Crystal (2017) - full transcript

"A promise to her dead mother is all that 10 year old Crystal has left. Will she break it to save herself, or keep it and be sold again?"



- Can we read now?

- When we finish.

Just a few more problems to go.

- I don't want to do anymore
of these fucking problems.

- Do you know what that word really means?

- Do you see any of these
problems doing that?

- No, are you mad?

- No, just confused.

I always thought you
were about the smartest

little girl I ever heard
of and now I don't know.

- Why?

- When a person uses a word like that

instead of the correct one it just

let's everyone know how dumb they are.

It indicates a lack of
education or intelligence

or perhaps a general laziness.

- I'm sorry.

- Let's finish this schoolwork.

- Is that really your favorite?

- Yes.

- Why?

- I don't know.

Maybe because Jane always had

the strength to stay true to herself.

No matter how bad things got for her,

no matter how poor she was,
she was always honest and true,

and that was one thing no one
could ever take away from her.

- Have you ever lied Mommy?

- Sweetheart never make a
promise you don't intend to keep.

- I won't I promise.

- Okay let's finish this schoolwork.

- Can we read now?

- Alright.

There was no possibility
of taking a walk that day.

We had been wandering indeed
in the leafless shrubbery

an hour in the morning but since dinner.

Mrs. Reed when there was
no company dined early.

The cold winter wind had
brought with it clouds so somber

and a rain so penetrating that
further out door exercise--

- Call him again, call him again.

- Alright.

Dim, people are really nervous right now.


Shit, Stanich is here.

Just sit down.

Yeah alright okay okay.

I'll call you when he leaves, alright.

Everybody chill out alright.



Jake's here and I ain't got his money.

Make yourself look presentable.

- I don't have money to
pay for your shit Lionel.

We need groceries.

Why don't you get a job?

- I'll get one okay.

Until I do, until I do we
need to keep him off of us.

We talked about this.

- No you talked about it.

I'm not doing it anymore.

- He'll put us both in jail.

He'll take Crystal away.

Is that what you want Julia, is it?

Is that what you want?

- Calm down folks.

I'm just here to talk to Lionel.

- Jake I ain't got your money.

Julia, Julia will fit the bill.

She's gonna take good
care of you, right honey?

Right honey?

- You first.

- Thought you had money for me.

Alright then.

You have pretty hair.


you be real nice to me

and I'll make sure that that
child finds a real good home.

That was good for half.

I'm gonna need the other half in cash.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Sure Jake.

- Alright you give Dim my regards

if you happened to see him.

I don't have any money.

- What was Stanich doing here?

Did you give him my money?

- No no Dim but we worked out a deal.

We took care of it.

Julia, Julia took care of it.

He's coming back tomorrow
for the rest in cash.

- What do you mean she took care of it?

- Well we had to...

Oh my God Dim please.

I swear I'll get you
the rest of the money.

I swear I will.

- Bitch.

- That one fits him.

- Go wait in the truck.

- I can't leave.

- I said go wait in the fucking truck.

- Oh my God please.

- I told you to wait in the truck.

- I'm not leaving her Dim.

- You're no good to here like this.

We'll get you straight
we'll come back for her.

- No.

- Please Dim.

- I'm gonna kill you one day Lionel

for what you've done to her.

But right now I need you to take care

of that child until I get back.

- Sure Dim I'll take
really good care of her.

Where you going?

- I have some friends in Mexico
to help straighten her out.

While I'm gone you have
to run the business.

- Yeah, yeah sure.

- Randall will get the shit to you.

You give the money to him
and don't fuck up this time.


- Dim we was just talking.

Come outside.

- Uncle Dim where's my mom?

- I've got money for you.

- Has she been here?

- Who?

- Julia, your wife.

Have you seen her?

- No I don't think so.

- She's disappeared.

- Where'd she go?

- Disappeared means I
don't know where she went.

She was straight for 11 weeks.

I thought it would be alright

to come back here and check on things.

She's up and gone.

- I ain't seen her Dim I swear.

- You listen to me.

You have to tell Crystal something.

We can't have her calling
the cops or nothing.

So think of something good.

- Crystal.

Your Mama is, your Mama's gone.

- I know she's gone.

Where is she?

- She's...

Well she's...

Your Mama's dead.

It was an accident.

- Whoa whoa, whoa whoa.

We don't want to come in.

Jose sends a message.

He has changed his mind.

He's willing to forget about
the money in exchange for...

Well you got the email right?


- Well that's what he wants.

Pretty little white
flower before it blossoms.

- I ain't never done nothing like that.

I'll get the money just give me time.

- Like I say his mind already changed.

And we have something of yours.

I think you better answer that.


Are you okay?

- Yeah.


Dim I want to come home.


Dim there gonna kill me.

They're all taking cracks at me.

Take me home Dim please.

- I'll come for you.

- Just promise, you
promise Dim to come get me.

It'll be me and you, me and you and Crys--

- You send a flower after
a few months maybe a year

you can have your back,

all clean and nice.

I can assure you Miss Julia's fine.

She hasn't been touched

and her special needs
are being provided for.

- Why should I trust you?

- You have no choice if
you want your woman back.

Jose is a man of his word.

The one you sent last year,

didn't work out.

- Didn't work out?

- Let's just say we didn't
get to see her blossom.

He wants that one.

- No.

Why her?

- He's also a man who appreciates irony.

And she is very pretty.

