Cry Terror! (1958) - full transcript

Yesterday Jim Molner was an ordinary guy. Today he's a desperate man, frantically trying to save himself and his family, held hostage by a demented terrorist who's demanding $500,000 not to detonate a bomb he's planted on a domestic airliner.

What we
must bear in mind

is that our business
is highly competitive.

I'm sorry,
Mr. Adams.

I think
this is something

you'll want to read

Hmm. Call Mr. Pringle.
Tell him it's urgent.

Let me know
the minute he arrives.

Well, suddenly we've got
a problem on our hands,

and it's a dilly.

A prankster.

Oh, no.
Not another one.

The fifth character to
pull this sort of stunt

in the last
60 days alone.

It used to be the joker who
turned in the phony fire alarms.

The new gimmick's telling
airlines there's a bomb aboard.

Mr. Pringle is here.

What's up?

It could be serious. Mr.
Adams is coming right up.

I have some people in my office.

Let's go here
in the conference room.

This just came
in the mail.

None of the others
ever demanded money.

This has got kind of
a different feel to it.

Please get me
the F.B.I.,

special agent
in charge.

This just may be
on the level.

I have Mr. Frank Cole for you.

This is Dan Pringle.

I'm security operations officer
for 20th century airlines.

We just received an extortion
letter demanding $500,000.

How much?

Half a million bucks.

If we don't pay,

they threaten to blow up
one of our planes in midair.

A man's on the phone,
wants to talk to Mr. Adams.

Says it's in regard to a
letter he sent marked "urgent. "

Hold on just a moment,
will you, please?

Hello. This is
Roger Adams speaking.

Did you get our letter
regarding the 500,000?


Hold on,

We mean business, Adams. The
time bomb is planted on your flight 74,

so you have your crew look for a small
package in one of the map pockets.

The explosive used
is R.D.X.

Get our office
at the airport at once.

Hello. The man just called.

Claims he has a time bomb
planted on our flight 74.

Flight number 74. Where's
that plane now, Mr. Adams?

It's, uh, left
Chicago en route to New York.

He says the explosive
used is R.D.X.

Agent: R.D.X.?

Yes. What is it?

It's cyclotrimethylene

a powerful new explosive
introduced during the last war.

It's generally used in a form
that looks like cookie dough.

A few ounces of R.D.X.
Could blow up a whole plane.

We'll meet you at
the airport, Mr. Adams.

Get there
as quick as you can.

This is Chet Huntley,
NBC news, New York.

We interrupt
the program in progress

for this special report.

A live bomb was discovered
a few moments ago

aboard an airplane which had
left Chicago bound for New York.

Details at this moment
are sketchy,

but the bomb was found
in the airplane

after an unidentified person
demanding extortion money

telephoned airline officials

and told them
the explosive was aboard.

It was thrown from
the window of the aircraft

by the pilot,

who reports that when
the bomb hit the ground,

it detonated
with amazing force.

He has told authorities
in the airport tower

that the device
was no larger

than an ordinary
package of cigarettes.

It's believed the bomb
contained R.D.X.

Outside of nuclear energy,

R.D.X. Is the most deadly
explosive per pound of weight.

Here is another bulletin
direct from the airport.

The extortionist
has telephoned again,

claiming there's a second
R.D.X. Bomb aboard the plane.

This one he says is in
the baggage compartment,

impossible for the crew
to get to it.

The plane, 20th century airlines
coach flight 74,

is now about 10 minutes
out of New York.

The pilot has been instructed
to discharge the passengers

on the airstrip.

Is there anything
wrong, Mr. Molner?

...and the airport is closed

to all incoming
and outgoing traffic.

No. I... just don't feel well.

Not well at all.

Maybe you should
go home, Mr. Molner.

I'm in a hurry.

I'm sorry.
Excuse me.

West Side hotel.

I want to speak
to Mr. Paul Hoplin.

Mr. Hoplin
checked out this morning.

But that's impossible.

Let me speak
to the room clerk.

Just a moment, sir.

Room clerk.

The operator told me that
Mr. Hoplin checked out.

That's right, sir.

Did he say
where he was going?

He didn't leave
any forwarding address.

No instructions at all.

You sure?

Please check.
This is important.

It's vitally

Hold the line.



Mr. Hoplin definitely
left no forwarding address.

I'm sorry. Good-bye.

I'm worried about you,
Mr. Molner.

Is there anything
I can do?

No. Maybe I'm coming down
with the flu or something.

I think I'll take your
advice and go on home.

Copilot: 9-0-4.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.

We have an emergency.

We'll be deplaning
on the runway.

Kindly follow the instructions
of your stewardess.

Police bomb squad just
arrived. Be here any minute.

He's making a pretty
fast approach, isn't he?

Yeah, he's barreling
in like it was a jet.

He can handle it.

Pull flaps.

Props high.
Cow flaps open.

Little red handle
to the rear.

To save time, we've decided
to use the emergency chute.

Could I please have
the volunteer of 2 men

to go first and steady
the chute for us?

Clear for right turnoff.
Going to ground control.

Wing flaps up.

Coming up.

Cut the outboards.

on the ground.

Work fast, men.

Now, this is Roy Neal reporting to
you direct and live from the airport.

Behind me, the plane that's
been causing all the excitement.

At this very moment, the last
few passengers are deplaning.

They'll be taken
by the F.B.I.

Over to the
administration building,

held there for questioning,

and in a few moments, the
demolition squad will move in

and start looking for that bomb
that's aboard the plane.

Right now, this is as close as
our cameras are permitted to go,

but as soon as possible,
we'll move in

for an even closer look
at the action.

Darling, is that you?

Oh, I didn't expect you
home so early.

Jim, what's the matter?

What's happened?
What is it?

Have you heard the news?
I mean about the bombs,

the ones they planted
on the airliner?

Jim, will you please-


Reporter: You are watching
the demolition squad

going through the baggage
that was aboard the plane,

still looking
for the bomb, and...

And wait just a minute.

I think they
may have found something.

Yes, they're moving back. I think
the squad have found the bomb,

in which case, now begins the most
dangerous, ticklish job of them all...

Jim, for the last time,
what is it?

Joan, please!

Reporter: That's it.
That's the bomb.

It seems incredibly small.

Such a small device to cause
such an excitement

and possibly such
tremendous destr-


What's this bombing thing
got to do with you?

I made that bomb.

You made it?

That's impossible.

Jim, this isn't something
you fool about.

It was mine, Joan.

I don't understand. How
could you have made that bomb?

What do you mean?

I got crossed up.

Crossed up but good,
that's how.

Are you expecting

No. No, I'm not.

Could it be the police?

No, that's stupid. They
couldn't have traced it to me.

Not this quickly
they couldn't have.



Hello. I'm Paul.

