Cry Danger (1951) - full transcript

Rocky Mulloy, back in town after serving 5 years of a life sentence for armed robbery, hopes to clear his friend Danny Morgan who's still in prison for the same crime. It won't be easy. Even the witness who cleared Rocky thinks he's guilty; Danny's glamorous wife Nancy, living in a sleazy trailer court, seems lukewarm about getting Danny back; cynical cop Gus Cobb just wants to stir things up in hopes that the missing "hot" $100,000 will surface. Plenty of tough talk, night scenes, deceptive dames and double crosses in this typical film noir.

Welcome home, rocky.

Compliments of the house.


I see all the big shots when
they get off and on the trains.

If they got their picture
on the front page,

paper's on me.


Take a look.

Nice picture, huh?

Add 5 years to it,

it would look just like me.

Gee, it must feel great-

out of the jug
and a big shot again.

You lead some life, huh, rocky?


I'm a real dinger.

Man: rocky.

How you been?

You might say all right,
gus, but I wouldn't.

Treated you rough, did they?

Oh, I got a couple
of bruises... up there.

Well, you're out now.

Yeah, and what's 5 years?

You could do that just
sitting around and waiting.


Aren't you gonna say hello

to your buddy delong?

It's been a long time, rocky.

I guess I changed.

Glad to see you.
I owe you plenty.

Right now I'll
settle for a drink.

I've forgotten the right words.

I wouldn't even know
how to order.

Let me do it.
I'll buy.

Homecoming present?

That, plus the fact
I'd like to talk to you.

The man wants to buy.

Never argue with a policeman.

A detective.


What do you say, rocky?

Well, I had different plans
for my first one,

but, uh, my friend here
looks thirsty.

I'm always thirsty.

No hard feelings, rocky.

Don't bet any large amounts
on that, gus.

Could have been worse.

A month ago,
you were up for life,

then your friend here

turns up with your alibi.

I gave you that same alibi
5 years ago.

You'll have to admit
it was a little thin.

You said you were out
drinking with some marines

when the holdup took place,

only the marines never show up.

We landed, only 5 years late.

Sorry to keep you waitin', pal.

No, that's ok.

I just would have wasted my time

having fun, anyway.

We all got shipped out

after that night.

I guess you don't remember

the other boys.

I couldn't remember
any of your names.

Then they all got it

one way or another.

I misplaced a leg somewhere,

so I never heard about
the mess you were in

until I got back,
about a month ago.

How did danny morgan feel
about your getting out?

Well, how should he feel?

It's no comfort station
they run up there.

Too bad he couldn't
dig up a marine

to alibi him.

Look, gus, if this is just
a social get-together,

why not skip it?

I want to talk to you

about the money from the holdup.

You should read my pardon
that says I didn't

have anything to do
with the holdup.


and not a penny of it
has ever shown up.

Maybe it got inflated
right out of existence.

I figure you might know
where that money is.

Figure anything you want.

I'm a citizen again.

I'm gonna keep
a tail on you, rocky,

24 hours a day.

It shouldn't be too tough a job.

I'm not going anywhere.

When you do,
we'll be right with you.

Where do you figure I might go

that would interest you, gus?

You'll make a play
for that money.

It'll be easier
than going to work.

If I get you again, rocky,

the army, navy, and marines

won't be able to help you.

You buy nice drinks, mister,

but you talk so much.

Good-bye, mr. Delong.

I'll be seein' you, rocky.

I count the hours.

Hey, mac, 2 more over here.

Let's move.

Well, pal, you're now
a free man again.

Any questions?

Just one.


Who are you?

I figured you might be
curious about that.

You weren't one of the guys

I was out with that night.

I could have been.

I was a marine.

I was here in town that night.

But you weren't one of 'em.


It's all very simple, pal.


I heard about your case,

checked up on it in
the newspaper files...

found out I fitted
your alibi perfectly.

Here you are.

Why'd you do it?

Occasionally, I always
drink too much.

You went to a lot of trouble.

Wasn't too tough.

I wore all my decorations.

I've got plenty.

Eventually you'll get around

to telling me why.

Not eventually.
Right now.

You were up for life.

There was the 100,000
bucks kickin' around,

so I figured
you might be... grateful

if I got you out.

You not only picked
the wrong horse,

you didn't even get
the right track.

Life could be beautiful
with money.

Maybe you didn't hear me.

I didn't pull that stickup.

You'll be an awful big
disappointment to me

if you didn't.

So I'm a big disappointment.

You didn't do it?

No. But I know who did.

Oh. Now I feel better.

You know, I think I'm just like

that policeman.

I think I'll stick
around for a while

and see what you're up to.

Then come on.

I want to introduce you
to a pretty girl.

Nice car.

I understand these things
cost money now.

I traded my left leg for it.

Who's this girl
we're gonna meet?

Wife of a friend of mine.

Sounds like a dirty trick,

but I'm for it.

She's danny's wife-

the guy I went to jail with.

She really pretty?

She's out of bounds.

I said she was danny's wife.

Glad I never met the guy.

Danny's one of
my favorite people.

Ok, rocky.
I never was one

to argue with a criminal type.

Ooh, and she has to be the wife

of a friend.

Run amok, junior.
That's the wrong girl.

Hello, fellas.

And a happy mother's day
to you, too.

I'm darlene la vonne.

I'll bet you are at that, dear.

Tell me, where can
I find the manager?

Williams? Oh, he's
probably over there

in the office.


You fellas gonna live here?

Maybe, if you're a good girl

and go to church on sundays.

Aren't you the fresh one.


♪ Sailed across the sea ♪

♪ she ran away from me ♪

♪ to meet another man ♪

♪ it was a dirty trick ♪

♪ she got me all- ♪

hey, godfrey,

where can I find the manager?

You're talkin' to him.

I want to rent a trailer for 2.

When and for how long?

Now, and I don't know.

$10.00 a week.

