Cry 'Havoc' (1943) - full transcript

The Army nurses on Bataan need help badly, but when it arrives, it sure isn't what they expected. A motley crew, including a Southern belle, a waitress, and a stripper, show up. Many conflicts arise among these women who are thrown together in what is a desperate and ultimately hopeless situation.

This is the story of 13 women.

Only two of them, Captain Alice Marsh
and Lieutenant Mary Smith,

were members of the Armed Forces
of the United States.

The others were civilians.

American women who until that
fateful day in December

knew no more of war than did you.

Or your nearest neighbor.

Miss Smith.

Miss Smith. They're bringing in
four more truck loads.

Where we going to put them?

You'll just have to leave them outside
under the trees for the time being.

Put the serious ones in the truck shed.

After that, call me.
I'll pick up the ones in surgery.


- Getting in a good nap?
- Well.

Miss Smith. Captain Marsh
wishes to see you right away.

She's in the supply room.

All right. Finish this.

I think he'll be okay now. But if his
pulse falls, send for Major Williams.

All right.

Hi, lieutenant.

Well, you came back fast.

Sure, I'm just goldbricking.

- Hello, Smitty.
- Hello.

I sent Flo Norris
down to Mariveles with a truck.

They got a fishing boat
through from Corregidor last night.

Wanna add anything to the list?

Quinine. And more quinine.

I don't think they've
got much more, Smitty.

What good does it do for Major Williams
to perform brilliant operations

and then have them all die of malaria?

We're got to get more quinine.

They'll send us what they can.

Anything else?


About three dozen well-trained nurses.

I don't know about the three dozen.

But I have an idea
that may be of some help.

Yeah. What?

There are several thousand refugees
from Manilla at Mariveles.

A few of the women have had some
training. First aid at least.

I'm gonna have Flo scour the town
to see what she can find.

I guess they could scrub floors
and roll bandages.

Some of the nurses haven't
been to bed in three days.

When did you get your
last sleep, Smitty?

Three hours a night sleep.

You wouldn't fool me, would you?

No, I wouldn't fool you.

Well, anyway, I wouldn't fool you.

There's only one chance for you, Smitty.
And I'm going to see that you take it.

Somehow I'll get you to Corregidor.

There's every chance
you'll get a submarine to Australia.

Please. Can't a -

But they've developed
all sorts of treatments.

Drugs and things that we
don't begin to have here.

In a decent hospital in Australia,
you'll have a chance. But here -

I won't go.

Suppose I make it an order.

Make it an order?

I'll obey, of course.

Look, Cap. I'll make a deal with you.

I haven't had an attack in 5 weeks now.

When I get another attack, that would
be time enough to talk about it.

But until then -

Come in.

- Hello, Flo.
- Hello, Smitty.

Already, captain.

Here's your list, Flo.

Thank you.

I don't suppose you'll be able
to get half the things.

But bring back what you can.

And for heaven's sakes,
bring back some girls.

I'll do my best.

And say a prayer for that truck.

It thinks it's the Army mule.

Good bye.


Speaks Filipino.

Okay. Thanks very much.

What did he say to you, Pat?

Just told me how the
road was on ahead.

Well, tell me. I'm old enough to know.

All good soft sand, he said.

Plenty of nice ruts.

You would like to know
what he said what he said?


He said welcome to Bataan.

May your days be happy in Bataan.



I think that was
right pleasant of him.

You know, girls.

I think we're going
to have a good time here.


Hey, what's the big idea?

Sorry, gals.

I thought maybe it'd start
if I let in the clutch.

Can't we stop pushing
this awful thing?

I'm tired.

Now ain't that too bad?

I'm not used to it.

Cuz me I push trucks for a living.

Aw, let her alone, Pat.

Quit riding her.

So sorry.

How you doing, gals?

How much further do we have
to push this rattletrap?

There's a repair unit
two miles down the line.

Is it always nice and cool like this?

It doesn't bother me.

I played five shows a day
in Brooklyn in July.

Well, it's not bad today.

You'll get used to it.

They say after you've been in the Army a
while, you can do anything a horse does.

I don't want to do what a horse does.

I want to be a nurse's aide.

Don't worry. You will be.

Don't think you won't be welcome.

There's isn't a nurse down there

who's had more than four hours sleep
in the last two weeks.

I can't wait to see Smitty's face
when she sees you.


Lieutenant Smith to us.

She's the one we take orders from.

What orders is that?

We're volunteers, aren't we?

Yeah, we're volunteers.

But we take orders like the rest.

From a dame?

From a swell dame.

The war front.

How far away are they?

The Japs I mean?

About 45 miles up the line.

Okay. Here we go.

That's Captain Marsh's office
in the tent.

I suppose you better announce yourself.

You'll get a royal welcome.

Well, thanks for landing us, Flo.

I'd rather push this truck
than ride in it any day.

Our thanks, Flo.

I wish we could go to Boston.

Well, since they didn't announce us,
we definitely should announce ourselves.

Should we knock or barge right in?

We better knock, I should think.

Well, how do you knock on a tent?

Captain Marsh?

I'm sorry, Captain Marsh, but we -

I'm Director Marsh's assistant.

Smith is the name.


Well, what can I do for you?

Well, not a thing in the world, sister.

We thought we might
do something for you.

They told us this hospital was anxious
for volunteers to help the nurses.

Oh. Flo Norris brought you over.

Yes, from Mariveles.

But is this all of you?

It's all she could get, I guess.

We skipped out of Manilla
before the Japs got there.

We figured we'd rather be in Mariveles
than in a concentration camp.

I don't blame you.

We're willing to do anything we can.

We've all had a little first aid.

That's fine.

We've been praying for help.

Well, you got it.

I hope so.

You hope so?

Well, is there anything
the matter with us

a little soap and water wouldn't fix?

No. Certainly not.

Only you don't look exactly -

Well, you're all so young and pretty.

Maybe the soldiers won't mind, huh?

No. I'm sure they won't.

Well, the first thing to do
is get you into some work clothes.

And I can't promise you ones that fit.

All right. Come along with me
and I'll see what I can find.

And I'll show you a sweater.

Excuse me, miss.

Do you happen to run across
a Marine by the name of Tod Summers?


No. No, I haven't.

Well, he's my boyfriend
down in Alabama.

And the day after we became engaged,
he joined the Marines.

I followed him to Manila.

But I couldn't find him anywhere.


We might as well be in different wars.

Yes. I see what you mean.

Captain Marsh.

Oh, hello, Norris.

Any luck?

I got nine.

Only nine?

I must have
talked to a couple of hundred.

But only nine stepped up.

They're coming now.

Well, I'm grateful for anything.

Did you get any quinine?

Not enough.

