Cry in the Woods (2004) - full transcript

Escaped mental patient, Erkki, is the prime suspect in the brutal murder of an old widow. Only Sara Rask, Erkki's therapist, believes Erkki to be innocent. While she cooperates with detective Karsten Skov to find her patient, Erkki is at the wrong place at the wrong time, being taken hostage by bank robber Morgan. But after completing the perfect getaway, Morgan gets more than he bargained for when Erkki refuses to be set free.


Let me see...

Not today again!

Come back!
Don't act up again!

-Try this, Aggie.
-I need some scissors.

What a gentleman!

Is this too much?

-For Norway's best Danish cop?
-I couldn't find any Danish flags.

-And my wife baked this.

You're having a going away party?
Good luck!

-I find it sad.
-We can sing for him.

Leaving his wife,
I can understand. But his son?

Shit happens.

Can't you talk with him, Stefan?

You're a dad, after all.

I'll get it.

J?rgen speaking. Yes, this is
the police. What was your name?

You should speak to detective Skov,
but this is his last day.

I can give you Stefan Gr?ndal.
He's taking over for Skov.


Sara Rask. Psychologist.
Mental patient escaped.

She's dead!
Haldis has been killed!

-She placed an order an hour ago.
-And Erkki was there.


Haldis, is the coffee on?

Hi, daddy!

-Are you a cop?

He dragged her with him
and ran that way.


He held a gun to her ear.
I was sure he would shoot.

Put out an APB on a red Fiesta
with a white rear door.

Get Aggie and Stefan...

No one is here. They're all
at the scene of the murder.

What murder?

-Did you find anything?
-She's dead.

A little late for first aid.
Can't we do anything, Stefan?

This case is mine on Monday.
I want to do everything by the book.

Read it yourself, if you're bored!

Yes, sir!
Look, it's all here:

"A police officer's primary
responsibility is to drink coffee..."

Should have brought his cake here.

Since you're quitting,
I may as well take charge now...

-It isn't Monday yet.
-But I'll be taking over...

-Have you been inside?

Something doesn't make sense.

Aggie, take pictures
and collect fingerprints.

Any news on
the escaped patient from Lingberg?

-Isn't Lingberg in that direction?

check for footprints up there.

Careful where you step.

It's me the investigators from
the National Bureau will hang...

Stefan Gr?ndal. Yes.

Ten minutes, same number.

Find the kid who found her. And
find out about that mental patient.

-I have to sketch the bank robber.
-Bank robber?

This just in:

The police are searching for a
red Fiesta after an armed robbery...

You can leave now.

I don't need you anymore.


Are you deaf?

Get out of here!

It's your choice.

Pronounced cheekbones,
narrow eyes. Possibly Sami.

The type that hangs out at
truckstops. Seemed unpredictable.

The armed robber got away with
approximately 500,000 kroner.

I'm a half-millionaire!
Damn, what an IQ!

How can I find an escapee
without helicopters or dogs?

Get to it!

We have set up roadblocks
there and there.

The day-care center called. You
forgot his bathing suit and towel!

-Stefan, how could you forget?

I'm not Stefan.
He's on the job.

I catch kids shoplifting
three ti mes a week.

-It's as if their parents were dead.
-Kannick's too?

They may as well be.
His father is never home.

That's always sad.

I didn't believe him
until he mentioned Erkki.

-There's something creepy about him.
-You believe it was Erkki?

I believe in God.

This isn't the first time.
He killed his own mother.

I knew him well.
Very well.

He pushed her down a staircase.
Was never convicted.

I have an article here somewhere.

Look at this.

Look at these eyes.
Could scare the hell out of anyone.

Not everything is in here.
All her blood had been drained.


Back it up slowly.


-Why isn't she resisting?
-Are they a couple?

-Nice way of treating her!
-That isn't a woman.

-Who are you?
-Sara Rask. Psychologist.

-I work at Lingberg.
-You're looking for me.


That's my Erkki.

-You said your Erkki.

-Sounds like more than a patient.
-I take responsibilty for him.

-And if you do anything to hurt...
-I can't worry about that.

He escaped from here,
was taken hostage here, -

- and a brutal murder
took place here.

You were right about that nut
from Lingberg. He was at the scene.