It'll break our backs,
but I think we can swing it.

All right. Follow me.

Hey, rocky.

I hope you were kiddin'
about us staying here.

Only a couple of days.

Darlene will keep you company.

I'd rather take her
out of all this

than move in with her.

this is it.

Delong: oh, swell.

House beautiful.

What are we, the poor relations?

What about some of
those places back there?

This is all I got left.

It's a wonder
it didn't fall down

before we got here.

Well, the place looks lived in.

Yeah, but by what?

Take it or leave it.
10 bucks a week.

You're a smooth salesman,

mr. Williams.

You talked us into it.

Be careful how you spend that.

It was a present
from the taxpayers.

Say, ain't you rocky mulloy?

Well, I guess
you could say that.

Look, mr. Mulloy,

I don't want any trouble
in this camp.

Then don't start any.

You see, I got
a nice little setup

with lots of transits-

we like it.
It's quaint.

There's no hot water.

Suppose you wanted to shave?

We'll ring for you.

I think I'll go
take care of darlene.

Another man might walk by.

Just the week,
mr. Mulloy, huh?

I don't know.

You got a nancy morgan
living here?

Yeah. She lives
in trailer 8.

She in now?

She works
across town some place.

What time does she
usually get home?

In about an hour.

No kidding, mr. Mulloy,
I don't-

I got a bag in the car.

Go get it, will ya?

Let's get out of this hot sun

into a nice, cool bar.

In a few minutes, honey.

So it's honey already.

I call everybody honey.

Darlene, what do you do?

Well, I'm sort of
a part-time model.


I don't get it, rocky.

Why do you want to fool around

with that nancy morgan

when I've got a lot of friends

more cute and more fun?

I may call on you
for help later.

Mmm. I'd like
to see me

with 100,000 hidden
away some place

and just gettin' out of 5 years

in the clink. Wow.

You know, alongside
one of my friends,

that nancy morgan's
a deep freeze unit.

What about that saloon
we were gonna look up?

In a few minutes, honey.

Of course, you being
her husband's friend

helps a lot.

I guess it'd be all right

if you took her out,
wouldn't you say?

I'd say you talk too much.

Hey, you gonna sit there

and let him talk
to me like that?

Nope. Let's go
to some nice, quiet place

where we can't hear him.

He's got some nerve.

Look, you run along and wait
for me in the car, huh?

I'd still be willing
to forgive and forget

and call up a girl for him.

Run along, darlene,

before I fracture your spine.

Some funny guy, aren't you?

Gonna go after
that money pretty soon,

eh, rocky?

Pretty soon. Yeah.

Don't wait up for me.

I don't like it
at all, mr. Mulloy.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

I wish I knew what you
were talkin' about.

There's been a man in my office

asking questions about you.

Irish guy, looks like a saint,

acts like a thug?

That's right.
I think he's a cop.

I know he is.

I been thinkin' about things.

That mrs. Morgan-

she's the wife of the guy

who pulled the stickup
with you, isn't she?

No, she isn't,

because we didn't
pull any stickup.

Well, what I meant-

what's bothering you?

I don't like the cops
hangin' around.

Well, forget about the cops.

They're not interested
in any two-bit setup

you got here.

Well, I don't want any trouble.

Look, is my rent paid?


Well, then stop bothering me.

I still don't want any trouble.

Neither do I, from you
or anybody else.


Hello, nancy.

Better grab me quick

before my knees give way.

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to surprise you this way.

Oh, that's all right.

I knew you'd be here.

Let me look at you.

No change.
Same height, same weight.

Oh, you look fine.

When did you get in?

A few hours ago.

I moved mr. Mulloy in,
mrs. Morgan.

I'm in inner sanctum number 12.

I thought we all
ought to get together

and have a little talk-

good-bye, mr. Williams.


Wasn't I always?

You were lucky
to get a place here.

Mr. williams
likes couples.

Oh, he got one.
Delong's with me.

Oh, the marine.

That's right.

Invite him to dinner.
We'll put more water

in the soup.

He's out bar hopping
with a gal named-

believe it if you can-

darlene la vonne.

When the marines land,

darlene's always there
waiting for them.

Hey, this is nice.

What a break, rocky-

his showing up
after all this time.

It's more than a break.

It's more like a miracle.

How is danny?

Just fine.

He told me to have a drink
with you for him.

Is he really all right?

Nothing wrong with him

that getting out wouldn't fix.

Only 6 more months.

With luck.

Did he mind your
getting out very much,

since he had to stay?

I couldn't do him
any good up there.

Maybe I can down here.

Oh? How?

Well, delong proved

they were wrong about me.

I'm going to prove

the same thing about danny.

You're going to try to open up

the whole thing again?

I'm going to turn it inside out.

But that just sounds
like more trouble.

What more can happen to us?

We've had 5 years
yanked out of our lives.

That's a long time

when you break it up into hours.

Why don't you fix us
that drink, rocky?

It's in the cupboard.

All right.
You stop worrying.

Remember the day
I introduced you to danny?

I was so proud of my girl,

I wanted to show her off.

That was a long time ago.

20 centuries.

You both deserve
a better break than this

hanging over your heads
the rest of your lives.

Rocky, you never
told me how your felt

after we had that quarrel,

and danny and I got married.

You know how I felt.

I crawled away and died
for a few weeks.

Only for a few weeks?

It lasted longer
than that with me.

But you wouldn't change it now.

Of course not.

But sometimes I wonder.

Not even sometimes.

Rocky, why can't we
just forget everything

that's happened?


I mean about the prison

and you and danny
and the holdup.

Even if you are innocent-

even if I'm innocent?

I didn't mean it that way.

Of course you did.

No, I didn't.

It wouldn't make
any difference to me

if you and danny were involved.

But we weren't.

I know you weren't.

Oh, rocky, why do you twist

everything I say?

Oh, big homecoming,

and I'm showing you
a bad time. Sorry.