Got plenty of rice though.

And dried fruit.

No fish?

Naw, the fishermen won't go out anymore.

You can't blame them.

The Japs strafe them in the daytime.

Our guns fire on them
when they try to come back at night.

Well, I'm glad you got the girls anyway.

I'll see you later.


We heard in Mariveles,

that General MacArthur might
move everyone to Corregidor.

If reinforcements didn't come soon.

Isn't that so?

I wouldn't know.

Is it very bad?

It's not too good.

Hey, look at that.

Hope he likes our looks.

Well, I like his.

How can you tell from here?

I don't have to see his face, do I?

We gonna live underground?

It's a lot safer.

Safer than what?

Bombs, honey, bombs.

Well, these are your quarters.

- So this is it?
- We'll make do.

All right. You might as well
drop your things.

We'll check you to your room.

Couldn't the introductions wait

till we shake ourselves loose
from a little of this dust?


Suppose you each call out your name
and the kind of work you've done.

Start with you.

Pat Conlin.

What was your work?


Look, Conlin. If you're going
to be any good to us,

we got to know what your fitted for.
Do you mind?

So I was a garment worker in New York.

A clerk in the dime store in Detroit.

A soda jerk in Los Angeles.

And a waitress... deluxe.

- You?
- Constance Booth.

I wrote fashion articles
in the Manila Telegram.

Stephena Polden.

- P-O-L-D-E-N?
- Yes.

Supervisor of machine operators
in a Manila cannery.


Ohh. Present.

What is your name?

Joyce. Nydia Joyce.

What do you do?

Well, I, um...

Back home where I come from, women
aren't allowed to do a blessed thing.

All right. Next?

Luisita Espiritu.

I live in Mariveles with my mother.

Susan West.



Of what?


Amber West, music student.

- You two sisters?
- Yes.

- You?
- Helen Domeret.

PBX switchboard operator.

And you?

Grace Lambert, burlesque.


What did you do in burlesque?


You know what you
do to a banana before you eat it?

Well uh, I do it to music.

But how?

How could you?

Were there men there?

If they weren't, you got fired.

Well, I'm certainly glad you're here.

It's going to make everything
much nicer.


Well, you can all get settled, girls.

Captain Marsh will want
to talk to you later.

This door leads down into the tunnel.

There's a kitchen.

And a little storehouse
at the first door on the left.

At the end of the tunnel
is another exit.

And there's a telephone here
and another by the kitchen.

The exchange is Champion 2-1.

Smells awful in here, doesn't it?

Well, what did you expect it
to smell like, violets?

What did you say his name was?


The guy that was looking at us
with the glasses.

I didn't.

Anyway, don't let that worry you.

Nobody gets to first base with him.

Oh, no?

He's not interested.

So you tried, huh?

Me and a couple of dozen others.

May you used the wrong misses.

Anyway. A nurse can't be married.
Didn't you know that?

Who's a nurse?

And who's talking about getting married?

No kidding.

What is his name?

Holt. Lieutenant Holt.

Extra blanket for each of you.

In this heat?

It gets awful cold at night underground.

You girls gotta
get in your work clothes.

- Oh, Miss Smith.
- Yes?

When do we get RT?

Take it up with General MacArthur.


- Hi, Lieutenant.
- Hi.

Flo's back with nine girls.
What have you got to feed them?

- Guess.
- Is that all?

And rice.

Why I don't know why this man's Army
needs a dietitian.

Champion 5-2, please.

Hello, darling.

I'm sorry I couldn't call you earlier.

I had no idea it was so late.
I've been so busy.

Yes, how did you know?

You saw them go by the message center.

Oh. With your field glasses.

Well, what did you think?

Oh, I don't know.

I suppose you ought to be thankful
for anything we can get.

And that was all I get.

I'm a little tired but I'm all right.



At eight o'clock.

I'm sorry.
I can't talk to you anymore.

I'll see you tonight
if nothing happens.

Goodbye, darling.


Nothing short of death
can keep me away.


Hello, Smitty.

How do they stack up?

A bunch of wet-nosed kids
with ten thumbs.

Didn't Flo say they had some training?

Uh-huh. First aid.

And they'll eat as much as anybody.

Well, you can break them in a week.

Ten days at the most.

And I'm getting you off to Corregidor.

Don't lets start that all over again.

I have to see the girls.

All right, everybody.

This is Captain Marsh.

Never mind, girls.

Girls, we can dispense
with the formalities up here.

We're very glad
you decided to join up with us.

As Norris told you,
we are very shorthanded.

You're very welcome.

Theoretically, your orders
will come to me.

Most of the time, you'll receive them
from Miss Smith here.

More often than not, the work we'll be
called upon to do will be distasteful.

And you might think it's not
in line with your duties.

But it must be done.

The enemy will try to dislodge
our position on this peninsula.

As soon as they can
bring up the big guns.

Anytime now.

Hell worse than you've ever
imagine will break loose.

And that's not all.

You passed the hospital
on the way here.

Those man you saw:
All of them are not wounded.

There's malaria. Dysentery.

Scurvy. Beriberi.

60% of our Army here has it
in one form or another.

And don't think for a moment
that it won't strike you.

When it does, just remember
that you'll be laid up for a long time.

And not much good to anybody.

Does anyone want to say anything?

Yes, sir.

I mean ma'am.

What is it?

I was wondering if we rate sheets.

I'm afraid there are a lot of things
you'll have to do without.

You never had to before.

And sheets is the least of them.

Yes, ma'am.

That's what I thought.

But there's no harm in asking,
is there?

None at all.

There is just one more thing.

While you're in the zone
of military operations,

you will be
subject to the Articles of War

just the same as any member
of our Armed Forces.

Now you'll have a little time
to get settled.

Any other questions?

Smith or Norris will answer phone.

I can't tell you how glad
we are to have you here.

Things are really
beginning to pile up on us.

Just a moment.

After mess, Conlin and Domeret
will go on switchboard with Flo Norris.

She'll show you the ropes,
two at a time.

The rest of you can come
to the hospital with me.

In this bottle are
five green capsules of quinine.

Each of you is to take 10 grains a day.

As Captain Marsh said,
don't anybody think this is unimportant.

Whether our campaign
is successful or not

can very well depend on you
keeping yourselves in shape.

That's all.

Okay, General.

Look, Conlin.

I hate to see you get Smitty wrong.

She's doing a big job here.

I never liked taking orders from dames.

Does she have a smile?

That's just her way.

You'll get used to it.

She grows on you.

So do corns.

I don't think I'm going to like her.

- Say, Norris.
- What?

What's this switchboard
they're talking about?

Oh, that's part of the Signal Corps.

We passed it today.

It's in the message center.

