Cry of the Cormoran (1971) - full transcript

Alfred Mullanet, an unlucky player who lives on his wife's income, becomes in a few moments the object of interest of two thugs, Kruger and Mister K. Watch Full HD Movies & TV Shows
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- Not on the head !
Not on the head !

Auteuil, by car!

By car, Auteuil, 5 francs!

Thank you.

By car, Auteuil!
Thank you.

By car !

5 Auteuil francs!

* - Welcome to the Auteuil meeting.

In the first...

The 13th, it can be good.

* - First, third ...

- I remove the price,
it is to offer?

No it's for me.

But take the price off anyway,
the price spoils everything.

- You permit ?
2 and 7 paired.

Encouragement, cries.

- It's one of the last
we have in store.

- You don't have
a smaller one?


- Me, I like
the thin ones, the thin ones.

The sickly.

Is she not likely to deflate during?

During what?


Well ...

So what ?

It's lost.

* - For investigators,
this is only a lead.

Someone is coming.

It's hard to put a name
on that face.

- I was starving.
- Eat, my dear.

I want you.

This is normal, the
result of a balanced life.

Me, I'm running,
you, you have your job.

You leave on time,
you return on time.

You eat on time.

You are tired ?

Tired ? My poor darling...


- Don't crumple your jacket.
- Ah, the jacket ...

What about the classifieds?

- Okay, let's talk
about something else.

A whole day
ringing doorbells.

Everything was already taken.
- It'll be better tomorrow.

- It could hardly
get worse.

They did everything to me,
even the handicap.

Pardon ?

Nothing !

It's not relatable.

Many tons of steak.

It's horse.

Do you want an egg on it?

He is hard ?
- Not hard, but he resists.

Even in steak.
It sounds like a joke.

But wait until it turns.

So there
are some who will understand.

I give myself six months!

To do what ?

To make a fortune!

I will come back under a golden shower.

Like Lawrence Olivier
in "Les Hauts de Hurlevent".

In black coat, with frill.

The concierge,
who calls me a pimp,

... will come and open
the door of my Daimler ...

... and I'll hit him
in the games.

Is he doing that L. Olivier?

Yes, he does that.


Irene, my little one.

It is the most serious moment
of our existence.

I take a bet with life,
a tragic bet.

I succeed or I disappear.

It impresses you,
it makes you happy.

- Say, your bet with life,
can't it wait a bit?


I can... nothing ?
- Nothing !

But you shared the black bread
and you will share the cake.

You lend me 200 F and I associate you.

It is a kind
of old age insurance.

Take them in my bag.

Without indiscretion,
you plan to go where to make a fortune?

- We make our fortune anywhere.
- Don't go too far.

The last time
you hitchhiked back.

- At the moment,
I wonder.

Cries and encouragement.

The 7th, this calf ...

- Don't go too far.

The last time
you hitchhiked back.

Come on up, please.

He chuckles.

- There you go, one lost,
10 found.

- For a stroke of
luck ... - We are really verjots.

- You're a bunch of funny people.
- Yes.

Bursts of laughter.

You don't ask me where I'm going?

Do we tell him where he's going?

Tell him he's going to Istanbul.

- In Istanbul
- Where?

- In Istanbul
- Ah, but not at all.

- If we tell you.
- Stop!

What is this gun?

A Luger.

Are you happy with it?

Hm, hm.

- First, why Istanbul?
You don't know who I am.

Tell him we don't care.

We do not care.

- Perfect, but I know one
who will not go to Istanbul there.

He chuckles.

I don't even have a passport.

Tell him he has none ... need.
- You don't need it.

- And how do we get to Istanbul
without a passport?

In a coffin.

This is French craftsmanship.

It's finished.
- It's furniture.

Hitting the horn.
- Here are the grandfathers.

Can I keep my shopping bag?

- Hello, Gégène.
- What is that ?

Not the corpse?

The real corpse has gone.

He jumped out of the car
on the national 7, a thug.

This one will make a beautiful one.
- I do not think so.

- But if.
- It's too big for the costume.

- We'll do some touch-ups.
- I'm difficult to dress.

- Go get the suit.
- Who wants a beer?

I'm warning you,

... the seams will fart.
- No comment.

It will hold until Istanbul
- I will not go!

- Sure, no beer?
- No !

Non !

- I didn't take the shirt,
it won't fit.

How tall are you?
- 38.

Let him keep his own.


What color is it ?

Jasmin is ...

She is jasmine.

She looks yellow.

No, jasmine.

Put it on.

Where do I change?

- Well here.
- Here, we tell you.

- And shit.
Leave it alone.

A polka dot calcite!

- As long as you admit
the jasmine shirt.

