Cuba Crossing (1980) - full transcript

Adventurer gets caught up in a plot to kill Fidel Castro.

- [Narrator] From 1961, the
year of the Bay of Pigs,

to today, the government of United States

has been embroiled in a series of events

which have continually led our
nation to crisis after crisis

and to the brink of war.

Assignment Kill Castro, a true story,

is one of the most confusing

and frustrating historical events

that might have led to
a world power showdown.

It happened yesterday,
it is happening today,

it can happen again.

Names of persons and
places have been changed

to protect the individuals
who were called upon

to aid their country,

and in so doing, place
their lives in jeopardy.

I will give my all for
the love of my country,

right or wrong!

G.W. Bell, Chief of Caribbean Operations,

Central Intelligence
Agency, November 1, 1978.

This motion picture is
dedicated to all people

who desire to live in a
free democratic society.

(suspenseful music)

(helicopter whirring)

(tanks rumbling)

- When this administration took office,

Castro of course had control of Cuba.

And the United States has made efforts

along with other countries

of the Organization of American States,

to provide for a return to a
democratic government in Cuba.

Those efforts, of course,
have not been successful.

(guns firing)

I want to say that there will not be,

under any conditions, be
an intervention in Cuba

by United States Armed Forces.

This government will do
everything it possibly can,

and I think it can take
its responsibilities

to make sure that there
are no Americans involved

in any action inside Cuba.

- And fucking Kennedy! (echoing)

(jet engine rumbling)

(people chattering faintly)

- Mr. Hudson?

Morning, Mr. Hudson.

Are you carrying a weapon
or a listening device

of any kind, sir?

- No.

- Well, welcome to Key West, Mr. Hudson.

My name is Buddy, I work for Mr. Bell.

We all work for Mr. Bell, don't we?

Beautiful day, isn't it, Mr. Hudson?

- No, thank you.

- You know, that's Cuba out there.

We're closer to Havana
right now than we are Miami.

- Yeah, I know.

Where the hell are the planes?

(man shouting faintly)

(speaking in foreign language)

(ominous music)

♪ My name is Pancho ♪

♪ I live on the rancho ♪

♪ I make five pesos a day ♪

♪ Fellow game is Lucy ♪

♪ She shins me there ♪

♪ And takes my five pesos away ♪

(driver laughing)

There's Tony's Bar over
there, a local hangout.

Best barmaids in town, so they tell me.

If that sort of thing turns you on, sir.

- I've been here before young man,

so cut the crap and drive.

- I'm just trying to be friendly, sir.

- I don't have time for friends.

(upbeat music)
(people humming)

♪ Holly ho Havana, over the sea ♪

♪ Pretty Mariana waiting for me ♪

♪ Holly ho Havana, give me a sign ♪

♪ Ever in Havana, be there in time ♪

♪ Holly ho Havana, over the sea ♪

♪ Pretty Mariana waiting for me ♪

♪ Holly ho Havana, give me a sign ♪

(men chattering faintly)

(speaker drowned out by chatter)

(crowd laughing)

♪ Watching parties in your bottle ♪

- This is a loggerhead turtle.

They have them all over the King Res.

Watch out, he likes meat.

See, he likes fingers,
toes, foots, and hands.

See how he following you?

Whoa, slow down.

It's not the one you make
steak and soup out of, now.

That's the one that makes
steak and soup out of you.

(crowd laughing)
See how he take that off?

Now, that's the same way he'd take off

your hands, foots, legs, and arms.

That's the way he make you
into people soup, okay?

You go down the line now,

I'll show you one you can play with.

But remember my friends down there,

when you're swimming or
boating there abouts,

don't put your hands in the water.

You may not get it back.

Them jaws close on you,
faster than you think.

- No kidding?
- I think so.

- [Guide] Let's move away
from them bad turtles,

before they make you into their breakfast.

- [Guide] Be held to the fire--

- That's some fuckin' turtle, huh?

- [Guide] Remember, one
of them is carrying cash.

- Gentlemen.
(ominous music)

Sir, are you carrying a weapon

or a listening device of any kind?

- Yeah, I got a machine gun up my ass.

I just can't get it out,
for Christ sakes! (laughs)

Jesus Christ, what are we doin',

climbing the Statue of Liberty?

Wait a minute, will ya?

Let me catch my damn breath.

You guys are crazy, you know that?

Jeez, couldn't we meet
in a car or someplace?

- [Bell] Hud, welcome back.

- [Hud] Thank you, good to be back.

- How do you feel?

- Fine, fine.
- That's good.

- He feels fine.

I feel like I'm gonna have
a fuckin' heart attack!

- Well, I hope not,

because if you do, we'll
have to leave you here.

Won't we, Buddy?
- Yes, sir.

- Mr. Rossellini, Mr. Hudson.

Mr. Hudson, Mr. Rossellini.

Shake his hand, Hud.

- [Rossellini] Pleased to meet you.

- Gentlemen, you've been
on the opposite side

of the fence far too long.

Now you're both after the same thing,

and I can get it for you,

but if either of you try to cross me,

well, I'll have to throw you over the side

and feed you to the turtles! (laughs)

Hud, we're gonna send you back to Cuba.

The political situation
there is untenable,

and some people in very high
places would like to see

a change in the leadership.

- Castro?

- Castro.

- We're gonna kill that
Cuban son of a bitch!



- I don't see any immediate prospect of,

for a long period of time,

of re-establishing
relationships with Cuba.

(dramatic music)

- [Woman] Thank you, senor.

(winds whirring)

(people speaking in foreign language)

- Hey, Hud!

Mr. Hud!

My friend, Mr. Hud.

Have some coconut, you like coconut?

- Where are my marksmen?

- They're over there.

(speaking in foreign language)

I got you Tom McGee and
his son, very good people.

- I don't want to see him
wave, I want to see him shoot.

- Whatever you want, Mr.
Hud, you're gonna get.

Now, pick me up one of
those coconuts down there.

Yeah, that one there, that's a good one.

Now bring it up here.

