Crying Out Love in the Center of the World (2004) - full transcript

In 1980s Kyushu, two teenagers fell in love, and exchanged their secrets and thoughts by way of sending tape recordings to each other. More than a decade later, the boy (now grown-up and bittered) rediscovers the last recording of his long-dead lover's voice. Her words trigger a series of flashbacks illustrating the joyful beginning and tragic end of their relationship.

A Yukisada Isao Film.

It's getting closer.

What is?

The typhoon.


Typhoon #29.


will we make it?

We'll make it.

I promise I'll take you there.

- Saku!
- Sorry.


Good morning.

Another all-nighter?

You're part-time, right?

Do full-timers work Saturdays, too?


Sakutaro is an odd name, no?

Dad was a fan of the poet,
Hagiwara Sakutaro.

He wrote Chiekosho?

No, not that.

What, then?

What was it...

You don't even know.

Wow, some ugly weather.

The typhoon's getting close.

Typhoon #29 is currently

at sea, southwest of Kagoshima,

moving north slowly, at about
20 kilometres per hour.

We aren't seeing any rain yet,

but thick storm clouds are moving in
from the west,

promising a torrent to come...

Don't you have a girlfriend?

I do.

So, go home, then.


The move.

I said, I'm fine.

You're the one I'm worried about.

It's lonely living alone in the city.

Listen, Dad, don't you have
anyone special?

Haven't you been lonely since I left?

I'm not making fun of you,
I'm worried.

It's not like I'm leaving the country

I'll come back and visit.

I still had this.

Excuse me, do you have
any Walkmen?

If you wanted MD players,

they're really compact now.

These here all take CDs...

Excuse me,

do you have a Walkman
for playing cassette tapes?


October 28th...

I don't know why...

I can't get to sleep.

I'm so afraid of tomorrow
that I can't fall asleep.

I think...

I'm going to die soon.


I'm going away for a while.
Don't worry about me - Ritsuko

...the super typhoon, #29,
which struck Kagoshima,

has maintained
its ferocious strength,

travelling north at approximately
15 kilometres per hour.

The atmospheric pressure at
the centre is 950 hPa,

the maximum wind speed near
the centre is 40 meters per second,

and within the parameters
110 kilometres southeast and...


Oh, it's you.

Helluva welcome.

I'm starving, Ryu.

Eat at home.
You've got a cute fiancée.



I never should've introduced you
to Ritsuko.

You're marrying her
Better treat her right.


Ritsuko's gone.


She left a note,
"I'm going away for a while".

A note? That's bad, man.

You write a note if you're
going to elope, man,

or for a double suicide.

Double suicide? Suicide?

No way.

You call her?


Call her.

Hurry up and call,
her life's at stake.

Oh, all right.


...this afternoon, many Kyushu-bound
flights have been cancelled,

stranding more than
50,000 passengers.

If Typhoon #29 continues
its northerly course,

it should hit Shikoku
tomorrow afternoon...

Hey, Saku.


Ritsuko, isn't it?

Why'd you hang up?


...we can anticipate many
more cancelled flights,

and disruption of travel plans
That's all...

That's all, from Takamatsu Airport.

What's Ritsuko doing in Takamatsu?


Hey, Saku!


June 24, 1986.

Mayor, Onuki Shozaburo...

Saku! Over here.

You're late.


Next, an eulogy from a Kobane High
School student, who she taught

Hirose Aki, 11th grade.


To Principal Kunimura,

I offer my heartfelt condolences
on your passing,

and would like to take this opportunity
to thank you for teaching me.


I wish I had no need to
say these things.

I really feel great sorrow,
at the sudden news of your death,

and I can hardly believe
that I have to stand here

and speak these words,

to a photograph.

I think of what you always said,

"Beginnings are just
continuations of other things,"

about the real meaning
of those words.

Our memories of you...

Hirose's amazing.

The other girls were just crying
their eyes out.

She's like totally mature
or something.


Uncle Shige,
you knew our principal?

She was my first love.

I wanted a memorial photograph
of her,

but I couldn't even see her face.

No way, this was our principal?

The war was over
and we'd survived.

But I was starting over from scratch,

lost my whole family,
totally broke.


I worked like a dog to win her.

I did everything but commit murder.

Like what?

I can't tell you.

So I got things together.

But then...

But then what?

But then, she'd already married
a man her parents had chosen.

