Crystal's Shadow (2019) - full transcript

Stalked by a strange man in black and haunted by the memories of a manipulative mother, Crystal flees into the dark countryside seeking help. Little does she or her new friends realize her ...

♪ A monarch flies
Across the sky ♪

♪ To meet the angel
And his harp ♪

♪ They sing the world
A lullaby ♪

♪ To still the beating
Of its heart ♪

From the high desert

and the great
American Southwest,

this is Midnight in the Desert.

Welcome, good morning,
good afternoon,

good evening,
wherever you are

and welcome to yet
another edition

of the very best in live
overnight talk radio.

Good evening, everyone.

Welcome to Shadow House.

I'm your host, your MC,
your congenial guide

into the dark corners
of human existence.

Ridley Kay broadcasting
from a secret location

in the desolate hills
of North Texas.

This show
is for fellow travelers,

truth seekers,

and the morbidly curious.

We got a great show for you.

Tonight, we talk
about ancient aliens!

Yes, tonight over the phone
is a tried and true UFO geek.


It's great to be back
after a short absence.

One in 50 children

will experience
a paranormal encounter.

Many of them will suffer
continued encounters

for the rest of their lives.

The UFO phenom
and alien abductions

have been with us continuously
since the dawn of mankind.

...gray aliens everywhere
in Samarian civilization.

Strang skulls, dark skin,
large eyes.


People, before we start,

I want to get Arnold's take
on all the current madness

unfolding in real time.

Its insane meltdown
in the Middle East,

the still missing
Malaysia Airlines flight NH37.

Ukraine and Russia,
and the tragic downing

of Malaysia 17.

You'd think variably of course.

That's easier said than done.

I mean, there are
so many variables

that we should consider such as
secret US air bases

at Diego Garcia.

Putin and Russia standing firm.

...a lot of strange things
surrounding Flight 17.

I'd say Russia
might be set up

by the Western press
which have been ramping up

in secret bias reporting.

- Divide and conquer, right?
- Absolutely.

The real masters are moving
to push us aside

to take over while most people
become more and more dumb down

by corporate-controlled news
and entertainment

if you could call it that.

like the Roman emperors did.

Right. This is an age
old conflict between the elite

and the masses.

Is the East and West
being manipulated

into an unavoidable
World War III scenario?

They sure
are moving fast

and coming to a head.

Let's get onto
the bigger picture here.

I mean, people.

I've loved the paranormal
since I was a little boy.

If you're religiously challenged
and or intellectually retarded,

turn your radio dials now.

Click your web browsers over
to some cute puppies

before we melt your brain,

shatter your pre-conceived ideas
about the universe

and leave you crying
in the corner

like a little bitch.

What if I have nightmares again?

Good girls don't have
nightmares, honey.

So be a good girl.


You're awake.

Every man fantasizes about
picking up a beautiful girl

off the road
and giving her a ride.

You don’t want this fantasy.


You a serial killer?

Let me out.

Can I drop you somewhere?

Just stop the car!

Miss, I found you passed out
from heat exhaustion.

...took the UFO
phenomenon seriously--

Name's Mal.

Short for Malcom?


Bad-ass, huh?

Check out the smile on that one!

My name's Crystal.

Feel's good, doesn't it?


Moving on.

I grew up an army brat.

I traveled the world
with my pa.

He was based in Germany,
Saudi Arabia,

Philippines, you name it.

Want to be a soldier, too?

World helped me
appreciate my beliefs.

I believe if there was less
ignorance in the world,

people would just come together,
set aside all the differences.

I think it's all pieces
of a giant jigsaw puzzle.

And our government still
wants us to figure it out.

I don't know
anything about religion.

My parents were something else.

Yeah, well, far more things

in this world that unite us
than divide us.

Why not?

Welcome to my humble abode.

I'm Ryan,
how can I help ya'll?

Uh, we'd like a couple
of cheeseburgers

and two rooms for the night.

