Cryptid (2022) - full transcript

A small rural town in Maine is shocked as a mysterious animal leaves a local resident brutally ripped apart. Deemed to be a random bear attack by town officials, freelance journalist Max Frome suspects it might be something more.

- Shh.

Oh, shit!


What the fuck?

- Oh.






Fuck it.

- Oh, great.

How'd you hear about this?

- Oh, come on.

I'm shocked you have such
a little faith in me.

You know I have a sense
about these things.

I was on my way to get
trash bags

and I saw the lights.

So what do you got going on?

Fender bender, drunk driver?

Elaborate murder-suicide?
- Look,

as of right now, we're not
really sure.

We're still putting the pieces

- Okay. Let's just start with
the basics.

Any dead?

- Yeah.

- How many?
- One.

- Who?

- I can't release that yet
till I talk to the family.

- Was anyone else involved?
- Not sure.

It doesn't appear so.

- All right, well, what did the

I mean, I assume it was a guy,

- Not sure.

- I mean, was it a tree or
another car,

an animal, was it Batman?

- We're done here.
- Well then speculate.

- I can't.
- Why not?

- Because I don't have
all of the facts yet.

- Well, that's never stopped
you before.

- Get the hell outta here, Max.

- Okay, okay, okay.

All right.

Listen, Charlie, I really
need your help here.

All right? I need a story,

I got bills up to my eyeballs,

my hot water got turned off last

my electricity got
turned off this morning,

and I've been wearing the
same socks for six days.

Throw me a bone.

- I'm sorry, Max. I just can't.

- Come on, man, six days. You
owe me.

- I don't owe you shit.

In fact, you wanna start
tallying favors now?

- Mm, well probably not a good
idea. Okay.

All right.

I'm sorry, but I'm not kidding,

I do need your help.

- All right. Here's the

It looks like we may have an
animal attack on our hands.

- Okay. That's it?

I mean, what kind of animal
are we talking about here?

Is it a wolf, bear, mountain

- Would you just shut
up and I'll tell you?

You asked for something,
I'm giving it to you,

but you gotta turn that goddamn
thing off.

- All right. Sorry.

- So given the size of the
damage, it could be a bear,

but we won't know sure
until the medical examiner

gets a chance to look at him.

- That's kind of odd, isn't it?

Bears don't generally
generally attack this close

to civilization, I mean, let

on top of the road, do they?

- No, they do not.

The theory is that the
guy may have hit the bear,

gotten out to look and
the bear wasn't happy.

But again, we will not
know anything for sure

until the M.E. gets a look at

- Oh, but you don't buy that, do

No, no, that's why you're being

so Charlie, about the whole

- Come here.

Let's just say that, um,

there are certain things I don't

about this scene, right?

And I'm gonna feel a
whole lot better about it

once I get that report back on
the guy,

but until then, that stays with

Got it?
- Yeah, yeah.

Think I got everything I need
for now.

- Good. So get hell outta here.

I got work to do.

- Hey.

- Yeah?

- Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

- You're beautiful, Charlie.



- Hey beautiful, it's me. How
you doing?

Oh, I'm great, I'm great.

No, I didn't call about that.

Honestly, I didn't.

Hey, I remember our
conversation. Yeah.

Well, I'm actually, uh,
a little more interested

in the other body you got today.

I ran into Charlie this
morning and he told me.

I just wanted get a chance to
take a look.

I mean, you know Charlie,
once he starts talking,

he's like a school girl at

Is there a problem?


That bad, huh?

How big of an animal are
we talking about here?

Well can you make a guess?

No, no. If you can't, you can't.

I, I'm just asking.

Okay, no, no. Hey, it's no

I get it.

No, I appreciate the time.

All right, thanks. Talk to you.

- Great job last week, guys,

you hit out of the park.

Nice work on the cartoons,
Bobby. Very good.

That group Route 2 incident,

you really captured the feel of

And those photos, outstanding.

I felt like I was in the
football game at that point.

You guys are doing
amazing work, by the way.

I don't tell you that often

but you should hear it from me.

Now, I need you to do even
more amazing work this week.

We gotta keep things going.
We've gotta keep the vibe...

- Hello?
- Harry, it's me.

Guess what? We're back in
business, baby.

- I'm just saying, if I'd known,

I was gonna be waiting for 20

I wouldn't have dropped

I had to get my
electricity turned back on.

- Did you call Bill?

- How do you think I got my
electricity turned back on?

- And he gave you an advance?

- Of course.

- He did?
- Yep.

- Just like that?

- Sort of.

- Uh, what do you mean?

What do you mean?
- There are a few

stipulations to the whole thing.

Caveats, if you will.

We just need to do a few things.

- We?

- We are a team, aren't we?

Together, as always.

One for all or all for one kind
of thing.

- Let's have it.
- Oh, it's nothing really.

We just need to send Bill the
first shots

of whatever we find, plus
a thousand word treatment

on his desk by Tuesday,
and then, you know,

may need to do a few bad jobs.

- Man, you are

the biggest fucking weasel!

Every time you do this to me,

I think it's gonna be the last

and yet here I am again.

I need help.
- Come, have a seat.

I'll make you some nice cocoa,

and I'll show you what I've got.

- Okay. What is it this time?

- Well, let me tell you, at
first I thought nothing big,

but now I'm not so sure.

- What happened?
- And Charlie was off.

I mean, he was still Charlie,
but he just didn't seem right.

- Like how?

- I don't know, he just seemed a

a little lost, maybe.

- He's probably just
putting things together.

- Yeah, maybe.

No, no. It seemed like more than

I mean, I haven't seen
that look on him since...

- Since when?

- Since Nancy, I guess.
- Oh.

I, I'm sorry, Max, but
you're not making any sense.

- What?

Oh, I'm sorry. Hold on, listen.

So I came across an
accident on Route 2 today,

and I thought, "Great,
nice little fender bender.

Maybe grab a quick post
to the paper tomorrow,

score some cash."
- And Charlie was there?

- Yep. Along with two other

- Oh wow. Big time.

Okay, I'm with you so
far. So what did he say?

- Well that's just,
that's just it. Nothing.

The most I could get
out him was that someone

had died after possibly hitting
a bear.

- And?
- Where is this thing?

But it was the, here it is,

it was the way he said it, you

I mean, he believed it
was a bear about as much

as if someone had told him old
Mrs. Atler

had hobbled down the
road and simultaneously

taken out the car and driver
in a primal fit of rage.

- So what do you

- Oh, no idea.