Thank you, Stefan. Write a report.
I'm a little busy right now.

Excuse me.

Do you mean that...

That Erkki has killed someone?

Absurd! Do you have any evidence,
or do you just need some "nut"?

A witness saw him
plant the hoe in her face.

Erkki isn't capable of that. Did
that hostage look violent to you?

Your Erkki may be a nut case
or schizophrenic or whatever.

My job is to find the perpetrator.
I don't care who he is.

Go babysit your other mongoloids,
and let me handle this.

Karsten, come look at the prints.

-Have you already found some?
-Yes and no.

CSI almost fired me.
Put that cigarette out.

The killer's fingerprints
are useless.

But Mrs. Horn's are perfectly clear.

Maybe he wiped his off.

Then her fingerprints
would be gone too. Strange, huh?

Maybe his fingertips
were damaged somehow.

-Some chew on their fingers.
-What do you mean?

If they don't get
their medication...

And the prints are only
at the end of the shaft.

-Everything OK at home?

-Everything OK?
-Sure. How about you?


Why the hell won't you speak?


Why won't you say anything?

Answer me!
Are you dumb?

Answer me,
or I'll blow away your vocal chords!

Answer me!

How does it feel
to move back to Denmark?

I don't know.

I can understand you.

If I had severed all ties
and moved to some foreign country...

And invested everything
in a woman who runs off with some...

Are you finished?

I was just thinking about Arvid,
compared to my own son.

Answer me!
Answer me!

What the hell is wrong with you?

After that incident,
he moved to his aunt in the States.

There he hung out
with some sort of magician.

Seven years later
he returned home. Alone.

What happened to his father?

He probably stuck his head
in the sand and ran, too.

Take it easy.
Stop it!

Shut up, dammit!

Shut up, or I'll blow your head off!

Stop it!

We'll visit the bank first,
then Sara Rask.

I'll take care of her.

You're married, Stefan. You don't
screw around on the side, do you?

Screw around on the side...

It was gross. But I can't
talk about it. It's top-secret.

Think the police cares
what a loser like you says?

-Are you Kannick?

I have something top-secret
to discuss with you.

Get out!

Out, you fucking idiot!


Don't turn around, you hear me?

Wait, dammit!

She's gone a lot, but I always
get candy when she comes home.

-Come in.
-Thank you.

-Anything to drink? A beer?
-No thanks.

Aren't you
going to ask any questions?

So you're an archer?

Isn't it hard to hit
that tiny target?

You have to practice. And use small
tricks to keep your concentration.

Know what my trick is on the range?

I have to take my watch off.
Like this.

Or else I miss.
Once I hit the target next to mine.

-Do you have many guns?
-Just my service weapon.

Dad always hits the bull's-eye.

Now I want you to tell me exactly
what you saw at Haldis' house.

Erkki was there.

Did you see what he did?


You're my only witness.

I know it's hard,
but we have to talk about it.


That can happen to anyone, Kannick.
When I was a kid...


I just want to catch the man
who did that horrible thing.

But enough about that. Let's
get you out of these wet pants.

Why do you talk so funny?

-Because I'm Danish.
-Do all Danes talk funny?

-Where are your other pants?
-Over there.

-Are you feeling better now?
-A little.

I've been unable
to reach his mother.

This will only
take a second, Karsten.

Hello? We need someone to
keep him company. What do you think?

He's alone, afraid,
and Erkki is at large.


I said stop!

Next time it won't be a pine cone!

Time for a break.

The police have a sketch
of the bank robber...

That can't be true.
They're bluffing. I wore a mask!

...Haldis Horn
was brutally murdered with a hoe...

That's pure evil.

Mom, I'm working late.
Can't you eat alone?

Okra? I hate okra!
Can't you make... Excuse me?

Anyway, I'm working late.
You eat alone...

Your door was open.

So you have come to me?

This is a spooky place.

What's so special about Erkki?

Want a more nuanced picture
of the nut case?

I just want to know who I'm chasing.

Let me tell you
about the first time we met.

He was punctual. I told him we had
50 minutes to talk about whatever.

He didn't answer me.
He just sat there.

I use silence as a method
to get to know people better.

With Erkki it was special.
Comforting. Relaxed.

I must have gotten lost
in my own thoughts.