Ah, well, since you two
look like lost lovers,

I'll give you the special suite

I only give to honeymooners!

Sounds great.
That'll have to do.


- Three.
- Three.

I'm out.


Three knights.


This here is some both queens.
Bet everything.

Those are my three best cards.



I'll take two.

Hell, I'm all in.


Every dog has its day, ladies!

Thank you. Thank you, gentlemen.

How did you do that?

Nine of spades.
Ace of hearts

Six of spades.
Six of hearts.

Six of diamonds.
King of clubs.

Jack of diamonds.
Ten of spades.

Queen of clubs.
Seven of clubs.

Nine of clubs,
Four of spades.


You and your
scrawny-ass girlfriend

better get the hell out of here!

Sit down. Rest.


Where's that sound coming from?

Crystal, what's going on?

Tell me so I can help.

- Please, tell me--
- Get away from me!

- I'm not being the bad guy!
- Get away from me!

Nice caravan.

Don't get excited.
It ain't mine.

Boy, I hope you're not using
my property for your hook ups.

- Hey.
- Hello.


I'm Lyra Coslov.
I'm a UFO researcher.

I'm helping Ridley
with his radio show.

- Zane McAllister.
- You old smoothy.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Rent.
- Oh.

Where's the rest?

Business is shit
in this economy.

I got hustled by this
young couple at the diner.

I swear, this chick could read
my cards before I dealt them.

And then she pretended
to be sick

and they both took off
with my money.

That's the lamest excuse
you've ever come up with.

When are you going
to get a move on?

Get your sorry-ass RV
off my property?

Stop leeching my water
and my power.

Getting tired of taking
my dead presidents

every month, Zane?

Yeah, well, it would be nice
if I got all of them.

Plus, when I agreed to rent
to your dumb ass,

I didn't know that you were
the ring leader

of "Blasphemy Radio".

Live free or die, right?

I don't like being
on the government's radar.

I'll leave soon enough.

Well, you're on my radar
and it sucks.

If you don't pay
all of your rent,

from now on, it's going
to take 600 a month

after this
so that it doesn't suck.


I thought you devout Christians
hated money.

Root of all evil and shit.

Well, better Christian
than your cockamamie mixture

of, uh, conspiracy theory
and new age crap.

They'd ought to invent of word
of what you believe in.

Uh, "con-spiritualism"
or something.

Six hundred.

That, uh, pretty foreign girl,
is she another nut job like you?

I know! She's perfect!

Say hello, to, uh,
master lucifer for me.

No prob.

Enjoy the brutal beat down
you get from Saint Peter

when you try to cross
the pearly gates.

So another episode
of Shadow House.

As you can see,
I have a co-host now.

Oh, fancy.

Check out the looker
on your left.

Right, your right.

After months of you guys
pathetically begging,

I invited best-selling
UFO author

and paranormal researcher
Lyra Coslov

to co-host the show
for a week.

She accepted my invitation.
Go figure.

Welcome to the show, Lyra.

It shouldn't be too surprising.

- You have a latch for knowing--
- Hold a sec.

You're not accustomed
to talking on the radio.

I'm going to give you
a sexy voice.

A sexy voice? Wow!

I've you under
a version of photoshop, baby.

I'm Ridley Kay.

And I'm your father's brother's
nephew's cousin's

former roommate.

What does that make us?

Absolutely nothing.

Dude, don't steal my thunder

by talking
before your introduction.

- Sorry, Rid.
- Long-time listeners

will recognize the voice
of our next guest.

He holds two PhDs
in electrical engineering

in astro-physics.

Plus, he's winner of the
prestigious Ridley Kay

Overall Cool Guy aware.

An oldie, but a goodie.
Please welcome White Path.

Chief technology advisor
but not a chief, huh?

Always the bridesmaid
but never the bride.

You wanted to give us an update

on our old friend HAARP
in Alaska.

What's going on exactly
in the Arctic Circle?