- None?
- No.

But listen.

My spider sense is tingling on
this one.

- Dammit, Max, your
spider sense is always tingling.

It's gotten to the point where I

it's just an inner ear

I mean, this is pretty thin even
for you.

- Yeah, but I'm right. I know

Are you with me?

- I, I don't know.

I, I don't have time
for this right now, I...

- Come on.

I can't do it without you,

I need you.

- Whatever.
- Yes.

So what's the plan?

- For now,

just a little recon.

- You never made me cocoa.

You know where you're going?

- Yeah.

Let's see, the accident
happened back there,

which is south and you know,

judging by the broken branches
and markings on the shoulder,

it went off in this
direction, which is northeast.

- West, it's northwest.

- Right.

- What do you expect to find?

- Not entirely sure, but
I'll know when I find it.

- Of course.

I just don't wanna get caught
out here

when the sun goes down.

- Fair enough.


You know what? That's it.

I got nothing.

Shit. So much for...

- I'm guessing we're about
40 minutes from the car,

so we could probably press
on for another 15 or so.

- No, we've been all over this

If there was something here,
we would've found it by now.


check that out.

- What?

- There.

- Holy shit.

How did we miss this?

- We're two idiots with just a

wandering around in the woods.

I'm amazed we found it.

- What kind of tracks are these?

- No idea.

- And do you think it could be

- Seems kind of small
for a bear, doesn't it?

The toes don't quite
match a bear's either.

Definitely less paw-like.


I, I don't spend all my time
with you.

I have a life.
- Oh.

- You know?
- Okay.

Just give me the flashlight.
Start taking pictures.

- Fine.

- Make sure to get a good
close-up of the claw marks.

- I will get them. I will get

Damn backseat photographer.

- Less paw-like.

- Can you see the bottom?

- No.

It's deeper than shit, I'll tell
you that.

Okay. You get everything?

- If it's here, I got it.

- Good. Let's get back.

Suddenly, I don't wanna
be here after dark either.

- Hello?
- Hey, it's me again.

Long time no hear.
- Hi.

I was just thinking about you.

- Oh, that's nice to hear.

Why, did Pete leave town?
- Very funny.

No, there seems to be some

with that body you asked about.

- What kind?
- It's just so strange.

Listen, Max, I really
shouldn't be talking about this

until I can confirm something.

- Okay, dang, we're just
talking about it here.

You know, it's no big deal.

Yeah, so what's the plan?
Uh, what's the next step?

I just mean, you remember that

forensic expert friend
I have at Cal State?

Well he owes me a favor.
- It's nothing like that.

Eh, maybe I'm overreacting.

- Are you sure I can't call my

He could at least
provide some added depth.

- He wouldn't be any good unless

he's a wildlife expert as well.

- Oh, unfortunately not.

Do you have somebody in

- Boston, but we'll see.

Supposedly she's the best.

Listen, Max, I really gotta run.

You, uh, take care
- Wait, just,

- of yourself.
- just, would you,

just let me know if you find

- Sure. I'll do what I can.

- Excellent. No, I really
appreciate it.

Thank you.

- Sure, Max. Bye.

- Well?
- I think I got

what I needed.
- What did she say?

- I'll tell you this, whatever

to that guy in the slab, she
doesn't know,

and that scares the hell
out of her so much so,

she swallowed her pride and
asked for help from the outside.

- Strange. Who?

- I don't know. She's a
wildlife expert out of Boston.

- Well, who would that be?

I mean, that's all we have to go

- For now.
- Ah.

- You know what?

We can find out more.

It might be too late now.

Tomorrow, I want you to contact
this guy.

He works for the Wildlife
Preservation Society

out of Cambridge, I did a story

on him a couple years back.

Ask him to find out who's
advising Dr. Matthews on this.

Tell him that Diane said that
this woman

is the best, so he should know

Best ones are rarely the obscure

Present company excluded.

With any luck, he'll know
exactly where to go on this.

If he gives you any shit about

just remind him that he owes me
a favor.

Leave it at that.
- Okay, will do.

Here are the photos from today.

You really think this is

- I don't know.

I just wanna find out
if it's actually a bear

because otherwise, why
does it feel so shady?

You know, I mean, we'll stick on

We'll get it.
- Yeah?

I wish I had the confidence you

- A little faith, my dear, a
little faith.

That's all.

All right. You wanna a beer or

- Nah, I'm heading out.
It's been a long day.

- Suit yourself.

- Max, there's something you
should know.

- What'd you say?

What, what is it?
- Ah, it's nothing.

- Oh, come on. What is it?

- Just curious who you know at
Cal State?

- Hmm. Nobody.

- That's what I thought.

- Dutch!

Dutch! Come here, boy!


Dutch, come on, boy! Dutch!

Dutch! Come on!

- Hey, Charlie.

Chance to get a little closer

- I can't do that. What
the hell are you thinking?

- Just tell me if it's
the same as the first one.

- Close enough for
government work, anyway.

Goddamn mayor's involved now.

He wants us to make sure we
keep a tight lid on everything.

- Good luck with that in this
town. Right?

- You ain't shittin'.

Poor woman probably never
even knew what hit her.

One minute she's walking
Dutch, the next...

- I heard it might be a bear.
- Mm.

- Migrated down from Canada.

- I've never heard of a bear
doing anything like this.

But what the hell do I know?

Listen, Max. You gotta go.

If someone sees me talking
to you, I'm gonna hear it.

- Find Dutch?
- No,

and I don't expect we will.

Now get the hell outta here.

- Yeah. I try, thanks.

- Max. What is it?

I was almost in.

- I have an idea.

- I don't like this.

Sonny looked sick.

- Yeah. Come on.

- Uh, have a seat.

Can I, uh, offer you two some

- Oh, I'd love some, black,

- Miss Stanz?
- Oh, Harriet, please.

Uh, I'm good. Thanks.

- So, um, how long did you live
next door to Mrs. Stirgard?

- Oh, about eight years now.

- Thank you.

You two friends?

- We were friendly.

Hey, she's a nice

We were cordial to each other,

but just typical

neighborly stuff, I suppose.

- Yeah.

Hey, do you mind if I just
record this?

- Uh, no.

- Okay. Great.

Great coffee, by the way.
- Thanks.

- Well, I just wanted to

get that on the record.

Anyway, um,

tell me everything that
happened last night

or at least everything you can

- Sure.

Like I told Sonny, I was
watching a movie,

and I heard a dog barking next

Didn't think much of it.