What are you waiting for,
an invitation? (laughs)

Come on, move will ya,
you move like an old man.

I'm gonna teach you something
about (laughs) coconuts.

Come on, put it down there
near me and sit down.

Not too close now.

It's a windy day.

(winds whirring)

(guns firing)
(explosions booming)

That was perfect, boys! (laughs)

As I said, they're very good people.


Now, what other problems
do you have, Mr. Hudson?

- How about the boat?

- Boat?

I got boats up the gazoo.

You ask your friends
how much grass and coke

I run outta here.

- I told you one boat,
just one, totally clean.

No drug runners, no smugglers,

and no connections to any of us.

- Nobody's totally clean.

- Then get somebody slightly soiled.

Get me a fisherman, get
something on them, I don't care.

I want a boat

and a captain who knows
every inch of these waters,

every rock, every clam.

I want someone I can trust.

- Trust? (laughs)
(lively music)


You gotta be kidding me with that, trust.

You trust nobody, my friend.

You government guys
oughta know that by now.

- You know you can always trust somebody,

if you threaten to take
away something he loves.

You just tell him very clearly

that he's about to lose
something important to him,

and he'll come through.

It works every time.

- I know a guy,

but he's a real mean son of a bitch.

- Hmm, he better be.

(people chattering faintly)

- [Tony] Jefferson,
get me a cup of coffee.

- [Lewis] Jefferson, you heard
the Capitan, and the chico.

Good morning, Capitan.

- Hey, Lewis.

Hey, you don't see my shoes, do you?

- [Lewis] You lose your
shoes again, Capitan?

- Oh, there it is, there
they are. (mumbles)

- Aye, Captain.

- Hey, Double Dave.

(phone ringing)

Tony here.

- [Man] You know Mr. Rossellini?

- Who?
- Rossellini.

- Rossellini.

- [Man] Right, right.

- Yeah.
- You have some time for him?

- Yeah, sure.

- [Man] He wants to meet you.

- Where?
- At the park,

near the airport.

- I'll be there.

- [Man] Hey, Captain Tony, how you doing?

(engine starting)

(engine revving)
(tires squealing)

- Hi, Tony.
- Hey, good morning.

- Wow, ooh!
- How you doing?

- That's pretty nice, huh Tony?

- Yeah, that's pretty nice, yeah.

- How soon you forget old friends.

- Rossellini, why you son of a bitch, you.

- Well now you got a boat, you got a bar.

It's kind of a dump, but it's a bar.

- It's a lot better than making book.

- So I guess you and I
are partners, huh Tony?

We'll call that 50 grand
you hit me for (chuckles)

as my end of the investment.

- I don't get along
too well with partners.

- It smells bad in here, Tony.

I don't like being no partner,

in no place that smells bad like this.

- It's fumigation day
today, we were killing bugs.

- I know, I kill bugs too.

Tony, listen. (chuckles)


I got a little problem
you're gonna solve for me.

- [Tony] What is it you need?

- I need you.

Look, I want you to get
together with this guy Hud.

We're doing some government work.

(ominous music)

You see, the government,

they wanna get to Castro,

and we wanna get to Castro.

Now, you know how bad
that punk commie hurt us,

when he closed our casinos,

but he stole from us, Tony.

I mean millions.

I heard you got a new girl.

Uh, where is she?

(bright orchestral music)

You wouldn't want anything
to happen to her, Tony.

Would you?

- Okay, I won't carry you anymore.

You're too big to carry, my big boy.

(people chattering faintly)

- [Mate] Move it to port, Captain.

(men speaking in foreign language)

(people chattering faintly)

- Pete.

You got it, Pete.

- [Mate] You better check
that stern, captain.

- [Tony] I checked it this morning.

- [Mate] Then double-check it.

- [Man] Captain Tony!

- Tony, Rossellini sent me.

The name's Hud.

- Oh.

What do you want?

- I need you to do me a little favor.

Take two gentlemen to an island.

- Yeah?

- Just drop them off and
pick up a little box.


Don't forget the box.

(people chattering faintly)

(man shouting in foreign language)

- Shh.

- Bring him in.

They tell me you two know the area.

- Isle de Pinos, the Cape of Pines.

I went there often as a child.

- And you know the hotel, huh?

- I remember it.

- Our father was arrested in that hotel.

He died in prison.

- And you haven't forgotten it.

And now Castro goes there every year,

for rest and recreation.

I want you to scout the
entire area around the hotel

and report back to me.

I wanna know everything.

If somebody lights a cigarette,

I wanna know which way
the smoke is blowing.

You'll be dropped off tonight

and picked up in exactly the
same place 48 hours later.

- Suppose we're caught, what do we say?

- You don't have to say anything.

When you get to the beach,

you'll find a small box containing heroin.

Put that into your pack.

Then if you're caught, you'll be searched.

Revolutionary Armed
Forces don't like the idea

of anyone bringing heroin into Cuba,

so they'll shoot you immediately.

Good luck.

One more thing, when you come back,

give the box to the people on the boat.

We've arranged the rest.

If anything goes wrong,
if there's any problem,

kill the captain and his mate
and come back to Key West.

(speaking in foreign language)

(upbeat music)
- Tony's Bar Amateur Night.

(crowd cheering)
(muffled singing)

♪ Would I prefer a man who lives ♪

♪ And gives expensive jewels ♪

♪ A kiss on the hand may
be quite continental ♪

♪ But diamonds are a girl's best friend ♪

♪ A kiss may be grand ♪

♪ But it won't pay the
rental on your humble flat ♪

♪ Or help you at the automat ♪

♪ Men grow cold ♪
(people screaming)

♪ As girls grow old ♪
(Tony mumbling)

♪ And we all lose our charms in the end ♪

(people yelling faintly)

- Everybody outta here!

♪ Diamonds are a girl's best friend ♪

(people chattering faintly)
(fists thudding)

(sirens wailing)

- All right, Captain,
let's get back to work.

(boat engine rumbling)

- There it is.

(dramatic music)

- Listen, you men, not one sound.