Suddenly he got up to leave.
I told him to sit back down.

He just pointed at his left wrist.

He wasn't wearing a watch.
But exactly 50 minutes had passed.

What did you tell him?

I told him
he still had five minutes left.

That's when he spoke
his first word to me:


Is this one of your "methods"?

-Now you know everything about me?
-Want to talk about it?

Can I see his room now?

Do you do other kinds of therapy?

-Outside of this place?
-It depends...

This poor kid...
that witnessed the whole thing...

-He could use someone like you.

-He's not dangerous?
-He's no killer.

You need a special permit for that.
From the authorities.

-I didn't want this bunker for him.
-Were you glad he escaped?

Erkki does not tolerate
being touched.

But last week I felt
we had made such good progress...

I gave him a pat on the shoulder.
He was never the same again.

-How did he change?
-Not into a cold-blooded killer.

It was more his trust in me
that was damaged.

Maybe that's why I...
We all make mistakes.

I was forced to reflect on
the mistakes we make.

He really meant a lot to you.

Can I see the tape?

There was a power outage.
He must have taken advantage of it.

-Could he have gotten outside help?

-Find out more about the nut case?
-His name is Erkki Johrma.

Without you I would be lost.
You have a gold star in my book.

How did you do that with the dog?

I know: I'll ask a question,
and you have to answer.

Then you can ask me a question,
and I'll answer. OK?

-Why did you rob that bank?

-Why did you rob that bank?
-You can talk!

Mom has cancer throughout her body.

They gave up treating her.
You know, with staff cuts and all...

But with this money
I can get her into a private clinic.

And maybe
she'll live another six months.

Don't tell me you bought that?

You're just too much!

OK, that was mean of me.

Now it's my turn:
What the hell's the matter with you?

Fine, I'll ask something else.
But you'd better answer!

What were you doing in the bank?
You weren't even in line.

Air condition.

That answer doesn't count.
My turn again.

-Do you know this area?

Do you know a place
where we could camp tonight?

And not that it will happen...

But what would you say,
if you had to describe me?

If you had to identify me
to the police?

-My turn.
-You're right. Shoot.

What's your problem?

What kind of a question is that?
I don't have a problem.

I'll bet my truck you've escaped
from some institution.

How would a mush-head like you
describe me?

Sara would probably say
you were a neglected child.

You have a sense of humor.

My name is Morgan.
What do they call an idiot like you?

Anne Karin Solberg R?nning?
We hear you saw Erkki Johrma.

Maybe, maybe not.
Come inside for some coffee.

Let's have some coffee.

-I'm a psychologist. For Kannick.
-Do you have an ID?

-Do you have any candy?

That's nice.
Did you draw that?

That's where I practice for
the national championships.

-But I won't be competing.
-Why not?

-I've got the Golden Eye.
-Golden Eye?

I aim for the bull's-eye,
and this voice tells me I'll miss.

Then I get dizzy and miss.

-Can't you silence that voice?
-Only by training in the woods.

But I'm not allowed.
Not anymore.

This is exciting.
What's that?

-A secret fort.
-Secret fort? Wow!

It's good I'm bound to secrecy.

Is there a waterfall here?

That's my drinking place.

At Mrs. Horn's place?

Kannick, tell me
what you really saw up there.

Did you see Erkki?

Where did you see him?
In her house? In her yard?

-What are you doing in my house?
-Sara Rask.

-I'm a psychologist.
-I didn't call for you.

I've been speaking with your son.

-My God, you don't know...
-Know what?

-I'm gone one day, and...
-I need to see some ID.

Stop. Wait.
It may be an ambush.

Do exactly as I say,
do you hear me?

We're going for a swim later.
You stink like a mass grave.

Sit down!

-We'll wait here until dark.
-Summer nights don't get dark.

I know that.
You think I'm an idiot?


Damn, that's a lot of money!

Shit, what an IQ!

Your sessions must have
cost us taxpayers a fortune.

I'm OK with people asking for help,
but you can't have made any progress.

-Excuse me. Who are you?
-That's Karsten's psychologist.

-What are you doing here?

I thought maybe Karsten was here.

All Kannick, your only witness, saw,
was Erkki at the edge of the forest.

He's still a suspect.
Circumstantial evidence is enough.

-And we have more.
-Do you know if he was at the house?