There's a secret arms race
going on, folks,

to control the atmosphere
of the earth.

In fact, if listeners
click onto my website:

they can observe HAARP
activities in real time

as we speak.

Explain exactly what HAARP is
in terms that a drunken teenager

listening to us on Friday night
at three a.m. can understand.

Right. Well, HAARP,
spelled H-A-A-R-P

is not
a musical instrument, kids.

It's an acronym referring
to a secret government facility

in Alaska known as the
high-frequency active auroral--

- Layman's terms, brother.
- Okay, morons.

Think of it as a one billion
volt microwave oven

aimed at the sky.

That would make
a lot of popcorn.

...generates low-frequency
radio waves

in the atmosphere that ripple
all across the world.

See, the US government
uses this program

to study the ionosphere
of planet earth.

However, it does have
many troubling applications.

In fact, HAARP is peaking
right now.

Many conspiracy theorists

believe HAARP
control the weather.

And even punch holes
into alternate dimension.

HAARP will eventually
play a part

in clandestine mind control
of large populations.

In combination with
chemtrail technology

and particularly,
if they manage to implant

- RFID microchips.
- And what do you believe?

I mean, for what purpose?

See, whenever HAARP activates,

people around the world
complain about strange events.

Lights, altered mental states,

sounds, voices, UFOs.

Hell, someone out there
might be having

a real interesting night
right now.

We have a caller.

That's my private line.
I never give that number out.

Alright, enough of your
Native American Jedi

mumbo jumbo.

East to the Rockies,
you're on the air.

Please, I need your help!

Sounds like we have ourselves
a prankster.

- Sayonara, lady.
- Wait!

Someone's following me!

Oh, let me guess,
you used a Ouija board once

and now Satan
lives in your closet.

- Kid, I've heard it all.
- Listen!

You know, Rid?
Those could be HAARP sounds.

♪ The monarch flies
Across the sky ♪

Where did you hear that?

And I'm going to bring it
to you the truth!

- Brought to your front door!
- Alright, cupcake.

It's way past your bed time.

I got a bad feeling about this.

Here's to another year
of truth seeking.


Not another step, young lady!

You're trespassing
on my property!

That's the girl
who stole my money!

- Someone's following me.
- Yeah, probably the sheriff!

Yeah, he's looking for her
and that kid!

How are you going to pay
for that there gate, young lady?

Where's that stupid kid
with my money?

No way.

Doesn't look like any kid
I ever saw.

Please help me.

You want help?
Go to the sheriff.

Zane McAllister,
put your dick away.

What the hell is all this fuss?

A woman can't sleep.

Zane, can't you tell
this poor girl's in trouble?


I'm Caroline.

And "Mr. Trigger Happy"
is Zane, my husband.

You hungry?

How's about I fix you
a sandwich? Okay?

My name's Crystal.

Dipshit over there
is the infamous Ridley Kay

and his girlfriend Laura,
or whatever.

Pick up. Pick up!

Yo, White Path. Come over here.

Remember that crazy chick
from the show?

She's here at Zane's place.

No, shit.
I have no idea how she found me.

And she wasn't kidding!

Why'd you come here?

She had a man in black
trailing her.

You know, those guys
from the government

who show up after UFO sightings
and threaten everyone

to shut up!

Just get your ass over here!

Turn it on?

I'm listening to a show.

No wonder you need help.


Meet White Path.
White Path, Crystal.


If there really are forces
following this girl,

We should cover the considered
things before getting involved.

Life isn't a haunted house,

These scares aren't fake.

And they don't stop just
because we want them to.


Her energy is dark, brother.

I mean real dark!

Don't you see this is
our opportunity to prove--

Prove what?


My grandfather says you only
fight demons

if you're an angel.

...more than once.

Tornadoes. We call them
tornadoes in American.

If the tornado wants her,

you and the holy roller
over there going to stand

in its way, gringo?


I'll come by tomorrow.


I had a clear shot.

Back to the Morning Star Hotel.