Titi, get the raft.

Come on, let's go.

You drop those guys off,

pick up that box and get back here.

I don't like sitting around
out here with this full moon.

- Yeah, I'm with ya.

- Good luck.

(suspenseful music)

(animals chittering)

(water splashing)

(horse whinnies)

(men chattering faintly)

- [Titi] Hey, we're here, get the box.

- [Tony] Gunboat.

(engine rumbling)

- [Titi] Good luck!

(man speaking in foreign language)

(engine rumbling)

(water splashing)

(men speaking in foreign language)

(tense music)

- [Tony] Titi, is that you?

- Tony!
- Ti!

God dammit, it's about time.

- That gunboat, that gunboat
ran me the hell over.

- [Tony] Grab my hand.

- [Titi] I got it.

(water splashing)
(Titi grunting)

- Well, that took you long enough.

(men laughing)

Well now, let's see what we got in here.

- What's the problem?

- Newspaper.

- Paper?

- [Tony] Look, we'll
go fishing for a while.

I gotta figure this out.

(monkey chittering)

Well, you won't find your box here, Hud.

- Two men, they come.

I was upstairs and look through the room.

- What two men?

What two men?

- Leave me alone.

- She all right, she's just upset.

- You look after her.

(dramatic music)

(tires squealing)

(doors crashing)

(people chattering faintly)

- You're gonna fix the door

after you clean up my room, okay Hud?

- That was very dramatic,
we're all impressed, aren't we?

Where's the box?

- What box?

- [Hud] You opened it, didn't you?

I need to know what was in it.

- Why?

- Because I need to know.

I need to know that those
two Cubans got on the island.


- Don't you trust me?

- Why don't you give
us a few minutes alone?

- Well, that's a lot of
money for wet newspapers.

- Thank you.

Now get out of here, I'm busy.

(Tony chuckles)

- [Tony] And you can get
yourself another boat captain.

(animals chittering)

- [Hud] I don't trust this Rossellini.

- He's got a lot to gain, if
this mission is successful.

So why don't you just relax
and let me worry about him?

- I don't like his choice of boat captain.

He's a pain in the ass and he's
giving us a lot of trouble.

He wants to quit.

- So I've heard.

- You've heard?

- I try to keep informed, Hud.

- The Cubans want him out and so do I.

- No.

He knows all the locations
and he knows the principles.

Now, after the mission's
over, you can eliminate him.

I'll tell you what.

I'll bring Tracy in to
handle your volatile captain.

- Tracy, jesus.

- Oh, Hud, I'm just trying to help out.

And besides, I've already
made the arrangements.

Look, why don't you go
back to your Cuban friends

and tell them they'll be
eating black bean soup

in Havana, in a short time.

Go on, go home and get some rest.

(lighter flicks)
(ominous music)

- Very nervous fellow.

- Poor Hud.

He's going to be very upset, my friend.

- When I get upset, I
take an Alka-Seltzer.

- He really believes we're
going to assassinate Castro.


- Don't worry about him,
that man is a nobody.

Now what about this Tracy?

Suppose I take Tony's
girlfriend out of the picture?

- That's a good idea.

Also, keep an eye on the captain.

- He's no problem.

- Tell me, Rossellini,

who's gonna keep an eye on you?

- Hey, this is your scam, Mr. Bell.

I'm doing you a favor,

and maybe someday I'll collect. (chuckles)

- Whatever your angle is,

just make sure it doesn't get in my way.

Are those really Havana cigars?

- [Rossellini] Be my guest. (chuckles)

(upbeat dance music)
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Your love is like a hot spell ♪

(bell rings)
♪ Hot spell ♪

(people chattering faintly)

- Come on, Sleeping
Beauty, time to go home.

- My god, that's what I call
a real slut, a real slut.

- You all right, ma'am?

- Oh yeah, I guess so,

if I can just find my car.


- [Jefferson] Why don't you come with me,

and I'll find you a place to sleep it off,

so you won't get in no kinda accident.

- Jefferson.

Jefferson, what the hell are you doing?

- Nothing.

- Nothing? (chuckles)

You're the one that's been taking

that poor lady up the stairs every night,

just so you could look up her dress.

- No, ma'am, I don't
just look up her dress.


- [Man] What time do you get off work?

- Those men may come again,
and you're playing games.

- What are you worried about?

- I have to worry about it, Tony.

I have another mouth to feed.

- Well that, you don't
have to worry about.

I'll take care of you and the baby.

I'll always take care
of you, you know that.

I take care of my own.

Something need?

- Security, Tony.

- Security, you gotta be kidding me.

There is no security in life.

The only time you're
secure is when you're dead.

Now come on, honey, move it.

Well, come on.



(ominous music)

(birds chirping)

(gun firing)

(lively music)

(phone ringing)

- [Tracy] Hello?

- [Bell] Hello, Tracy.

I'm sorry I had to wake you.

- [Tracy] Well, hello, it's all right.

- [Bell] Is someone there?

- [Tracy] Just a guy, he's
dead to the world right now.

- [Bell] I see.

I have an assignment for you, Tracy.

Tracy, you are still there?

- [Tracy] Yeah.

I just didn't think I'd
be hearing from you again.

I mean, after the last time,
you were kind of rough on me,

when you pulled me out, remember?

- [Bell] Well, I'm sorry, my dear.

We all make mistakes, don't we?

Now I'm giving you another chance.

You remember Hud, he's in Key West now.

- [Tracy] Key West, Florida?

- [Bell] That's right.

And I want you to go down there right away

and give Hud some help.

- [Tracy] Hud is kinda
crazy, you know? (chuckles)

- [Bell] Tracy, not crazy,
let's say enthusiastic.

Look, I want you to go to Key West

and get close to a man
they call Captain Tony.

You'll like him, Tracy, he's
one of those salty characters,

tough as nails, heart of gold.

You'll have no problem, I'm sure.

(engine starting)

- [Tracy] Just how close do you want me

to get to him, Mr. Bell?

