Cub (2014) - full transcript

Sam, 12, is in trouble: his entire "Pathfinder" scout troop picks on him - and worse. The leader, Peter, is the worst of all. He seems to find a sadistic pleasure in humiliating Sam. This year's trip is to a woods near the French border where a curious legend named Kai is said, around the campfire, to make mischief. But when Sam finds that Kai is no legend and that he makes more than mischief, no one believes him.

Help! Help!


What? No...


It's quarter past nine, let's go?
- He'll be here. Be patient.

I'm not waiting for him any longer.

Wait, wait! Wait! Wait!

10... 9... 8...

7... 6... 5...

4... 3... 2...

Dries, dude, don't forget to wipe your butt!


10... 20...

30... 40... 50...

That's fifty press-ups for you, Sam.

Akela, Frank had already left for work, and...
- Sam, do as Baloo says.

Fifty. With your backpack on.

- Yeah, loser!

1... 2... 3...

4... 5... 6...

7... 8... 9...

10... 11... 12...

Dries, down you go.

1... 2...
Faster. 3... 4...

That'll do, that'll do.
Dries, get up.

David, den yell!

Cubs, howl!


We've got a problem.

I'm not sure we'll be able to go to camp...

Mysterious events are taking place
around the area.

Local villagers are talking about 'Kai'.

A boy hiding in the woods
who turns into a werewolf at night.

Sounds like bullshit.
- Does it?

I didn't buy it either.
Until last week...

When a young couple disappeared in the woods.

Only their camera was found.

If you take a close look at these
photos, you'll see a vague shadow.

Half boy, half beast.

Really creepy.

We've got permission
from the local police to enter the site.

But only at our own risk.

Because whoever gets bitten,
turns into a werewolf too.

So what do you guys think?
Do we stay here, like a bunch of cowards?

Or do we go for it?
- You know what?

Kai can kiss my balls!
- Now we're talking. Come on, cubs.

Our adventure starts now!

You should really see this movie, dude.

So the woman gets a phone call and
the guy at the other end says:

'I know where you are,
I'm in your house.'

My family are all pissing their pants,
but I'm just like:

'This is boring!'
Then she gets out a knife, this big...

The woman turns around
and the guy is standing there.

Michael! Is that a mobile phone?
- No...

Come on. Confiscated.

Really? Your girlfriend does that?

Mine won't even do that...

Are you fucking blind or something?
- A scout is always polite,

especially to women and children.
Well fucking done, Peter!

This is Jasmijn, boys. Our camp cook.

Hi, Kris.
- Hi, Jasmijn.

Cubs, I salute you!
- Yo!



What a useless fucking map!
Didn't we just pass this place?

If only we had some kind of gadget
we could attach to our windscreen

to tell us exactly where to go.
- You think Baden-Powell had a sat nav?

Good. We're on the right track.

Come on, Vince, stop. It's my turn.

What are those losers doing on our campsite?
- We'll find out soon enough.

Look at this...

Check out those tracksuits.

Hello. I'm...
- Don't touch it.

Hello. I'm Kris, from the Antwerp Scout unit.
- What?

I'm Kris, we've rented this...
- I don't understand. Speak louder.

We've rented this campsite.
- What?

We've rented...
- I don't understand.

What's this guy saying?
- I don't understand a thing either!

Everything OK?

Hey, Eager Beaver!
Come and taste my little brother!

What's that, moron?

Shut your mouth, bitch.
- What?

If you've got something to say, say it to me.
- What are you playing at?

Give me the keys. Come on, give them back!
- Get them yourself.

Beat him up, Vince!

Don't move, you.
- Come on, beat him up!

Smart ass, you're a smart ass aren't you?
Not so smart now, eh?

Go on, beat him up.
- Fuck off, Flemish fool!

Come here. I'll take you both on.

Come on. Motherfucker!

French jerks, unbelievable...
- They were lucky Kris was there to stop me.

Who's in the mood for a forest game?
- Me!