I'm Paul Hoplin. I'm a
friend of your husband.

May I come in?

So help me,
I'll kill you!

There, there,
take it easy.

Don't do anything

Just relax. Relax.

Come on down.

When I say come down,
come down.

All right, now,
both of you...

Don't do
anything foolish.

Who is this man?
What is this?

What's he done
to you?

What's he
done to me?

He's the guy that planted
those bombs on the plane.

Jim, I think you'd better
start right from the beginning.

One day this guy
barged into my shop.

Out of the blue,
he barged in.

Just who is he?

He's a fella
I knew in the army.

In the demolition squad,
to be exact.

He said he had an inside
track with the army.

He said that
if I could devise

a very small, very
compact detonating gismo,

he'd get me a government
contract, and I believed him.

Why not?

The idea made sense.
Made a lot of sense.

Let me cut through
all this.

I'm the man
that duped your husband

into making the bomb
that makes him the Patsy.

It's as short, sweet,
and as simple as that.

And you intended to use
it for this awful purpose

right from the start?

Oh, yes, ma'am.
Right from the word "go. "


Don't do anything stupid.

You were stupid when
you left the store early.

You're stupid because
you got people wondering.

Coming on top
of this bomb thing,

you can't afford to have people
wonder, can you, Jimmy boy?

Get to the point.

Why? I'm in no hurry.

You're the one that's
in danger, not me.

You made the bombs,

if you think

the police are going
to believe your story,

you got another thing
coming. It's too cockeyed.

Personally, I don't
think you got a prayer.

No, now!
Just a minute.

I can get it about
as quick as that.

And I think that's something
you should remember.

Why don't you be

Even if I got you
an army contract,

it would only amount
to scratch money anyway.

So we should put in
with you?

Why not?
You're in already.

you are insane.

Where's Pat?

Is she get home
from school yet?


What's Pat got
to do with this?

We're going to take
a little trip.

You and Jim...

And Pat and I.

The bomb was found in the
pocket on the back of seat 12-b.

This one right here?

Right. The passengers
who occupied these seats

have been
pretty well cleared.

Our hottest suspect
sat here-4-b.

It was a young girl,
pretty, smartly dressed.

According to
the stewardess' chart,

this woman
got on at Los Angeles,

had a through ticket to New York
but left the plane in Chicago.

I see.

That plane
Denver and Chicago.

Mm-hmm. Suitcase
containing the bomb

was checked through
to New York

by one of the passengers
boarding at Los Angeles.

May I see you down here
for a moment, please?

It was probably
that woman.

So she blew the plane
in Chicago-

excuse me. Mr. Adams
would like to see you

in the conference
room right away.

Thank you.
Be right there.

She blew the plane in Chicago
knowing she'd be questioned here.

Exactly. And she probably
dropped that second bomb

in the map pocket while the aisle
was crowded with debarking passengers.

I want a complete
description of this woman.

Question everybody

Right. Get the Chicago office
to try to get a line on her.

I will.

I want complete sets of
everyone on that plane.


Vacuum every particle around the
seat that this woman occupied.

Put the laboratory to work on
it full force around the clock.

You'll have our full,
all-out cooperation.

We've advised our key men
right down the line

to make all our facilities
available to you.

Good. Question
the ground crews,

anyone who had access to that plane.

Work with
these boys, Bert.

Begin by checking on
disgruntled employees,

anyone who has been fired
in the last few months.

The manufacturer saw
the timing device on TV.

Thinks his company
made some of the parts.

Good, good. Canvass anyone
who purchased those parts

in the last 6 months.

Put all the men on this
you can possibly use.

Over here, please. We
just had another phone call.

The extortionist?

Yes. We're to run an ad
in the personal column

of this
evening's paper.

It's to read,
"Mary, come home.

All is forgiven.
John. "

That signifies we're
willing to pay the 500,000.

If the ad
doesn't appear,

the next bomb will be
exploded in a plane in midair.

That's a grim choice.

Why can't this caller
be traced?

Phone company's doing
the best they can.

He never talks for more
than a few seconds at a time.

let's face it.

This guy's one step
ahead of us, all the way.

A bomb this small could
be planted anyplace.

We can't search
every passenger,

every inch of a plane,
every piece of luggage.

He can paralyze
the whole system.

What are we
going to do?

Strictly your
decision, gentlemen.

The policy of the bureau is not to
interfere in matters of this kind.

We've got
to play for time.

You mean
run the ad?


the longer we stall,

the better chance we have of getting
this fella before he pulls something else.

But this demand may
be only the beginning.

That's right.

Either we close down
the airline

or pay
the extortion money.

There's no alternative.

Under the circumstances, if
one of our planes was blown up,

we'd be morally responsible
for every life lost.

Morally responsible?
Hell, we'd be murderers.

It's bad enough you putting
a price on human lives,

and it's bad enough you making these
vicious, evil threats to extort money,

but why do you have to involve
an innocent child in this?

Settle for Joan and me.
We'll go with you.

We'll go with you now,
do anything you like.

I'll phone Miss Southport.
Don't touch the phone.

You can keep your gun in
my back the whole time.

I'll tell her we're going
away. I'll ask her to take Pat.

She's taken her before.
She'll think nothing of it.

I said
put the phone down.

Maybe you can get away
with kidnapping 2 adults,

but a little girl,
that's different.

She'll be
a dead giveaway.

Everyplace you take her, she's
going to be a dead giveaway.

Will you stop smirking at me
that way? Will you stop it?!

Honey, please.

Look, I can understand a guy
risking a few years in jail

for a stake of
a half million bucks.

That makes some sense,
at least,

but kidnapping? That's
something else again.

It's a capital offense.

Yes, Jim's right. The minute
you take us outside that door,

you're gambling
with your life.


Don't people gamble with
their lives every day?

Not with these odds,
they don't.

They don't?

Let's take an example
of a racing driver, hmm?

Going along at 150 miles
an hour, he gets a blowout,

and he smears himself
across the brick wall.

Isn't that chance,
a throw of the dice?



So mine's a game of skill.
It's me against the F.B.I.

Go back, Pat!
Go back!

Don't leave the bus!

Shut up.

Easy does it! Easy!

Run into the house, dear, and
see what your mother wants.

Shut the door.

Then she was calling.

Were you
calling me, mommy?

Why, no, Pat, darling.
Everything's all right.

Hi, daddy.

Who's he?

Oh, just somebody
your daddy knows.

Pat, darling, we're going
to take a little trip.

I want to get
my dolly.

Where are we going?

We're just going
to take a short ride.

Let's go.

Well, come on.
When I say "let's go,"

that's exactly
what I mean.


Keep moving.

Come on.

No, no,
no, no, no, no, no.

Get in front.

Put on the taped glasses.

You, too.
Shut the door.

All right.
Move, move, move.