If the button jumps,

... he is going to lose his fist.
- No, he'll be lying down.

Put on the jacket.
- It's cracking.


- A liner that makes noise?
- You don't know ...

... the silk linings?

The rustle ...

... silk linings.
- It's fair, but fine.

He is perfect.

Get in there.

Ben, help him!

- Yes, I'm not
used to it.

Look at this.

With the shoes!

Take off your shoes.

I can't do everything.

Sit down.

Lie down.

- Should know.
- Lie down !

- Well, I let go,
but there, I warn.

I am known,
you will be in trouble.

- I never saw anyone famous
hitchhiking on the road.

I have friends...

... in the police!

- Dear sir,
so far you have been delicious.

- Thank you.
- But you're getting boring.

- Ah.
- Yes.

Slap him on the head.
- How? 'Or' What ?

Come on, drive.

Go by car!

Horn blasts.

And the priority?

- If that's Istanbul,
it's not terrible.

It looks like Paris.

* Piece of samba.

- That, boss,
is the death of pétanque.

* Fanfare of majorettes.

- It's terribly vulgar,
that will please.

Content, Choupinet ?

- Delighted, but don't call me

Are you going out or should we carry you?

Like you want.

Come on, fool.

Come closer, please.


- Warning !
I won't be pushed around.

Mainly by Turks.

The big grandpa could be there
to receive me.

That is done.

Who ?

Ben, the fat one in black,

...with glasses.
- He's dead, car accident.

- And the others ?
- Dead too.

This is terrible.

- Sir, where is the money?
- That's the eternal question.

- If you do not answer,
I will be in desolation ...

... to assassinate you.

It's vulgar,
but for 10 million,

... the better-bred people
become vulgar.

- How ?
- 1 billion.

My bastards ...

Don't be vulgar.

- You could
introduce me.

- Mirabelle,
a comrade.

- Don't you find that hairy?
- What?

- What he said:
"a comrade."

Ha, ha, ha, ha!

They burst out laughing.

It's finish ?

Thank you.

Your jacket is awfully padded.

No, I'm a little hunchbacked.

- It brings good luck,
like sailor pom poms.

You permit ?
- Leave the pompoms alone.

Monsieur and I were talking about money.
- Oh !

- I know where he is.
- I was sure of it.

I'll go get it for you.

But I am forced
to go alone.


- Go with George.
- Not only.

- Hit him on the head.
- No, not on the head!

- So ?
- What?

- Would you prefer Henri?
Very pleasant, Henri.

Oh yeah, yeah ...

- Sir, I am part
of a formidable gang.

If I come
with someone on the trail,

... I am a dead man.

Understand me, sir.

If I let you go,
who tells me you'll come back?

I give you my word.

He chuckles.

It's a bit light, isn't it?

I found.

You will accompany him.
- No.

- Okay, kill him.
- Okay !

I will go with it.
- Give him a gun.

To her !
- Do you know how to use it?


- If he lied,
a bullet in the head.

- No, especially not
the head.

We'll see.

So ?


- But where are we going?
- Do not start.

If you don't go
get the money, I'll shoot.

And if you want to save yourself
with the money, I'll shoot.

I hope we're going to have a good time.

There are quite a few things to do.
You have to do them in order.


What address ?

Did we ring you?

- Where you want.
- I would like to go to sleep ...

You are swollen, you.

- Have you ever done that in a taxi?
- Yes.

- And on the swings?
- Even on the Ferris wheel.

Oh, formidable...

And in a bed, ever?

Gna, gna, gna ...

And your sister ?

You know what, Choupinet?
- No.

- On nous suit,
na, na, na.

Go faster!

- I go as I go,
it's my taxi.

500,000 F for you.

Let's go !

- By the way, what's
your name?

- Mullaney Alfred.
- How old ?

- 28 years old.
- My eye.

- 40.
- What a liar.

- I will have 42
on Christmas Eve.


- What the
hell are we doing! ?

- 1 million
if you sow that hearse!

Let's go !

No, be reasonable.

- Listen,
don't be shy, come on.

- You are
very courageous, I know that.

But we can't ...
No, wait.

- But come, come here.
- It's my shirt.

The day will break.

- You don't have a comb?
- Well no.

- Oh, I ...
Oh, thank you.



You already did it...

... in a caravan?
- Oh you!

Oh, and my brick! ?

What about the tip?

Yeah, this one.

Where is he?

Gone, in there.

- Thank you.
- With a lady.

And now look.

Listen to this sweet sound.

- Isn't that banknotes?
- Oh yes.

- Oh, how
smart you are ...

Oh, the money,
the money, the money, oh, the money ...

Okay, now, let's get down
to business, hm?

