Cry of the Penguins (1971) - full transcript

A young london biologist spends most of his time pursuing girls rather than pursuing science. When the opportunity to go to the Antarctic to study a colony of penguins presents itself, he agrees to go, not so much for the benefit of science, but rather to impress the girl he has recently been chasing. The longer he stays in the Antarctic, however, the more he becomes truly interested in the penguins fight for survival. When the time to go home finally arrives, he is a changed man with a totally new outlook on life.


now the Ashton prize for ecological
biology to richard hard fits an informer

I got the right name yes where is he

mr. Forbush mr. Forbush mr. Forbush
I heard you sweetheart let's go for

good morning sir good morning they're
still here I take it you've met her Hut

yes he was smuggled a short and adora
got a leak yes. You've given her breakfast? she begins with all bran

and prune sir start the day with all
brand improves and you start the day

right that's what my mom always it

very moving bring the uncovered wagon
around to Fanny's at lunar hood dropping

in there for a revival meeting die what
you even gonna have a cup of tea with me

another time sweetheart I like to give
my darling how are you thank you a large

whiskey in a copy the mr. Forbush knock

he has to be new that's Mitchell know
her she'd have a queen soon as you

student hmm that's right oh you're
getting everywhere they're not

protesting they're madly pulling spines
all over choppers

they're not have to pay our way you
wouldn't know you've never had to do you

want the whiskey separately oh it's a
scotch coffee as opposed to work now

there's well for you you also speak
fluent biology that's right the coffee

first then a scotch after that cream so
you're Queens that's right me too

postgraduate because would you not
prefer to see

so tonight just die I prefer to
concentrate on my humble stance

undergraduate of course there's a film
at the Forum tonight about a giant clam

about the size of the Isle of Wight

passengers from passing steamers it's
very scientific don't think my biology

is quite up to that here look I'm
finishing the end of the term we may not

be able to see much of each other
well that's a cross I shall just have to

bear shot down sugar

how long do speak oh not at all indeed
not you see I'm off of the upper reaches

of the Amazon very shortly to study back
life particularly the blood sucking

vampire witches every schoolgirl I was
eight pounds in those pants well it

could be the last great adventure
leaving soon perhaps well at the moment

it's the rainy season but I should be
there in month or two look neglect the

others concentrate on me Tomas actually
have to work under be a bluestocking

what was in the middle of the wet season

hey man ah how long you say you stay one
minute one minute indeed I probably you

say that 45 minutes ago man yes but
they're not Stephan very nasty woman

indeed man with a green and yellow
melancholy should be drinking shot rose

he sat like patience on a monument come
on that was shot it's after three

o'clock was not this love indeed you've
got a one-off model there fanny oh never

mind I expect you'll come round hope for
the best prepare for the worst above all

keep cheerful put in a word I love I'm
in the Good Food Guide now not the

latest directory oh come on
Dicky just kiss straight home Tara what

will you put the lock on the door for me
see you tonight

bye bye

taxi lady hey man now you wanna talk
with the other line

oh no indeed I'm moving but you're not

no this is a racial discrimination
indeed a matter for the race relations

for your chariot awaits man
thank you good morning hi

thanks for the ride
your teas jeredy come back how did those

keys go well I'm just sit there with the
city ground here oh yes indeed sir you

stopped on a pedestrian crossing sir yes
I can see that but you have come serving

in the pedestrian crossing regulations
of 1954 why is it you could she look at

well because my keys have gone stop
asking these doubtful questions just one

minute sir officer you are holding me up
you are obstructing the traffic have you

been drinking - drinking it stupid
question I never touch the stuff

I'd like to come along with me and take
a breathalyzer test if you want you

very nasty very nasty woman indeed all
right Jones I sorry

right sir I tell you this is a complete
nutter wasting time that's right sir

just blow in the back the ten seconds
really please it 35 okay

oh thank you sir
Kostas bail seems to be going up with

the cost of living not really sure it
goes up with the frequency of the

offense something like a receipt over
this will you please write good morning

ah terribly kind of you to fly together
I cannot help but agree with you it is

extremely kind of me he's also in Thalia
character there are seven your receipt

ah Thank You sergeant
however you should thank the college

computer for it not me I did not be into
the fact that its selection for the 2:30