- As close as possible.
(Tracy chuckles)

- [Tracy] Doesn't he
have a girl or anything?

- [Bell] We'll take care of that.

You just make sure he takes
Hud's advice on certain matters.

- [Tracy] How do I find this Captain Tony?

- [Bell] Key West is a very small town.

I'm sure you'll run into him somewhere.

(tires screeching)
(metal crunching)

- Hey, what the hell's
the matter with you, lady?

Didn't you see that stop sign, huh?

(people chattering faintly)

- [Bystander] Give her hell, Captain Tony.

- Hey, you know you're
gonna kill somebody.

You're gonna kill somebody
driving like this.

(tires squealing)
- Give her hell, Captain Tony.

- Hey, lady?

- Captain Tony.
(tires screeching)

(horn blaring)
(boxes crashing)

(crowd yelling faintly)
(crowd cheering)

- [Man] Look at that crazy broad.

- After her, Captain!
- There you go!

(crowd cheering)
- Don't touch me!

- What's your problem, lady?

- [Tracy] He ran me off the road,

and I want you to arrest him.

- [Tony] Lady, you gotta be crazy.

- [Officer] You just said the magic word.

- You just ran your--
- Get your hands off me!

- This is not a designated swimming area.

You have the right to remain silent--

- [Tony] Ah, shut up, Delgato.

Hey you!

- [Delgato] Come on,
just get into the truck.

(Bell laughing)

- A very fortuitous accident.

She certainly didn't waste any time.

Now, if I know Tracy, she'll
spin him around again.


Buddy, why don't we get the
poor captain out of jail, hmm?

- Yes, sir.

- I think sometimes we really
take our work too seriously.

I mean, just because we
have to do terrible things

to people from time to time,

there's no reason why we
can't have fun now, is there?


- Okay, Fred, see ya.

Thanks Titi, for bailing me out.

- With what you pay me,
I didn't make no bail.

- Oh yeah, did Maria send it over?

- Nope.

- Huh.

I know a lot of people
who want me in jail.

I wonder who wants me out.

(engine starting)

(upbeat dance music)

(singing in a foreign language)

- Easy.

- If Delgato comes in,
you let tell me know,

'cause I'm gonna piss in his beer.

- Why bother, he couldn't
tell the difference.

(Tony chokes)

What are you gonna do about her?

- About who?

Oh man!

Do you have any idea where I've been

for the past four hours?

I've been with that sick Delgato,

in this toilet that he calls a jail,

so I'm in no mood to put up
with any of your bullshit.

You know, I should have
left you in the ocean.

- You didn't, I was trying to kill myself.

I don't feel very good.

Can you get me a room to stay, please?

- All right, you go
over to the Duval Hotel,

and you tell Gilda that Tony sent you.

And while you're there, think
about telling me who you are.

I don't believe one word
you're saying to me,

not a damn word.

(people chattering faintly)
(singing in foreign language)

Come on, Louie.

Yeah, okay, okay, old pal there.

- He's onto me.
(dramatic music)

- I'll get you some help,
just keep playing him along.

- [Tracy] He's a captain,
he's no dope you know.

(people chattering faintly)

- Bang.

- Hey, you must be Tracy.

- Hi.

Who are you?

- Michael, Hud's told me about you.

Don't say anything, there's Tony.

Just play along.

- [Woman] Hello, Tony,
your friends are here.

- Did he bring her in?

- No, he met her here.

- You like that beer?

- Yeah, thank you very much, I do.

- [Tony] Goodbye, Michael.

- Come on, baby, we're
going to a cockfight.

- No, she's not going to any cockfight.

- Yes, I would love to go to a cockfight.

Thank you.

- I don't think you wanna go--

- I don't think you
think at all, excuse me.

(people chattering faintly)
(glasses clanking)

- How you doin', Mack?

- Oh, okie doke.

- [Tracy] We're going to a cockfight?

- Sure, you'll like it, baby.

See, I want to give our
captain a chance to play hero.

Hey, take it easy, Captain.

- [Tracy] Hey look, I gotta
change these clothes first.

- [Michael] Sure, whatever you say, baby.

Hey, hey, you were an actress once.

Well now you have a chance to act, okay?

(chuckles) You just act pure and innocent,

or is that too hard?

- [Tracy] Just get your
hand off my knee, creep.

(Micheal chuckling)

(roosters clucking)
(lively music)

(people chattering faintly)

Is he dead?

- No, he's just beat up a little bit.

(people yelling)
(people chattering faintly)

- Can we go now?

- Sit down, relax.

We got a show coming.

(dramatic music)

- Place your bets, friends, make it fast.

(boards thudding)

Ladies and gentlemen,
the betting is now over.

(hands clap)

(men grunting)
(funk music)

This is dancing, not fighting.

Take a break.

- [Michael] All right.

Watch chicky here, will you pal?

I got a little call to make.

- Michael, you dumb son of a bitch.

I told you not to take her there.

- Looks like you're the prize,
sweetheart, he likes you.

All right, let's see some action.

(men grunting)

Don't kill the guy, are you crazy?

- Hey man, you wanted
action, you get action.


(men grunting)

- [Michael] Take it easy,
this is just a battle.

(men groaning)
(suspenseful music)

(men grunting)
(crowd gasping)

- [Fighter] All right.

- He's dead.
(crowd gasps)

Get the hell out of here.

- Every game has its prize.

You two have a nice time.

(Michael grunting)

- [Tony] Kid, let her go.

- She's mine, Tony, I won her.

- No, she's not yours.

(Trach whimpering)

♪ Dusty, the world is
waiting just for you ♪

♪ With colored singers and
all the things I knew ♪

♪ Dusty ♪

- Goodnight, Tony.

You want the cash?

- [Tony] I'll take care
of it tonight, honey.

- Okay.
- You going home?


- Goodnight, Captain.

- Goodnight, Titi.

You lock up on the way out.

- I know that I never should
have gone there, I know that.

My whole life I did
everything that I should do,

and I never did anything that I want.

- [Tony] Beer's getting warm.

- I've always been the perfect girl.

