Crush and Blush (2008) - full transcript

An awkward and unpopular high school teacher tries to stop two of her colleagues from falling in love.

Don't think
the world is a fair place.

People like us must work harder than
everyone else. - Me-sook Yang

KONG Hyo-jin

- Age?
- Twenty-nine.


SEO Woo, HWANG Woo-seuI-hye
Now, how can I help you?

Ms. Yang?

Ah, doctor?

Call me Me-sook, not Ms. Yang.

Uh, of course.

[want to change, doctor.

So please help me.

I see.

When did it start, Me-sook?

High school graduation camp.
When I was 18.

Everyone ready?

On three.



When people do something strange,
there's a reason to it.

Crush and Blush

10 Years Later

When you ask why...
and he says, 'no reason',

it's not that he did something
without thinking...

But that he's answering
without thinking!

There's a reason to every action.

I'm digging uselessly like this,

'cuz there are eyes in our school.

And you're here even at the risk,

'cuz you know
we can overcome any dangers.

But since you answered
'no reason' even with all these,

it proves you are
very confused and troubled.

| feel the same way, Mr. Suh.

So tell me the truth.

9:12 am. this morning.
I sent you a voice message.

And you checked it 2 minutes later!

How did you know?

| get a notice
when my message is checked.

But, Me-sook...

It means
at exactly 9:12 a.m....

you didn't take my call
on purpose or...

- pretended you didn't get my message!
- Hi, hon.

- Right?
- Yeah.

See! You're very confused
and troubled! 'Cuz of me!

That's not it.

It's okay!
I'll wait for you!


I'm still at the school.

Is he still uncomfortable
'cuz I was his student 10 years ago?

We're both teachers now
at the same school.

That shouldn't matter.

I thought a lot about
why he isn't taking my calls.

He must be suffering
'cuz he's so in love with me.

Like in movies when a man
is suffering over a woman,

he falls to pieces
and turns to prostitutes?

Men sometimes want to crawl into
their own little caves.

Men are from Mars,
Women are from Venus
So I tried to do exactly that.

Don't call him

But I'm worried, doctor.

I'm not calling him on purpose.

But what if he thinks
I'm not calling for no reason?

I can't call him and say
I'm not calling him with reason.

That wouldn't be waiting it out.

So I thought about it more.

I found a way to quietly wait
without calling him.

It's not like I'm stalking.

Actually, I was curious.

Belly Dancing School.
Director: Eun-kyo Sung
And this will help me with the wait.

But when I saw his wife

She's so past menopause
and no match for me.

Jong-hee Suh
Behavior Assessment: Very egoistic
He has a daughter.

Too bad Jong-hee doesn't
take after her dad.

But since she's his daughter,

I want to treat her nice,
you know?

- Where's your name tag?
- That student's ours!

Leave her alone, Ms. Lee!

You! Why the hell are you
dressed like that!

A middle school student
can't talk like that to me!

A high school teacher should stay off
middle school students, Ms. Lee!

My face got worse
all because of Ms. Lee.

We were both teaching Russian
at the high school till last year.

Number 12!

You are the most popular person
in our school.

Russian is out of fashion now.

Who says Russian isn't popular?

lt's typical pariah capitalism to
study languages only to get good jobs!

What about
2014 Sochi Winter Olympics!

You are the least popular person
in our school.

One of you must go down
to middle school to teach English.

I'm sorry, Ms. Yang.

I detest Yu-ri Lee!

Did you hear Reds goes
to an English learning center?


She should!
Her pronunciation sucks!

What's wrong with going to a center
to learn English!

Who are you!

Why me!

If it wasn't for Yu-ri Lee!

If it wasn't for Yu-ri Lee!

If it wasn't for Yu-ri Lee!

She deserves a lesson!

You're a high school teacher!

Stay off middle school students!

No need to be good

then people will trample on you.

But if you're bad

people will be good to you!

And don't work hard at anything!

It's all a waste of time!

Don't cry.

It's okay.
Live life with knack from now on.


But, the more I think about it...

