Cry Wilderness (1987) - full transcript

A Bigfoot-type creature befriends Paul, a young student. His father is a park ranger trying to capture an escaped tiger. Everyone in town is on edge and wants the tiger killed. David tries to keep Bigfoot a secret.

(suspenseful music)


- David, where's Paul?

- I don't know, Mr. Douglas.

- Howard, take charge.

I'll go find Paul.

- Yes sir, Mr. Douglas.


- Paul, why don't you
stay with the group?

- I know him.

- [Mr. Douglas] You do?

- [Paul] It's Bigfoot.

- There's no such
creature as Bigfoot.

Read the card.

It tells you that
no such creature

as Bigfoot has ever been found.

- I met him last summer.

- Where?

- Up north in the
woods where I go

to visit my father every summer.

- That's right, your
father's a forest ranger.

Did your father meet him too?

- No, just me.

- Would you like to tell
me about the meeting?

- I was fishing by a waterfall

when I heard this
noise from a cave

and there he was.

- Him?

- Yep.

- What did he say?

- He didn't say anything
but he looked friendly

so I gave him a piece of candy.

- And then what?

- He liked it so I
gave him another piece

and then he gave me this.

- That's beautiful, Paul.

Did you ever see him again?

- Yeah, sure, lots of times.

I used to bring him coca-cola.

He loved coca-cola.

Then I brought him my radio
and showed him how to play it.

- Oh you did, did you?

What kind of music did he like?

- Same as me, rock and roll.

- What did your father have
to say about these meetings?

- [Paul] I never told him.

- Why not?

- Because it was a secret
between me and Bigfoot.

You know how grown ups are.

- Like me, huh?

- Yeah, like you.

Grown ups don't
believe in anything.

- Get back with the
other boys, Paul.

I'll talk to you later.

Are you hungry, Paul?

- I'm starving, Mr. Douglas.

- [Mr. Douglas] The other
boys are eating dinner.

Would you like to join them?

- Sure.

- Huh-uh.

Before you eat,
I think we should

have a little
understanding, don't you?

- About what?

- About telling lies.

- I didn't lie, Mr. Douglas.

- You still insist
that you met Bigfoot?

- Yes sir.

- All you have to
say is you made it up

and then you go to
the dining room.

- [Paul] That would
be lying, Mr. Douglas.

- You're making me put you
in a report to the principal.

- Please don't do
that, Mr. Douglas.

- Then tell me the truth.

- I told you the truth.

Why won't you believe me?

- Go have your dinner.


You're in big
trouble, young man.


(tense music)

- [Voice] Paul!

Wake up, Paul!



Your father is in
great danger, Paul!

He needs your help!

Hurry, Paul!

- Paul, what are you doing?

- My father's in danger,
he needs my help.

- How do you know that?

- Bigfoot told me.

He's out there.

Come on, I'll show you.

- There ain't no
Bigfoot, you dreamt it.

- He came from far
away to warn me.

I've gotta go.

Hello Mr. Douglas.

- Go back to sleep, David.

I heard what you
said to David, Paul.

We can't have you spreading
lies all over the school.

This is a fine school.

You're here on a scholarship.

It's our job to teach
you about the real world

you'll live in someday.

You're too old to
believe in fairy tales.

You're always making up stories.

That's why you're
always in trouble.

Well it's out of my hands now!

In the morning, the
principal will decide

whether or not
you'll be expelled!

- Now you did it, dummy.




- Come on, men!


Don't let it get away!


- I'm the law in the forest
and I wanna take it alive.

- I'm the sheriff
in this county.

That includes the forest.

We've been hunting this
animal for two weeks now.

We've got it, let's kill it.

- No one's ever seen the beast!

How do you know
what you're killing?

- We know it's
big and dangerous.

We saw a deer it killed.

Tore it apart.

I've never seen
anything like it.

That's enough for me.



- Jim, did you see anything?

- I didn't see a thing.

- That-a-way.

I told you to shoot,
you let it get away.

Go after it, men!

Hurry up!

Where are you going?

Wait a minute!

What are you gonna do about it?

- Sheriff.

Jim and I tracked the
beast for two weeks.

We finally got it
trapped and you

and your boys let it get away.

- Now we have to track it
all over again, sheriff.