Want to take
a look at this?

How about the mug book?
Any luck?

Nah. I'm afraid
they're far too sharp

to have used anyone with a
record to plant those bombs.

But we've got one of the
stewardesses over here,

and every passenger
remembers seeing the woman.

I think we're getting somewhere.

Good. So far we've
apparently built up

a pretty good likeness.
They all agree on that.

A short pug. The only thing
they haven't agreed upon

is the nose.

This is try number 10
- concave and pointed.

That's much closer.

Amazing how much a nose will
change a person's whole appearance.


How about this one?

Hey, right on schedule.

Why not?

Figured it out. Went
smooth as a grunion.

That Paul's
the greatest.

Isn't the boss kind of living it up?

So it cost him a month's rent,
but there are no neighbors.

All the molners can see
from the windows are shrubs.

Oh, I get it. Then...
A shrub's a shrub.

Pretty cool.

They can holler their heads
off. Nobody would hear.

Hey, come on down. I want
you to get a load of the pool.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

There it is.

Very nice.

But I'm more interested
in the bar.



Kelly, this is
Mr. and Mrs. Molner.


What'll it be?

The nearest bottle.

Show her that.

Yes, sir.
Kelly, wait.

"Mary, come home.
All is forgiven. John. "

Looks mighty pretty
in print.

Translated, that means,
"come and get it," Mr. Molner.

And there's your picture,
right on the front page.


How about that?

A pretty good
likeness, too.

We're big stuff,

Those F.B.I. Monkeys are
batting their brains out.

Come on, Kelly.
I want to talk to you.

They're going
to kill us.


Joan, honey.

Well, we're only
in their way.

Why shouldn't
they kill us?

The penalty for kidnapping's the same.

Whether we're alive or whether
we're dead, it's the same.

At least...

At least they're not
going to do it right off.

They've got something
in mind first.

But eventually
they will kill us.

But why Pat?!


We'll sneak her out

We just got to wait
our chance.

They'll never let us
out of their sight.

We've got to try

Regardless of how hopeless
the odds, we've got to try it.

Hey, get a load
of this.

Get a load
of what?

What it says here.

"Of the 10,957 cases

by the F.B.I. In 1956,

96.4% ended
in conviction. "

That's just splendid.

You want a drink or
something? Be my guest.

It's quite a game
of skill you're playing,

when the odds are 96.4%
against you.

Look, this girl's picture's

on the front of
every newspaper.

How are you going to get away with that?

Simple. Not let
anybody see her, that's all.

Let me have
your glass, honey.

But she got off the plane in
Chicago. They'll trail her.

Mm-mm. Not in a day,
they won't.

In fact, I doubt if
they can do it in a week.

Not the way I zigzagged
and backtracked, they won't.

Where'd you
get the R.D.X.?

There's one thing
they can trace.

Can they? All the way to Mexico?

You ever hear
of a jet perforator?

They use it for blasting
oil wells. It contains R.D.X.

Well, they sell them down
there, no questions asked.

And the typewriter we
used for the extortion note

is at the bottom
of Lake Michigan.

The paper was bought
in a dime store in Kansas City.

Suitcase was found
on a garbage dump in Phoenix.

You see?

They'll trace all the parts
to your shop.

But unfortunately,
they can't trace you.

And there are
no fingerprints anywhere.

Paul's been working on this
for over a year.

He's the greatest.

If you're going to kill us,
kill us now and get it over with!

Mommy! Mommy!

Pat, it's all right.

Shh, darling.
Mommy's here.

Think you
need a drink.

So you got
all the answers.

How about
the payoff?

How are you going to collect that money?

It's simple. I'm going to let
your wife collect it for me.


I'm going to collect...

What do you mean she's
going to collect it?

That's exactly
what I said.

You crazy?

I suppose you want her to tell
the F.B.I. The whole story.

I'm gambling she won't
tell the F.B.I.

I'm also gambling that the
F.B.I. Will give her the money.

And you think
that I'd do it,

that I'd be any part
of this filthy thing?!

You'll do it.



You'll do it.

You'll do it...

Though you won't know
where Patty is.

She'll be miles away.

So you better pull it off...

Or she dies.

Kelly will be there...

With this.

Ready to use it.

Ever see
one of these before?

It's called a shiv.

It's sharp.

It's got a point
as sharp as a needle.

Goes through a person's
body so fast,

they hardly feel it.

And the sides
are sharp, too.

They've been ground down,
and they're like a razor.

Let me show you.

You hardly felt it.

Cut it off like
it was butter.

A shiv like this
can slip,

slip very easily.

I'd keep that in mind
if I were you.

I'm never going to let
you take Pat from me.

Never! Never!

Boy, if you got it
all figured out,

there's just one thing
wrong, one little thing.

How are you going to collect
that money if we're dead?

Did you think for one second we'd
let you take this child from us,

that we'd let her go alone with
that vicious, sadistic woman?

Did you honestly
think that?

Even if we have to die
right here and now.

That's the way
we feel, Paul.

What's more, we're walking
out that front door.

If you want to shoot us in the back,

all 3 of us,
go ahead and do it.

But Pat doesn't go
without us.

Come here.

All right, Jim.
Let's go.

You got to be a good shot
to get that close.

The next one's
going to be a bull's-eye.

Ok, I'll buy your terms.
Hold it. Hold it!

Come back. Come on.
A little way from the door.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on.

All right, Steve. Go
get the door. Go on.

That's no bluff.
They mean it.

So, what now?

So, what now?
Molner goes with Pat.

You expect me
to handle them both?

All right, Vince
can go with you.

Who's going to watch the
broad while you're not here?

You're not going to leave
her alone with the creep?

at the moment,

I can't be concerned
with moral obligations.

At least we can rely on Steve for one thing
- she won't escape.

Ok, but I
don't like that.

So you don't
like it!

All right,
Mr. Molner...

All right, you two get your
things together. Get ready to go.

I buy your terms.
You go with Pat.

It's a calculated risk.
Why not?

Ok, I'll give you
10 seconds to think it over.




I don't know how,

but I'll get Pat
out of this.

I'll get her out.

Mrs. Molner's

Fine. Come on. Let's
move, the two of you.

Come on, let's move.





Reporter:... believe that the
timing mechanisms used in the device

were actually constructed
at this workbench,

right here in Jim Molner's
electrical shop.

...I'd like to show you some
parts, exact duplicates of those...

We have to stall
as long as we dare.

Don't overdo it.

Mr. Adams' residence.

Listen, don't try
to pull this on me again.

Now, I'm going to call back
in about 15 minutes,

and I want Adams
to answer immediately.

That means at once,
you understand?

I had your local exchange
on the other phone.

They have to trace back through
at least 2 more selector banks

before they can even determine what
exchange the call's coming from.