I don't get why Jong-hee
acted up to Ms. Lee, the teacher.

Isn't it a little strange?

It is, isn't it?

But why tell me this?

Who else would I tell?

PARK Chan-wook

My face got worse
after going down to middle school.

I'm telling you everything
to help with my treatments.

Some patients don't get better
even after treatments like you.

Aren't there any pills?

They're just expensive
with not much effect.

That's expected of
facial blushing.

Take foot baths...

try to stay calm and...

Don't act like you know
what it's like!

Relax your body completely.

Concentrate breathing
with the lower abdomen.

Inhale slowly and deeply.

Exhale in soft, short breaths.

With relaxed breathing,
concentrate on your heart.

How to succeed in English.

Have fun!

A calm heart void of foolishness.

How can you think about

Exploring your heart...

Like doing everything she says?

will bring peace to your souls.

[hope you all feel the peace

through this time of meditation.

Greet the morning with
calm, peaceful hearts.

It's a secret...

But I...

sleep alone every night
in the office.

Living like the others,
hang myself
If I don't,

when will lever
buy my own place?


I'm so drunk now...

I can't go to the office
by myself.

So, where are you?


Do you remember?

I'm leaving for Turkey
next month.

- Ms. Yang!
- What!

l, uh...

Mr. Suh couldn't come.

So I came instead.

You two are close enough
to call for favors?

I'm having a hard time
these days.

I wonder...

when we're alone like this...

can we be like sisters?

This is Mr. Suh's
world music station.

It's pretty popular.
Did you know?

I love this song.

From the song you're
listening to...

The male mariachis' vibrant chorus
is impressive.

Doesn't the piano sound so fresh?

We're like this.


Listen to me carefully, Ms. Lee.

When you start to like someone,

even if he just brushes past you,

you think, 'did he walk this way

'cuz of me?‘

It's natural 'cuz we're humans.

But for men, theyjust do it.

For no reason.

But some stupid women
get confused and go crazy!

There's no one that stupid.

There is!

I know him well.

The way he treats others...

Very selfish, right?

That's exactly it!
You know?

He only thinks of himself.

How can he do that to me!

Mr. Suh might get a divorce
'cuz of me.


his wife came to my house
a few days ago.

She said if! really loved him,
I could have him.

She was so scary, Me-sook.

Are you disappointed in him
'cuz of me?

Probably are,
'cuz you two are close.

No, we're not close at all.

That's a relief.

I thought you were.

Since you kept asking him
to drive you home and stuff.

Answer it.
You two are dating.

No, it's Mr. Jang.


Mr. Jang?

Phys. Ed. Mr. Jang
Mr. Jang?

The P.E. teacher?

He sometimes calls me
late like this.

I don't know why, Me-sook.

Stubborn bastard!

No, this is Mr. Byun.

Mr. Byun?

Music world with Mr. Byun

The music teacher in middle school?

Oh my...

The strange thing is...

Men all seem to call me at once.

Did I do something wrong?

What are you?
Snow white?

Is it true your parents are
getting divorced?

Who said that?

Ms. Lee.

She said it was a secret.

But knowing her,
I thought she was lying.

That bitch!

Yu-ri Lee...
lwish she's dead!

My mom said...

It's okay,
you can tell me anything.

She's going to Turkey for
a belly dance convention, soon.

And they'll file for divorce
before then!

Ban her from leaving the country
and buy some time.

Won-sung Middle and High Schools'
will be holding a 1 +1 =Infinity festival.

Yes, mother.

l'm performing
at our school festival mom.

You have to be there, please.

Ibluffed that
I'm in the 1 +1 =Infinity Festival!

Smart move!

That'll buy us some time!

We must stop them from divorcing
'cuz of Yu-ri the bitch!

So please find someone
to be in the show with me!

There must be at least two
to be in the show.

lt's yourjob
to find someone.

No one wants to do it with me!

They all have inferiority complexes.

Isn't your whole class
doing something together?

lthinkthe ribbon is...

a little...


Let's practice!

