Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann (1991) - full transcript

Cry In The Wind is a true story of a young woman's abuction by a deranged loner that led to the largest manhunt in the history of Pennsylvania, USA. A mountain man kidnaps the 17 year old, his chilling plan to get himself a woman - and keep her forever. Thus begins the ordeal.

- Did not!

- Did too!

- Did not!

- Did too!

- Did not!

That tickles!

- Hey, sit down.

If Frank has to stop some of you guys

are gonna get hurt.

- Peggy, there's mama
on Mrs. Johnson's porch!

- Mom!

Mom, mom, mom!

Hey mom!

Mom, hey mom!

- There's nothing wrong with cleaning

other peoples houses.

- There may be nothing wrong with it

but they ain't nothing
to be proud of either.

- We may not have much, but a lot of folks

is worse off than us.

- Bicycle Pete!

Bicycle Pete!

Bicycle Pete!

Bicycle Pete!

Bicycle Pete!

Careful, go sit down.

- Did not!

- Did too!

- Sometimes I wish
I would of finished school.

- Yeah well, wishing and a million dollars

will make you a millionaire too.

- Fat chance I got of that.

He's fussy, I gotta get
home and fix supper.

- Make sure you got everything.

- Don't move!

- I'm telling you
it's the damn mountain man

going around shooting at people again!

I catch him I'll kill him.

- Just hold on, we don't even

know what we're looking for yet!

- Damn it the dogs lost him!

- Alright, everybody
just stay off the road!

Just stay back there!

- Mitulski.

State police investigator Tom Ruegg.

- I'm afraid there's
not much to go on Tom.

Except a car up there
at the end of the lane

at the house all shot to hell.

He's lucky his wife and
baby weren't killed.

- You guys ain't any
closer to catching him

than you were a year ago, are you?

- Careful.

Hey, Devon Marie, Donna Warren,

don't you go off in
those woods and get lost!

- Mary-Louise go inside and
help mama with the folding.

Are you listening to me?

What on earth are you staring at?

- There's somebody up there
in the woods watching us.

Do you think it's the mountain man?

- It is not the mountain man.

It's just somebody hunting.

People are always up there hunting.

When daddy gets back,

I'm thinking about asking him again.

Teaching me how to drive.

Yeah he'll probably just say,

"There isn't enough money for
gas to teach your brother,

"besides what's a girl need to know how

"to drive for anyhow?"

That's what he said last time.

See, told you.

- Hi Peggy.

- What is Daryl Koontz
doing hunting our woods?

- Maybe he's come to see you.

- What for, I've never even
so much as talked to him.

Mama, Mrs. Johnson's here.

- You'll have to finish
hanging out the wash Peggy.

And if I'm late start supper.

- Don't worry mama I will.

Get out of the road you two!

- Jess.

I'm going out and check on the shed.

There's a storm coming.


What the hell do you think you're doing?!


Jessie help me Jessie!

- Peggy, do you think
somebody had a car wreck?

- No, probably just
somebody having a baby.

Go back to sleep.

- Okay.

- Stop it.

Shhh, stop it!


- Who is it Peggy?

- I don't know, I'll check it out.

- Nelly.


- If you know what's good
for you, you stay quiet.


- Shut up right now, what are you doing?

Where's your mom?

- The sirens woke us up.

- Yeah a couple of state police cars

drove by me doing about 100.

Must of been something important.

- Ma got a job at the food plant.


I'm sorry about your job.

- Yeah well they had me working for some

mouthy little twerp.

Always telling me I wasn't doing something

this way or that.

'Til I finally told
him what to do with it.

- And got fired again.

- You don't have to tell your ma that.

- Glad you're back anyhow.

- Yeah.

Me too.

Get to bed.

- Is this the trail where the dogs

lost the scent from
Ned and Jessie's house?

- Yeah.

Could be because of the rain.

But more than likely,
he parked his car here.

- Doesn't even look like a logging truck's

been down this road in 20 years.

- You think Ned's ever gonna walk again?

- If they could fit him
with an artificial leg.

- Was he able to give you
any kind of description?

Damn it, this maniac shot at five people.

He's hit two of 'em and our witnesses

can't even agree on what he looks like.

- Could be anybody.

Hell the turnpikes only
30 miles from here.

This sicko could be coming from any place.

- Wait, wait, is that a track?