Looks like lassie's home.

Come along.
I'll introduce you.

Well, pull up some dust
and sit down.

You, of course, would be nancy.

Of course.

You're out of bounds.

Am I?

According to my
underworld friend.

Where's darlene?

I'm very disappointed
in darlene.

She turned out to be
a part-time model

and a full-time pickpocket.

We may very well
have visitors before long.

What happened?

We had a great many drinks

in this place she knew about,

and when she thought
I was tight enough,

she went for my bankroll.

Country boy, city girl.

I slapped her wrist.

The bartender didn't like that.

What about the bartender?

I let him have it over the head

with a peanut machine.

He's resting now,

in the emergency hospital.

Oh, swell.

You better run along.

He's right about the visitors.

But what about you
if the police come?

We're old friends.

We can always find things
to talk about.

Oh, rocky-

see you tomorrow.

All right.

Good night.

Have you read that book,

what to do
until the police come?

I know all the answers.

The bartender gave me a drink

that tasted funny,

and I don't remember
anything after that.

Give me the keys to your car.

You burglars always
work at night, don't you?

And about 10 bucks.

Sure, sure.
We're partners.

You want me to go along?

No, thanks.

Oh, uh, if you run into darlene,

tell her all is forgiven.

Delong, you go for the bottle

an awful lot.

You never get to the point

where you say things
you shouldn't, do you?

What milk is to a baby,

that is to me.

Go commit your crimes
with an easy mind.

I'll see you later.

I sincerely hope so.

Where are you going, rocky?

I've gotta go see someone.

How long have they been here?

They just got here.

Isn't that a little
foolish, carrying a gun

just the day after you got out?

You better go to bed, nancy.

Be careful.

I will.

Oh, uh, you wouldn't be looking

for a fella
named delong, would you?

Yeah. Do you
know him?

Friend of mine.

Wants to file a complaint
with you boys.

He wants to file a complaint?

That's right.

A bartender in some gin mill
down the road

got him tight,
tried to roll him.

Works with a dame named darlene,

from here, I think.

Well, now, that's not
the way we heard it.

The bartender said
that delong got fresh.

Well, of course he'd say that.

Why would he tell the truth?

Darlene's a good kid.

She wouldn't tell a lie.

Look, delong is carrying
quite a roll.

Anybody who'd try to rob
a one-legged marine hero

is 3 kinds of a crumb,
wouldn't you think?

Yeah, but how do we know?

Well, go talk to him.

I think the bartender
is getting off easy.

You ought to pick up his license

for running a clip joint.

Where is this delong?


Come on.
I'll show you.

35 cents, please, sir.

There's a man following me.

He'll want to know where I am.

I'll save him a lot of trouble.

Tell him rocky mulloy's
in there.

At the los amigos?

That's right.
Keep the change.

I'll tell him,
mr. Rocky.

Hiya, rocky.

Gimme a rye.

Haven't seen you around lately.

Don't tell me
you can't read yet.

Just tryin' to be delicate.

Buy yourself a drink.

With 10 bucks,
I could buy the joint.

Not many tips like this
around here.

I want to surprise castro.

Thought maybe you'd forget
how to use that telephone.

Sure, rocky. Sure.

I might buy another round
on the way down.

Fine. Fine.

Oh, rocky.

Thanks for the dough,

but you shouldn't have bothered.

Castro's expecting you, anyway.

That's all right, russell.

I got that 10 bucks
from a typhoid carrier.

Nice to see you, rocky.

Yeah, I imagine you've been
looking forward to this.

It's always nice
to see an old friend.

Get up from your desk.
Sit over there.

We can talk better.

I've been reading so many
detective stories lately,

I guess I'm just
naturally suspicious.

I don't blame you.

I imagine you're
kinda sore, huh, rocky?

Oh, I was planning on
taking you to dinner.

That's quite a break,
your getting out.

Not for you.

When I went up, castro,

I was making 20,000 a year.

5 years-that's 100 grand.

I'm willing to split
the difference with you

and settle for half.

The dollar's only worth
50 cents these days.

I'll stand the loss.

Why should I, rocky?

Because that was
the deal you made

when you dreamed up the job.

I drive the car, I get 50,000.

Yeah, but you didn't
come in on it.

Everybody pretended like I did.

The cops, the judge,
and a lot of guards

up at prison.

You told that story to the jury

about me propositioning you.

Couldn't make it stick then.

How can you now?

I don't have to make it
stick with you.

We know different.

Besides, I'm not out
to prove anything.

I'm just here
to collect some money.

I only got half.

Do you want all of my share?

That's cheaper than dying.

Would you kill me, rocky?

Wouldn't you?

Tell you what.

Why don't I set you up
in a new book, hmm?

I just want 10,000 a year

for 5 of the best years
of my life.

Can I reach in my pocket?

Go ahead.

There's $500.

That's 1%.

Put it on a horse
called dragonfly.

But place it with
another book, huh?

Suppose it loses?

It won't. Should pay
about 8 to 1.

That's 4 grand.

What about the other 46?

You know, things have
changed around here

in the last 5 years, rocky.

I'm 60% legitimate now.

I see.

I'm what you might call
a pretty big man.

Good. Then you won't
miss the money so much.

You know, big men
don't scare easy.

Then big men must get
popped off pretty regularly.

Where do I place the bet?

Call me in the morning.

Big, legitimate man like you

still playing with loaded guns.

Nice to have me back,
huh, castro?

Hey, mister...

you owe me two bits
for the game.

Want a shine, gus?

You, uh, didn't wan to

recognize me in there, huh?

I got a bad reputation.

I gotta be careful
who I'm seen with.

You went to a lot of trouble

to make sure I'd
know where you were.


I want to make your work
easy for you.

I don't want you
to make it too easy.

You have some business
with castro?

We're thinking about opening up

an ice cream parlor together.