Where the goon with the field glasses

The goon with the field glasses

just happens to be in charge of
communications for the whole area.

That's all.

So sorry.

You get any news from the States here?

Just what we hear on the radio.

We don't listen much anymore.

Why not?

You get kind of tired being told
there's a war going on.

I wish I really knew
what they were thinking over there.

Well, I just bet you 2 to 1 that
most of the people in the States

are scared to death
they're gonna have to do something.

Aw, come on.


You don't even know what's going on.

I'll tell you what's going on, Pat.

A world revolution.

A war to the death.


That sounds kind of serious.

It is.

You see before father went back
to England, he explained it to us.

This is really a very simple war.

- Did you say simple?
- Yes.

Oh, it's big and it's terrible
and it's frightening.

In other wars, lots of times, you didn't
know exactly why you were fighting.

Not clearly.

But that's not so in this war.

This war, we're all fighting
for the same thing.

We're all fighting for one same thing.

We all know what it is.

And that one thing?

Our lives.

I think you got something there, kid.

There is no doubt about it.

Because if if we should lose this war,

we'd all be dead.


You, me, millions and millions of us.

And those of us went down
into the ground would be the luckiest.

Because those of us who weren't
would be slaves.

Actual slaves.

That's why it's such a simple war.

If one of us dies, we all die.

Well, I want to have a look around
before it gets dark.

Think Smitty would object?


Whistles Birth of the Blues.

When I was a kid in the farm,
my father dug me a little foxhole there.

He gave it to me for a pet.

I loved that fox.

Much as I ever loved
anything in my life.

Used to follow me where ever I went.

It's believable.

I had a wolf follow me once.

Go on, kid.

What happened to your fox?

Ran away when it got older.

I thought my heart was broken.

Now what's that got
to do with the war?


I just happened to think of it.

What's that?

Where's my mask?

I think it smells lovely.

I think it's smells. Period.

What's wrong with it?

A heck of a place
to bring perfume is all.

Not a bad place to bring
petty gripes to, isn't it?

Now what business is it of yours?

Aw, lay off her, will ya?

The kids?


I think we all feel a little strange.

Look, kids.

If they got your number,
they'll call it.

The best thing to do is to keep busy.

Hey, food.

I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.

Well, here it is.

Say hello to Miss Sadie.

- Hi, Sadie.
- Hi, Sadie.

You got to eat hash tonight.

But tomorrow.

You're gonna have turkey,
cranberry sauce and cream cheese.

- Woo.
- Yay.


And the next day, it'll be roast beef
and Yorkshire pudding.

But no matter how you slice it,
it'll still be corn-beef hash and rice.

If we're lucky.

Say, it's gonna be fun up here.

Yeah, it could be.

- Holt?
- Hmm.

Is that what you said his name was?

Lieutenant Holt?


We'll probably meet him at the canteen.

Now what makes you think
they got a canteen here?

Why don't be silly.

Where else would they have their
shows and dances on Saturday night?

They have to have a canteen.

What is it?

Air raid warning.

Gee, I hate that sound.

You'll be thankful for that sound.

Sometimes they come so high
you can't spot them.

Cut off their motors
and drop on you without any warning.

But they never bomb here, do they?

Sometimes they have
a few kisses leftover

on the way back from Corregidor.

Well, how close was that?

Oh, that wasn't close.

You don't have to worry until
that lamp starts doing a rumba.

Well, as I was saying...

That was closer.

That was a lot closer.

The lamp is swaying.

Not bad though.

They got a nerve.

Coming that close to the hospital.

What's to stop them?

If they were to drop one here,
we'd never get out, would we?

You couldn't be safer in your own bed.

I hope your sister
knows enough to duck.

Where is she, outside?


She should get in a foxhole.
She'd be safe inside.

I'm sure she would.

What's that?

Our guns.

It's about time.

I was beginning to think

our boys with anti-aircraft
had lost interest in this war.

How long does it keep up?

Till they're out of bombs.

Or out of commission.

Get out of here!

Take it easy, kid.

I don't care. I tell
you we'll all be killed!

We'll be all right, honey.

Never mind, Polden.

It's only natural to expect nerves
until you learn what this is all about.

But we found it doesn't pay
to sympathize with the crack up.

What makes you think
anybody's going to crack up?

I don't think you'll prove
any different from anybody else.

You'll got a lot to learn.

I hope so.

Just don't take us
for a bunch of softies.

You might as well take that chip
off your shoulder, Conlin.

You've not gonna find anyone around
here with enough time to knock it off.

Champion 2-1. Smith speaking.

Gee, they kinda go fast, don't they?


Yes, Captain Marsh. I understand.

They got the hospital.

There's plenty of damage.
We got to go and clean up.

How about it, girls?

Come on. What are we waiting for?


Take it easy.
There's a guy in that truck.

We're doing the best
we can for you, buddy.

Yeah, I know.


For Pete's sake, give him something.

He'll be needing it more later on.

Andra, you better report him
to Captain Marsh.

She'll be meeting you in there.

And send one of those boys back to me.

Hey, help Miss Smith, will you?

- You okay, miss?
- Yeah.

- Where's Captain Marsh?
- In there.

Any news of your sister?

We're still looking for her.

Ohh... ohh.


Hi, yourself.

Come here.


These guys won't tell me anything.

Am I going to die?


A big palooka like you?

It's okay.

It's not like I never been anywhere.

I've had a big time.

Sure, you've had.


I've had it all.

I wanted a sea trip and I got that.

I seen New York.

I even had a honeymoon.


Two whole days.

Sure. You had a wonderful time.

Now get some sleep.

Did you see Marsh?

For goodness sake, I haven't
had time to see everyone.

Your show you never
ran across him in Manila?

He's tall and blonde.

And he has a funny little lisp.

Oh, not much of a lisp.

Just enough to sound cute.

They ain't nobody in the Marines
that lisps.

Captain Marsh.

Smitty, Miss Smith told me to report.

We're out of more things, captain.

You've got to have it?

Yes. Amputation.

Very well.

- Can you finish this?
- Sure, I can.

Cauterize his shoulder.

It'll be all right.

- Yes it is.
- That's good.

Pat. Are you asleep?


I wonder what time it is.

Pretty near time to get up.


Where is all that firing
coming from anyway?

Somewhere up the line.

Sounds a little closer
than when we came.

Yeah, they've taken half of Bataan
in the last four days.

Now I guess they want us for dessert.

I'm sure we'll get
reinforcements soon.

Then we'll show 'em.

What makes you so sure
we'll get reinforcements?

Oh my goodness.

Haven't you seen all the airfields
our boys have made?

They're just about breaking their backs

to get it ready
for our planes to land here.

Sure hope you're right.

Find her.

