Crystal Force (1992) - full transcript

At John's funeral, a seemingly kind old man stands near John's widow Hope. He is the master of The Crystal, possessor of its light and terror. Hope accepts The Crystal in good faith, praying it contains New Age love powers. But she has gravely miscalculated.

[music playing]

There is a force
fearsomely formed,

not unknown to those on the
path to darkness, at which hell

is a playground.

It is poised to spring
through the five-corner door

of death, the pentacle.

Behind this door, it
prepares itself in the void

called the dark appetite.

Patient, it awaits its
summoning by the funereal wails

of grievers.

It strikes at a time
of grief and mourning,

as if to mock death and
any hope of a hereafter.

[music playing]

As the Lord giveth life,
so he taketh it away.

But the love we
create with the soul

granted us shall live forever.

Sanctifying that
which is eternal

is what we do here today.

We honor Howard Hunter,
and say our goodbyes

to this devoted husband
and beloved father.

And we must remember that
death shall have no dominion.


No, don't take him away from me!

[wailing and screaming]

I'll take you back home now.

No, Jack, we're gonna walk.

Looks like there's
a storm coming.

It's OK.


[music playing]

The Reverend gave that same
graveside speech a few years

ago when my stepfather died.

Oh, I know.

They all say the same thing,
like they're forced to memorize

it in God's school,
or wherever it

is they learned to do burials.

Do burials?

Yeah, like they do weddings.

I think what you mean to say is
the Reverend conducts funerals.

Did you take speech classes
at that beauty school you're

so proud of graduating from?

What's wrong with you?

Is my daughter
being a wise ass?

She's just a kid.

Don't make excuses for her.

Oh, Millie, don't
be too hard on her.

Some people just don't
know how to react to--

To death?

Good guess.

Let's have some coffee.

Excuse me.

So you're gonna close the shop
up for a while, aren't you?

Oh, a couple of days.

But you know if I'm not
working, I'll probably go crazy.

Why don't you and your mother
take a couple of weeks off?

Why don't you go somewhere?

Jack, listen, our
lives are here.

And besides, I don't--
I don't want to be

away from you for a minute.

OK, baby.

Whatever you need,
Beth, I'm here for you.

Whatever you need.

And if you don't come
to me, I'll come to you.

And I won't take
no for an answer.

Can you give me one good
why I shouldn't seduce Jack?

Because it isn't right.

Especially now.

Doesn't that mean
anything to you?

Oh, sure.

But now, Christ, the
girl's father just died.

Don't you think your
timing is just a bit off?


The timing's perfect.

She's going to be a
real drag to be with,

and Jack's going to be dying
for it before Beth ever

even feels like doing it again.

That's when it's
Lurlene's showtime.

You really are
evil, aren't you?

No, just a girl who
knows what she wants,

and when and how to get it.

Even if I may really only
want to do it with him once.

Maybe twice.

And you think it's worth
it, just for getting laid?

Provided he buys into
your charms to start with.

Oh, he'll be
charmed, all right.

And no one except you, me
and Jack would ever know.

He's certainly not going
to say anything, is he?

Would you, if you were him?

I won't admit to knowing
anything about it.

I won't even admit
to knowing you.

But you do.

And he's going to.

Or I'll be damned.

You know, I'm going
to be checking on you.

Your friends are not
gonna let you hide.

Oh, thank you, Millie.

I'd like to stop by tomorrow
night, if that's OK with you.


I would like that very much.

You know, Val, what
gets me the most

is that Dad won't be there at
the wedding to give me away.

My dad never made
it that far, either.

He died somewhere
between my sweet 16 party

and my high school graduation.


What about your
wedding, anyway, huh?

What about it?

I don't know.

What about Jack?

Is he nervous?

Jack's not nervous.

I'm nervous.

It's me who's nervous.

Will you take this?


I'm just shaking.

Now, um, even though Daddy
and I had our problems,

I just never thought that
I'd miss him like this.

I think your biggest
problem is that you

probably loved him too much.

Honey, don't worry.

Jack's there for you.

He's gonna help you
through all of this.

[knocking on door]

Val, why don't you go
home and get some rest?

I'll take over now.

Hope's finally cried herself to
sleep downstairs on the couch,

so be quiet on your way out.


[knocking on door]



I thought I could
get the two of you

to come over for a while.