It's very late. You could--

Sleep in your crappy
rental home?

Yeah, it doesn't sound so great

when you speak
the idea out loud.

Well, I'll, uh,
come back tomorrow.

To check on Crystal.

It's, um, it's nice having
a young lady in the house again.

Caroline, we're not going
down that road.

Not with that girl.

Is she not coming out?

Did you sleep at all?

I don't belong here.

I should leave.

Enough moping around.


You want to belong?
Earn your keep.

There's lots to do at the barn.
Come on.

Holy shit. This is what
you guys saw last night.

I'll see you guys later.

Okay, here we go!

Zane, would you care
to say grace, please?

Bless us our lord
and these fine gifts

we're going to receive
to Jesus Christ our lord.

And please damn Ridley to hell
for eternity. Amen.

Did I miss something?

Okay, okay.
So let me get this straight.

- You're an atheist.
- That's right.

And you believe
in the great spirit?


We're Christians.

And you?

I believe in everything
except creation.

Aliens created us as some kind
of an experiment.

And you, Crystal?

I don't know what I believe.

So if aliens created us,

who created them?

We shouldn't be at
each other's throats.

No, I disagree.
This is exactly what people

with different beliefs
should be doing.

Having a nice dinner.

- And great food helps.
- Very true.

- Yeah!
- Thank you.

Well done, Caroline.

For once not for you.

Thank you. Thanks.


Complete your task first.

If you finish dinner
early enough,

Mom's going to read you
Alice in Wonderland

before bedtime.

I'm tired of that story, Mommy.

Can we read something else?

You love Alice in Wonderland.

My momma use to read that to me
all the time.

Bullshit, Ridley.

President Clinton couldn't keep
eleven private meetings

with the interns.

Do you know how many people
would have to be involved

in all those conspiracies?

It's crazy!

Ridley's right.

It happens.

Look at this.
LA Times 1995.

"President Clinton apologizes
to the survivors and families"

of those
who were unknowing subjects

of government-sponsored
radiation experiments."

How's that?

I hate smartphone pads.

And this one MKUltra.

" The New York Times in 1974

exposes a secret
US government program

that ran through the 50s and 60s

involving unknown US citizens
in an attempt to create

mind-controlled slaves
using psychiatric drugs,

sexual abuse and torture.

The CIA ordered
all project files destroyed

but 20,000 documents survived
when they were accidently stored

among financial records
that were recovered

through the
Freedom of Information Act."

But why?

Isn't the government made up
of normal human beings?

Why on earth would anyone
want to do such horrible things

to good, everyday people?

Miss McAllister, that's where
Ridley's show comes in.

We believe some other force
is at work.

American ideas
aren't the problem.

Something seems
to be interfering

with American reality.

Some outer force? Please.

I'm sorry,
and you know the truth?

Know I don't, but in a world
where extraterrestrials exist,

- I--
- Are you sure about that?

Yes. I was abducted
when I was nine.

Were you abducted?
I didn't think so.

Look, I researched the subject
for over 15 years.

Very impressive.

Well, I've studied science
for 17 years.

And I hold two PhDs.

I've had a book published.


Look, all I'm saying is,

that in a world
where UFOs are real,

none of your creation stories
make any sense whatsoever.

We're not debating
religion again.

Thank you.

That is just
to keep you company, sweetie.

We're not debating religion!


Record that.

It's just static.

Just do it.

You've reached the home

of Caroline and Zane McAllister.

Speak your piece.

Have a blessed day.


Who is this?

What do you want?
Are you the man in black?


Stop following me!



Crystal, stop!

You'll be safer with us.

If I stay, all of you will die!

Not if we work together.

You can't outrun the government.

This thing will catch up
with you one way or another.

You really want to be alone
when that happens?

My entire life's a sequence
of strange events.

I never knew exactly how strange
until my parents were murdered

when I was nine years old.

Living in an orphanage
was more normal,

My eyes were finally open
that I was special.