Look, I'm tailing you myself,

and I want to get some sleep.

What are your plans

for the rest of the night?

Home and mother.

Don't cross me up, rocky.

You wouldn't believe it, gus,

but I want you with me
wherever I go.

I'll try and be there.


Uh, pay for my shine,
too, will you?

I'm fresh out of hot money.

Hold it!

I- it's me. It's me.

What are you doing up?

I thought I heard somethin'.


Somethin' like a shot.

Smell it.

Smell the barrel.
If it's been fired,

you can smell it.


Remember that if you decide
to call the cops

and tell 'em I've been
shootin' up the place.

Now, turn in.

Such people you run around with.

Put that out, will you?

Can't sleep, huh?


I can never sleep

after I've been shot at, either.

Well, one thing's sure.

You certainly stirred up
plenty of action.

You must be getting
close to the money.

I just took a walk,

saw a few people.

Must have liked you.

They followed you home.

Go to sleep.

I had an interesting evening

after I got rid of the cops.

Good for you.

I had a drink with nancy.

She's stuck on you.

You're stuck on her.

She's out of bounds, remember?

You got a big problem, boy.

Out of bounds,

married your best friend.

Yeah, you got a problem.

Shut up and go to sleep.

Is the door locked?

You can relax.

The bogeyman's gone.

Good night.

You turn off the shower?

I couldn't even turn it on.

You drinking
that stuff so early?

Listen, doll girl,

when you drink as much as I do,

you gotta start early.

Well, you two made up?

Darlene's gonna give up

and start studying forgery.

Aren't you ashamed
of yourself, darlene?

I was only gonna

keep his money for him

till he sobered up.

That's like
tying it up permanently.

Can I use your car today?

It's just a stock model.

No armor on it.

How about some coffee, rocky?

Fine. I'll be right in.

Your girlfriend know anything

about the shooting last night?

Why should she?

Just asking.

Gonna have
a little party tonight.

Keep yourselves available.

That's me.

There's nothing I like better

than a party.

Would you like some coffeecake?

No, thanks.

There was a time
when we used to think about

having breakfast together
every morning.

Things go haywire, don't they?

They do if you let things happen

instead of make them happen.

I thought you'd be at work.

Not for a half hour yet.

Rocky, tell me
what you're doing.

I don't know myself yet.

Just probing a few sore spots.

And getting shot at.

Oh. Williams gets up early.

I don't think they were
trying very hard to hit me,

just scare me off.

From what?

Where did you go last night?

I called on someone

who may be able
to clear danny and me

if I play it right.

Did you talk to danny

about what you're going to do?

As much as I could.

I only had about 5 minutes
with him before I left.

And what did he say?

He's like you.

Leave well enough alone.

Then why don't you?

Well, danny only got 1 to 10.

I got life.

I guess I'm just
that much madder than he is.

Where are you going today?

There was a witness
at the trial named fletcher.

I thought maybe
I might call on him.

I'll go with you.


Why not?

Just in case that guy last night

wasn't trying to miss,

I'd like to keep you out of it.

You know, this concerns me

a little bit, too, rocky.

You're awfully pretty alive.

I'd like to keep it that way.

Now drink up.

I'll go change clothes
and drive you to work.

All right.
I'll be ready

in a few minutes.

Next time, make my coffee
a little stronger, huh?

Oh, yes. I remember.

What are you smiling about?

It used to annoy you
when I moved the mirror.

It still does.

Funny, I forgot to ask you-

what are you doing
for a living now?

I'm a secretary.

When did this happen?

When danny went to jail,
I had to find a job.

I suppose it wasn't too easy

to find one after
the trial and all.

People forget...

if you let them.

Turn left at the next corner.

I'll pay you back for breakfast

at dinner tonight.

What are you using
for money these days?

Well, I've got a horse

in the third at burlington

that's collateral
for a bank loan.

Sometimes they break a leg.

They got a picture of
this one running first

before the race even starts.

Take care of yourself.

Fletcher apartment?

I don't need any brushes,
but come on in.

Mrs. fletcher?


I'd like to see your husband.

That's not very flattering.

Would you like some coffee?

Well, a second cup
never hurt anybody.

Cream and sugar?

Black, please.

My name is alice.

Mind if I call you rocky?

Why should you?

Because that's your name.

What do you want
with my husband?

Get him to admit he was wrong

about identifying you?

Well, the guy could
make a mistake.

He's had 5 years
to think it over.

I guess you don't
know about arthur.

What about arthur?

Arthur's dead.

"Fletcher, arthur, 43.

"Service is monday,
2 p.m.,

"little church of the roses

"memorial chapel.

Cremation follows."

Heart attack 2 years ago.

He was 16 years older than me.

You seem all cut up about it.

He'd have died of shock anyway

if he'd known
you were getting out.

What do you want with arthur?

You're in the clear now.

I've still got
a good friend doing time

on his identification.

Tell me, did your husband
ever say anything

about maybe being mistaken?

Arthur wasn't much of a talker.

Oh, come on. What difference
can it make to you now?

None, particularly since

the money's all gone.


Arthur came into
a small inheritance

just about the time
of your trial.

How small?


Must have been nice for you.

Mm. He bought me
some new clothes.

Who left him the money?

I never asked him.

Would you tell
the police about it?

And get picked up
as an accessory?

I can have them
check his bank account

for that period.

The money was
left to us in cash.

We kept it here

and we spent it in cash.

I'll deny all this, rocky,

so don't bother
trying to involve me.

Why'd you tell me?

You wanted to know.

Besides, you look like
such a nice man.

If I promise not to involve you,

will you tell the nice man
who gave arthur the money?

Drink your coffee.

There's an awfully swell guy

still sweating out a prison rap.

Look, I'm sorry about
this swell guy,

but I never was
involved in this,

and I don't intend to start now.

Well, thanks anyway.

You're not leaving?

Just when I thought

things were beginning
to get interesting.