- You'd better
because if that beast

kills anyone, you're
finished, Mr. Cooper!

You'll never work here or
at any other forest again!

You'll wind up
(mumbling) with the city!

I'm going to find
it and kill it.

♪ 'Cause I'm a boy
from the northwest ♪

♪ And I'm proud,
don't you know? ♪

(muffled lyrics)

(horn honking)


- Hop in, kid.

♪ Well I'm a boy
from the northwest ♪

♪ And I'm proud,
don't you know? ♪

♪ I'm a boy from the northwest ♪

♪ Frigid Idaho ♪

(muffled lyrics)

♪ Well hell, I don't know ♪

♪ But I'm still
proud to be one ♪

♪ From frigid Idaho ♪

- Can you go any faster?

- [Driver] Not on
these roads, kid.

(ambient music)


(dramatic music)


- Dad!

- Paul.

- [Paul] Dad!

- Paul.

What are you doing here?

You're supposed to be at school.

- You okay, dad?

- I'm fine.

- [Paul] You sure you're okay?

- Okay buster,
what's your story?

- [Paul] You won't
believe it, dad.

- Better make it good.

- Last night someone woke me up

and told me you were
in great danger.

- [Dad] Who woke you up?

- Bigfoot.

- [Dad] Paul.

- I told you you
wouldn't believe me.

- Paul!

- Now you're mad at me.

- I wish there was a Bigfoot
so I could strangle him.

- But dad, I saw him
right through my window

on the school lawn.

- He talked to you?

- He always talks to me.

- Let's go.

Monday morning you're
going back to school.

Is that clear?

Don't argue with me, young man.

Listen to me.

I'll have no more
of your stories.

I've told you again and again
about telling these lies.

(gentle music)

Yesterday I found a
couple of raccoon cubs.

- I thought raccoons
never left their cubs.

- This one did.

- Where are the coons now?

- In my cabin.

I was kind of saving it
as a surprise for you.

- I love you, dad.

Look, a bobcat!

- Paul, Paul!





- Hello Jim.

- Good boy, Paul.

Welcome home, Paul.

Let's go.



- [Paul] What's that?

- [Jim] Quiet, Paul.

- [Paul] You're
going to kill it?

- [Jim] No, I'm going to
shoot it with a tranquilizer.

It's only a cougar.

- Let's get out of here, Jim.

- You're right, let's
leave him here for now.

We'll come back for him later.

(eerie music)


Oh, you bum.

Do you know you scared me?

- [Paul] It's a wolf.

- Now we'll have to come
back for this one too.


- There's something
inside my cabin.


Make yourself at home.

- I have.

Help yourself.

Got plenty to spare.

- Where are my raccoons?

- Are these your raccoons?

Sure taste delicious.

(glass shattering)

(gentle music)



- Ow!

Let it go!


- Let it go!

This is government property.

What are you doing here, anyway?

- Cool it, ranger.

Name is Morgan Hicks.

I'm a US government marshal.

I hear you got a little
trouble down here.

I came here to eliminate it.

- [Jim] We don't need
that kind of help.

- I think you do, chief.

- What do you have in mind?

- Bang.

- This is my territory.

Nobody does any shooting
without my permission.

- I get my orders
from your higher ups.

You wanna check it
out with headquarters?

Name is Morgan Hicks.

Occupation, big game hunter.

I've tracked and killed
all over the world.

- It's about time
you got here, Morgan.

I see your animal's still
running around loose.

Lucky for you, no
one's been killed yet.

Are you aware that the
12 Pines Summer Resort

opens its season Monday?

That over 500 people
are scheduled to arrive?

- What?

The season doesn't open
for another two weeks.

- The preseason convention.

- Then we have to
go to the hotel

to warn Mr. Wagoner to
keep all the guests inside

while we capture the animal.

- Wagoner is the mayor, the
richest man in the state.

He sneezes and we
all catch pneumonia.

The only animal he wants to
hear about is a dead one.

I told you to kill it!

I recommended you for this job!

- I'll kill it, sheriff,
just as soon as I find it.

- He's a big animal!

What's so hard to find?

- Don't you understand?

This beast is intelligent.

A lot smarter than most people.

He always knows where we've been

and we're not gonna
take him by surprise.

