Crystal Sky of Yesterday (2018) - full transcript

Tu Xiaoyi, Yao Zhetian and Qi Jingxuan are high school students in a small town, Lanxi, in southern China. This is a story about dreams, friendship, family and first love in their youthful days.

-----Translated by loli-----

This is Lanxi,

where I was born and grew up.

I remember every railway station,

and every street here.

Every sunny day

and every rainy day.

We were around 16

at that time.

There weren't smart phones,

WeChat and Tik Tok.

The time was slow,

and the summer was long.

An old song was song again and again.

Some people ware remembered forever.

Xiaoyi Tu, please be realistic.

Who is still watching your light-tasted comics?

Comics should be heavy-tasted, understand?

Like domineering CEOs,

or royal dog golden retriever,

or coldness and arrogance.

You don't draw little wolf dogs. But you should draw little milky dogs at least.

Will you do it or not?

I will not invest on you,

if you still insist on your original comics.

When we grow up,

we can always act as others well,

only to lose ourselves.

So I often think of us at the age of seventeen.

Young and naive,

but simple and true.

Good morning, audience!

Today is September 1st, 1999,

there are only one hundred and ten days from the return of Macao.

On this sunny morning,

Let me share with you the "New Boy" by a new generation of singer Pu Shu.

Grandpa, I go to school now.

Be careful on the road.


Tofu balls are prepared.

Vendor, are my baozi prepared?

In a moment!

You are still playing! Old Chen is gonna kill you!

I'll fetch the baozi.

Hey, my baozi!

Wait for me, Xiaoyi Tu.

Come on!

Hurry up, it's ringing.

The average score at the end of the last semester is still among the last several ones.

Look at your scores!

You don't care about losing faces but I care!

You have to win the blackboard design back for me next!

Zhetian Yao

No matter the studies or the blackboard design competition,

you as the commissary in charge of publicity,

should make a good example.

And you!

Do you listen to me or not?

You are still laughing!


You are late at the beginning of the school, are you out of your mind?

Why don't you come after school?

Dare you sneak into the classroom in front of me!

How could you think up such a stupid idea!

You two, either read comics or play games.

The wind can blow you down at class.
(means sleepy)

The dog can't chase you after class.
(means go home quickly)

Which class are you in?

Are you deaf?

Do you think it's as casual as your home in shool?

How does your father teach you?


Oh, it's Jingxuan!

We'd better not be late in the future.

It's alright.

Let us try to pass Gaokao this year.
(Gaokao: college entrance examination)

Talk to me whenever you have any questions in the future.

Are you used to the last row?

Or I arrange the front rows for you?

I'm afraid you will not be used to it if I'm close to you.

Why do you still stand here? Don't you feel ashamed?

Go back to you seats and listen to the class!

It turns out that he is Jingxuan Qi.

Do you know him?

Who doesn't know him? He is the son of the director of Bureau of Education.

Mr. Chen

My mother wants me to focus on preparing Gaokao.

She doesn't want me to take part in the blackboard design.

Can I?


Gaokao is important.

But the class honor is important, too.

Xiaoyi Tu

Can you pass the Gaokao by drawing this stuff every day?

Zhetian Yao has to practice dancing every day,


so you help her with the blackboard design this semester,

while your drawing maybe useful.

Ah, OK, OK.

Wait a moment.

Your pencil.

Thank you!

Do blackboard design with Zhetian Yao,

You are blessed by the misfortune.

Shut up!

Tomorrow's glory is because of today's madness.

All remember!

In the next year,

You only have two things:


and other unimportant things.

Be quiet!

Class begins.

Those who interrupt the class again please come to my office after class.

Do you listen to me?



Class teacher Mr. Chen said,

there are only two things in our lives

during the whole year.


those unimportant people and things,

they are far more serious and clear than the gaokao

into my life.

Wait a moment, Zhetian Yao.


I want to discuss with you about the blackboard design.