in Newmarket came out of alpha plus you
would have stayed in the Nick turn up to

the computer he's my Colin would you
like to share a taxi yes I will share a

I will also accept your check

thanks for the hospitality
I was of course young one Smurfs no I

suspected it sir shall I make it out to

and I can well understand from a hazy
recollection Lee urged cohabit with

every girl student in sight but what's
the dead embodied but it means very

little time to pursue anything else your
trouble is far too much money then thank

and no parental control but it so
happens that the one object of my

worship is tilt mine - sir is you divide
academic talent you know very well what

I'm talking about and it's rare to find
anybody with your upbringing with so

much I you miss me yes you did say that
if x squared in Parliament Square please

far side or bush we cannot stop the taxi
of life at will and no sir

we must pay the fare
oh don't worry about that sorry dis wish

I could do something in return
you can't Oh tomorrow afternoon

professor tricking is giving a lecture
on the Antarctic or something do nine

ears of course it's a bit of a fanatic
isn't it

Tringham is an old friend of mine and I
should like to see him well supported

and I'm to be one of the prongs thank
you you're very far from being my

favorite student Forbush very far you
are an exhibitionist of the first water

with all the tasks that go with it but
you happen to be potentially an

outstanding biologist now remember this
for Bush sex and scotch in either order

do not apply olive trees to make
professor Tringham tomorrow afternoon

don't forget hi sport stir huh
DuPont rope you into do you realize we

should be in there
give us time to work up a good first

I'll see you later see there they are
then after traveling for weeks across

sea and snow and ice back in the Rookery
back on the same nest as last year then

comes what are you that pole the villain
of the piece the great skewer cataract

our skewer note the strongly hooked beak
the length of body over two feet 20 full

e formed with a wingspan of nearly 5
feet they're solitary birds outside the

breeding season preying on other
seabirds harrassing them forcing them to

disgorge their catch
though accomplished fliers they swim

badly and dive with difficulty study him
closely because in the lifecycle of the

penguin that was absent during the
period when the eggs are being incubated

even as the young penguin chicks lunch
their way out of the shellfish seen and

heard for the first time in a condition
of total dependence it's then that the

skewer bird plays a part that seemed so

hello tyre my love I very sorry I had to
leave you so abruptly yesterday but he's