- Then how?

- Gotta wait til he's hungry
enough to take chances.

By stalking him, we don't
give him a chance to hunt.

- [Sheriff] That
could go on for days.

- Maybe weeks.

I remember in Rangoon I hunted
down a man-eater all summer

til I found out he
was a little careless.

- You got any more
bright ideas, Jim?


- Will Cooper here, over.

- [Male] Is the
sheriff there, over.

- Give me that.

- Yes sir, we're all
here, Mr. Wagoner.

- [Mr. Wagoner] I want
all of you at my hotel

first thing in the morning.

Over and out.

- You heard the man.

See you at the hotel first
thing in the morning.


- Come in, kid, it's your room.

- [Paul] What do you
do with all these guns?

- [Morgan] I make my living.

- Killing?

- No, sometimes
I catch 'em alive

and sell 'em to the zoos.

- Where?

- Allover.

The rain forest in the Amazon.

Jungles in Africa.

And mainly in India.

You've heard of India,
haven't you, kid?

- Sure.

I'm not ignorant.

You ever run across Bigfoot?

- [Morgan] Bigfoot?

No, why?

- What would you
do if you met him?

- [Morgan] It depends.

- You wouldn't shoot
him, would you?

- You seen him?

- [Paul] Maybe.

- Tell me more, kid.

- How do I know I can trust you?

- I'm here to help
your father, alright?

- My father's in great danger.

- [Morgan] He is?

- [Paul] That's why I'm here.

- Yeah.

This is Bigfoot country.

You have seen him, haven't you?

- You got too many guns, mister.

Don't worry, dad, I'll save you.

- I love you, son.

- I love you too, dad.

- Okay, let's go to bed now.

Go to sleep, Paul.

- Goodnight, dad.

- Goodnight, son.


- Mr. Wagoner!

We're here, sir!

- What took you so long?

- We were at the hotel
looking for you, sir.

How wonderful!

We love your new museum!

- You wanna put me
out of business, Will,

why don't you take out
your gun and shoot me?

That'll close the hotel.

- All I'm trying to do
is prevent a disaster.

- My disaster.

Sheriff, if some crazy
animal's out there, get him.

- Yes sir, Mr. Wagoner.

- What are you doing
still standing here?

Go get him, boys.

- You don't understand,
Mr. Wagoner.

- Make me understand.

- It's not a crazy beast.

It's just some animal we don't
have any experience with.

- You close one road,
if you open your mouth

in front of one hotel guest,

I'll have all of your jobs.

You're supposed to
be a big game hunter?

Go hunt!

You call yourself an Indian.

You can't even
trap a wild animal.

Some Indian.

- Hi, dear.

I can't make the martinis
without any olives.

- Get them the canoe.

Go in the forest and get him!

I want that animal's
head hanging from
my wall in 24 hours!

(tense music)

- [Paul Voiceover] Last summer,

I was fishing by a
waterfall and that's

how I met Bigfoot, Mr. Douglas.

- Will.

There's the cave I
was telling you about.

- You're right, Jim.

I don't remember seeing
this cave before.

- Well.

Let's go.

- No, I don't wanna go in there!

- Paul, you gotta stay with me.

- I don't wanna go in there.

- Son, stop it.

- No!

- Son, let's go.

- No!


- [Morgan] I'll check
over in the woods.

- [Will] Someone
sure liked coca-cola.

- [Jim] I never knew an
animal that could open cans.

We'd better take a
good look around here.

- [Paul] I brought the
cans here last summer

when I was fishing
by the waterfall.

I only drank one a day, dad.

- I couldn't crush one of these.

Not like this.

- A bear could,
couldn't he, dad?

- Not like this.

It wasn't an animal.

Someone's been living here.

- Yeah.

Someone who likes coca-cola.

I'll go check upstairs.

- You can't go up there!

- It'll be alright, Paul.

- Paul, I want you to
wait here, right here.

- Hey, look what I found!

(rock music)

It's rock and roll music!

- Hey, isn't that the
radio I gave you last year

for Christmas?

- Oh yeah!

I've been looking
all over for that.

Must have left it
here last summer.

- Well Paul.

- [Paul] Did you find
anything up there, Jim?

- Nah, just another dead end.

