Cry for the Bad Man (2019) - full transcript

A small town widow (Camille Keaton) faces a grisly confrontation with her would-be extortionists.

Evening, Mrs. Kane.

This can go two ways.

You come out, listen
to our proposal,

or we can come in.

If we have to come in, well,

there ain't gonna be much
room for a negotiation.

I told you she'd
listen to reason.

Ain't got nothin'
to say to you boys.

Oh, that's good because
we got a lot to say to you.

I understand our
old man's Jew lawyer

gave you a more than
fair offer on this place.

I ain't sellin'.

I heard.

It's a shame, too.

They just soon let you
die here, old woman.

See, old man, he
got soft with age.

Me and my brothers here,

we just thought we'd
try and convince you.

You thought wrong.

She ain't goin' for it.

It's okay, JR.

We just haven't
given her a chance

for our counter proposal yet.

What are you doing?

That there is a contract.

Same as what Mr.
Rosenburg showed you.

My brothers will be back
tomorrow night to collect it.


Do you self a favor,
lady, take the money.

Let's go, boys.

Give Mrs. Kane a chance
to think it over.

Oh, and you can keep that knife.

If we come back tomorrow
night and there's no contract,

probably gonna need it.

You uh, you say
it was Wayne what done this?

That's right.

Yeah, don't sound
like him at all.

Tar tracks right over there.

Problem is, I don't see
nothing here outta place.

Probably just some good
old boys out for a laugh.


Well, we done what we could.

I reckon if we spot your
boys up on your property,

we'll throw 'em
lockup for a sit,

but uh, I got tire treads,
your word, sayin' they was

drivin' a truck not unlike
your truck, doin' donuts, so.

It was them.

Prove it.

You want some advice, ma'am?

I want you to do your job.

Word around town
is that Bill Senior

done made an offer
on this place.

Take it.

I ain't sellin'.

Yeah, and we
was all real sorry

to hear about your
husband's passing.

But you, a woman your
age, him not around,

I can't keep coming up
here every time these boys

come up and play a prank.

A prank?

Tire tracks, vandalism,
trespassing, maybe.

It was them.

Says you.

You're protecting them.

You might wanna
watch your tone, ma'am.

Now, you're talking to the law.

I'm only gonna say this once.

If I find out you
embellished one detail,

I will come back
here and lock you up

for filing a false report.

That clear?



What's goin' on, Mama?

This ain't right.

The deputy see this?

Jessie married
himself a MacMohan.

He's one of them.


Mama, you gotta go
straight to the sheriff.

Maybe the news media.

This ain't right!

You got a knife probably
covered in prints.

A contract with his
old man's name on it.

It's pretty damn
clear what's goin' on!

At least come stay
with me tonight.

You're not staying
here alone again.

You hear me?

Mama, these boys are not
taking no for an answer.

This is serious!

Mama, you have got
to listen to me.

Look, I know you miss Daddy,

but he ain't here
to protect you.

Back in the...

This is my house.


I built this room,
I built yours, too.

I didn't know.

No one bothered to ask.

No one ever bothered to ask.

Oh, Mama.

Womanhood ain't no handicap.

You remember that, girl.

I loved your father.

I still do, but I
ain't here for him.

I'm here for me.

Damn, you boys have
no luck with women.

Fuck you.

I need another beer.

- It's your turn anyway.
- I'll take one.


You keep asking me to shuffle,
I'm gonna start cheating.

Come on, now, come on.

You ain't smart
enough to cheat.

You don't gotta be smart
to cheat, motherfucker.

Ah, you gotta be smart
to not get caught cheatin'.

Oh, do you gotta be smart,
it's not good cheatin'.

Ain't neither one
of yous caught on yet.

Yeah, what are you saying?

You've been cheating
this whole time?

He's just trying to
get in your head, Derrek.

- I know that.
- It's like Pop says,

"Gamblin' is 50% psychological,
and 50% lady luck."

- He does say that.
- Is that so?

Don't you try that shit on me.

So, you cheatin' or not?

It don't matter.

I think it matters.

This matters.

Can we talk about tonight?

Ain't nothin' to talk about.

Agree to disagree.

I think there's a whole
hell of lot to talk about.

There something
on your mind, JR?

That stubborn old bitch ain't
gonna sign that damn paper.

She ain't got no choice.

Oh, come on, Wayne.