Don't be so arrogant.

I'm afraid people will say we bully you because of two people against one.

We will let you have some shots.


Please wait for a moment here.

Let me put my dancing shoes back.


Hey, there.


Did you call me?

2 vs 2, is it fair now?

What 2 vs 2?

Why do you pass the ball to me?

Can you play basketball, little friend?

Enough talk.

Just pass the basketball.


Little friend

Thanks for help.

Just pass the basketball to me.

Hello, catch it.

Catch it.

Watch the back.

Here you are.

Just like this.

It's the last point. We can't let him get the score.

This side.

This side.

This side.

The basketball doesn't have eyes. It has nothing to do with me.

It's you who don't have eyes!

I'm fine.

He says fine. Let's continue.


It's the last point. Let me have a try.

We can't let him get the score no matter what.


I will eat the basketball if he gets the score.

Up to you.

Eat it.

Nice play. See you tomorrow.


I can't see that you can play basketball.

No, I only know how to draw.

Do your parents ask you to draw?

I only have grandpa.


I just like it. I draw like the comic books.

Like it?

I like it from childhood.

Do your family want you to be a painter?

A painter? I can't be a painter. I just like comic books.

Do you want to go to an art college?

I can't. My grades are so low.

Art colleges' standard are 200 points lower than normal colleges.

My grade is not enough either.


I envy you very much.

You like something from your heart.

I don't.


What did you say?

I mean...

You like something from your heart.

It's really good.

At that moment,

I knew I fell in love with someone.

A corner of my sky seems to be opened.

Shiny sunshine is poured in.


is awake like this.

Jingxuan Qi


wait wait


How about this?

I will do remedial teaching for you later.

Don't bother it.

No bothering. No bothering. remember to tell your father,

I don't charge for the remedial teaching.

Which doesn't violate the regulations

that the bureau of education made.


You are really thinking for the principal

even you are the class teacher of the last one.

I will tell my father that

it's really a pity that the teacher care fully about students like you

isn't the header of the bureau of education.

Ah no no no



Ah, Jingxuan

This is for your father by the way.

Why are you two still here?

Teacher, we are doing blackboard design.

Blackboard design?

Don't act as thieves when doing blackboard design next time.

Blackboard design.

Jingxuan Qi

Go away.

Jingxuan Qi

How can we make it? The inspection is tomorrow.

It's alright.

Let's try to clean it up.

I'll do it.

Let me do it.

Let's hurry to finish the rest.


Have a drink.


What do you want? Let me fetch the drinks for you.

-Bei Bing Yang. -Jian Li Bao.
(Two brands of drink)

-Then Bei Bing Yang. -Jian Li Bao is also OK.

Can you two have some tacit understanding?

-Yes, we can. -No, we can't.

What on earth do you want?


What do you think


What about drawing this on the blackboard?

What do you mean?

Draw this on the blackboard design.

Ah, are you sure Mr. Chen will not be crazy?

Isn't he crazy every day?

He cares noting except Gaokao.

Speaking of Gaokao,

I can help you with the lessons.

Help us with the lessons?

Don't...don't waste your time.

Alas, another Old Chen.

Who only cares about Gaokao.



Forget it. Let me show you some place.

The tower on the top of Dayunshan Mountain.


Hold on.


It's really high here.

Hurry up.

It's the first time that I see Lanxi standing this high.

It turns out that Lanxi is so beautiful.

Look at the clouds.


I have never been so close to the sky.

Alas, too bad.

Isn't it too late now?

My mom will blame me if she can't see me when she comes home.

Hey, Jingxuan Qi.

It's unsafe fort Zhetian Yao to you go home alone.

Let's walk you home, OK?

I don't know who is more unsafe.

What are you whispering about?

Do we?

Oh, you two have secret words.

Then I will wait for you.

No, we don't.

I said to Jingxuan Qi just now,

we will walk you home later.

It's we two together.

