Crying Freeman (1995) - full transcript

A lethal assassin for a secret Chinese organisation, who sheds tears of regret each time he kills, is seen swiftly and mercilessly executing three Yakuza gangsters by a beautiful artist. She is captivated by the grace of his kill and later falls in love with him. An intense power struggle for the leadership of the Yakuza Clans ensues as they seek vengeance for the death of their leader. They soon realise the fatal mistake of underestimating the deadly skills of the Crying Freeman.

Today is my birthday.

And for the first time in 20 years,
I am not alone.

You see, I met someone.

A man.

A killer.

And soon he will kill me.

It was supposed to be a holiday.

A trip to San Francisco to paint.

To rest.

I had to return to Vancouver that
very morning but I changed my mind.

That simple decision has sealed my fate.

Don't, please!

Please. Whatever they paid you...

I can give you more.

Everything I have! Please!

For the love of God! Have mercy!

My name... is Yo.

Twenty years since my parents died.

Twenty years I've been alone.

I suppose I paint
what I'm afraid to wish for.

He is called the Freeman.

And now... he will free me.

-Thank you.
-Go right through.

-Hello. Open your case, please.

Of course.

Here you go, sir.

-What is this?

Clay? You're bringing
clay into the country?

I'm a potter.

Good pots are made from good clay
and a good potter makes his own.

The trick is to find the right mud.

I dry it, lump it into small pieces,

and carefully sift it.

The object, obviously,
is to increase the claytal quality,

so you end up with good
plasticity and a high refraction.

I've heard some people store
their clay for up to 20 years.

Miss, will I be breaking
that record at this counter?

-Is there a problem here?

Not at all.

Thank you.

Still using a different gun for each job?

Such a waste.

I'm going back.

Back where?

Go ahead. Pull the trigger.

I'm going home.

You have no home.

Pull it.

The Dragons were very happy
with the San Francisco killing.

The son is dead.

But the father is an old lion
and he still dreams of conquest.

Shimazaki can still bite.

Now he is here, in Vancouver.

Exactly where we want him to be.

-Looking for me, chief?
-Yeah. Detective Netah, Detective Forge.

Detective Netah's with Interpol.
He's your new boss.

You'll find out the rest
along with everyone else.

See you in there.

Gentlemen. Gentlemen! Thank you.

I'd like to introduce you to
Mr. Shimazaki of the Hakushin Society.

Now, Mr. Shimazaki is here
as a Japanese citizen

who, as he puts it, wishes to avoid
any unnecessary bloodshed.

I'd also like to introduce you
to Detective Netah from Tokyo.

He's here as a kind of,
let's say, cultural liaison.

It's thanks to him that we can discuss
this situation with Mr. Shimazaki today.

I am Shimazaki...

Lord of 26,000 subjects
and leader of the Hakushin Society.

On August 4th, in San Francisco

my son died.

Unworthy death
at the hand of an assassin.

A woman who lives in your city
witnessed the murder.

Her name is Emu O'Hara.

The assassin will come to kill her.
You will not interfere.

We give him the woman
or else he calls out his gangs.

It's gonna be a goddam bloodbath.

He wants us to leave the broad
wide open. It's a fucking setup!

That's out of line!

Come on, we're cops.
Do you wanna get involved?

-We're here to serve and attack.

What kind of bullshit is this?

Look, we're obviously in a very
tricky political situation here.

We gotta keep our cool.

The man who murdered my son
is here in your city.

He is here to kill the witness

simply because she saw his face.

This is his code.

Code? What kind of killer is he?

He belongs to an ancient
Chinese warrior cult

called "The Sons of the Dragons".

He is their executioner.

A single man, very powerful.

They need no other.

Christ! Sounds like a fucking video game!

Next thing, we'll be playing
Dungeons and Dragons.

Attack of the Yakuza Killers from Mars.

-It's a bestseller. My kid's got it.
-OK, come on, come on!

Mr. Shimazaki doesn't joke, gentlemen.

The roots of The Sons of the Dragons
are very old and run very deep.

Fourteen centuries ago, the Manchus
overthrew the Chinese emperor,

and instituted the reign of terror.