And then there was a scream

Huh, that's when I got up
to see what was going on.

- And how long was that dog

before you heard the scream?

- I don't know, TV was on,

I didn't really notice at first.

- Yeah, so at what point did you
get up

to go check it out and was it
before or after the scream?

- After. I turned the TV
off and went to the door.

- And could you still hear
the screaming at the door?

- No, no. It stopped by then.

I called 911.

- Hmm. What'd you think it was?

- Oh, I assumed it was Mrs.

- You heard the dog
barking and then a scream

that sounded like Mrs. Stirgard,

but you didn't go over
there to check it out?

- It would've been safer not to.

- For who?

- What are you driving at?
- Oh, no, no, no.

Hey, look, I'm just trying to
get a picture here, you know?

I mean, you like the woman, she
was nice,

and why not just go over and try

to lend a helping hand
if she's in trouble?

It just seems a little, a little

That's all.

- Okay, okay, look, I

Last spring,

I heard that you dug out Dave

after his truck slid off
the road into the gully

after all the rain that we had.

So this, I don't know, this
just doesn't seem like you.

You know, I mean, I've gotta
believe your first instinct

was to go over there and help.

- It was, actually.

- So why didn't you?

- I heard something.
- After the scream?

- Yeah, it was, it was
like an animal sound.

- An animal sound. Wha-Wha-What

- I, I don't know.

It wasn't like any sound
I'd ever heard before.

- Was it a growl like a bear?

- Not exactly, it...

Well, I don't know if I could

a bear from this distance

but it wasn't like any bear
I'd ever heard.

- All right. Well, can you
describe what it sounded like?

- Well, it had a kind of a hiss.

- A hiss, like a snake?

- No, no, I, I know this sounds

but I don't know how else to
describe it.

It was loud even over here
and, and it was like a roar,

but there was a definite hiss to

- And that scared you
enough to call the police?

- Yeah.

- Did you hear anything
else after the hiss?

- No, but I didn't go outside
until the police showed up.

- Did you tell Sonny that?

- Yeah. I told him I
heard an animal noise.

He didn't ask any further.

- What do you wanna do?

- Huh.

Let's give it a bit to cool

I wanna check out the
woods behind Helen's.

See if we can find another hole.

- Max, we've been back and forth

across her yard now for two

- We'll find it. We haven't
been this far out yet.

- Bottom line
is I just don't wanna be

out here chasing our tails.

What? Why are you stopping?

- Another coincidence.

- Holy-
- Shit.

- Tracks everywhere.

Here, you start around the other

- Okay.

Well they appear to be

the same anyway, that's good.

I wonder if...

- What?

Wonder if what?

What the fuck is it, Max?


have a nice weekend, bye-bye.

- Okay.


That's fine.

Hey, hey, where are you going?

- Hey, I have some faxes
coming in for Doug Bradley.

- $8.47.

- Um, sorry, what?

- $8.47.

- Uh...

Keep the change. Thanks.

You have got to see this.

- Reptilian? Like a lizard?

- Apparently.

- Well, I don't know
how I feel about that.

- What the hell is this thing?

Where did it come from?

- I don't know,

but just as important,
how long has it been here?

Come here. You gotta look at


So I went through most of the
local papers

from the surrounding counties,
and I found

a number of suspicious
or at least

what I deemed to be suspicious

Take a look at these dates.

Backward from this

So in October of 2017,

two people were killed in Knox

In September of the same
year, there's one on Kennebec.

Then another in Cumberland
in November of 2016.

Till we move back to October of

where five people were killed

between Oxford and Franklin

Now each time this seems to be

in either September, October, or

Other than a few rare attacks in

they completely stop after that.

I mean, I don't know
why, but it's gotta be

some kind of pattern, it's gotta

I traced it back to
1958, for Christ's sake.

- How could this not be noticed?

I mean, there has to be

- If there is, no one's
ever said anything,

and there's never been a living

- What about this guy
Dobson? What's his deal?

I mean, his dog gets
killed near his house,

he hears it, but sees nothing?

- I thought the same

I looked him up. Clint
Dobson, he's over in Otis,

tried calling him on
whatever number I could find,

but disconnected.

- Let's take a ride.

So you said there was a pattern?

Well, what's the pattern?

- The counties.

See, I started with the most

and I worked my way back.

The original idea was to
try to find a kind of hotbed

for where most of the attacks

but when I started to mark off
each one,

something else happened.

- I see a bunch of circles.

- Mm-hmm.

Those are migration patterns.

- But how can that be?
- I don't know.

That's what we're gonna find

- Have you ever heard
of a creature that has

this kind of migration cycle?

- No, but I'm far from an

- It looks like each fall,

it moves on to a new location.

- Mm-hmm.
- And it sets up shop,

attacking, one, two, three,

five times.

- Yep. Keep going.

- And then by the time
it circles back around

to the original spot, it's
like seven to 10 years later.

So it has a clean slate at that


- Welcome to the dark side.

- Max.

- Um, excuse me.

Excuse me!
- Oh my God.

You scared me.

- Sorry about that.

Uh, do you live here?

- I do. What can I do for you?

- We're looking for a Clint

Does he still live here?

- I'm afraid you're a little

He passed a few years back.

I'm his daughter, Marie.

- Oh, I see, uh,

I'm Max, and this is Harriet.

- I'm sorry for your loss.

- Don't be. He was an asshole.

- What about your mother?
Is she still around?

- No, she had even less of a

for his bullshit than I did.

She left a long time ago.

What is this about?

- Oh, we're from the Trenton

Uh, we had wanted to
ask him some questions

about when his dog was attacked
and killed a while back.

- You mean Blackie?

You , you came over
from Trenton

to ask about that?

Why do you wanna know?

- Did he ever say anything about

You know, anything about that

- Not to me.

I was away at school at the

I swear, he
loved that dog more than us,

but as you can imagine, we

on the best of terms at that

So I didn't talk to him much.

I know there's a, there's a

back in there somewhere because
of it.

- Uh, any brothers or sisters
who might have been around?

- I have an older brother in

but he was gone by then too.

- What about any friends he
might have told or you know,

journals he might have had?

- You kidding?

My father could hold up his
beer bottle and not much else.

- Okay, well, it was worth a

Thanks for your time, Marie.

We won't take up any more of it.

- Thanks again.

Actually, wait.

You know, at the end he,
he was pretty out of it

with the drugs and everything.

He kept slipping in and out of

And one day he started
talking about Blackie.

He kept going on and on
about the hiss getting him.