And not in a good way.

Who killed them?



The police never found
the killer.

I mean, you were a child.

That's what everyone
keeps saying.

You don't remember
if you killed your parents?

I'm afraid now and then
I lose these blocks of time.

It happened that night.


The only thing
I remember from my childhood

is seeing that man
staring at me.

Same thing happened
yesterday also.

And now, he's coming for me.


The man in black?

Can you tell us
who Malvin is?

I left the orphanage
and I caught a ride

with a man named Malvin.

And the lights followed me
in the sky like they often do.

And now, Malvin is dead.

Are you suggesting you might
have killed this Malvin?

I don't remember what happened.

I swear I'm telling the truth.

I believe her. Especially
after what I saw tonight.

Oh, come on.
We all saw it, didn't we?

Promise me one thing, everyone.

When the lights come,

just run.


Yo, White Path. Get over here.

This is a bad idea, Ridley.

Man says he wants the container.
Odds are, Crystal has it.

Crystal didn't know
what he was talking about.

She has to have something.
Whether she knows it or not.

What's gotten into you?

Our lives have been threatened.

And she might
have killed a guy.

She might have killed
her own parents.

I don't believe that.

Well, you believe
what you want.

I'll believe what I see.

No one delivers on a Sunday.

Careful, Zane.

It's addressed to you.

That belongs to Malvin.

Sit down. Rest.

Where's that sound coming from?

Crystal, what's going on?

You need to get away from me.

Tell me so I can help.

You need to get away.

- Please tell me.
- Get away from me!

- I'm not the bad guy!
- Get away from me!

Caroline, step away
from Crystal.

- No!
- I agree with your husband.

What are you both nuts?

You're going to believe
that horrible man

over this poor girl?

She could be dangerous.

Crystal, listen to me.

You care about
these folks, right?

You and I need to go somewhere.

He's a man in black
flesh and blood.

When people claim
to be abducted by aliens,

some of them say
they were paralyzed.

I was not abducted.

I'm not lying.

I have no clue what to believe.

Maybe you're a listener
of my show

and decided to pull off
an elaborate hoax, I don't know.

He died here.

They killed him
and I couldn't stop it!

Where is he?
Why isn't he here?

Ridley, these portraits
were in my parents' house!

I swear I'm not making
any of this up!

Why are they here?

Okay. Okay.

Why don't you go back
to the truck?

We're leaving.

We'll have something
to eat, alright?

And then we'll sit down
and try to reason this through.

This mean anything to you?

I'm having a hard time
figuring out

what paranormal
bedroom invasions,

men in black, UFOs,

and British royal emblems
have to do

with an orphan girl from Texas.

Did you hear my phone just now?


Sir, you can't park your truck
here all day long.

Good thing I'm in a good mood.

Next time, you'll be towed.

Even with you two love birds
still sitting inside.



Have we been in this truck
the entire time?

You know the answer to that.

Why don't you just rent a room

instead of fulling around
in the truck all day?

You're going
to get yourself arrested.


What the hell, Ridley?

I've been trying to reach you
all afternoon.

Bring Crystal back
to Zane's place.

I'll meet you there.

I think I'm being haunted
by spirits or something.

You just don't want to say it
to the others out loud.

You're a sharp girl, Crystal.

I just want to record video
and audio of you

meditating by yourself.

My equipment will detect
the entire spectrum

of the electro-magnetic
radiation surrounding you.

Just because human beings
can't see invisible light,

doesn't mean it isn't there.

People get sunburned
on the beach.

Now, if your eyes can tune in
to those frequencies,

it'll be like seeing
into a parallel dimension.

The objects and creatures
that share our space.

They just cannot be touched.

People say ignorance is bliss.

Maybe they're right.

Ignorance only works for people
not being chased

by sinister men in black cars.

Do you ever feel like you're
being followed or watched?

But then you turn around

and find yourself
completely alone?


Maybe it's time
we turn the tables.

