Cuando los ángeles duermen (2018) - full transcript



Very good, kids!

Now... Who knows the song
"Happy birthday to you"?

Me! I do!


Me! Me!

You must be having me on!
I'll teach it to you. OK?


- Ready?
- Yes.

- OK!
- Let's go.

I hope they don't blow out!

Touch the tip of your nose!

'Cos if you don't touch it,

there'll be no cake for you!


- It's cake time!
- Come on.

Come on!

Here we go!

Where's the birthday girl?

Make a wish!

I want some!

Now blow them out!

- OK, give me your plates.
- Let's see.

I'm hungry!

- Luis, can you carry on?
- Yeah, sure.

- I want some.
- Let me get some.

- OK, careful.
- I go first!

- Hello?
- Sandra, I've been trying

- to reach you on your cell.
- German... Have you left yet?

No, we're still here
with the new partners.

- I'm going to be here a while, honey.
- I can't believe you're still there!

This is Christmas all over again!

For God's sake, German!
You're going to miss your flight!

- German! What are you doing?
- Hang on a sec...

They're kicking up a real fuss in there.

It's almost my turn.
Did you print out those numbers?

Here you go.

You know what's at stake here.

If you've messed this up...
You're a dead man!

And stop smoking, German!

The last thing we need is for them
to see you smoking!




Honey, I have to go.

No! Tell them you have to leave now!

I can't! We've been preparing
this meeting all month!

And the birthday party?

Sandra, my boss needs me.

So does your daughter
and you're 500km away!

If we don't wrap this up
we can kiss the merger goodbye!

- You're not coming.
- Don't worry, I'll be there.

I'll take a company car.

OK. So when are you going to be here?

Around ten.

I'll be out of here in an hour.

Have you got the gift?


You forgot.

Hey! What are you doing?

Hey! Hey!

The asshole didn't even stop!

I'll get that.


Hi... Is that Luis?

Yes, it's me, German. How's it going?

Fine. Can I speak to my wife, please?

I'm not sure if...

- It's OK.
- Everything OK?

Yes, everything's fine.


- German.
- Sandra, I'm on my way with the gift,

but there's a lot of traffic.
Honey, isn't the party over?

Of course, it was a kids' party.

So why's our neighbor still there?

Why? Because you're not here!

That's not funny, Sandra.

I don't think so either,
but I need some help.

What time will you be home?

Around midnight I guess.

I'm sorry! I messed up, like always.

- Can I speak to my daughter?
- Hang on.

Estela! It's Daddy.

- Hello!
- Hi, honeybun! How was the party?

Good. I got lots of gifts.

Why didn't you come?

I'm sorry, sweetie. It's been a long day.
I'll make it up to you this weekend, OK?

- Did you miss me?
- Yes.

Have you got me a gift?

A gift? For who?

Yes, you have!

Of course I have!

- Put Mommy back on. Love you.
- Mommy!


Our daughter's
a lot more understanding than you.

German, we can't carry on like this.

It's always the same.
You let them walk all over you.

- No, I don't, Sandra! Don't say that!
- Yes, you do.

And the worst thing is
you don't even realize.

You know what hurts the most?

You bend over backwards for everyone
except your family.

I'm doing this for us! You think
I like missing my daughter's birthday?


Just come home whenever you like.

- I said, let go of my arm!
- Silvia! Please!

- That Gloria's nothing but trouble!
- Get off my back! It's my life!

How many times do I have to say it?

Silvia, please don't go! I'm begging you!
Are you going to go?

- You think I'm going to stay here with you?
- Don't talk to your mom like that.

She's my mom,
I can talk to her however I like!

Wash that stuff off your face.
You're staying home!

- No, I'm not, asshole!
- You little...

While you're living under our roof,
you'll do as we say!

- What are you doing?
- Silvia!

Let's see how brave you are now!
Don't mess with me!

I'm 17 years old and I'm not staying here!

It's good, right?

You're telling me!

- Try it, Silvia.
- Count me out.