Call me when you have her.

- Oh man, oh man we ain't
never gonna run out now.

Don't tell Dim.

- It's only five numbers Lionel.

It doesn't last forever.

- Made you some supper.

- How much is that then?

- 30,000 before tax.

- Maybe we should quit this shit Lionel.

You know get cleaned up.

- Yeah I was thinking of
that too but next week okay.

We'll quit next week,
just for a little while.

- Can I have these?

- Yeah.
- Go ahead.

- Not this one.

Fuck it's Jake.

You got his money right?

- No no.

- God damn you Lionel.

Fuck, damn it.

- Quickly we need to hide the shit okay.

Just hide everything.

Crystal, Crystal.

- Morning officer Stanich.

- I think it is about time
that you call me Jake, honey.

You should give us a minute.


- Jake.

I ain't got your money but,

but Kay Lee, Kay Lee here.

- I'm gonna have to shut you down Lionel.

I don't imagine that Dim's
gonna be too happy with that.

- No.

- This shit is going to be the
death of you some day Lionel.

- Jake I just need a
little more time okay.

Just a little more time but Kay Lee,

Key Lee here is a good girl.

She's gonna do you good okay Jake.

She's gonna do you good.

- Kay Lee really?

She ain't what she once was Lionel is she?

She's sort of lost that glow

if you know what I'm talking about.

Ah what the hell?

Alright Kay Lee.

Better have some money
for me by Friday Lionel.

This is the last time.

- Hi Uncle Dim.

- Go pack a bag.

- Why?

- You got the damn money, right?

Please Dim
I'll get you the money.

I'm taking the girl.

What's that?

- Nothing.

No don't, don't take the ticket.

Don't take the ticket, take the girl.

- Shut up Kay Lee!

- Just give me a little taste okay.

Then we can make a deal okay.

- Just let him take the kid
Lionel, let him take the kid.

- I told you to shut up Kay Lee.


This is no life for a kid anyway.

But Dim please don't take the ticket.

Just give me a little taste.

And then we can make
the deal okay, please.

- Deal?

I'm taking the girl and the ticket.

That's the deal.

- Get away.

- Just don't do drugs.

- What?

- Nevermind.

- Hurry up.

Wait on the couch I'll
be back in a minute.

- Where's the bathroom?

- Over there.



No we're not leaving the house.

- Sara.

I'm hungry.

- Go find something,
and make me a sandwich.

- Why do you have a picture of my mom?

- That don't concern you.

- It's my mom.

- And she's gone ain't she?

Sit down.

Scooch down.

Old Collard Farm.

Whoa whoa Dim Dim.

It's me.

Go back to sleep, go back to sleep.

- Hey Dim what you got for me?

- Where is she?

- What?

- Where the fuck is she?

- Who?

- Crystal.

- Crystal?

- Your daughter.

- Did you look in the bedroom?


- Ain't she supposed to be with you Dim?

- Why would she be with you?

- 'Cause you sold her to him.

No no I wouldn't do that.

- You did.

You did Lionel I remember.

- I wouldn't do that.

You should never have given me this shit.

- Hey they Mr. Dim.

- Shows up here you call me.

I'll see you later.

- Mrs. Stevens.

Jeanie forgot her bag again.

- Finally.

Hi Karen.
- Hi.

- Hey I hate to ask buy my babysitter

just called off and I have a meeting.

I don't suppose that you could?

- No sorry we're on a plane to
Sacramento in a couple hours.

- Hi Mrs. Stevens, hi Jeanie.

- Hi.
- Hi?

- I'm available if you're in a pinch.

- Well do you have references?

- Sure but not with me right now.

I can't call my mom.

Let me try my dad.

Hi Dad when you get this could you have

Mrs. Brownwell call this number?

- You know what just nevermind that.

Just come on.

- Spare change?

- She's here again.

Alone again.

- I see her.

- Dude go talk to her.

- I can't.

- Has it ever occurred
to you that the reason

she keeps coming here is in
hopes that you'll talk to her?

- That's not why she comes here.

- You've been waiting for two years, go.

I'll take care of this.

♪ And every time you get another call ♪

♪ You smile and turn away ♪

♪ I'm losing all ♪

♪ And I feel like falling down ♪

♪ And every night I
feel I'm losing ground ♪

- Spare change?
- No.

- You suck.

- Excuse me?

Listen you little shit.

I don't actually have any
spare change right now.

Maybe tomorrow.

- I won't be here tomorrow.


- And you shouldn't swear.

- God what are you, some
kind of religious person?

- That's not it.

It's just makes you sound
even less intelligent.

- What?

- It's not a difficult concept.

Using vulgar slang
instead of the appropriate

adjectives, adverbs, and nouns is lazy.

It shows lack of education
or even worse, pride.

- You know what?

Fuck you.

- Nice.

- Supposed to make me feel bad?

- Does it?

And what I meant was you suck at stealing.

- I wasn't stealing.

What are you doing our here anyway?

Go home to your mom and dad.

- My mom's dead.

- Right, well I still
don't have any change.

- Hey I've seen you in the store.

- What store?

- Over there, I worked there
for the last two years.

I know this may sound weird but

I've always wanted to ask
you out so now I'm going to.

- When?

- That was, that was it.

- If that's the best you got, no.

- What?

- You could at least try saying the words.

- Okay would you like to go out with me?

- Why would you want to go out with me?

I have issues.