been really out of us stupid man you
must tell my father he happens to be one

in time maybe I come to love him too Shh
came to listen to the lecturer forget

about the frozen myself I'll soon be in
the sweltering humidity of the lower

reaches of the white nile that's two and
a half thousand miles of cannibals and

crocodiles are waterfalls waterhole
Stevens and Paul I don't let her study

the crocodile in his natural habitat top
the upper reaches of the Amazon this

morning you are going to study
blood-sucking vampires they've all been

signed up for horror film the crocodile
but it could be the last great adventure

could be planned for you why don't you
go down and make it and fend off all

intruders but there's one particularly
striking point I'd like you to remember

not all the skewers live of penguins
just a few of them operate a kind of

avian protection racket and say in
effect the Penguins will keep the other

skewers off in return for a fair
percentage of your eggs and chicks this

ensures the survival of a sufficient
number of penguin chicks

after all that rubbish how about a drink
ah poor Bush you were you attended the

lecture then yes oh good then
undoubtedly you could do with a cup of

tea what are your intentions for the
future for Bush that is always assuming

they don't send you to jail well insofar
as I thought about it at all I rather

inclined towards becoming part of the
brain drain to the state mm-hmm I'm

sorry to hear that
well I don't fancy staying here on 750

pounds per annum rising by annual
increments of 10 pounds till I earn

1,200 or whatever it is mmm but your
aunt left you some managing here my

grandmother well then you owe it to
science to take on some important if

poorly paid project some sort of field
well man anything in mind

professor hmm ready for consideration
let's think you just pick something out

of the air well for example the New
Zealand government Department of

scientific was airship asked us to
recommend a candidate for the job making

a detailed population study of the
Adelie penguin rookery at Cape Royds in

the Antarctic
I see penguins and I thought you were a

simple straightforward absent-minded Oh
professor you know as research goes this

is something of a plum we've already had
over 60 Africa I didn't know there were

that many penguin fanciers it's the call
of the Antarctic with all its variant

associations shackled stopped great
white son

I surprised you couldn't make it the
White Nile or the other reaches of the

I don't grandfather never mind professor

it'll be quite alone living in
Shackleton's old hat the one he built

her on the expedition of 1907 aren't you
always saying adventure is what modern

man means yes but I hadn't brass monkey
latitudes in mind how does one get to

kick lawyers I rather think one flies to
McMurdo Sound and from there on it's

Huskies and helicopter helicopters
musket mmm he wouldn't miss your driving

license now wouldn't the New Zealanders
sooner have a fellow with an unblemished

record not necessarily as a matter of
fact I've already strongly recommended

you for the job but of course the the
final decision must rest you I'd like to

oblige professor but I'm simply not the
sub-zero type I'm very sorry

hello darling
George coughing nice tire much enough to

tear over there traitor
hello sporty you get to join you why not

just leave him as a matter of fact you
bought kept me

he's just handed me research plum of the
year no kidding

yeah so it looks like goodbye for the
last time before I take off to tread in

the footsteps of Scott Shackleton if it
after you beat up the answer down the

Nile well I decided to give the
Antarctic priority Antarctic that's

right it'll be the first attempt to
discover the causes of the instability

of the penguin population at Cape Royds
is that why you went to trims lecture

just think of it alone quite alone six
months in the great white silence

definitely accepted it then what

no intention of going anywhere near the
South Pole

unlike star star sure what's this Oh for
me a like I'm all if you program down

there dick knee in the Antarctic
they only be a couple of hundred miles

away from you that's nothing these days
by hot ski by husky um I drop over come

Christmas time they don't believe it
of course you bet just because stars

deafened everyone great white sad don't
forget our date tomorrow night star I

hear there's a good film at for me but a
giant ball Fanny no I shan't forget you

for this - shot you know you're only
being brave fighting back the tears i

hollow laughter I know you don't want to
break down in public let me take you

home and you can go to pieces in my
hands explorers

goodbye why don't you go in back to get
yeah I want to show you my new set of

ignition keys this you think I'm a
pusher but don't you ran word one smile

and the Sydney little thing is going to
be flat on her back

well it takes more than a gust of wind
to do that widget for Bush and that's

where you are
wind empty we a whiskey our house yes a

large one
very nice very nice indeed sir putting

it on the table sir

hello class pic' - professor - what this
yes it's very important

so let me say mr. Forbush without
further preamble about a new

consideration of your scientific
attainments capital cause from what we

heard about you for mr. du port we
consider you to be the most fitting

applicant we've interviewed well they
have a lot to offer you the past

thank you will be set down at Cape Royds
by US Navy helicopter on the 16th of

October the 16th of October um let me

Thanksgiving Day Canada Columbus Day Oh
the 19th Sunday after Trinity do you

attach some special importance to that
fact mr. Forbush no sir

absolutely not you should endeavor to
have all your biological equipment on

field stores sufficient to support
yourself and your research for a period

of up to five months ready for that date
the Antarctic sir you sir what the hell

am I to take very quick I can't live on
bully beef or biscuits for six but not

you Sam let's think now be the Antarctic
ah what study that's warming anymore

India I mean Larry Todd well you
wouldn't expect them to suggest I was

clean sir would you not for where you're
going I suppose not and it's what you've