- Seriously, try it!
- No, no.

Screw them!
Didn't they tell you not to come home?

It's for your own good!

There's nothing happening
in your shithole town anyway!

Where'd you find him?

He's about as funny
as a punch in the face!

Poor thing's a bit simple! And about
as tactful as the cookie monster!

What an asshole.

Chato's my bro!
You got a problem with that?

Ooh, he's his bro!

What are you laughing at?

That's for us to know
and you never to find out!

- Fuck you!
- You wish!

- They can't bring us down!
- They can't.

- Here, try it.
- Bro, turn it up!

- Yeah! Her first line!
- Enjoy the ride!

- For real.
- Look at the way she's looking at you.

What are you doing?

A little gift.
For when you're feeling down!

Where are we going?

Somewhere new. You're going to love it!

...The death of a close friend.

My friend was drowning in the pool.

He's a heavy guy, but I got him
out of the water and put him on the side.

The look in his eyes...
The life was draining from him.

Seeing death like that, it's awful.
Since then, I always think about...


- Good evening.
- Good evening.

One of your lights is out.

Really? I didn't know.
Someone bashed into me earlier.

Driving license
and the vehicle's papers, please.

Yes, of course.

- The car doesn't belong to you?
- It's a company car.

Is the insurance up to date?

It should be,
I work for an insurance company!

Step out of the car.

Step out of the car!

What's wrong, Sir?

- No.
- Have you been drinking?


I'm going to breathalyze you.

- Why?
- You were zigzagging across the road.

Look, I'm very grateful to you
for accompanying me,

but I can't spend the night here.
You're in no state to drive.

I was just a bit tired,
but I'm OK to drive.

Would you prefer us to immobilize
your vehicle?

Look, my wife's waiting for me at home.
Today was my daughter's birthday.

What is it you don't understand?

If you want to risk your own life, that's
up to you, but you're a danger to others.

You can't drive with only one headlamp.

We've got your details
and you've been warned.

Do what you think's best
and so will we.

Sign here.

I just want to get home and rest.

You want to get there alive?

Good night.

Your key.

They're making me jealous.

- Don't you want to get laid too?
- No!

You'll enjoy it. I'm really good!

What the fuck are you doing?

Don't be like that.
I'm not going to do anything to you.

Nothing bad.

- Baby.
- Don't touch me.

- Oh, come on!
- Don't fucking touch me!

- It's OK.
- What the fuck are you doing?

Don't touch me!
Get the fuck off me!

Fucking bitch!


You're just a stupid little kid!

And you're a fucking pig!

- Silvia!
- What's going on?

Silvia, where are you going?

That fucking bitch!
I'm going to kill you!

- David, calm down!
- I'm going to kill you!

- David!
- Let go of me!

Please, let's just go.

I'm bleeding!
Not even my fucking mom does that to me!

- Let's go.
- Fucking let go of me!

That's it. Calm down.

Fuck you, asshole!

Stop! Hey! Please! Stop!

- Emergency services, how can I help?
- There's been an accident on the road.

A traffic accident.
Do you need an ambulance?

- Yes, please! Urgently!
- What road and exit are you on?

I don't know where I am.
I was on the highway...

OK, calm down.
I'm going to try and locate you.

Can you explain what happened?


- Yes, I'm here...
- The system can't find you.

I need you to move to a point
where I can locate you.

What do you mean move?
I can't move anywhere, there's a...

Calm down, Sir. Are you injured?

- No.
- You're not injured?

- No.
- I need some more specific information

to be able to send help.


The line went dead.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Call him back.

I'm sorry.
I have to get you to a hospital.

It's OK. We're almost there.

That's it.

Almost there.

Wait a bit, then try again.

No, no, no! It's OK!
Stop screaming!

It's OK!

Is she your friend?

She's hurt.

Are you OK?


Hold on! Hold on just a bit longer.




Come on...

Come on!


No, no, no!


I shouldn't have moved her.