You're not going out again?

I got to find her.

Just got to find her.

But you gotta sleep sometime, honey.

You been out almost all night now.

If only I knew where she was.

Even if she's dead.

Gotta find Sue.

Find her.

Hey pipe down, will ya?

Aw, pipe down yourself.

Kick 'em outta here, will ya, Harry?


My goodness. Is there a man up there?

Hey. What's the big idea?

Will you guys shut up?

Aw, stop ragging us.

It's time to get up anyway.

It's nearly 4:30, girls.

Come on.

Oh, dear.

Good morning, Helen.

Good morning, Pat.

Good morning, Harry.

What's the gag?

Just being polite.

You were talking
to someone called Harry.

Oh, yeah?

Well, at least I don't make passes
at the officers.

What do you mean by that?

Figure it out for yourself, honey.

Listen, you - - Aw, cut it out, Pat.

Everybody knows
you're nuts about the guy.

Lt. Thomas Holt.

Or is it Timothy?


So I'm nuts about the guy.

I fell for him like a ton of bricks
the first time I saw him.

Anybody want to make
anything out of it?

Gee, Pat. I was just kidding.


Skip it.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Good morning.

Come on, kids. We must hurry.

I guess it sounds worse and worse,
doesn't it, Flo?

It's not getting any better.

Come on.

I'm coming.


Yeah, when'd you light that cigarette?

Couple minutes ago.

On the way here?


Haven't you been told never to light
a cigarette outside when it's dark?

Oh, for Pete's sake, he had -

You had orders never to
light a cigarette at night.

Or strike a match for any reason.
You know that.

It can be seen for hundreds
of yards from the air.


What's still coming?

That dame sure has it in for me,
hasn't she?

I told you not to light that cigarette.

It's not the cigarette.

She rides me every chance she gets.

Look, Pat.

It's none of my business,
of course but -

You're busting in on
somebody else's property, you know.

I don't get it.

Well, Smitty's kind of gone on Holt



- The head nurse?
- That's right.

I don't believe it.

Why not?

Well, she's so - so -

So what do you think she
was doing in there just now?

I thought you had something
to tell him probably.


Well, so what?

We're all free, white and 21.

Plus two.


How long's Smitty been here
at the hospital anyway?

About 6 or 8 weeks.


That gives her quite
a head start, doesn't it?

Watch my switchboard for a minute,
will you, kid?

I got a couple things to do.

You free, lieutenant?

Oh, hello.

Come on in, Pat.

Come on. Get out of here.

I've got to find her.

Unexploded bomb in here.

You'll get yourself blown to bits.

And you won't be any good
to Sue or anybody else.

But - - West!

Go on back to the dugout.

You go for some hot milk?

You better try and get some sleep.

If only I knew.

I can't have her disappear again.

To be out there
among all those stinking bodies.

Forcing myself
to pick up pieces of flesh.

Pieces of flesh that made be Sue.

She's such a sweet kid, Sue.

I'm sorry.

I can't.

Try and get some sleep, huh?

Go ahead. Give it the works.

I want to get out of here.

Who'll look out for you?

You don't have to stay
if we don't want to.

I just can't stand it.

You're killing me, sister.

You're breaking my heart.

Champion 2-1. Flo Norris speaking.


Yes, she's here. But she's asleep.

What is it, Sue?

Just a minute.

They found her.

Really? Where?

By the old storehouse.

Wait. I'll go with you.

Watch out for Andra.

She's on her way.

I'll be right over.

Is she dead?

She's alive.

She was buried
for four days in a shelter.

With half a dozen dead bodies.


We better fix her up
a cot in the storeroom.

She'd be better off there.

Take her blankets in there, will you?

They found Sue.


We're going to make up
a cot in here for her.

Oh, I'll do it, Pat.

You go get some rest, huh?

Go on. Go on.


Much obliged, Sadie.



I'm sorry.



Oh, can you spare it?



What kind of perfume
is that you use anyway?


It's not too bad once
you get used to it.

It's my favorite.

I used to go for Jasmine myself.

You know. Two bits for the jug.

Where'd you come from, Pat?

In the States, I mean.

New York mainly.

We lived just outside of Philadelphia.

All into dough, huh?

Used to be.


What's the difference?

I sort of envy you.

At least you have something to envy.

No, I mean it.

At least you proved you can get along.

I could have too.

I was getting such a good start
when all this happened.

Now I'll never have a chance to prove
whether I had anything in me or not.

What do you mean?
After this is all over -

We're never gonna live
to see the end of this.

We're never going to leave here alive.

What are you talking about?

I'm not blind.

They can't bring us any supplies.

There's no chance
of reinforcements for us.

Stay here and starve.

Or be killed.

But we're not going to starve.

You don't believe that stuff
about the convoy, do you, Pat?

I happen to know they're sending us
tons of supplies any night now.

There's a waterway up from Cebu
the Japs aren't policing.

Oh, really.

They're just starting
to keep us going.

Un-uh.. This one came
straight off the switchboard.

It would be wonderful, wouldn't it?

What do you mean would be?

Will be!

Come on, let's go to bed.

I'm so tired I could pass.


It was awful good of you to talk to me.

Skip it.

- Pat?
- Yes?

Would you like to use
some of my perfume?

What is it?

Aw, what do I want with that stuff?

They found Sue.

Yeah. I know. How is she?

Coming now.






They say she was screaming
like a run over dog

when they got her to the light.

It's horrible.

Remember what she said that
night you walked out of here?

If one of us dies,

we all die.


Want to see how I used to do it?

A moment.

This music plays, see.

And first I make my entrance
with everything on.

I just sort of step around the crazies.

Let 'em get to drinking.

Then just as I go off.

Down comes the shoulder strap.

Then I came out again, see?

Then comes the other one.

And then I start the walk.

And then.

Just as I start to.


How many more of those things are there?


It's very hot, isn't it?

How do you see your work here?


Joseph Franklin 16458723.

Joseph Franklin, Protestant.

Next of kin, wife, Martha Franklin.

728 Cedar Street,
Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

Gee, he was only 22 and had two kids.

Come on. Let's keep going..

What did you do in
the Great War, Daddy?

Four letters.


Four pesos.



Gee, look at this.

Looks like a marble.

It is a marble.

Yes, a glassy.

Now what do you suppose
he was carrying that around for?

How should I know?

Maybe one of his kids gave it to him.

Come on, Pat, for heaven sakes.

Okay. One glassy.

Here's another letter.
That makes five.


Pictures of the wife and kids.

Nice looking bunch.

You don't look a day over seventeen.

I wonder if she was
in love with the guy?

Don't be a fool. She loved him.

Shall I list that?

No, I'll just put it back in the letter.

And what do you know?