In what way?

Well, we don't have
to spend the rest of our lives

talking about
dead husbands and holdups.

What else could we talk about?


or maybe you don't
find that very interesting.

Can I use your telephone?

Help yourself.

Oh, uh, this is rocky mulloy.

Get me castro, will you?

Hello, castro?

You told me to call.

Where do I place that bet?

Crossley hotel cigar stand?

I'll be seeing you.

Now, uh, where were we?

You were on your way out.

I thought we were
going to sit around

and talk about you?

Well, we're not.

Get out of here.

So my call to castro

didn't set too well, huh?

I said beat it.

Someday, alice, you and I

are gonna have a nice long talk.

And you'll really
do some talking.

Go on. Get out of here.

You said that.

I'll have a pack

of those cigarettes, please.

I want to see the man.

About a horse.

What makes you think
this is that kind of-

I don't think.
Castro sent me.

You're a friend of castro's?

We've met. Maybe
you've heard of me.

First name's rocky.

I've seen your face.

In all the papers.
Society section.

The pictures
don't do you justice, rocky.

What horse?

Put this on dragonfly

in the third at burlington.

Right there. $500.

That's a lot of money
to throw away

on a very long shot.

In case I win, what happens?

I see you again?

The delicatessen downstairs.

Ask for harry.

But you can still see me again.

Especially if I win?

It won't matter.

I work here every day,

and I live upstairs in room 201.

Thanks. I'll see
what my nurse says.

they're off and running.

At the start it's rule two,
breaking on top.

Flying cap is second.
Papoose is third.

Morningside is fourth.
Fast furious, fifth.

Dragonfly and red satin.

Down the back stretch
it's rule two

leading by a length and a half.

Morningside is second
by a half a length.

Papoose on the outside
is third by 3/4.

Flying cap is fourth
by one length.

Red satin is next by a neck,

and dragonfly is
closing ground on the rail.

'Round the turn it's rule two

leading by a half a length,

papoose challenging on the
outside is second by 3/4.

Morningside is third
by one length,

flying cap and dragonfly.

Dragonfly trying
to get through on the rail

and can't find racing room.

He's going to the outside.

They're in the stretch,
and it's rule two

leading by a head.

Papoose is second by a neck.

Morningside is third by 3/4.

And now dragonfly
is going to a drive

on the outside.

Here comes dragonfly.

They're coming down to the wire

and it's papoose and dragonfly.

It's papoose by a head
and dragonfly.

And it's going to be close.

And now it's
dragonfly and papoose.

And it's dragonfly,
the winner by a nose!

Papoose is second
by 3/4 of a length.

Rule two is third by one length

and morningside's
finished fourth-

4 grand, huh?

Well, I'll credit it
to your account.

You harry?

No. Wait a minute.
I'll get him.

Hey, harry.

5 to one I know why you're here.

Yep. Same horse.

Well, that's the way it goes.

That horse has really

knocked me over today.

You wouldn't believe it
if I told you

this was the biggest loss

of my whole career.


Great for you guys.

So what if a bookie
gets hit hard?

Big joke. Big joke.

Never occurs to you that I got

a wife and kids
like other people.

Well, there goes
the 2 weeks at camp

I promised the kids this summer.

4 grand.

What are you gonna do
with all that loot?

Get an operation
so I can play my violin again.

Uh, swell. Big joke.

Santa claus, soldier.

I was a marine, not a soldier.

For a while there,
I began to think

you'd gone south with my car.

Busy day.

Santa bring something for me?

That he did.

Here. Read this.

Might improve your mind.

"Does drinking affect
your social life?"

Here's an orchid for darlene...

and I got a little
something for you here

that might keep her interested

in you tonight.

Where we going?

Got a big celebration.


Looks like about 1,000 bucks.

Well, it should.

You must have found
the guy who did it.

I had a horse working
for me today.

The horse give you the money
to put down on himself?

You got a right to know

what I'm up to if you want to.

I don't.

Nancy's been after me all day

to talk you out of doing
whatever you're doing.


Ok, I've talked.

Well, thanks.

You know, I don't think nancy's

as worried about you personally
as she pretends to be.

What do you mean?

I mean I think
she's more worried

about what you might stir up.

You're a pint ahead of schedule.

Only the blind can really see.

Well, you're only half blind.

I'll fix that.

You know I had
another friend once

who had trouble with that stuff.

He found a way to get off of it.


He quit.

Thank you, billy sunday.

Comb your hair.
We'll leave

as soon as the girls are ready.


Good evening, lieutenant.

Social or business?


I don't know why
they ordered all this food.

They're still dancing.

Maybe they like cold steaks,

or maybe they're just working up

an appetite.

I'd say they were
stuck on each other.

What difference does it make?

Hey, waiter!

You better put these steaks

back in the oven.

Oh, and cancel that
strawberry shortcake

and bring me a double bourbon.

I got a bad tooth.

Mighty handsome present,
this dress.

Mighty handsome girl inside it.

This is like old times, nancy.

Except I could never

get you to dance.

Funny. I like it now.

I must have mellowed.

Remember the last time

we danced together?

At the beach one summer.


The summer I asked
you to marry me-

3 times.

3 times?

No wonder I lost out
to the other guy.

That horse must have
paid good odds.

8 to 1.

Did delong tell you
I talked to him?

Yes, but let's relax
and have fun tonight.

I'm really worried, rocky.

Oh, nancy.

You can't have any fun that way.

Well, the marathon
dancers are back.

Gee, that's a pretty dress.

Beside you, I look terrible.

Good old darlene,

honest as the day is long.

Hello, rocky.

Hiya, gus.

We went ahead without you

if you don't mind.

I want to talk a little.

Would you like to step outside?

Not particularly.

All right.

If you're trying to bribe me,

that'll do it.

You spent $265
on clothes today, rocky.

Is that illegal?

With these bills it is.
Where'd you get 'em?