This ain't like gamblin'.

What hand are you gonna play

when that woman
calls your bluff?

Who says I'm bluffin'?

Wait, wait, we're not planning

on hurtin' this woman, right?

- Planning?
- Yeah.

- No.
- No.

What the hell is
he talking about?

I think what he's saying
is, whatever happens, happens.

There ain't no plan.

Does that,.

Does that sound
like a threat to you

because that sounds
like a threat to me.

You know, last night's
fine and whatever,

she's listening to
reason, I get it.

But you wanna take it farther?

You wanna do more?

Let me know, let
me know the plan.

I wanna be in on it.

I wanna know the plan,
I wanna know the plan.

It's just like I said.

Ain't nobody gonna get hurt.

As long as there's a signed
contract when we show up.

and if there isn't?

There will be.


But if there isn't?

She's an old woman.

Accidents happen.

Have you talked
to Pops about this?

Pops ain't got
nothin' to do with this.

- You hear me?
- Yeah.

- It's between us.
- No, I hear you.

I'm gonna talk to
Pops about this.

- Sit down.
- Huh?

I said, sit down.

Trying to scare me, Wayne?

You're bluffin'.

Am I?

Well, are ya?

You two clear out.

I wanna have a word
with your brother here.

- Sure, Daddy.
- You got it.

What exactly are you
plannin' on doing with that?

Say Derrek didn't sit
back down, what then?

I guess we won't know.

That so?

He was gonna sit.

And what if he didn't?

You wouldn't.

You don't know that.

You're a goddamn savage.

Just like your old man.

Only one difference.

Yeah, what's that?

You ain't got the sack
to go through with it.

So, you boys been hassling
that old woman, huh?

Just doin' what's
right, that's all.

No, ain't no right or wrong,

and if there was, it ain't that.

Agree to disagree.

Oh, so, you a crusader
then, is that it?

Out fighting for what's right.

One whole lonely
widow at a time.

You're just doin' it
because you want to.

Is that right?

Just 'cause you a man,

don't mean that I won't
straighten you out, do you hear?

Think I don't know my own?

Look at you.

You pull a gun on
your own brother.

It's a bluff.

You've been bluffing
your whole goddamn life.

Everyone backs down.

You just a fight in
search of an insult.

You have half a life left.

Assumin' someone
bigger and badder

doesn't come along
and take care of it.

Now, that woman.

Hell, heartache'll
kill her before

I'm finished with this bottle.

If this was just about
the dirt beneath her,

you'd wait for it.

But it ain't.

You're wrong.

I guess we'll
find out tonight.

When you go around come midnight

and go knocking on her door,

and there ain't no answer.

What then?

Just a gun with no bullets.

Eh, but hey, maybe she'll fold.

You've gotten this
far on bullshit.


How'd you know there were
no bullets in that gun?

I didn't.

And we ask these blessings
in the name of the Father,

the Son and the Holy Ghost.

You know, God doesn't give
us what we can't handle.

I appreciate your
prayers, Brother David,

but I ain't here to pray.

I need help.

Well, maybe the Lord put the
answer right in front of you?

Pray for sight.

Come midnight tonight,

I may just have to
ask him in person.


Your husband is at
peace with the Lord.

You know, I look out over my
congregation every Sunday,

and I don't see you.

And as much as your
situation pains me,

it is good to see you.

And I think that maybe the Lord

put you in that situation
to bring you peace.

To bring you back to the church.

That house is a tomb and
you've been locked in it.

Take the money.

Free yourself.

Walk the path the Lord
has laid before you.


Hey, Mama, it's me.

Look, Loretta asked to work
the late shift since Lee's

been spending every dime on
pills since his accident.

So, I'm free and I thought
I'd bring by dinner.

Now, I know you can
handle yourself,

but no sense in us
both eating alone.

Anyway, I know you don't
check these things,

but if you do, take
out an extra plate.

I'll be there soon.

Anybody hurt?

I'm a fuckin' idiot,
I'm a fuckin' idiot!

That kinda talk
don't do no good, JR.

I shouldn't
have been standing

right in front of the door.

Ain't none of us coulda known.

- Derrek.
- What?

Get me the first aid kit.

I'm hurt bad.

She got me good.

No, she didn't, JR.

You just got shot, little
brother, all right?

You ain't dead yet.

Sure feels
like I'm dying.