- No that's too small for a car track.

I think we got some
kind of peeping Tom here

except he likes to hurt people.

And unless we stop him,
he'll keep coming back.

Every attack will get worse.

- Come on Peggy get a move on.

- I'm sorry I was late Mr. Prue.

- He got a black eye.

- Hey lemme see.

- He had it coming.

- Well it looks like
you're the one that got it.

Who had it coming?

- Ben Wilder.

He said we were the only people

in Shade Gap that still had an outhouse.

You could smell it clear to Orbisonia.

- Well I don't know if
you can smell it that far.

Maybe Neelyton.

But I don't think it's something

I'd wanna get in a fight over.

- Peggy, the prom,

do you wanna go?

I mean with me?

- I, my parents would never allow it.

- What do ya think
daddy's making for supper?

- Chicken probably.

- Yuck, I keep
hoping we'll run out of it.

- If you tell him I was fighting

he's gonna whip me.

- I don't have to.

All he's gotta do is look at you.

- Are we gonna run out
of chickens to eat Peggy?

- No, not gonna run out.

And you can stop telling
her things like that.

- See!

- When I
grow up I'm gonna be rich.

- This is the best
house we've ever lived in.

And we've never gone hungry.

- No thanks to him.

- James I know daddy's hard sometimes,

but he's always loved us,

he's always done the best he could.

- I'm gonna take her with me.

Any of you sons of bitches
give me any trouble

I'll kill you all.

What, what, you wanna die?!

You wanna die!?

- Come on, come on!

- You know better than to slam that door!

- He took her!

He took her!

- What are you talking about boy?

- Peggy!

He took Peggy down the road!

- Who took Peggy?

- He came out of the
woods with his shotgun

and he he just took her!

- Daddy, daddy, he
took Peggy off into the woods!

- Get in the house all of y'all!

You too James!







- One peep that's all, just
one little sound and you die.

- Peggy!


- I've been planning this a long time.

Don't think I just did it.

I had two of them.

I must of dropped one of
'em when we was running.

Probably back at the creek somewhere.

Don't you move, don't
you move I'm gonna shoot!

I'm gonna shoot you!

I'll shoot you!

I made these so I'd be better looking.

Your legs, look at 'em.

Look at 'em!

Cut up when we was
running through the brush.

Damn you!

I'm just trying to help!

- Look I don't know you,

I've never seen you before.

If you just let me go...

- Shut up!

Move move!


They got a helicopter.

- No please.

- I got this plan, real careful.

Why do you think I have
on two pairs of pants?

- Figured you'd need a tracking dog.

It'll be a while before
he gets here though.

- What are you talking about?

We gotta go after him
now before it gets dark.

- State police investigator Tom Ruegg,

you read me on the helicopter?

- Roger roger, I haven't seen much.

Brush is so thick I can't
see the ground half the time.

Another half hour won't be
able to see anything at all.

Don't have a search light.

- Look, I tracked him
all the way to the creek.

You're just gonna stand
here like a damn fool?!

- Who the hell are you?

- He's Eugene Bradnick, the girls father.

- I'm sorry Mr. Bradnick, I didn't know.

Things are a little confused right now.

Is there anybody still left at your house?

- Just my kids.

My wife's at work in town.

- Go pick up his wife and
take them home and stay there.

I want the whole family kept inside

under protective custody.

- Yes sir.

- Don't you understand,
that's my daughter he took.

Hey, I'm talking to you mister!

- Mr. Bradnick.

- Hey listen to me!

- Mr. Bradnick, let's
take care of your family.

Let's just go in here and talk to them.

- You Rueggs?

Mitarnowski, Harrisburg HQ.

- I wanna get a search
party started right away.

- Okay.

- Lieutenant I've been after
this maniac for two years.

We don't catch him quick
this girls in real trouble.

- Alright well, get after him.

Bye the way, expect
a resident FBI agent

anytime and a dozen agents from
Philadelphia in the morning.

- I can use all of you
men in a search party!

Round up over here please!

- Dressed up in my clothes like that,

them cops will shoot you

as quick as they will me.

You know who I am?

Don't ya?

You never seen me in Murphy's store?

I've seen you in there a bunch of times.

Mostly with your daddy.

Going home in the school bus

you never seen anybody riding a bicycle

with a bunch of dogs?

- Bicycle Pete?