I bet some money on a horse.

They're part of
the aetna payroll.

Got any more?

Where's the rest?
There's lots more.

I told you I made
a bet on a horse.

If you checked me
at the dress shop,

you should have placed me

at the cigar stand.

I'm a busy man.
I didn't wait for you

to come out of
mrs. Fletcher's apartment.

What did you go up there for?

I could have told you
her husband was dead.

How is mrs. Fletcher?

I think I'll leave.


You might as well
give him yours, too.

You kiddin'?

Somebody's loaded us up

with hot money.

It isn't worth a nickel.

All right, fingers.

Hand it over.

Are you kiddin'?

The man wants it-now.

So you bet on a horse, huh?

Where'd you get
the money to bet with?

Castro loaned me $500.

Ok, rocky, who booked
the bet for you?

The girl at the cigar stand

in the crossley hotel.

Fine. And who paid you off?

Guy named harry.

Same building.

All right.
Let's go check.

We'll start with harry
and work back.

I'm sorry, nancy.

You want to stay here,

or would you like to go home?

I don't want to stay here.

You kids go on home.

I'll be there in about an hour.

Don't be too sure.

I said an hour.

Hey, where's harry?


Yeah, the guy you
dug out of the back room

this afternoon.

You must be mistaken, mister.

There's no harry here,

and there ain't any back room.

Don't give me that.

Hey, this isn't funny.
Where is he?

The guy who paid me off.

Paid you off?

The guy with the wife and kids

who talked and talked.

Where is he?

Take it easy.

Come on.

Strike one.

Crossley hotel?

Come on.

Look, honey, i-

hey, where's the girl

who was here earlier today?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I've been here all day.

I was in here.

I made a $500 bet on a horse.

We don't book any bets.

There was a very
pretty girl here.

Where is she?

You sure this is
the right place?

No, this is a gag.

She said she lived in 201.

All right. Let's go see.


Oh, I'm sorry.

I expected to find the girl

from the cigar stand up here.

Oh, you did, did you?

Well, I came back

from out of town
unexpectedly today,

so there won't
be any party tonight.

Now beat it!

Strike 2.

You know, rocky, I think
we better get down to my office.

All right.

Anything for me, frank?

Not a thing, lieutenant.

Get me louie castro
on the phone.

Right, sir.

Sit down. This may
take a little time.

Maybe 20 years.

What a prize sucker I am.

Were you in on the frame, too?

All you smart guys
are prize suckers,

and I don't have
to be too bright

to trip you up.

All I have to do
is watch and wait.

Sometimes not so long, either.


Man: I have castro
for you, lieutenant.

He's in his office.

Ok. Thanks.

Lieutenant cobb.

Couple of questions.

I've got rocky mulloy down here.

He says you told him

to bet on a horse last night.

Rocky mulloy?

Is he in town?

Cobb: yeah. He says
you gave him $500

to bet on a race.

Now, would I be donating
to rocky mulloy?

He's lying.
Hasn't been around.

Ok. Just checking.

Strike 3.

Ball one.

Castro is high and wise.

Says you were
never around there.

Well, you can't believe that.

You saw me come down
from his office.

I'm surprised at him
slipping like that.

That phony bookie
was just a plant

to get that hot money on me.

I wouldn't know.

You gonna hold me?

No. I don't think
I will.

I've been waiting for 5 years

for some of that
money to show up.

Whether you got it

or just scaring it
into circulation,

I don't know yet.

As a matter of fact,
I don't care.

So go on.
Keep pokin' around.

We'll see what happens.

Old clay pigeon me.

Yeah, you're expendable, rocky.

Hey, you've got all my dough.

How about some cab fare?

What are you gonna
pay me back with,

some more of that hot money?

Maybe all of it.

All right.
There's 20.

That's out of my own pocket.

Remember, I got a wife

and a couple of kids.

I haven't met anybody lately
who hasn't.

Are you awake

or do you want some more water?

All right, don't talk,

but you're gonna
listen real hard.

You don't know when to stop,

do you, stupid?

I'm out one day

and you try to fix it

so I'm right back in again.

How big does the
50 grand look now?

Can I get up?

You can't move one inch.

I love to see
a big legitimate man

like you flat on your back.

In case you're curious

why cobb didn't hold me,

you slipped up, castro.

He followed me

to your place last night,

which makes that
little lie of yours

about not seeing me
kind of curious.

He's beginning to wonder

about a few things.

That money's beginning

to tie right back to you.

Why don't you calm down?

Because I don't feel calm.

I talked to a woman today

who told me
about a mr. Fletcher

who was bribed to identify me.

You know anything about that?

All right.
You want the money.

Let's make a deal.

You got another horse for me?

Let me get up.

I'll put this right
through your skull

if you get up before I tell you.

I'll get the money for you.

I don't want the 50 now.

I want all of it.

How can I get it all?

I've only got half of it.

You can use

that fertile brain of yours

to figure that out.

You make one more cute move

and see how long you live.

I'll have it all
by tomorrow morning.

You sure will.

Now get up.

20 bucks? Gee,
I can't crack that.

Come on. We'll get it.

Mm, he's back.

Well, that was a long hour.

Got any good money?

Yeah, a little.

Pay the cabdriver.

How much?

Buck 95.

Here's 2 bucks.
Keep the change,

and don't lose your head.

Wasn't a very
successful celebration.

Oh, it doesn't matter.

You can take those
presents back tomorrow.

Nancy, I didn't expect
to do what I'm doing

without getting
in a little trouble.

Well, what are you trying to do,

get back to where danny is?

Looks like we're about to have

a very tense moment.

Look, it's
quarter to 2:00.

We got plenty of time
to make it to a bar

for a nightcap.

The time doesn't matter.

I know a bartender.

Keep this for me, will you, pal?

You carry the money this time.

We'll see if I can
steal it from you.

Aren't you the comic
and insulter?