But that's...

Back then,

that's how it was done.

Hey, Saku,
there aren't any cute girls.

I like,

like a girl who reads
books on the train.

Who's like...

What are you staring at, you lech.

What's that?

Hey, hey, listen, listen!
It's Tachi, the movie star!

- Tachi?
- Tachi Hiroshi.

It's a movie shoot,
he's playing some cop.

Where? Where?

Over there?

Can you call that girl over?


Come here!


It's just a pick-up shot.

May we take your picture?

Do you mind?

I'll take your photo.

Hey, Tachi's gone.

Hey, isn't that Aki?

Hey, that's Aki.

It's Aki, Aki! Why? Why?

What? Her debut?


Very nice.


I caught a fool.

Ouch, ouch, ouch...

I caught a fool.

I knew you came to school
on your motorbike.

I've seen you riding it before.

Are you going to rat on me?

Hey, what's this?




Hurry up.

Oh, well.

Don't hold on so tight.

Feel my breasts?

Listen, Saku.

Please don't.

Don't what?

Call me Saku.

Everybody calls you that.

Just the guys.

Well, Nakagawa's a girl.

She's not really like that,
so it's okay for her, too.

Why not me, too, then?

When you do it, I feel
like you're teasing me.

I'm not teasing.

You're different from
the other girls, Hirose

I'm different?

You're smart and
you're a great athlete,

and you're popular...

You're going into
show business, right?

You're like,

a little classier...

It's like you're here.

- What?
- Going home.

Aren't you riding with me?

We live in opposite directions.

Then why'd you ask for that ride?

That's a no-brainer.

How else could I talk to you?

A score of 82, what a laugh.

If I get serious,
I can do a lot better...

Wait a second.


32,000 Yen, huh.


You win the same thing,

if they read your postcard
on Midnight Wave.

Midnight Wave?

A late night radio show.

Hey, I'll race you!


Let's both send postcards and
see who gets the Walkman first.

I'm home.

Welcome home, Sakutaro.

You're late, was it a girl,

Shut up, ugly.

Shut up!

Whether you're cramming,
working or broken-hearted...

This is it.

We're coming to you from FMKB.

So, another round of Midnight Wave,
all night long.

Our first request comes from a listener
by the pen name, Banana Boat.

"Someday" by Sano Motoharu.

"The passage year-"

"The passing year."

"The passing year is yet
another travelling."

So even amnesiacs can laugh
at memories.

Hey, Saku!



We've tallied up votes and

Hirose Aki has been elected
to play Juliet.

I wonder how Juliet felt
when she woke up.

How it feels to have
your lover die first.

Ask Uncle Shige.


Between you and me,

Uncle Shige, who runs the photo studio,
his first love was our principal.

No way.

They were planning to marry,

but war came and
prevented their union.

But it was all in his mind, really.

And he still loves her.

Fifty years is half a century

I can't imagine dreaming of
the same person for half a century.

It's lovely.

I'd like to hear
Uncle Shige's story.

Are you nervous?

With that face, you'll
never get in anywhere.

Brighten up.

What kind of face should I make?

I don't know how to smile.

Okay, don't laugh.

All right.


Thank you.

Thanks again.

I don't mind telling you...

But not for free.

I still say this is nuts.

You think?

We could get arrested.

For what?

I think it's romantic and lovely.

You think?

It'll be so much nicer
with Uncle Shige,

than stuck in this desolate place.

Isn't that it?

What's he going to do
with her bones?

Carry them to his grave.

Oh, right.

Uncle Shige can't share
her grave.

Light up the inside.

Oh, sorry.

In a way, this is like

finding eternal love.

But it's all over if you die.

Shall we ask?


When you die,
does love die, too?

- Does love die, too?
- Does love die, too?

Over here, here!

Someone's coming.

Watch your step, watch your step.


I'm covered with bites.

Sit down.

This is the most beautiful place
I know, so it's all for you.

It's a grave.

That's Johnny and Nakagawa.

No way.

So many mosquitoes.

They're dating?

Who's there!

Run! Run!

Who's there!


Saku! Hey.

Hey, Saku, man.

It's me, me


It's been so long, man.

How you been, man?

So, you wound up
taking over the temple?

Yeah, well.

And what the hell
are you doing here?

Oh, nothing.

Not nothing...

Is that Hirose?