I shouldn't have moved her!

Who are you?

- Where are you taking me?
- What?

Stop the car.

- Calm down.
- Stop the car!

No, no! Calm down! Please!
Calm down.

Don't touch me!

Don't you remember what happened?

Where's Gloria?

Where's Gloria?

00:25:40,750 --> 00:25:42,458
Don't be scared.
We're going to a hospital.

- What?
- We're going to a hospital.

- Where's the nearest one?
- What's happened? Where's Gloria?

She's here in the back.

- Gloria!
- No! Don't touch her!

She's in a bad way. You mustn't touch her.


- You need to report it.
- OK.

What happened to her?

- What happened to her?
- Give me your number

- so I can call your house.
- No.

What? Give it to me.



- Silvia!
- What?

- We should've let them take us home.
- Someone will drive past.

Not likely!

I'll call Mario, get him to come get us.

No fucking way!
I'm not getting in the car with them!

- Then you call someone.
- I'm out of credit.


You think someone pays for all my shit?

Call whoever you like,
I'm going for a piss.


Screw this!



Silvia, come on! Come on, quick!
They're coming!




Watch out!

It came straight for us!

- They wanted to kill us!
- No, no. It was an accident.

No! It wasn't an accident.

I tried to push her out the way,
but it was coming too fast.

- I know who did it.
- What?

I know who did it!

Who did it?

- Listen! Who did it?
- Gloria...

Is she going to die?

We have to get her to a hospital.
Quickly, OK? You might be injured too.

Please, tell me how to get to
the nearest one.

Do you know this area?
Do you live round here?

I don't know where we are.

Here, take my phone.
See if it's working now.

Type in "hospital".

Who did you say it was?

- Who did you say it was?
- Searching for location.

- I'm really thirsty.
- You can't find it?

It's searching.


Current location is temporarily

Give it here. Tell me your number.
I'm going to call your parents.


- What? Tell me the number.
- I'm not telling you.

- OK, you call them.
- I'm out of credit.

- Use my phone.
- Just drop it, will you?

- What the...?
- They don't need to know anything!

They hate me.

I wish they were dead.


Where are you?

- I've still got a way to go.
- How long?

I don't know, a while.
I can't talk right now. OK, honey?

- Why not?
- I'm driving, Sandra.

- Haven't you got your hands free?
- I can't talk now, honey.

- I'll call you later, OK?
- But German!

That was my wife.

Why did you lie to her?

- What?
- Why did you lie to her?

You didn't tell her what happened. Why?

- Why?
- I didn't want to scare her.

- You don't want her to know.
- What?

You don't want her to know!

- Gloria!
- No, no, no, no!

Can you hear me? Gloria!



Gloria? Gloria!


What are you doing?

What are you doing? Stop it!

Stop! Get off her!

Leave her alone!

- Stop it! Stop it!
- Let go of me!

Stop, don't touch her!
You're going to hurt her!

- Gloria!
- Leave her alone! Please!

- Gloria, listen to me!
- You're going to hurt her! Please!

Stop it! Don't touch her!
Don't touch her! Let go of her!

You're going to hurt her! Let go of her!

You killed her! You son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch, you killed my friend!

Gloria, please!

Gloria, please!

Don't die, please! Don't leave me, Gloria.
I'm begging you.

Gloria, please!


Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go...

It's OK.

It's OK...

What are you doing?

Let go of me.

Please, let go of me.

Let go of me!

Stop! Where are you going?
Stop! Stop!


Come back, please!
You're going to hurt yourself.

Stop! It's really dark out here!

Come back, please! I'm not going
to hurt you. I'm a good person.

I swear it wasn't me!
I already had that dent on the car.

You said you knew who did it.

I'm a good person.

I'm a good person.


You can't stay out here.
You need to see a doctor.



Help me, please!

What are you doing?
Open the door.

I'm not going to hurt you.

Get in the front seat.

Don't be silly.
I'm not going to hurt you.

My bumper was already dented!