Ms. Princess
won't wear the ribbon!

When her parents are divorced!

- What?
- What did you say?

You're an outcast, too!

Wanna hear about my first crush?


Yes, I suck at English.

The kids all hate you 'cuz you
suck and skim thru class.

I thought they liked teachers
who skimmed thru classes.

It wouldn't matter either
way for you.


I'll find someone to be in the show
with you.

You keep watch on your dad.

Yu-ri Lee...

l'll handle her.

Why are you helping me, Ms. Yang?

I loved teaching Russian!

If it wasn't for her, I'd still be
teaching it at the high school!

And not get snubbed
by the kids here!

Then lwould've been happier!

Thank you, Ms. Yang!

- Look at them!
- What the hell?

Waiting for Godot

I should have enough money
by next month.

So you weren't on
night shift last night, either?

You are very kind, Ms. Lee.

It's nothing.

The least I can do...
But still...

You're a lot nicer than
I thought!

I'd rather hang myself
than to be first

Why don't you
want to be first, Me-sook?

Second is enough!
Don't be greedy!

Do you know Ms. Lee?

Who stepped on the moon second?


The second to go to
the South Pole?

Men's cross country skiing
at the Winter Olympics in Torino?

Who won second?

lt's sick how people want to be first
to be remembered.

How superficial!

Did the two of you...

touch bases and whatnot?

Just a little.

I'm not that kind of woman!

You lie...

lwish I could sleep with a man
just holding hands.

And he jumps you from behind?


I'll never sleep with a man
before marriage!

If he can't wait till then,
I'll end it with him!

Push, push, push, push....

North, east, south, west.

Push, push, push, push....

North, east, south, west.

Cheer up, Mrs. Suh.

Uh, you too, YU-Rl.

North, east, south, west.

Push, push, push, push.

I've been thinking.

Where's the girl
doing the show with me?

Let's be frank.

You don't want to do
the show, right?

I don't want to perform
in front of your parents, either.

So we'lljust...

stop their divorce
before the show.



You couldn't find anyone?

I'm not in with the kids, either.

But I got this just in case.

It's about waiting for
someone named 'Godot'.

It's a classic,
perfect for us to do.

This sucks.

I'm so screwed!

Don't worry, Jong-hee!

We won't have to perform!
I promise!

'Cuz we'll stop their divorce
before the show.

How can we do that?

Ms. Lee...

Yu-ri Lee...

She says she hates men who can't
wait for sex till marriage.

Language Lab
I'll be on-line as your dad's ID.

Here's my dad's cell phone.

She'll be out of our hair soon!

Yu-ri Lee is on-Iine

your parents won't get divorced!

Then we won't have to do the show!

We can do this!

I'm surprised you're using
Messenger to meet me.

Yu-ri Lee

I knew it!

Don't call or text message me.
We're only meeting here from now on.

Are you sure, Mr. Suh?

I'm dying to sleep with you.

You know how I feel,
don't you?

No, I don't.

How can you not?

Please tell me
how you really feel.

Honestly, truthfully,
I really feel...

I really want to
touch you, deeply.

You're scaring me.

You have a very high EQ.

Thanks, Ms. Yang.

I want to wear your underwear
and rip it to shreds.

But when you called me that day.

You mentioned the divorce...
And said you can't see me anymore.

So I thought it was over between us.

I want to eat you.
Take off your panties, now.


I wasn't wearing anything.

What the hell?

You already told her
to take off her underwear.

Are you there?

Is she crazy?

I thought maybe you needed these.

What's she giving him?

Damn! What is that?

- Morning, sir.
- Hi.

Good moring!

- Morning, sir.
- Morning, sir.

Let's not mention what we talk about
here anywhere else.

It's more exciting that way.

So we only meet on-Iine
like this every night?

Does it have to be...
...every night?

I stick my nose
deep within your groins.

I stick my nose
deep within your groins.

Yew! Barfl You freak!

Then I blow my nose inside you!

Like it filling up inside you?

You dirty freak!
Don't ever come near me!