It's been a couple of days now.

Yeah, well, let's go talk
to Mom and see how she feels.


Val's here to see us.

Val wants to take us out.

I don't know where.

Where do you want to take us?


Lunch, or a movie, or shopping?


It doesn't matter.

Just out.

I don't think so, sweetheart.

I'm not quite ready to
see anybody just yet.

She doesn't want me to go.

Oh, no, of course not.

Please, Beth, you go with her.

I just want to be alone
for a couple of hours.

Honey, you go with her.

I'm asking you to.

I don't want to leave
you here by yourself.

Beth, I know you mean well.

I just want to be alone
for a couple of hours.

I want you to go.

Mom, are you sure?

I'm sure.


You know, I've always
loved this store,

but I never bought anything.

It's too expensive.

Rumor has it some strange
guy bought this place.

They say he'll give you a
bargain if he likes you.


This is a really weird place.

I think it's wonderful.

What's weird is that no one
seems to be minding the store.

Let's leave.



I won't hear of it.

In fact, nothing's tagged.

Everything's negotiable.

In fact, I've been known to
give the unsuspecting shopper

the bargain of a lifetime.

What's this?

A bag of tricks?

A bag of answers.

They're called runes.

You ask a question, then
select some tiles at random.

These symbols
supply the answers.

Well I have a lot
of questions, but I

can't read in hieroglyphics.


Take a look at this.

[music playing]

It's captivating.


Captor or captive,
which is which?

Crystals radiate and reflect.

Attract and repel.

There are some who say they hold
secrets only time will tell.

It's warm.

Warm with the light
that's burning within it.

Did you know that man
and crystal are related?

Both 80% silicon,
hard-pressed and mysterious.

You just have to
have it, right?

Well, go ahead and
make yourself happy.

Buy it.

How much?




Beth, you're supposed
to bargain with him.

That's OK.

This was meant for you.


Who said anything about not
depending upon the kindness

of a stranger?

Well, thank you very
much, kind stranger.

Do you take milk?

Oh, no.

I'm so happy you're
staying here with Beth.

Well it's-- it's very
comforting being here,

although it's a little strange
living at my daughter's.

I just hope I don't become
too dependent on her.

Reverend, I'm too young
to have this sort of thing

happen to me.

You're bitter with the Lord.

I'm not bitter, Reverend.

And I'm not angry with God.

I'm just angry at the
injustice of death.

Anger destroys.

Now you must--

Good evening, Reverend Peters.


Hi, Mom.

What'd you buy?

Well, I bought
something for the house.

Not that I needed anything
new, but I figured the place

could use a little cheering up.

Well what is it?

It is a crystal.

I bought it on impulse.

Impulse or credit?

Would you like a cup of coffee?

No, thanks.

You know what they say about
crystals is that they're

actually a life form.

It's very pretty.

Thank you.

[phone ringing]

Oh, excuse me, I
bet that's Jack.

She's such an angel.

What's wrong?

I-- I don't know.

Maybe I'm coming down with a--

I'll get you some aspirin.


Are you all right?

Oh, oh no.

Are you having a heart attack?

No, it's not my-- heart--
it's-- I don't know.

I felt like I was in
the grip of something.

I can't explain it.

Should we call the doctor, Mom?

I don't know.

No, I-- I just want to go home.

Tonight I'll-- I'll put
myself in the Lord's hands.

And if I don't feel
better tomorrow,

I'll put myself in a
doctor's hands, I promise.

Goodnight, Reverend.

God bless you.

[music playing]

Not so hungry
today, boys, are we?

Not fresh enough for you?

Had to dig too deep?

Just you wait for Christmas.

I planned a Christmas
dinner for you.

A real treat.

I'll serve you platters filled
with flying reindeer meat.


[ominous music playing]


[weeping louder]


Yeah, things can
get strange at night.

With Beth, it's a dream.

With me, I remember
when my husband died,

I was afraid the quiet was
going to scare me half to death.

You were afraid
you'd be scared?

Oh, you know what she means.

The point is, I wouldn't
allow myself to be afraid,

even though I had good reason.

It-- it never got
completely quiet.

It's a good thing my mother's
not here to hear this.

I'd hear mice in the
attic or a tree branch

scraping the roof in the wind.