- I always have and I know.

- What do you mean you always have?

- Well not always but just
for the past couple of years.

We had Freshman Psych
together and then last year

Business English 201, A and B.

- I never noticed you.

- I know.

- What do you mean you know?

- Believe me I would have
noticed if you noticed me.

- No, not about that, about my issues.

- Oh I've seen you action at the store.

- Okay, Friday night?

Hey Mama.

- Hi honey.

How was work today?

- Okay, boring.

- What is it?

- There was a young pan handling down

by Second and Maple today, alone.

- Well takes a lot of guts
to sell those cookies honey.

- This was no Girl Scout Grandma.

She was begging for spare change.

Honey we're gonna
be closing can you wake up?

- Hey.

- I thought you weren't
gonna be here today.

- Well I am.

- Where are you from anyway?

- Kansas.

- Right Dorothy, where's Toto?

- Funny.

- Where are your parents?

- Parent, my mom is dead.

- You were serious?

- Doesn't get much more
serious than a dead mom.

- What about your dad then?

- Are you ADHD or something?


- What are you doing here?

Is it trouble at home?

- No I ran away to join the
circus then the elephant died.

What do you think?

- Why are following me?

- You promised to give
me spare change today.

- I said maybe.

- Maybe is like a promise out here.

- See ya.

- Hi.

- My normal wheat toast please.

- And water in a to go cup.

Is that all you ever eat?

You know you're never gonna fill out

if all you eat is toast.

- Maybe I don't want to fill out.

I'm not in hurry to be a barn.

- Alright, coming right up.

- Sorry.

- So who was that man
you were with yesterday?

- Which one?

- The one you got in the car with.

- Again which one?

- The one you left with after we met.

- You mean after you
stuffed a pair of jeans

down your jeans, stiffed me, and then

came here for a nice hot meal?

Just some man.

I don't know.

What you give me a quarter
and it buys my life story?

- No I just wanted to know what

you do when you go with those men.

- I provide services.

- What kind of services?

- I gotta go.

- Get out of the van.

- No.

- Do you know how old she is?

Get out of the fucking van.

- No.

He hasn't paid me for last time yet.

- 20 bucks, she doesn't want
your money you sick bastard.

- Yes I do.

- I'm calling the cops.

And I have your license number.

- What are you doing?

- I'm not letting you provide
any more service okay?

- You idiot I babysit for him.

- What?

Does he know that?

I gotta go.

- I'm so sorry.



- Go away you're nothing but trouble.

- Oh sure you screw my
stuff and then you dump me?

Oh yeah it's okay you gave me a quarter.

- You didn't tell me what kind of

services you were providing.

- What did you think I was doing?


- Sorry.

And it wasn't a quarter, it was 34 cents.

So why didn't you tell
me what you were doing?

- Never got the chance.

You're all spray first,
ask questions later.

Besides it's illegal to babysit

in this state unless you're 14.

- So see you around.

- Did you get the bread?

Did I remember to call you?

Yes I left a message.

- Oh.


- What's that dear?

- I said sick.

I'll take care of those.

But I need to use your
phone for a second first.

- Okay.

- Hello.

- You stole my phone.

- If I had stole your phone
would I have answered it?

You're an idiot.

Did you get the bread?

- What do you mean I'm an idiot?

- You steal from the same
neighborhood that you live in.

- How, how do you know where I live?

What are you, a stalker?

- No I just came to give
you your phone back.

- And?

- And nothing.

- Thanks.

- For what?

- For what you thought
you were doing back there.

- Oh yeah I kind of messed that up.

- Who's that?

- My grandma.

- Would it be okay if I
stayed out here 'til morning?

- We're about to have supper.

You hungry?

- Got any toast?

- Hey listen Grandma's
starting to forget stuff

and she's really sensitive
about it so, you know.

- What act like it's not happening?

- Did you find it?

Yeah actually,
this young lady found it.

- You got a name?

- Oh this is Dorothy, she's from Kansas.

- Dorothy you're a long
way from home aren't you?

You looking for a reward?

- No.

- I was actually thinking that

she could have supper with us.

- Will I've already eaten and
yours is in the microwave.

She likes toast.

- So what's it like to have
a klepto for a granddaughter?

- Well it was a disappointment at first

but you get used to it.

I look at it as a problem
that we can solve together.

- I thought you weren't
gonna say anything.

- She knows.

- We don't talk about it.

Anyway I'm trying to quit.

- Good because you suck at it.

Did you know she was shoving pants

down her pants in a store
window for all the world

to see right here in her own neighborhood?

- Well Doctor Goldson thinks
maybe she wants to get caught.

- Doctor Goldson?

What is he, a grave robber?

- Her therapist.

- You have a therapist for being a klepto?

- And other things.

- Stop calling me that.

- Isn't this the point where you two

go to a different room to talk about me?

- What's she doing here?

And don't give me that crap
about her finding your phone.

- She's the girl that was
begging for change yesterday.

- I figured.

- She was there again today,
somehow we ended up talking.

I guess she found our address in my phone.

- That one's trouble.

There's no Girl Scout in there.

- She asked if she could sleep
on our porch 'til morning.

- I think we should call the police.

- No, not yet.

We decided to let you stay
here until tomorrow morning.

- I'll make up the couch
and then I'm going to bed.

- So what other things?

- What?

- What other things are you
seeing the therapist for?

- I don't want to talk about that.