I never got in any trouble.

Well, there were a lot of
things that I wanted to do,

but I never had the
nerve to go and do 'em.

(sirens wailing)

- [Tony] You're lying to me, baby.

(doors slamming)


- Open up, it's the police.

- Go get yourself a warrant.

(glass shattering)

- My warrant is right here.

There was a killing
tonight, you were there.

- I was with her all night.

- Yeah, I know, she's coming along too.

- You have no warrant.

They both were here with me all night.

- The hell are you doing here, Hud?

- Wondering what you're
doing here without a warrant,

kicking in a man's door.

They both were here with me all night.

You have no warrant, I
suggest you leave now.

- Close the door.

(glass shattering)

- Goodnight.

- [Tony] Goodnight, Hud.

- You owe me one.

- I owe you nothing.

I didn't ask for your help.

- I won't ask for yours, either.

- Aren't you gonna tell
your friend goodnight?

It's all in an evening, huh honey?

(slow dramatic music)

(water burbling)

(dance music)
(people chattering faintly)

- Maria, you gotta listen to me.

There's something going on
that I don't understand.

It's got me worried.

I want you and the kid out of town.

(light engaging music)

You were the one that was
talking about security.

- Yes, I want security.

But I don't want to be put
away, like a broom in a closet,

whenever anything goes wrong.

I wanna be here beside
you, good times, bad times.

But if you'd rather be
with the other girl.

- The girl is part of it,
that's right, she's part of it.

- The girl is all of it, all of it.

- Maria!

Maria, what the hell's
the matter with you, huh?

It's you I love, I
don't love anybody else.

That girl, she's part of the whole setup.

I've gotta get next to her,

I've gotta find out what
the hell is going on.

(Maria sobs)

I don't wanna put you and
the kid in the middle of it.

- I love you, Tony. (speaking
in foreign language)

- Well if you do, then you're gonna do

what I'm telling you to do, okay?

- Okay.

- Okay.

(chuckles) That's what
I get for fooling around

with a Spanish girl, huh?

- I'm not Spanish, I'm Cuban.

- What's the difference?

You're all nuts.

(chuckling) All right,

now you go home and pick up the kid

and then drive up to Miami
and stay with Mamasita,

and I'll call you later.

- Okay.

Be careful, Tony.

- You be careful too, baby.

(ominous music)
(gun clicking)

(gun firing)

(door slams)
(engine starting)

(horns blaring)
(tires screeching)

(boy screaming)

- Okay, get her.

(tires screeching)
- Hey, hey, man,

she's getting away.

- You ain't goin' in there.

(tires squealing)

(men chattering faintly)
(Maria screaming)

- Get her.

Get her in the car.

(Maria screaming)

Get her in the car.

Come on, senorita, the
party's just getting started.

You definitely don't wanna--

(Maria screaming)

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Hud] I need a word with you.

- Are you finished with this?

- Oh, go ahead, help yourself.

- Don't you ever feed her?

(Tony chuckles)

I wanna charter your boat tonight.

- It's not available.

- Yes, it is available tonight.

Two of our friends are
stranded on the island,

they have to be picked up.

- We'll do it.

- You shut up and eat.

- [Hud] They have to be
picked up in the same place

they were dropped off at.

- Don't ask.

- I won't ask.

- Consider it done.

- All right, report in
to me when you get back.

- Thank you.

Who is he?

- What difference does it make?

I don't want you ever
talking for me again.

- Oh listen, I'm not talking for you,

but the guy did us a favor once, remember?

I figured we owed him one.

Besides, a midnight boat
ride would be very nice.

- Number one, you're not going along.

Number two, you never talk for me again.

And number three, I don't like fat ladies.

(people chattering faintly)

(geese honking)

Okay, I'll make the trip.

(dramatic music)

Titi, make sure those guns are clean

and all that ammo is checked.

- [Titi] Already checked it, Captain.

- [Tony] Well double check it.

- You're expecting trouble?

- Usually.

- I'm getting worried, Tony.

I wanna know why you got
all this dynamite on board

and I wanna know fast.

- I ran into a gunboat last trip.

I'm gonna be ready for them this time.

- I don't wanna hurt you, captain.

I do want you to know who's boss.

- [Man] Did you hear him good, captain?

- Keep these monkeys
away from me and my boat.

Otherwise I'll shove a stick
of dynamite up their ass.

(men yelling)
(men grunting)

(men choking)
- Fight's over, boys.

- Turn 'em loose.

(boot thuds)
(man exclaims)

See you later, boys.

(gun clicks)

(boat whistle blaring)

The next time you move in
to relieve the tension,

I want you to move quicker.

I could've gotten hurt.

- All in a day's work, Captain.

- (chuckles) Yeah, thanks.

Sit down a minute, Titi.

I've got a proposition for you.

You know that five grand we're gonna get?

(slow dramatic music)

Well, I want you to have it.

- I ain't complaining,
it's your money, not mine.

- How many kids you got?

- (chuckles) Seven.

- How many rooms you got in
that little shack you live in?

- Three.

- And five grand would
be just about enough

to get down on a boat,

and with that sweet Uncle
Tom attitude of yours,

why, you would have all
the tourists around here

begging to get on it, and in no time flat

you'd be able to buy
your wife a new house.


Is that a deal?

- Deal, Captain.

- Don't get sentimental on me.

Let's go to the bar,
I've gotta call Maria.

- Captain?
- Yeah?

- You mind a personal question?

- Yeah, as long as you
ain't gonna propose.

- (chuckles) How do you take
care of a woman like Maria

and this Tracy at the same time?

- Well, I don't know, buddy,

but I'm sure as hell gonna die trying!


I don't think I'm gonna
call Maria after all.

(bell ringing)

(ominous music)

- The kid's asleep, he snores
like you, sort of cute.

- You can take that gag outta
that beautiful mouth of hers.

She can scream all she wants now.

Nobody's gonna hear her.

All she's gonna do is wake up
that cute little kid of hers.

And you wouldn't want to
do that would you, honey?