- Let's go, there's
nothing here.


You should have left
him in the cabin.

- He's safer with me.

- [Paul] I don't know
if I like you, mister.

- Very few people do.

I've got a dirty job to do, kid.

(dramatic music)


- Hey Paul!


That's old Big Mike.



(gun firing)



(dramatic music)

A poacher.

His poaching days are over.

- [Will] Let's check
over there, Jim.

- Let's keep this a secret
between you and me, huh, kid?


- [Paul] This bird is sick.

We've got to take
it to Helen's place.

- You got her here just in time.

Another day and she
would have died.

- Never seen your cages
so full before, doc.

- You've gotta catch that animal

before the whole forest panics.

Hi, Shasta.

How are you feeling, huh?

How you feeling?

- Sure help if we knew
what we were looking for.

- Well, what do you think, Jim?

- I just don't know, Helen.

Maybe I spent too
many years in college

and not enough
time in the forest.

- Can I go look at the
other animals, Helen?

- Sure, go ahead Paul.

- Thanks.

- Son, stay where I
can keep an eye on you.

- Alright dad.

- Oh, what you got, girl?

You feeling better?

You feeling better?



- Ah shut up!


- This is our secret, boy.

- Paul, come back and
finish your dinner please.



- The deer's gone!

- It would take a powerful
animal to tear this cage apart.

- Look at these tracks.

- You know, there are
two sets of tracks.

What do you make
of this, Morgan?

- We may be hunting more
than one animal here.



- Hey.

I'm the ranger in this forest.

This area is closed
to everybody, period.

What are you doing here?

- We had a rumble with
another biker gang

and they chased us clear
across the state line

and we don't know
where we're at.

- Hey, you got a cigarette, man?

- You light up in this forest

and I'll put you away for good.

- [Morgan] You guys seen
anything around here?

- Like what?

- Like a bear.


- You guys seen any teddy bears?


- You can't stay here.

- Give us a break, man.

- There's a dangerous
animal on the loose, man.

You'd better get out of here.

All of you, right now.

- What if me and my two
little brothers here don't?

- I've lost track of all
the things I've killed.

You want me to add three
more animals to my list?

- Nah man, that's cool.

- You'd better be gone
by the time I get back

or I'm gonna run you in, savvy?

- Comprende, senor.

- Let's go.

- I'll be back, boys.

You can count on it.

- Boy scouts.



- [Male] Let's hit the road.

- We should have (mumbling)

- Yeah!

- Are you guys nuts?

They're gonna have our
heads from (mumbling).

- I ain't going nowhere til
I'm damn good and ready.


- Let's get our bikes, man.

- Right behind you.

- Til I'm good and ready!


(motors revving)



(dramatic music)

- Where is he?

- He must be around
here some place.


- Paul!


- [Morgan] Will, cover this end.

Jim, you come with me.

- Paul, go hide
behind those rocks.

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

- You didn't get him, did you?

- No, he went over the rocks.

- Look, he's going
down the gully.

That must be the tiger that
escaped from the circus.

It's a dead end!

He's gotta come
back through here.

We've got him now.

- Jim.

Take Paul to the bus station.

He's going back to school.

- I have to stay with you!

- Let the kid stay.

- Keep out of this.

Paul, go with Jim.

- You don't understand!

Send me away and
you'll be killed!

Please dad.

I love you.

- I love you too, son.

That's why I have
to send you away.

- Come on, Paul.

- No!


No, dad!

- [Jim] Paul, no!

- Dad!

- Enough Paul, please!

Do I have to tie you up?

- You're nothing
but a dumb Indian!

- If I was smart,
I wouldn't have

to chase bad boys in the woods.

- You send me back to school,
you're killing my father.

- If I don't, he'll kill me.

- I'm not joking.

My father's in great danger.

Bigfoot warned me.

- What did you say?

- Bigfoot warned me.

- There is no Bigfoot.

He's a fairy tale, Paul.

You're too old to
believe in fairy tales.

- He's for real.

I met him last
summer in the cave.

I brought the coca-colas.

I gave him the radio.

And he's still there, I saw
him when we were in the cave.

Boy, are you dumb.

- Let's move.

(tense music)


Okay Paul!

I know you're in there!

Come on out!