- Do you ever talk about anything?

- So how do you find your clients?

- I put notices on bulletin boards

of a couple dance studios.

When they call I meet them there.

- So why'd you come here, to Michigan?

- My Aunt Charlotte lives
around here somewhere.

She is the only person I
know outside of Kansas.

On the way here I
realized I made a mistake.

- Mistake?

- It's the first place my uncle
would think to look for me.

- You're uncle, what does
he have to do with all this?

You don't have to tell
me if you don't want to.

- My dad sold me to him for meth.

- Hey.

I have to work in the morning but

you'll be fine here with Grandma.

- She doesn't like me.

- She doesn't know you.

You two are actually a lot alike.

- So, you must miss your mom?

- It's been so long.

I miss the way she smelled,

and feeling safe.

- Safe?

- When I was with her I felt safe.

What about you?

- What about me?

Oh my mother?

We don't talk.

- Do you hate her?

- No.

I disappoint her.

- Want some breakfast?

- Did you go to the cops?

- Not yet.

- Okay.

This tastes like paste.

- Well put some honey in it.

Oatmeal is one of the
reasons I'm still around.

- Why do you glue your
bones back together with it?

- Maybe it'll glue your mouth shut.

What did you run away from?

How long have you been gone?

- Three weeks.

- Don't you know how worried
your parents must be?

- Parent, my mom's dead.

- Well your father then?

- He's only worried I'll call the cops.

So what are these other issues?

- What do you mean?

- That the klepto's
seeing the therapist for?

- You should stop calling her that.

Her name's Kelly and she's been

through a lot for someone so young.

- Yeah?

- She had a daughter once.

- She died?

- She gave her up.

She was in a bad place at the time

and she thought it was for the best.

- A bad place?

- She's a good kid.

- You wouldn't know
anything about a bad place.

My mother would never have
given me up no matter what?

- Then why aren't you with her?

- I told you!

She is dead.

The klepto is right you are losing it.

I'm sorry.

- Get out!

- Here you go.

- Oh no thanks.

- Well it's on the house.

You know in case you get hungry.

Oh are you a dancer?

- No.

Do you know where this is?

- Yeah that one is in Sterling Heights,

about 20 miles from here.

- Hi.

- Hey.

- Are you a runaway?

- Thanks for the change the other day.

- I'll take your deflection as a yes

to the whole runaway thing.

I'm Brittany.

- I can't tell you my name okay.

- Are you a dancer?

- Hey Britt.

Who's your new friend?

- You got nice parents here.

Stay a kid as long as you can.

- Hey I said that was on the house.

- My mom was a waitress.

- Hey.

Where's Dorothy?


- I threw her out.

- You what?

- I threw her out.

I told you she was nothing but trouble.

I don't know a child like that

gets to be such a snotty little brat.

- Her dad sold her to her uncle for drugs.

What did you do?

- Wait.

- Grandma.



- You know the book in her backpack?

- Yeah.

- There was an address.

- Oh no.

Wait you didn't put this
return address on it did you?

There was a babysitter ad
posted but now it's gone.

Have you seen the girl that put it up?

Or do you know the phone number?

- Sorry I never saw who posted it.

- I saw her.

The girl spare changing in the street.

- Yeah.

- I saw her.

- When?

- Why?

- I'm worried about her.

- Me too.

I saw her in the diner this morning.

She was nice to me.

- Excuse me.

Have you seen the little
girl that was here yesterday?

Dorothy from Kansas.

- No and we haven't seen

the Wicked Witch of the West either.

- What?

No toast, the toast girl.

- You know what I'm in a hurry.

- Oh yeah she actually was
here this morning early.

She wanted to look
through the yellow pages.

- Do you know what she was looking for?

- Are you her sister or something?

- No I really need to find her.

I think she's a runaway.

- I think I need to call the police.

- No please.

Just let me know if you see her.

- Wait.


- Excuse me.

Has a little girl been through here

and put up any babysitting ads?

- Does she live here?

- No I really need to talk to her.

- I'm sorry.

- Maybe we should call the police.

- No grandma you're letter
won't get there 'til tomorrow.

We still have a day or two.

But just to be safe maybe
you should go to my...

your daughters.

- Come on Dim, come on.


No no no no she's not
here but a letter came.


- Dim?

- Shut up Lionel.

Where is it?

- Where's what?

- Shut the fuck up Lionel
this don't concern you.

Kay Lee?

- Where's the envelope?

- Hey man what's going on here?

- I told you this don't concern you.

- You'll take me right?

- Get dressed.

- Ah man Kay Lee you're
not leaving me are you?

Hey Dim please man just
give me a little taste.

Just give me a little something.

- How much cash you got?

- Oh God sir if this is a robbery

we don't keep much cash
on hand at any one--

- This isn't a robbery.

I want to know if you can cash this in.

- Oh okay, let's see here.

I'm sorry this is not a winner.

- What?

- No those numbers are right.

I watched it on T.V.

- Let me double check.

- Oh okay, right numbers, wrong date.

I'm sorry.

- Wait outside.

Okay now it's a robbery.

Give me all the cash in the till.

Turn the pumps on so I can get some gas.

Don't look outside 'til you hear us leave.

I see you looking outside
I come back in here.

Do you know what that means?

After we leave you turn off
the lights and lock the doors.

Give me your wallet.

I know where you live.

- Hello.

Hi, it's Beth from the diner.