Something like that.

We all just thought he
was talking nonsense, but

there was something
about the way he said it

that it really stuck with me.

The hiss.

He kept repeating it.

Scared me a little.

Uh, is that anything?

- It actually is.

Thank you again.
- Thanks.

Okay. I can't believe I'm
saying this, but I'm in.

The problem is I just
can't wrap my brain around

the whole season thing.

What is it about the months of

and November that bring it out?

Why is it so active during those

- I know, that is a big one.

- We have to get Bill involved

- Are you kidding me?

All we have now are theories.
Bill's way past that.

- We need the help.

Not, not to mention, he's gonna
want something soon anyway.

You can't keep this secret
from him much longer.

- Oh, I know.

I'm just gonna have to
get crafty,

but, hey, that's my game.

- I think you should play
dumb, that's really your game.

- Uh-huh. Uh-huh-huh-huh.

Well, look who found a sense of

Hey, I taught you well.

- Oh, glad you could
take credit for that too.

So now what?

- Well there's still a bunch of

I gotta get through tonight, but

I mean, we need to find out

we can about reptiles.

Maybe that'll least
send us in a direction,

but you know, my
Internet's been backing up,

so let's go to your place.

- I can't tomorrow.

Bill assigned me to the
Beauregard job.

- The dog show?

- Pays, yes. A gig's a gig.

I ought to use my camera for

that actually brings in money.

- I can't believe I'm getting

by a bunch of animals
that eat their own shit.

- Hey, there will also be dogs

Relax. I should be out by two,
the latest.

- All right, well then meet
me at the library, I guess.

I'll use the computers there.

It looks like I'll be getting
my mail there for a bit.

- Hmm. Fair enough.

What stuff do you have to go
over tonight?

- Uh, well, I need to go
over your photos more,

and then there's some articles
I haven't even touched yet.


- Take a break? Head over
to Millie's for a drink?

- You buying?

- Damn, this story better pan

- Hmm.

- Seriously. You're a great

So why are you freelancing
for this shitty-ass paper?

You should be in staff
in Boston or New York.

- Mm, no.

I would never ever work for a

that covers the Yankees, you
know that.

Hey, can I have another?
- Jesus Christ.

Can't you be serious for
a second.

- You ever work in a factory,

- What?
- Well my dad did.

He managed a hack and slash unit

- I have no idea what you just

- Selective
deforestation is what they call

- Okay. So what does that
have to do with anything?

- Uh, my dad died on the job.

- I didn't know that. I'm sorry.

- Who knew that's what slaving

at a job for 32 years gets you?

You know, one minute
you're working your ass off

50, 60, 70 hours a week
outta some half-cocked notion

to send your son to college and
the next,

well, the next you're not.

- Half-cocked? That's
a pretty good reason.

- Oh my God. It's just such
a fucking waste of life.

- You can't look at it like

- Well, maybe not, but I do

Yeah, it made me realize
how fragile everything was.

How you can't assume
anything and the thought

of going down that same path
was so goddamn suffocating.

I mean, you didn't grow up here,

I mean, you don't realize
how bad it can get.

That wasn't gonna happen to me.

I was gonna take my
shots, wherever that led.

No nets, no regrets.

- And yet here you are.

- Did you know
that after my dad died,

I left for five years?

- Why'd you come back?

- Oh, my mom got sick.

Ovarian cancer, not good.

The paper was looking for
a journalist and I needed,

well, something while I was

She died about a year later
and I would've left again

for good if it wasn't for Nancy.

She and Charlie were
still living in the house

their parents left him at the

and Nancy was working editorials
for Bill.

And here I come
blowing in like the wind.

My head's still spinning from

that happened with my mom.

God, I was such a mess.

She probably saved my life.

- It's because you actually
started putting down roots.

- It was a fantasy.

And what did that get me?

Dead fiance, that's what.

Nancy lived her whole
life in this damn town

out of some obligation to these

My dad wasted his life trying to

something that didn't need

And what did that get either of

- Well, that's a shitty way to
look at it.

Nancy was here because she
cared about these people,

and your dad worked in
order to give you something

that he never had, something you

- I needed a father.

I'm here right now because I
have to be,

but once I get my shot, I'm out.

- Oh, bullshit.

That is bullshit and you know

You're here because you want to
be here.

No, because you love it here.

No, because

this place means something to

It's your home.

Why, why do you think
you always come back?

No, what were doing, it
doesn't work in a vacuum

and try as you might,
you can't escape that.

You're just too chickenshit to
admit it.

You think that by living on the

and dating married women, it's

to have one foot out the door,

but that's just emotional

And at some point you're gonna
wake up

and realize there's no
one left who gives a fuck.

- Now then, what is this sudden

in my goals and ambitions?

- I'm leaving.

- What?
- I got a job in Boston.

- Where did this come from?

- I, I applied for it a couple
weeks back.

They made me an offer two days

- Huh. And why didn't you tell

- I don't know. I guess I
thought, I...

I don't know what I thought.

- Wait a minute.

Wait, is this why you
agreed to help me on this?

Is it?

- Not entirely.

- Oh, not entirely.

That's great. I feel so much

Thank you.
- Dammit, Max.

I'm here. What's the difference?

- Yeah, for now. I mean,
when are you going?

- The 10th.

- The 10th? That, that's next

Fuck! What about the story?

- What about the story?

Tell Bill now.
- Oh!

- Let's show him what we've got.

He can bring in people

- No, no, no, no.
- to help.

- I am not giving it to those

You have to stay on.

- I can't.
- You have to.

I can't tell anyone. Not now.

We just had a huge
breakthrough and we're close.

This is my big shot once and for

You can't leave yet.

- I'll, I'll stay as long as I

That's the best I have to offer.

You are really up fucking up my

- I know, and I'm sure this
hasn't gone the way you planned.

Just please,

just do this one last thing for

and I won't ask you anymore.

- I worry about you sometimes.
- I'm fine.

Just please, just, just help me
on this.

- Fine.

Uh, I should go. I have an early

I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay, yeah.

- Goodnight, Max.

- Good night.

- Another round, Max?

Max, can I get you another

- Um, no, I'm fine, Kell.

Thanks. I'm taking off.

- Okay, hon. Just be careful
driving home.

Max, you all right?

- Uh, yeah, of course.

Sorry, uh, never better.

- Hey.

- It's about time. I'm
fricking drowning here.

I need your eyes.
- Sorry, I got held up.


Ever see 30 dogs decide they
wanna bite

at some guy's hot dog at the
same time?