A rabbit's foot?

Lot of luck it brought him.

If I were in Atlantic City now.

I'd be taking a nice saltwater bath.

And I get in bed
right in front of the window.

And let that breeze blow all over me.

Then I'd sleep to my next birthday.

I'd skip the bath.

How about dinner?

I'd skip the dinner.


No coffee.

Caffeine could stir me up
at that moment.



Unless the phone rang
and I picked it up.

And somebody said this
is Lieutenant Holt.

Remember me?

I met you in the Philippines in 1944.

How about going to the Ritz roof
and dancing all night?

And I hear MacArthur's
caught them all along the line.

He's taken goodness
knows how many prisoners.

You hear a lot of stuff
before you get out of here.

Where did you hear that, Nydia?

From my boyfriend.

When did you find your boyfriend?

Oh, the day before yesterday.

- Yesterday?!
- Lydia!

Was he all right?

Why he seemed to be.

He drives one of the trucks.

How do you like that?

She comes all the way
from Alabama to find a guy.

Not a chance in a million.
And she finds him.

All this isn't my boyfriend
from Alabama, silly.

This is just my boyfriend.

Oh, so she picked up a guy.

Hello, Andra.

How's Sue?

She's sleeping.

Are they really going to send her
to Corregidor tomorrow?

Gonna try to.

The boats going.

Anybody want to take a little walk?

- No, ma'am.
- Where'd you get all the energy?

There's a gunner up there
who's going to show me

how to operate his anti-aircraft gun.

He's brought down seven.

I'll see you later.

Isn't that against
Article 12 and a half?

What's that?

No doll allowed within 50 feet
of an anti-aircraft gunner.

Don't worry.

We won't get caught.

All right. Here you are.

Hi, Janey. What's the tempo?

What are you think?

Hasn't she come them
in with the supplies yet?

She only went to Mariveles.

Pat and I thought we
saw a truck coming back.

Haven't seen her.

Well, maybe it wasn't a jalopy.

I don't believe it
about that shipment from Cebu.

We'll never get anything.

I've just eaten and I'm still hungry.

Just same old thing, all the time.

Horse meat, mule meat, monkey meat.
That's quite a variety.

Ha ha.

What's so funny?

This is Sunday, isn't it?

Yeah, I'm laughing.

I was just thinking.

Every Sunday my old man used to make us
eat the same thing for dinner.

Boy, did we get sick of it.

Nothing could change him.

Roast beef, brown potatoes,
gravy and peas.

Every Sunday.

Once in a while, Ma tried to slip in
something different for us.

But nothing doing.

Roast beef, brown potatoes,
gravy and peas.

Boy, did we get sore.

We used to have chicken on Sunday.


I don't remember what we had.

Hmmm, isn't that funny?

It's a scream.


- Hello, Flo.
- How are you?

What luck? What'd you hear?

I got a sore back
from riding a darn truck.

But the supplies, Flo?

Wasn't there a convoy?

There was a convoy, all right.

From Cebu.

But it never got here.

It was bombed and sunk.

- Bombed?
- Yeah.

Three ships loaded to the rails
with food and medicine.

It'd kept us going for weeks.

Where do we go from here, boys.
Where we go from here?

Ain't getting any better.

They wouldn't bomb a hospital again.

They apologized for bombing it before.

Oh, yeah? Maybe they're just playing.

Boy, that wasn't far away.

It's like they're
really after this time.

Nervous, I feel like a bubble
dancer with a slow leak.


- Hello?
- Dead?

Just busy I guess.

Hello? Hello?

Where do you think you're going?

What's the use of staying in here
when we can do something out there?

Cut the lip, Conlin.

Oh, go jump in a lake.

You're not to go outside.

There's nothing you can do now.

But they're be plenty
to do when this is over.

That goes for all of you.

I'll have nobody going outside
during a raid.

We're short of nurses now.

We're not going to be able
to get any more.

Each of you may save 50 lives.
You're valuable.


Hello. Did you get any report?

They got the hospital again.

The last one was a direct hit!

The line's dead.

But I don't see how anyone could escape.

They got the Major's headquarters.

They got the Major's headquarters.

They're flying low and machine
gunning the open wards.

They're flying low and machine
gunning the open wards.

Stick to switchboard
till the raid is over.

Then get the men to relieve you.

Report to the hospital at once.

They got the hospital.

They said they wouldn't do it again.

They said it was an accident before.

It's no accident this time.


Just a minute.

All right.

Here we go, girls.

Come on. Get a move on. Hurry.

Aw, baloney.

Here they come again.

I've been here before.

Stick it, kid.

They'll need us more
than ever after this.

Hold him as hard as you can.

He'll heal much quicker.

Where are the water?

Look out!

Okay, fella. You're okay now.

We'll have you fine in a little while.

You'll keep punching them.

Okay, pal.

I'm all right.

You know, they're not so bad.


These guys.

Who said they were?

Oh, I don't know.

I sort of get the idea sometimes.

Will all they want to do is
make a pass at me?


This guy looked at me and said:

Thanks for being here, kid.

I don't know what we'd do without you.

Imagine him thanking me.

Yeah, they're not so bad.

Boy, and I thought
I was bushed before.

Champion 2-1. Flo Norris speaking.

No, Miss Smith isn't here yet.

Okay. I'll tell her.

Hey, Flo.

Flo, give us a hand, will you?

What happened to you?

Oh, my leg.

I must have stopped something.

Is it bad?

I don't know.

It's beginning to burn a little.

How much blood did you lose?

A couple jiggers I guess.

Why don't you go to the hospital?

What hospital?

Anyway, this is closer.

And they are plenty busy over there.

Oh, why couldn't it be on my face
where no one would ever notice?

- What's the matter?
- Oh.

Anybody know where Captain Marsh
and Smitty is?

She's right out here.

Better get her.

Gee, kid. That's too bad.

How did it happen?

Oh, I was just - Oh.

Hurt, huh?

Beginning to.

I heard you got a piece
of shrapnel in there.

Any hot water?

I'll see.

There's a call for you, Miss.

They want you to call Capitol 5-2.

Thank you.

How's it look?

Just a scratch.

How'd you get it?

I'd rather get shot any day
than lie in one of those foxholes.

Hey, what are you going to do?

Keep your head down.

If you'd obeyed orders out there,
this never would have happened.

A swell thing to say.

Well, you had plenty of warning.

Why didn't you keep under cover?

You don't think I was out
there for laughs, do you?

Well, you're not going to be
much good to us on crutches.

It's much harder.


You're right.

It doesn't pay to have
a heart in this world.

You got a heart all right for Lt. Holt.

You got a fever.

You think everyone doesn't know
what you wear on your sleeve?