- Yeah?

- Yeah Sara's dance academy
has a new babysitter ad up.

But she didn't see who posted it.

- Thank you so much.

- Hey Dorothy.

Or should I say Crystal?



- How did you find out my name?

- Why did you run?

- Really you answer a
question with a question.

What do you want?

- I just wanted to see
if you were okay, okay?

- Why should you care?

- I don't know sometimes people
just care about each other.

- That has not been my experience.

- I have been looking for
you for the last two days.

- If there is something
missing I didn't take it.

- Do you need money or anything?

- No I can take care of myself.

You probably stole it anyway.

- I didn't steal it I just want to help.

- We both know what this is.


- You're trying to fix your guilt about

your own kid by being nice to me.

- How did you know that?

No I...

I don't know.

What difference does it make?

- I'm nobody's charity case.

I'm not a replacement kid.

I'm Crystal Blue Hawkins and I want

somebody to love me for me.


- Okay what?

- I do.

- You don't.

Just give me a chance.

- Why so you can disappoint me too?

- Forget it.


You wanted me to find you.

- How did you find out my name?

- It was in a book in your backpack.

- You went in my backpack?

- No.

- What else, take my fingerprints
while I was sleeping?

Maybe a DNA swab?

This is all the privacy
I have in the world

and you can't respect that?

- I didn't do it.

- Who then?

Oh fuck, I knew she was trouble.


- She said the same thing about you.

- Okay you found me now what?

- It gets worse.

- Worse?

- Your address was in the book too.

- Wake up.

Kay Lee wake up.

- Are we here?

- Yeah.

- I don't know why you drove

all this way for that scrawny kid.

We should just keep driving,
set up somewhere new.

Just the two of us.

- We have to find Crystal.

I made a deal.

You know I never go back on a deal.

- What kind of deal?

- Stay here.

Pick up Lionel.

Damn it Lionel pick up.

Okay so
what about the address?

- She was only trying to help.

- Help?

- She might have sent a
letter to the address.

- Might?

- Okay did, she sent a letter.

- I have to leave right now and so do you.

- Me, why do I have to?

- Stop, listen to me.

He will kill you to get to me
and her, and not feel a thing.

We gotta get to your house before he does.

Where's your car?

- It's over here, come on let's go.

Don't stop,
don't even slow down.

- What?

- That's Uncle Dim's truck.

- Who is that?

- My dad's lady friend, Kay Lee.

Is your grandma home?

No why?

- Uncle Dim's in your house.

- Shit.


We need to make sure Grandma's okay.

And then you're gonna tell me everything

or I'm calling the police.

No no cops.

- How did they get here so fast?

It's only Friday right?

- Yeah.



I think I was supposed
to do something Friday.

- Hey is Kelly here?

- No.

- Oh you must be her dad.

- Yeah, come on in.

- Oh it's our first date.

Oh I'm not expecting there to
be a third date or anything.

- She's meeting you here?

- Yeah she lives here right?

- You got any beer?

- Oh no, no sir.

No beer, no drugs, nothing like that.

Maybe it's best if I wait out in the car.

- Sit down.

- So what have you gotten
yourself into this time?

You must be the runaway child.

- And you must be the disappointed mother.

- Is Grandma okay?

- Why wouldn't she be?

Is anyone going to say anything?

- You shouldn't have
gotten in my backpack.

- Jane Eyre is my favorite book too.

We're more alike than you think.

- Except I don't snoop through
peoples private things.

- Is that supposed to make me feel bad?

- Does it?

It was my mom's favorite too.

She never got to read it to me though.

- What did happen to your mom honey?

- Uncle Dim took her.

- Took her when?

- I was still a kid.

There was a bunch of them in the house.

Getting all high like most nights.

Me and my mom were in my room.

Officer Stanich came for his cut.

Lionel my father didn't have the money.

So he made my mom

take care of him.

After he left my Uncle Dim came.

He made my mom go outside.

Then he beat Lionel nearly to
death for what he made her do.

He said he was taking her to
get cleaned up from the drugs.

- Your mom used drugs too?

- Not meth though.

They went back out to the truck.

I watched out the window.

I couldn't hear but she wanted
to come back and get me.

I know she did.

He wouldn't let her.

She fought him but you
don't cross Uncle Dim.

He hit here real hard, put her
on the truck and drove off.

That was it.

- You never saw her again?

- A few weeks later my
Uncle Dim came back.

He talked to Lionel outside.

Lionel came back in and told me

that my mom was dead.

- Pick up Lionel.

God damn it pick up.

- Get in here.

And bring the gray tape
from behind the seat.

- Is there a bathroom?

- Sit down.

I got nothing against you except

you've seen my and Kay Lee here.

Now you wouldn't know
it looking at her now

but she used to a pretty little thing.

Kay Lee go tape him up.

- I could just go.

- Shut up.
- Shut up.

- You don't have to do this I mean--

I said shut up.

- You think your uncle killed your mom?

- When he took me back
to his house that day

he left his safe open
while he took a phone call.

There were pictures of my mom
bundled up with some papers.

- Your father just gave you to this man?

- It was me or else a lottery ticket.

- Lottery ticket?

- Lionel and Kay Lee thought
they had a winner but

they were so high they didn't
realize it was a wrong date.

Uncle Dim them a couple of dime bags,

took me and the ticket.

- What would a man like that
do with a child like you?

- Sell me.

- What?