It will change your life.

I see you've abandoned the

- Mm.

I got desperate.

I've tried everything I can
think of.

Feeding patterns, migration
courses, changes in temperature,

time of year, different breeds
of species.

I, I can't find anything about a

that's nocturnal, feeds
at one time of year,

has a very large but
steady migratory pattern,

and is big enough to attack a

Nothing. I'm tapped out.

- How close do you think this
thing is

to the end of its cycle?

- Close. Look at the pattern.

As far back as I've
look, it attacks three,

maybe five times at the
most before moving on.

- It's like it stocks
up before hibernating.

- Mm-hmm, and whatever it is,
it's smart.

It knows how to stay hidden.

So this may be all we get,

and then it'll be gone and
may not resurface again

for at least a year.

- That's a tight window.
- Yeah.

I feel like I'm slamming my head

a brick wall because of it.

I don't know. I mean, maybe
you can find the connection.

- Okay, but we need another
entry point.

Let's, let's bring in a game

or an expert from Portland.

Let's show them what we've got.

Lay it out for them, see what
they say.

- I don't know. Maybe you're

You call Heath again and ask

- No, that's not what I meant.

- Ask him if there's been, I
don't know,

any increase in bear attacks in
this area

over the last couple of years,
all right?

If we're lucky, he'll think
we're just following up

for a sideline story for

that's been going on around

If we get really lucky,
I mean, uh, who knows?

Maybe we'll get some
details about the attacks

that are being withheld.
- Max,

what's that gonna prove?

We need new information
from a real source?

What, what could he say
that could possibly help us?

- Well, we won't know until
he says it now, will we?

- That's asinine. You're just

- For what?
- For the big break

or something like it.

I just don't see how we can get

without tipping our
hand at least a little.

- Shit, just...

Okay, uh, look, I'll make you a

Call Heath and see what he says.

Just see what he says.

If nothing comes of it then,

I don't know, we'll go your way.

Sound like a plan?

- That's another thing.
Why am I calling him?

He's your friend. You
should call him yourself.

- Harry, come on. Really?

Why are we quibbling
over things like this?

Very important things I
have to be doing instead.

Besides, I hate to have
to owe the guy anything.

He's kind of a snake.

You know the type?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I know the type.

- Oh, hi, Max.
- Oh, hi, Mrs. Atler.

How are things?
- Ah, well, this rain

is knocking the hell out of my

but other than that, I'm living.

- Oh, guess that's a plus these

- Oh, it's awful what
happened to Helen, isn't it?

- I know. It's a shame.

- Max, listen, Pippet hasn't
been snooping

around your garbage cans again,
has he?

- Um, no, Mrs. Atler, why?

- Well, the little sucker
took off on me last night

and he hasn't been back this

and I just thought maybe
he slipped under the fence

and was, had at your
garbage, you know?

- No, ma'am, at least not that
I've seen.

- I'm starting to get a bit

Remember last year when
Susie McClellan's terrier

got caught in that bear
trap out behind Leo's place?

- My God, that's right.
- Oh yeah.

It was an awful mess.

I just hope that Pippet
has more sense than that.

- I'm sure he does.

I know old guy's outfoxed
me more than a couple times,

trying to chase him away

from my cans.
- Well that's Pippet for ya.

Hmm, well, if you see him,

can you just walk over and let
me know?

- Absolutely.

I'm sure Pip's just having

a little party with his friends.

- Mm, don't I know it.
- He'll be back.

- Bye-bye, Max.

Keep an eye out.

- Why is there a hole in it?

Look, you should get another

It looks like something was
digging in it.

- Uh, no, that's fine. I'll take

- Are you sure?

'Cause it looked like someone
fingered it.

- No. No. Uh, just ring it up.

I'll take it.

Holy fuck.

- Hey, you want your change?

- Keep it.

Actually, I don't know, I was
thinking I'm gonna need that.

Thank you.

- Frome.
- Bill.

What are you doing here?
- We're having

a birthday party for my niece.

You, you remember Jackie, right?

- Oh yeah, sure. They, uh,
still over on Bay Street?

- Yeah, we ran out of drinks for
the kids,

so I'm making the run.

- Oh, lucky you.
- Oh, I know.

Look, I'm really glad I ran into

We need to talk.
- Can it wait?

I'm onto something. I really
gotta go.

- Max, where's my story?
- Bill, I am so

close right now, I can taste it.

I think I might have just
figured something out.

When you hear about it,
you're gonna piss yourself.

- Can you prove it?

- Not yet, but soon.

All I need-
- Max, please.

We really need to talk.

- Oh, we really need to talk.

- I agreed to let your
freelance because I thought

it would be good for you to take

time off after Nancy died.

Look, Max, you've given me
some really great stories

over the years, but there comes
a time

when I have to weigh what I get
from you

against what it takes to get it.

- I can't believe
you would say that.

- Drop it. I am just tired
of dealing with your shit.

And the truth is, we don't need

I don't need it.
- What are you saying?

- You're gonna need someplace
else to find your money from.

- Are you kidding me, Bill?

After everything I've given you?

- Huh.

- I mean, what about this
story? You promised me.

- That's right, I did.

And if whatever this is that
you think that you're chasing

shows up gold, I'll buy it, but
that's it.

I'm done. You understand?

- I understand.

You just wait and see.
You're gonna want me back.

You just wait and see.
- I'm sorry, Max.

Maybe it's time for you to move

You're way past due to leave
again anyway.

Now you don't have an excuse.

Take care of yourself.

- Bill.


Harry, it's me.

Hey, don't worry about calling

I'll do that.

Meet me at my house
tomorrow morning instead.

I need you to check on
something else for me.

- Fuck! Jesus Christ!

You scare the balls off me.

Little early to be drinking,
isn't it.

- Come on. You gotta see this.

- What?
- Come on.

- What the hell is this about?

Holy shit.
- Whoa, don't.

- Have you seen it?

- No, but Mrs. Atler's dog went

Heard some strange noises
in the woods last night.

So could be.

- That sells it.

- Uh, what are you doing?
- Calling Charlie?

- Are you nuts?

- Uh, Sheriff Murdoch, please.

This has gone on too far. We
need help.

- Do you realize what this could

- Hey Charlie, it's Harriet.

I appreciate it. All right.

See you later. Okay.

He'll be here after his shift.

- Goddammit.

- Let's go back inside.

I have some stuff you need to
hear about.

- What's the point now?
- Don't be a baby.

