nurses whispered and walked

up and down on their toes

You see, I've money, quite a bit, but

Are you sleeping?


In the car she used to
snuggle up in the fur coat

What kind of car was it?



A white one with read seats

Leather seats?


And when we used to come down from Montpellier

And our house was just ahead

I'd get such a homely feeling

Do you know the sound
when you drive off the tarmac

And into the driveway

And the gravel crunches beneath the tires

Of course I know it

What kind of a house was it?

A villa

White villa

With one of those

Flat red roofs and
a little tower on top?



is strange

This means we used to be neighbours

You owned the house with that

incredible marble verandah?


And down below was the sea

Yes, the sea

There's no ocean at Montpellier


Are you going to Cuba now?

Come visit us in Montpellier

We can go swimming

You followed me


What are you doing here?

Was checking

the timetables

Going somewhere?


To Nice


There's work there

Hotel caretaker during the winter

Or what they call winter

But you don't know any French

And the food there

And it's warm there, too

And the sea

Cigarettes are cheaper there, too




There's an ocean there!

Hurry up

The hotel is behind that parking garage

I've to go to my car first

What car?

You said you commute

You see now

This is a big town

And in such a big town

A certain law exists

There are those who are
responsible for the water supply


maintain parks and public spaces

And yet others

are responsible for
public water management

And I

You know

I'm responsible for this train station

And who's in charge of the fire brigade?



I hate you

Not as firm as the last one

I want my money

Did you waste it all? My money?

Do you think I've more?

Dammit, I don't have any more.

I'm a wreck

A total wreck

Where do you live?

I've a locker at the station

I want to sleep

Sleep a long time

Let's go to a hotel

You're the second to say that today

What did you do?

Back then?

After you took it all

And left me lying there

Did you look at me once more

While I slept?

Did you think of me
after you took the money?

When did you forget about me?

Cuba, at the beach?

Or in Germany already?

Cuba is beautiful

What are you, a travel agency?

I didn't make it to Cuba

One morning I woke up
in the port of Vera Cruz

I was alone

The sea was calm

Empty bottles everywhere

My room had been cleaned out

My money gone

My friends gone

They abandoned me

The visa had expired

In the end they deported me

Deported to Germany

I thought

I'd work one or two years in Germany

And go back

That should do it

But it got worse



No jobs

No strength

What do you want to do now?

Come crying to me?

Sleep with me?

Make me turn tricks?

I want to pay back everything



Poor boy

I'm about to start crying

I'm leaving for the seaside


Now. Soon.


I've to get to the south

I can't manage another winter here

And where exactly?


There are jobs there

Hotel caretaker

And the cigarettes are
cheap there, too, sure

I know

I've heard this once today already

I don't give a shit whether
it's a rumour or not

I'll get there somehow

I'd rather croak it by the sea

Back at home my front
yard wants digging up

Kids with braces

A wife

A non-alcoholic beer

And a dinner table

Linseed bread


Lean ham

The firebrigade has arrived

Gone to get your things. The train
to Nice departs at 8pm. Wait
outside of the hotel. Everything is
going to be fine. Tom

She's in Nice


So she said


Yesterday, day before that,
what do I know?

By train?

You know how much train fares cost?

As much as flying

You know how much this tea costs?

It costs the same at the airport

I could throw up

Only the rich manage to get away

And how will she manage to get to Nice?


With her ass?

What exquisite coffee

What is it you want from me?

I don't have your money anymore.
I've nothing at all.

Only decaf espresso is worse than this

Are you gay?

Listen, my situation is bad right now

There are better washed and younger options

I'm not gay

I may be a little melancholic
and sentimental

And calculating

What does that mean?

I could use a friend

Fine, and why me?

Why not?

You see

This morning you did not steal from me

That's progress

And what is the friend supposed to do?

Be friendly, have faith

I didn't ask how he is meant to be but
what he's expected to do

To drive

You could be my driver

Fine, I'll be your driver,
but not your friend

If you like

What is our destination?

We should drive to the doctor one more time

Why, something wrong with your heart?

It's your bladder that concerns me

We've had to stop at every service
station so that you could use the toilet

There are 6,700 service
stations between Berlin and Nice

You're searching that girl, aren't you?

Had you planned to go to Nice together?


With my money?


Drive, please

What were you going to do in Nice?


Like what, grape harvest?

Hotel caretaker during the winter

Taking care of hotels in Nice

Interesting pastime

So that they don't fly away...

Say, Tom, is that you?

You'll have to excuse me but

You smell like an old bed

Even in the open air

I understand how much you
enjoyed running around like that

Like a total wreck

Don't want to join
the rat race, am I right?