- He put my picture on his computer

and I heard him talking in
Spanish about me to someone.

80,000 and some package, drugs I guess.

- You speak Spanish?

What do you know everything?

- Maybe you should try stealing a book

once in awhile instead
of stuff you don't need.

They planned to meet the next night

out at Old Collard Farm.

There's a place for a
small plane to land there.

- Funny name for a place.

- And that pretty much brings us up

to where you stiffed me spare change

and pepper sprayed my best customer.

And you through me out for
calling the klepto klepto.

And sent a letter to Uncle
Dim telling him where I was.

- See if you can find me something to eat.

What are you doing?

- Need to charge my phone
I'm looking for a charger.

- Is that what I told you to do?

- No.

- You left the keys in our house?

- I couldn't take a chance on losing them.

What if somebody stole my backpack?

- Why don't we just call the police?

- No.

The police are involved in all of this.

Lionel's been paying them off for years.

Some of them are worse than Uncle Dim.

What do you think will happen
to me knowing what I know?

Listen I think Uncle Dim killed my mom.

I know he sells other kids
and the proof is in that safe.

- What proof?

There's pictures of other girls in there.

Including my cousin Sara.

They say she fell in the river
and the body was never found.

Please promise me.


- You don't think I'm still pretty Dim?

This young man does don't you?

- She should have been here by now.

Or you're lying to me?

Where is she?

- I need to take a piss.

- Kay Lee take him to the John.

Don't untie his hands.


Give me his phone.

- Front right pocket.

What'd you say
her name was, Kelly?

- You're not her dad?

You're gonna have to untie my hands.

- I can't do that.

You're gonna have to aim yourself.

- I can't go with you watching.

- He's gonna kill you.

- What?


- You've seen his face.

Maybe I can help you
but you gotta help me.

- Okay.

- I gotta get away from him too.

- Okay.

- Selling drugs is one thing but--

- Drugs.

- Kidnapping a little girl?

That's something else entirely.

- Little girl?

- You got a car right?

- Yeah.

Kay Lee.

- Shit.
- What are you doing in there?

- He's gonna be wondering
why no one's come home yet.


That birthday card said mom.

Was that from you?

- Why?

- He's gonna find that card and address

and he's gonna come here.

- Why are you getting
me involved in all this?

- Maybe it's time you got
involved in your daughters life.

- Maybe I don't want her
involved in her daughters life.

- Okay we're really
need to get out of here

and I gotta get those keys.


- They saw the truck.

This is Midge.

I'm not home right now
please leave a message.

Mom it's Jeanie please call

the police to come and get this child.

She's sleeping now but
she's threatened to run off.

I won't do anything 'til I hear from you.

So call me.

- Go wait in the truck.

- Hey Dim you don't want to do that.

- Wait in the truck.

- I don't want no part in any murder.

- Too late for that.

- Dim our fingerprints
are all over this place.

He doesn't know anything anyway.

He just a kid who showed up for a date.

It's Crystal we want right?

- Randall.

Burn the house.

Yeah Lionel's what do you think?

- We'll be fine.

You guys get to the motel.

We'll be there as soon as we get the keys.

- Excuse me.

Have you seen a little girl?

She's not little really.

Yay tall, light brown hair.

- And who are you?

- I'm her mother.

- You don't look dead.

- No no no, no we haven't
seen anyone like that.

Have you called the police?

- Oh no no, no need to involve them.

I'm sure she's just went with
her friends after school.

Would you mind, could I use your bathroom?

- Alright.

The bathroom is on the right.

- Stay here.

Did you find it, the cards and things?

- They're not here.

What do you
mean they're not there?

- It's not a difficult concept.

I put them in this drawer.

They're not in here now.

He must have found them.

- What did they look like?

- Seriously keys a lot of little
things with serrated edges.

- One key on a metal ring?

- Yes.

Those are keys to a suitcase.

- Friday night.

Oh my gosh I'm sorry I forgot.

It's been a crazy week.

It's not normally like this even for me.

- Okay I really need to take a piss.

- Okay not the most romantic opening but

under the circumstances.

- Will you please hurry?

- Come on Lionel, answer the phone.

- Kelly?

So how did you end up?

- Kelly.


We should get out of here.

- Shit.


- Get back here.

Be still before I ring your little neck.

- I can't breathe.

You wouldn't kill me and you know it.

- Shut up.

- I'm worth too much to you.

- Shut up.

- If it's just the money
you don't have to--

- Shut the fuck up.

I made a deal, I never go back on a deal.

As soon as Kay Lee gets here

we're gonna deal with those
two, go back to Kansas.

Where's the key?

- What do you mean deal with those two?

- Where's the key?

- Please don't hurt them because of me.

- Where's your backpack?

- In the car.

Go fetch her
backpack out of that car.

- Just use the laundry tub.

- Could you turn around please?

- They're not in here Dim.

- Get out of the way.

They must be on her, search her.

- I thought you liked touching
little girls Uncle Dim.

Aren't you man enough for a grown woman?

Go ahead hit me like you did my mom.

Was that the accident, you
hit her a little too hard?

Shut up.

- Oh don't want to damage the goods.

Might diminish the asking price.

- Take her in that room and search her.

See if she's got the
keys on her somewhere.

- Don't even think about touching me.

- What'd you mean asking price?

- Don't act like you don't know.

Take the kid Dim, take the kid.

- I don't I swear.