Where are the car keys?

If I'm not back by tuesday,

drag the river.

Good night.

Aren't you taking
an awful lot on yourself?

Danny asked you
not to. I ask you.

I'm getting close, nancy.

But one thing you
seem to have forgotten.

Danny doesn't get out
in 6 months.

He merely comes up for parole.

Everything you're doing

is just gonna make it
that much harder for him.

Believe me, it isn't.

I wouldn't take
a chance with that.

Don't you think
that should be up to him?

After all, you're already out.

I'm too close.

I'm not gonna quit now.

Oh, sure, rocky,
have it your way.

You always have.

Rocky's gonna help his friends

even if it kills them.

You can't really think that.

Oh, I'm just sick
of the whole thing.

I've been living with this

hanging over my head
for 5 years.

I'm trying to fix it

so it'll be easier
for you from now on.

Well, you're not.

You're just messing
everything up.

You've always been stubborn.

You make up your mind
and nobody can change it,

not even me.

Call an ambulance.

You needn't bother
for this one. She's dead.

Rocky: go on, I said.
Call an ambulance.

He still alive?

Yeah, who are you?

Police. I'm tailing
you for cobb.

Well, you did a great job.

Where's the guy who did this?

Guys-2 of 'em.

My car was headed in
the wrong direction.

They were out of sight

by the time I got the door open.

You better leave him alone

till a doctor gets here.

Rocky, they thought
that was you...

of course they did.

And me.

They just didn't care
who they got

as long as they got me.

Rocky, they thought that was me.

Take it easy, dear.

Don't go anywhere, mulloy.

Cobb will want to see you.

I don't want to have to look
all around for you.

No-good mess.

They were after me and got you.


What's the difference-
this or an alcoholic ward?

How bad's darlene?

As bad as she can get.

Oh, that's a shame.

I was gettin' awful fond
of that little pickpocket.

Yeah, I know.

Look, rocky, this thing's
getting rough.

I think you got
your neck out too far.

Don't worry about it.

Let's forget our whole deal

and go fishing or something.

You like fishing?

Used to.
At least it's healthy.

You sure you don't know
who did the shooting?


By the way, officer,

I'd like to talk
to lieutenant cobb.

Well, I'll tell him.

If it's about that phony alibi

you gave for mulloy here,

cobb knows all about it.

He's even discussed
it with the d.a.

I figured.

That's not what I
wan to talk to him about.

Tell him that unless
he wants me to sue the city,

he better do something

about getting me
a new wooden leg.

I'll mention it to him.

Yeah. See if he can
get it in knotty pine.

I want it to match my den.

Come on, mulloy.

Cobb's waiting for you.

All right.



I know where we can pick up

a couple of fishing poles cheap.

Plenty of time.

Look, they made a mistake.

That doesn't mean
they're gonna stop trying.

For rubbing.

Cobb: just like
the old days-

blazing guns
and big black limousines.

Aren't you indignant,

and don't you want to call
for your attorney?

He's on his way.

Well, this is murder-

not just a cheesy matter
of some hot money,

but a dead girl and
a shot-up soldier.

You know they were
after you, of course.

It doesn't take
an i.q. of 150

to figure that.

And you, mrs. Morgan,
except for a little mistake,

you'd be lying on a slab
in the morgue right now.

Can you think of any reason why?


I can't imagine.

I'm not asking you
to imagine anything.

You're alive on a rain check.

You better start remembering

anything that might help me.

Where were you last night

when someone
took a shot at rocky?

I was in bed.

Sound asleep, huh,

and it never even woke you?

Lay off her, gus.

Oh, sure. I don't
want to upset anybody.

What's a little thing
like murder?

And you were in your bar

having a drink with
a couple of friends.

That's easy enough to check.

Yeah, you'd be
awfully sure of that,

yet you were home earlier

when rocky slapped you
around a little.

Castro: that's right.

Why did you go back to your bar?

I couldn't sleep.

I can't hold any of you,

but I want you to know
my fondest hope

is that one of you
bumps the other off

so I can pick up who's left.

Are we through?

You are when I say so.

Now, just get it
through your heads

that the pressure's on.

I wouldn't give a nickel

for your husband's chances
before that parole board

with all this going on,

and I wouldn't give
a nickel for your chances

with those 2 apes running around

looking for you.

For you, I just
wouldn't give a nickel.

You two can go now.

Not you.

Cobb: oh, rocky.

I'm taking the tail off you.

You're on your own now.

You picked
a swell time to do it.

That's what I figured.

We'll wait for your attorney.

I love to watch them operate.

Wait for me, driver.

I'll be right back.

Don't go.

I won't be gone long.

Rocky, please don't go.
I couldn't stand it

if anything happened to you.

Nothing's going to happen to me.

If I told you

you meant everything
in the world to me-

don't talk like that.

I can't help it.
I don't care anymore.

Maybe I shouldn't say it,

but I'm going to anyway.

No, you're not.
You're gonna stay here

and get some sleep,

and I'll be back
in a little while.

Rocky, please!

I'll be back.

Get in. Let's go
to your place.

Don't be a chump, rocky.

This is exactly what
cobb wanted you to do.

Your place.

It's too early.
It's not even open.

There's nobody there.

That's why we're
going to your place.

Get in.

Stop right there.

Get up on the desk.

Get up there and lie down.

Lie down?

We seem to talk better

when you're flat on your back.

You know, there's no use
kiddin' you, rocky.

I- I've been out to get you.

I was kind of a chump

to fool around with this at all.

Like I told you before,
I'm 60% legitimate now.

You know, cobb doesn't
have anything on us yet.

He's trying to get us
to fight it out for him.

What are you doing?

You ever hear of a game
called russian roulette?

It's supposed to show
how much nerve you have.

6 chambers, one bullet.

Oh, now-now, wait
a minute, rocky.


Now, take it easy, rocky.

And every time I spin this,

you've got a 5-to-1 chance.