Oh and sometimes, when the
refrigerator would turn off,

it made this creaking noise.

Sounded just like Ed's snores.


But it-- it wasn't scary.

It was familiar.

No, it was crazy-making.

Maybe I dreamed it all up.


Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

What do we have, a bloodbath
special going here or what?

It's all right.

Don't worry about it.

It's just a little blood.

Even if it is my blood.

You guys just love rituals.

-Hey, Beth.
-Hey, Veronica.


Can you give me
a quick comb out?

Sure can.

Hey, Veronica.

Oh hey, Von.

Looks nice.


Thanks very much, Beth.

I'll see you next week.



Great-looking crystal.

Beth bought it at
the antique shop.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

Oh, it's gorgeous.

I felt like I needed
a little something.

You know, we've all been
under so much stress lately.

To say the least.

Well why don't I try a little
magic to lift your spirits?

Save it for the men
in your life, dear.

What's the magic, Veronica?


I don't drink booze.

Only distilled spirits.

But you're right.

No real magic.

Not with men, God
knows, or otherwise.

Actually, I do fool
around with trying to stay

in touch with the mysterious.

No, seriously.

What do you do?

Magic tricks?

Parlor tricks?

Cheap tricks?

Cheap tricks?

I can make contact,
however indirect,

with the spirit world.

I happen to be a
direct descendant of

a strange and paranormal type.

So that explains you.

I always though you were
just a talented bullshitter.

No bull.

My grandmother
used to read palms.

Her and my grandfather,
they had this

little fortune-telling place on
the boardwalk in Coney Island.

Back in the '50s.

No kidding.


Would somebody with
gypsy blood running

through their
varicose veins kids?

I'm serious.

Grandma Olga could
people about themselves

just by feeling the
bumps on their head.

She could tell you
whether you were going

to have a happy life or a
miserable one just by the way

you signed your name.


numerology, astrology.

She was into everything.

My mother claims that she
taught Nancy Reagan's astrologer

everything she knows.

Is this grandmother
of yours still alive?


But do you want to hear
something really weird?


She was born on Halloween.

And then she died on the sixth
day of the sixth month in 1966.

Did she teach you stuff?

Well I picked up
some stuff from her

because she used to
babysit me a lot, you know?

When other kids were learning
how to play Casino or Fish,

I was given tarot
cards to play with.

You really believe
she was a gypsy?

I don't think so.

I think it was just
part of an act.

But maybe not.

You know, she was
from Eastern Europe.

Maybe She was a witch.

She used to love to
watch Bewitched on TV.

No, but seriously,
she did watch a lot

of witchcraft movies on TV
with me when I was little.

And she'd root for
the witches, of course.

Now admit it, Veronica.

You're just putting
on an act, too.

Am not.

Let's call her bluff.

Read my palm.

You got laid last night.

I did?

Oh, no, you didn't.

But you do dye your hair.

I do that.

And you do your own
nails, and your boyfriend

does the rest of you.

What boyfriend?

You're right, I haven't
been laid in months.

Oh, come on, what
about her future?


Well, sorry, I can't
do any more of this now.

I've got to run.

Wait a minute.

I've got an idea.

What about night?

What if I called up a bunch of
people and everybody came over

and we could make fun
and games out of it?

I love it.

I could live without it.

Come on, you guys.

It would take my mom's
mind off of things.



About, say, 8:30.



Yeah, Jack, a seance.

Well I don't know if
it's a good idea or not.

Look, I'm not asking
you to participate.

I know you have to work.

So you'll come over after work?


I love you too.


Jack isn't sure we should be
getting involved in a seance


Although I don't know why not.

Mom, have you ever
dabbled in the occult?

No, not really.

[doorbell ringing]

I'll get it.

You ready to work your magic?

Ready to enter the
world of escape.

That's just what we all need.

Can I go set up now?

Set up?

Oh, yeah, you're
guru for the night.

Veronica, by the way, I want you
to lie to my mother in the end

just to make her happy.

I don't care what you
say, just make it happen.

Please make it good.

You got it.

[doorbell ringing]

Hi, Beth.

How's your mother?

Oh, she's doing
good, Mrs. Rogers.

Is Veronica here?

Yeah, she's setting
up in the dining room.

How you doing?

Doing better.


How are ya?


I'm looking forward to this.

It's gonna be fun.

You think so?