- Do you have a pocket knife or scissors?
- No.

- Not even
a nail file?

- No, I just have
a gun.

- It's going to rain

Yes, make it rain.

Then we'll make
love again.

Look good, crack!

With that, we can buy
the rue de la Paix.

With that,
Electricité De France.

And with that, the station ...

And There you go.

But who did this to us?

- Surely someone
who plays Monopoly.

Of course, we are disappointed,
but what is the money?

The main
thing is what happened between us.

You are not used to it,

... but it was an event,
a date, it was ...

It was...

... shabby!

Irene's voice:
- Don't go too far.

The last time
you hitchhiked back.

- Ah, you let yourself
be taken in.

Pardon ?

- The roundabout,
the stupid trap.

We say to
ourselves : "Here is Scandinavian ...

... or British ",
and crac, chickens, the law.

Come on, go upstairs.
- What did I do ?

Do you hear, Marcel?

It stops cars at night,
it kills, it violates ...

... and it plays the innocent.

- Innocents, there aren't any.
- Search him.

What's the matter ?

- You smell like raspberries.
- Oh, Marcel?

He says we're drunk.

I don't know
what's holding me back ...

- Your love of men,
in the brigade, it is known.

- Is that true,
my love of men?

Are the guys talking about it?
- Yes.

- Marcel, what do we do?
I sit or what?

On the chair...

... electric!

Come on, go up.
- Which brand is that?

- Saint-Étienne, do you have any complaints?
- No.

So, go up!

Your papers.

In my jacket.

Where's your jacket?

- I was just going to get him.
- Do you hear that, Marcel?

- I changed my jacket
to get into the coffin.

- The coffin ...
Do you hear that, Marcel?

- Cold blood, boss,
don't kill him.

- If you don't believe me,
take the first street on the right.

You will stop me ... the cemetery.
- You don't think so well.



I'll give you 5 minutes,
what time do you have?

- 10:24 a.m.
- I'm 26.

Put yourself at 26.
- 26? It amazes me.

- At 26!
- Yes, okay, but ...

- After this time, we
'll look for you under a flood of steel.

- I'm delaying,
but it amazes me.

Ah there you are again.

Not for a long time.

They're waiting for me.
- Happy to see you again.

- Well, it doesn't sound like.
- Oh, I'm wary of prowlers.

I lost my clerk.
- We no longer keep staff.

He perished in the accident.

- Oh...
- Terrible.

- Yes.
- Sit down.

- I was worried about you.
A beer ?

It's no refusal.

- He was a good guy, my clerk.
- Do you still have my papers?

I never throw anything away.

You are hungry ?
- Maybe.


- What did you do with
the jacket?

- This one is good,
you have it.

Yours, not ours.

So let's talk about it!

Do you know
what was in it?

- Tickets ?
- Yes, from Monopoly.

Doesn't that wow you?
- Nothing amazes me anymore.

Weird people, weird

- This cheese is famous.
- It's coulommiers.

He's like that.

- Say, you
who circulate a lot,

... have you heard from K.?
- He would have died in the accident.

Like everyone.

- Take back some cheese, eh?
- No thanks.

- It's annoying.
- Well, you'll finish it.

No, I was talking ...

... the jacket.

You should have brought it back.

There are going to be other accidents.

Someone comes in.

You don't like it, is
there too much foam?

Hello, Gégène.

No, get out!

He shoots.

- Don't kill him.
- I never kill, I intimidate.

Listen, no ...


- So, do we have these papers

- But I'm being shot!
- Do you hear something?

Thank you for your help, citizen.
- It's my duty.

- Marcel!
It looks good in front of sir.

14 floors multiplied
by 200 windows.


12 doors per landing,
6 landings per floor times 14 floors,

... do you
realize, boss?

* Funky music.

It sounds.

- Excuse me,
but the ... the ...

The buttons are never
in the same place.

Finally, I was looking for
the timer.

- But come in,
my rabbit.

- I'm the upstairs neighbor.
- Enter anyway and close.

Yes Yes.

Sir, lady.

Yeah, your music
was a bit loud, so ...

The disc jumps.
Ah, that's my foot.

- Who is this white cheese?
- The guy upstairs.

Here is my mom.
- Nice to meet u.

She burps.
- This way.

- Who is this white cheese?
- The guy upstairs.

- Who is this white cheese?
- I'm the guy upstairs.

Oh! Is, is! Oh ...

Who did that ?

- It's me, I couldn't sleep,
so I cleaned my gun.

That or counting sheep.

- And the bullet is gone.
- Yes.

And you got the cops up your ass.

I hate the cop.

- Is that your rest room?
- Yes, do you like it?

- Yes, but ...
- Good, because we're going to stay there.

