Crystal Swan (2018) - full transcript

In 1990s Belarus, a wanderlust young DJ is derailed by a typo in a forged US Visa application, forcing her to a backwater village where she is determined to fake her way to the American dream.

Hey clown, where's your circus?

What a freak!

What the hell is taking so long?

Can I rehearse my statement with you?

Go ahead.

Do I need proof that I own
my apartment?

One second.

They'll ask for an employment
verification letter.

What did you study? I have a law degree.

Tell them that. And come up with
some plausible reason for your trip.

Maybe based on your major?
Find a human rights museum to visit?

What happened?

She checked my employment letter
and said if I'm spending

my annual salary on the ticket,
then I’m not coming back.

And what did you say? Ah, fuck them!

Put the coat on the hanger,
not the floor.

Did you hang your coat?

Where did you put my college diploma?

When you come home,
you hang your coat by the door.

Where’s my diploma?

One should stay in her motherland.

It's not there.

You come in,
you put your coat on the hanger.

Buy cheese, margarine, vegetables.

And potatoes. But not last season’s.

I don’t have time.

Here! I’m throwing you the money!

Did you hear me about
the potatoes and margarine?

Do you think ten kilowatts is enough?


Does anyone sell employment
verification letters around here?

I don't know. What for?

I need it for my visa for the States.

Ask your mother to do it.

Alik, baby, museums don’t pay enough
to impress the US Consulate.

I have to show a “strong connection
with my place of residence”.

I could whip it out
and show them my salami.

They won’t be impressed.

I need proof of a nice job,
help me please.

And who will make flyers
for the party?

Techno is a vibration, got it?
Not your shitty house music.

- Yes...
- Yes? Grass in your ass.

If they sold official letterheads
here, I could have dodged the army.

Better than selling grandma’s dacha.

- The bribes are that high?
- Yes.

Dear friends, just look at our...

...unique collection of crystal!

A world of sparkling, colorful...

Do you need a chamber-pot?

Lady, have you ever seen
a salad bowl?

My mistake. Where is this from?

From our factory. That’s how
they pay our salary. In vases.

Can I buy factory letterhead from you?

Do you know we export our product
to France?

They attach their labels
and sell it for a lot of money!

And what about buying your
official factory letterhead?

Ask our accountant.
He's in the red Adidas over there.

Seller's voice:
Dear friends, just look at our...

...unique collection of crystal!

Two hundred thousand.

Sure, it’s better to spend money
to get high.

You sound like your mother.

You're hilarious.

Come on, Alik, I’ll pay it back.


- It looks a bit smudged.
- No one complained. Hide it.

Thank you.

Come to Belka-Strelka party,
the best techno in town.

Is this a new record?

This is like Bach compared
to your house music.

- House is freedom...
- You don't even know how to mix!

- Let's get high.
- Once was enough for me.

- It was just a bad trip.
- It's the opposite of freedom.

- Freedom differs. Read Castaneda.
- I did.

Let's get high.

Come on, Alik. I need to fill out
the application. It's important.


You see the phone number here?
Does it end with two fours?

Will they check? No idea.

- Two fours.
- Hold it like this.

Ok, I'm writing down two fours.

Maybe it’s good the letterhead number
is smudged.

Get high at the "Belka-Strelka" party!

Hi! Hello, dear.

The Belarusian partisans contributed...

to the struggle against
German fascist invaders.

The task of the partisan movement
was to create intolerable conditions

for the fascists...
Quiet, please.

“The following document confirms
that Evelina Soroka is employed..."

Here we see some of the combat weapons
of that time,

as well as household items.
Please do not touch the exhibits.

I entered your phone number on
my visa application by mistake.

Who is this?

Hey, kid, give the phone
to your mother. Hello?

Belka Strelka party.

Hello, I'm from
the national television,

and I'm conducting
an internal investigation.

We need to find a caller’s address
by his phone number.

He is an experienced hooligan with
a long history of prank phone calls.

I insist you help us
with our investigation.

They didn’t give me the address,
assholes! Goddamnit!

Judging by the phone number,
it's in a town called Crystal.

- Just call the number.
- I called, I’m not stupid.

A kid picked it up, seems like
an apartment, they screamed...

...for some Kostya, then stopped
answering the phone altogether.

If your visa gets denied once,
it's no use applying again.

They keep a record. Some people
even change passports - no use.

Let’s just kill everyone
at that number.