[love you 'cuz you're so dirty!

Do me something else tomorrow.

I think we're doing the show.

I don't think
I can do the show with you.

I don't want
to do it with you either!

Don't you dare come to the lab!
You're out!

Damn! Scared me!

What the...

It's getting bigger! BIGGER! BIGGER!

Please! Don't stop!

Bigger! Bigger! Bugger! Bogger!

'Kamasutra '

Yu-ri Lee hates men who can't
wait for sex till marriage.

Bigger! Bigger! Bugger! Bigger!

Am I embarrassing?

You don't want to do the show
'cuz you're embarrassed of me, right?

I know you don't like me, either!

That's why you won't do the show
with me like everyone else!

Why would I hate you?


But you're embarrassed of me,
aren't you!


You're so mean!

Move the desks back
and put the chairs up front.


Let's finish up quickly.

One, two, three!

And thank you.

Thank you.

Not at all.

Yes yes.

No no.

Yes yes.

No no.

No, really....

Do we have to do this?

We need blood circulation.

I don't understand
what I'm saying.

Don't worry!
You'll get it after a while!

No, I'm really...

I can't take this!

You told me not to work hard
at anything! Then why are you!

I'm like that.

Then let's pray. Sit down.

Father God, we pray that you
drive Yu-ri Lee away...

And help us not to be
in the show.

Waiting for Godot

Why does life have to be so hard?

Don't think the world
is a fair place.

People like us must work harder
than everyone else.

Shall we begin?

Don't be easy.

No, please.

No, I'm really thankful!

No need, really.

Yu-ri Lee is on-Iine.

And thank you.

No, I'm really thankful!

Don't be easy.

Yu-ri Lee is off-line

No, please.

And thank you!

Not at all!

And thank you!

Yu-ri Lee is on-Iine

Yu-ri Lee is on-Iine

Yu-ri Lee is on-Iine

Yu-ri Lee is on-Iine

Yu-ri Lee is on-Iine

Yu-ri Lee is on-Iine

What's your father like,
Ms. Yang?

He died before I was born.

I don't even know
what he looks like.

At least mom died
after giving birth to me.

You're an orphan?

By the way...

How did your parents meet?

Mom's 8 years older than dad.

When mom was 29 she hit a cab
riding drunk on a motorcycle.

She was hospitalized for over a year.

Dad was a college student
volunteering at the hospital.

That's when their eyes met.

Then what?

We're not lovers with secrets!
Tell me!

Well, it gets kind of x-rated.

Tell me!
I like dirtythings!

Well... my mom got pregnant
with me.

In a patient room for 8!


Not only that...

Her body was covered
in bandages.


Is it possible to do it
like that?

Of course it is!
Then what about me!

Mom knew she was pregnant
and asked dad to marry her.


She said just one thing.

Take responsibility
for getting her pregnant?

Grow up, will ‘ya?

You really got me.

That's it?

I can't do this anymore!

Change of strategy!

I can't wait any longer!

Show me! Right now!

You are my lighter.

A lighter?

You put my body on fire!
Hot chemistry!

She's undoing another button.

She's wearing a sexy bra!

What the hell are they doing?

Dad's here.

Ms. Lee?

You wanted to see me?

Say 'chemistry faculty'
in Russian.

In a sexy way!

Exactly 6‘9 times!

Him fuk! Him fuk!


That's how you say
'chemistry faculty' in Russian?

Ms. Lee...

Him fuk! Him fuk!

Him fuk!

Him fuk!

Thanks Jong-hee.


I'm not done yet!

Mr. Suh...

Ms. Lee?

Him fuk...

- Ms. Lee?
- Him fuk...

The bell rang.

Oh, Mr. Suh...

Ms. Lee...

Mr. Suh...

Him fuk...

Him fuk...

Mr. Suh?

Where are you?

I am scared!

Then I realized...

pulling myself away
was difficult.

There is something much bigger
and higher than this.

Free will to make me stronger.

My wife is much hotter. It's over.
Jong-chul Suh

As many days go by...