We gotta get him
to a fuckin' doctor.

Wayne, let's cut out, man.

Billy's hurt bad.

Get the damn guns.

You know what we
came up here to do.

All right, you just
take hold of that.

You hold that pain in
like a man, all right?

We're gonna bring her out here

and I'm gonna let
you pull the trigger.

Wayne, I got, I got,
I got, got, got, got hit

by a spread shot in my arm.

Let's go, like, let's go.

JR is worse than you
and me put together.

I'm losing a lot
of blood, Wayne.

That ain't gonna stop.

Just try and be calm.

Try and slow your heart rate.

This is not worth it.

Blood for blood.

- Ain't that right, JR?
- Mm hm.

You hear me, you old witch?

We're comin' for ya.

So, what do we do?

It's just an old
woman in there.

She can't cover every
door and window.

She doesn't have to cover
every door and window,

just the right one, obviously.

There ain't nothin'
left to discuss, Derrek.

- Do you see that?
- Yeah.

- You see that?
- Yes!

Suck it up.

Why don't you stick your
head through that fuckin' door.

There's three of
us and one of her.

There's three?

I think there's two by
my count, motherfucker.

I don't think he can
do too much right now.

I don't think this is
stopping the bleeding, Wayne.

I ain't gonna
stop, not without surgery.

Now, can you pull a trigger?

I don't know.

The fuck is he gonna do?

He's gonna distract her
while we go around back.

I don't think I can
pull the trigger, Wayne.

- Look.
- My hands,

they don't feel right.

Look, can you sit up?

All right, all right.

Wayne, let's go.

All right, he is going...

Ain't nobody goin' in the
dirt, but that old woman.

Now, let's do this.

Don't get chickenshit
and run off on me.


You made a big mistake, lady.

It only gets worse from here.

And you can still make
it easy on yourself.

Just toss that heater
through the door

and come out real slow.

We can put you down
real humane like.

The deal don't get
no better than that.

You hear?

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

You're so fuckin' dead.

Only witch in this town, ain't
nobody see you on Sundays.

A devil.

That's what you are.

A no good, goddamn devil woman.

My old man, he plays
cards with Pastor Knight,

every Wednesday.

And one time I
overheard 'em talkin'.

About this thing
called trial by battle.

It's when two people
are in conflict.

Ain't no witnesses, no
law, no judge, no jury.

Whoever wins is right.

And God don't let
the innocent loose.

You mighta gut shot me,
bitch, but I ain't dead.

- You ain't killed me.
- Fuck.

I'm not.

Because this is your trial.

You're being judged

by God almighty.

And when your time
comes, I'll be his wrath!

Last chance.

Scoop up your brother's insides

and get the fuck
off my property.

There's lots of
doors and windows

all over this old
place, Mrs. Kane.

You can't keep that gun
trained on all of 'em.

Don't have to.

I just have to wait
for the next idiot

to poke his head
through the wrong hole.

We both know this
don't end well for you.

It won't
end well for you.

Wait just a minute.

You blast that thing, JR,

he's gonna know you
ain't at the front.

He's gonna, he's
gonna come in here,

he's gonna shoot
you in the back.

Billy ain't
gonna do anything.

Y'all gonna kill him.

There's gonna be
killing all right.

Well, I
guess we don't have much

more to talk about then.

Get the fuck over here.

Y'all get her?

Come on.

Come on.

All right.

- I'm gonna go draw her out.
- Okay.

She's probably holed up in
one of them rooms someplace.

Wait, what if she
crawls out a window?

You're 15 minutes from
the nearest neighbor.

There ain't no place she can
go that we can't run her down.

Let me draw her out.

I know, but, listen to me.

I mean, what,
like, there's like,

what three or four bullets
in that thing, tops.

Um, I'll uh, I'll get the back,

JR's obviously got the front.

He ain't goin' fuckin' nowhere.

I don't wanna come
around some blind corner.

She's gonna have that
thunder maker on me again.

I understand, just trust me.

Trust me.

- All right.
- All right.

Count 20.

Like, starting now?

- Okay.
- Starting now!

- Okay, all right.
- Count 20.

Out loud?

Fuck it.

What the fuck?



The hell is goin' on?

Y'all keep back now,
unless you want this boy's

face to look like this hand.

- You shoot him and...
- And what?

Y'all gonna walk through
this door one at a time.

Be by guest.