I just want to take you to hospital,

- to see a doctor or a psychologist.
- I'm not crazy!

What? That's not what I meant.


Open the door!

They can't bring us down, Gloria.

Nobody can bring us down!

What are you doing?

No, no, no, no!

Hey! Don't move! Don't move.

I can't believe this.

No, no! Hey!

Hey! No! Stop that!

Get out of the car!

Don't do that! No, don't touch that!
Don't touch that! Stop!

Hey! Fuck!

You're going to break it!

Hey, open...

- Open the door.
- Leave me alone!

You drove straight into us!

What are you talking about? It wasn't me!

Whoever ran you over left.
I got there after.

- You're lying!
- No. My car's easy to identify.

Let me show you.

See? Only one headlight's working.

That's how I know it was you. Murderer!
You're a fucking murderer!

Ask him how long he's going to be
and tell him you have to go to bed.

No, no, no! Don't pick up.

Don't pick up! No!

Let go! Give me my phone.

Mommy, he's not answering.

Why hasn't Daddy come home?

He'll explain it to you tomorrow, OK?

Let's go brush your teeth.

I need you to move to a point
where I can locate you.

What do you mean move?
I can't move anywhere, there's a...

- Calm down, Sir. Are you injured?
- No.

- You're not injured?
- No.

I need some more specific information
to be able to send help.

How long ago was the call made?

- Twenty minutes, Sergeant.
- Have they located the call?

The emergency operator told us
that from the range of coverage

provided by the antenna, he was probably
on road CM-320, around exit 14.

There's a margin of error of about 2km.
It's outside the city.

- And he hasn't called back?
- No.

The cell phone you are calling
is not available right now.

Do we know the name of the owner?

- The man who made the call?
- Germán Tejero Padilla.

Germán Tejero Padilla.

Who incidentally was stopped
by highway patrol

about an hour and a half ago.

- Do you receive me, Officer?
- Loud and clear, Sergeant.

We haven't seen any signs
of an accident so far.

Did you stop a certain
German Tejero Padilla

around an hour,
or hour and half ago?


One of his headlamps was out
and he was showing signs of fatigue.

Right. And did you report him?

No, Sergeant.
We took him to a motel.

He's the man
who made the emergency call.

I have to call the police.



Help me! Please!
A man tried to kill me!




- Silvia, I know you can hear me.
- Murderer! Leave me alone!

I'm not a murderer! Just listen to me!

I don't care what you say,
you son of a bitch! You killed my friend.

No! It was an accident.
Do you hear me?

I've been trying to help you.

If you wanted to help,
why did you lie to me?

I didn't lie to you, Silvia!


You said you knew who'd done it.

No, no, no! You're lying again!

I've got your wallet
and I know your name... German.

I know where you live.

I'm going to tell the police
and you're going to rot in jail.

You can't bring us down!

Where's Daddy going to sleep?

What do you mean where? Here at home.

Daddy will be home soon, OK?

- Can I wait up for him?
- No, you can't. Come on, bed time.

In you get.

- Mommy?
- Yes?

Doesn't Daddy love us?

Of course he does, sweetie.
Daddy loves us very much.

Why do you say that?

I don't want anything bad
to happen to him.

I'm scared not knowing where he is.

Don't be scared.
Do you want me to read you a story?

We haven't done that for a while.

This one?

Help! Help me, please!
Open the door! Help!

Please help me!
He's going to kill me! Help!

Don't be stupid, how they hell
could they have got home? On foot?

So you think they've turned invisible
or something?

How the hell should I know?

I'm going to try Silvia.

That bitch really fucked up my face
with her ring.

Maybe we drove past them.
Call them back.

- They're not picking up, dude.
- So fucking try again!

- Shit! The cops!
- What? Fuck! Fuck!

Shit! What are those assholes
doing out here?

OK, we're cool.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Is there some kind of problem?

Yeah, my dick's on fire!

Fuck you, pig!
That'll teach you for being nosey!