Is it right, Jingxuan Qi?

Jingxuan Qi.


Hey, Zhetian Yao, which university do you want to go to?

I don't know.

I may go to a business school.

Or study on the computer, or be a doctor.

I know few things about universities anyway.

It's strange to me wherever I go.

There are lots of universities for you to choose.

Is there any one that you like?

I don't know much about these universities.

How do I know I like it or not?

My parents said,

I can go to a good university to study a hot major

As long as I get high scores.

As for what it really is,


will arrange it well for you.

What are you still worrying about?




Why do you come?

They are my classmates from the dancing class.

Good evening, Madam.


Where is my dad?

Two students in his department made troubles because of the relationship.

He has to deal with the matter.

Students now...

don't study hard,

but think of other unimportant things all day.

It's late today.

They two?

They two walk me home by the way.

Ah, yes yes yes

You are welcome. You are welcome. Madam.

We are by the way.

I really forget to thank you.

Ah, are you from the dancing class?

We dance Yangge.
(A Chinese traditional folk dance)


It's late, Madam.

We go first.

Good bye, Madam.

Go go.

Did you say by the way just now?

This is...

Oh, we are this way, Madam.

This way.

Good bye, Madam.

They dance that dancing?

It can also have additional scores to Gaokao.

I wish I could find some information about the universities for Zhetian Yao.

Tian Tian, I have subscribed to all the magazines you like for a whole year.


Oh, Here I come.

Whoa, it's so cool.

Who drew this? It's so gifted.


It's much more interesting than the traditional student slogans.

Hey, do you watch Slam Dunk?

It's really worth watching.

Yes, I do.

I like Rukawa Maple very much!

Pffffft, boy crazy.

Ah, amazing.

The one outside is drew by you?

So cool!

Why do they draw a gorilla here?

This Xiaoyi Tu, don't study hard...

He just focuses on drawing bad things.

Origin of species. It's deep.

Mr. Chen, your class can finally get a first one award.


can't only be evaluated by scores.

I have always asked them to develop in an all-round way.

You are really good, brother.

Oh, you, come on.

Hey hey, be quiet.

The blackboard design of this period


has a few small features.

Keep on.


You need to pay attention that

The blackboard design must have a topic or it will be empty in spirit.

There should be more positive things.

You should try for the best

in the blackboard design of our school.

Everyone should seek for class glory.

I didn't choose the wrong person

for the blackboard design of our class.


Jingxuan Qi

Can you

Help me find some documents.

about the universities.

You stayed with Tiantian for just a few days.

Now you want to pass the Gaokao?

Shut up. Don't make trouble.

I was thinking,

don't you think that,

many people want to know more about universities, right?

Don't make trouble.

Where was I?


People must want to read it if we put it on the blackboard design.

By the way,

we can also

meet Old Chen's requirement.

What do you think?

You are making efforts on it.

T-r-y y-o-u-r b-e-s-t

Hey, even foreign stuff.

Are you listening to me or not?

You should think of yourself if you have this time.

Or we make a bet?

I will help you if you win.


Hey hey, Xiaoyi Tu.

You have no idea how good he is at playing this game.

Hey, will you play or not?

I will.

Hey, Xiaoyi Tu.

It's been ten years.

You finally remembered to call me.

Where are you?

I resigned.

I'm in Lanxi now.

When can we meet?



Wait a moment.

I will call you later.

Hello? Hello?


Jingxuan Qi.

Did you bring all of these?

So many.


Here, this is for you.



Thank you.

She gave it to me.

Yes, I have decided.

Just draw comics.

Have you chosen well?


Have a look.


I think we can introduce these universities on the blackboard design of this period.

What do you think?

Yes, I think it's good.

I think it's good too

Hey, Jingxuan Qi.

How dare you take a candid shot? Give it to me!

No way, give it to me!

Take a photo of me, too.

This is just a mock exam.

Everyone fails at exam from time to time.