You'd better come out, Paul!


I want you to wait
here and don't move.

Come on.


Red Hawk.

- Hello Jim.

- [Jim] Red Hawk, is that you?

- You remember me, don't you?

- You died 13 years ago.

I saw you sealed up in a cave.

- I was.

After seven days I had a vision.

All the animals in
the forest needed me

so I got up, broke
out of the cave.

I've been here since
with my friends.

Hi boy.

Come closer.

I'd like to speak
to the boy alone.

- [Jim] Don't run away.

- How are you, bub?

- Hello Red Hawk.

- What's that around your neck?

That's beautiful.

Where'd you get this stone?

- Bigfoot gave it to me.

- Bigfoot?


Bigfoot gave me one
of those stones too.

How is Bigfoot?

- There's a big game
hunter who knows he's here.

- I know.

Did they catch the tiger?

- They got him
trapped in a gully.

- They mustn't kill the tiger.

- My father won't let them.

- Your father's a good man.

He understands that
people shouldn't

kill the animals
off or man will die.

God made man, the
beasts, the forest.

One can't live
without the other.

Do you believe in this?

- Yes sir, Red Hawk.

I believe.

- When you grow up, would
you still believe this?

- Why won't I?

- You'll forget.

Grown ups don't believe in
anything but themselves.

- Red Hawk, I'll never forget.

- Good.

Now go down, tell Bigfoot
he must leave the forest.

There's too many people around.

He must leave for the mountains.

- I can't, they're sending
me to school tonight

and Jim's out there
waiting for me.

- There's another way
out over there, take it.

Now go.

- Thanks Red Hawk.

- Go.



(dramatic music)



(gun firing)


- Get me out of here!

- Dumb Indian, huh?

- [Paul] Let me go!

Stop it!

Get me out of here!

- Helen, I'll have
to borrow your Jeep

to take Paul to the bus station.

Will wants him back in school.

- Did you have to tie him up?

- He keeps running away!

Feed him, will you, and
I'll go gas up the jeep.

- Murderer!

Jim and you are
killing my father.

- How's that?

- You don't believe.

- Believe what?

- Bigfoot!

He's out there and he's alive.

He warned me that my
father's in danger

and he wouldn't lie.

You don't believe me, do you?

- I want to believe you but why

would Bigfoot do this for you?

- Because he's my friend.

You won't let Jim take
me away, will you, Helen?

- [Jim] Come on, Paul, let's go.

- No!

- [Radio] Radio one calling.

Radio one, over.

- [Jim] This is (mumbling)
two receiving you, Will, over.

- [Will] Get the jeep, Jim,

and meet me at squadron 847.

Repeat, squadron 847, confirm?

- Got you, Will.

Quadrant 847, over and out.

And don't let Paul out
of here until I get back.

- That was my
father on the radio.

I told you he's in danger.

You've got to take me to him.

- Now look, Jim is on his way.

He can do more than we can do.


Where do you think you're going?

You don't know
where to find him.

- But you do!

Take me to him, please!


- Alright, we'll take the truck.

- You let me shoot first
with the tranquilizer.

You don't fire unless I miss.

- Let's get this
tiger hunt over with.

I'm looking for bigger game.

- What do you mean?

- I'm sitting on a
fortune right here

in this forest, now.

Right here.

- There's no gold
in these woods.

- You just can't see it.

But it's mine, all mine,

and I'm not sharing
it with anybody.

- Share what?

- I'm capturing the
greatest game on earth.

I'm gonna kill it,
I'm gonna stuff it,

and I'm gonna travel with
it all over the world.

People will pay a fortune
just to get one look.

- A tiger?

- Bigfoot.

He's right here in these woods.

Your own kid tried to tell
you but you're too late.

There's nothing like him
and he belongs to me.

- You saw him?

- His tracks.

Fresh, a day old.

- Tracks can be deceiving.

I've been fooled more than once.

- You are a fool, ranger.

Right under your nose.

- Okay, Morgan, look.

Bigfoot's yours.

The million dollar
fairy tale is yours

but right now let's
take the tiger.

- Okay, ranger.

Let's end it right now.


(suspenseful music)

There he goes.

(gun firing)

Got away again.

- Only one way out of this
canyon, that's ghost town.