All you can do is stand by
the phone now, Mr. Adams.

Yes, sir.

How long
have you known them?

About 2 years.

What sort of people
are they?

I always thought
they were just nice...

What are those pills
you keep taking? Bennies.

Bennies? What's that?

Benzedrine, that's what
it is. I need them bad.


This guy in there, he
got me started on them.

In where?

In the stir.

He said it was just

to do me a favor.

But it was the dough
he was after.

Do you have to keep
staring at me that way?

I don't
mean nothing.

Roger Adams speaking.

You have the money at the
first national bank tomorrow

at exactly 12 noon.

At that time, you'll be
advised when, where, and how

to deliver the money.

Now, I want $500,000.

I want it in $20 bills, and
they're to be evenly divided

among the 12 federal
reserve districts.

That's an order.

16 seconds
is all he talked.

It's hopeless.

You gentlemen realize
the magnitude of this job?

Breaking that money down
into 12 districts

might involve sorting through
10, 20, or even 30 million bills.

Well, the federal
reserve bank

is the only place that can
handle a thing like this.

It's Henderson's
ball now.

This blocks any chance of giving this
guy bills with consecutive serial numbers,

you know that, don't you?


I got to hand it
to this cookie.

It's a good gimmick.

I'll try.

I doubt if the job can
be done by noon tomorrow.

Each girl can only sort through
about 3,500 bills in an hour.

We've got to meet
this deadline.

With a guy like this,
you don't kid around.

All right.
All right.

All I can do is get my
supervisor to hop right on it.

Now, watch him, Kelly.

All right, Molner.
This is it.

Come on.

If you were expecting
some deserted shack in the woods,

I'm sorry to have
crossed you up.

We're not that corny.

You're not dealing with two-bit
jerks, you know. This is a plush operation.

Come on, move it.

We're taking you to
my penthouse, no less,

on the roof,
all by itself.


No inquisitive

The greatest.

You must be
doing ok, Kelly-o,

to afford a pad
like that.

Must have spent over a grand on
this stuff while I was in there.

You spent it all
on benzedrine?

Yeah. Sure.

When you're in there
and you get thinking

about the dames and sex
and all, they really help.

Make you forget.

Why were you in prison?

Wasn't my fault.
It was a bad deal.

What do you mean,
a bad deal?

Well, it was down
in Georgia, see?

I was out this night, and
this dame picked me up.

She picked you up?



And then she started
fooling around a little.

Oh, I didn't
mean anything.

You know
what I mean.

I was just
fooling around.

Well, she started it, and I went along.

Who wouldn't?

Exactly why were you

Well, she started it.
You know what I mean.


When a dame starts
fooling around with a guy,

he gets kind of
excited, that's all.

You attacked her?

She started it.
She started it.

She kept after me

Well, it wasn't my fault.
I'm only flesh and blood.

Will you leave me alone?!

All right, come up.

We have to use
the stairs.

The elevator doesn't go to the
penthouse. Come on, move fast.

These stairs are the only
way up, in case you're interested.

Class, huh?

a view for you.

The greatest, huh?

The whole of queens.

The best room's

Come on.
I'll show you the bar.

14 stories high,
no fire escapes.

The stairs you came up are
the only way you can get down.

Hello. Yeah.

We're here.
Everything's ok.

You really barreled along, didn't you?

Is Pat
all right?

Hold it.

I've got to
talk to her.

Please let me
talk to her!

Hold it. She's ok. She's
with her old man, ain't she?

No, you
don't undeierstand.

A mother,
that's different.

You see, Pat's never
been away from me before.

Never for a night
and never like this.

Please. Please, just
let me talk to her.



I guess it would
be ok.

Put the little girl on.

Is Paul there?
Did he say it was ok?

Yeah, sure,
you egghead.

Paul said it was
all right.

Thank you.
Thank you very much.

Hello, Pat? Yes, darling.
Mommy's all right.

Yes. How's daddy?
Is he-

oh! Let me alone!
Let me alone!

You pig!

You filthy, horrible pig!

Pig! You keep away
from me!

You keep him away...

Keep him away from me.
I can't take it anymore!

Paul, I didn't
do nothing.

Paul, I didn't
do nothing!

Stand still.
Stand still.

All right,
where's the bennies?

Paul, I haven't
got any bennies.

No bennies, huh?

What's that?
What's that, huh?

No bennies? You don't
have any, do you, boy?

Now, Paul.

Listen to me.

You listen to me.

I swear, the next time, I'll kill you.

You understand that?

The next time,
I kill you.

Yes, Paul.

You understand?

Yes. I...

I won't take them
no more, I promise.

No more.

Listen to me.

None of this would
have happened...

Just let your kid
go along with Kelly,

it would have been
fine, see?

For the girls
just arriving,

you're to segregate the $20 bills
into the 12 federal reserve districts.

Take your places, girls, and
thank you very much for coming in.

Will you take your places,
please, girls?

The money's on your desks.

Just separate them into the
12 federal reserve districts.

Thank you very much for coming
in. This is an emergency.

We're keeping a running tabulation
on the bills as we sort them.

It'll take approximately 2,084
from each district.

I assure you, he intends pulling
something from left field.

What, I don't know,

but it's not going to be
any old wheeze

like throwing the money from a
train platform at a given signal.

About all we can do is saturate
the entire New York area with cars.

That's right. We've got to
be able to tail them in relays

or converge on any spot
in a few seconds.

From there on,
we play it by ear.

It's going to take time
to set up this machinery.

Exactly. That's why we
brought you here at 4 A.M.

What's going to stop this guy
from tuning in on our police calls

and beating us
to the punch?

Or on our own F.B.I.
Wavelengths, for that matter.

Just a minute, boys. You
all have ordinary car radios.

You're going to be tuned to a
disk jockey on WNEW-Bruce Wendell.

We're funneling our
instructions through him.

He's agreed to interrupt
his show at any time

to relay
the calls to you.

Yeah, and one thing
is certain-

any guy pulling
a fancy caper like this

isn't going to have time to sit
around listening to a disk jockey.

That's for sure.

All right, you all have
your instructions. Hop to it.

Ok, you're clear.

I'm back.
Everything's set.

Wendell's been fully briefed.
I'm leaving Stafford here.


Thanks a lot, Bruce.

More than welcome.

See you later.

Wait a minute.

You got to have
the money back by 1:30.

That's the deadline.
1:30 exactly.


Would you be polite
enough to shut the door?

The instructions
given me were explicit.

They began with
my entering this bank.

I was to ask for Mr. Adams,

president of
20th century airlines.

Hoplin said he'd be there.

Pardon me.
Yes, Miss?

Could you please tell me
where I could find Mr. Adams?

Mrs. Molner.

Thank you.
Mrs. Molner.

Would you come
this way, please?