Some ass, huh buddy?

Shit, where are they going?

No, don't go that way. No. Not that way!
- Shut your face.

Wait, I'll direct you through.

Yeah, come on.

Come on, come on. That's it, come on.

That's it. Bit to the right.

Finally a pretty part
of the French countryside...

Down you get.

Let's play!

Go on.
Take it easy.

Boys, not too far from the truck.
- Yeah, yeah!

Are we setting up camp here, Baloo?
- If it were up to me: sure, Jess.

Unless Akela prefers camping
in that potato field?

Sam! Sam, goddammit.
Get down from there.


I told you to get down from there!

Sorry Akela, I'm coming!

Yes officer, I understand.

OK. See you in a bit.

He's going to have a chat
with our tracksuit-wearing buddies

but he didn't sound very motivated.
- I say we stay here.

We've got everything we need
and we're not bothering anyone.

We both know those guys
are gonna keep coming back to taunt us.

There's nothing else to do in this shithole!

OK, who's good at playing the piano?
- Me!

Then you can start digging the BIFFY, Sam.

BIFFY, Bathroom In The Forest For You.

Don't you get it? A shit pit!

The rest of you can help unload the truck.
- We're setting up camp here.

Marc! Vincent!
- What's up, Jacky boy?

Hello. Kris De Valck.
- Hello. Officer Franju.

Nice to meet you.

This isn't the field
we'd agreed upon, Mr De Valck.

I know, but after our encounter
with those guys with the go-kart...

We found this wonderful spot
and thought we wouldn't bother anyone here.

You won't. Since the bus factory went bankrupt,
hardly anyone ever comes out here.

But there's something you need to know,
Mr De Valck.

Quite a few factory workers didn't take
their redundancy very well. You understand?

I had to cut quite a few of them
down from these trees.

The father of Marc and Vincent,
those two kids with the go-karts...

- He was one of them...

As long as we don't mention any of this
to the boys...

and Marc and his friends leave us alone...

Don't worry, Marc won't set foot
in these woods, and I'd rather not either.

Well, if you would really like
to stay here, make yourself at home.

Thanks, that's very kind of you.

This way, I can see who's calling me...
It's also a camera.


Technology, Mr De Valck. Technology.

Thank you, officer.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Come on, get a move on!

You call yourselves scouts?

You, get that pole up.

- Do it yourself.

- Faster.

Come on, cubs!

Hurry up, wussies.
- Wussies.

This thing should be up by now.
- That's what your mum said.

I've seen Kai!
- Kai?

You're lying!

Get him on the ground.

You filthy liar!

Hey! Hey!

Come here, you. Everyone else
keep on unloading the truck.

What's going on here?
- Sam is a liar.

Calm down, you.
What happened, Sam?

He says he's seen Kai.
- I saw him too.

Guys, you all read the camp book, right?
Kai only turns into a werewolf at night.

I swear I did. Scout's Honour.

Watch it, you!
Scout's Honour is scout's Honour.

Apologise. Go on.

Friends again?

I expected more from a den leader,
I've got my eye on you.

Come on, move it.

I told you we should've left Sam at home.

He's always making up shit.


You little turd!

Where are you?

What are you doing, moron?

- None of your business.

I'm den leader, so all cubs are
my business, even dipshits like you.

You're coming with us!

Oh Lord

Evening has descended

The sun has sunk The darkness has risen

Winds whisper through the trees
And distant stars surround us

We kneel before you in these woods
To sing to you, our evening song

We give thanks for what we've been given
And ask you, Lord

Don't forsake us

Scouts and leaders kneel before you
Through the silence resounds our hymn

Treetops bow down to listen in
While stars flicker gently

Give us, Lord Your blessing, rest and peace

Cubs, our great adventure starts tomorrow.

I hope you're all prepared.

What's up, guys?
Scared of a dead tree?

Or maybe it's Kai, who's picked up
the scent of cub blood.

Tomorrow will be a long day.
Time to go to sleep.

- Goodnight.