- Is that what people call me?

Bicycle Pete.

- No.

- No?!

- No.

- Yeah they do don't they?

My name's really Bill.

Not that anybody ever gave a damn.

- You're not gonna let me go now are you?

- You're mine.

- But why me?

- 'Cause.

'cause I love you.

- No.

That's not true.

People who love people
don't treat them like this.

- Are you trying to say
I don't know what to do?

- No.

- You think I'm one ugly
son of a bitch don't you?

- No.

- Don't you lie to me.

Don't you lie to me.

I'm the ugliest son of
a bitch you ever saw.

But that don't matter.

You'll get used to me.

You're gonna like it too.

They got a dog on us.

- It'll find us.

Won't it?

- It'll be a cold day in hell when

I'm spotted by a bunch of dumb cops

and a dog.

That's alright, I wasn't
gonna let you go anyhow.

I'm gonna keep you forever.

Come on move.


- Damn it he's circling back down.

I'll tell you one thing.

This kidnapper is no dummy.

Right here he double
backed on his own trail

which we just trampled all over

on the way up here!

What the hell is that?

- Officer Ruegg.

- Who are you?

- Terry Anderson.

SRA FBI Harrisburg.

- What are you doing here?

- A couple of your troopers brought us up.

- Swell outfit for the hunt.

- Yeah.

I heard your dogs.

They doubled back on you didn't they?

Any chance of picking
up a trail down below?

- Maybe at daybreak, not in the dark.

- Well it's probably just as well.

We'll have a lot more manpower then.

We got at least 12 agents
coming in from Harrisburg.

- Swell.

That's it boys, let's get out of here.

- Pack it in.

- Daddy.

- Shh.

- Daddy is mom gonna be alright?

- Yeah the doc gave mama
something to make her sleep.

She'll be alright.

- And Peggy?

- Sure glad they let us out of high school

so we could come look.

- You know Peggy Bradnick
from high school?

- Kinda, I ride the school
bus with her every day.

- What's she like?

- Real pretty.

But I don't think she's
ever been out on a date.

I guess her folks is kinda old fashion.

We're gonna find her though.

I mean she's gonna be alright.

- Everything's gonna be fine son.

- State police
have refused comment.

It appears that the search for kidnapper

is now centered on the
roads east of Neelyton.

- Those damn fool cops.

They're still looking

where we double backed down our old trail.


Here's where we are.

I watch you for a long
time up in your woods.

Even watch you through
your bedroom window once.

- You really

planned all this out?

- You seen the map.

- Why, why did you take me?

- I was supposed to

feed and water some horses in your house.

Guess I just decided

getting a woman was a lot more important.

Don't worry, I love you.

- Have any luck there?

- Can you give
us something to go on?

- I have no news for you but when I do

you will be the first to know!

- Well Ruegg, where the hell were you?

You know, if we coordinated our efforts

we might not be in each
others way all the time.

- Well you coordinate with Mr. Hoover

and I'll coordinate with
the state of Pennsylvania.

- Let me ask you.

Have you got something
against me personally

or is it just the bureau in general?

We do know what we're doing.

- Yeah, that's probably why three carloads

full of FBI agents stopped me today

to ask me how to get back to Shade Gap.

- Boy.


- Most of you will be teaming up with

a state trooper who has
already been assigned an area.

Gentlemen, Terry Anderson, SRA Harrisburg.

He was first on the scene.

- Gentlemen.

- Anything?

- No sir.

We searched several small
caves in this quadrant.

Probably dozens more in the area.

Not to mention all the
old overgrown logging

roads not even on the map.

- Nothing.

Alright, well we start with the basics.

We visit every house,
talk to every resident

within this 40 square mile area.

I wanna know who lives where

and who if anybody is missing.

I think by now anyway we have to assume

the girl may be dead.

So, let's be careful.

The person you're interviewing
could be your killer.

- Hey Jameson!

You ever seen anything like this before?

- What is it?

- Some searchers found
it down the other side

of Hunters Ridge down near the creek.

- Might as well hang onto it just in case.

- Excuse me sir.

Has anyone been up to talk to the family?

I mean without asking questions?

- Not a bad idea.

I think the parents
should know the bureau's

doing everything we can.

- As well as the state police.

Rueggs, you go with him.

- Yes sir.

- Now you can stop.

Pretty damn smart

I got places like this hid all over.