Thank you for everything.

We don't have to
do the show, anymore.

When I should feel lonely...

Hail comes tapping at my window.

Then I would kneel
before the furnace...

and think of a lone rock
in a distant mountain

And the dried leaves
awaiting the snow.

Soft crackles...

and remember...

I don't think age matters
to be good friends.

We know what each other's thinking
without saying.

She'll go on typing it,
so that my fingers won't hurt.

Then I'll keep typing it
so that hers won't hurt.

lfl keep typing 'bigger' fast...

it turns into 'bugger' or 'booger'.

I make typos all the time.

But she always gets it right!

- Have you ever tried it?
- No.

It's funny. You should try it.

Don't tell her we're
moving offices next week!

Keep typing it fast...

and you'll get 'bugger'
and 'booger'.

Try it!

Can you move
if your body's all bandaged up?

Of course you can't!

- Then how can you do it?
- Do what?

Get out of the way!

What possible positions are there for
a woman covered in bandages and a man?

It's very important to me.
Only serious answers, please.

The hell would I know! Shit!

Crazy idiot!

They must be crazy!

- Me-sook?
- Yeah?

Mr. Suh's acting strange.

He breaks up with me,
then writes me.

He dumps me again and now
he text messages me!

What does it say?

I didn't hear from you
since that day

so I thought it was over.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. Jong-chul Suh.

'Thought it was over'?
Does that mean it's not over?

No, he means from before.

Before? When?

When I went to get you
instead of him at that pub.

He didn't say it was over, then!

No, but he told me flat out.

His wife wanted a divorce.

I knew that it's over
between us then.

But he didn't say it was over!

Oh, Me-sook.

You don't have to actually say
'it's over' to know.

When you get the feeling it's over,
then it is.

Why don't you say it flat out
if you're dating him or not!

You're no celebrity!

Why are you being sulky?

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

I thought you knew.
I'm sorry, Me-sook.

I'd better go.

He's drinking alone.

I need to talk
things out with him.

Don't go, Ms. Lee!

Don't you have any pride!

I've always been
like this, Me-sook.

They all come after me first.

But when I tell them I like them too,

they all dump me
within 75 days!

l regretted it a lot this time.

I gave it a lot of thought.
I even did some research.

I told you,
men do things for no reason!

Just get over it!

Mr. Suh and I
really need to talk it out.

Don't worry about me.

And don't wait up.

Yu-ri! No!

It's dangerous out there!

At least tell me
where you're meeting

so I won't worry.

I'm going to that pub.
Don't worry and sleep tight.

Your dad and Yuri
are about to meet!

We must stop 'em!

Your dad and Yu-ri are about to meet!

I think you're still
beautiful mom!

Thank you very much.

Jong-hee Suh

My little girl

Who are you?

It's still me, Me-sook.

No. Stop lying, Yu-ri.

No, it's still me, Me-sook.

Mr. Byun?


Go on in.

This is hilarious!

You look so funny!


Shouldn't this motel
make its sign out of gold?

Make the letters a lot bigger?

The biggest out of
all the motels?

And make that out of gold.

That one, too.

This should be a five-star-motel.

'Cuz we're here.

Did you...

see Ms. Lee by chance?

Mr. Byun.

I'm destined to be lonely
all my life.

How do you feel towards me?

Thankful and sorry.

You lie...

Why would I lie to you,
Ms. Yang?

Thankful and sorry?

You sent me messages
'cuz you're just thankful and sorry?

And attached special symbols
on them?

And on Wal-sun's
last day of school...

What was the hug for?

I hugged who?

Wal-sun Um!

My student who moved away
two years ago!

- Look, Ms. Yang...
- What!

I don't remember that girl.

And what special symbols?

Please don't do this to me.

Attacking is the best defense

You've got a message.

You've got a message.

You've got a message.

You're not talking about...

the automatic symbols
at the end of messages are you?

Don't sleep during staff meetings.

Automatic symbols?

I cancelled that last month.

After a free month,
I cancelled it.

They're for kids.