Americans won't call until tomorrow.

Let’s go to that town and make
a deal with someone in person.

You’re coming too, it’s your fault
I put a fake number.

Everything will change after
the party tomorrow.

Alik, c'mon, nothing
ever changes here. Never!

It's your fault!

This universe will cease to exist!

Giorgio Armani.

Is it possible to get paid
in advance?

Not before we sell it.

Here, read the rules.

Then I'll sell at the flea market,

Giorgio Armani will be gone
in five minutes.

Go for it.

Thank you! Presents from China for you.

No need.

- Hеllo!
- Hello!

- Your mom is still out.
- Ok.

Hello? Hello my dear!

I just got in. Same old.

Velya hasn't found a job,
everything is on me.

There are no jobs anymore,
even for those with experience.

We didn't have these problems
in the Soviet Union.

Now we got what we fought for.

She parties. Sleeps all day,
dances all night.

Whatever's left of her brains is lost.

What a waste, all I sacrificed
for her.

What do you mean, “love her”?

She steals money from me,
sells my things. What love?

She's just like her father... a waste.

She’s a DJ, you know?

I understand there are no jobs.
So then find yourself a man!

But no, I'm the one cleaning up
her mess. All she does is sleep!

I’m trying to stay calm.

Clear the flow of my prana,
I meditate.

The important thing
is to feel your spine.

Let it flow like a river.

Hi Lenok – long time, no see.
You got knocked up again?

I've gone domestic.
What's up with you?

I'm going to America. Seriously?

Yeah. I'm gonna be
a big DJ over there.

Lenok, do you need a jacket?
It kicks ass.

No. I can't even look at it.

My girlfriend brought it from Germany.
It doesn't fit me.

Where do I have the money?
I could barely pay the cover.

Fine. But take pity on your baby
and quit smoking.

Alik, let's go. It's dead here.

Careful, I just washed the floor.

Want to buy this?

It's imported from Italy.

Ah, to be young again.

How much?

- One ticket to Crystal town, please.
- No seated tickets.

Then one standing.

- Did you beg in front of a church?
- No, in a bathroom.

Excuse me.
When do we get to Crystal town?

There's an information desk
at the post office.

Next to the grocery store.

Krasnaya street, 20.

Cool! Thank you for the address.
You absolutely saved me.

Excuse me,
is this building number 16?

- Is apartment four in this entrance?
- You're also going to Alya's?

Yes... Let me help you.

Hi, Vera. Take the package from her.

- Angela. Have a look!
- Coming.

It doesn't work.
She looks like a Mickey Mouse.

Try the other one.

- Yes, this one works.
- This is the one.

- Mom. Where do I put these? Mom!
- Bring it to the balcony.

It's gorgeous.

I'm sorry to bother you, but I need
to talk to you about something.

The length works... I like it a lot.

That's much better.

Alright ladies, let's wrap it up.

- Who is that?
- She a friend of Alya's.

Kostya! You've promised me dollars.

Honey, why did you sit down?
Give us a hand.

Don't even think of coming
in here, Kostya.

Hello everyone.

Why is Stepan acting this way?
Did you two get into a fight?

They'll sort it out.

7 o'clock tomorrow. Bye!

- Bye aunt Alya.
- Bye.

The women gotta get back to
the factory, the lunch break is over.

Come back tomorrow at 5, ok?

Hello. I'm Evelina.
You can call me Velya.

You scared me.

I tried to talk to you before,
but you were busy.

I put your phone number
on my visa application by mistake.

- I’m going to America...
- You're not Vika's friend?

No, I'm Velya.
If the US Embassy calls you,

I just want you to confirm
that I'm a manager.

- Who?
- A manager.

Manager? You walked
in here like it's your home.

Is everyone in America like this?

I'm not American. I'm from Minsk.
I just want to make sure...

...when your family picks up the phone
they’ll know what to say.

Why didn't you write down
your own number?

Manage your own affairs. Incredible!

All you have to do is answer...

Or I could wait by the phone myself.

I won't bother you at all.
Just from 9 to 5.

I need to take my mother out
of the country. She’s sick.

Stop shouting.

We have a wedding the day
after tomorrow.

I don’t give a damn
about your America-Shmamerica.

I have a million things to do.
Get out of here.

On the wall: "Entrance to the factory
with large bags is prohibited".

Оur Vika will be
the most beautiful bride!

Well, hello.

Hi, there was
some miscommunication...