You're a proper psychologist

Do you know what I consider mean?

The first time I had some money at hand

I went to a tailor and
got myself the very best

English fabric, Italian
shoes, and so forth

But do as I might

I always looked like an
errand boy who had made it

And looking at you

You look like an impressario

I tried everything

But I never shed the errand boy

I bought one of the most
stylish and beautiful

automobiles on this planet


Clear lines

Rather a car for those who've
found their inner centre

And what will be my duties?

To be your impressario who
assists you locating your inner centre?

That's good, why not

I thought I was meant to be your driver

Driver, impressario, friend

As you like

Is she still this beautiful?

Give it to me!

I'm asking whether
she's still this attractive

I said give it back!

I don't know

What's that supposed to mean?

We're driving from one
service station to the next

Searching for a woman you're
no longer sure is attractive

She's been through a lot

Like you?

Yes, like me

Since when?

A few years

That's a long time

May I take another look?

Do you suppose she
still has all her teeth?

And her hair?

Beautiful hair

Maybe jaundiced eyes

What's the point of these questions?!

I beg your pardon, we're
driving all over

I want to know what this woman looks like

Well look at the photo!

If she's as wrecked as you

She'll never make it to Nice

No truck driver would pick up a homeless tramp

Am I a bum to you?

Forget about Nice

She'll be back in Berlin before long

- But she has to get to the sea
- Why?

Because her lungs are trashed

The poor always end up back
where they were poorest

You're firing me?

It's the end of your shift

I understand you well enough

Germany, a cold place

Where money counts

Long-term deposits, garden

and wife, that was
repugnant to you, correct?

Sure, that's a lot to swallow

What have you done to her?

I stole from her

And I think I broke her heart


It's easy to be friendly if one has money

We didn't have any

Therefore I couldn't be friendly

The money would never
have lasted for the two of us

So I took it and left her behind

I think I stuffed up

Why didn't you wake me?

Calm down, you were
sleeping so peacefully

I looked around


She wasn't there

This is beautiful


I own it

And this

Is the key to my fortune

It fits into a bank deposit box

In Belgium

You have a dream

And so do I

Oh yeah?

And what's my dream?

Some country of which
you believe that it's not

corrupted, let's say Cuba

I must be talking in my sleep

Do you still have any
relatives here in Germany?

There's nothing left for you here

Except for the girl

You wanted to go to Cuba together

A fresh start, a real life

And then you abandoned her

I'm tired

I'm going back tomorrow

To Berlin?

Do you know how to forge a signature?

Take a look

Now simply copy the lines

Here, take it

Just like that


Take it, it's a salary, sort of

Now listen to me, Tom

If everything turns out fine

Our little trip would earn you so much

That you could start over



I'll wait in the car


This hotel has a hair dresser

"This piece, like all of the composer's
works, reflects nothing more than

the characteristic spiritual
awareness of this artist"

"The struggle against fate and the
triumph of joy over pain"

What's in it for me in all this?

How much?

Let me think

How much?

Turn off the freeway

There you are

And I'm going to kill you

I've got your money

Almost 20,000

I've been looking for you everywhere

This time I'm leaving you behind

There are cheques in the bag

What am I supposed to do with them?

I could exchange them for cash

For you


The banks open at 9am

We'll continue then

What did you do to him?

It was an accident

Did you bury him?


Who was he?

An errand boy

Tried to change your identity, did you?

I wanted money

His money

Is that why you killed him?

I didn't kill him


It was an accident

I forgot

What did he want from you?

To be his friend

He was crazy, I guess

His heart was trashed

This is an opportunity

The last

They money is enough

For the two of us

We could leave

For Cuba

Away from all this

Maybe purchase a small hotel

Your money

You can trust me

I trusted you five years ago

And woke up alone in some dive

A few days ago I trusted you again

But you never came back

You're a liar

That's ancient history

You say he had an accident

But you're wearing his clothes

Have his passport

His blood is in this car

You're a liar, you always were


But I'm changing

You're not keeping any secrets from me?

No little schemes?


The deposit box key

I forgot all about the key

Must be in his clothes

October 4

Knokke, Overseas Bank

Deposit box 120

The key

That belongs to me

And what happens next?

It seems we're going to
stay together for a while

You're going to play Jimmy

And I play your girlfriend

During the day

What does that mean?

We'll go shopping, we'll
play the couple in love

I need new clothes

We'll go to shops

You'll wait while I try on clothes

The sales women will place
them in very beautiful bags

That have French words printed on them

And you're going to pay

You think I'm poor and he's rich

And that I've to spread my legs at night

He doesn't get a thing from me

Nothing at all

And at night?