108 militant Buddhist monks
mounted a revolt.

The Manchus destroyed
all but five of the monks.

These five founded
the society of The Sons of the Dragons.

They became the guardian
of the Chinese people

struggling against
injustice and oppression.

They have one killer... the Freeman.

Legend has it that the Dragon
breathes within this man

that he cannot die.

His bodies change.

He could be Chinese, American,
Japanese. Any color, any race.

But he is always the Dragon,
always the same man. A superkiller.

Part fact...

part wishful thinking?

Who knows?

The Sons of the Dragons exist!

So does the Freeman.

They are fanatics, criminals!

You have 48 hours to find him.

After that, well...

You have been warned.

Stay here.

Shit! Move out of the way!

Watch out!


The Yakuza will think twice
before they return to China.

The murderers are dead. Both of them.

We have our revenge.

It is as it should be.

Do it quickly. Without thought.

Look, I really don't know anything.
I can't help you.

-It all happened...
-So fast. Yes, I know.

She doesn't seem
to know much of anything.

How about we got over her deposition
to the San Francisco police once more?

But nothing in this deposition
indicates that she ever mentioned Yo!

But that's what she said
when she saw him today.

Do you think she withheld critical
information from the police, Forge?

If she has, it's a serious
charge, Detective.


Is this a Japanese name?

Is he Japanese?

Fine. You're free to go.

But you see...

you should understand, Miss O'Hara...

that this Mr. Yo is going to be a lot
less gentle with you than I have been.

You'd better talk to me, Miss O'Hara.

Or you'll end up dead.

Miss O'Hara, wait. One moment, please.

Shimazaki gave us an ultimatum.

The Yakuza want revenge.
They want this killer.

And unless we deliver him in 40 hours,
there's gonna be a gang war.

The city's gonna become a battlefield.

Lot of people are gonna die.

I'm sorry, Detective...

I wanna go home.


Did you know, Miss O'Hara

that in China,
when a murderer introduces himself

it means he will kill you?

Miss O'Hara, wait. We'll drive you home.

Miss O'Hara.

You better have an official warrant
if you intend to come into my house.

Some people don't need a warrant,
do they, Miss O'Hara?

They get an invitation.

Miss O'Hara, we don't wanna disturb you,

but if you would like, we can check out
the house to make sure it's safe.

-Then please wait. Please take this.

It's an alarm. If anything should
go wrong, you just press the button,

and we'll be in the house in 20 seconds.

Take it. Just in case.

Detective Forge assured me that
the police would be outside all night.

I didn't want them in the house.

My parents had died there.

The police had been outside
that night, too.

-But I'm sure he...
-I'm sorry, Detective Forge

you can't help me.

And I can't help you.

Good night.

Forge knew all about my father, the judge.

About his crusade against the Mafia.

But did she know
the guilt I carry for his death?

Mr. Yo.

Out kind of late

aren't you?

I work nights.

There are two kinds of people
who work nights.

Really? I never would have taken you
for that kind.

It's time for you to go home.

It's a very dangerous
part of town tonight.

I wouldn't like you to get hurt.

Thanks for the advice.

I could use some.

Forge, come in, Forge.

Forge. Come in.


I always thought that...

death would be cold.

And awful.

Not like you.

Please, I...

I wanted you to come back.

Wake up.

Wake up, wake up, sleepy.

-Quite a long time.

You lucky it's me, Netah.

Anyone else...

You didn't kill my man, did you, Ryuji?
I wouldn't like to have to arrest you.

We don't kill cops.

Unless they belong to us.

-Like you, my friend.
-Cut to the chase, please.

I don't like chasing. Or waiting.

We want the woman.

No way in hell. We had a deal.
You're out of it for 48 hours.

You back off, Ryuji. Now.
You don't make Shimazaki a liar.

You think I give a shit about your deal?

Why would you? Clan door's wide open
for a power play, huh, Ryuji?

That's right, Netah. I will be the boss
in exchange for the Freeman's head.

And Shimazaki's son in San Francisco,
did you hand him that, too, Blade?