I love blue eyes!
- But mine are nutty.

- I do not care ! Is this the first time
you fuck a negress?


So, you're going to be surprised ...

... in surprise.

- You too,
because I'm lousy.

Oh, wonderful.


It's unbelievable.

- Don't bother,
the guy upstairs.

* Blues song.

- Ben, my rabbit,
for a guy who was not hungry.

All white cheeses ...

... are liars.
- Not Alfred.

Alfred is not a liar.

He told me...

... that he was lousy,
he was lousy.

- All white cheeses
make love like mussels!

Eugene did that well.

He stole your jewelry.

- I don't mow,
I still have good sides.

- I'll lend you a shirt.
That of Titi or that of Boubou?

Mr. Boubou's shirt ...

... will not suit my complexion, too bad,
everything is in such good taste, ladies.

The sifflote.

Then, then ...

- Here, drink this
without breathing.

That's what the chef takes
when he has his buzzes.

- I said:
"not on the head".

Ours ?

- I don't know anymore,
but I'm sure I said it.

Hm ...

Close, close.

- Where's the commissioner?
- Over there.

Which one is it ?

The one who cheats.

- Yam at 6, sec!
What do you say about it ?

You hadn't taken ...

... all the dice.
- Really ?

Well, you'll make me
home to the students.

At night and without a weapon.

Come on.

Mr. Commissioner?

- What do you want with him?
- Monsieur is like an auxiliary.

No, that's too much.

One of my friends, alas,
without an identity document,

... fell last night
on your elite patrol.

- A roundabout broken
by gunfire.

Well conducted, at Versailles,
he risks his head.

Not the head!

- Silence
in the cage!

- Here are the papers that the stunned
had forgotten at home.

Of course,
I answer for this boy.

Well, I refuse to go out ...

... to get me killed.

Very curious.

- Her head ?
- His shirt.

Wouldn't we say
the palm grove of Tizi-Ouzou?

- It is the palm grove
of Tizi-Ouzou.

- Take this
to me at the Quai de Orfèvres.

No history with Africa.


Hein ?

- The blow of the fan,
Abdel Kader.

Ah yes.

Mr. Commissioner, have a

Without wanting to drag France
into a colonial campaign ...

... very expensive, I admit,
could we treat ...

He buys you!

I have seen everything.

He saw.

* - I have loved you for a long time,

... never do I or you ...

Moo box.


Do you have a weapon?
- No why ?

I said it like that.

- You have exhausted
all the joys of life.

I am sorry
for you.

At Auteuil, Purcell,
we will miss the 3rd.

What, the 3rd, the Messina Prize?

Steeple-chase, 3400 m.

Non, 3200.


Is he putting on something?
- Oh, jaded as you are ...

Always say.

- Mandible.
- Mandible?

I wouldn't play it,

... it's a carne,
not even a mule.

It has never been posted.
- It would be 40 to 1 ...

... and even better today
than that would not surprise us.

Shall I put ten bags for you?
- What are you saying ?

- Shall I put ten bags for you?
- Twenty.



Release ...

... the Negro!

Ah not!


There are other places.

Marcel, this is valid for everyone.
- Yes still.

* Someone is rattling


- Nice weather to run, no?
- Pleasure ?



Excuse me ma'am.
- So, still active, Alfred?

- Everyone is asking for me,
where are you going?

- Eat, I see your business
must be booming.

- It's booming, yesterday,
I missed a billion nothing.

- Say ...
I drop you?

- Can you take me to Auteuil?
- Yes.

- If I am not betrayed,
I win the package in the 3rd.

Mandible, does that mean anything to you?
- Nothing.

- Irene, you can prepare
to put your store in management ...

... and to change car.

Do you remember
our conversation?

- You wanted to emasculate the janitor.
- No, I gave myself 6 months ...

... to make a fortune, it took me
a week.

The sifflote.

Do you find that natural?

Without wanting to diminish
your merits, I wonder.

I wonder: will you be able to
hold the rank of a fulfilled woman?

Will you be able to wear
jewelry, to receive?

I will learn.

In the meantime, if you don't mind,
we'll stop for a minute.

That you're crazy, it's okay,
ridiculous, it bothers me.

Me, ridiculous?

You are not in Tizi-Ouzou.

In the 3rd, 5th and 7th ...

- Aren't you playing, Choupinet?
- I never play.

- Don't you have a tip?
- I have never.

You do not know... ?
- No, but I would play Mona Girl.

Daughter of Fanfaron
and Mona Lisa.

She likes dry terrain, can
handle the distance and turns well.

Climbed by the little Delaunay,
I would see a nice chance.

* - Number 13, Perblock,

... will be ridden by Guérin ...