Yeah, well.


Hirose, huh.

She was amazing, Hirose was.

A great athlete,

super smart, good at anything.

To someone like me,
riddled with inferiority,

Hirose Family Grave

she was like a stab to the heart.

She was so cool.

About twice a day,
no more than an hour.

No more than an hour.

Oh, really?



What, Sakutaro?


What are you doing back home?

What about your job?


You must be busy with
the wedding coming up.

Oh, this is perfect.

I want you to see
the kimono I'll be wearing.

I can't outshine what
Ritsuko's wearing, right?

I'll lay it out downstairs,
so take a look, okay?

Found it.

This is Midnight Wave,
coming at you all night long.

So, let's move on
to our next postcard.

Pen name, Fried Noodle Bread...


I'm writing today about a tragedy
that befell my classmate,

a quiet girl, with long hair.

Our class decided to stage Romeo
and Juliet for the cultural festival.

She was going to play Juliet.

But she never made it onstage.

She had leukemia.

All her long hair fell out,

and she grew
unrecognizably gaunt.

I won, right?

Hey? Were you asleep?

I know, you're jealous.



The principal's bones...

Hey, Aki!

This is Aki.

If I see you in person,

I'm afraid I'll either
snub you or slap you,

so I decided to
record this for you.

Please listen to this on the Walkman
you won with your terrible lie.

Listen, Saku...

The reason I was so furious
with you today,

was that I couldn't forgive
the heartless lie you told.

I don't think you should
tell lies like that.

Have you considered
how sick people feel?

What will you do if I die?

Uncle Shige's love
lasted this long,

because it was never fulfilled.

When you're together,
you see the other's faults.

That may even push you apart.

But I like to believe
it only deepens love.

Um, I'm sorry.

I regret what I did.

You've got piece of rice
stuck, there.

Oh! Disgusting!

It's your turn next.


Record whatever you
have to say on tape.

Then I'll answer you again.

It's 8 o'clock at night.

I just had dinner.

We had croquettes.

I like soy sauce with my croquettes.

Do you prefer soy sauce or regular
sauce with your croquettes?

What a ridiculous question.


I really don't know what to say,

so I'll just tell you how I feel.

Being with you is fun,

and time passes so quickly
when we're together.

I know it's a little late, but...

Will you go out with me?

Don't laugh.


July 14th.

And that's how, I, Hirose Aki,

and Matsumoto Sakutaro,
started going out together, but...

Because you still know
so little about me,

I thought I'd introduce myself.

Let's see... my birthday

is October 28th, 1969.

I'm a Scorpio.


November 3rd,


My favourite colour is

olive green or forest green.

My favourite colour?


My favourite foods:

Simmered tofu,

maple syrup,

white rice with seaweed
dipped in soy sauce.

Fried dumplings,

shaved ice with green tea syrup,

rice omelettes.

My favourite things:

Cooking class,

iced wheat tea in summer,

white dresses,

the smell of the beauty salon.

Swimming class,

beetles in winter,

milk bottle tops,

the end of school bells.

My favourite movies:


Roman Holiday,

Ben Hur.

Fist of Fury,

The Right Stuff,

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

I'm getting sleepy.

I'm calling it a night.

Good night.

August 25th.

Going to Yume Island
with Oki and the others,

sounds okay to me

I hope it'll be the perfect
end-of-summer-vacation trip.

Say, Ryu.

You sure this is really okay?

Sure, it's fine, leave it to me.

Hey, what about your girlfriend?

She's off shopping right now,

she'll come later with my brother.

Oh, I get it.

If summer ends with you this way,
you'll stay platonic forever.

Is that what you want?

What are you doing?

What? Nothing.

Oh, look, a flying fish!

They fly so high, beautiful!

So, we're here.

After you.

Wow, smells like summer.


Happy memories!


Oh, I'm sorry, sorry.

Wow, incredible.

What a wreck.

A total wreck.

Your bag.

Are we really staying here?


Where else is there?



Hey, hey, Aki, look.

At this.


Think it still works?

Amazing camera.

What is this?

Cut it out.

Get up there a second.

Okay. Cheese!

No good, it's broken.

There's film in there, but...

I feel like we've come very far,

from our usual world.


There are just tons of places
we've never been.

Ever since I was born,

I haven't been anywhere.

No, really?

Don't make fun of me.

Sorry, sorry.