We can keep going for weeks if we have to.

Got it all planned out.


- I can't eat cold canned peas.

- Go hungry then for all I care.

The way I got it figured,

a couple more days they won't know

where the hell we are.

And then we'll go up to Mifflintown.

- Why Mifflintown?

- I got family there.

Not that they ever so much as

gave me the time of day before.


Move on back against that tree.

I said move!

If I was to fall asleep the first thing

you do is try to run off.

- No, no I wouldn't, honest.

- Put out your hands.

I did all this because I love you.

- Dear God, please keep Peggy safe

and don't let anything bad happen to her.

She's been a real good sister

and we miss her a lot.

- Look, I spent 20 years
in these mountains,

I know these people.

You let me handle this okay.

- What do you plan to tell them?

- The truth.

That we've been after
this maniac for two years

and we don't have the
slightest idea who he is.

- Which means that he's not about to leave

the one person alive who
can identify him right?

- You and I both know
it's the cold hard truth.

- Maybe.

Do you have kids?

- Yeah.

- Me too.

In fact my oldest girl

is only two years older
than Peggy Bradnick.

If this were all to happen to her

I don't think I'd,

I don't think that's what
I'd wanna hear right now.

That's all.

- Your folks home son?

- Dad!

- Go stay with your ma James.

- This is FBI agent Terry Anderson.

- How ya doing?

- I expect you remember me from...

- I got nothing to say to you.

- Mr. Bradnick, the reason we're here

is to let you know that

we have every reason to believe
that Peggy's still alive.

- Why the hell can't I be
out there looking for her

then instead of being held prisoner

in my own house

- You know Mr. Bradnick,

if it were my daughter,

boy I'd feel the same way.

That's why I want to let you know

that the FBI and the state police

are doing everything humanly possible.

- It's not that we're not
grateful it's just that,

well, Peggy's out there right now



- How we gonna get to Mifflintown?

- Down there.

One of those cars.

Got it all planned out.

We're gonna hide in the woods

for a few days and then,

we'll go off on the highway

and we'll wave

til somebody stops.

And then I'll kill 'em

and we'll take their car.

You can drive a car can't you?

Damn you.

Answer me!

- Of course I can drive.

I'm really good too.

- You couldn't I'd shoot you.

And I'll take someone else.

Everything's gonna be alright as

soon as we get to Mifflintown.

We'll be,

we'll be safe then.

Go ahead, try.

Say you even get away,

where you gonna hide from me?

Don't even think about running.

Before you got 10 feet,

you'll be dead.

- Hello!

Anybody home!

Anybody home!

- Nothing.

You know,

I was reading some of
your reports last night.

Yeah the Price shooting
and a couple others.

Why don't you think the
attacker got away on car?

- I know the dogs lost the trail

when they came to the nearest road

and I could never find any tire tracks

even when the ground was wet.

- So how did he get away without

leaving a trail the dogs could follow?

- Well if I knew that we wouldn't be here.

I'd of caught him by now.

- Now what you trying to pull?

- Ouch.

- Stupid bitch.

Now look what you've done.

You stay here.

Seeing as we're gonna be

spending the rest of our life together,

you probably wanna know if I

kidnapped somebody before.

- Did you?

- Nope.

I got locked up when I was 17.

That put me away close
to the next 20 years.


Go on!

It's all I got.

Wrap your feet.

I don't need 'em anyway.

Seem like

before my life even got started

it was over.

Nobody ever gave a damn.


- That can't be true.

Somebody must of cared.

What about your mother?

- I had this dog once.

She had a litter of pups.

Except she wouldn't feed 'em or lick 'em.

Or anything.

She just let them lay there and die.

Son of a bitches ought to be shot.

So they don't ever have no family.

- Hey.

We ought to move.

In case the helicopter comes back.

- Listen.


- No Carol Jean it's just the wind.

- No, no!

It was Peggy

and she was calling for help.

- Carol Jean come to bed.

- No.

Peggy, it was Peggy.

I want Peggy!
- It's okay.

- I want Peggy.

I want Peggy.

- What is going on in here?

- Carol Jean's hearing things is all.

- I want Peggy!

- Come here, it's alright.

- I want Peggy I want Peggy!

- I know hun.

I know you do.

- I want Peggy.

- Hi, did I wake you?

Sorry to call so late.