- Dr. Foster here, over.

- [Male] The tiger you're
hunting escaped from a circus.

Try to take him alive
but if there's any danger

to anyone you have
permission to shoot him.

Over and out.

- [Helen] Oh no.

- [Paul] What happened?

- [Helen] We've run out of gas.


(glass breaking)


(gun firing)

(dramatic music)

- Jim, you stay here.

Morgan and I will flush him out.

- Okay Will, here.

- [Will] Paul, stay in
the jeep and don't get up.


- [Helen] Paul, come back here!


- Dad!






- Paul!




(gun firing)

He's alright.

Well, we'd better tie him up

before the
tranquilizer wears off.

- Bigfoot!


(upbeat music)

Bigfoot, I'm so
glad I found you.


You can't stay here.

Morgan knows about you.

He'll kill you.

Red Hawk says you must
go up to the mountains

where no one can ever find you.

- Where's Paul?

- [Will] I'll look for him.

You and Morgan help
Helen with the tiger.


- Bigfoot!

Run, run before they shoot you!

Run Bigfoot!


- Paul!

- Dad!

- Paul.



- [Paul] Dad!


- Help me, Paul.

Help me.

- I'll get you out, dad.


Help me!



Help me, please!




You okay?

- You were right all along, kid.

(suspenseful music)





- [Helen] Here it is, boys.

- [Paul] Oh, how nice.

- Turkey, huh?

Ain't even Thanksgiving.


- Maybe the tiger's hungry.

- You sit down and eat.


Mama came back for the
rest of her family.

Jim, get the other raccoon.

- They're mine!

- No, son.

They're not.

- Okay, dad.

- [Will] Paul.

- [Group] Merry
Christmas, Mr. Douglas.

- Have a nice vacation.

Place your exams on
my desk as you leave.


You stay.

Paul, your father
wrote me a long letter.

He explained everything
that happened.

The rules of this school do not

permit the teaching
of fairy tales.

Personally, they've
always fascinated me.

Pinocchio's my favorite.

When you go on
vacation next summer,

would you mind if I came along?

I would like to
meet this Bigfoot.

You think you could
arrange it, Paul?

- Bigfoot went up
into the mountains.

- I'm sure he'd
come down for you.

- But you, you're a grown up.

- So what?

- Grown ups can't see him.

- Sad, isn't it?

- Yes sir.

Of course, if you
believe, truly believe,

it doesn't matter
how old you are.

(gentle music)

♪ Keep on climbing though
you may never reach the top ♪

♪ Keep on climbing though
you may never reach the top ♪

♪ Just think of it, if you
should accidentally reach it ♪

♪ Just think of the view ♪

♪ If you should
really ever make it ♪

♪ There'll always be someone
to tear you, tear you down ♪

♪ And that comes from standing
out there from the crowd ♪

♪ Standing out in front
makes a damn good target ♪

♪ Those who don't wanna climb ♪

♪ Don't want you to make it ♪

♪ But dreaming a dream is
better than no dream at all ♪

♪ At all ♪

♪ Even if nine out of 10 times
you should fall, fall, fall ♪

♪ Even if you're leading your
friends and you should fail ♪

♪ Should fail ♪

♪ At least you walked somewhere
and you left a trail ♪

♪ Keep on climbing though
you may never reach the top ♪

♪ Keep on climbing though
you may never reach the top ♪

♪ Just think of it if you
should accidentally reach it ♪

♪ Just think of the view if you
should really ever make it ♪

♪ Dreaming a dream is better
than no dream at all, at all ♪

♪ Even if nine out of 10 times
you should fall, fall, fall ♪

♪ Even if you're
leading your friends ♪

♪ And you should
fail, should fail ♪

♪ At least you walked somewhere
and you left a trail ♪

♪ Keep on climbing though
you may never reach the top ♪

♪ Keep on climbing through
you may never reach the top ♪

♪ Just think of it if you
should accidentally reach it ♪

♪ Just think of the view if you
should really ever make it ♪

♪ Keep on climbing though
you may never reach the top ♪

♪ Keep on climbing though
you may never reach the top ♪

♪ Keep on climbing though
you may never reach the top ♪

♪ Keep on climbing though
you may never reach the top ♪

(upbeat music)