Actually, neither have I.

This may be

the farthest I've ever gone.

So today,

I feel a little guilty about
lying to my parents.

You tried...

Were you trying to kiss me?

Can't I?

Listen Saku,

kissing is what you do

when you talk about your dreams.


I mean dreams...

What are dreams?

I won't tell.

No fair.

If we develop this,
we might find amazing pictures.

It suddenly struck me, summer's
almost over.


Who named you Aki,
after the fall?

My father.


Reading in fall,

sports in fall,

fall appetites...


you think they named me
after a season?

They didn't?

They called me Aki after...




It's the geologic era,

when the most new plants and
animals emerged and flourished.

They named me Aki,
hoping I would flourish, too,

the way dinosaurs and ferns did.

Like a dinosaur?

That's right.

Say, Saku.

Why did they name you Sakutaro?

Because my Dad's a big
Hagiwara Sakutaro fan.

Hagiwara Sakutaro...

He wrote Chiekosho?

No, not that.

What, then?

What was it?

You don't even know.

I'm wide awake, now.

You're late!

Did you do it?

I couldn't.

What a fucking moron.

After all the trouble I went to.

Saku! Oki!


Sakutaro & Aki

Hey, Saku!



Hey, open the door!

Are you okay?

I'm so sorry.


You okay, Saku?




Ever since the day we
went to Yume Island,

my parents have been
kind of upset.

But don't worry about it.

It's fun, isn't it? Like we're
Romeo and Juliet.

It's 8 o'clock in the morning.

Usually, I'd have left
the house long ago,

but my uniform's
still hanging up,

and I haven't even had breakfast.

Actually, I'm going
into the hospital today.

But please don't worry.

My feelings for you are the same.

I've left you proof at school.

How'd you like
a little treasure hunt?

Start outside the science lab... the end of the long,
hushed hallway.

Go inside it.

Isn't there something
exciting about a lab?

As if there's some secret.

Beakers, flasks,


the smell of spirit lamps.

Look at the desk at the back,
by the window.

Hirose Aki spent a drowsy
lecture here. - 1986


I love the gym.

The high ceiling,

the light pouring through
those big windows,

the waxed hardwood floor.

You can hear shoes squeaking.

Get up on the stage.

Graduation Ceremony.

♪ Farewell for today

♪ Until we meet again

I like this song.

Stand in front of the piano.

Close your eyes.

Are they closed?


You can't open them
until I tell you to.

Don't open them.


Keep your eyes closed, okay?

I haven't played since I was little,
so I'm not sure how well I'll do.

I've never played for anyone.

This is a very big deal.

I love you.

I love you, Saku.



How do you meet,

when you meet by chance?


The name of my disease.


You got it because of that awful
postcard I sent to the radio show.

That's not true.

But no!

It's my destiny.

But I swear I shan't die.

I need you to believe it, too.

Believe it.

Thank you.

Oh hello, it's me.

Did you find Ritsuko?

Not yet.

I see.

Listen, Ryu.

Do you remember much
from high school?

That's kind of sudden.

I can't believe I've forgotten.

It was so full of precious experiences.

What's up with you?

I just...

I saw Aki.

What are you talking about?
Get it together.

What'd you go there for?

You went to find Ritsuko, right?

Remembering Aki won't help.

She's not a memory!

That day, 17 years ago,

after Typhoon #29 passed,
Aki died alone.

Aki didn't...

Aki didn't want to see me
at the end.

That's why,

being here, I feel like
Aki's still alive.

Have some coffee.

Warm you right up.

Thank you so much.

You know them?

I owe so much to those kids.

The girl died right after
I took that picture.

Said she was afraid
of being forgotten.

So I took their picture.


Stole it away.

The promise they'd made...

I stole it away.

They're ready.

The film was pretty old,
but the pictures were fine.

Where is this?

Probably Australia.

Ever been there?


Thank you.

Hey there, Ritsuko, don't run.

Aki, the pictures are ready.

Really! Thanks.

Amazing, right?




Oh, Mummy.

I'm sorry she's always
pestering you.

Oh, no, she's been
doing my errands.



Another whole night long
with Midnight Wave.

Let's move on
to the next postcard.

It's from Kobane cho, pen name,
Fried Noodle Bread.

I wrote once before,

about a classmate
who had leukemia

I'm sending this postcard today
to give you the latest news.