... replacing Norbert.

Max, that old Max!

I'm putting you fifty-fifty
on the business of your life.

From 40 to 1, you just have to push.
- Well, push yourself.

Good luck.

It's okay, Max.

- Here, you will push that
hypocrite at the last moment.

- On Mandible?
- You're crazy ?

- Well, you were saying ...
- Let it be.

Mona Girl, come on, come on.


* - The jockeys fall into place.

- Ah, but it's
old Samy!

Sam, I feel like I'm going
to give you a treat.

- I have a winner in the 3rd.
- Everyone has one.

- It's a sure shot.
- Everyone has a hit.

- You lend me 5,000 balls
and I will reimburse you afterwards.

- Freddy, you never
reimbursed anyone.

Absolutely never,
so let go of my elbow.

Hey, hey?

- The ace, forty times a winner.
- Well done.

He whistles.

- Did he see that we saw him?
- Yes.

- You saw him ?
- Yeah.

- He saw me ?
- Surely not.

- Do you have a firecracker in your bag?
- I have some change.

Why ?
- To bet.

- Oh, that would be
a big mistake.

- No, there we play, we look
and we go to the ticket office.

- He's with a hen.
- Did she see you?

- Must see.
- Will see !

- Choupinet,
how much will I get from the profits?

- 50%, I'm like that.
- My ass!


- Oh ...
- 75% or nothing.

- Okay, 75%.
High five.

The 7th, 30 times a winner.
- You heard ? "Winner".

Two killers follow him.

- Did he see them?
- Must see.

- Will see !
- What if they saw me?

Time will tell.

* - The horses, at the start!

- Oh, this lost one played Mandibule,
must be the queen of marbles.

- It's an iron

Give it back to me!

- What would oblige us?
- I've got what I need in my bag.

Thank you.

- There are things
he is not fortunate in, Alfred.

But the canassons
are his thing.

- Drop the tickets!

Cries and encouragement.

- Crazy paw is already released.
- "Crazy paw", poor idiot.

- She's looking for the stable.
- Poor idiot, wait for the arrival.

Go ahead, Mandible!

Say, you don't
feel like ...

She reserves herself.

- A white hat that goes, one!
- Who is it ?

- Mona Girl, the deal of the day.
- Ah yes ?


Oh, oh !


- I don't believe
in anyone anymore .

You are a lost!

- Say, will you follow us?
- Surely not.

- But if.
- But no.

- We're gonna hit you on the head.
- Yes, in front of 20,000 people?

- Yes sir.
- Sometimes...

Oh no, not that, no!
No, not the cyanide.

It's lemon tea.

Besides, it is delicious.

- This is the first time
that I drink tea.

- Well, leave me,
let me taste it.

- Basically, I want to
make a little tear.

- Do you realize, sir,
that you hurt me enormously?

- I'm
really confused.

- You promised me
to come back with the money.

- I thought
he was in the jacket.

- What jacket?
- That of the stiff.

- And who died?
- I.

- Ah, and after that, you are surprised
to be hit on the head.

- As no one would believe me,
tell him what was ...

... in the jacket.
- Monopoly tickets.

Hm, when I think ...

This is interesting.

I love.

When there is nothing,
there is nothing.

It's neat.

But when there is something

... this something
often hides something else.

The poet was right
who spoke of things ...

... who are behind things.

- Ouch, ouch,
ouch, ouch, ouch ...

Do you understand
why he's our boss?

- We need
this jacket.

Just today.

At your service !

It's the devil if the two of us
can't find the place.

- Who is that ?
- You.

It's not okay ?

- Okay, let's go,

Unless you prefer
me to go alone.

If I give you
my word.

Excuse me.

- I find nothing,
I have my head necessarily.

- Monsieur is
less smart than yesterday.

- It's not row H,
I made it!

I know about it...

... on the shelves.

Oh, if we have to start
all over again ...

- Must exclude row V,
I made it.

- But
how was this trailer?

- Outwardly
she was white.

Yes, white with red stripes
and a TV antenna.

I also remember
striped curtains.

No, we won't find her ...

- That's not it, right?
- Yes Yes !


No, but say so!

You are nuts!

We buy you ...

... your 3 million cart!
- How much do you say?

- 3 million,
net of tax.

- Gustave, if they offer 3,
it is worth 6.

10, no less.

- Say, you are abusing
the situation?

What I concern myself ?

And that kind ...
- Leave it.

- Okay, I'll go
get the jacket.

- 5 million, come on.
- Don't answer Gustave.

- 6!
- Come on, let's go.

- She's tough
in business, grandma.

- Don't
call me grandma, my name is Marie-Martine.

Oh, I would have said ...