-How did the Dragons find him?
-Netah, we put you where you are.

Don't forget it!

Hey, all you have to do
is look the other way.

We give her some truth serum.
She sings an opera.

You forget one thing, Blade,
you're not in Japan here!

Dirty bastard.

She's beautiful...

I will like to interrogate her.

You are the Freeman.

The weapon you're holding
was meant for her.

Kill. You will kill on command.

Kill. You will kill on command.


What do you think you're doing?

You think you're above the organisation?

She's not a criminal!
She has not offended us.

She knows who you are
and you are forgetting who you are!

Kill her. Throw her out.

I won't report this to the family.

The hospital, Koh. Now!

If you look for me,
if you ever want to find me...

remember the name Hinomura.

-To hell with this, Freeman!
-Please, Koh!



I'm so cold.

Three days later, I awoke in the hospital.

My father died here.

Before I had a chance
to ask his forgiveness.

I had left the house that night,
sneaking out on a dare.

I turned off the alarm
and left the door open.

That was how my father's killer got in.

It was Mery
who brought me here to see him.

And now Mery has come to see me.

The circle has closed.

-Goodness, Emu, you... He...

Shhh. Speak softly.

I don't want them to hear.

Mery... I need your help.


Yeah, chief, I'll call you later.

I thought Miss O'Hara
wasn't up to having visitors.

Visitors, yes. Interrogations, no.

Ease up on her, Netah.
She almost bled to death.

Miss, these need water. Could you tell me
where the washroom is, please?

-It's around the corner.
-Thank you.

She wanted him to kill her.

You didn't catch that, did you?

Kill her. Mm. Sure.

Inspector Netah.


Hello. Netah here.

Hello. Hello?

Who is it?

-Anything to report?


-Where do you think she's going?
-How the fuck do I know?

The car is moving.

Be on the alert.

How long have you been
connected to the Shimazaki clan?

You're way out of your league, Forge.
Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

No, you enjoy the ride,
cos it's gonna be your last one.




Take my hand.



I am at the airport.
The girl is getting out.

I thought I'd been kidnapped.

In a sense, I had been.

Yo had sent this man to find me.

Remember it. Hinomura.

I was leaving everything behind.

For what?

I didn't know.

I beg you to have mercy!


Look at me!

I have a message for your protectors.

The Dragon!

Listen... I am... Hanada Ryuji

boss of the Hanada clan.

I declare war on the Dragons.

I want the Freeman.

Or... I will return to China.

I had traveled three days among people
whose language I could not understand.

I had spoken to no-one.

Yet for all this time, I felt eyes on me.

Someone watching.

Some kind of danger lurking close by.

His heart belongs to the woman.

He saved her life and
asked us to help her escape.

She is more important
to him than our rules.

She is the cause...

for his disobedience.

What about the Yakuza,
and their new boss Ryuji Hanada?

He killed 16 of our fellows

at our soya factory in Shanghai.

He wants to challenge us.

He wants the Freeman's head.

It's good you told us everything.

Our Freeman lost his heart to this woman.

He must be punished.

Our heart seeks vengeance.

Give order to the Freeman to kill.

Ryuji Hanada.

And then you will kill

the Freeman!

My father was a famous Japanese potter.

He taught you, didn't he?


Then he taught me to see.


On this spot here.

That gives it its shape.

And there

the shadow places.

The darkness...

Is as necessary as the light.


I am no more an artist.

My name, my profession...

everything is just a cover.

Who would ever guess

that the executioner
for the Sons of the Dragon...

was just a simple potter?

Seven years ago was my first exhibition.

The reviews of my work
were almost entirely raves.

This work was my 15 minutes of fame,

and I was going to enjoy
every second of it.

Things can change
so quickly in one's life.

So quickly that the past
slips away like a dream.

I went back.

Part of me wanted to look the other way.

But another part wanted to look further.

There was no connection between me and
this man, but he looked straight at me.

A dead man's eyes are a curse
to those who behold them.

I wanted to see into that darkness.

I wanted to know it.

What had I stumbled into?

The picture showed
the two killers I'd seen in the gallery.