That's better odds

than you gave
my friends last night.

Look, rocky,
the money's in a safe

underneath this desk.

I'm not interested
in the money now.

Look, rocky, I'll tell you-

I'll tell you where
the rest of it is.

It'll be a cinch

for you to pick it up.

That was
a messy killing, castro.

A pretty little girl
isn't so pretty anymore.

A one-legged marine
is all shot up

just because somebody
thought it was me.

You'll have $100,000, rocky.

I'll help you get out
of the country, huh?

You don't get the idea, do you?

Will you cut that out a minute!


you drag me into this thing

and you're gonna ruin

a couple of
your very best friends.

Like who?

If you hadn't been
so thick-headed,

you'd have seen it
a long time ago.

Danny pulled
that stick-up with me.

You had turned it down,
but he didn't.

No, it's the truth, rocky.

Danny killed the guard.

Fletcher had identified
him before I got to him

with the 5 grand.

He agreed to frame you

and name danny as an accessory.

Who do you think
has the other half

of the dough?

Nancy, his wife.

How do you think I knew

you were coming to my office

the other night?
She called and told me

you were on your way
over packin' a gun.

Go on.

She's been trying
to keep your nose

out of everything.

She even took a shot
at you to scare you off.

So you tried to kill her
along with me.

Oh, she was shootin'
off her mouth

about fletcher.
You said so yourself.

All right, stupid,

pick up the phone and call cobb.

Oh, you're nuts, rocky.

You want to play some more?

What am I supposed to tell him?

Tell him to get over here.

You're gonna make a confession.

Take it easy with that thing.

Look, rocky-

you're stretching your luck.


Lieutenant cobb, please.

This is louie castro.

What's the matter, castro?

Hello, cobb?

This is louie castro.

Get over to my place.

I'd like to make
a full confession.

You in trouble?

Yeah. Rocky mulloy
is with me here now.

We'll be right over.

Come on.

Thanks, lieutenant.

Well, that's that.

Now will you put
that thing away?

I don't think we're gonna
play with this anymore.

Now that you've
called your 2 boys,

let's really call gus cobb.

I think he'd like to meet them.

And do me a favor, castro,
while I'm on the phone,

try to jump me.
I'd love nothing better

than shooting you
right in the belly.

They're all around us.

Let's shoot it out.

Let me get out of here,
will you?

You shouldn't be too anxious

to get out there.

The boys might think you
called 'em into a trap.

Give me a break, rocky.

Let me get out the back door.

Your first 6 months
in jail, castro,

are gonna be a little rough.

You won't be able to sleep much.

You'll be wondering what
your friends are doing.

I'm not gonna take this alone.

I'll spill everything I know

about danny and the girl.

Of course, it won't be
as tough on you

as it was on me

because you really belong there.

This wasn't my idea.
I only work for castro.

I know all that.

Give me the key to this joint.

I haven't got a key.

I'll tell you anything
you want to know.

Give me a break, will ya?

Take him away. You wait
for the coroner.

We're goin' in the back way.

You hear that, castro?

That's the heavy foot
of the law.

Get yourself a good lawyer.

If you're lucky,

you might get off
with life, like I did.

The money's in a safe
under the desk.

Take care of him.
Wait a minute, rocky.

I don't suppose you have
a permit for this?

How much of the money's
under the desk?

His half.

Where's the rest?

I don't know.

I said I didn't know.

Who is it?

It's me, rocky.

Oh, rocky, I'm
so glad you're back.

I've nearly been out of my mind.

Where have you been?

Looking for castro.

You found him?

I went to his apartment,
to his office.

He's hiding out somewhere...

or looking for me.

You've gotta get away from here.

Go somewhere where
castro can't find you.

I've been thinking about it.

Take me with you.

Take you?

Yes, rocky, please.

Where would we go?

It doesn't matter.

We've just gotta get away.

Well, that isn't so easy.

But you can't go without me.

I couldn't stand
to be alone again.

Danny will be out in 6 months.

You can stand 6 months.


What is it, nancy?

I'm not gonna wait
6 months for danny.

If he got out tomorrow,
I wouldn't wait,

and you know why.

No. You tell me why.

You're just afraid to admit it,

but you know.

Take me with you.

I haven't got the cab fare

to get us to the city limits.

I've got some money.

You couldn't be making much

at that job you're doing.

I've got enough to take us

as far as we want to go-

the other end of the world,

away from castro,
away from everything.

That's a long way.

Not if you've got $50,000.

No, not if you've got $50,000.

It's in a suitcase
in williams' basement.

In the old house?

Oh, I couldn't tell you before.

I'm surprised you didn't guess.

Danny was in on it.

I've had the money all the time.

5 years.

Oh, I wanted to do something,

but I couldn't.

The whole trial
you didn't say anything.

Rocky, I couldn't.

Castro told me
if I said anything,

I'd be arrested
for having the money.

You had the money,

and I went away for 5 years.

Oh, I didn't want to
see you go to prison,

but I was afraid,

afraid of castro.

Why didn't you tell me
when I got out, nancy?

I don't know.

Oh, but we can forget all that.

It's all worked out now.

You're free, and we're
back together again.

That's all that matters.

It's always been
you and me, rocky.

You know that.


It's always been you and me.

Darling, what's the matter?

You've always been
in love with me.

You still are, aren't you?

I still am.

Then you'll get me out of here.

I'll get you out.

This morning?
Can we leave right away?

We'll leave right away.

I'll get packed.

You'd better get packed, too.


Darling, we'll have such
a wonderful life together.



I just came from the hospital.

Delong's gonna be all right.


Did you find
the rest of the money?

Yeah. It's
in a suitcase

in the basement
of the old house.

I knew it couldn't be
in her trailer.

I've had it searched
a dozen times.

You might as well pick her up.

She'll be packed.

You feel pretty rotten
about it, don't you?

How would you feel?

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