Who's that?

This woman is here
to see you, Mr. Adams.

She says her name
is Mrs. James Molner.

Mrs. Molner?

She came here?

And of her own

It's incredible.

My husband made the timing
mechanism used for those bombs.

That you already know.
He was tricked into it.

He had no idea it was going to be used
for this terrible, terrible purpose.

They came to our house,
and they kidnapped us.

At the point of a gun,
they kidnapped us.

And last night...

Last night they took away
my husband and my little girl


And I don't know
where they took them.

I don't know where
they took them.


They've threatened
to kill them

if I didn't come here
to collect the money.

Anyway, this is the box
you're to put the money in.

They threatened to kill them
if you didn't give it to me

or if you tried to follow me
or if anything goes wrong,

anything at all!

They gave me a deadline.

I have to be back
with the money at 1:30.

That's their deadline.
1:30 on the dot.

And if I'm late...
If I'm just one minute late,

my husband...

And my daughter
will both be murdered!

They'll both be murdered,
and that's why I'm here!

This is utterly

How do we even know
this woman is Mrs. Molner?

She's Mrs. Molner,
all right.

How else would she have
known you were here?

Besides, we have photographs
of her and her little girl.

You had pictures and didn't
give them to the newspapers?

That would be the
last thing we would do.

If this woman is
telling the truth,

we would have been
signing her death warrant.

We probed the Molner
family pretty carefully.

Their being part of this
thing just didn't add up.

You believe
her story?

Let's put it this way
- it could be true.

Put that money in
the box right away.

Wait a minute. You're
going to give her the money

and let her walk
out of here scot-free?

Here's the little girl's

But this woman
may be lying.

Could be just
a trick.

You admit yourself
she may be lying.

That's quite true. Then
again, she may not be.

Would you care to have that little
girl's death on your conscience?

Well, no, but...

Gentlemen, I don't know
where this is going to end,

but I'm not going to
gamble with lives,

even if it means
busting the company.

Get going.

They didn't think for one
minute you'd give me the money

because of my husband
and little girl.

This man in back of it,
he's horrible and vicious.

He told me
to give you this.

The threat against
my husband and little girl

was just to force me
into coming here.

This was the lever to
make you give me the money.

One of these is planted
where it will kill 100 people.

It isn't set to go off
till 1:45.

They'll notify you
where it is,

notify you in time,

if I'm back with
the money at 1:30.

I want
every plane grounded.

Radio the pilots. Have them
land at the nearest fields.

Get the passengers off
the plane. That's an order.

Send the cars from group
"a" down to the airport.

Alert the police. Have the
demolition squad go over the place

from top to bottom. I suggest
they start with the public lockers.

Wait a minute. How about the hangars?
We employ a lot of people there.

Include the hangars. Anyplace
else you can think of.

Oh, it's useless. They've hidden
the bomb where no one can find it.

Believe me. I know them.

Could be anyplace
in the United States.

Right here in the bank, for that matter.

Anyway, search everywhere. Do the
best you can. Get it organized.

I'll take care
of it.

Officer: It's ready, sir.

This is only
the beginning, you know.

These men
have to be stopped.

This can only end
one way-in disaster.

Who's behind it?

A man. His
first name is Paul.

That's all I know
about him.

Except he was in the demolition
squad with my husband.

Have the army check Molner's
record, who he served with.

Hop on it. Who else is in it?

There's a woman. They call her
Kelly. She's with Jim and Pat.

Oh, that picture in the paper,
it was a good likeness of her.

Any other men?

Look, it's 11 minutes
after 12:00.

I want these men caught more
than anyone else in this room,

but I have to be back there
at 1:30 with the money.

Where are you
taking it?

No. If you try to
follow me, they can tell.

They have it all figured out. It's the one
thing I wouldn't tell you even if I knew.

You don't know?

I'm to get my instructions
along the way.

These other men, what can
you tell us about them?

One they call Steve. He has a
record. He attacked a woman once.


In Georgia.
I think he said Georgia.

Oh, here's something-
he's a benzedrine addict.

He started taking them
in prison.

What prison?

Oh, look, another
minute's gone by...

Check the Georgia

It might take me
an hour...

He may be an addict.

Mrs. Molner, this is our one
chance. You understand that.

Look, it's not only
her husband and daughter,

it's the lives
of 100 other people.

We're aware of that.
Where did they take you?

A big house. They made us
wear taped glasses.

We couldn't see.
Please hurry.

Look, when you were on the inside,
you could see through the windows?

Yes, yes.
Please hurry.

All right, now,
this is very heavy.

Oh, about these windows
- what did you see?

Just a garden
and a high hedge.

And how long did it take to
drive there from your house?

Oh, I don't know.
It was an hour.

Maybe more.
I don't know.

This man Paul, can you describe him?

He's about 35, heavyset, wears glasses.

Look, how does anybody describe
anybody?! Won't you please let me go?

All right, Mrs. Molner. All right.

The machinery's all set. They can pick
her up the minute she leaves this bank.

We've got a perfectly
greased setup.

There are 26 cars
waiting to move in.

No one car will tail her
for more than a block.

Chances are 9 out of 10
they'll never spot our tail.

That gives us 1 chance out of 10
that 102 people will be killed.

The answer's no.

Chuck, grab the first
plane to Washington.

I think our best chance of
cracking this thing is in the lab.

Camp there.
Stay with it.


I wondered, was it a trick?

Were the F.B.I.
Trailing me after all?

Or were they letting me walk out
with half a million dollars scot-free?

The uncertainty
was nerve-racking.

When I got to the corner,
the signal was against me.

I had to wait.

Every foot I was to travel,
every move I was to make

had been planned and rehearsed
and drilled into me.

He called it foolproof.

That was Hoplin's claim.

If I followed his meticulous
directions, no one could tail me,

not without my knowing it.

Yet my eyes kept darting
furtively toward the door.

I found myself anxiously studying the
face of every person entering the building.

Was that person
an F.B.I. Agent?

Was I being followed?

I had been instructed
to get off on the eighth floor,

head down the corridor,
and go directly to the stairs.

Here I was to wait 50 seconds.

50 seconds exactly.

Time was running out on me fast,
alarmingly fast.

It was 12:37.

It was torture
just standing there waiting,

waiting for
those seconds to pass.

Those 50 agonizing seconds
seemed like an eternity.

16 seconds more to go.

Now 13 seconds left.

9 seconds...

Then I'd had it.

It was still hard to believe that
the F.B.I. Weren't trailing me.

A tan convertible
was parked in the alley,

sitting there,
waiting for me,

just as he said
it would be.

My instructions
were to proceed

directly to the West Side highway
and head north toward the Bronx.

I was to flip on the radio.

It would already be tuned in
on the Bronx police calls.