(speaking in foreign language)

- Don't touch me, don't ever touch me.

- Ladies!


I hate violence.

- He's unreliable, he's dangerous.

He's a threat to the entire mission.

He's got that boat armed like a destroyer.

- Well, maybe he knows
something you don't.

- Such as what?
- Ah, watch your tone.

I'm supposed to be your
superior, remember? (chuckles)

- Such as what does he
know that I don't know?

- Can you keep a secret?

Well now, that's a ridiculous question.

Of course you can.

I can't tell you all,
but I can tell you this.

You don't have to worry about

your colorful Captain Tony any longer.

He's going to die tonight.

(ominous music)

(artillery booming)
(helicopters whirring)

(birds chirping)

(animals chittering)

- Titi, come here a minute.

(dramatic music)

Hey, Titi.

- Yeah?
- That's the gunboat,

sitting there.

- They think we're fishing, I
don't think they'll bother us.

- Well, if they do, we're
gonna be ready for them.

Come on.

Now, where are you going?

It's my turn.

- Good idea, I'll stay
here with the weapons.


No, I better go, you've
got too much to do here.

- [Tony] If they're not ready,
just get your ass back here.

- Okay, I'll bring you
some cigars from Havana.

- [Tony] All right.

(man speaking in foreign language)

(dramatic music)

(boat engine rumbling)

(animals chittering)

(man speaking in foreign language)

- [Man] Come on, we're being betrayed.

Do you see that boat?

There's a traitor!

- [Titi] Get in the boat
now, tell me the story later.

(man speaking in foreign language)

- Get down!
(artillery booming)

(artillery booming)

(explosion booming)

(man speaking in foreign language)

(explosion booming)

(explosion booming)

(men yelling)

- [Tiki] That was a bomb!

- What about you?
- Get outta here!

I hurt my leg!
(man yelling faintly)

- What about you?
- Get the hell outta here,

before we get more company!

(Titi coughing)
(dramatic music)

(water splashing)

- My first mate, what happened?

(speaking in foreign language)

English, English!

- The boat broke up on the rocks.

Titi injured his leg, I think he broke it.

(water splashing)

(suspenseful music)

- Titi!


Hurry up, Titi, there's sharks here!

- I think I broke my leg!

- The pants are coming off of me!

Wait up on the rocks!

- (screams) Oh, my god!


Let me go, Tony!

(Tony yelling)


(somber music)
(water burbling)


- [Man] They must all be dead by now, sir.

- So much for that one.

(engine rumbling)

(boat whistles blaring)

- Good work, Tony.

That was important.

(fist thuds)
(Hud grunts)


- Get him outta here.

- I'm sorry about your first mate.

- You can get the hell out of here.

- I need you for another
trip, then it'll be over.

(Hud gasps)

- Now, you see those turtles down there?

They're meat eaters, they eat people.

Well, I'm gonna feed you to 'em,

because I want you to feel what Titi felt

when that shark ripped him in half.

- You're both crazy, you're animals!

(Hud gasps)

- We have no choice.

You're one person.

I'm talking about the lives of millions.


- It was never going to
be an assassination, Hud.

- What?

- I staged the whole thing.

- What the hell are you talking about?

- Do you really believe that we still

overthrow government
and plot assassinations,

and do those awful things
that people accuse us of?

- Yes.

- (chuckles) Well, we were
naughty, naughty boys then.

But now, now we move in more devious ways.

Hud, if a crazy nationalistic group

wants to go into Cuba and stir
up a whole lot of trouble,

it is now in our best
interest to be friendly

and tell Castro all about it.

You do get my drift, don't you?

- We can still take
Castro, I'm ready to do it.

- We never intended to do it,
can't you understand that?

Now I'm beginning to lose
my patience with you, Hud.

I really thought you were a bright man.

I started the fire, so I could put it out.

- I was under the impression

we were talking about an assassination.

- You were plotting an assassination.

We wanted to be friendly.

That's why we had to tell them about you

before it was too late,
that's why the gunboat.

I agree everything didn't go
according to the way I planned.

The resourcefulness of a certain captain,

well, I wasn't quite prepared for.

But now, (sighs)

now, I think we can close down

the whole operation
with good justification.

- Don't do this to me.
(ominous music)

- Hud.

You're beginning to take
things so personally.

- Well, I'm working at that.

I'm working on squeezing

every human feeling I have out of me.

- Oh, come on, man, come on. (chuckles)

The Cubans have returned to Miami.

Captain and Tracy will
soon meet their maker.

They're going to be killed in a robbery.

It's a shame about the captain.

As for Tracy, it was
her last mission anyway.

- And Rossellini?

- Was only window dressing,

although I thought it was a nice touch.

He knew a lot more than you did,

but even he didn't know it all.

- You used me, Bell.

It happened before and it's
not going to happen again.

- No, I employed you,
it's not the same thing.

It was my job.

Well, you'll have to excuse me, Hud.

I must move along to the next one.

- All set, sir.

- Goodbye, Hud.

I won't be in touch with you for a while,

but you should be proud,
you did a very fine job.

Thank you. (laughs)

(monkey chittering)

(monkey screeching)

- [Tony] Freeze, you.

(gun firing)
(monkey screeching)

(ominous music)

(winds whirring)

- [Rossellini] You've
been fucked over, Hud!

- [Hud] Mission is still on.

- [Rossellini] It looks to me
like you're out of business.

- [Hud] Mission is on.

Take care of your end, I'll
take care of mine, agreed?

- Why the hell not?

I got reasons of my own
to make another trip.

I'm running out of cigars.

- I'm going to Miami.

Any of whatever troops I need

and whatever weapons I can promote.

We're still gonna need a marksman.

I still need a boat.

- Somebody tried to
kill Tony this morning.

You know he didn't like that.

I can't say that I blame 'em.

So I may, yeah, I may have
to be very persuasive.

- You do whatever you have to do.

I'm going to the island,

and this time I'm not coming back a loser.

- Okay, partner, whatever you say.