Just wanna make sure everything's

alright on the home front.

No, nothing yet.

But there's always tomorrow right?

Yeah I love you too.

Hey kiss the kids for me

Yeah goodnight.

- How many?

- Kids?


Two boys, two girls.

How 'bout you?

- Just two.

- Well.

- You federal boys probably have a

lot more time off than we do.

- Check that cabin on 522 again

on your way back in?

- Yes sir, still padlocked,
dogs inside, nobody home.

- Neighbor told us the man who owns it,

his name Hollenbaugh.

Says he goes off probably hunting for

two or three days at a time.

- You two look like you can call it a day.

- Damn it all to hell!

Tomorrows headline.

We question a couple of people and some

damn reporter has us arresting a suspect.

- Any idea how the press got a

hold of this information?

- One of my badges with a
big mouth more than likely.

Damn reporters!

I mean don't they know
the kidnapper can read?

And god help us if he's got a radio!

- I don't ever
have to tell anyone.

So I wasn't the one you wanted anyway.

If you wanted somebody
else why don't you get them

and let me go?!

Whatever happened to your dogs?

- We gotta figure out a way
to get back to my house.

My dogs haven't had anything
to eat in four days.

- You didn't get somebody to feed them?

- It's the one thing I forgot.

- Afternoon ma'am.

Can we ask you a few questions?

- It'll take a minute.

Anyone live here besides yourself?

- My husband.

But he's out helping looking
for that Bradnick girl.

Awful thing.

We we're up in Clearfield
seeing our new grandson

when we heard about it on the radio.

- How long were you gone?

- Since last Tuesday.

- Anyone else that you know been away

for the last couple days?

- No.

Except yesterday when we came back

we went by to check on some horses

we have pastured over near Neelyton,

water trough was dry and,

never had been any feed put out at all.

- You paid somebody to
water and feed your horses?

- He was supposed
to start last Wednesday.

- Who?

- Bill, Bill Hollenbaugh.

He lives in a little shack

right next to highway 522.

- Thank you ma'am.

- Thanks.

We have got a suspect.

William Diller Hollenbaugh.

At 18 sentenced five to
10 years state prison.

Escaped, captured, returned.

Six years later committed
to state hospital

for criminally insane where he spent

the next 13 years.

- Damn it sure would fit.

- We've got a tracker coming in tomorrow.

Some kind of super dog.

Says they can track anything.

- In the rain?

- We'll find out tomorrow,

that's when he comes in.

- What do we tell the press?

- As far as the press is concerned,

we do not have a suspect.

If by some miracle the girl is still

alive and this Hollenbaugh finds out

he's the one we're after...

Well, let's go.

- Move.

Hey hey hey!

It's okay.

It's okay I'm here.

No no no it's alright it's alright.

I'm here baby I'm here.

I'm okay.

Okay, it's alright I'm coming I'm coming.

Okay okay!

Okay I'm coming!

How are you

Hey come out here come out here.

How's my little baby, how are ya?

How are you

Gimme a kiss, gimme go on.

They're mad at me.

They're mad.

They're something though ain't they?

Ain't they something?

She's smartest damn dogs you'll ever see.

That's it, that's it.

Come out here, come out
here, come get this.

Come and get this.

There you go, there you go.

Come over here, come over here.

Let's go!

Go on, go on get back!

Go on, get up there!

Go on baby go on.

Now go on baby.

Go on, now you get back there.


Go on!

Damn it, you gotta do what I say!

You do what I say!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Baby you don't go I'm gonna shoot you.

Stupid dog now stay!

- Come on down.

Drove straight through
from Arkansas, Tom McGinn.

- Terry Anderson.

- Anderson.

- Tom Ruegg.

- Ruegg.

Who, Veed King.

- So these are the super dogs?

- Best in the world.

In fact Veed here speaks only German.

Now I wouldn't do that.

They also attack.

Are those the girls clothes?

- Yeah.

- Ya ya ya ya ya ya.

Get 'em boys, get 'em up, get 'em up.

Okay gents where to?

- That shack over there.

- Come on boy.

- I'm not used to
handling dogs in the war.

Only two or three I ever met that

could handle the scent for two
or three days without rain.

Hold it, hold it hold it.

Those dogs should be raising hell by now.

Cover me.

It's all clear.

The dogs are gone.