-The investigation is ongoing...
-You've already convicted Erkki.

That's ridiculous!

You're Mrs. Horn.
Why aren't her prints up there?

Why are they only down here,
with the killer's?

Maybe she didn't resist.

She got a hoe
in the middle of her face.

You think he walked up and
asked her to close her eyes first?

-Maybe she was already dead.
-I know this doesn't clear Erkki.

But it proves
you don't have anything.

Maybe Erkki flew in
and performed some magic!

I don't know what happened,
but I am trying to find out.

I promise.

Excuse me.

I knew something was wrong.
There isn't enough blood.

-There's a lot.
-Look where it flowed.

Along the side.
Nothing in front.

As if she was already dead.

You mean she was dead
when she was hit with the hoe?

We found these footprints
in the forest, like you said.

But take my results
with a pinch of salt.

Don't be so Norwegian, Aggie.
You're the best.

First I thought
that was from Kannick's left shoe.

But we never found a matching right.
Haldis wore the same size.

-Is that the same size?
-Yes. But the angle is wrong.

And they're too far apart.
1 1/2 meters...or 1 meter...

J?rgen didn't measure?
And those?

-They could be the perp's.
-Like this one?

Sneakers. Was Erkki
wearing sneakers at the bank?

-Yes, he was.
-What is this?

It could be a stuck pebble.

I have to go. You know
how hysterical they get at day care.

-Rask speaking.
-It's Karsten. Is this a bad time?

-Not at all. I'm just working.
-I was thinking about your toad.

What did you see...

-What did Erkki do with it?
-Nothing. He never touched it.

-He didn't?
-No. He just said:

"Get rid of that disgusting
creature or I'll tear its head off."

-Does that clear him of suspicion?

Sara, I was just thinking.
All my things are packed...

I'm eating at the hotel
around 9 p.m.

-Maybe we could eat together?
-We're waiting for you.

-Just a minute.


Did you say 9 o'clock?

The sheriff's home now. We're safe.
He can't afford overtime.

-Come on. Let's go for a dip.
-You go ahead.

You aren't getting out of this.
You're going in first.

A quick dip, then out again.

It clears the mind.
At least for some of us.

Move, dammit!

Get those rags off, do you hear me?

Or else I'll make you swim
in your clothes.

You're going in!

Jump, or I'll throw you in!

Is that what you look like
when you're scared?

Get in.
You stink.

Get in, dammit!

Son of a bitch!
Help me! Damn!

Can't you see I'm bleeding?
Look what you did!

You sick bastard!

I'm going to get blood poisoning!
Son of a bitch!

I should blow you away!

Do you realize how dangerous
a human bite is?

The police are still searching for
the bank robber and Erkki Johrma.

-They were observed in a red Ford...
-Another glass?

Erkki Johrma has not been directly
tied to the murder of Haldis Horn.

It is still unclear what his
connection is to the bank robber...

-My nose is going to get infected.
-The whole world is infected.

Get me a mirror!

He who has a friend,
needs no mirror.


Johrma escaped from Lingberg
Psychiatric Clinic last night.

He has shoulder-length black hair
and was wearing dark clothes.

Erkki Johrma was observed
near the victim 's house...

It was you.
You're the one they're looking for!

Why did I have to run into you?

"Wer den Wolf f?rchtet,
soll nicht in den Wald gehen."

He who fears the wolf,
should not enter the forest.

I know what you'll do. You'll say
you can't remember a thing.

You'll say
the voices made you do it.

Sit down!

I have an idea.

I won't rat you out
if you don't rat me out.

And we'll split the loot.

There's enough for both of us.

Or else you can
come with me to Sweden.

From there we'll
take a boat to Haiti, or something.

What would you say to that?

Wouldn't that be fantastic?

I could start a bowling club
for Haitians.

And you could...

You could teach them about...
dogs and mirrors and stuff.

-Close that door!
-You threw it in the water!

-Close it.
-Fine. Whatever.

Hello? Karsten?

What are you saying?
Where are you?


Karsten, what's going on?

"Good morning, Karsten.
Here is that postcard you found. "

This is the police.
Does Kristoffer Skarin work there?

-Yes, he is here.
-Thank you.

It's too dangerous for us here.