Cut it out.

She's doing something
the great Smitty can't take.

And what about Pat Conlin?

She can brag more than two seconds
if she wanted to.

Shut up!

He hasn't given you a tumble
since she came up here.

She's taking every second he has off.

Ask any of the girls.

Ask Helen or Flo. Or even Luisita.

You be crazed.

I throw you bandages.


Champion 2-1. Smitty speaking.

Hello, darling.

I'm all right.

Uh-huh. Safe again.

I was going to. But I haven't had time.

No... no... I guess I'm just tired.

Just totally tired.

It was pretty awful.

To you.

To you, darling.

Yes... with all my heart.

Oh, darling, darling, darling...

No... No, nothing.

I guess I'm just pretty tired.

Yes, I will.

Ya, come what may.

Good bye, darling.

I'll be all right.

I just want a drink of water.

Sure. You're all right, you are.

You're in fine shape.

What's the big idea, Lieutenant?

Trying to fight a one-man war?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Look, Lieutenant.

I've been around this part
of the world a long time, I have.

Want a little more?

You can fool a lot of them.

Even the doctors maybe.

But you can't fool me.

Why don't you get out of here
while the going is good?

Apparently, you haven't been
around long enough to know

that people sometimes get tired when
they don't get enough sleep.

Aside from that,
I never felt better in my life.

It'd be an excellent idea if you'd
learn to mind your own business.

Sure, lieutenant.

I'm here to fight the Japs.

Not to sow division in the whole Army.

Sorry, Sadie.

Aw, forget it, lieutenant.

You're just a little tired,
like you said.



I didn't mean it.

I didn't know what I was saying.


Oh, gee, I wish I hadn't said it.

Better skip it, kid.

Gee, Grace. What happened to you?

My horse threw me.

I thought we'd eaten all the horses.

Does it hurt a lot?

No, not any more. It's just numb.

You won't understand.

Aw, sure, I do.

I knew woman once
who had her arm cut off.

My leg's not off. Thank you.

That's good, but her arm was.

It was in an auto accident.

And it was so numb, she didn't know
it was off till she reached her hanky.

Ha ha ha.

It wasn't funny at all.

She needed her hanky.

And she suffered a lot later.

Why don't you go back
to your knitting.

I just thought you'd like me
to talk to you and cheer you up.


I'll call you if I need a hanky.

Oh brother, what I wouldn't
do for a little brandy.

Would you like real brandy?

Here's a little brandy.

Why didn't you say so?

Don't tell me you got some brandy.

- Brandy?
- Brandy?


I got a whole bottle.

Someone told me to always carry
a bottle of brandy

in case something happened to me.

And nothing ever happened to me.

- Imagine that.
- Wow.

- Oh. Look at that.
- Ohh!

This'll put you on your feet, kid.

Well, here's mud in your eye.

Down the old hatch.

Come on, Luisita. Drink up.

You're having a party.

A nice party.

An large one.

Why, of course, Sue.

But only for a moment.

You're supposed to be resting.

Yes, but I'm not tired anymore.

Where's Andra?

Isn't she coming to the party?

Sure, he is.

She hasn't come yet.

It isn't like Andra to be late.

Something has happened to her.

No. No, she will be here soon.

I hope she comes
before I have to leave.

You must all come too.

A party of mine sometime.

We'd all love to, honey.

It's sweet of you to ask us.

Please dress, of course.

I'll invite the soldiers too.

To visit me, you know.

When I'm alone in my little room.

Come on, Sue.

Let's go back to bed.

To visit me.

All the time.

All the time.

It so hurts.

And I can't help them.


If they don't send her away pretty soon,
I'll be getting that way myself.

Poor thing.

She's so sweet.

And me bellyaching cuz I hurt my leg.

What happened to you?

Direct hit.

With all they had to shoot at,
how'd they ever find your leg?

Best looking leg out there, wasn't it?

Hey, somebody else
got a direct hit too.

Did you see that plane
get knocked off?

Yeah, I saw it.

It just exploded in the sky.

Blew into a million pieces
like a toy balloon.

Boy, what a sight.

I thought it was horrible.

But I thought it was beautiful.

About the only thing around here
to be thankful for.

Stop gripping.

We got plenty to be thankful for.

Yeah, name six.


Was this...?

Where'd this come from?

That's on account of nothing
ever happens to Nydia.

Look who's here.

So what?

The plane. Did any of
you see it come down?

What's got you all doped up?

In that night raid, they
got Bill the gunner.

He was showing me how to operate.

I was standing right beside
him when they came over.

I just grabbed the gun and
pointed it at the biggest one.

It was coming right at us.

Suddenly, it crumpled in the air.
And burst into flames.

Come again. But slower.

You mean you brought that plane down?


George said it was the
one that did for Bill.

Gosh, I wish I'd been
able to get another.


I wish I'd a done it.

Here. Have a snort.

Here's to Andra.
The greatest gunner in the army.

So Andra, tell us some more.

George said I got a swell eye.

Of course, it was
only beginner's luck.

I've never been so proud
of anything in my life.

I'm afraid I have to interrupt
your party, girls.

After tonight's raid,
we're in pretty bad shape.

We lost a large part
of our hospital staff.

We had word from General's
headquarters on Corregidor.

We're expected to holdout.

At any cost.

General MacArthur's orders
are to dig in.

However, volunteers
still have a chance to get out.

If you get to Mariveles, boats going to
try to go to Corregidor tomorrow night.

You can be comparatively safe there...
for the time being.

But you got to decide
by tomorrow morning.

You mean we can run out?

Just a moment, Andra.

What you seen so far is
probably just the beginning.

Japs have us completely cut off
from food and medicine.

We just lost a convoy from Cebu.

That was the last chance we had.

You think you're hungry now.

You're gonna be hungrier.

And sick.

There will be plenty more of the same
you got tonight ahead of you.

Pretty soon we'll probably be cut off
completely from Corregidor.

Then you won't have
the chance to get out.

But when our planes come...

I wouldn't bank on that.

Now this is something
you have to decide for yourself.

And you haven't got
much time to decide it.

You're staying, aren't you?

I couldn't leave if I wanted to.
I'm an officer.

But I just know will get
reinforcements through.

It's seems to me we came out here
to do a job of work.

It's about getting to the time
when we're really needed.

I'm staying until there's
nothing more I can do.

We may all got killed.

Yeah and for what?

That's coming for you to decide.

For what?

So think this over carefully.

Nothing will be held against you
If you want to go.

You have to decide by morning.

I don't know what good I'll
be here with this leg of mine.

Well, do you?


I said what good I'd be here
with this leg.

I don't know.

I wonder if I have any soap
on Corregidor.

If I had a piece of soap, I'd eat it.