Who's that?

A beautiful lady with a suitcase.
Kostya, get out of here.

You show them the door,
and they come in through the window.


Mom said you wrote
about us to America?

I just happened to put your number
on a visa application.

Mihalych, come to lunch!

Can I help? No need.

Why isn't there a ring tone?
Can you check if the phone works?


America must be pretty amazing.

You're really going to America?

You going to Disneyland?

I'm not going to Los Angeles.
I'm going to Chicago.

What's there?

There's a cool music scene.

I don’t think we paid the bill.

- Any luck?
- Nothing.

- Are you serious?
- You won't like the answer.

I'll go and pay then.

Hi, I'd like to pay this phone bill.

You have to pay at window number one.

We couldn't do this over there?

I don't make the rules,
but I know how to follow them.

Can you restore service today?
It's extremely urgent.

There's a wedding...

What planet are you from? The fastest
it will happen is tomorrow.

- Hello?
- Alik, it's me. It's Yura.

- Where's Alik?
- Left for Latin America.

Very funny. Would you be a lifesaver
and send me money for a return ticket?

To the post office.

He's... I've got nothing.

Alik, it's you! Stop messing with me!

Velya, I know you're here.

Tamara Valerevna,
how's your karma today?

Is Velya here?

She disappeared yesterday,
not even a phone call...

...didn't buy groceries,
packed some clothes. Is she here?

It's just me and you.

By the way, you need any help
at the museum?

I have no budget until January.
Where could she be?

Maybe she went to America?

A person should stay
in her motherland.


Empty words for you.
But Belarus is our karma.

The people who visit my museum
are overwhelmed with our beauty,

our history.

The only thing your generation wants
is somewhere else, something foreign.

You're not dying from hunger,
it's enough.

Loving your motherland is
a spiritual practice.

Stop making demands
and start contributing.

Want some love?

- What?
- Want to make love?

Think about it!

I could really help out at the museum.
I could give tours.

Just look at our unique collection
of crystal!

A world of sparkling marvels perfect
for special occasions...

Hey lady, you want to buy
sunflower seeds?

Are you working here now?
I was passing by and here you are.

I took care of the bill.

I hope they'll turn it on
the service tomorrow.

- Who answers the phone at your house?
- No idea. I’m almost never at home.


I just thought you could answer calls
for me, but if you’re too busy...

Yeah, I'm busy. Are all you Minsk
princesses so formal?

- I don't have to be.
- Then don't.

I just really need someone answer
the phone and confirm...

...what I wrote on that form.

I’ll talk to my mother. You can sit
by the phone and do it yourself.

When are they gonna call?

That’s the problem.
Anytime today or tomorrow.

I've got no place to spend the night.

Give me a drink,
‘cause I’m so hungry.

You can crash at the local motel.

- You have one in town?
- Yeah, not far.

Here, take the money for the bill.

I wanted to pay.
I’ll be imposing on your family.

Quit it. I'll ask my friend at the motel.

He probably won’t charge a lot,
just to buy some booze.

Thank you.

Vikulya, are you checking out
your new bedroom?

Kostya is still upset he lost it
when Stepan got back from the Army.

...he runs, squats, and seriously
pretends he's a train,

like “choo-choo-choo!”

Did you also bully new recruits?

The rules in the army are the same as
in prison.

First I also had to do what
the old guys told me.

You don't want to get labeled a bitch.

- Why not?
- You don't want to know.

I had a classmate who went
to the army.

They bullied him there so bad,
he committed suicide.

That rarely happens.

If you follow the rules,
you don’t get bullied.

If you screw around, you are a bitch.

Look, we used to have rules
in this country.

Then everything changed
and the rules are worth shit.

My mother worked at that factory
for twenty five years,

and she lost her hearing.

She should be getting a pension now,

No pension, no nothing.

What happened to the rules
all of a sudden?

Twenty five years of work and
they tell her to sell the crystal... the highway. I’m closing up.

Lena, dear, my relative is in town
for the wedding.

I'm just showing her around...

Show her somewhere else.

Kostya! Wash your hands!

- Isn't the store closing?
- You’re right, I’ve gotta run!

We'll watch the place for you.

Is he getting vodka?

What makes you think so?
Maybe he fancies a fine port wine.

You Minsk folks might chug vodka,
but we're more cultured here.

We're responsible, quiet people.
We make a promise and we keep it.

- We don’t run off to America.
- And I do.