Your failure at exam is just like my success at exam,

they are both accidents.

Gaokao can't have accidents in my parents' opinion.

They just want you to be better.

Want us to be better?

No, they are just for their own honor.

They never think of what we want.

You are blooding.

Let me see why the wound is so deep.

It will be infected if not wraped.

It doesn't matter.
It will be infected if not wraped.

It doesn't matter.


Don't bother.

Don't move.

I'm leaving.

You'd better wrap it.

You are really troublesome.

Jingxuan Qi

This guy

lost his temper again without any reason.

Let's go.

What are you drawing?

You are not angry now?

Someone left you a note.

A note?


I have no idea.

I found it around the blackboard design.

What university can I go if the score is 300?

Do you have any achievements?

You mean the blackboard design or the score?

Of course the blackboard design.

You only have a bit more scores than him.


You should make a message book.

A message book?


On the blackboard design.

Then you don't need a note next time.




The winter holiday is coming.

I will show you around.

We? With Zhetian Yao?


I have made the chance. You need to figure it out by yourself.

Didn't we go the wrong way?


We will arrive there after passing this slope.

You go first.


Why are you so heavy?

Come on! We are almost going downhill.

We are going downhill.

Why is Zhetian Yao still upstairs?


Hey hey

Did he go to the wrong place?

He may make a mistake to find his home but he won't make a mistake to find Yao Zhetian's home.

What are you looking at?

Call her now!



How do I call her?

Call her

like you always call Peanut.

Oh. Oh.

Wait a moment.

This is?

Hey, Peanut.

What are you doing?

He threw stones at me when calling me.

Let me find a stone for him.

Oh no.

Call her now!


Zhetian Yao.

Zhetian Yao.



Hey, I'm coming downstairs.

This one is good.

Hey, Peanut.

This way.



Come back early.

You girls need to pay attention to safety

when coming out.

Here, wear this too. It's cold outside.

It will be the Spring Festival after the Laba Festival.

We are going to spend the day counting the seconds

after the Spring Festival.


You need to say less.

Is everything under control if I don't say out?

Mr. old professor,

you even don't make remedial teaching for her.

Well well well

Come back early in the evening.

We will have a course review when you come back!

Go now.

Hey, come back.

OK now.

I'm coming. I'm coming.

Hey, aren't you cold?

Take my gloves.

What about you?

Oh, I'm fine.

I have others.

Jingxuan Qi

Aren't you cold?

Do you need to take my gloves?

Shut up.

I can put my hand in my pockets.

It doesn't matter.

Hurry up.


Come here.

You really don't need the gloves?

Shut up! Come here now!

OK, I'm coming.

Xiaoyi Tu, Jingxuan Qi is much more stable than you when riding a bike.

I think you should run after the bike.

Hey, I am speaking well of you.

You can't tell good from bad.
Hey, I am speaking well of you.

You can't tell good from bad.

How far is it?

What's the rush?

I'm afraid Xiaoyi Tu can't ride later.

You have too may words! Who can't ride?

I'm always in front of both of you, OK?

You watch out. Don't wet your shoes. It's cold.

It's okay. Don't worry.

Whoa, It's so beautiful here.

Hey, Jingxuan Qi, it's snowing.


Be careful. Zhetian Yao, let me help you.

The avalanches is coming!

Where are you?

I can't see anything.

Look at them both.

Hey, it's freezing here.

What are you dong. Peanut?

Slower, slower, slower.

Slower, you catch me!

Not too bad.

It doesn't matter.


So stupid!

I told you not to step on it.

We are here.

Whoa, we finally arrived.


Watch the road, be careful of the road under your feet.


You are back.

Good morning, madam.

Good morning.

Look at you.

You didn't tell me you will bring your friends back in advance.

I have nothing prepared.

Let me prepare for the lunch now.

Come in.

Is it quite far here?

Not far.

Come on!

Make yourselves at home!