At night you make yourself
comfortable in your seat

And for how long will we
play the happy couple?

Until you walk into the bank in Knokke,
present Jimmy's passport

and retrieve the money
from the deposit box

That's a long time

Are you afraid?

Well then run off

Write a little note and run off

And then?

What will happen after the bank?

What do I know

You'll have money, a new identity

Maybe you'll become a
good person in a hotel in Cuba

And you?

How long does a woman's revenge last?

Who is the subject of her revenge?

I am

For what?

I stole from her

A year

And abandoned her


You seem to love that money

You don't?

What were you talking
about with the sales woman?

I asked her how long
a woman's revenge lasts

And what did she reply?

Three to four weeks

Since we met you haven't laughed once

And what was there to laugh about?

A little smile once a while

You mean a little married bliss smile

"Dear, thank you for
the beautiful dress"

Even though I had
to force you at gunpoint

The good intention was there all along

Let us go to Cuba

That sank into the sea long ago

You had a map of Cuba in your locker

For what purpose?

To look for you

To drag you across the island on your balls

And why did you want to
learn English instead of Spanish?

You've looked at my
stuff rather closely, right?

I thought it would take longer

To get away from this shit and to Cuba

That the Americans would be there already

And then English would be ideal

I always wanted to comprehend the lyrics

They're very good, you know


Did you actually love me?

Don't touch me

Now listen to me

I waited for three days
in that hellish hotel

In that shitty town

I found a job at the department store

Cement floors, neon lights

Choleric customers

And on my feet for
eight hours, the whole day

I went to the doctor

I still had health insurance

And he prescribed
deep vein thrombosis stockings

Do you know what that means,
deep vein thrombosis ?!

At 25 years of age!

I had to sit down once a while

So they fired me

Couldn't meet my rent

So I ended up in the street,
and my lungs are fucked

You can't imagine that

And you want a smile?

Here, look at it

Vitamin deficiencies

These are not my teeth

I don't want to kiss with this mouth

It's not my mouth

I want it to be like before

My legs

My lungs

My teeth

I will get back my body

That's my personal social justice

And I'm going to get it

Maybe I'll treat you nicely then

When one is beautiful and rich

one may become more generous


You don't have to get surgery
on my account

Oh really?

I love you as you are

You mean for my inner self?

You don't know the
least thing about that

To look exactly like that

What does that cost?

Better don't overdo it

So tell me, can you see my inner self?

Do I look like I used to?


Meaning not as good as back then

Well, different

Which is it?

Make a proper smile

About what?

A cockoo is flying across the ocean

He meets a shark

Says the cockoo


Says the shark "Cookoo"

I learned a few for your amusement

But you're the one who's all finished

In Vera Cruz I used to sit
by the sea all the time, too

Cuba was on the other side

Vera Cruz, Cuba, all shit

I think you still want to get there

That's long finished

And where do you want to go?

It's become all soft

Mudbaths every day


You've been here before

Tell me

Were you just going
to push me down there?

Get rid of me, just like Jimmy

That gun is just an imitiation

I'm afraid

Of me?

Of myself

And my revenge

I want more and more

I want to see you finished,
in the gutter

Like in Berlin

I was worse back then

I want to be rich


I want to be happy

I want to see you all the
way down in the gutter

And that makes me afraid

Power is so sad

When does it open?

In five minutes

Here's the key and the passport

This is your passport

Where do these come from?


Do you see those men?

They're waiting for something

They're waiting for someone called Jimmy

Who'll enter the bank

Present his passport

Be taken to the deposit box

He opens number 120

He takes out a package

The man called Jimmy

Leaves the bank

The men surround him

They drag him into their car

And drive out of town

A lonely road

The door flies open

And the man called Jimmy

Lands in the ditch

Without the package

And next?

The correct Jimmy would have come

He would have killed you

He slips you the fake passport

Why should he con me?

Why did you con me?

It's over

We'll separate

Everything alright?



Do you have any money left?

200 Mark, do you need any?

I saw the car

The dealer told me you work here

My second day here


I'm Tom again

That's good

Would you like a coffee, Tom?


It's on me

I've the money

In that?


In here

He had a second key around his neck

I was meant to be the bait

But you haven't been to Cuba yet?

I bought two tickets

I don't want to live near
a lonely hippie beach

You don't have to

I want to live in a proper town


We'll go to Havanna



I live over there, I'll get my things

This time you'll wait, right?

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