Now, listen.

You're going to be alone
in the dark for a while.

But you will be safe.



If anything comes after you
in this world or the next,

just repeat to yourself:

I am with the great spirit.

Inside here and here.

What's with all
the ghostbusters equipment?

Well, we can't sit around
playing defense.

Eventually, whatever
is chasing Crystal

is going to get her.

Unless we identify it
and deal with it.

Here's one clue.

Funny, huh?

I found a British
royal code of arms

hanging in the room where
Crystal claimed that boy died.


What are you saying?
They never found the body?

The enemy's got to be
flesh and blood.

I mean, if they were ghosts,
why would they cover the tracks?

Why clean up
evidence at the crime scene?

They're human.

I wouldn't be too sure
about that.

Have a look at this.

It's from the static recording
from last night.

Notice the time in that video?

Have a look at this.

The HAARP facility in Alaska

was active exactly the moment
we received the phone call

from a so-called Mr. Cruel.

Now, I bet if we timed all
the weird stuff happening

to that girl,

it would correspond exactly
to the spikes on this graph.

What about today?

Crystal and I lost 10 hours
of time this afternoon.

We have no memory
of what happened.

We may have been abducted.

You're suggesting that aliens
abducted both of you

in broad daylight

at a diner?

There it is. HAARP spikes today.

At 1:11, 2:22, 4:44,

and 11:11,
just before I called you.

All corresponding
with the memory losses.


This huge conspiracy you guys
have concocted is insane!

The government would be
hounding a poor orphan girl

using a quarter billion dollar
facility in Alaska?

I mean, you guys
are going off the deep end.

I found this in Crystal's
suitcase that may be

the container that Cruel's
been looking for.

I think I know what's happening.

She's being used as a gateway.

It's an entity
from a different dimension.

First, you guys are talking
alien abduction

and now it's
interdimensional beings?

Could make sense.

Aliens would have to travel
faster than the speed of light

to reach earth.

By definition, it would make
them interdimensional.

They're spirits.

Oh, of course!

Spirits are operating
a top secret government, uh,

a government facility to torment
a poor little orphan girl.

What next? What next?
Bodily possession?

Perhaps we should get
a Catholic priest in here.

No, no, no. Better.

We should burn some sage brush

and waft the smoke
around Crystal's head

and get rid of all
the negative energy.

Surely that would stop
the man in black.

- Oh, would you shut up already?
- He's got a point.

Let's suppose that aliens
are abducting people for real.

- But why her?
- Maybe she was bred for it.

Part of a bloodline.

No one
is available to take your call.

Please leave a message.

Hi, Lyra. It's me.

Really missed you today.

Some really interesting
developments here.

Call me back.

No! No! No!

No! Please!

What's wrong?

Have you forgotten
your childhood friend?

This is Ridley Kay

welcoming all our devoted
listeners to another night

of strange happenings
and unexplainable phenomenon.

I'm afraid my guest
Coslov couldn't be here tonight.


she's busy.

The funny thing
about being a host

of a paranormal radio show

is the wide diversity
of experiences people

bring to the table.

Think about what that truly
means for a second.

Last week,
we discussed HAARP and secret--

...involving the
earth's atmosphere.

Before that, we explored above
top secret government programs.

And then, it was demonic
possessions and exorcisms.

Secret bloodlines of the elite.

And on, and on, and on.

How can these various theories
be true all at the same time?

All my guests were people
who're deeply convinced

they experienced something real.

We're all living in that
ancient Hindu parable

taught to us in school.

We're all blind in trying
to describe

an elephant in the room
by touching it.

A blind man touches the tail

and says the paranormal
is like a rope.

Another blind man
touches the trunk

and says the paranormal
is like a tree branch.

And then humanity fights over
which version is correct.

Is there anyone looking
with eyes open?

Is there anyone
who can see the whole elephant?

Please call me. Please.


Crystal, are you awake?

I'm sorry.

I didn't believe you.