(boat whistle toots)
(seagulls screeching)

- Where?
- Up, straight up the stairs.

Straight up!

- Rossellini, what the
hell's the matter with you?

I made two trips for you, now we're even.

- Put his ass down and shut him up.

- Sit down, tough guy.

Get over there!

- Take it easy!

- Hey, you wanna be
dead, I'll make you dead.

Maybe you want your knees broke,

so you can hop around the
rest your life on crutches.

That's all right by me.

Now for old time's sake,
I'm gonna give you a chance.

You sit still and you shut up.

You know what you are, Tony?

You're a nothing.

You're a big shot on this island.

I can spit across this nothing island.

I got your kid, Tony,
the kid's mother too.

What are you gonna do, tough guy?

Kill me?

These low-lifes swat you out like a fly.

You screwed us into your
head, you're an insect.

You know your kid don't
mean nothing to me.

I cut his throat.

Go over and have breakfast

and never give it another thought.

(boat engine rumbling)

You see that boat over there?

Make sure he sees that boat over there.

That boat, you're gonna make
me $10 million tomorrow.

I got something Cuba wants real bad.

Now, you wanna see your
girl, wanna see your kid,

you do what that asshole Hud wants.

'Cause while you're making all that noise

with that 4th of July gun bullshit,

I'm gonna make myself $10 million.


Tony, you do it for me,
baby, and maybe I cut you in.

Let's get outta here,
he ain't going nowhere.

(slow dramatic music)

(engine rumbling)

(dramatic music)

- Have you seen Tracy?

(Tracy screaming)

- You work for me Tracy,
not for Tony, not for Bell.

I'm gonna have to take you
out of commission for a while,

just so you don't forget again.

(tires squealing)

Got a communist country
90 miles off our coast.

Do you know what a threat
to freedom that is?

There's a man on that
island who's responsible,

and he's got to be eliminated.

I don't care if it takes
Tony and you and my mother

and the God Almighty,

I'm gonna cut that son of a bitch down.

And none of those diplomatic
bastards in Washington

are going to stop me.

'Cause it's going to happen,

it's going to happen right now.

- [Rossellini] Take it easy!

That box is worth $10 million. (chuckles)

(engine rumbling)

(people chattering faintly)

(animals chittering)

(phone ringing)

- [Bell] Hello, this is Bell.

I'm not in now, please leave
your message at the beep.

(machine beeps)
- Hello, hello?

Bell, Bell, do you hear me?

Doesn't anybody hear me?

He's going to kill me.

He's going to kill Tony,
they've got his kid.

Bell, answer me, I know you're there!

I know you're there.

- [Bell] Don't worry,
Tracy, I'll take care of it.

I'll take care of everything.

- [Tracy] Oh, Mr. Bell.

- Good night, Tracy.
(dial tone humming)

(animals chittering)

(explosion booming)

- Hud!

I was just thinking.

I oughta call up Castro

and tell him we're coming to invade Cuba,

with a boatload of misfits.

- Yeah, he'd laugh himself to death.

- I oughta do that, might save us a trip.

All right, Hud, I'm gonna
shut it down right here.

- [Hud] Wait, we're miles away.

- Well, you can try to
get to Cuba on your own.

Or you can sit and wait
here for the real Cubans

to come and get you.

Now it's your choice, Hud.

You tell me right now,
where's Maria, where's my son?

- I don't know where they
are, I swear I don't.

And I really don't care.

It's true, Rosselini has them, not me.

I'd tell you if I knew,

but I don't care about you or Rosselini.

I have a mission.

- I think I'll call up some people

and tell them about your mission.

- Well, don't you think they know?

Don't you think this is a setup,

just like the last crossing?

Bell has already told them
that we're coming by now,

just like it was before,
just like the Bay of Pigs.

This time I'm ready for that,

this time I'm going to beat them.

I had no concern about
what Rosselini does,

or you or Bell.

But I think Mr. Rosselini
very much wants us in Cuba,

and he has your Maria, not me.

Think about that.

(somber music)

(lever clicks)
(boat engine rumbling)

- Relax.

I got a feeling it's gonna
be all over real soon.

(man speaking in foreign language)

- We're here.

(men chattering faintly)

- Gotta have patience,
boy, your time will come.

(waves crashing)
(animals chittering)

- What about you, Hud, you
gonna sit this one out?

- I told you, I'm ready
for them this time.

(horse whinnies)

- Now?
- Now.

(engine rumbling)

Nice and slow.

- Straight ahead?
- Straight to the money.

- All right, bring us around
this cove, around this side.

- You just want me to leave
those guys we dropped off, huh?

Boy, you're some kind of a hero.

- I've been to this island before.

I know what's going to happen.

I don't like to die.

(men yelling)
(artillery booming)

- All right, captain,
get this boat outta here.

Get it outta here!

- Bring it around, bring it around!

(men speaking in foreign language)

(artillery booming)

- [Hud] All right, slow down.

Start heading into that cove.

- Hud, we're here!

It's the end of the line.

(water splashing)
(somber music)

(engine rumbling)

- Come on, let's get outta here,

move it!
- I'm movin'!

(man chattering faintly)

(birds chirping)

(men speaking in foreign language)

- The money.

(birds chirping)

- [Hud] Shoot.

- Nah, there's too many
people around here.

- I said shoot.

- We're pulling out.

Another time!

(ominous music)

(gun fires)

(indistinct humming)

(gun fires)
(explosion booming)

(slow dramatic music)

- He killed my dad!

(gun firing)

(speaking in foreign language)

- (speaking in foreign
language) For you, you old fart.

- Hey, Havana's gonna be high tonight.


(people chattering faintly)

(men yelling)
(gunshots booming)

(men chattering fainly)
(suspenseful music)

- [Man] Hey, what's that guy doing here?

- [Man] I don't know,
man, what's it to you?

- He stole the boat!
- What's wrong with this guy?

- Get 'em, come on!
- Okay. (grunts)

(engine revving)

(men chattering faintly)

- There's sharks out
there man, are you crazy?