Hi, Beth.

Can you believe
we're doing this?


This better be good.

It will be.

Are you ready for your
bedtime stories, my babies?

There was once a time
before the dawn of history

when time did not matter.

There was nothing to be
born, nothing to die,

no reason for time to go by.

And the master spirit,
the most powerful

force of all, so
fearsomely formed,

was called the first one.

OK, future seekers of America.

Are you ready?

We're ready.



Let's go.

Well let me see
a show of hands.

Good, because I'm going to need
one of them from each of you


Veronica, you did
palms this afternoon.

I thought you were going to do
something different tonight.

Like tea leaves.

Like mice droppings.

Yeah, I read somewhere people
read them like tea leaves.

-Oh, come on.

She's right.

People do read them.

And they always spell shit.

I have something different.

I brought some other things.


Tarot cards.

No, not tarot cards.

These are cartouche cards.

Egyptian magic.

The kind that, uh, Cleopatra
used to use on her lovers,


She didn't use magic.

She used sex.

Sex, magic, it's all the same.


These cards are just
for telling the future.

You can't use them on somebody
else the way you mean.

What else you got there?

Runes, Viking fortune telling.

These little symbols
on the runes,

you play a little game
with them and then

you look them up in the book and
you know what's in your future.

We've seen those before, Beth.


The precursor was
born out of blackness

before there was light.

He created God, who
created heaven and earth.

He created the devil,
who then made his hell.

And the precursor
created for them

an ageless battle
for the control

of both saints and sinners.

But there proved to be
neither triumph nor loss,

and the precursor grew
impatient with the battle.

And so said his emissary,
creating for him a pentacle

whose threshold he would cross.

Now we have our choice.

We can see what the Vikings want
to tell us about our future,

what the Egyptians
want to tell us,

and what with gypsies
want to tell us.

So who's first?


For you, I have
something special.

Pulse channeling.

What the hell is
pulse channeling?

It sounds like something that
has to do with blood pressure.

Like when mine goes up when
I see Billy Idol on MTV.

You watch MTV?

Just Billy.

Oh, and David Lee Roth, too.

All the rest of
them, I could leave.

They are cute-looking
boys, aren't they?

All right, Michelle.

Don't quit after just two.

You should check
out the ass on--

Shut it, Lurlene.


Let's get on with this.

All right.

Now you get a chance
to ask three questions,

and I'll give you three answers.

The pulse from your
wrists, from your throat,

and from your temples.



Now I'll start
to talk real fast

after you ask me the question.

It'll be my voice,
but it really will

be answering your question.


I get it.

Touch-Tone telepathy.

No fooling.

You know it may not be
scientific, but it does work.

Hm, what's science
got to do with it.

Let her finish.

I want to hear this.

All right, you get three
questions and three answers.



Just don't ask out loud.

Solo, water.

Did you think you were trying
to blow out birthday candles?

Well, did I-- did I
answer the question?

You might have.

I asked about my vacation.

I answered it.

You'll go overseas to
an island, a cruise.

That sounds great.

Except I don't
like the solo part.

I hate traveling alone.

What I want to know
is why did it take you

so long to ask that question?

Well, I-- I kind of had to
explain why I was going to take

a vacation again so soon.

You guys all know I went
to Las Vegas last month.

I just can't stand
staying home alone.

You thought you had
to explain that to us?

No, I-- I was just trying
to rationalize it to myself.


That's normal.


Hey, you'd better skip
her ahead and throw it,

it'll take all night.

Well I don't have
any more questions

for the spirits, Your Honor.

Your High Priestess.

Beth, you ready?

It's your turn.

Give me your palm.

You're shaking.

It comes with age.

It comes with stress.

Well I won't be able
to read your palm.

we'll do something else.

If I tried to read your
palm, I'd be stuttering.

Let's try the cards.


I'm going to put down three
cards, and you turn one over.

Well, what's the problem?

What does it mean?

Well, it just
reflects bad times.

But everyone picks
this card every time.

It's just that everybody
has bad times in their life.


You don't have to patronize me.

Forget the cards,
we'll do something else.

The crystal.

Let's have a seance.

Oh come, let's all join hands.


All join hands.

Close your eyes.


We're calling up the spirits.

[ominous music]


What was that?

What the hell was that?

I saw it.