Look, I have never seen this before.

You haven't? It's on TV quite often.

Let me try.

Don't brake it, Peanut.

Don't worry!

Hey, do it like me.


It's my fault. Don't chase after me any more.

Here you are.

Jingxuan, take dishes to the table.

OK, coming.

Don't touch it.

So delicious!

You steal to eat the dish again.

You are all hungry, right? This is good.

Sit down. All sit down.

These are all normal dishes at home.

Make yourselves at home. Eat more dishes.

You eat more, too, Madam.


Jingxuan Qi, we don't know you can cook.

There are plenty of things that you don't know.

This is delicious, this is more delicious, and this is delicious, too.

Jingxuan Qi.

Why does your mom live here?

It goes without saying that

his parents get divorced.

What's the matter?

He is right.

My dad left me and mom

when I was a little child.

He came back to do the divorce paperwork

and took custody of me

when I grew a little older.

He said it's all for my own good.

He also said that I would be a countryman forever

if I live with my mom.

I think the country is good, however.

Do you find that

his toys are all planes.

Those are past stuffs.

My mom always said I wanted to be pilot when I was a child.

Sure enough.

Look at this photo.

The hat is so big.

Do you really want to be a pilot?

Those are the ideas when I was a child.

I just wanted to be independent now.

So that I can help my mom.

I heard from my dad that

Every high school has a special recruitment for pilots every year.

You just need to pass the physical exam.

Really? Isn't it satisfactory for both parties?

Why not have a try?

Hey, look, Jingxuan Qi had a stupid figure like this!

Let me see. Let me see.

Let me see.

Look, how stupid!

How stupid!

Give back to me!
How stupid!

Give back to me!

Xiaoyi Tu, take it.

Goodbye, Madam.

Goodbye, Madam.

Goodbye, walk slowly.

Remember to have breakfast even you go to school in a rush.

Don't think of me.


Go slowly on the road.

Please go back, madam.

It's the first time that Jingxuan has brought friends back.

He knew good things well from childhood.

But the more good things he knew, the more I cherish him.

Because his parents owe him.

I really hope that friends like you can accompany him

wherever he goes.

Don't worry, we will accompany him forever.

Young us thought that

There is forever

if we have said forever.

It's like we can meet again

if we said goodbye.

Hey, are you leaving or not?

Coming, coming.

Where did you come from? You have scared me quite a lot!

Hey, wait a moment.

Why did you throw it in?

It's over. It's over. It's over

Well, what if she sees it?

If she sees it?

She must see it.

It's over. It's over. It's over.

Hey, let me smash it for you.

I am begging you...

Don't be so rough about everything, okay?

Then pray that she will accept you.


Do you have any normal ways?

Let's go.

Don't go.

You are the one who kill only but don't bury.

All pay attention please!

The inspection group of the Bureau of Education is coming soon.

All teachers and students please get full ready.

Let's welcome the inspection with best condition.

Let's try to get the honor for our school!

The inspection is coming!

Go back quickly! Behave normally!

How do you do, Mr. Chen.

Hey, I'm telling you.

What's this?

Zhetian Yao's mom came to Mr. Chen unexpectedly.

This way.

Director Qi

This way, this way.

We have already got the proof for extra points.

Zhetian Yao's scores are quite unstable recently.

I hope to cancel all her after-school activities.

Mr. Chen?

But she can't be absent from the municipal art performance.

What about the blackboard design?

The blackboard design?

Hey, Driector Qi.

How do you do, Mr. Chen?

Who is this?

Oh, she is the parent of Zhetian Yao in my class.

She is a university professor.

Ah, Jingxuan Qi is in your class.

So I am also the parent of your student, Mr. Chen.

It's not simple of this blackboard design.

The data are new and it's characteristic.

You are right, Director Qi.

It is designed by Zhetian Yao.

She is active in both studies and class work.

Jingxuan Qi is very excellent, too.