What do the Japs do to you
if they catch you?

I don't know.
I've never been caught by a Jap.

I hear that - - Ah ah.

Skip it.

Anyway, that's not the point.

How important is it for us
to hold out here?

I'm pretty certain MacArthur
wants us to hold at any cost.

Yeah, but why?

If we're sure they're gonna
push us out,

why not beat it and fight 'em
some place else?

What's the good of holding on to a
little piece of ground like this anyway?

Why be suckers?

You're talking like we're
doing all the fighting.

Where the Army is,
is why they need us.

Well, look who's talking.

I know.

Doesn't sound much like me, does it?

I can't explain it.

A man died in my arms tonight.

And now I wouldn't leave here
if I knew it were my last day on Earth.


They're staying.

All of them?


What did they say?

I don't know but they're staying.

You told them, didn't you?

Yeah, I told them.

But they didn't hear it.

Maybe they just didn't believe it.

They're still talking about
airfields and reinforcements.

They're Americans, Cap.

They believe in a happy ending.

I'm an American, Smitty.

I don't.

Yeah. But it's different for us.

We're the part of the Army.

It's our d(uty).

Excuse me.

When did this one get in?

Ten minutes ago.

Noose stay nice and tight, huh?

You scared, Cap?


That makes me feel a lot better.

I wonder where they think
they're going to put 'em.

I hope they're wounded.

I hope we don't get
any more malaria cases.

Aw, stop griping.

Who's griping?

They're dying like flies.

Well, if you can't take it,

why didn't you get out six weeks ago
when you had the chance?

Who's talking about getting out?


I'm hungry.

What's the matter with me?

You can't just live on rice.

Aw, is that too bad?

She's hungry and she's wounded.

Look out, honey.
You're forgetting go limp.

Some day I'm gonna
take you apart, Conlin.

Any time, sweetheart, anytime.

Listen to those guns.


They sound a lot closer, don't they?

Getting closer every day.

Boy, they're sure
dishing it out somewhere.


- Hello.
- Hello.

They're getting closer, aren't they?

Sounds like it.

Have you heard about MacArthur?

Not lately.

He's in Australia.

Are you kidding?

He got there yesterday.

I wonder what that means.

President Roosevelt's orders.

Sounds like the beginning
of the end, eh, children?

General Wainwright's in command.

What does it mean?

Take over for me a minute,
will you, Gracie?

I'm going to get the lowdown
on this once and for all.

Visit, lieutenant?

Come on in, Pat.

Or two.


Lifebuoy has landed.

I don't believe it.

May we have for 15 minutes?

Let me save it.

You be careful.

It's probably the only piece of soap
on Bataan.

Oh, is that delicious.

Fels Naptha.

Come on.

Some people have all the luck.

Soap makes me so slippery.

Now all we lack is fashion.

Give it to me.

I'll race you to the stump.


Hey, wait for me.

I can't swim as well as you.


Major bath for me.



Connie, we better wash our clothes.

I'll be in in a min.

It's nice out here, isn't it?

Oh, heavens.

I didn't know
I could feel so wonderful.

Hums Birth of the Blues.


It's planes.

Connie. Hurry up!

Come on!

And it came right out of the sky.

Before we know.

It must have got it to others.

And come in very high.

He was probably on the way back
from Corregidor.

What does that have
to do with anything?

We just start swimming.

We did it for fun.

I hate him.

How I hate him.

We'll get him.

We'll get every mother's son of them.

But I'd like to get them personal.

Why should they kill
a sweet kid like Connie?

Swimming around in the water.


What's the good of any of it?

We can't win.


That's all you know about it.

We can't lose.

What'd you hear?

What's this all about?

Well, if you really want to know
what it's all about, I'll tell you.

I found out.


Just take a look at this map.


Here is where the little so-and-so
started out from.

They started landing here at Aparri.

And all along the coast here
in Northern Luzon.

Thousands of them.

At first we fought them off
and killed plenty of them.

But they keep coming on.


What they'd intended
to do of course is

just to walk right down to the coast.

Then they'd start
walking up from here.

And they'd have us in between
and... squash.

That'd take care of the Philippines.

Then they clean up anything else
we had to offer

in New Guinea, the Solomons,
Wake and Midway.

And then the next step, California.

That was their plan.

Put a stop down.

They'd walk right through.

Well, we did they think
we'd let 'em do that?

Well, what was to stop 'em?

As a matter of fact,

even we didn't think we could hold out
in Bataan more than a couple weeks.

Oh, what did stop 'em?


As far as I can make out,

we just didn't like the idea
of them walking through that easy.

And our boys really dug in.

And we've kept them
here over two months.

And made them use about 200,000 men.

Right here on Bataan.

Where is Bataan?


That little thing?

Yeah, that little thing.

Look. Here it is bigger.

Now here is Mariveles.

Here's is our road.

And here is the hospital.

That must be me right there.

Yeah, that's you.

And those guns you're
hearing are from Cod Cabin.

Only ten miles away.

Oh, they're coming all right.

They outnumber us all over the place.

But we'll hold them as long as we can.

The boys in the other places
will hold them too.

We'll push them right back
where they came from.

They're coming.

We haven't got a chance.

But we're winning the war.
That's what we're doing.

That's why this little peninsula
is so important.

We're just winning the world.
That's all.

They wouldn't get here worrying
what happens to us.

Well, look. How good can you swim?

I wish Connie could've heard that.

Don't worry.

She knew.

Captain Marsh says if any of you girls
can take it, we can use you tonight.

They're bringing them in
pretty fast now.


You want to know where
I got my information, huh?

I know where you got your information.

So what?

So stick to the switchboard,
that's what.

And stay away from the message center.

Well well well.

So she really broke down and cried.

Listen, Conlin.
Either you obey orders or you -

either you -

Or you?

You got your orders. Get out of here!

Didn't anyone ever teach you
to say please?

What's the matter with you, Smitty?


Okay. Lie down here.

It'll be all right.

If I just - - Shut up.

Call Captain Marsh.

Oh, no. Please.

Keep that blanket over you.

I'll be all right.

Yeah, you'll be alright.

Like a lot of other guys I used to know.

No. Please don't call Captain Marsh.

This isn't a bad one. Really, it isn't.

It'll pass on.

You mean you had them before?


Look, Smitty.

I can't take responsibility for this.

Let me call Captain Marsh.

She'll send me away.

She'll sent me to Austral(Ia) -

But it's where you belong.

I belong here.

I'm gonna stay. I won't leave.
I won't.


Sure, Smitty.

He's a swell guy however.

He's my husband.

But it's against the rules for -

I know.

I tried.


We were married...

in Manila last November.

I'd been a nurse in the hospital there.