I'm so sorry!

I take early morning English classes.

You ugly rat!

But it was real for us in the beetle
last, last, last, last year!

Then I realized...

Pulling myself away
was difficult.

There is something much bigger
and higher than this.

Free will to make me stronger.

As many days go by...

Sadness and grief all melt away.

I love you, hon.

Won-sung Girls Middle
and High School Festival D-3

Ms. Yang!

Ms. Yang!

My dad didn't come home last night!

It's her!

Me-sook! Good morning!

No! Stop!

Go to class! Now!

Let me handle this.

Hurry up! Go!

Me-sook! I wasn't with Suh!

I met a girl friend by chance!

You're wearing my dress.
Without asking...

We're roommates.
Don't be picky.

You didn't come home last night?

You didn't know?

Uh, I went to see my dad.
He got sick.

Your dad?

You said he passed away.

Ah, I lied.

Why would you lie about that?

It's Suh!

I'm not following you!


Me-sook Yang!

Damn, where'd she go?


Hurry up!

Out of the way, please!


The student in the end!

Move in closer!

Just take the picture!

Everyone ready?

No, wait!

Girls? Where's Me-sook?

She didn't come.

No, I'm sure she came.


Let's just take the picture!

Everyone ready?



Three, two...

Three, two, one!

Guess where I was then?



Are you, alright?

Jong-hee Suh

Caller ID restricted


- Enjoy sleeping with a married man?
- What?

Excuse me.

Mr. Byun is married?


Mr. Byun?

The music teacher?

You slept with Mr. Byun?

[had no idea he was married.

Then who did
Mr. Suh sleep with?

He slept with someone?

He slept with you!

No, I slept with Mr. Byun!

Stop lying!

I got proof you slept together!

I couldn't sleep with him!
I swear!

This is crazy!

I only saw his cell phone!

Ask Mr. Byun!

But you said you went out
to meet him!

Yeah, I did!

But he was gone
when I got there!

And I never got to meet him
that night!

Ask Me-sook!

Who is this?

Someone very close to Jong-chul Suh.

So there!

Is this Mrs. Suh?

Guess you only heard the first half
and misunderstood.

I told her again
I didn't get to meet him.

How can you take what Ms. Yang said
and call it proof!

Ms. Yang wasn't with me last night.

She wasn't with Mr. Suh, either.

She was with her dad,
how would she know?

Me-sook's dad passed away!

Uh, I lied.

I thought so, too.
But she said he's not.

Stop lying!

What are you saying?

You mean Ms. Yang's father
is really dead?

Of course he is!

Why would she lie about that?
She's human!

Yu-ri Lee! lwish she's dead!

That's a pretty big lie...

But if it's not a lie...

Then that means she was with
her dead father.

That's crazy.

And she sure wasn't with me.

That means she was with Mr. Suh.

Oh no, Mrs. Suh.

I really hope
Me-sook's father is alive.



Mrs. Suh?

Excuse me.

Beef cabbage rolls are served.

It's a healthy Chinese dish...

I'll serve it to you.

Eun-kyo Sung speaking.

Don't call up someone
and hang up on her!

Thought I'd be scared
if you called me with voice modulation?

Who is this?

Me-sook Yang has got you fooled!

Yu-ri Lee didn't sleep with
Jong-chul Suh!

He slept with Me-sook Yang!

[knew there was something
fishy between them!

Asking him to drive her home
and what not.

It must've been more exciting
between a former teacher and student.


She hung up on me again!


Damn it!

Eat before it gets cold, dear.

- Excuse me?
- Yes?

Where's the dermatologist
that used to be here?

They moved out last week.

Where did they go?

How would I know?

What do I do now?

There are two other clinics
up the road.

And three down across the street.

Find a new one.


Then I have to explain everything
all over again.

Ms. Me-sook Yang?

There's no teacher by that name.

ls Ms. Yang, Reds?
With the school loser?

Yeah! The loser's lover!

What does a school loser mean?

The biggest social outcast
in the school.

Mr. Suh's the school's outcast?