He plays basketball very well.

He has significant changes this semester.

No No. You flatter me.

It is you that teach him well, Old Chen.

Everyone in your class is versatile.

He can play basketball and dance Yangge.

Dance Yangge?

Director Qi

Ms Yao

Are you mistaken?

He said by himself.

Why can't I dance Yangge?

Director Qi

Shall we go to the meeting room? We are expecting you to hold the meeting.

This way, please.

Hey, Director Qi.


Ms Yao...

You are still watching around!

Listen up

You must still get the first one of the blackboard design.

Mr. Chen

Let me do the blackboard design alone in the future.

You do it alone?

Xiaoyi Tu

You didn't care much about studies,

but you care so much about the blackboard design.

I don't know what you are drawing everyday.


I finally figure out what's going on today.

Hey, it seems he is draw the figure of Zhetian Yao.

Good, well done.

I ask you to do the blackboard design.

It turns out that you are making such messy things.

Shut up.

Do you have any discipline?


Did you pay any attention to Gaokao?

Did you?

Mr. Chen


I asked Xiaoyi Tu to draw this picture for me.

I have never paid any attention to Gaokao.

I like making such messy things.

Can't I?

It's not OK whoever asked him to do it.

The Gaokao is approaching. Do you realize it?

How dare you?

Zhetian Yao

From today on,

You don't have to worry about the blackboard design.

Just focus on your scores.

And the art performance.

Come to fetch your exam paper when I call your name.

Bo Huang, Baoqiang Li, Shuqi Zhang.

Stop drawing.

Let's go.

To the games center.

Alright, you have to do it, right?

I will accompany you. I will leave tomorrow anyway.

It's true.

I have passed the pilot recruitment exam.

I will sign in tomorrow.

Please accompany me to the games center again before I leave.

Jingxuan Qi, you...

I will go, too.

I lose again.

Jingxuan Qi, are you serious?

Why not you have a try?

No, you play.

One more time.

You teach me how to play it.

What do you mean, Four-eyes?

You said to let me win one time.

What do you mean?

When I asked him to let me win?

Brother Qiang, it's a mistake. Mistake.


It's Peanut. Why is he here?

Say it again?


Hey, Xiaoyi Tu.

No wonder.

There are friends supporting you.

I will teach you a lesson together, do you believe it or not?

I Peanut take the duty alone.

Please don't find trouble for my friend.



Brother Qiang

The tall guy has some background.

His father is the director of the municipal Bureau of Edu-Edu-Education.


We are gangsters.

Why do we care about the Director of Bureau of Education.

Step aside.

Go punching them.

You watch out!



You this boy

Let's go.

Move, Xiaoyi Tu.

Your nose is bleeding, Brother Qiang.

Chase them now!

Don't let them run away.

My bike.

Go first.

Meet them later.


Let's split and chase them.

Chase where?

I can't run any more.

My legs are almost broken.

I am faster with the bike than you.

I can't see the road clearly.

I will go finding the other two.


Oh no.

I can't tell where they are now.


We need to find them.

Xiaoyi Tu

Wait for me.

Won't you come back

if you leave?

It's late.

You come home first.

You know I don't mean this.


I won't come back to school.

Then we won't see each other any more.


I don't know.

Jingxuan Qi

Don't you watch the road when riding the bike?

Sorry, vendor.

It's them.

Xiaoyi Tu

If you don't want to attend Gaokao,

Then I won't attend it, either.

I have no difference

between those gangsters just now.

You leave please.

Xiaoyi Tu, Xiaoyi Tu.


Hey hey hey.

Where do you go?

Xiaoyi Tu, Xiaoyi Tu.

I have make the chance for you.

You figure it out by yourself.

I asked Xiaoyi Tu to draw this picture for me.

Then you pray that she will accept you.

All relationships are ended

that night.

The first time of being touched,

just became embarrassing

while it's late for my bravery.