I saw it my mind.
It was an angel--

Oh, sure you did.

And Veronica we can bet can
pull a rabbit out of a hat, too.

That was no trick.

Not all of it.

It wasn't?

No, it wasn't.

Oh, sure.

And what about the voices?

The voices were
no trick either.

Well trick or no
trick, it was amazing.

Look, you guys, I
hope you don't mind,

but I'd like to call it a night.

I've got to be up
early for work, right?


There's coffee in the kitchen.


I know it was probably
my imagination,

but I felt Howard trying
to contact me tonight.

I felt his presence in the room.

It was very strong and powerful,
like he was trying to reassure

me that he was still around.

It's kind of spooky, isn't it?

Mom, you're saying
this like you mean it,

like you believe it.

I felt it, that's all.

Come on, Mrs. Hunter.


Do you girls think
we could possibly

do this again tomorrow night?

I'm game.

Well if you really want me
to call Veronica, I will.

I do.

Well, let's try
it again sometime.

Goodnight, you two.


I'm going to see Jack.

Oh damn it.

I must have left my
pocketbook in the house.

Be a decent kid, will you,
Lurlene, and go get it for me?


I'll be right back.

[ominous music]

What is keeping her?

We've got to get home.

[distant screaming]

Oh my God.

Oh my God.


Get out.

We have to get the
hell out of here.

What are you screaming about?

What's going on with you?

Get out of here.

Who was it you saw?

Something evil, a demon,
it looked right at me with--

Listen, Lurlene.

You've got to show me
where you saw this thing.

Are you crazy?

I'm not going back in there.

I'll go check it out.

[ominous music playing]

I always thought that girl
was a little unbalanced.


What did you find?


No boogeymen, no scary ghosts.


I don't care what you
say, I know what I saw.

Look, I'm bleeding.

I swear.

I swear, I know I was.

We're not staying
here any longer, Mom.

Let's go.

Slow down, Lurlene.

Listen, we've got to
get the hell out of here.

Let's go.

[ominous music playing]


Beth, what's the matter,
are you all right?

I'm-- I'm having a-- a dream.

Just a dream.

[eerie music playing]

See the shape fiercely formed,
be it amphibian or reptilian,

simian or sapian, with razor
teeth, tusks, talons, or claws.

In feathers or furs, dressed
in scales or dragon skin,

it comes creeping, slithering,
bleating, hooting, hissing.


Good morning.

You look like hell.

You can't go in there.

Why not?

Because there's blood
all over the floor.

Dogs, vicious dogs,
and the Reverend

is on the floor with
his skull cracked open.

It's horrible.

What are you talking about?

The neighbor's dog?
Wha-- what's his name?


God, Sparky must be really
getting to you, huh?

What'd he do, bark all night?

It's not Sparky.

Go on, show me.

Come on.

Beth, show me.

I swear it.

Beth, Beth, looks,
there's nothing, OK?

There's nothing here.

It's all right.

Look, I am telling
you that there were

dogs in here drinking blood.

You must have had
some nightmare.

How could it have
been a nightmare?

I was awake.

I got up this morning,
I put on my clothes,

I ate, I came to work.

You were either sleepwalking in
the middle of a nightmare or--

Or what?

I don't know what.

Let me tell you
something, Lurlene.

Whatever happened last night
was planted there by Veronica.

High priestess, my ass.

And I say she's a witch.


That sure wasn't
anything natural

that attacked me last night.

[ominous music playing]

Good day, Reverend.

You would have me believe that
some monster materialized out

of nowhere, couldn't
resist your sex appeal,

and went after your tits?

I thought you were going to
lighten up on the stupidity,

or at least have a little
respect for my intelligence

and cut it out with
this monster crap.

You're the moron, Winnie.

You're going back there tonight.

I sure as hell am
not going back there.

You are so seductive, such a
powerful center of attraction.

So beautiful, just irresistible.

Thanks for taking me.

You really feel like
you have to thank me?

I'm just thankful to have you.

You know you never
have to question that.

You look quite beautiful.

[ominous music playing]

Will I see you tonight?

I don't know.

Maybe for a few hours.

I have a surveillance.

I could make a phone
call and go in late.

Well that means that
you'll get off later.

So why don't you just go
in when you're supposed to

and I'll close the shop early?

We've gotta spend
some time alone.