Come on.

- Hmm.


- Seriously?

All right.

What do you got?

- A lot, actually.

I don't know what it all means

but I did some backtracking

and I found some interesting

- Do tell, kemosabe.

- So I started out by
going back about 20 years,

which is as far back as the

would carry me on the daily

I took each date that you gave
me of a supposed bear attack,

and, goddammit, if it didn't

to some kind of rainstorm
the previous night.

What's more, during the
years when there were

multiple attacks in a given

it was during the biggest
rainfall season.

- I can't believe it.
- If that blew your dick,

wait till you hear this.

I decided to keep going back

So, I went to the library
this morning and I checked

the newspaper weather forecast
against the earlier attacks.

And to the fucking letter,

there was some kind of rainstorm

Now who knows if it
actually did rain or not,

but the coincidence is

- Wait, but how far back did you

- 75 Years.

- Huh.

- And who knows how much
further that goes back?

Are we saying what I think we're

- Yeah, the rain.

I mean, it makes sense.

- Right, but why?

- I have a theory.

I talked to Heath, I asked
him if he knew of any creature

that hunt specifically
in the rain and he said,

"Not presently."

- What, what does that mean?

- That's what I said.

Do you know what he told me?

You know what, let me get
my notes so I say it right.

- Have you ever heard
of the Holocene Epoc era?

- No.
- No, me either.

Anyway, during this time,

most of the larger predatory
animals began to be phased out

by the smaller, faster animals,
but there is some evidence

to show that a certain number
of the larger creatures

began to use the rain as
cover to hunt their prey

through the thick underbrush of
a jungle.

- Right, but would it be

to have one of these
creatures alive today?

- No, no, no.

They were around for such a
short time.

It would be very unlikely.

- So where does that leave us?

- Oh, hang on now.

I asked 'em, I said,

"What if one of these
creatures did survive?

You know, what if it was
able to evolve as well

and grow sharper, faster,
pass the skills on

from generation to generation?"

And he said.

- Well, it'd be
reptilian, that's for sure.

They adapt easier and
have longer life spans,

but its size would come down.

It's gotta find a balance
with the animals around it.

- Makes sense. Life, uh, finds a

- Right.

Now this reptile would
most likely be nocturnal,

you know, because it
would increase its chances

of staying out of sight
and its hunting success.

I mean, especially since it'd
be fighting off extinction.

- What about size?

How much smaller does he
think it would've gotten?

Like the size of a dog or what?

- Get this.
- I don't know.

A small bear, maybe.

- You've gotta be shitting me?
- Nope.

I couldn't believe it when he
said that,

but, of course, then he went on
to say

how this is all theory and
the chances of a creature

like that avoiding detection by

are astronomical, blah, blah,

- Well, at least
we should have enough

for a story at this point.

- Yeah, well, maybe, but I want

- Why?

- Because I don't want

just a base hit, I want a grand
slam and proof will do that.

Otherwise, it's just another
crazy story. A Cryptid.

- A what?
- Cryptid.

It's a term using Cryptozoology.

It refers to a creature
that is believed to exist,

but scientifically unproven.

- Like Bigfoot and Loch Ness?

- Exactly.
- Mm.

Well, at least we have
credibility on our side.

- Clearly.

- So why not use Charlie?

If we can convince him of this,

maybe he can provide us the
proof we need.

- You know what?

You might be right.

He tags it and bags it,
we get everything we need.

- Yes. Yes.

Let the people with the guns
find the murder creature.

I'm definitely a fan of that.

You should call Bill

Seriously, this is good news.

And he's like 20 stages beyond

to get something from you.
- Yeah, no, I will, I will.

I just, you know, first
we gotta convince Charlie.

- How hard do you think that'll

- Uh, well, Charlie's a rock,

tough as hell with no

but he's also very smart.

He's trained to look at facts
and to draw conclusions, so

that reason alone, I
think he'll believe us.

- I don't believe you.

- Oh, come on Charlie.

Look at what we have here. All

I mean, you saw the holes.
You heard the stories.

Wait, you wanna see the map

- No.
- Harry, show 'em the map

- No, I do not need

to see your damn map again.

I have heard everything you

- Okay, then why won't you
just accept the possibility

that this could be true?
- Because it's foolish.

You have one half-baked
theory based on another.

It's like a house of
cards flipped upside down.

Everything you believe in,
everything you think is right,

is based on a leap of
faith the size of Montana.

- Yeah, but what if you take
that leap,

just for a second, what
if you open that brick

you call a head and just explore
the idea?

- 'Cause I don't have
time to explore the idea.

The mayor is so far up my ass,
I am spitting out buttons.

And believe it or not, genius,
it's really pretty simple.

As the population grows around

we keep pushing the forest
back further and further,

limiting the space and the food

that is available to these

Yes, bears.

Eventually, bam! They collide.

- The crazy thing is I
believe you're right.

Just not the part you think.

All of these things you're
talking about,

deforestation, increase in

I mean, hell, throw climate

and global warming on top of

We've been cornering it,

forcing it out into the open to
get bolder

out of fear of extinction.

- All right. How do you explain
this rain business, hmm?

Why doesn't it happen in the

That's the rainiest time.
- Uh, not here.

October and November have
the most rainfall each year,

most in inches and most days.

All right, fine.

Then how do you explain the

every time we send a hunting
party out?

- Coincidence.

- Coinc...? Jesus.

Max, open your goddamn eyes!

Are you so hard up for a story

that you will believe
anything that comes through,

even if it's not true?

And you, Harriet.

I wouldn't have thought
you would get mixed up

in something like this.

- Okay, look, I get it.

It's hard to accept at
first, but it makes sense.

No, just,

just take that hole outside, for

Have you ever seen a bear
make something like that?

Or, or leave those kinds
of tracks outside it?

What about the M.E.
report? What about that?

- What about it?
- Oh, cl,

clearly it backs up what we're

- How do you know that?

I never even saw an M.E. report.

Oh, okay.

- How is that possible?

- There was a problem at the

Some samples got contaminated.
We're still waiting.

Are you saying you've seen

Where did you get this?

- Where do you think?

Charlie, that first day
I saw you in the street,

when the driver hit this thing,

you said something
about this bothered you.

Do you remember that?
- Of course.

- What was it? What bothered

- The victim was
partially eaten.

- What?

- Most of his internal organs
were gone

as well as parts of his arms and

- And what about Mrs. Stirgard?

- Same thing.

- I don't get it.