Would you believe,
she's completely recovered.

She's got all her strength back,

and flies around the track at
double, no triple her former speed.

She runs in the evening glow,
after school is over,

just like the first time I saw her.

And she says, with that slightly
triumphant smile of hers,

"I'm home."

I'm so glad to hear this.

So, here's a gift to your
friend from me.

Watanabe Misato's "Meeting You".

Romeo appears.


Weren't you asleep?

What's wrong?

I can't even get any sleep,

with you showing up
at the crack of dawn.

Sorry, sorry.


Who delivers your tapes?

Who knows.

No fair. It bugs me.

Say, how's school?

The culture festival's over.

The play was horrific.

Besides, you weren't there.

Huh, I see.

In here, you lose all sense of time.

I feel like I'm being left behind.

Don't talk like that.

Once you get better,
you'll catch right up.


Look at these.

Pictures from the undeveloped
film on Yume Island.

Look at what was there.

Where is this?

Australia, they say.

This is called Uluru.

Uluru is a place,

that's sacred

among the Aborigines,
Australian tribal people.

They consider it holy.

So sacred,

that even for me,
it's the centre of the world.

The centre of the world?

That's right.

I'd like to go there.

Let's go.

Let's go.


Thanks a lot.

You know Saku,
I realised something.

At this rate,
I'll never make it to Australia.

The thing is...
I don't have a passport.

Neither do I.

You take these balls and put
them all in your left hand.

You mash them together,
with both hands...

Hey, Saku don't scare me.

What's all this?

I'm so bored,
I decided to learn magic tricks.

Show me.



Listen, you need a picture
to get a passport.

Can you come have
your picture taken?


Don't worry, Uncle Shige's place
is close.





You could see the trick.



Dr. Sudo was looking for you.

Oh, shoot

I forgot I had afternoon tests.

Saku, can you wait?

You're not getting
any better at that.

I practice a lot, you know.

Sorry I made you wait.

Everything okay?

Yeah, if they find out,
Kawano will cover for me.

What's with this "Kawano this"
and "Kawano that"?


Don't tell me you're jealous.

I'm jealous of him.

I'm sorry.

Let's go.

All right.

Will the pictures
be ready tomorrow?


They're for our passports,
you know.


All right.

Did you take all these?



I'm afraid I'll be forgotten.

Uncle Shige, would you take
a picture of me, now?

A photograph lasts forever, right?



I owe you guys.


What's that supposed to mean?

I'm going to the bathroom...

Uncle Shige,

how do I look?

Very beautiful.

Thank you.

Hey! Sakutaro!

What the hell are you doing!

I'll be right there.

I'll shoot, now.

This is fine.


Thank you.

See you.


What's wrong?

He's dead...

Kawano is dead.

Kawano had leukemia, like me.

Am I going to die suddenly,
like him?

I'm scared of dying.

Parting here
means parting forever.

I know you're going to
forget all about me.

Sterile Area


You should go home,
get some sleep.

Otherwise, you'll get sick, too.

I know that.

No, you don't.

Oh, I'm fine.
I'm going to sleep.

Good night.

Look at me now.

But don't you worry.

I'm fine.

What is it?

Marriage License Application

Let's get married.

I can't...

do anything for her.

I can't do anything for her.


Not a single thing...

How are you feeling, Aki?

Your first birthday since
we started going out.

You're almost 17 now.

I know it's last minute,

but I want to take you
to that place I promised you.

I'll pick you up
tomorrow, at midnight.

You really came to get me.

Of course I did.

Listen to the wind.

It's getting closer.

What is?

The typhoon.

The typhoon?

Typhoon #29.

The super Typhoon #29,

which already hit Kyushu

wreaking havoc and
paralysing traffic,

is moving over the water

south of Shikoku,
at 20 kilometres an hour.

The typhoon

is expected to hit Shikoku,
with increased ferocity.

The rain will grow heavier
this afternoon,

and we are predicting as
much as 200mm total precipitation

for some areas.

In Kyushu, especially in Oita,

we've had many reports of
flooding and landslides.

The islands around Okinawa

are already reportedly clear
of the Typhoon.


Your birthday...

is November 3rd, right?

That's right.

My birthday...

is October 28th, so...

You haven't had even one second...

since your birth,
when I wasn't here, too.

Even after I go...

your world will go on.

Don't act so frail.
Hang in there.