You shoot my brother, woman,

we're gonna blast the
foundation out from this place.

You can't hide in there forever.

Wrong, y'all got two
brothers bleeding to death.

Y'all are the ones
that can't hang around.

Now, collect your wounded
and get the hell outta here.


She ain't gonna do nothin'.

You so sure?

How many bullets you got left?


not fucking around.

- Shut up.
- This ain't no negotiation.

Either you slide that gun
towards this here door,

or they're gonna have to keep

the casket shut at
your brother's funeral.

There ain't no way.

- 10.
- She's not fucking around!

Nine, eight, seven...

What the hell, Wayne?

Six, five!

- All right.
- All right, what?

I don't see no gun.


Countdown's not over
until Billy slides

that fuckin' smoke
wagon over this way.


Oh, you don't sound
urgent enough, fucker!

You done killed us.

Ain't nobody dead yet.

Come get your brother.

How do I know you
ain't gonna shoot me?

You don't.

Then we at an impasse.

You see the way he's bleeding?

You see that bright red?

That's arterial blood.

It's gonna keep coming with
every beat of his heart

until it don't beat no more.

I don't even wanna be here!

And then we'll both
sit here and watch him die.

All right.

You keep that gun steady.

I'm gonna pull him out.


You don't pay no mind to me.

Just pick him up and get moving.

I'm sorry.


You got shot by
this coward is all.

Watch who you call a coward.

You got my gun, lady.

I ain't obliged to
be polite to you.

This ain't over yet.

You might wanna rethink that.

You gonna shoot me?


Like I said, coward.

Three men knocking on a
widows door at midnight,

coming to take her land.

It don't get much more
cowardly than that.

Ut uh.

You know what?

I done changed my mind.

You just became my
insurance policy.

Excuse me?

Sit against the wall.

- Ain't no way.
- Do it!

All the way down.

Derrek, get going.

Okay, gladly.

Give me five fuckin' seconds.

If you want him, you get the
sheriff to come pick him up.

Wayne, what do
you want me to do?

Do it.

Get JR fixed up.

Yeah, you sure?


You ever fire one of them
things before tonight?


Big damn gun.

Hell, I don't know
if I could tote

that son of a bitch
around that long.

Must be gettin' awful tired
holding it up there like that.

You're right,
this is much better.

Mind if I smoke?

Not in my house.

Lady, I think you got
a lot bigger problems

right now than a
little tobacco smoke.

You light that cigarette,
it'll be your last.

How long you think
this is gonna last?

As long as it needs to.

Ain't gonna end.

Not after tonight.

We'll see what the sheriff
has to say about that.

What you gonna say?

I'll just let the
scene do the talking.

You're forgetting
one little fact.

You shot first.

Castle law.

You shot an unarmed man
through a closed door.

You all threatened me.

Ain't how it's gonna play out.

All I gotta say is,
we heard from Jessie,

some good old boys was
giving you a hassle.

You done thought it was us.

And the contract?

The knife?

Nobody's gonna see that shit.

Jessie'll make sure of that.

I assume you showed it
to him this morning.

Whole hell of a lot of
good that did, right?

You forget where we are?

Forget who my old man is?

Ain't nobody give a
good goddamn about you.

You just some
lonesome woman sittin'

on the land that
don't belong to her.

You think that scares me?

My family, they've been on
this land since the war.

The Civil War.

The war of northern aggression.

You and your dead husband,

you just two more cock baggers

claiming land that ain't yours.

So, go ahead.

Pull that trigger.

Pull that hammer back,
you take your shot.

I ain't afraid to die.

That makes two of us.

Brian, did you get it?


- Where's Wayne.
- Inside.

- The hell, go and get him.
- Can you walk?

- Can you walk?
- Derrek!

- Can you walk?
- Go get Wayne.

Wayne is not
coming with us, JR.

The hell he ain't.

She's got him
pinned in the back.

Then unpin him.

She's got our fuckin' gun.

What are you laughing at?

What are you laughing at?

Look what she did to me.

Fuck you, Derrek.

- Fuck.
- Look at me, look at me!

I'm dying here.

But at least I still got this.

What did you bring for backup?

Oh, let me guess, nothin'.

You weren't inside.

- You weren't inside.
- Shut up.

How fuckin' hard is this?

You're in the dark, you pick a
door, you put your gun on it.

You see something move, bang!