done for 2,000 tins of Malaysian curry
made your van freeze Bengal chutney

you will need papadums and of course
some some Bombay duck now not for

variety how I got breasts of quail in
wine jelly

most nutritious earth will there change
tool doesn't wrists by the way so where

will you be staying in Shackleton's old
heart Rhianna sir how interesting I seem

to remember hearing reproduce and ethics
but this

as well with breast quail in wine jelly
eaten legend Thursday sir

then it tasted too I believe see what

oh yes would you come over here son yeah
I put you down for a few John's about

this muga caviar yes your may indeed
thank you thank you very much

it should keep beautifully and at all
that ice oh do stop clicking your tongue

Richard how's the physics these days
biology what oh yes before I have been

doing postgraduate research for two
years now in the lungs and ear it's

possibly long enough for both of you to
be aware of that you might like to know

that I am flying to the Antarctic in a
few days time or bed work to observe a

colony of penguins well why not observe
them in the zoo here sir not quite the

same thing as it happens well do be sure
to wrap up probably don't know what

those places are like I shall be gone
for six months it's going to be tough

well you're mr. worth of the one day
here that's something

answer that funny when you darling and
if it's the butcher I only want two lamb

cutlets hello Oh congratulations else
for either somebody here would like to

talk to you

Tyra you're killing this I am you really
mean I do all right

yes unfortunately but I suppose I owe
you an apology then any person I cannot

view an incentive I shall be a long time
away I can rock it humble pie isn't

really your dish I went there today No
if you like I'll be there no it didn't

order the lamb cutlets Richard don't
stop out too late the night you know

your mother can never sleep until you
get in father

I shan't be back tonight if you recall I
haven't actually lived here for the last

two years I live in a flat in London
mm-hmm quite right - what are they

saying man is tired of London is tired
of life

okay I think they're waiting to expect

Berry's birthday he's my nephew then my
next and final trick but a bit of

disappearing without please come along
excuse us

he looks like Santa mate is not hasn't
got the proper helmet can't go yet but

without your award right you wanna come
in here yeah children around

I'm sure honey come on turn your back

I said turn your back there Christopher
patron saint of all travelers I

understand he's still reasonably
effective even if he has been demoted I

understand exactly how he feels
never thought you've really go cut major

you oh yeah my house could get me to the
frozen edge of the world to be alone

with a lot of birds and tuxedos not your
ego you

well I don't seem to have organized
myself too well do I I meet you one day

and leave you the next that's a grim
prospect all that ice I don't kind of

hunger to get back in one piece here
we'll of course you will I feel rather

like poor captain Oates you remember
what he said when he walked into the

blizzard to die I'm just going outside

and maybe some time

is that anyone at home

captain Scott sir

I wonder if I ruptured myself they pull
me out of this hellhole but they merely

fly me out of trust

according to previous abloom is the
first penguin thrive on the 18th or 19th

October there apparently as regular as
clockwork so down it final the record

exactly when they arrived at the clock

it's not raining hello that is ed Lyr
Cape Royds calling zlq Scott fais how do

you read me over ringing you're fine mr.
Forbush only part is over I know what /

- bushy you don't have to shout ha sorry
/ settle in yet just like home there are

certain primordial differences but
you're missing your electric blanket

that is the least of my regrets as far
as bed is concerned at the penguin shown

up yet no not a sign of them well
perhaps they won't turn up this year as

they decided to spend the summer on
Miami Beach instead don't worry they'll

be there very messages I haven't thought
about it yes all right one fine shoot

it's to miss taro Luke 16 Oh Church
Street London sw3 yeah what's a message

here it's Christmas every day sign
captain Scott okay anything else no

thank you
don't do anything I wouldn't do oh it

has to be joking

well Tyra here aya Milo in the middle of
the frozen wastes without even the

number 11 bus in sight nothing but
claret white Burgundy

foie gras tin noise and of course Krug
61 sustained me against the ferocity of

the elements oh here I said waiting for
the first penguins and I Scott there's a

mascot base this is Error why are Cape
Royds coatings nlq Scott bears how do

you read me over Hugh Scarface I'm
reading your Marik creep or sheep how

you get enough I'm not at the point it's
not a ghost of a penguin have you hadn't