'Things we definitely don't
bring to camp...'



- 'Computer games.' Hold on.

I didn't bring my PSP.
But I did bring...

a... Playboy!

- Who cares?

Sure, Michael. We all know
you've got your Sofie to jerk you off.

Lights out! Shut up and go to sleep.

I think we need to tone down our Kai
story a little. Sam's getting way too into it.

Before long, they'll all want to go home.
- Beer time.

What are you talking about?
- Sam.

Our little nutjob.

- Nutjob? Is something wrong with him?


C'mon, what's wrong with Sam?

Whatever. If I'm not allowed to know,
I'm off to bed.

Hey hey hey. Do you want to know?
- Yeah.

Do you really want to know?
I'll whisper it into your ear.

I'm hitting the sack. Idiots.

Don't you dare.
- What?

You know exactly what I mean.

Tent inspection!

10... 9... 8... 7... 6...

5... 4... 3... 2... 1.

You all know that leaving your tent
at night is strictly forbidden.

The tough guy who thinks he can
mess around with our stuff at night

is about to find out that going to camp
isn't all fun and games. Understood?

Jasmijn, you keep an eye on these guys.

And you all, stand in line.

You should've eaten all your sweets in one go.

And you should've jerked off
when you had the chance.

The thieves get one chance
to give everything back.

Jasmijn's bracelet?


My spare torch?

Zoltan's dog food?

Back to bed.
Breakfast in an hour.

Until then I don't wanna hear
a peep coming from this tent, understood?

What about those idiots with their go-kart,
maybe it was them?

No. Zoltan would've barked like crazy.

No... Someone's fucking with us.

Haven't they got anything better to do?

Fuck, that was my brother's Playboy.
I'm in deep shit.

I know who's been stealing our stuff.
- Who?


I'm going to look for him.
Are you coming along?

Sam, I...
- OK. Just don't say anything

to Akela or Baloo, right?
- No.

Leave him alone.
He said he didn't do it.

I didn't steal anything.

No one eats until all are present.

Look who it is, our little werewolf hunter.

Well? Caught anything yet?
- No.

Hey, hey. If we have to wait
for our breakfast, then so do you.

Five laps around the camp.

And if you whine, you can do another five.

Run! Run! Run!

Faster! Faster!

Baloo, that was Sam's bacon...
- 'Baloo, that was Sam's bacon.'

Out of shape, Sam?
Let me help you.

Zoltan, attack!
- Go on, Zoltan. Get him, boy.

Get him, Zoltan!

Peter, call off that dog! Now!

Zoltan, down!


Enjoy your breakfast, Sam, dear...

Start, dammit.
- What's wrong?

I don't know. It's not working.
Stop hitting me, man!

I swear if you've broken my buggy...
- I haven't broken it.

Did you fill it up?
- No.

You didn't put any petrol in it?
- You never asked me to.

No petrol?

Are you a moron?
- I'm sorry, OK?

Wait, where are you going, Vincent?
- To fill up at the scout camp. Wanna come?

I'm not going into those woods.
- Are you scared?

No, I'm not scared.
- You're scared.

I'm... not scared!
- Of course you are, you fucking pussy!

You stay put. Don't move.

What the fuck...

Midday break!


There you go, Bas. Enjoy.

Doesn't Kris want any rice pudding?
- I think he's in his tent.

Baloo says...

Drum on the table.

Baloo says stop!

Baloo says...

Act like a zombie.

Baloo says stop.

Stand up!

Dries, Steven.
I didn't say 'Baloo says'.

You're out!


Baloo says...

Guys! That werewolf stole our flag.

So go grab your torches, as fast as you can,

and we'll hunt down that motherfucker!


There are ants everywhere.
- Not so close to me.

Sam, busted!
Back to the starting point.

Sorry, Sam.


You again...
Enjoying the show? Little pervert!

Calm down, Peter!


One word about this to Kris
and I'll snap your neck.

Zoltan, down!

Are you OK? Does it hurt?