- Are you offended?
- No.

Sure, how could you be offended
by such country simpletons?

Isn’t your bride looking for you?

Isn’t your American fiancé looking
for you?

That's why all of you run off, right?
Because we want to fuck for free here.

And we go crazy for vodka.

Much better to keep away
from our type.

- You think that's why I'm going?
- What is it then?

You know nothing about me.

Maybe I want to live in the country
where I can be myself.

Dress how I want, say what I want,
think what I want.

- With nobody bothering me.
- How dramatic.

Maybe I want to get my sick mother
out of here, ok?

Relax. That’s all you had to say.
It's all good then.

You act when everyone has given up
around here.

I'm not used to people like you.

I was right about his drink of choice.

Maybe we could split it
three ways then.

Drink without me. I'm tired.

- What time you coming over tomorrow?
- 9 am.

The net is empty, let’s detonate it.

No finishing for us tonight.

- Is the factory open next week?
- Two days.

Hi! Long time, no see.


Great, just what we needed.

Don't even say it.
Acting like she’s right at home.

Kick her out. Hell, I'll do it myself.

I don't want Vika to find out.

She keeps everything to herself
and that’s no good.

Excuse me, Alya.
I'm going back to the post office.

They haven't turned on the phone.

It's still dead?
Should I go over there?

What chivalry! Where is the fish?

You and your father were out
all night, and caught nothing.

Some fishermen! Incredible...

- Do you need help?
- Why don't you wash the floors?

My floors are clean.

But your dear Vika moves
in the day after tomorrow.

She'll want to call you, but how?
The phone is off. Let her fix it.

I'll be quick.

- Where is Vika?
- Mani-pedi. Pampering.


Hello, am I speaking
with the factory manager?

Listen up, “manager”!
Just keep us out of this!


I was about to call the police.
Where are you?

I'm in Crystal. A town called Crystal.
You should be happy. Or not.

I need to stay here for a bit.
I'm getting a job.

Where is the money I gave you
for food?

I spent it on the bus ticket.

What are you thinking?
We don’t even have money for food now.

I'll pay you back as soon as I can.

Lying, again! I'm so done with you.

We have nothing to eat
and you're lying...

Tattoo says "Bitch".

Woodpecker, speed it up!

I'm working as fast as I can. Maybe
you should’ve cried for help earlier.

One more word, and you’re dead.

Four of us will bend you over
and burn the same tattoo on your ass.

- You drawing a bullet?
- Yeah... make it less obvious
you’re covering something.

- But it's up to you.
- Ok, let's do it.

But if you tell a soul about this,
I'll fucking kill you, got it?

I'm nobody's bitch.

- Why did they do it to you then?
- None of your business!

They were wasted.

They're the real bitches.

Kostya! Did you ask them about tables?

Do you have two AA batteries
by chance?

Maybe, maybe not.

why didn’t you get any fish?

Quiet. River police spooked them.
Maybe tonight.

No "maybe". You must.
I need fish for the aspic.

Here, mix this since you’re here.
Until the sugar stops...

- Stops what?
- Crunching. Let's go.

That's all. My shift is over
for today.

Can I borrow the tape?

The war walked through the city twice.

Minsk was almost completely destroyed
over the course of World War II.

Witness the devastated city shortly
after it was liberated... the summer of 1944...

The VCR is broken! Yeah!

Where are you going? Come back here!

You can come back to the museum...

...and finish watching the film
next week.

Alik, fix the player.

When you pass by the grocery
on Lenin Street,

buy me some margarine, cheese,

...and potatoes - but
not last season's.

Done and done.

Pull it.

- Let me hold it...
- Let me hold you!

Sergey, you're such an ass.

Help me decorate over here.

Twist it somehow.

- Couldn't you do this yourself?
- Nope, I don't have tiny hands.

Sergey is such a loser.
He’s an animal.

- Why don't you go screw a swan?
- Screw your own swan.

- Such is life.
- Looks good? - Lovely.

Sleep carefully tonight.
I don't want you ruining it.

This is a good hairspray, Natasha.

An Arab bride waxes her entire body
before the wedding.

Not a single hair left. Like a snake.

- What about shaving?
- Don't listen. We're not Arabs yet.

In Italy they hang out the bed sheet.

We'll hang our Japanese flag too.
Right, Vika?

My turn.

Could you fix these naughty hairs
in the back?

I came back from the Army
two months ago.