- Generally, bears kill out of

They, it's like someone

their territory or they're

- Meaning not for food.

- That is not always the case.

- Oh my God, come on!

I've read enough about
this in the last few days

to know that it's only
in extremely rare cases

that bears attack out of
hunger, and now we've had what?

Two in less than a week.
That's damn near impossible.

- Three.

- What?
- What do you mean three?

- Who was the third?

- A horse was killed a few days

- Oh my God. Use your damn head,

- This is bullshit, bullshit!

- But the...
- I'm sorry.

The mayor needs this cleared
up as soon as possible.

He believes it's a bear and so
do I.

I have to.

I cannot pin the safety of this

on some mythical creature that
no one has ever seen before.

- What if you're wrong?

What if this thing doesn't run
and hide in the next county?

How bad will it get then?
- Look, we are sending

a hunting party out tomorrow.

So if I'm wrong, and what you
say is true, we will know.

- Nancy would've believed me.

Fuck you!

- She would have, and you know

- Fuck you!

Of all the slimy, lowdown things

you could do that is the worst!

How dare you use her for this?

- Use her?

I'm not using her for anything.

I'm trying to get you to see
what is right

the fuck in front of your face!

- You are looking out for

which is what you do best!

And I never understood
what she saw in you ever!

- Okay, good, good, good.

Now it comes out.

Well, you know what?

Neither did I, but that
doesn't change the fact

that she loved me and I
loved her more than I,

more than I could have possibly

You're just pissed off 'cause I
was able

to give her something that you

- I gave her everything.

When our parents died,
I raised her the best

that I could to do right by

I gave her everything!

- You gave her rules then

You gave her fear of the world
around her.

You gave her a prison.

- I gave her protection!

- A lot of good that did!


Whoa, whoa, Charlie.


- I can't.

I just, I can't.

- Charlie.

- I just can't.

- Well,

that could have gone better.

- You are a charmer.

- Fuck.

Now what?

- I know a game warden in

Um, I could go talk to him.

See if he'll come here.

Then we can try to go to work on

- You mean like torture him?

I'm really gonna miss you.

- Me too.

- I'm sorry about all

I'm sorry I took the only
person who actually believes me

and put you in the
middle of this shitstorm.

- Thank you for saying so.

- Well the truth is,
you're the best person

I've ever worked with

and, uh, well, a real friend.

I just thought if...

I don't know, if we found
this thing together, then...

I don't even know
what I thought, I just...

Anyway, I, I'm sorry.

- It's okay.

Despite my complaints,

you make me see things in a
different way,

and I like that

Be safe, okay?

- Aren't I always?

- I should be back in
a couple hours anyway.

Here. Mm.

Uh, wait here for a second?

- Sure.

- Thanks.

- Afternoon, sheriff.
- Hey, Beth.

- The mayor is here to see you.

- What?
- The mayor.

He's in your office.

- Charlie.
- Tom.

- Uh, Charlie, it's me.

I think there's not much time

It's supposed to rain tonight
but not again for a while,

and by that time, who
knows where it'll be?

And I can't let this stand.

You know, not now.

So I'm headed out at sundown.

I know you don't buy
that story in the paper.

You knew it then and you
sure as hell know it now.

I just hope,

I just hope you believe me
because I'm asking for your

Okay? Uh...

Please, please help me.

I didn't think you'd show.

- Where'd you get the gun?

- It was my dad's.
- Yeah, well

when was the last time you fired

- I don't know. Probably when
was 16.

Are you here to stop me?
Because you can save it.

That fucker killed Harriet and
I'm not-

- Max, I just don't want
you to blow your foot off.

- I saw the papers today.

Get everything you wanted?

- They did, and then some.

- Everyone happy?
- Almost everyone.

Look, unfortunately, I couldn't
get as many as I needed,

what with the emergency
being over and all,

but I trust these guys.

Uh, this is John Pendleton.

He's the one whose horse
got killed the other day.

Might be related.

- John.


- Max.

- Thanks for coming out, guys.

- No problem.

It sucks about, Harriet.

She was a special girl.

- Yeah she was.

Charlie fill you guys in one the

- He did.

I'm not quite sure I believe it,

I've never known Charlie to
lie or even stretch the truth,

so I'll take his word for
it till I know better.

- John's family owns a lot
of the surrounding property

that will most likely be headed

- We've done our fair
share of big game hunting,

so we should be able to track
this thing.

- All right, listen up.

We are going to stay in
constant visual contact

of each other, all right?

You make sure that you always

a sight line to everybody else.

No one goes off alone.

You. I'm giving you six
hours and that's it.

Six hours, Max.

When I call it, I call it. It's

And I don't give a shit what
you say, I will drag your ass

out of there by your ears if I
have to.

- Charlie...

Listen, I appreciate you guys

coming down to help me, I do.

All right, but you also need to

that I'm here no matter what

I'm headed out into those woods.

I have to, but you don't.

If it's what you say it is,

then we've got bigger
problems than just tonight.

I am in.
- He's right.

If this thing killed Harriet,

I'm fucking in.

- And hell, I'm the only
one with the legal right

to authorize this so
if that means wandering

through the woods in
the middle of the night

with the likes of you then, then
so be it.

- Let's go.

- Say, Max, come here for a

I, um...

About the other day, um, didn't-

- I know, Charlie. You
don't have to say anything.

- No, I do. I do.

I did not mean it.

- I know, neither did I.

- You're a good man, Max.

And I consider you family.

- Thank you, Charlie.

- Let's do this.

- Hey, shut that off.

- Yeah, why?
- Don't use that

unless you absolutely have to.

- Why?
- It kills night vision.

You just let your eyes
adjust to the darkness,

you'll be able to see

Use that flashlight, you can
only see

what's in the beam of light.

- How do you know that?

- Night hunting.

- Hold up, guys.

John, hold that.

I wanna cross-check this.

Okay, uh, this area here,

it's our best chance of spotting

I figure if we push east,

we can skirt past Prospect Hill

and hit this patch of
forest on the south side.

Then if we spread out
across this old farm,

we can cover a good stretch of

- Okay, so, there's a creek

that runs through here and
through here,

and there's a small
canyon on the other side.

Now, if we just stay on this
narrow band,

we should be able to, uh,
cover a lot of the back part

of the property in no time at

Now, that old farm you're
talking about,

that's Jackson Farm.

Now I've been there.

Uh, thing it likes to dig,

- Yeah, deep tunnels.

- See this patch just above
Jackson Farm

by Buzzard Creek Trail?