- [Man] This guy is nuts,
man, what is wrong with him?

- Where's Maria?

- I don't know, man, I don't know!

- Where is she?

- Wait a minute, wait a minute,
I don't know, I don't know!

- [Man] We don't know, man!


- [Man] Hey, come on, stop the boat, man!

Hey, it's man overboard.

(man chattering faintly)

- Where is she?

What did you do with her?
- Rossellini's houseboat!

Rossellini's houseboat, Paradise Cove!


- [Cheryl] That's right.

Life's all over the Miami area.

Still, tourists are coming down

to this part of the world in droves,

according to a recent tourism report

from the South Florida Tourist Commission.

Barrels of sun tanning oil are up %42.

And the tannest of all is
our own Bob Montgomery,

reporting from Key West.

- Thanks, Cheryl.

This is Bob Montgomery,
reporting the News at One,

from the Florida Keys,
sponsored by Key West Motors.

Your key to a great car in the Keys.

We have an update, Cheryl,

on the so-called invasion of Cuba

in the Cape of Pines Resort area

early this morning.

The Cuban revolutionary
government has reported 22 dead

in the aborted landing.

(engine rumbling)

We've brought two experts
on Cuban American relations

into our News at One studio.

Dr. Hector Lopez-Diaz.

- [Boy] Mom, I did it!

- [Bob] Of the local Cuban community.

And Professor Sydney Einsburg.

(suspenseful music)

- [Maria] Get out of my way.

- Where are you going, pretty face?

- I'm getting out of here!

We ain't staying here!

- [Veronica] Oh, no you don't!

Where do you think you're going?

- Where are you going?

What's the matter, you don't
like the old man anymore?

Hey, mommy, that's no water pistol.

If anything happened to Veronica,

I'm gonna be very annoyed.

Come on, move it.

Move that pretty ass of yours.

Oh, what the hell did you do that for?

- Hey, Rossellini!

I got your money!

- [Maria] Tony!

- [Tony] Rossellini!

(guns fires)

- Don't move.

Don't you move!

Give me that money.

Or I'll blow your fucking head off.

- Here's your money!
(gun fires)

(dramatic music)
- My money!

- Go get it, Rossellini.

Get your money.

(water splashing)

- Tony!

(Rossellini screaming)

- [Rossellini] Tony!

(Rossellini screaming)

Tony, help!

(Rossellini yelling)
- Tony, help him.

- [Rossellini] My legs! (screams)

- It's too late.

- [Maria] What about the money?

- I don't care about the money.

I only care about you and your kid.

- Where did the money come from?

- Heroin.

Rossellini used Hud to get the drugs in,

into Cuba a lot of times.

There's $10 million worth
of heroin there right now.

Maybe Hud got even after all.

(lively music)

- [Michelle] This is Michelle
Williams with a news update.

U.S. government spokesmen
are denying all knowledge

of the so-called Cuban Cape of
Pines invasion this morning.

We switch you now to our network studios

in Washington for a report.

(reporters chattering faintly)

- [Reporter] Mr. Bell, Mr. Bell!

This is just like the
Bay of Pigs, isn't it?

- You're getting it all wrong.

We have no reason to invade Cuba.

Now, why would we wanna invade Cuba?

We wanna be friends with Castro.

(children yelling)

♪ Holly ho Havana, give me a sign ♪

♪ Ever in Havana, be there on time ♪

♪ Holly ho's eyes have got
the sand on the shore ♪

♪ Loads up the ship by the water ♪

- [Castro] But in reality
here, it's a new beginning.

We are here again.

This is the beginning of the end.

- [Man] We were already at
the beginning of the end,

but we're trying to do
it with peaceful means,

not by sending a bunch
of crackpot and misfits

from the Cuban Miami community,
gentlemen, back to Cuba in,

what is it they came in, rubber rafts?

Is that was the story that they were all,

- [Bob] Our personal feelings
in this matter, please.

- [Man] I don't think it's significant,

or the beginning of anything.

- [Bob] We have a signal
coming from Miami studios

and apparently Cheryl has some word

about the possible confirmation
of the American deaths.

- [Man] We'll see what happens.

- [Cheryl] Yes, it has now been confirmed

that there were three American deaths.

We have no further
information about that now,

except confirmation of the deaths

and the families are being notified.

And now, Bob, back to you.

- [Bob] Oh, thank you, Cheryl.

♪ Give me a sign ♪

♪ Ever in Havana, be there in time ♪

♪ Holly ho Havana, over the sea ♪

♪ Pretty Mariana, waiting for me ♪

♪ Holly ho Havana, give me a sign ♪

♪ Whenever in Havana, be there on time ♪

♪ Holly ho Havana, over the sea ♪

♪ Pretty Mariana, waiting for me ♪

♪ Holly ho Havana, give me a sign ♪

♪ Whenever in Havana, be there on time ♪

♪ Holly ho's eyes have got
the sand on the shore ♪

♪ Loads up ships by the water ♪

♪ Sailor man, he has a many a joy ♪

♪ Watch 'em all, he'll
steal your daughter ♪

- [Man] They are the devil
for what they are doing.

You can't, you're kidding.

I believe you have no idea
what you're talking about.

I am going out this place, I'm sorry.

- Well--
- Bob?

- Yes, yes?

(people chattering faintly)

- [Eisenberg] Yes, yes, there
is a great deal of emotion,

obviously involved.

- [Man] Thank you, Doctor.

Well, Professor Eisenberg of the Key West

Community College Department
of Latin-American Affairs,

thank you very much
for being with us, and,

and I do hope that you'll be available

to our new staff here

at News at one.
- Anytime.

- [Bob] To help us, as
this situation transpires.

I believe that's all we
have for now from Key West.

Would you take it away, Cheryl in Miami.

- [Cheryl] Thank you, Bob.

This is Cheryl Williams
reporting News at One

here in Miami.

You've just heard from our
correspondent Bob Montgomery,

reporting from the Florida Keys,

where we'll have news
for you from time to time

regarding this incident.

Until then, have a happy healthy day.