Jingxuan Qi never showed up at school from that day on.

Zhetian Yao also became more and more silent.

As for me, I have decided to give up Gaokao.

Have you thought about going to the art college?

You have the things you really like.

It's really good.

This is for you.

Mr. Chen, I have decided to give up Gaokao to go drawing.

I hope you to insist on your choice whatever you choose.

I know that in Old Chen's opinion,

Gaokao is the most important station to the future.

But there can't be only one station in life.

We will go to different places across in different directions.

Goodbye, our youth.

(Thank you, upperclassman.)

*Messages from the message book*


I will go to Shenzhen

after the rainy season.

Whoa, big city!

I want to go there, too.

Can comic drawers make much money?

Please don't forget me when making much money.

I can see my whole life from my current days.

As for you,

you can still do what you like.

I can just do this.

Oh, right. Have you really resigned?


I will focus on my own comics.

OK. I support you.

Do what you like

while you still have a choice.

Don't be like that year...

Why do you still bring the bag?

Go quickly.


Yes yes

My student. My student.

Zhetian Yao

Your bag is wet by the rain.

when I came here just now.


I've just been tired of watching it.

Here you are, the ginger tea.

Oh, the ginger tea.

Be careful, it's hot.

Thank you.

Are you still drawing?


And I want to insist on it.

So I have decided to go to Shenzhen.

It's a small comics company.

Maybe it's a new start for me.

Wait. You don't plan to attend Gaokao?



I didn't think of it that

Poor students

like me

feel some pities

when deciding to give up Gaokao.

Fortunately, the magazines...


My magazines.

Alas, It's a disaster.

They are all wet.

I fetched them just this morning.

They are all wet.


In your mail box...


What are you looking for?

Oh ,no...nothing.

I take them out secretly and haven't seen it yet.

They are all wet.

This is the first time I steal things from my mom.

It's all screwed up now.

It will be discovered if I put them back because they are so wet.

What's this?

There seems to be words on it.


You know?

I don't know what is it on earth.

They all blur and can't be seen clearly.


Is it attached to the magazine.

It should be useless now.

Throw it away.

Drink the ginger tea.

Don't catch a cold.


How spicy!

Xiaoyi Tu

I always want to do some good things.

But it always turns out to be the opposite.

If I didn't fetch the magazines early in the morning,

isn't it impossible to put them back?

Just like who we are.

You should remember,

it will glow

if you have things that you truly like.

It's the same of

loving someone.

It doesn't matter

even they don't end up together.


you must like the glowing yourself

when loving him.

You all find the thing you like to do.

I can't lose, either.

Alright, Peanut, stop crying.

I will call you when arriving.

You take good care of yourselves.

Xiaoyi Tu

Take this.

For memory.


Thank you.

Stop here.

Xiaoyi Tu

Don't forget us after going to the big city.

Xiaoyi Tu

Come on.

Help me to give this to Xiaoyi Tu.

Just say you give him.


Just give him.

I always knew things later.

I just realized that

the magazines are from Jingxuan Qi.

They have put the road to Shenzhen for me.

I often think that

Will we have have a good farewell

if the summer is a bit longer.

Will we really meet again

in the future

if we said goodbye that day.

*Where are you?
How are you?
I miss you.*

*Don't leave.*

Whoa, you can't win him by this difference, Xiaoyi Tu.

Not yet. I haven't lost yet.

Stop, the daylight is coming if we play again.

OK, I can do this favor for you, but

please draw a story about us when you become a professional comics drawer.



Look, mom

It's Lanxi. Is the drawing beautiful?

An uncle was draw just now

I said he drew well and he just gave it to me.

Mom, look!

Mom, what wrong with you?

I'm fine. I just thought of the past things.

Let's go. Mom will take you to have some cakes, OK?


Come on. Come on.

Don't run that fast. Don't fall over.

Mom, I want to learn drawing, too.

OK. You can do this if you like it.


*The end*