It's alright.

It's alright.

You're safe now.

East of the Rockies.
You're on Shadow House.

Good evening.

You sound familiar.

This is the voice of the master,
you young amateur.

Welcome back.

I can't describe
the whole elephant,

but I may be able to give you
another tiny piece.

Well, I suppose that's the best
we can hope for.

Actually, I saw an extremely
interesting relic.

This little idol?


A young lady had it.

She called the show
last week begging for help.

Yes, I remember her.

What is this object?

That is a statue of an ancient
Samarian god Enki.

Don't know anything about him.

Oh, but you do.

You and all your listeners do.

- Really?
- There's more to this

ancient character
than meets the eye,

but ancient cultures have
a long history

involving strange abductions.

It's a little hard
to make out what you're saying.

You find very similar stories

about shape-shifting
non-physical entities

who abduct people
from all over the world.

Fairies in Scotland
and Ireland,

the strigoi in Romania,
and Eastern Europe,

the yokai in Japan,

Rakshasa in India

They even exist
in Native American culture.

Enki is one
of the original names

for the fallen angel
that we call Lucifer.

Are you implying
that ancient aliens

were perhaps spiritual in nature
rather than extraterrestrial?

Ask you friend White Path
about that.

Are you still there?
Are you there?


Can you hear me?

You can't keep
Crystal locked up forever.

It's obvious this...

this man in black,
this Alister Cruel

can track Crystal's movements.

He must be using
some kind of tracking device.

An implant or a chip.

You wanted to run.

Get the bug out of her.

Get her away from here
with no one seeing.

We give the girl some cash.

She'll be free as a bird
if we get her far enough away.

And how exactly will we get
an implant out of her?

I worked as a nurse
for 20 years.

I can do that.

No. I saw we make contact
and we record it.

Find a way to give them
what they want

without giving them her.

Then we expose it to the public.
That would protect Crystal.

I get it! Finally, I get it!

You don't care anything
about this girl.

She's just a way for you
to find the truth

with a capital T.

It's your dream come true,
ain't it?

It's your once
in a lifetime opportunity.

I care more about Crystal
than you know.

Yeah? Well, she's a little
young for you, don't you think?


I like Zane's idea.

Are you sure you want
to go ahead with this?

Okay, can you stretch your arms
out for me?

Look at the back
of her neck, numbskull.

Something's transmitting.

I can feel a tiny lump.

What would you know about that?

Didn't you ever watch X-Files?

Miss McAllister, you need
to be very careful.

It's extremely close
to her spine.


Okay, can you take her hair
for me, please?

There, too.



Okay. You sure you're ready?

Okay, here we go.


Can you feel that?

It feels so weird.

Here it is, honey.

Got it!

Oh, god!

There we go. Good girl.

Brave girl.

'Atta girl.

I'll be praying
real hard for you.


Take care of yourself.

I wish I had parents like you.

My little girl disappeared
a few years ago.

It was lovely to have
a young lady in the house again.

- Here.
- Nah.


Don't take it if you're going
to accidently shoot

your balls off.

We're going to figure this out.

I promise.

So Mexico.

Crossover at El Paso
to Matamoros.

Exactly what I was thinking.

They're activating HAARP again.

Cut the lights, quick!

Okay, take the next right.

It's a short cut.
Let's lose this guy

and stay off the freeway.

I told you.
I'm not leaving your side.

God almighty.

Would you let me have my way
just for once?

This thing is bigger
than all of us.

Stay with your sister
for a spell.

I love you,
that's why I got to stay.

I love you, too,
that's why you have to go.

What the hell?

Probably shit it out
in a few days.

Can I turn the
head lights on again, please?

I could drive a lot faster.

Son of a--


Shit! Shit! I hit someone!

I saw him go under
to the truck!

There's blood on the front!

Crystal, where are you going?
Come back!

Wait here
and I'll bring her back.

Come back here!


We should go back.

Who are you?
Alister Cruel?