In the glove compartment, I'd find the rest
of my orders written out for me in detail.

"Your next instructions
will come over the police radio.

"Listen for reference
to redheaded prowler.

"Go to the address.

"The street number will be
given to you in reverse

and the adadline-
1:30 on the dot. "

Hoplin's touch
of sardonic whimsy.

Who else would have
the audacity

to use police calls
to transmit his instructions?

Hello. Let me have
the police department.

Hello. Hello. Listen,

there's some screwball been
hanging around my place all day,

and I'd like to have you
come over and investigate.

He's redheaded. Yeah.

Uh... my address
is, uh...

This is a code 2.
Go to riverdale section.

1271 kappock street.

A man reports a prowler.

The prowler is redheaded...


Unscrambled that was...


That's it.
1721 kappock street.

When I turned the corner,
I thought I had room to make it

between a truck ahead
and a safety island.

But the truck
kept edging me over.

When I saw I couldn't squeeze
through, it was too late.

I had to swing to the right,
swing fast.

Officer: You can't
stop here, lady.

Don't you

Now, get going or I'm
going to give you a ticket!

There were now only
34 minutes left before the deadline.

I was boxed in a 2-lane strip
of highway headed for Brooklyn,

headed in the exact opposite
direction from kappock street.

And when I crossed
through the tunnel, what then?

How much further
I'd still have to go

before I could turn around
I didn't know.

10 points.

Hey, what gives?
That adds up to 11.

So sue me. Look,
I'm not in the mood.


What do you mean

You're sweating.
Look at you.

Your hand shakes
like an old woman.

How it shakes.
It shakes.

Boy, I swear.

I met a lot of weird
doxies in my day.

You top 'em all.

Putting a shiv in
this little kid's belly

wouldn't bother you
at all, would it?

Sure, it would
bother me...

But not a half a million dollars' worth.

I didn't have a chance

of making
riverdale by 1:30,

not if I kept
within the speed limit,

not if I obeyed the law
and stayed in one lane.

Look, honey, I knocked
a guy off once.

That was in the heat
of pulling the job.

That's different. See,
that's a lot different.

Hey, take it
easy. Relax.

going wrong.

Paul's the greatest, remember?

Yeah. So it
works today.

He's not going to let
them live. You know that.

Where's the nearest place
I can turn around?

About a quarter of a mile
further on, lady. Take the center lane.

Thank you.

Come and sit
down, ok? Yeah.

Daddy, when are we going to see mommy?

Soon, honey.

Ha ha!
Funny dog.

He's tied his nose up
with a piece of ribbon.

When I finally reached the place

where I could turn back,
the stoplight was against me.

All I could do
was sit there and wait.

Don't you
ever clean?

She ain't here yet.

I said
she ain't here yet.


Well, she ought to
be here by now.

It's 1:16 already.

Better check
your watch

because it's
1:08. 1:08.

Even with the hardest kind of driving

and every traffic break
in my favor,

any chance of making riverdale
by 1:30 was pretty dim.

And a $90 check
made out to the same party...

She should
be here by now.

You said that

How can you live
in a mess like this?

At this speed,

it was just asking
for a cop to pick me up,

but what else could I do?
It was now 1:11.

It's a piece of chewing
gum magnified 400 times.

Notice the perfect impression
we have of the bite.

It was found on the plane in an ashtray.

The ashtray
was on the seat

next to where our suspect was sitting.

And it was chewed
by a woman.

There were traces
of lipstick.

For the moment,
it's our best lead.

They're making a plaster
of paris mold of the teeth.

Have a look. The irregular position

of the bicuspids
is a big help.

Also, the first bicuspid
has 2 surface fillings.

That's important in
making an identification.

At last I was back,

headed up the ramp
to the West Side highway.

This was an overhead

and a direct route
to riverdale.

Ok, ok. Why
isn't she here?

Shut up.

You told her to take the
West Side highway, didn't you?

Well, how long
did it take you

to make it here from the
battery? 20 minutes? 25?

All right! So maybe I
drive faster than she does.

Yeah. And maybe
they trailed her.

Maybe they
caught up with her.

Maybe they didn't, huh?
Maybe they didn't.

Hold on now.
Where are you going?

I'm going to lay her down on the bed.

You have
any objection?

Go ahead.

My eyes kept darting

from the dashboard clock
to the road behind.

At any second,
a speed cop could appear.

That would be the end.

When do you
expect the call?

What call?

The call
from Paul.


on the money...

Whether my wife has or has
not delivered it to him.

Look, I'm not telling you anything.

Come on,
what time?

What time?




9 minutes
from now.

It's 1:22. I don't like it, Paul.

I just don't
like it.

gone wrong.

Nothing's gone wrong.
She'll be here.

There were 8 minutes left,

8 short, vanishing minutes,
and that was it.

Well, this does it. 1:28.
I'm blowing out of here.

You're not going

Now, nobody
walks out on me.

Then why ain't she here?
Why ain't she here?!

I don't know
why she ain't here,

and I don't know
why you don't keep

your big,
fat mouth shut.

I had 3 miles to go

and 4 minutes
to make it in.



I'll give her
one more minute...

One more minute,
and that's it.

That's it.


This is Paul.

Look, it's 1:31.
She hasn't come yet.

It's 1:31.
She hasn't arrived yet.

I thought you were
the big mastermind,

the guy who never
pulled boo-boos.

Do what you're told.
You know what to do.

Hey, there's a car coming up
the street, coming up fast.

He says hold on
a minute.

There's a car coming
up the street.

Listen, hang on
a minute.

Give me a hand.
That's it.

All right, get busy.
Start checking it.

Hello, Kelly.
This is Paul.

Look, we got the money.
We're checking it now.

So far, everything looks
fine. Yeah, all right.

It's ok.

Everything's fine,
fine, fine, fine.



There wasn't
any bomb.

Not this time,
there wasn't.

Come on. Let's get
back to the office.

Positive identification can be
made from tooth irregularities.

These depressions
are the fossa,

and these projections
are the ridges.

Like fingerprints,
no 2 teeth

are identical
in every respect.

Now, how do
you determine

the length of the woman's teeth?

Well, there's
a correlation

between width
and length.

Now, this amalgam
filling gives us a break.

The chipped edges along the
ridges here help in identification-

now, you feel
you have

an exact replica of the woman's teeth?

That's right.

All right, have
them photographed.

Run off several
hundred copies.

This is
Charles Pope.

I'd like to place
a New York call.

I'll be back
in a couple hours.

You're not going to leave
me here with this man.

I'm not going to leave you
here alone, that's a cinch.

Well, then let me go with you, please.

Anything at all,

but don't
leave me here

with this...

Ha ha. Degenerate.


You know, I don't
understand you, lady.