You can stay here and rot,
I'm getting the hell out of here.

Go ahead, shoot, you crazy fuck!

If you don't do it,
one of those assholes will.

There you go again.
How can you stand it?

Knock it off, dammit.
You're just seeing things.

Close that door!

Is little Erkki afraid of
the big, dark basement?

Don't worry,
I won't tell your mommy.

-Mommy's dead.
-You probably killed her too.

Please close that door.


You know that those people
in your head don't exist?

I hear voices sometimes too.
Imaginary voices.

But I don't necessarily
do what they say.

Unless they tell me to rob a bank.
Although that was my idea.

Can you see them?

Do they have fangs and scales,
or are they sweet and nice?

Or are they just fucking with you?
If so, don't let them!

Maybe I should
have a word with them.

Stop bugging Erkki!

Or are there more of them?

Two against one?
Those cowards!

One of you has to go,
so Erkki can settle this man to man!

The coat
is just shaking in a corner.

-The coat?

He turned around. Air currents
when she fell down the stairs.

Who are you talking about?
Who fell down the stairs?

I pushed her.

Why? And don't tell me it was
because she took your teddy bear.

-We don't have time for coffee...
-Maybe a quick cup.

-When did you see Erkki Johrma?
-The mass murderer? I didn't.

According to my notes, you saw him.

You were looking for a red one,
but look at this.

Have a drink.
It hurts to pick at old wounds.

I was supposed to take a bath.

Mommy was a seamstress.
Bridal gowns.

Turn off your bath water
so it doesn't overflow.



She broke her neck?

All her blood drained out.

What the hell are you saying?

Unstitching an old gown...

A beautiful old bridal gown.

She always held the razor blade
in her mouth.

She ran down the stairs
with a razor blade in her mouth?

How stupid can you get?
It wasn't your fault she did that.

You were confused. But now you
have me, the best pal in the world!

And you and me and this...

We're escaping from this potato
country as soon as it gets dark.

Kristoffer Skarin?

Is this what you're looking for?

Put out an APB
on Kristoffer Skarin...

I can't run your errands, Karsten.
We found the getaway car.

-Does anyone else know?
-The dogs are on their way.

-Wait till I get there!

-Don't tell anyone.
-I'm calling the Bureau.


Let's get moving!

-Do we want helicopters?

-And you report only to me.
-Of course.

Who told you to mobilize?

-I don't think it was Erkki.
-Do you even work here anymore?

-He has no motive.
-He doesn't need one.

We're barking up the wrong tree.

Erkki's the one.
You just want to screw his shrink.

This is our man. This was sent
two days before the murder!

Read it!

"Hi, Haldis. Happy birthday.
I'm coming to visit on Friday."

-"Hope there's some cake left."
-Kristoffer Skarin.

-The sole heir to the farm.
-It wasn't him.

-Why not?
-He's upstairs. We've talked to him.

If you want to question him again
in your spare time, feel free!

Karsten! He turned himself in
ten minutes ago.

Karsten! He turned himself in
ten minutes ago.

That doesn't make him innocent!

As I told your colleague,
I just wanted to visit her.

Then Ching got sick
and I had to work.

He has some sort of lung disease.
He smokes constantly.

Get to the point!

When I heard about the murder, I
got shaky. Figured I'd be a suspect.

Because of the postcard.
I am the sole heir, after all.

Why didn't you tell us sooner?

I don't know.
I must have blacked out.

-What about your fingers?
-A workplace accident.

I was peeling potatoes
and leaned right onto the...

-Why is he checked out?
-He has an alibi.

We have had our eye on Kristoffer
for a long time.

-Also on the day of the murder.
-I didn't know about that.

Then it wouldn't have been
necessary with your head... Sorry.

-Take those off.
-These are my own shoes.

-Take them off!
-I bought them for my own money.

Your socks are different colors.

I don't have a washing machine
at the moment.

Aggie, come.

These two belong together.
He wore two different shoes.

-92 centimeters apart.
-Everything points at Erkki!

And if it's true that you and Sara
are seeing each other...

Maybe you should
turn the case over to Stefan and us.

Do whatever you want.

What made them think
that you killed that lady?

They must have more
than the fact that you escaped.

-There was a boy there.
-What are you saying?

-Were you there...
-A fat kid.