No rocks, no trees, just
tracts of open land.

- All right. Sounds like a plan.

- Ho.

It's still fresh.

- There's more on this tree.

- Something got hit here.

It's headed northeast.

- Well, it's like your idea

about the Jackson Farm was

- Well, I'm beginning to think

that I'm not too happy about

- You okay, John?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Let's go.

- Looks like you might
get your proof after all.

- No offense, Charlie,

fuck you if you still
think I care about that.

- That's what I wanna hear.

- Damn.

- That's it. The tracks just

- Christ.

- Farmhouse is that way.

Holy shit!

- John!
- Get to the farm!

- Sonny, Sonny, Sonny, no, come

Come on!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

- We need to keep moving.
- No, Max is in there!

- We need to keep moving, we
don't know

- Cover me, cover me!
- where that thing is!

- Max!

- Charlie, we have to go.
- Max!

- Charlie, now!

- Oh, shit.
- Max, shit!

- Charlie!


Son of a bitch. Charlie!





Are you fucking kidding me?

Mm. Please.

C-C-Come on. Come on, come on,

Come on.

All right.

Let's go. Let's go.




You know what?

All right.

Let's think about it.

All right, go this way.

Come on!

Keep going, keep going.

Did you hit it?

- I'm doubtful.

I couldn't see shit.

So much for night vision.

- Now what?

- I don't know.

- Do you think Max is still

- I don't know, maybe.

- Shit, man, is there
anything you do know?

- Yeah, I know that if Max is
still alive,

we gotta figure out a way to

that creature away from its den.

- How do we do that?

- We gotta go back in.

- Wait, wait. I think I have an


given this thing's nature,

it must primarily hunt by scent.

- Whoa, whoa, what the fuck?


- The only way that
we can attract that thing

away from Max and towards us

is to give it some incentive,
like a fresh wound.

- Are you fucking crazy?

- Maybe, but if we can put this

on some trees in one area,

I bet it'll come running.

- And if it doesn't?

- Then I'm an idiot and I'm
gonna need some stitches.

- All right.

Let's find a spot.

- What the fuck? Oh, what the

Oh, Jesus.

Oh no.

There's something moving.

Oh, fuck.


Fuck it.

- That should do it.

Den is downwind from
here so it smells this,

should lead him right down this

- What if the rain washes the
scent away?

- It'll take a while.

- Cover me.

Fresh wound.

Jesus, Sonny. Oh, Jesus.

We gotta get you outta here.
- No, go, go after it.

- No, man! You're hurt!

- Really, I think it
looks worse that it is.

- No, I think it looks pretty
fucking bad.

All right? We gotta get you
outta here.

I'll come back for Max.
- No.

No, it's wounded. You,
you can't lose it now.

I'll be okay.

- All right, look at me.

You take this, all right?

That thing comes back around,
that has

a lot more stopping power.

Don't fucking die!

You good?
- Yeah.

- All right.
- Yeah, go, go.


Oh fuck.



Oh, Jesus!

Oh, fuck.


- Max?

- Sonny?


Sonny, I'm down here!

- Max?
- Sonny?

Holy shit.
- Max?

- Sonny, holy shit.

- Max.

- Where's Charlie?
- I, I don't know, he...

I heard a scream. It might have
been him.

- What?

You gotta help me get outta here

- Do you have any rope?
- Oh fuck.

I was gonna ask you the same
thing. Shit.

- Man, we gotta get outta here.

This, this thing could be back
any second.

- Yeah, I know. She's
not gonna be pleased.

- What?
- Nothing.

How am I gonna get outta here?

- I, I don't know.

- Fuck. Fuck.



Oh fuck. I have an idea.

Wait, I'll be back. Okay.

Oh, for Christ sake.

Oh, Jesus.


Oh, shit.

Okay. Okay.

- Hurry, Max.

- I'm doing the best I can.

- Do better.


Max? Max?

I got ya, buddy. I got ya.

Well, well, well.

Nice of you to drop by.

- Shit.

- How do you feel?

- Oh, you know, everything

- Hmm. No doubt.

You gave me quite the scare.

- Oh, oh, wow.

- You were covered in so much

I wasn't sure where your
injuries were.

- Jesus. Oh.

- You remember what happened?

- Oh, I remember you shot me.

- Well, just a little bit.

- Oh, God, don't make me laugh.

- Had a hell of a time
getting you out of there.

- Right.

Shit, Charlie, the cave!

We gotta go back or-
- Take it easy, Max.

- No, no. We gotta go back now!

- Dammit, Max, why on earth
would I wanna go back there?

- There are eggs!

- What?

- Eggs.

They could be anywhere by now?

- The creature's body's gone.

So how do we explain this?

- I don't see how we can.

Well, we can take the
eggshells to an expert

and hope we can get them to
believe us.

- You think they will?

- Did you?

- So what then?

- It's getting cold.

They'll be looking for place to
lay low

and stay warm through the

So if we're lucky, these things

won't come out again till next

but with this many,

it'll be worse.

- And if so?

- I'd grab every man, woman
and child that could hold a gun

and get ready for the carnage to

- And where will you be?

- Home.

♪ There's a monster in the
closet ♪

♪ A creature by the bed ♪

♪ Demons in the shadows ♪

♪ Someone's gonna get dead ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ So run ♪

♪ You got to hide ♪

♪ It's not time for heroes ♪

♪ Mojo or ego ♪

♪ When blood is being spattered♪

♪ The only thing that matters
is to make it out alive, yeah ♪

♪ These clues are just illusions♪

♪ Or so the doctor said ♪

♪ The rain is soaked in terror ♪

♪ Someone's gonna get dead ♪

♪ So run ♪

♪ You got to hide ♪

♪ No time for heroes ♪

♪ Mojo or ego ♪

♪ When blood is being splattered♪

♪ The only thing that matters
is to make it out alive, yeah ♪

♪ I know I saw something ♪

♪ It was raining like hell ♪

♪ There were holes in the earth♪

♪ And I wanted to yell, help ♪

♪ I had no reception ♪

♪ No bars in my cell, damn ♪

♪ I couldn't run and I couldn't
hide ♪

♪ I was lost in the woods ♪

♪ And oh, God, oh, God, oh, God♪

♪ The ungodly smell ♪

♪ So run ♪

♪ You got to hide ♪

♪ It's no time for heroes ♪

♪ Mojo or ego ♪

♪ When blood is being splattered♪

♪ The only thing that matters
is to make it out alive, yeah ♪

♪ Call the police ♪