No more problem, Derrek.

How fuckin' hard is that?

How fuckin' hard is that?

You think we had
time to do that while

you're sitting here
bleeding out, you fuck!

Still bleeding out, Derrek.

But I see you went and got
your jerkin hand blown off,

and now Wayne has got a
gun pointed at his head.

How's your plan
workin' out for ya?

I, I, I don't know,
let's just get Jessie.

Let's get Jessie, let's go
get, let's go get Jessie.

Jessie can't be
here till we're done.

That's the plan, you
dumb fuckin' moose.

Well, it looks like we're out

of options now then, doesn't it?

Oh, yeah?

- Hey!
- Hey!

Stop right there,
I'll run you down.

Okay, just keep,
come please, come...

Derrek, what the hell
are you doing out here?

It's your mom, it's your mom.

She's fuckin' hurt in there
and I need you to come with me.

I'll go call the doctor then.

We already called the doctor.

Wait, we?

Your brothers are out here, too?

Your mom is hurt.

Please follow me if
you wouldn't mind.

Must've come out
here to run her off.

- Hello?
- Show me your tits.

Did you say,
"Show me your tits?"

You heard me, asshole.

What a fuckin' weird night.

All the way off.

Need to know you're
not hiding a gun.


Okay, can you come now, please?

- Please?
- Pants.

Woman, what the
fuck did you just say?

- Pants?
- Pants!

- Jesus Christ.
- You deaf?

Jesus Christ.

It's not exactly warm out here.

Keep that in mind
before I fuckin'.

Won't be any
smaller than it always was...

With one hand.

You just stay ahead
of me and lead the way.

How do you
want me to walk like this?

Very carefully, hm?

Get going.

The gravel's hurting
the tip of my dick.

Suck it up.

You say, Jessie's
behind all this?

Yes, all right, we have
nothing to do with this.

Keep walking.

- He's dirty, you know that.
- Keep walkin'!

Face front.

- Come on, you bitch.
- Jerk, oh, fuck!

- Oh, look at that.
- No!

Oh, no,.

- Okay.
- Hey, hey,

JR, can I borrow that
knife for a second, buddy?

- Listen, you're not putting...
- Looks like the sheriff

- ain't coming after all.
- Enough pressure.

It's by this bitch's car.

Don't fuckin' bite me.

Look at my hand!

Look at my fuckin' hand.

- Your bitch bother blew it off.
- Uh.

- Keep that gun on me.
- Where'd you get the shotgun?

- Did you buy that shit?
- You don't know what

- I'm able to do.
- Asshole!

Hey, Marsha, listen.

You didn't say we had an
extra fuckin' guest comin'.

But I tell you what, I'm
gonna take care of her.

Those boys ain't
gonna do nothin'...

Shut the fuck up!

- I'm seein' to that.
- Let go, asshole.

Whenever you can,
whenever you can handle

this certain situation,
I'll be right in here.

Fuck this stings, shut the
fuck up or you're gonna die.

I think you ease up

off of my brother
right about now.

If you hurt her, your brother
gets one between the eyes.

Well, that goes
both ways, ma'am.

Trust me.

Here's your goddamn shirt.

In due time, brother.

Thank you.

I'll just go
down for a minute.

Would you happen to
be a righty or lefty?

- Let's find out.
- No!

Stop, this is what your
mom gave me not long ago.

You're lucky
she only took one.

Yeah, well, let's see
how far you get without it.

Let her loose and
I'll let him walk,

and y'all get on.

Excuse me?

Derrek, ease off.

She ain't got no leverage.

Don't be stupid.

It's only fair!

I ain't gonna do it.

Come on.

Come on,.

It's okay, it's okay.

Well, send him before
I change my mind.

That's my cue.

Let her go.


Wayne, you keep
moving or so help me.

It's all right, Mrs. Kane.

Just reconnecting
with your oldest here.

We haven't seen each
other since high school.

You don't remember me do you?

Eh, it's just as well.

You was a senior, I
was just a freshman.

Mind what I told
you about smoking.

The situation has completely
changed now, Mrs. Kane.


Things have changed.

I remember you
and Morgan sisters

used to go smoke out
behind the stadium.

Yeah, I remember you.

Entitled little rich boy.

Yeah, me and the Morgan sisters

used to ash our cigarettes
on the stadium wall

because it was your
daddy's legacy.