report on the Icebreaker not really
there was a fight in from Christchurch

couple of hours ago they said it was
clearing off of both

thanks Alex I suppose that something any
message with the bird no not today okay

take care

well if they're so strapped to the light
force that they have to find their way

back here to this refrigerated graveyard
every year that's their bad luck god I

wish they'd get here and get it over

last you all wherever you are

most revered and welcomed bird I greet
you well I bid you are welcome to the

kingdom of 4motion the perfect place for
a honeymoon

thirty two three four
yes 1334 pick on me 1996 1997 1998 1999

2000 you you you I want to congratulate
you you are mm spank him to arrive on

these shores this wins you a 2 ounce can
of hickory-smoked floater paste take it

take it take

take it I promise you put it on toast is
delicious right there

now that we are all present and correct
I want you to know that I consider you

to be as fine a body of penguins as I
never had the pleasure to review because

I've always thought to the smart penguin
here's an efficient penguin now I want

you to look at me not even is your
commander that has your father they

don't always come true and it's got your
problems with it as it were

penguin first so then the order of the
day is be fruitful and multiply and the

book of bedtime is loving a cold climate
hey you two wait for it my new neighbors

are settling in very nicely Terra
he's having a reckless fashion mum has

found her way back to exactly the same
heap of stones she nested on last year

well dad rushes around repairing with
the lapidation z' of the winter

single-bird usually mail had strict
skywards flippers moving slowly known as

the ecstatic display for the benefit of
unattached female looks or is it the

Mitchell display yeah right first time
you've got to be hitched to mutual


penguins aren't so different from humans
they have the same problems of living

space same squabbles across the garden
wall and when some Joker tries to put

another bird there's the same yes I knew
you'd have to show some time I admire

these birds more every day
the sheer guts in tenacity their daily

penguin takes some beating as for me I
feel well enough you may not believe it

Turner but I think about you a lot
sometimes I forget what you look like I

shut my eyes I try to thank you back to
me suddenly I can see you again and I

think what the hell are you doing down
here alone at the cold end of the world


lap times already cut tabs on you lot I

know most of your pretty face huh same
nest and same mate every year there are

some of you don't play the game you will
also kill and dissect a certain number

of penguins with particular reference to
blood supply to the moon's thickness of

blubber layers and the condition of the
reproductive organs and to judge by the

color of these stains I'd say you'd used
up most of your food reserves so easy

easy merit

come on little penguin I have to know
what these blubber reserves are sorry Oh

still find out so what's changed what's
the difference

hey nice could you write a couple of
letters for you here and then there from

a deep frozen lava thank you to Ian
Julian come on

hi there I brought some ale yeah you're
from the enterprise out in the sound

they told us that Scott you were out
there we thought we'd come up and have a

look-see well there's not much to see
now is that where they all go away I

guess they didn't like the chopper too
much that's a fairly shrewd guess how do

you know I know that it's unimaginably
difficult for the Penguins to walk God

knows how many miles over the sea and
ice on three-inch legs then spend forty

days starving well they caught a ride
build their nests copulate and incubate

the eggs before they can get back to the
sea and break their fast I also know

that what makes it incredibly more
difficult for them is to be blown out of

their nests by a bloody helicopter see

we're sorry me too I've been waiting a
long time for these birds he wouldn't

what at all sure that I do come up to

the hut for a drink yes Cheers
uh would you chance man hanging on a bit

I just want to finish a letter and I'd
be obliged if you take it with you oh

sure no problem

wretched Birds means scattered over this
benighted landscape right it's a black

pepper I've used up so much courage
already they'll be able to find enough

to come back I'm afraid you were drop
these and the mailbox the Scott base for

please I will do better than that we'll
send it from the carrier thank you

more ginger beer uh no I guess not
we'd better be moving otherwise our

engine will be surprised thanks all the

oh and sorry about the Penguins yeah
alright films no no never forget it so

all thanks for the drink Ksenia I know
and thanks for the mail our pleasure

bye jeez that kids in a bad way did you
see all that was bottled they call up

Scott fais what could they do
why in a psychiatrist fucking kite to be

Oh in revenues in context find in the

able to write at last penny had to go
back home I was on my own all Saturday

and Sunday is there any place quite as
lonely as London at weekends we had a

party on Monday so of course the fridge
had to pack up imagine it a party and no

ice anywhere Marvis thought do you know
Julian Doughty I'm going out with him

next Thursday
he's something in a merchant bank which

at least has the novel advantage that he
has to bath regularly so much for the

garetty's of the capital I hope some
Christopher's doing his stuff now you've

proved your point
can't you turn round and come back again

then we might get to know each other I

Tara the girl you left behind you

well chaps here ever so humble there's
no place like home

now we're getting somewhere

first a very fast egg

well Tara all the eggs are Lehane and
now the hen penguins are off to the sea

to recover and to catch food for their

they'll be away for two or three weeks
so now it's the old man's turn to sit on

the eggs nothing to eat and nothing to
do except watch and wait life is never

easy for them Tara no sooner were they
and a left appeared so they came again

we can skin and devour a penguin with
one movement of his powerful art but not

this time and later off the girls went
for a rest their first square meal in


well so far I've counted fifteen hundred
and sixty seven eggs it's not bad for an