We filed for a wedding license
right away.

That's fast.

It’s like skydiving, deploy
the parachute or die.

When you're in it,
there is no choosing.

No choice to marry or not.

That makes no sense.
You're either a free man or not.

You can make choices,
or follow someone else's rules.

And imitate a choo-choo train
for someone.

For who? Whoever tells you what to do.

You think you're so smart?
Have you met my Vika?

Maybe she is smarter than you.
She doesn't just blather on.

You say something and I respond.

You just don't like what I have
to say.

Everyone has to agree with you.
You found the perfect wife then.

Maybe a man just needs to talk
without having... hear all this crap
about freedom.

Listen, who's taking care
of your mother now?

Let's change the subject.

- Your father?
- I'm sick of this weather.

Or maybe you have a boyfriend.

I don't want any
"strong connections".

What the hell? Translate.

A "strong connection"
with a place of residency.

In America, they respect
your personal liberty.

Even if you're a kid, parents knock
before they come in.

You even have your own room.
Amazing, right?

So why aren't you working
as a lawyer?

Don't start. My mom is enough.

Where have you seen the law here?

That’s what I’m saying.
We had one law in the army, our own.

And everything worked fine.
Everybody knew their place.

We have our own laws here.

The cops don’t get involved,
because we solve problems ourselves.

- Sleeping Beauty awakes!
- Can you give us the key?

Are you going to sleep?
Can I hang at yours for a bit?

Thank you.

Hey man, do you have some tea?

My mother said go to trade school,

you’ll get a factory job like
a normal person.

Where's normal? My classmate went
to jail while I was in the army.

Should I get water for tea? Sure.

What was that?

It's 8 pm, that's my father
and Sergey stunning the fish...

Listen, space why don’t you just
take off your clothes?

You're in bed already. I'm just tired.

I guess I didn’t get that.

Hello. More guests!

Vika, let's go.

They won’t even serve us tea here.

I didn't lay a finger on her.
Don't start.

It's not like I wasn't wearing pants
when you came in.

Come on,
we're getting married tomorrow.


Your father and Sergey got caught
by the district river police.

Thank God they didn't get you.
Let's go, we have to get them out.

It doesn't work like that
with the district police.

Maybe you should ask this girl
from the capital, Velya.

She's a lawyer.

Maybe she’ll know what to say.

What are the grounds for the arrest?

My clients did not use TNT.
Where are the witnesses?

What evidence can you provide that
would link my clients to the crime?

Have you discovered
explosive materials?

What the hell are you doing here?
Who are you?

Me? I’m a lawyer.

And a family friend.
I'm helping them out.

You know that Alevtina Razykina
is a disabled veteran?

- And they have no prior offenses.
- What do you want from me?

I’m doing my job.

They’ll be prosecuted according
to the law.

We will file a report...

Their son is getting married tomorrow.

Everyone's getting married!

- Did you study in Minsk?
- What does it matter? I studied.

I'm helping them out.
They're good people with no means.

I don't care about their means.

Maybe in Minsk everything
can be bought and sold, but not here.

Get out of there!

- That's not what I meant.
- I know exactly what you meant.

You’re just visiting... You drink,
eat, celebrate, and leave.

But I grew up here.

You know how many fish there were
to catch...

...with just a simple rod and reel?

Before they ruined the lake
with their TNT.

They catch five fish in the dark,
and the rest of the fish is floating,

rotting, polluting the waters.

How about that?

- It's awful.
- Idiots!

- Monsters!
- Morons! - Pigs! - Exactly!

- Lock them up!
- And we will!

- Punish them!
- And we will!

But not these people.
These people are innocent.

Where would they
even get explosives from?

They get paid in crystal.

My mother is sick. What's wrong?

Her heart.

She lost her job and got sick.

That's awful.

The things I do for you people.

Velya, you're some actress!
Come at nine and watch the phone.

And come to our wedding celebration

Sure thing!

Vika, can I have some gum
to fix my heel?

You're mad at the wrong person.

- See you tomorrow.
- You wish! I'm not going home.

Don't start. We're just dropping
her off at the hotel.

I said I'm coming with you.

Enough with this shit, Vika. Sweetie!

What are you doing
going out all night?

Your party is tomorrow. Keep walking.

Vitya, wake up!

Stop knocking. He can't hear.

Get out of here!

He's asleep, or he left.

Let’s go to our place,
and you can crash there.