There's never enough time.

I know how much time
we're going to spend apart,

even after we're married.

Come on, Beth.

Are we going to argue
about my career again?

Or are we going to, considering
we haven't in a week,

make love?


There's no argument.

I'll see you at 5:00.

Well screw you, Mom,
and your ideas about me.

What's the matter?

Look, I'm not going
back to that house again.

I don't give a damn
whether you believe

I was attacked there or not.

I wish you weren't such a liar.

Where are you going?

Hi, sweetheart.


I hope I'm not
being too selfish.

It's just that I had to be
alone with you, at least

for a few hours, at last.

Away from all those parlor
games at your house.

Yeah, I know.

Don't you think I
feel the same way?

You're looking brighter,
a little bit at least.

Well that's because
I'm with you.

[ominous sounds]

Everybody's been
so crazy lately.

Veronica's holding another
seance at our house.


I'm holding you like--

I need more than that.

[music playing]



Why did I ever let you girls
talk me into this silly stuff?

Because if it's good
enough for Shirley MacLaine,

it's good enough for us.


Then maybe I can get
Veronica to channel

up my ex-lover, John Lennon.

Ooh, maybe she can reach
back for Clark Gable.

You're better off asking
for Laurel and Hardy.

You guys ready?

Let's go.


[knocking on door]


Thanks for coming.

Veronica's preparing
herself for the seance.

I bet.

Please make yourself
at home while we wait.


Are you going to be
here when I get back?

I get off around midnight.



I'm gonna go back to my place.

I want to lay down and relax.

Should I expect you
about, what, 12:30?

1 o'clock more like it.

I have a big bust
to make tonight,

so there'll be a
lot of paperwork.

You know how
Saturday nights are.


Well don't go
looking for trouble.

I know.

It's your job.

That's right.

You look exhausted.

Why don't you just stay
here and get some rest?

I should really get back.


I'll call you in a couple hours.


I promise.

The power is within me to
bring forces from beyond.

I swear by any which
shall guide me.

I shall sacrifice for silence
any who may doubt them.

The power is within me to
bring forces from beyond.

Beth, is that you?

Not Cinderella.

I'm really tired.

I'm going to go
upstairs and lay down.

If you need anything,
you can call me, Mom.

Goodnight, honey.

Goodnight, ladies.

Goodnight, sweetheart.

[suspenseful music playing]

The candles light the path
for the spirits to travel.

The incense cleanses
and purifies the air.

The spirits draw their physical
power from the crystal.

All stand, please.

Join hands and form a circle.

The circle will let the
spirits know that we

are in accord with them.

Everyone close your eyes.

Be as quiet and
still as possible so

that I may center myself with
the vibrations of the universe.



The dark force.


What are they saying?


I don't hear anybody.

They're gone.

The talking
frightened them away.

I didn't hear anything.

Excuse me, I've got
to use the lady's room.

I heard something.

Me, too.

I don't know what.

Some people are more
in tune with the spirit

world than others.

All be seated.

I'll use the crystal to
channel an individual spirit.


The spirit that I channel will
answer all of your questions.


The channel is open.


The channel is now open.

Do you see behind you?

There's a pentacle.

It is the easiest way for an
entity to enter our world.


I feel the spirits coming.

The spirits are coming.


I knew I shouldn't have come!

It's the crystal.

It's hot.

Val, help.

What do I do?



[all screaming]

There's a monster in the house!

What's going on?


Bill, call for backup.

You've gotta get
out of the house.

No, I'm scared.

You have to hurry.

Just go straight ahead.
Run straight ahead.

As fast as you can.


[siren wailing]

You're here!

There's a monster in the house!

There's a monster in the house!

My friends are in there!

Please help me!


I can't move!

Don't be afraid, everything's
going to be all right.






It's the crystal.

Are you here to see Beazle?


Like anything you see?

You scared me.

That's not really my job.

I'm here to help.

Would you like to buy something?

Yes, please, a
present for my mother.

Something shiny.

Something more brilliant,
more powerful than gold,

shall your mother behold.

All I got is $5.

Well $5 will never do.

This is priceless.

But priceless means
it's free to you.


A gift from me to you.

And you give it to your mother.

It will be a secret
between us two.

Gee, thanks.


Others will pay the
price for my generosity.

[piano music playing]

[music playing]