on battery system is it

forgive me if I'm becoming a bit of a
drag but every day I seem to be getting

more and more involved with these odd
little characters well once more the old

sleeping progress box so good night
terrible I'll be back to you in the

how are you ready yes coming we're late

sweetie the curtain goes up a date ready
sorry to keep you waiting Tara the

skewers when I woke up this morning they
were already attacking the exes we're

going to be late

I hate you bloody skewers I could be so
good without you forget it What did he

say you're here to observe nature want
to reorganize it no job for a man is it

incubating eggs still lose any more
weight I'll make you a photographic

model stand down the men and the girls
are back I know I know don't blame the

old man he did his best yeah

get your heads down hold your ground
but the best

there to help you stop face falling
better ly our Cape Royds come in breeze

over said lq scott base calling z ly our
Cape Royds

I say again come in Reese over I okay

how do you read me over

come in please that our wire come in

over there help you stop base calling
been a while take boy to you all hey

bushy come in please
over say again dead elk you Scarface

calling Zetas lyr Cape Royds are you
there bushy are you there how do you

read me
Russia yeah yeah yeah this is Noi are

kept roads calling xatoku Scarface or
we're speaking over I don't K bushy we

will lied about you we got a peak gust
130 knots here it must be much tougher

where you were
is there anything you need oh I'm fine

ah I could do with some surgical
bandages and some burn dressings

sometime okay
see when I can fix up everybody else now

no I don't think so
huh well it's got low you still around

right look after yourself
I'll do my best over not

how'd you get yeah I just happened to be
passing sport how would you get here I

got a mule train outside cheese whatever
happened to you boy you look rough hey

touch of wind plays havoc with the
Constitution one thing hasn't changed

around here you always were a snappy
dresser one thing I haven't missed out

here is a stand-up comic
now tell me it's Scott you're needed

some burn dressing so I brought them
along see if I get mr. Forbush to

prepare you an up and dressed one star
if you let any of those dogs loose I'll

cut it throat I swear it calm down sport
all right all right you know what those

dogs are like they're killers what don't
worry about them what's the matter with

you anyway
oh sorry I spoke they're just another

trick rich yes to my lads up where no
matter hard time up with the lizard and

the skewers and everything penguin foods
easy defenseless

touch just right for those bunch of
birds look do you think you do you see

what he's got there oh they've had 300
of them already

they're just creatures do like any other
they have to live who needs them

I could wring that blasted necks feed
the necks filming prussic acid happy

Christmas what yes happy birthday Jesus

Christmas star come on your hair looks
like it had quite a party

the blizzard blew the window in I'm
sorry I'm having the time or the energy

to do anything about it no matter of
fact I don't feel too great at the

moment what my grandmother would have
called poorly that hand looks bad give

it here capture the frostbite it should
be all right like a good nurse Oh Stone

the crows fault that must've been one
hell of a blow

sure was bluey that's hard sitting at
home nights waiting for you what do you

think I'll bet does she keep a light
burning in our bedroom window

what for everyone knows where it is I
expect you think so then I'll space for