Oh Lord

Evening has descended

The sun has sunk The darkness has risen

Winds whisper through the trees
And distant stars surround us

We kneel before you in these woods
To sing to you, our evening song

We give thanks for what we've been given
And ask you, Lord

Don't forsake us





Down! Leave him alone!

Get off him, Zoltan. Stop it!


Zoltan? Zoltan, where are you?

Zoltan... Zol...



I'm here, buddy. I'm here, Zoltan.

- Goddammit!

Goddammit, you maniac!

What the fuck is going on?

- That freak killed my dog.

It was Kai!
- Goddammit!

Sam, you go sit in the truck and stay put
until I tell you otherwise.

Calm down.
- Get off me!

You and your faggot judo.

Don't be stupid. Let's call the cops,
before the kid massacres the whole camp.

I want to hear his side of the story first.

- It's OK. The others are asleep.

What's that? Is that blood?
- Sam killed my dog.

What? Oh no...


Sam caught us kissing.
- No fooling around at camp, I said!

Is that really so hard?
- Peter got angry and Zoltan bit Sam.

Well done. Good job.
- Kris...

And you can shut it.

I'm not angry, OK?

I just want to know what happened in the woods.


Can you tell me that?

Last summer, a woman contacted Kris and I

and said she had a son, a foster-son.

She asked if he could join our scout unit.

But she said to keep a close eye on him.

Apparently he'd had
'kind of a traumatic and violent past'.

But she wouldn't go into detail.


I didn't kill him.

This is not getting us anywhere, Sam.

It was Kai.

Kai is just a story to make camp more exciting.

I said to Kris, I'm not a psychiatrist,
I'm a scout leader.

Messed up kids like Sam belong in a madhouse,

not in the scouts.

But it wasn't just my call.

Kai does exist.

He lives in a tree house in the woods.

You killed an animal, just for fun!
No scout does that!

Hey. Hey! Sam!


- Let him go. That's it, run for it!

Are you calling the police?

Are they picking up?
- Shut up.

No answer?

Answering machine. You stay here with
the cubs, we're going to look for Sam.

I'm not going anywhere.
Let him starve out there.

What? When are you finally
gonna take up your responsibility?

If you'd behaved like an adult
we wouldn't be in this mess.

You wanna talk responsibility, Kris?

Wasn't Sam your little project?
Then you go find him, Good Shepherd.

Calm down. Calm down.

OK. One of our boys is missing.
And I'm not gonna take the blame for it.

You two fight it out as long as you want,
I'm going to look for Sam.






Pick up, fatty. Come on.

No. No, no!

Come on, Kris.



Where are you going, four-eyes?
- Four-eyes.

Sam's gone.
- That little freak.



Sam's gone.

Go back to bed, David.


Excuse me...

Go and check out what it is.

Move it!

Come on, move it!

Go check it out.
Check it out, I said!

- Move it!

You, that way!

Get back here! Stop!

Sam. Sam.
- Akela.

Listen, I...

Sam, run! Now!

Help. Help, help me.

No! No! No, don't do that!
Don't do that! No!


You smell that?

We're gonna have us some fun, pal.
- Baloo, what's going on?

Back into bed,
or I'll come kick your teeth in, got it?

Dries, run. Now.

It's just a night game, like every year.
- Back into bed, Baloo said!


Everyone stay in their bed.
- What's going on?


Stay down!

Get your hands off me.

Fuck this.

Hey! Hey!






- Jasmijn! Jasmijn!

Sam, help me.

Get me out of here, you freak!

On the count of three.

1... 2...





No! Stop!

Leave me alone! No! Stop!


Sam! Help me!




Oh, Sam!

Is that all?



Look who's awake.

You want to finish her off yourself?

Is that it?

Go on.

It's either her, or you.
Do you understand?

Go on.

It's either her, or you.

Do it.

Do it!

Come on!

Go get her.

Help! Help!



What? No...

No! Please!



Help me, Sam.

Sam, help me. Please.