Hollenbaugh came back,

let the dogs out,

locked it back up again.

- The kidnapped girl was here too.

I'm telling you if my
dogs say Peggy Bradnick

was alive she's alive.

And you ought to be out there tracking

her right now.

- Watcha gonna do?

- You just do what I say.

- It's fresh.

Too big to be Peggy's.

Anderson to chopper one over.

- Chopper one over.

- Trail is hot.

Trail is hot you may proceed.

- Roger.

- We can't do this.

- You better learn something quick.

There's only one way to survive.

We rob whoever we have to

and we kill anybody, anybody
that gets in our way.

Hey hold it, hold it.


Get over here with it!

- Now if we get caught,
I'll go to jail same as you.

- I'm not going back there.

I'm never going back there you hear me?

If the cops ever get close
I'm gonna shoot you first!

Do you understand me?!

I'm gonna shoot you first!

And don't think I won't.

I shot a lot of people.

- Who?

- A couple of women.

Shot another one when
she backs up too quick.

Of course I was the one
that shot that first fella.

- But why?

- Well it's because he
caught me watching his wife.

The other ones, well it was
just to scare 'em I guess.

There's no woman that's
ever gonna love me.

Not the way I look.

Would you look at...

I wanted one of these all my life.

No no, you brought me luck.

You brought me luck.

You hear that?

Let's clean up!

Let's go let's go!

- See anything over there?

- No nothing.

- Damn it.

Damn it.

He's working the creek.

Anderson to chopper one over.

- Chopper one over.

- It seems the super dogs
can't walk on the water.

- We lost them.

- Roger.

- After a long day of meetings,

the Chinese Ambassador to the UN's

said he would get back to the president

on the questions that were raised.

We will have more on the far east policy

later in our broadcast.

- They don't have news.

- Will you be quiet boy?

- And locally, an
area newspaper has identified

the prime suspect in the kidnapping

of Peggy Bradnick as William Hollenbaugh.

Hollenbaugh was last seen.

He's also named bicycle
Pete or bicycle man.

Was said to have moved to the area...

- Damn you.

They know it's me.

- It's over now isn't it?

- Shut up!

It ain't over.

Go on go on, get get!

- It's been a long time since he shot

up that car with the woman and her baby.

- Yeah well we still haven't

found that SOB.

- At least now though we'll know...

- Hold it.

I swear I Heard something
behind that cabin.


It's okay, it's okay, that's a good dog.

Easy now easy now.

That's a good dog.


- You know what to do.

When did my dog stopped following us?

- I don't know.

He was with us last night.

- Well he's not now.


Come here baby.

Come on.

Baby you come here right now!

Damn it.

Damn it damn it damn it.

Damn it all to hell!


I knew we shouldn't of let him follow us.

We're in big trouble now.

- That's the dog.

Well let's go.

- Well shouldn't we wait for some back up?

- No, if that girl is still alive,

every minute we lose is critical.

- I agree.

- Mitulski you stay here.

Release the dogs, let's go.

- Okay.

Go, go, go.

- Stay!

Hea hea hea.

Hold it.

He's onto something.

- Run run run!

- Terry, Terry.

Anderson's down!

Get some help up here!

McGinn, get some help up here!

Come on Terry, Terry you're gonna make it.

You're gonna make it.

Terry, you're gonna make it.

Terry, you're gonna make
it, you're gonna make it.

Get some help!

- Mr. Bradnick.

Mr. Bradnick!

Mr. Bradnick?

- Mr. Bradnick we spotted Peggy alive.

- Come on in.

Did you hear that?

Peggy's alive.

Peggy's alive!

- Unfortunately the kidnapper got away.

And to the best of our knowledge anyway,

he still has Peggy captive.

There was a gun fight.

We don't think Peggy was hurt.

But Terry Anderson, one
hell of a good FBI agent

was killed trying to rescue her.

- Did he have a family?

- Yes ma'am.

Wife, four children.

- Dear god.

If you could get me
their address sometime,

I'd like to write and say how sorry...

- Move move.

I have to leave you behind.

You know what it means.

- That agent
has been identified as...

- Wait.

- Terry Anderson.

Senior resident agent of
the Harrisburg FBI office.

Anderson age 42 survived by.

- They'll kill us both now.

- Yup.

I showed that dumb cop didn't I?

- You didn't have to kill him.