- Are you OK?
- Those little shits! Go! Go!

- Chato, you're such an asshole!
- Fuck them, man!

I'm not going to let them
fuck up my buzz!

Careful! Don't get too close!

Fucking assholes! You can suck my dick!

Shut the fuck up, dude!

We're going to fucking end up
in jail, man!

- Oh yeah! We're going to jail!
- Fuck, man!

This way, Chato! Chato!

Hey! Help me! Please!

Hey! Wait!

I don't believe this.

Where are you going?


- Help!
- Stop! Stop, stop!

Please! Just let me talk to you!

Silvia, please.
We can work this out.

I'm not going to follow you anymore.

If you want to stay here alone,
that's fine by me.

I just want you to come out
and talk to me for five minutes.

Silvia, please come out.
I know how you must be feeling.

Put yourself in my shoes a moment
and imagine how I'm feeling.

You can't just accuse me
of something like that.


Stop! Enough! No, no, no!

Open up.

Open the door! Open it!

Open the door!
Open this door!

Open up! Open it!

Open up!


Silvia, open the door!

Open up!

And they all lived happily ever after.


Yes, sweetie?

Do angels sleep?

Sure they do.

So who protects us at night?

Come on, it's time to go to sleep.


I noticed German's not home yet.

- No.
- Has something happened?

I don't know...
He's not answering his phone.

It's typical of him.
You want to come in for a drink?

I was just in here...

What are you reading?

"Thus spoke Zarathustra".

They say Nietzsche inspired Naziism.

It's about the evolution
of human beings.

- Evolution?
- Yeah.

It's about our need
to overcome obstacles,

to make decisions we won't regret later,
to take control of our lives.

- Basically about being free.
- Weren't you going to offer me a drink?

Yes... What do you want?

- Whiskey.
- OK.

You do not have enough credit
to make this call...


It's OK. Calm down.


Forgive me, Silvia.

I never wanted to hurt you, I swear.


I've got a family.

See? That's my wife, Sandra.
And that's my daughter.

Her name's Estela.

Today was her birthday
and I wasn't there.

Look, I work for an insurance company.
Everything's going to OK.

I'll take care of all the paperwork.

I'll make sure
you're compensated for the accident.

I don't want compensation!

I want Gloria back!
And it wasn't an accident,

- you tried to run us over!
- No...

- And you lied to me.
- I'm not a liar. I didn't know the truth.

Who the hell walks
in the middle of the road like that?

With no torch, no warning, no nothing!

- You were driving with no lights!
- That's not true.

You're lying! You always lie.

Silvia, please, get back in the car.
I'm begging you.

I swear I'll take you to a hospital. OK?

But I need your word
you'll say I acted in good faith.

- Good faith?
- Yes. Please!

If anyone sees my car,
they're going to think...

Think what?

- Silvia, listen to me. Please.
- You ran Gloria over...

then tried to kill me
so there'd be no witnesses.

- What? Why would I do that?
- So you wouldn't go to jail.

Don't be ridiculous!
I just told you it was an accident.

No one goes to jail
for accidentally running someone over.

I know.
I've had several similar cases.

At work, I mean!
Doing people's paperwork!

You have to pay
for what you've done.

I will pay! My insurance will cover it.
You don't have anything to worry about.

No! I'm going to report you
and you're going to go to jail!

Silvia, you can't do that to me.
I'm begging you, please.

You want me to lose my family?
Leave a little girl without her father?

You're going to ruin my life!

Your life? You fucking asshole!

Silvia! Silvia, please!
Leave it to me.

You'll be compensated.
You'll get loads of money.

No! You can't buy me!
You killed her!

I didn't kill her! It was an accident!
You hear me? I didn't mean to!

- Why didn't you see us?
- Because I fell asleep! I fell asleep!

No! You killed her!
Son of a bitch! Murderer!

You're fucked, German!

- Sandra...
- German!

Where the hell are you?


- Yes...
- Where are you?

Aren't you going to answer me?