They were torturing someone

a man whose body
was covered with a magnificent tattoo.

I couldn't have known then
what that tattoo would mean to me.

I decided to go home immediately.

I would mail the film to
the police from the airport.

Kill. Kill!

You will kill on command.

I was back in my hotel room.

My neck hurt like hell.

But what had happened?

Why had I been kidnapped?

Had I been kidnapped?

All I knew was that I wanted
to get back home as fast as possible.

-Kill. Obey our commandments.

Open your suitcase.


His name is Antonio Rossi.

Antonio Rossi can smell the gun on a man.

So you must kill him with the knife.

You must kill him with the knife.

Hold on, cowboy.
Where do you think you're going?

These flowers are for the lady.

You do what you have to do,

but don't come back to me unless you
have that cocksucker's finger in a bag.

Mr. Rossi.

Flowers. For Kari.

Carlo, let me get back to you.

Who the fuck you got sending you flowers?

Be nice if you sent me flowers sometime.

The rock on your finger ain't nice enough?

You two-time me, bitch, I'll have those
fake titties shipped back to the surgeon.

Who sent these flowers?

The Dragons.

Kill. You will kill on command.

We did not expect you to survive.

And it seems you walk with the Dragon!

You have the gift

the dark gift of the death walker.

The killer who cries.

Your tears... are your honor, Dragon.

You have become your faith.


The witch had visited me in the night.

She'd put a mark on my body.

There was nothing I could do to erase it.

The Dragon tattoo.

I would be so marked forever.

The Dragon's taken you.

Your mind. Your body.

His image marks you, Freeman.

It is the image of your soul.

The longing for freedom.

There is no freedom on earth.

True freedom is in the spirit

in the skies, where the Dragon soars.

Let the dream of soaring to the skies
sustain you.

I am Koh.

Your guide.

You serve the Sons of the Dragons

the guardians of the Chinese people.

Those who trespass against our race...
must die.

You will obey us

our laws, our rules, our demands.

For we own you now.

You were born a killer.

It is a power that belongs to you.

I will shape it, I will
make you stronger...

I will make you faster,
I will make you deadly.

Our enemies will feel the Dragon's claws
pierce... their dead hearts.

Come now.

You are reborn.

You are...

the Freeman!

And your tears?

I don't know.

They say all Freemen
carry a special curse.

Perhaps they are mine.

But don't you understand?

Koh told you to kill me.

You didn't.

You fought them.

And you won.

It's so peaceful here.

Yes, Koh?

We have been attacked.

The Dragon is angry.

In here.

Ryuji Hanada has sent us a challenge.


-They're setting you up.
-They want you dead.

Whoever kills the Freeman
becomes the Yakuza leader.

Get ready. We must leave.

-No! You don't have to go.

He is the Freeman.
He serves the Sons of the Dragons.

-He is obliged to come with me.

16 people died, Emu.

They had families, children.

Ryuji killed them and will
continue to kill unless I go to him.

Ryuji can identify the Freeman.

Anyone who can identify the Freeman
must be eliminated.

That is the law
of the Sons of the Dragons.

We must go to Tokyo.

Ryuji will be at Shimazaki's funeral.

Dogaki wishes to speak to you, boss.

Dogaki? Where the hell is he?

Yes, what is it?

I have a problem here.

I can't attend the funeral.

I'll send over two of my men.

They'll pay their respects to Shimazaki.

Keep them to work for you.

They are good men.

This is a generous offer
but I don't need your men.

I beg you, Ryuji, you have to accept!

You are the new boss.

But I'm not the chairman of
the Hakushin yet, Mr. Dogaki.

OK, I accept your offer.

Thank you.

Leave her.

She knows the laws of the underworld.

You are getting soft, Freeman.

Shimazaki was a friend of mine.

Good friends aren't forgotten.

The old bandit Dogaki
will send me a present.

Two men.

Hey, you should knock on the door.

If I could, Ryuji,
I would knock your head off.

You've gone too far.

Someone has gonna have
to pay for the massacre

of those 16 Chinese in the soya factory.

So, you will find someone.
That's your job.

But... you are my number one suspect.