I was out of my head on that stuff.

Tell me.

- He sold me to some rich
Mexican man, tomorrow night.

- Fuck.

Go, go on.

- He'll kill you.

- Yeah I know.



- Hold on I'm still looking.

- God damn it Kay Lee.


- Damn it.


Shit it's gasoline.

- Stop I'll go with you.

We have to make a deal though.

- Deal, why should I?

- If I run you can't catch me.

And you know it.

- Go on.

- I'll go with you and
I won't try to get away.

I promise.

Just don't hurt these people.

- Why do you care about them?

- Sometimes people just
care about other people.

- That's not been my experience.

Get in the car.

- Say it's a deal.

Say it.

- Get in the car.

- Say it.

- Deal.

- What the hell is Stanich doing here?

- Lionel.


The old heart finally gave out didn't it?

Yeah well you're not
gonna be needing that.

I told you this was gonna be

the death of you someday Lionel.

What the fuck?

Is someone helping us?

Hello, open the door.

Unlock it.

Oh my God are you alright?

Shit, help me get her out of here.

- Anyone got a smoke?

- Grandma is Crystal with you?

- No honey.

- Where have you been?

- Her uncle locked me in the basement.

I think he took her.

Grandma did you take some keys out

of the drawer in the front room?

- Which drawer?

- There's only one drawer.

What difference does it make?

Grandma did you take some keys?

- Why yes but I must of grabbed

the wrong suitcase because they don't fit.

- Shit he took my car.


- What's that smell?

- It's gasoline grandma.

We need to get out of here.

- Wait.

It's all she's got in the world.

Maybe it's good luck.

- We have to call the police.

- Yes absolutely.

- No we promised.

- Since when has that ever
meant anything to you?

This little girl is in real trouble.

- And I'm going to get her out of it.

- You, how?

Lying and stealing won't fix this.

- You won't make me give her up this time.

- So who is this little girl anyway?

She your sister or something?


- No.

She's just some girl I met on the street.

- Then why are you
involved in all of this?

- Some people just grow on you.

- Yeah.


- Some date huh?

I hate to ask but could you
do me a favor before you go?

- Yeah you need ride or something?

- Yeah.

- Kansas?

- I need to go with you.

- You need to go to the hospital.

- No I need to stop that bastard.

And I know where to find him.

Wait here.

- I'm gonna grab some
snacks you want anything?

- Sure trimlettes, you need money?

- No that's okay I can just, sure.

- I gotta piss too.

- Here we go with the romance again.

- We have a shoplifter.

Here you are, have a good day.

Is that everything?

- Yep.

- That is 21.53.

- Oh I don't need this.

- Here you are.

- Fuck.

- Hey.

- Where's she going?

- Maybe she has to take a piss.

Use the restroom.

- Or have a smoke.

- Right over there.

Yeah them.

- Hey did you get the trimlettes?

- Oh yeah but we should
wait 'til we're in the car.

- Excuse me ma'am.

- Hi officer I just realized
I forgot to pay for something.

- What's that?

- That's the thing I forgot to pay for.

- Yeah I can see how you overlooked it.

Take it out.

You her boyfriend?

- No.

I mean not yet.

I mean we're on a date, first date.

I was just giving her a ride.

- A ride with Michigan plates?

- Officer please.

I was going to pay.

I'm trying to quit, I'm
even seeing a therapist.

- Shit.

- He didn't know anything about it.

And we have somewhere
we really need to be so

how about I just pay and
we can be on our way?

- Well technically, hold on.

- Looks like there's blood in the car too.

- Is there anyway we can speed this up?

- You don't get it do you?

You're in a lot of trouble.

Caught shoplifting and in possession

of a bag of crystal meth,

not to mention the blood in your car.

- I told you that other stuff
and the blood is Kay Lee's.


- And what?

- A little girl's life is at stake.

- You better tell us
what's happening here.

- I promised her I would
not get the police involved.


I met this girl panhandling
in the streets up in Michigan.

She said she ran away from here.

- Ran away, why?

- She said her dad sold her to her uncle

and he was gonna sell her to
somebody in another country.

I don't even know if he's
really her uncle but.

- What was her name?

- Crystal, Crystal Hawkins.

Like I was saying she
called him Uncle Dim but--

- Wait a minute.

Dim, Dimwell Hawkins?

And you said Kay Lee, Kay Lee LaBont?

- He followed her to Michigan.

He took her.

If we don't get their in time...

Where is she going?


I don't have time for this.

- Just relax.

- No you don't understand.

We don't have time for this.

What are we gonna do?

- It will be alright.

- This the man you're talking about?

- Yeah that's him.

At first I thought he was your dad.

- That's Kay Lee.

It was her blood in the car.

He beat her up bad and left her for dead.

She slept in the back seat all
night while we were driving.

That stuff must have
fallen out of her pocket.

- Okay let's start at the beginning.

- Where are we?

- We just crossed into Kansas.

I been up for two straight days.

We've got some time before...

Need to ditch this car too.

- Would you really have
burned down that house?

What about Kay Lee?

- That burned out meth head bitch

with the big dream of winning the lottery?


- People have to have a dream Uncle Dim.

- Yeah well,

her dream's glued to your bedroom walls.

- All those tickets, all the same.

- What?

- She played the same numbers every week.

What's the matter Uncle Dim?

- Where is it?

- With the keys.

- How much is it worth?

- $30,000 before they take out the taxes.