I never thought you'd nag me.

Shut up.

This is an announcement
from All Nippon Airways.

Flight #327, scheduled to depart
for Tokyo at 6:55 a.m.,

has been cancelled
due to inclement weather.

We will handle flight
re-assignments at Counter 3.

What do you mean cancelled?

We have to get to Australia!

We don't expect any flights
to take off today.

Don't give me that!

We absolutely have to get there!

It's got to be today!
Please! C'mon!

That's enough.



Are you okay?

Shall we go back?

Can't we go?

Sure we can.
Next time.

There won't...

Won't be any next time.

I'm still fine.

I'm still fine.

I'm still alive.

I'm still alive.



Please help.

Please help!

Please help!

October 28th.

I don't know why...

I can't get to sleep.

I'm so afraid of tomorrow
that I can't fall asleep.

I think...

I'm going to die soon.



You see...

I don't think we should
see each other anymore.

The tiny bit of eternity

I spent with you

is the greatest treasure
of my life.

I've been so happy with you.

That's okay, right?

As of today, let's say goodbye.

You'll grow up,

get married,

do your work,

and live into the future.
That's what I'm imagining...

as I fall asleep tonight.



It was you, Saku.

I knew I should've given you.

Aki's final cassette.

But I could never...

I never even knew she'd...


I'm so sorry, Saku.


what's happened?

Where are you, now?

The Photo Studio.



She went out.

Uncle Shige,

I'm a terrible person.


been running away
from Aki's death.

I can't get over it.

Uncle Shige,

I don't know what I should do.

It's a big deal...

when someone dies.



of the happy times, linger
like a stain.

Heaven is just something

invented by survivors.

My beloved is there.

Someday we'll be reunited.

We want to believe that.

She asked me to give this to you.

I still can't let go of this world.

A survivor who keeps
clinging to this world.

All anyone left behind can do,

is tie up loose ends, Sakutaro.

Flight Cancellations.

The super typhoon, #29,
which landed

in Kyushu last night,

causing significant damage,

hit Shikoku shortly after 2 p.m.

The typhoon is moving from
Ehime to Kagawa...

Excuse me.

The Tokyo flight?

I'm terribly sorry,

we don't have an
estimated departure time.

This is an announcement from ANA.

Flight #153, scheduled
to depart for Tokyo at 18:00,

has been cancelled
due to inclement weather.

That day...
it was just the same.

They predicted Typhoon #29
would hit Shikoku.


school was closed,

and I went to visit my mum
in the hospital.

Staring out the window,

my heart raced at
the typhoon's approach.

And that day, as usual,

I stopped to see the older girl who
was always so nice to me.

I never...

never believed,

Aki's final tape would turn up.

And that's why...

That's why I had to...

give it to the man Aki loved.

I'm sorry, Saku.

It took me so long.
I'm so sorry.


wouldn't hold it against you.


it was because of you that
Aki and I discovered each other.

That day...

she only made it this far.


I promised her we'd get there.

Time to tie up loose ends.


When I close my eyes,

I only see your face.

What I remember,

is your big mouth full
of fried noodle bread,

and your face,
crumpled up with laughter.

You puffed it up earnestly,

then suddenly shifted and
softened with a kind smile.

Your sleeping face on Yume Island.

I wish it was near enough
to touch, now.

When you gave me a ride
on your bike,

the warmth of your back,

meant the world to me.

All the memories of time
I spent with you,

made my life sparkle.

Thank you so much
for being with me.

I'll never forget,

the precious time I spent with you.

I just have one last request.

Please scatter my ashes

on the winds of Uluru.

And then,

go on and live your life.

I'm so glad I met you.


Coming here,

I feel like I've found
the centre of the world.

Like magic.

Just like Aki...

Osawa Takao

Shibasaki Kou

Nagasawa Masami

Moriyama Mirai

Yamazaki Tsutomu

Executive Producer:
Honma Hideyuki

Ichikawa Minami, Haruna Kei

Based on the novel by
Katayama Kyoichi

Screenplay by Sakamoto Yuji,
Ito Chihiro, Yukisada Isao

Shinoda Noboru

Production Designer:
Yamaguchi Syu

Ito Hironori

Nakamura Yuki

Imai Tsuyoshi

Meina & Co.

Directed by Yukisada Isao

English Subtitles: Linda Hoaglund