This place is evil.
We can't stay here.

Come back with me.


I'm here. Let me help you.


Crystal? We need to leave now.

You don't understand?

He's trapped here
because of me.

I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

I didn't mean to.

I have to free him.

Crystal, there's no one here.

No! Crystal, stay away from him!

That's not Malvin.
It's a ritual site. Stop!


What's wrong, Ridley?

Did you forget all about me?

Didn't I tell you?

I'd be coming back for you.


You've been such a bad boy.

Didn't I tell you never
to talk about these things?

But you just couldn't
keep your mouth shut,

could you?

You just had to go
and broadcast it to the world.

Who are you guys working for?

And what the hell
are you talking about?

What do you want
with that poor girl?

Will your kind ever learn?

Some things are simply
beyond your understanding.

Every child should know
its limitations.

But you keep on
overstepping yours.

So now, I'm going
to have to punish you.

Aren't I, Sam?

What the hell
are you talking about?

Stay back!

I don't want any trouble.

This gun is loaded.

♪ The monarch flies
Across the sky ♪

♪ To meet the angel
And his harp ♪

♪ To sing the world
A lullaby ♪

♪ To stop the beating
Of its heart ♪

Who the hell are you?

You'd just shoot your own mom?

How could you?

After all
I've done for you?

Who the hell or what are you?


I want you to keep away
from that girl.

I'm going to give you
what you need.

Crystal's the container.

Crystal, no!

Good girl, Crystal.

My darling!

You did just fine!

Now, finish him!

Look, what do you guys want?

Why are you doing this?

Crystal, you don't have
to do this.

You're not a killer.

Surely you noticed
the butterflies.

You knew what Crystal was
right from the start.

We told you. We always tell
everyone the symbols

are everywhere.

It was you who took
my daughter, too!

You bastard! What did you do
with my baby?

You're breeding people
so you can possess them.

That explains the abductions.

The blood lineages
through the ages.

Pulling the strings
of the people

inserted as leaders.

If it's any consolation,

Crystal wasn't the killer.

We simply placed
something inside her.

Something we nurtured
and grew.

Where did you come from?

What do you want from us?

We've always been here.

Since before your kind,

we watched as you settled.


wanted what we've always wanted
from every one before.

Just that you'd live your life
as you would normally.

Just do what seems natural
and easy,

the path is wide and welcoming.

It is already beneath your feet.

You just have to walk it.

To enjoy it.

You're a part of this anyway.

Every human being,
whether you know it

or not.

I am with the great spirit.

I am with the great spirit.

I am with the great spirit.

I am with the great spirit.

I am with the great spirit.


Remember my
grandfather's stories.


Who asked you to speak,
feather head?

The lords of darkness!

You're free from them!


Deny it in your body!

You are with the great spirit.
You are with the great spirit!

- You are with the great spirit.
- I am with the great spirit!

White Path!

Don't die on me, god dammit.

She belongs to me!

I will visit you again soon.

You be a good little boy.

It's Cherokee Hope-hope.

Crazy shame, and I thought
I'd lost you, buddy.

What's that?

Uncle Sam.

Where's Crystal?

What'd you do with my buddy?

Am I under arrest?

You going to charge me
with anything?

Are you simply going
to make me vanish?

Who the hell are you?

Yo, dude. You hear me?

What kind of game
are you guys playing?

What the hell is this?

I know all about you spooks.

You're trying to read
my mind, aren't you?

Not getting into my head, pal.

You need to get some sleep, son.

Nightmares keeping you
awake at night?

What the hell
did you do to me?

That's it?

Thanks for nothing.

Son of a--

Back in the 1930s,

Albert Einstein
tried to create

a grand unified theory
of everything.

One single equation
that would explain

all of the seemingly
contradictory forces in physics,

time, space, gravity,
and electromagnetism.

Maybe that's what we need today.

One big theory that proves
all of the paranormal together

maybe everything
is somehow connected.