So I figured it be about $22,316.

- Why didn't you just cash it in?

You could have went anywhere you wanted.

Got away from all of this.

- It's not mine.

- Hawkins is gonna sell the kid?

- He's done it before.

Last year he sold Crystals cousin.


- I'll be damned.

Little Sara Mercy.

No wonder we never found the body.

- What will the men do to me?

You do as your
told you'll be alright.

I don't have a choice.

I'll go with you.

And I won't try to get away.

Could have
went anywhere you wanted.

Got away from all of this.

- I promise.

- What is Jake doing here?

Wait here.

Oh fuck.

Jesus Lionel.

Oh God damn it Dim fuck, fuck fuck.

Come on come on, where'd you put it girl?

Come on come on.

Oh fuck.

God, shit.

Come on let's go.

- Wait just a minute now.

- What?

- I ain't going anywhere
'til I get what you promised.

- Hey get off of me.

- I drove all the way down
here on the promise that you--

- Alright, alright.

You got a condom?


- Hold on I'll get my purse.

Turn around.

- Ain't no need for that now.

- Shut up just don't
you fucking turn around.

- Kay Lee.

- This isn't right.

They're not gonna be at Crystal's house.

They're gonna be at that farm.

What was the name of it?

Grandma what was the name of that farm?

The one that Crystal mentioned.

The one where the deal's gonna go down.


- Some kind of old vegetable wasn't it?

- Oh yes, old something something.

- Old Collard Farm.

- Yes that's it.

Thank you Grandma.

- Collard Farm, Wichita, Kansas.

Come on, come on.

- You'll keep your part of the deal right?

- You do exactly as I told
you no matter what okay?


Nevermind that, you got the package?

- How much you got?

- A little over 21,000.

- What's this?

- Never seen that truck before I swear.

- Let's go, let's go.

Get out of the plane.

Get out of the plane, come on.

- Mom?


- Be more specific.

- Old Collard Farm near Wichita, Kansas.

It'll be alright.

fucking move you bastard.

- Stop it Kay Lee, what are you doing?

- You killed Lionel, you left me for dead.

You took my lottery ticket.

Not now.

- God damn it Kay Lee, fuck.

- Am I crazy enough for you know Dim?

- Don't know what you're
doing, they're getting away.

Turn left at 20 yards.

- Got it.


- Hold on.

You have arrived
at your destination.

- They turned.

- What?

- Yeah?

- We lost the kids sir.

They turned off on that
county road back there.

Where's that go to?

- Nowhere sir just some
old abandoned farm.

- Isn't there an airstrip there?

We'll meet you there.

Where are they?

Old Collard Farm.

Oh my God is that a plane?

Go, go go go, go go.

- She wasn't what you wanted anyway.

How do you think she's
gonna feel about you

when she realizes you sold Crystal?

- Crystal, I heard her.

- She's my daughter too.

- And you fucking sold her?

You ain't selling anymore little girls.

- Drop the gun ma'am, drop it now.

- Let me shoot the bastard first.

- He'll pay for what he's done.

Just put the gun down.

We need an ambulance out at

the Old Collard Farm out of an OK-127.

- He forced us to take her.

- You bastard.

What have you done?

You've gotta stop that plane.

- What happened?

- Plane's gone sir.

- You gotta find that plane, do something.

- Who shot him?

- I did.

He sold that little girl
and tried to kill me.

Give me a gun and I'll finish the job.

- Officer.

The phone's in the money
bag, you can trace it.

I'm sorry.

I was using her as bait.

They weren't supposed to take her.

- We have a signal sir.

Where is it?

- They must have found
it sir, it's still here.

Wait, it's moving.

It's here.

- Mom.
- Oh my God.


- Mom.


Wait, wait.

This is my mom.

This is my best friend.


Hope I never have to see you again.

- Well you don't need to
worry about that young lady.

- You see what happens?

You promised you wouldn't call the police.

You suck.

- I didn't.

- Then what are they doing here?

- You were right.

I suck at stealing.

But at least it wasn't
in my own neighborhood.

- You got caught?

- Yeah.

- Who's this?

- You remember something was
bugging me about Friday night?

This is Tom, we're on a date.

- Crystal Blue Hawkins, some date huh?

- Tell him it's not always like this.

- That has not been my experience.

- I'm sorry.

We've got to get here to Social Services.

- So this is it?

- I gotta take care of my mom.

Come here.

- If I didn't have my real mom back...

- I know.


- I'm sorry I called you--

- Kleptomaniac, it's okay.

I'm trying to quit.

- Give this to your grandma
to keep for me okay.

You're daughter would have loved you.

- What's this?

- Just a little reward.

- A reward for what?

- Well it's been three
months since you've...

- Stolen anything?

- Yes.

- Is this supposed to make me feel good?

- Does it?

- It's weird, she used to say that.

She was a disaster.

- I don't know.

I think she had it together
more than any of us sometimes.

- No you know how they say that people

who survived a disaster
together have a special bond?

She was our disaster.

- Spare change?

- What?

- It's not a difficult concept.

I ask you if you have spare change

and you come around the bench and hug me.

- Oh my God.

Yeah I think I have about 34 cents.

What are you doing here?

- We were on our way to your
grandma's and I saw you.

- No I mean here in Michigan?

- Oh well we'll be staying
with my Aunt Charlotte

for a little while, my mom's sister so

people always need a babysitter.