And he saw you?

You know what you are?
A fucking mystery.

But I don't think you did it.


-What's going on?
-The Bureau has taken over.

-So you're leaving?
-Yesterday was my last day.

If they don't want my help...

The least bit of resistance,
and you run?

You don't care about this case
or the truth!

Not to mention Arvid!

-Isn't that your son's name?
-Leave him out of this!

-You spoke his name in your sleep.
-The breakup wasn't my fault.

Why punish the child?
You owe it to him to work it out.

-Kannick has disappeared!

You have to come right away!

-He must be on his way there.
-Is that map even real?

This way.

Why didn't you tell me?
They're going to execute Erkki!

Can you guarantee that Erkki
is innocent and won't hurt the boy?

But I trust him.

-You can heal wounds with willpower.

-You can heal wounds with willpower.

-That's why you're sick.

I'm not sick.
Let's see you do it.

-Some things you must do yourself.
-I figured as much.

I saw a guy on TV who could
break glass with mind power.

Probably just a trick,
but damn I was impressed!

Breaking glass is easy. You just
use the inner tension of the glass.

-You could tour with that show!
-Just mobilize your energy.

-Man has done it for millennia.

Like that guy in New York.

Through willpower he could
tighten his skin till it tore.

You're funny!
Break some glass for me.

Just don't break my Stoli bottle.

Break that.
Go ahead.

Break it.

Come on.

How the hell did you do that?
Do it again!

-Something is wrong.
-Bullshit! Teach me that!

Find some beef at the butcher's?

You're bleeding like hell!

Now I get it.

You were the cops' little witness.

This isn't good.
What the hell do we do with him?


That's daddy's!


It's getting dark out.

Robbing a bank
is like buying a Kinderegg.

Some get one toy, but I
always get a bunch of loose parts.

Want some chocolate?

Give me that!

Shit, that was good!

You have any cold beer?

So you witnessed a murder?

I just saw him.
Then I ran.


-Then why tattle to the cops?
-I just answered their questions.

Of course you tattled.

Did you know the old lady?

I don't think Erkki did it.

But he would probably say he did.

Can I go now?

You and I can go back to my place.
I have chocolate and cold beer.

You mean leave Erkki behind?

Don't you get it? Erkki is with me.
He is my responsibility!

Erkki, what should we do with fatso?

Never mind.

Dammit, wake up, Erkki!

You can't just leave.
You and I are going on a trip.

What happened?

It was just an arrow.

A fucking arrow.


Take it easy, Kannick.

-No reason to be afraid.
-Take it easy, Kannick.

Fire a warning shot!





Earth to earth.

Ashes to ashes.

Dust to dust.


You two must have had
a special relationship.

Has Erkki talked about me?



He called you his "little angel."

That you were always with him,
no matter where he was.

I just wanted to say...that Erkki...

He was worth a lot more than that.

If it's any consolation,
I still believe he was innocent.

-Back on your feet, I see.

-Thanks for saving Kannick's life.
-I just did my job.

You had quit the day before.
What you did was different.

That was an eye-opener for me.
Kannick means everything to me.

Tickets to the archery competition.
Are you leaving today?

-I'll be there.

There's Kannick!

You use gloves?

otherwise you hurt your fingertips.

Usually you only have one
on your string hand.

But I use them on both.
That's my "thing."

They're special.
They only have three fingers.

You have new shoes too, don't you?

-Why new gloves?
-I threw away the old ones.

Where did you
throw them away, Kannick?

The same place
where you threw away your shoes?

Your "thing" is different shoes
on each foot, isn't it?

-Here you are.
-You lied. You said you saw Erkki!

-I did! I saw him!
-No. Erkki saw you.

Erkki can't reveal the truth now.
Who would believe him anyway?

He saw you shoot at Haldis' door.
Like you always do.

What are you talking about?

Imagine what it feels like
to get shot in the face.

Have you forgotten
your Golden Eye?

I don't have a Golden Eye.
I never miss!

Those voices in your head
that tell you you'll miss...

-I can hear them too.
-No more!

-This won't be easy for her.
-Not for him either.

Poor boy.


all this talk about Denmark...

Are you really leaving?

I have a little boy to take care of.

Didn't you see that in your toad?

Subtitles: Nick Norris