You know, the only reason
the boys in my class

didn't beat the
shit outta you is

because your daddy bought
their football pads.

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

That's right.

And keeping with tradition,

I'd just as soon ash that
cigarette in your face.


Fine cutlery you
got here, Mrs. Kane.

Looks sharp.

Uh, uh.

Don't you hurt her!

You ain't got
much to bargin with.

Hey, Wayne.

I don't think JR's doing
too good, buddy, right now.

How you doin' little brother?

Y'all could pull the
dirt over me right outside.

As long as them two go
in the dirt next to me.

We ain't goin' nowhere.

You hear that?

We're gonna be here a
little while longer.


What do we do?

Keep your eye on that door.

If Mama wants to stick her
nose out, you shoot it off!


You know, Mrs. Kane,
lookin' at this knife,

I'm thinkin' you must stay up
late watching home shopping.

You know, I've seen all
kinds of demonstrations.

Cut through things
that kitchen knives

shouldn't ever have to;

copper pipes, phone books.

- Oh, son of a bitch.
- Oh, I suppose now

- I've got your attention.
- Fuck it.

What you gonna do, rich boy?

Do it again.

You want another.


Ah, come on.

I can tell you are
your mama's girl.

And you're daddy's
spoiled brat.

Come on, try it one more time.

You think I won't?

Hell, woman, I'm
almost certain you will.

You'd probably open your own
throat just for another shot.

Wouldn't you?

I like you.

You got fight.

Go to hell.

You know I like it
when you mouth off.

Our old man taught us to hunt.

He always made me
clean his kill.

See, you start with a
cut in the lower abdomen,

you go up to the ribcage
and through the stomach,

but not too deep.

No reason to be messy.

Then there's a layer of
fat around the intestines.

You wanna pull that out.

At that point, what
you got is a buck

with guts half in, half out.

All that's left to do is go
up inside the chest cavity,

cut the esophagus.

Pull on it.

That is a simple field dressing.

Of course, I ain't never
done it on a human before.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Derrek, ease off the trigger.

- Sorry.
- Sorry?

Pick up her shotgun.


Stop being sorry and
just use your damn head.

Oh, that's good advice.

What this head right here?

Fuck you.

Hey, lady.

If you got any other
ones, send 'em on up!

Y'all let her go.

I got what I want.

What about Derrek and JR, huh?

What do they want?


Keep your damn eye on
her, she's still got guns.

I want my shot.

I don't care what
happens after that.

I want my shot.

All right.

Okay, I think there's
one more, right?

There it is.

Hand it over here, buddy.

Come out, Derrek
ain't gonna shoot.

Let me see her first.

All right.

You wanna see her?

All right, here she is.

Let her go.

Oh, no, I think we're gonna
at least make her watch.

Isn't that right, Wayne?

If I have to peel
her eyelids off,

I'm gonna make her watch
every second of it.

Too late to save
yourself, Mrs. Kane.

But it's not too late
to save your daughter.

Deal don't get any
better than that.


Oh, I am gonna enjoy this.

Get ready, little
brother, you're on deck.



How do you fuck that up Derrek?

How do you fuck that up?

If you gonna shoot
me next, make it quick.

You look good as dead.

Ain't no reason to waste
another bullet on you.

Ain't nothin' left in
me, that ain't tore up.


God just has these things.

I don't think God cares
much for your point of view.

She get you?

One thing is for sure,

I ain't gonna look
pretty after this.

Well, go on.

Make it quick.

I don't think I got it in me.

What about Derrek?

What about Derrek?

You shot him.

I did.

I ain't asking if you
gonna kill me, Wayne.

I'm telling you to.

Don't suppose I got
any reason to shoot you,

little brother.

If you don't,
that means she did.

Yeah, she did.

Come on.

There's a gun in your hand.

Be a man.

I can't.

God won't forgive me.

Think killing yourself
is the worst thing

you have to answer for?

Think that's the least
of your concerns.



You living and dying ain't
got nothing to do with me.

I don't think I can lift it.

That's a shame.

Get the sheriff.

What are you gonna do?

You got yourself in this
mess worrying about me.

Come with me.

Your turn.

If you able.

I got... three bullets left.

You might wanna take the shot.




Ready or not, here I come.

Sheriff, this is Pyle.

I'm the Kane residence, we,
we got ourselves a situation.

Got a warrant?