First, you have
a husband and daughter

who missed death by the
narrow margin of 30 seconds,

and now you stand here
with this anticlimactic


Well, I have
news for you.

It's no sale.


Women talk
too much.

Sometimes they say
things they shouldn't say.

Now, there's
every possibility

that the dentist who put in
the filling took the x-rays.

The fact that her first
or last name is Kelly

and that she's young,
pretty, a brunette,

and has a particular type
of amalgam filling

should funnel the dentists
we have to interview

down to a few dozen.

Of course, the work
could have been done anywhere.

Well, it's
a fair guess

it was done right here in New York City.

Their activities seem
to be centered here.

At any rate, it's
worth a try. What can we lose?

Ok, thanks.
Bring the photos.

Get here as quickly
as you can.

As soon as pope
gets here,

start canvassing every
dentist in New York City.

Include all
the boroughs.

Keep it up
around the clock.

We can get the dentists' home
phone numbers from the a. D.A.

Good. Put a team
on it right now.

All we had gained

is a stay of execution.

Then and there,
I made up my mind

I was going to save
Pat's life,

of how I did it,

regardless of the risk.

I could see the door
of the elevator housing.

I wondered
if there was any way

to get from the floor
of that room

into the elevator
shaft itself.

Look, honey, I'm going to
leave you for a little while.

Just stay here.
Don't you worry.

It was a desperate idea,

but it was worth

I need a little
fresh air.


Pat's life and mine might depend
on something as trivial

as whether a door
was locked or unlocked.

I was fighting time.
I'd been fighting time

ever since Hoplin
came to our house.

At any moment, Vince or Kelly
could get curious

and decide
to check up on me.

Now... was that door
locked or unlocked?

There was an opening
into the shaft.

It was small,

just large enough
for a man to squeeze through,

but it was there.

Suppose the car
started up

while I was midway
sliding down the cables?

It was terrifying
just looking down that hole.

I decided to wait
until after midnight,

when the fewest people
were using the elevator.

Then I'd try it.

They were always
after me.

Please, I just don't
want to hear any more.

Maybe they knew
I was an ex-con.

When they started
chasing me,

I'd take a couple of
bennies just to keep going.

They wouldn't
leave me alone.

Why isn't he back?

He's been gone nearly
a couple of hours.

It's nearly 6:00.

You see, there was
a story in the papers

about a guy
in a blue convertible...

Who raped a dame.

My brother asked me
if I was the one,

and I told him
I couldn't remember.

You couldn't remember?

that's right.

Those troopers, they
were always after me.

They got me
all mixed up.

They said I tried to
pull a knife on her.

You killed her!

Honest, I wouldn't have
laid a finger on her,

but... but she saw
the knife,

and I knew
I was in trouble.

She would have
called the cops.

I won't listen
to this.

I just won't
listen to this!

She was the one!

She made it worse
on herself.

If she would have
left me alone,

everything would have
been all right.

It wasn't my fault.



I wouldn't try that!

Why did I make
that dash for the door? Why?

As long as they
were holding

my husband and my daughter
at the point of a gun,

I couldn't leave.

It was the last thing
I could do.


no, I'm afraid not.
She wasn't my Patient.

Well, it's highly important
you keep looking.

If you have any luck,
call us here.

Thank you, doctor.

Another blank?



Can I have a package
of cigarettes, please?

All right,
thank you.


Where's Steve?

He went out.

Out? What do you mean he went out?

It was
the benzedrine.

He just had to
have some.

You know
how he was.


So, he just left you here alone, huh?

Why not?
I was alone

when I went to the bank, wasn't I?

the difference-

the difference is I
told him to stay here.

the difference.

I guess he figured I wouldn't
jeopardize my husband and Pat.

Anyway, I... I guess
that's what he thought.

How about a drink?

What do you mean,
how about a drink?

I'd like
to have one.

Last time I offered
you a drink,

you threw it
on the floor.

I know, but I'd just
like to have a drink.

Seems to be
only bourbon here.

That'll be fine.

All right.

Looks like
this Steve is

a pretty sloppy

He was sort of
in a bad way

when he left
this afternoon.

What if he
doesn't come back?

That would be
a pity...

Be a pity,
especially for you.

What do you mean,
a pity for me?

Because I was counting
on Steve for my next job.

Maybe he was
afraid to come back.

You threatened to kill
him. You did. Remember?

I remember.

In that case,
I'm afraid

I'd just have to
find a way

to persuade you
to take his place.

Here's your...
Here's your drink.

You're very shaky.

Being left alone with
an animal like that

is enough to unnerve any woman!

I imagine it is.

Put these on

when we get
in the car.

are we going?

We're going
to an apartment,

Vince's apartment, if
it's any interest to you.

Maybe you don't
think it's time

we changed the base
of operations.

Anyway, Steve wasn't
much use to me.

Well, come on.
Come on.

One thing is
certain, isn't it?

He's no use to me
at all now, is he?

Isn't that right?

What do you mean?

I mean he's dead.

Shall we go?

Go on.

I want a picture of this Molner woman.

Dig up every
friend and relative.

Somebody must have
a photo of her.

I don't care how you
get it, but get it.


I waited until nearly 2:00.

I knew that the later
I made it,

the better my chances that
no one would use the elevator.

Of course, it was
a fearful gamble at best,

but I figured that if I coul
slide down those hose cables

and get out
through the car,

I could then call the police,
come back, and save Pat.

I realized
if I was on those cables

and the car started up,

I'd either have to fall
to my death

or be crushed
in the machinery above.

It wasn't
a very pleasant choice.

I'm going out to get
some sandwiches and beer.

One thing was certain-

there'd be
no turning back.

Once I lowered myself
into that shaft,

I'd never have the strength
to pull myself up again.

Wait a minute.

Have a good
night, sir.

7, 8, 9.

Thank you
very much.

We hated to get you down here
at this time of night, doctor,

but it's a matter of grave
importance, believe me.

They called her Kelly. Of
course, it could be a nickname.

Somewhere on the sides of that door

was a catch
which would open it,

but where it was
I didn't know.

My dear, what floor
are you going to?


Would you mind very much
taking me down first?

I've just had a call
from the hospital.

My husband's had
a turn for the worse.

This photo doesn't show

much of the sides
of the teeth.

But the view
from the top,

the misalignment
of bicuspids,

appears to be

Hey... this is it.


Both bicuspids have the same
filling and tooth structure.

And it isn't Joyce.
It's Eileen Kelly.

She's your girl,
all right.

I see. What's
that address, doctor?

Evermire arms, 52nd
and east river drive-

just a few minutes
from here.

Thank you. Thank you
very much, doctor.

You're welcome.

I wondered how much clearance there'd be

between the roof of the elevator
and the top of the shaft.

Would it be a matter
of feet... or inches?



Oh. I want to use
your telephone.

Where is it?