Are you sleeping?

Sorry. I wanted to talk.

Thank you for your help. No problem.

Listen... I honestly respect you.

Maybe I didn't understand you
back there.

I have a question.

Don't you wish that we were...
together... right now?

Ok, you don't have to answer.

Did you do all this
for the phone call?

Or for your mother?

I lied about my mother.

She is as healthy as an elephant.
An Indian elephant...

So you lied...

Look, I'm really tired. Can I sleep?

I really want you right now.

What about your rules?

Your bride waited for you
for two years.

- Would you wait?
- I don't know.

Kiss me.

You hate me that much?
Do I smell?

Or it's because we're not Americans,
and we draw our own dollars.

- You're getting dressed?
- Yes.

Get undressed.

- Are you sick?
- Get undressed and shut up!

- I'm gonna call Alya right now.
- She's as deaf as a doorpost.

- Alya!!!
- Quiet!

How about I don't let you answer
the phone?

Sit here for a bit.
Mihalych will get up soon.

I'm going home.

- What? I can't hear you.
- I want to go home.

It's Friday. If they call,
they call today.


Mom, where should I take this table?

To the courtyard.
And the big tables too.

Michalych, get up!

We were told there's a patient
with a severe case of... love.

Is that you?

- That’s him!
- Here is our patient!

Before we proceed, you need
to be disinfected!

Open your mouth! Help him out, boys.

- And witness?
- I can't I'm driving.

You look so pale!
You have to see a doctor.

But we all know health care
isn’t free.

How will you pay?

- Does this work?
- That is perfect, thank you!

Bring it down.

Vika, I love you!

I think you need to try again.

Unless, of course, your throat
is strained.

You can never disinfect too much.

Vika! I love you!

Despite all this help,
Vika still can't hear you.

This is no good. One more time!

Here she is!

Here is Vika, she’s your cure!

To the civil registry with hearts
so pure.

Come back soon!

We’ll continue the disinfection.

- You're on the air.
- Alik?

- Velya?
- What are you doing at my house?

- Waiting for you.
- What's going on?

Tamara Valeryevna and I are waiting
for you.

Are you high? Not at all.

I figured out what went wrong
with the "Belka-Strelka" party.

My karma is clogged up.
I'm a shitty conductor of energy.

I started to purify myself.

Come back, all three of us
will live together.


Alik, dinner is on the table.
Fresh cabbage soup, good for karma.

I picked it up from the motel.
Stepan asked me.

Thank you.

There are cassettes in the bag.
You wanna play them?

Sure... Why were you going through
the drawers?

I didn't take anything, Kostya.

There's nothing there.
I've checked before.

You aren't the only smart one here.

Are you gonna tell your mother?

Maybe, maybe not... What's in it for me?

And what do you want?

Tell me how I can help you.

Why did you fuck Stepan? I heard you.

Sweetheart, you’ll want to fuck
someone one day...

...and if you’ll hear "no"
it will mean "no".

It means you can't do it,
no matter how much you want to.

That's when you'll become a man,
and not a piece of shit and

an animal like your brother.

Do you want the tapes?

Would you buy them from me?
You have money, right?

I need to buy a ticket home.

Bitter! Bitter!
One, two, three, four, five...

I wish you happiness, health, wealth.

- And I wish for grandchildren!
- How about triplets?

I'd like a granddaughter.
There are too many boys around.

- It should be a boy!
- Don't argue with me! To your health!

Kostya! Are you sick?

Did you get drunk? Feeling better?

Son, how are you? And you...
did they call you?


Hello, harem!
My son-in-law can't be far.

You're so controlling.

There's a phone call for you.

Yes, the whore works here.
You'll love her tricks in America!

Attention everybody, striptease!

Every job should be paid. Take this.

Vika, it's for her services.
As a lawyer.

What, you think you didn't earn it?

Animal! Piece of shit! Bitch!


If it's bitter for the groom,
the bride will make it sweet! Bitter!


One, two, three, four...

- Hello.
- Good morning.


Someone called last night, but
they hung up before I could answer.

That wasn't for me.

- How are you?
- I'm hungover.

You want this?

They sell them in France
for crazy money, you know?

What do I need it for?

As a souvenir. Keep it.

I’m also getting the hell out of here.

I got the gift money from the wedding.

Put it away.

You'll need it.

Do you need a jacket by any chance?

It's Giorgio Armani.

Freedom! Freedom!