I joined up after Pearl Harbor.

You never tell anybody, will you, Flo?


Here take this.

Oh, no, there's isn't - - Take this!

How long do these attacks last?

Not very long.

Just kind of frightening
when it happens.

Afterwords, you feel a little weak.

And then.

Pretty soon you're all right.

What kind of a bug have you got, Smitty?

A very pretty name.

They call it malignant malaria.


See, I feel better already now.

Does it hurt now?


There's no use two people
worrying about the same thing.

Look, Smitty. Don't you
think you oughta tell Pat?

About Holt I mean?

She's just the kind of gal that
wouldn't steal a girl's guy.

That would be too easy.

Look. Give the pills a chance.

Nobody will be coming back
for a few hours now.

Why don't you cut yourself
a nice hunk of sleep?


Pat's right.

What about?

We haven't got a chance.

I know.

We should have been blown
out of here weeks ago.

It's been a kind of miracle.

What's the dope, Smitty?

How much longer?

How is maybe...?

Another miracle day.

It's not the fever you mind.

It's the way you shake.

Just about... shake your pants off.


Enemy pushed through Wainwright line
at Bataan.

- The line is breaking up.
- Yes'm.

Enemy gaining steady.



Yes, I understand.

Evacuate all that can be moved
to Mariveles immediately.

Evacuate all that can be moved
to Mariveles immediately.

I understand.

Evacuate the entire hospital
if possible.

Evacuate entire hospital if possible.

Yes, sir.
Enemy eight miles from hospital.

We're all wounded
as quickly as possible.

Yes, sir. General Wainwright
has returned to west line.

East coast entirely in enemy hand's.

Yes, sir.

We're evacuating all wounded
along the road to Mariveles.

Yes, sir.

Dive bombers and attacking aircraft
bombing the machine gun in western end.

Stay on the line.

Yes, sir.

We're evacuated all that's possible
until our trucks are here.

Yes, sir. We're entirely cut off
except road to Mariveles.

Yes, sir.

Only four miles away?

There's nothing we can to here, sir,

until some of the trucks
get back from Mariveles.

We've evacuated all we could.

There's still many wounded here, sir.

Who they sending forward?

Yes, I'll understand.






- Hello.
- Hello.


I can't get any answer.

What does this mean?

Line's been cut.

The only way out is through Mariveles.

They're coming right through here.

Only four miles away.

Oh my goodness. Why don't
those trucks come back?

There's still hundreds of boys
out there and they'll all be -

What's that?

They're stopped firing.

What does it mean, Pat?

Maybe we pushed 'em back?


They probably haven't
got any more to fire at.

Well, there's no use sitting here.

I might as well get back to see
if there's anything we can do.

Captain Marsh says only one
on the switchboard from now on.

No need for anyone on the switchboard.

The line's have been cut.






I was just talking
to one of the boys they brought in.



Lieutenant Holt.

What about him?

He must have been up at the front.

Well, so what?

Well, he -

He was killed.


All right, girls.

We have enough nurses
to take charge now.

You can go on back to the dugout.

Who's on switchboard?

The lines have been cut.

Both of them?


You all go to Mariveles
on the next truck.

You'll be needed there.
So get all the rest you can.

What's the matter, Conlin.
Can't you take it?

Please, don't.

She just got news that
her boyfriend was killed.

Lieutenant Holt.

Girls, get going.

Aren't you the big brave girl?

Why don't they keep shooting?

This quiet drives you nuts.

Hey, let's do something.

Just pipe down, will you?

We're supposed to rest.

How can we have sleep when you know -

We might as well
get our things together.

When the trucks get back
here, we want to be ready.

That's it. Let's do that.

Let's do something.

Of course, I knew right along
I never had a chance with a guy.

He never took me serious.



He just liked to talk to me.

And boy did I like to talk to him.

He really made me use my bean.

What there is of it.

Matter of fact, he thought
it was pretty good.

Wished I met a guy like that
a long time away.

You know.

He never made a single pass at me.


It's funny.

After I got over being sore about it,
I kinda liked him for it.



He couldn't...

possibly have been...

fond of Smitty, could he?

Why do you say that?

I don't know.

It just occurred to me a couple times.

I'm sure he was, Pat.

You see they were married.



They were married?


Well, of all the dirty tricks.

She couldn't tell you, Pat.

You know it's against the rules
for a nurse to be married to an officer.


That's why Smitty stuck here.

To be with him.

She's sort of on borrowed time, I guess.

Because she's got malignant malaria.

Yeah, what's that, exactly?


It's a special kind of malaria
that you never get over.

Oh, you can go on okay for months and -

Then it hits you again.

But each attack
brings you that much closer.

Then one gets you finally.

And she stuck here to be with him.

Yeah, I can understand that all right.

They were in love with each other.


Who cares about
a little malignant malaria?

Still it took a lot of guts.

Oh, Smitty's got guts.

Yeah, I gotta admit. She has at that.


That's that.

What was that?

Sounds like a rifle.

Nobody's got guns around here.

Nobody on our side, you mean.

My boyfriend was out in the sector.

There wasn't any firing at all.

All of a sudden, there
were shots just like that

from the trees all around.

They're snipers.

They may be here for days.

Just waiting.

Andra, don't go out there.

I'm not. I just want to hear it.

They're here, all right.


I don't hear anything.

I do.

Sort of rumbling way in the distance.

I hear it.

Sounds like a lot of bees.

Maybe it's the trucks.

Those aren't trucks.

They're tanks.

Machine gun.

They're mopping up.

Well, after all, that's what
we've been waiting for, isn't it?

What are we gonna do?

We can't stay in here
and let them come.

What else is there?

Better wake up, Helen.


What's the matter?

The show's about to start.

You don't want to miss it, do you?

Where are the trucks, Smitty?

They've cut the road to Mariveles.

I guess a lot of our trucks
didn't get through.

So there won't be any coming back.

That's right, Sadie, stay in here.


I didn't know
you were married to the guy.



I was nuts about him.

Sure, I was crazy about him, but -

I didn't know you were married to him.

Now, you know.


Back where I come from you -

At least you could have told me.

Well, girls. This is it.

What's gonna happen?

From here in,
your guess is as good as mine.

We got the worst cases to Mariveles.

All we can do now is help those
who are left as much as we can.

Come on, girls.

How many of you is down there?

If you do not speak,
we will blow you out.

They're eleven of us.

We're all women.

We're unarmed.

Come out with your hands
over your heads.

Come on, girls.

Might as well take these.

Might not have them where we're going.




I guess... I should have told you.

I'm sorry.

But what I tried to tell you in there

it was always strictly one-sided.

The meetings.

He never even gave me a tumble.




Subtitles by: Mondo @KG