- You keep your big mouth shut!

The chains.

Now look.

What'd you do with 'em?

What'd you do with 'em?

- No.

I don't know.

I lost it.

- You did it on purpose.

You did it on purpose.

- I didn't, I swear.

I swear I swear.

I swear.

- You better pay attention.

'Cause we're in this together now!

As soon as it's daylight,
we're going up in the highway.

I'm gonna kill anybody
that gets in our way!

And then you're gonna drive us down

to Mifflintown just like I said.

We're gonna shave your head.

No ones gonna recognize you ever again.

I never had a woman before.

I'm not gonna give one up now.

- I'm so sorry

I lost the chain and the padlock.

But you won't need it.

I'm never gonna

try and get away from you again.



- Keep the next car and
reach your headlights.

Keep your motor running
so your battery won't die.

Good hunting.

Keep the next car in reach.

Hi Daryl.

- Hello Mr. Ruegg.

- How ya doing?

- Well I've been coming out every day

but it's been seven days
now and you'd think...

- We'll find her don't worry about it.

Keep your motor running
so your battery don't die.

- Tiny town of Shade Gap

in response to a plea by state police

lieutenant Edward Mitarnowski.

The manhunt involving at least

2,000 volunteers and
law enforcement officers

is said to sweep south.

- Looks like we found something for you

to drive us to Mifflintown in.

- Alright puppy dog.

Come on now, make your daddy proud today.

- We've got apprehension
squads all down the highway.

We're gonna move in and
drive this monster out today.

- Just drive him out of my sights is all.

Good luck.

- Sure wouldn't mind putting my feet up

by a crackling fire right about now.

- Well I'll radio the captain and see

if he can arrange that for you.

- Don't run.

Idiot, I told you not to run.

- How bad have I been shot?

- Go up, go on go on.

- I've gotta get to a doctor!

- Just move, just move move move!

Come on, come on, come on!

- Maybe he ought to drive his own car.

They might recognize me.

- Look, I've been shot.

If I don't get to a doctor I might die.

- I don't give a damn
what you're gonna do.

After you drive us out of here.

- A whole night sleep in a real bed.

- Yeah, lucky son of a gun.

- Don't want cops seeing no damn girl.

- I don't think I can get
out and open the gate.

- You're gonna get out

and you're gonna open it.

And if you make one false move,

I'm gonna shoot you dead as hell.

- Hey, there's somebody in the backseat.

- I've been shot!

I've been shot!

- Damn it that's him!


Damn it, if he gets to that farmhouse

nothing will stop him before
he gets to the turnpike!

- I'm gonna try again on the radio.

- Alright I'm gonna follow him.

- Okay go!

- Run run!

- This is unit 12 to
control, unit 12 to control!

This is cover nine at
Rubicks farm, Rubicks farm!

We need backup!

- Roger unit 12.

- Come on, let's get the gun.

- Come on come on!

Come on!


What, you gonna shoot her?!

What are you gonna do?!

Are you gonna shoot her?!

- Peggy Ann, Peggy Ann.

It's over darling.

Peggy it's finished.

Peggy it's all finished now.

It's all right.

Come on with me.

Come with me now.

It's safe now, it's safe.

It's alright.

It's alright.

- Everything's gonna be alright now

and I want you to know that things

are gonna be different from now on

and any time you wanna
learn how to drive...

- I love you too dad.


- You don't have to do
this if you don't want to.

- Yeah I do have to do this.

But thank you Mr. Ruegg.

And you Mr. Jameson for
everything y'all did

to help find me.

- We just did our job.

- Mr. Anderson did a lot more than that.

Miss me?

You were scared?

- Smile?

Great, perfect.

- What was the first
thing you thought about

when you were rescued?

- Food.

- Did you ever think that you'd

get out of this alive?

- I always thought I would.

Never gave up hope.

- Ms. Bradnick,

what was the worst part of the kidnapping?

- The last few minutes, I think.

I was more afraid then

than any other time with him.

- This Hollenbaugh, you glad he's dead?

- I've something I'd like to read.

It would be easy for me to say

I despised every memory of him,

but it seems to me he was a person

everybody had rejected.

He was about as lonely as
a human being could get.

And I think he was fighting back

in the only way he could figure out.

Trying to capture by force the human

companionship he couldn't
get any other way.

I just happened to be the one he caught.