I brought you a letter from her really
really you really are a fan of war


Merry Christmas sport here you are all
penguins are Merry Christmas just the

job your Christmas stocking no good

let's see what our company you can ever
do the Thoreau bit

I'll walk bid Cathy went and lived alone
I don't think he thought it worked out

either did you read your letter yet yes
honey girl sir

you mean you didn't get your outs before
you came out here come well did you did

you know as a matter of fact I got a
medal instead more exceptional bravery

in the face of the enemy what else well
how do you manage stir the birds I mean

how they don't bother me sport I'm a
practical sort of a bloke myself you

know sure come on then what'll it be the
only money in our sport

like anology calls nine months you'll be
home yourself in a couple when the

outside entire months is a long time
soon passes if you're not thinking about

something else you know you're a thick
skin sort of a fellow star huh

what's wrong with that at least I know
what's real and can stay objective

meaning I don't don't take the birds too

especially not these birds save it after

Orpheus it's been great having you here

so far they've massacred nearly 500 of

the original fifteen hundred and
sixty-seven chicks

God knows how few will survive to swim
away if only I brought a gun with me but

stop it I must so now I plan to build a
machine that will destroy them

skewer headquarters sure trebuchet is
near my fine-feathered friend I'd no

mistake about that

what happened to me have I gone mad or
something even I couldn't wipe them all

out next month next year

the skewer say in the Penguins will keep
the other skewers off in return for a

fair share of your eggs and chicks in
this way nature ensures the survival of

a sufficient number of penguin chicks a
Providence not to be despised by the

thinking scientists so in the end the
Penguins won through with the usual

heavy casualty but the usual number of
survivors the skewers have a place in

the system to baga nothing else yes
there is a patent error funny isn't it

the one unselfish and completely
disinterested act of my life was when I

tried to change it I fail you well of
course and I deserve to who was I to

take it on myself to put the balance
right last chap of the world if you ask

me I'll have an olive
after all our tribe Tara has

exterminated so many marvelous creatures
for no better reason than to clothe our

women and line our pockets of supply and
demand oh man doesn't seem to understand

economics at all does it
neither do i sir will you please another

thing what happens when we've finished
destroying the patent and only the human

race is left to inherit this poison
planet just tell me that Tara he's

asking us I said shut up you ask me he's
been alone far too long I think you'd

better go
Arno look sweetie after over any Goti

penguins take your burner hat and
umbrella and get out but I haven't got a

better hat and umbrella as far as I'm
concerned you've always had a spiritual

bloody bowler hat and umbrella so take
them and go your jobs Evelyn bushy

leaving us any moment they tell me
well it's been good to have you around

said goodbye to penguins yet well

they'll be back again next year
struggling over the same barren stretch

of ice to breed the next generation and
so it'll go on as long as there are

penguins and skewers and the will to
survive and what have I learned from it

all that every living creature depends
in some way on every other. Humans too. - I'm

not the same - myself anymore Tara well
I seen the sand to you and you to me

(Dramatic Music)