... Mauricette or Georgina.
- And your sister ?

Go get the jerk.

Not that stupid.

- Come on, 9 million 5.
- Here you are.

That she takes care ...

... of her buttocks.

- No, but ...
- Leave it.

It's okay, calm down.

- Leave me !
- He's getting out!

He pulls himself off
with the overcoat!

- Hey, wait,
we can talk!

6 millions ! 4 !

3 ! 2 !

I give you the car
and the right woman!

Hey, wait for me!

Hey, wait for me!

He hisses at them.

He hums.

- Come on, the jacket!
- No.

- What did you do with it?
- Well, what about that one?

No, the other one.

- I never had
another jacket.

Tadadam, tsi ...

- If you don't return it,
we're going to get caught.

- Don't be a cow.
- Ah ...

Create, create, tadam ...

- He hid
the jacket.

- He did this
to tease us.

He will give it back to us.

Hein, Choupinet?

Hm, hm, hm, hm ...


You will say
from me to ...

Thank you.
Tell your boules champion ...

... that he will have his skin
against 50 million.

- 25 million,
wouldn't that suit you?

You kept
the pants on.

- Mr. Kruger and I know
there are things ...

... which hide other things.

This jacket is priceless,
since there is nothing in it.

And if you piss me off,

... I increase!
- Okay, let's go, Mr. Alfred, come on.

- See you soon, Choupinet?
- Don't call me Choupinet.

It's vulgar.

- It's forbidden.
You have another one in 15 minutes.

I do not care.

It's forbidden !

- Be nice.
- No.

- I'm going to get mad !
- It doesn't matter.

But simply ...

- It's forbidden.
- Yes, but...

- You?
- Follow this train.

Let's go !

So, not
sprayed yet ?

- How much did we say?
- 1 million.

Like iron 2.

Ben, double!
- On the pavement ?

- I'm not doing this
for 2 bricks.

- 4!
- Let's go !

He's leaving, are we leaving too?
Double the bet?

Not sure.

Follow the yellow tote.
- How much do I get?

You have no shame ?

OK so,

... I put the counter.

Hey, wait a minute!

I won't be brown twice!

- I will be back.
- Sign me a piece of paper first.

4-brick races,
no taxi has ever done.

So I want to be able to
tell this to my friends.

But without paper,
no one will believe me.

- So what ?
- Well, put ...

I admit that I owe
40,000 new francs ...

... to the Buisson driver.

Make yourselves at home.

- Here, it must be yours.
- You can keep them.

I must explain to you, madame.

My name is Martine.

It's not ... common.

Imagine that 5 minutes ago,
inadvertently ...

- Tell me about it inside,
we're in the middle of a draft.

Glass breakage.

- My little Martine,
you're nice, but ...

No, but ...
If you had a glass of milk.

Yes, no, well ...

- You'll lend it to me, eh?
- Yes.

Oh, finally ...

It's not a
celebration every day.

I'm going to squeeze you
some grapefruit juice anyway .

But he is no longer there!

- Huh?
- My jacket!

- He's there.
- No, the other one!

The other, in the street ...

Hello, little girls.

Oh, for example ...

Here is a beautiful jacket.

To which it is ?

To me.

Oh, and where did you find it?

- Leave us
or we call ...

... our mothers.

- Surely you don't know how to lie.
Are you sure it's yours?

I found it.

Thing found,

... thing kept.

- Well, my little finger will tell me
where you found it ...

- In the maid's tote.
- Who did you do ...

... dirt.

- We're going to tell
our mothers ...

... and she will be fired.

- Because of you.
- Yes.

- So I'm not laughing any more,
I'm offering you a deal.

I redeem the jacket,
I await your price.

- For you to say a price.
- 5 francs.

Go make you ...

... cook an egg.
- 10.

- 100 million.
- Thing sold,

... lost thing.
- That's it.

"I admit having to ...

"... 40,000 new francs ...

... to the driver Buisson ".

He's got the jacket, boss.

Now your turn.

- A jacket is played
on the English pass.

It always plays out ...

... to the English pass.

- 2 losing sets, are
you okay?

But it's not a game, otherwise ...

We play like that.

- She's
the best in the neighborhood.

- The best in Paris.
- Of the world.

- We'll see, let's go.
- Hey.

Jacket against jacket,
give yours.

It's not pie.

- Amstramgram,
spades and spades and colégram ...

Amstramgram !

- Why me ?

- It is the rule.
- That's how we play.

12, lost.

She's going to tear you down.

- Why do you want
this jacket?

- For the buttons, I will sew them
on Julie's dress.

Who is Julie?

His doll.

- 8, won.
- You have it in the baba!

- Buttons like that
on your doll, it will be ugly.