Who are you?

What is this?

Get me the police,
and hurry.

Want to get Molner?

Yeah, honey. I'll get
him in a minute, huh?

Just one minute,

Get here as fast
as you can.

What's this
all about?

Hey, Molner.


Kelly! Kelly!

Kelly, Molner's gone!
He's gone! Come on!

I'd like to see
Miss Eileen Kelly, please.

She's in
the penthouse.

Take the elevator
to the 13th floor.

Thank you.

And walk up
one flight.


Where is he?!

I don't know how he
did it, but he's gone.

What do we do,

We got to blow
this place fast.

He's called
for the cops.

That's for sure.
Let's go! Come on!

Oh, how about
the brat?

I'm going to
take care of her.

Will you forget
about her?

I'm coming back up.

Cover the door.

Come on up.

All right, I am.

Jim Molner-

I know.
We're F.B.I.

They got my daughter upstairs,

and they're going to kill her.

How many are there?

Just 2
- a man and a woman.

Stay back.

This is the F.B.I.

We're coming in.
Drop your guns.

Hold it right there!
Come on down.

You stupid jerk.

Over by the wall. Put
your hands on top of your head.

Work quickly, boys.

Pat's still asleep
in the bedroom.

They haven't
touched her.


What about my wife?
What about her?

When Hoplin finds out
what's happened here -

He'll kill her.
He'll kill her!

Yeah, I know.

It's bad news, all right. Really bad.

Well, with all this commotion
going on around here,

it was bound to get
to the reporters.

Well, it's
hot copy.

If Paul reads this,
he'll kill her.

There's only one man
that can save your wife.

There he sits,
right in there.

He knows
where they are.

Haven't been able to break him down yet.

We haven't even
made a dent.

Not doing much better
with that Kelly girl.

We got
a couple of men

interrogating her at
the emergency hospital.

Let's get
back to work.

You understand,
this is a little offbeat,

questioning the guy
here in this apartment.

But if that phone call
comes through,

he's got to be here.
That's a cinch.

Just stay there
a minute.

All rightie. Just sit down over there.

Go on, go on.
Sit, sit, sit, sit.

All right.

It's a shame Vince had
to go with your husband

because it means you have
to take Steve's place now.

I want to talk to Jim,
and I want to talk to Pat.

You'll talk.
You'll talk.

I want to talk
to them now.

Isn't that funny?
You wouldn't think

that Vince would be
a connoisseur of art.

I want to talk
to them now.

You'll talk. I told
you you'll talk to them.


Shut up.

I said you'll
talk to them.

You want a cup
of coffee?

For the last time,
where is she?

You guys
must be nuts.

I mean, why should I
rat on a pal of mine

to save some broad, huh? I mean, why?

I'll give you
one good reason-

because a jury
might be inclined

to be a little easier on you
if you cooperate

to help save
this woman's life.

Easier. Easier, the man says.
You hear him?

What are they going to
do for me?

They going to put a feather
pillow on the electric chair?

Is that what you mean
by easier?

Look, buster, the jury's

going to throw the book
at me either way,

and you jokers
know it.

You aren't going to see
any part of that 500,000.

That's for sure.

I know it.
I know it.

I also know what happens
to guys that sing.

I don't want
some stir-crazy bum

sticking a shiv
in my back!

I'll make him talk!

Take it easy.

Where is she?!
Where is she?!

Take it easy.

Ok, ok.

Believe me,
Mr. Molner,

we know exactly
how you feel,

but that's not
going to help.

That phone's going to ring any minute.

Everything depends
on that man.

He's got
to answer it,

make like
everything's ok.

I think we have
a 50/50 chance

he'll go along with
us at least that far.

can he lose?

Rather take
a chance with him

than with that
Kelly dame, huh?


The water will be
boiling in a minute.

Then we'll have
the coffee, huh?

Why are you

What do you mean,

Why can't I
talk to them?

I told you, you'll talk to them later.

Are they dead?

Listen to me
and pay attention.

As long as you do
as you're told,

they stay alive.
You understand that?

How do I know that you
haven't killed them?

Now, you
listen to me,

because I'm not
going to do

anything you tell me
to do, anything at all-

Wait a minute.

Now, listen.

You want to talk
to them? Huh?

You be quiet.
You make noise,

I promise you, you
won't talk to anybody.


Take it easy.

Want to see if that's the paper, please?

Thank you.

Now remember, Pat,

if you talk to your
mother on the telephone,

don't say anything
about our being saved.

Because this man, the bad man
that took your mommy,

he might be listening,
and we don't want-

ok, Vince.

Go on! Answer it!

Now, you watch it.


Hello, Vince. Listen, how's everything?

I want to talk
to my husband.

All right. Look, I said you be quiet.

We made a deal.
You can talk.


Hello. Hello.

Your wife.

Darling? Darling?

Oh, Jim. Jim, darling,
you're all right.

Oh, it's wonderful
to hear your voice.

How are you? Are you
all right? Where are you?

I don't know
where I am.

He made me wear
those taped glasses again.

Jim... Jim,
I don't know

how long he's going to
let me talk.

Will you put
Pat on, please?

She's right here.

Mommy! Mommy!


Pat, how are you?
Are they treating you well?

Are you feeling
all right?

Fine, mommy.

What are they
giving you to eat?

Hot dogs and lots of ice cream.

Oh, mommy,
I miss you.

When are you
coming back?

Very soon,


What's the matter?
What's happening?

Joan, what's
the matter?

Jim. Jim,
I'm so very happy.

Jim, I love you
very much.

I love you
and Pat very much.

Give me the phone.
Give me the phone.

If anything
happens to me,

remember I love you very much. No!

They're hurting mommy!
They're hurting mommy!

Daddy, don't let them
hurt mommy!

Go, huh?
No, no, no.

It's all right, honey.
It's all right, honey.

You still
have a chance

to save this
woman's life.

Time's running out fast.

You didn't say anything in the bank?

You're sure?



Think they got
anything on that call?

I'll check.

I need a cigarette.

If anyone moves,
even a muscle,

this goes
into his gut!

Where is she?
Where is she?

Where is she?

Goes through
a person's body so fast,

he can't even
feel it, right?


Take it easy,

I'm going to kill him.
I'm going to kill him.

Where is she?

6 barrow street,
second floor.

We got it.

6 barrow street,
second floor.

Get there as quickly as you can.

There's a man
after me!

He's going to kill me! Call the police!

Please, call
the police!

Stop! Stop!

There's a woman down
there in the subway.

A man's after her
with a gun.

She's trying to escape along
the tube going that way.

You cover the tube
from here.

We'll work back from
the next station.



There's a woman
down there in the subway!

We heard a scream.

I think she's up there
in the tunnel.

Don't go down there!
There's a train due!

You're going to
be killed!