And in order to do my job,
I've gotta be gum on your shoe.

So... Chairman Blade...

what are we having for dinner tonight?

A little insincere, that. Hm?

After all, it was you who sent
Shimazaki's son to San Francisco.

And there are... a lot of people who
would be very interested in knowing that.

Come here.

My lady.

Will you introduce me to your friend?

Netah... let me introduce you to my wife.

This is... Netah.

The cop.

Have we met, madam?

Why are you here, Mr. Netah?

Is there any problem?

Police business and...
some personal business.

Netah thinks he's going to steal
the Freeman from me.

But why you wait for him to come to us?

An animal on the hunt
is that much more deadly.

-At home, he just dozes in his lair.

We obtained a list of passengers
departing Vancouver

the day Emu O'Hara left the hospital.

No, she wasn't on any of those flights.

Miss O'Hara was not...

but a young woman
was on the flight for Tokyo.

Alone, no luggage.

Fake passport.

Miss O'Hara...

is in Japan, Netah.

We have her photograph
all over the country.

Everyone is looking for her.

She is with the Freeman.

She is his mate.

You remember what I said, Ryuji.

Madam, I...

I wish I... I'll see you again.

Of course we shall, Mr. Netah.

Japan is a small country.

And our family is... very large.


It seems you are the kind of man
who follows a woman.

Only when she wishes to be followed.

And you did want me
to follow you, didn't you?

I don't want the society members
to see me talking to you.

Come here. I have some
important information to give you.

And I don't want to talk too loud.

You bitch!

To rape the wife of a Yakuza Boss
is a very serious crime.

They would kill you for it.

You see, Mr. Netah, your fumbling attempt
at blackmail has come to nothing.

If I'm to be lost, I shall take my prize.

I am Nomura, of the Dogaki clan.

Sit down.

Our condolences to
the death of Mr. Shimazaki.

Dogaki has instructed
us to be to your service.

I don't recognize you.

I just came out of jail last week.

How long?

Six years.

Whom did you kill?

Mr. Mitsuru Sasakibara.

You killed Sasakibara?

Bring the sake!

You know, Mr. Netah

you could be a great asset to us,
if you wanted to be.

How could you? How could you?

-How could you?
-You take what you want, Mr. Netah.

And... I take what I want... all the time.

But it's not Ryuji at all, it's you.

It's you. You planned it all.

You wanna be the Chairman,
a woman chairman.

Did you know, Mr. Netah

an American lives on Hokkaido?


Perhaps we shall pay her a visit.


I like the way you drink the sake.

You too.

You two...

will fit well in here.

You are the Freeman!

The man is a devil.

-Let's move.
-Go ahead. I'll take care of Ryuji.

Tell Satan I said hello.

Now you die, Freeman.

It was my job...
to serve and watch over you.

It was my job... to kill you.

You broke the law, my friend.

You should have killed her.

She turned you from us.

Yo returned in the middle of the night.

He kept himself hidden,
but I knew he was there.

I could feel his eyes.

Our enemies were coming for us.

He said I had nothing to fear...

I was not alone.

May I help you?

-You are Emu O'Hara?
-I am.

You know what's good for you,
you cooperate with us.

We just might let you live.

She's alone?

We'll have to wait.

I thought you quit smoking!

Remember, we had a bet. Now you've lost.

You see? Bad for your health!

I've got you, Freeman!

Kill him!

If you remove the knife,
you will bleed to death.

You will report...

that it was Yo the potter...

who killed Shuru Shimazaki...

President of the Hakushin Society.

The motive...

was some past dispute.

Today, he fought against the men

of the Hakushin Society.

And after fighting bravely...

he died.

You want me to...

help you in your deception?

We will vanish and you will forget us.

The Freeman... is dead.

Emu O'Hara... is dead.


are my... enemy!

Live honorably... or die miserably.

Decide now.

On my...


-I didn't give my word.

But I did.

Our enemies are many.

Even if we destroy
all trace of ourselves...

even then, they will
keep searching for us.

The code of honor demands it.

The fires will not burn that away.

I have never been afraid of death.

And whether we live, or die...

we will be free.