- No, then it's my jacket.
- Thing found, thing kept.

Well, say so, it's high.

7, you've lost!

I'm going to win.

For the first time in my life,
I'm going to win. Here, 6!

This is unbelievable.

Where's the dice?

- The !
- So !

Yes, I will win,
for the first time in my life.

I'm going to win,

... the mouflets,
you will see that.

6! What do you say,
little assholes?

- No big words !
- Or we stop.

- That's the rule
- And that's the rule?

Sorry, ladies.

Aren't you ashamed, Alfred?

I preferred hopscotch.

You got lost.

- You, frostbite, give
me the jacket.

No, that one!
- No, I won it.

- You will especially win
a pair of pies.

At 3, I oats.

1! 2!
- Give it to him, he beats.

This is a pure scam.

- Go ahead, you
have to go.

Where else?

Ben, in Istanbul

going on?

Where is he, Gégène?

Gégène !

- Gégène !
- What I concern myself ?

- Where is that motherfucker?
I do not like that.

- He's at the bar.
- Or in the cellar.

- Well, say so,
stocks are down.


The investment ...

... in mahogany didn't
pay off, remember.

- What will I look like in Istanbul?
- Come up.

And Gégène?

Oh !

He is right.

Shut up, take a look at the bar.

Oh, you don't have to.

There he is, Gégène.

- Gégène.
- Oh, Gégène.

Poor Gégène.

Don't worry about it, man.

The punch
press is running with mézigue at the controls.

He's going to iron them all over your Pépère.

M. le pretentiard, first of all, and
his son,

... worse his nephews,
worse his provincial cousins,

... and his sister, the
whole farmyard.


No more bullshit ...

... in sight?
- Yes !


No, but that's how it is.


It's not okay, right?

- Well that's
the best.

Shit, what are we playing?


Maybe it's time
to take a seat around a table.

- Yes please.
- Oh...

I came to negotiate.

Negotiate what?


- Thing found,
thing kept.

- Tell this cellar
not to interfere.

- Don't get involved in this.
- Thank you.

Apart from this jacket, there is
no dispute between you and me.

- She's very good,
and Gégène?

- Gégène ...
- Well, he's ...

Yes, there is Gégène.

What is done is done.

But what remains to be done
remains to be done.

And good cat, good rat.

Ringing of bells.

Let's admit.

Well, let's dress the dead man.

Oh no, not Gégène!

It will go to my vault,
it is a copy of the Sacred Heart.

On a le cave.

I forgot the cellar.

- So come on!
I'm going to Istanbul, I don't go there anymore!

- You will go to Tahiti.
My fourgue is in Tahiti.

- And I arrive there
in a black suit?

- You will wear it on your arm.
Your gray shirt will be very chic.

She's not gray.

She is jasmine.


Finally, off-white.

So she's dirty.

You're welcome !

Either way, I'll be in there.
- He is right.

- Chief ?
- My little ?

You have to dress it
before you kill it.

- He is right.
- Seen.

I take care of it.
- You seem competent to me.

Thank you.

- I'm going
to change.

I want to keep
my scarf, don't I?

- A scarf in a coffin,
what a slob.

- Tell this hotu not to serve
such reflections.

- Do not serve
such reflections.

Alfred !

Come on, come sit down.

Why ?

For him to pull you ...

... in the back of the neck.
- Seen.

Come on.

- What's that

- Un Luger.
- Oh! Is, is!

Already seen that.

- Ready ?
I lose my focus, me.

- Warning ! If you shoot like that,
I'll take it.

Ah yes.

- Point it towards the sky.
- Okay.

No, a little more.

- Like that?
- Oh, you can do better.

- Not without squatting.
- So, squat!

- Get up.
- It's DIY!

- Tell him
not to bring her back.

- Say,
don't bring her back.

- This scarf
looks scruffy.

- What are we doing ?
- Oh...


That's it, it's starting again.


Who did that ?


- But it's not true !
- Yes, we saw you.

You are incurable.

He hums.

Thumb ! Thumb !

I said: "Thumb"!

Gentlemen, I analyzed
the situation with a clear head.

My decision is made:
I will not go to Istanbul

- What?
- Neither in Istanbul nor in Tahiti.

Mean, half is, half is, half is ...

Are you giving us a whim?

I offer you
the pearl of Oceania,

... the sun,
we bathe at Christmas ...

Here, read.

Paradise at 14 hours by plane,
it's tempting.

If I had been offered this
at your age ...

- It doesn't say that we bathe
at Christmas, but at Easter.

- Is he like that
with you?

Yes, he discusses everything!

- Come on, Freddy,
the coral reef,

... the house of Gauguin,
the song of the ukulele,

... in the evening,
under the mango trees.