You're not going to answer me.

Don't bother coming home.

What? No, no, no... Sandra, please.

- I'm not in the mood for jokes right now.
- I'm serious, German.

I don't want you back.
Stay wherever you are.

- Don't come back.
- Listen to me.

Honey, listen. It's over.
I promise I'm going to change.

No, German.
That's what you always say.

- I'm fed up.
- Shut up and listen to me!

I didn't call you before
because I didn't want to scare you.

I had to stop because
I had an accident.


I fell asleep at the wheel.

Why didn't you tell me? Are you OK?

Yes, I'm OK. But...

I ran over a dog.

- What?
- I didn't see it.

Poor thing. Is it dead?

Yes. It's dead.

Honey, my battery's about to die.
I'll be home as soon as I can.

I love you both so much.
Sandra, I love you.

Me too.

He had an accident.
He killed a dog.

But he's OK. He's OK.

- It's all OK.
- I was really scared.

Come here.

Son of a bitch! You killed my friend!

Stand up to them!

You killed her!

They walk all over you!

No... No...

You're a fucking murderer!

No! I'm going to report you
and you're going to go to jail!

No! I said no!

I'm sorry.


- Evening, Sergeant.
- How's it going? Any news?

No. No sign of the accident. But we had
an incident with two kids who've run off.

We've got
their license plate number though.


OK. Give up the search

and go back to your post.

Roger that.

Stop! Please!

No! Please, no! No!

Why did you have to make this
so difficult? I never wanted to hurt you!

I have a wife and a daughter.
I can't leave them alone. Understand?

I can't lose them.

What happened to you?

Hey, little one!

What are you doing up so early?

I couldn't sleep anymore.

- Is that my gift?
- Yes, but let's open it later,

when Mommy wakes up.

Did you have fun
at your party yesterday?


I wish I'd been there.


- What was that for?
- You look sad.





Daddy's awake.
Can I open my gift now?


Wait for a bit, OK?
Daddy has to tell me something.

Come on. Back inside.

What do you mean a dog?

Yes. Apparently so, Sergeant.

His wife says
he got distracted and ran over a dog.

He panicked and called 911.

And the ambulance?

Did he think the paramedics were going
to take the dog to hospital?

Who knows, Sergeant?

Would you believe it?

What a waste of time!
You'd better get back to some real work.

A dog...

A dog!

There are some
real nutcases out there!

They want a list of all claims
made to this office.

Each one with its corresponding
written claim and accident report.

They want to limit our responsibility
and reduce our staff

and we're making it easy for them!

Don't worry, Don Manuel.

I'll talk to German right away
and get to the bottom of this.

Eduardo, stop trying to pass the buck!

You don't appear to have a clue
what's going on.

German handed in his report last week!

Son of a bitch!
He's going to pay for this.

German, did you know...?

Where the hell is German?

- Lunch is ready!
- Coming!


- Lunch time!
- For blackmail and kidnapping...

- The four young men accused of...
- Who was that?

Someone who's forgotten
I've taken the day off.

- Beer?
- Yes, please.

One year since the disappearance
of Silvia Bellaton

and Gloria Sendoa.
Since their bodies were found dumped

in an area of marshland,
mutilated and showing signs of violence,

many theories have been put forward,

but according to police sources,
the most likely motive

is still thought to be sexual.

At midday today, two young men testified
at a provisional hearing.

Mario Casona and Arturo Garay,
alias "Chato", were friends of the victims

and are still the number one suspects.

Both have criminal records

and appear to have been with the girls
the night of their disappearance.


I was thinking,
why don't we take a trip somewhere?

Like we used to.

Here. Let's eat.
The guests will be here soon.

Estela! Come and eat, sweetie.
Leave the balloons.

When's the party starting?

When you finish all that,
without making a mess,

your friends will start arriving.

- Are you excited?
- Yes!

How come! You want an olive?

Eat up.

Careful your tooth doesn't fall out!


Subtitles: Kate Moore