- Since you are
in the audiovisual sector, allow me.

The Bosphorus, eh?

It's not crap,

The Golden Horn, the Black Sea,
the Blue Mosque.

And the minarets: have you ever
heard the call of the muezzin?

He imitates
the call of the muezzin.

The fascination of the Orient.
- I have known.

Ah yes ?

- In front
of the Suleymaniye Mosque .

Her name was

She had
in the hips ...

... this balancing act of women
who have walked a lot.

We almost settled there,
we thought of a house.

Then, the intermittences
of the heart ...

Eventually, she opened
her business in Caracas.

- "La Mano"?
- Did you know?

- Of course.
- I had bought the land 300 F / m.

Today, with the taste
of paid vacation for paella,

... it weighs 1 billion.
- And even.

And even ?

- With bungalows on ...
- Obviously, real estate.

This is the end.
You see big.

I see modern.

I did not believe in the field,
it gnaws at me.

Is it too late?

When we embarrass, we embarrass.

I'm going, here.


He is leaving.

- But I know where to go,
I have a wife, a home.

- What the
hell are we doing?

Business is restarting.

I feel it.
- Here.

We promote everywhere:

... half hacienda,
half hutch.

- We go back ...
- And we do the somersault.

- We repromote in Sardinia
and we attack Africa.

- 20,000 km of beach.
- What a walk.

Have you thought about it?
- Oh there.

Right! I'm heading out !

Chef !


He leaves !

So what ?

- Here it is:
"So what?"

- We will be pioneers:
the proles will leave on Friday.

Return on Monday with
shark fishing memories .

Or pearls.

- The pearl is fished rather
with the lines of the Sonde.

- We will go.
- We will also go to Zanzibar.

- In the Galapagos.
- In Halong Bay.

Ah, the cry of the cormorants in
the evening on the junks.

Croâ, crop, crop.

- Sorry, that is the cry
of the blue parrot of Mato Grosso.

The cry of the cormorant is:

...Croaaa, croaaa, croaaa !

- Do that to me again.
- Gladly.

Croaaa, croaaa, croaaa !

Ah, indeed.

There are tens
of billions to be made.

Hundreds !

- Excuse me.
- What now ?

- Lulu ?
- Alfred ?

- Would you
like to sit down?

Can I hit him on the head?
- If you like it.

- No, not on the head.
- Yes, sir.

There you go, sorry.

He hums.

- They have
these games ...

You said ?

- I don't know anymore,
I'm dazed.


... builders.

The left bank
of the Mekong will have to remain snobbish.

And Africa?

- Refurbished.
For a bowl of rice per day,

... the Asian workforce ...

... will climb all three pieces.

And we will reinvest on
avenue Matignon,

... like so many others.

Irène !

Attends !

I found your note.

- "I'm having lunch at mom's house."
Is that what upsets you?

- Oh, do you know
the intoxication of the peaks?

You drank ?

- Remember Lawrence Olivier.
- You've already told me.

- And that, you know: Ouh! Ooh!
- What is that ?

- The cry of the cormorant in the evening
above the junks.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
- But stop.


- But we're looking at you.
- Error, we think we're looking ...

... an ordinary man.
- Well, mom is expecting me.

- No,
mom is coming with us.

- Where does she come from?
- In Istanbul, in Tahiti,

... in Saint-Louis!

- You don't want to lie down
with a hot water bottle?

- We will slide with your mother
on the Bosphorus.

La, la, la, la ...

She in a hat,
and you, naked.

- We'll see that at home.
- Oh no, on the schooner ...

... that I will buy.

Finally, I might even
consider a three-master.

I have sorrel, since I won.
- What did you win?

- My bet!
- Mandible arrived?

- No, I won
my bet with life.

alone against all!

Alfred won,
he's totally drunk, Alfred!

Alfred! Alfred!

You know, that jacket is
worth a billion.

- You don't make me laugh anymore,
my darling, and neither does Mum.

Oh, your mother!

- You're not taking him anymore?
- Oh no, she's crazy, your mother.

Little old woman's voice:
Aaah ... Aaah ...

- When will you stop
being a child?

The infallible martingales,
the puncture-proof stock market pipe,

... the horse of the century
and now, the magic jacket.

You will have done everything to me.

I don't need
any lies, my darling.

I love you as you are.
- Yes, but...

- So,
more than a billion?

No more jacket?
- Ah.

No more jacket.

We will never talk about it again.

You are lucky.

- You're right,
I have one of these pots, me.

He whistles.

Taxi ! Taxi !

- Go with the flow.
- How far ?

- To the harbor.
- For how much ?

- Nothing,
you're a partner.

Here we go again !