No, it's his daughter,
Jong-hee Suh.

She's his daughter?

She thinks she's all that
'cuz her dad's a teacher.

I saw him, Jong-hee, Reds, and another
woman doing 'Him fuk'.

What are you talking about?

I can't say...

Him fuk? Fuk him? What?

Hey, you!

I'm sorry. Very sorry.

I'm sorry. Very sorry.

Let go!

No, you come with me!


I know you...
Yu-ri Lee from my night class?

You're a teacher here?

No, she's Ms. Me-sook Yang.

You're here!

Oh, everyone's here.

Yu-ri Lee!


We need to talk.

Language Lab

Then that means...

Ms. Yang's been backbiting
me to Jong-hee,

and backbiting Mr. Suh to me,

then backbiting me to you
all this time!

And she's the one who called me
using voice modulation!

To tell me she slept with Mr. Suh!

Why would she?

To brag!

Do all thatjust to brag?

I'm the one who called!

'Cuz I thought dad
was with Yu-ri Lee.

I thought they slept together.

Everyone put on your headphones.

Can you hear me?

It's okay.

As long as you didn't
get infected with anything.

How was it?


Why'd you sleep with Ms. Yang
when you liked Ms. Lee?

When you brought up divorce
I ended things with Ms. Lee that night!

That's not true!

You wanted an intimate relationship
after that!

An intimate relationship?

Not in that sense.

He wanted to talk intimately
all night.

Talk intimately?

It was torture!
He kept me up all night!

Yeah right!

We couldn't get any sleep
'cuz of you!

Goin' crazy if we logged on late.

Begging to keep writing
even after the sun came up!

You only gave us 5 minute breaks!

How can we do all that
and send you a banana?

You freak!

Bigger! Bigger!

Bigger! Bigger!

You said 'Him fuk' to my dad!


Can't you hear Tom and Mary
babbling on tape?

You heard everything we said?

Who's Mary?

'Mary' is confusing us!

You made my daughter
do unspeakable things.

And tortured Ms. Lee every night.

You also spied on me
byjoining my class under an alias.

And you slept with my husband
when he was drunk.

And she didn't pay for the utilities
when she lived with me!

When people do something strange,
there's a reason to it.

She's a human, too!

Thank you.


Tell me.

About what?

Why'd you do it, Ms. Yang?

First, lwanna
set something straight!

I stayed up all night with Jong-hee
then went to my English class at dawn!

After teaching,
I went straight to belly dancing!

Then I met Jong-hee at nights.
I was hardly at Yu-ri's!

I had no time to wash at home!

So I washed my hair at school!

How can anyone survive
a schedule like that?

You can't get any rest
or eat like that!


I took a nap in the nurse's room
at lunch time.

[had no time to eat
'cuz of my morning English classes.

[had no time to sleep at night
so I took naps at lunch.

Since I didn't have time for lunch,
[survived on snacks.

[had no time for dinner
'cuz of the dancing classes.

I met Jong-hee right after class
so I had no time to eat dinner.

Ichatted on line with Yu-ri all night
and also practiced for the show!

Ibarely survived on what
Jong-hee brought over.

You're a human being...

how can you hurt Jong-hee
by sleeping with her father?

I didn't sleep with him,
knowing I'm sorry.

But that doesn't mean
I wasn't sorry!

It's just...

I felt something in the elevator...

I know you can't really trust
such a subjective excuse.

But why does everyone
believe Ms. Lee?

She goes around babbling on
about feeling it and all.

I know!

Ms. Lee is good and I'm ugly!

I know I'm ugly!

If I were Yu-ri,
you all wouldn't be doing this!

But since I'm Me-sook,
everyone ignores me!

Let's talk about
this at home, hon!

Get your things, Jong-hee!

Team 18.

Hear me out, Jong-hee!

- Leave her alone!
- Team 18.

Please come backstage
and state your team name.

Get your mom.

- I'm not finished!
- Team 18. Jong-hee Suh

and Ms. Yang,
please come backstage.

- Did you enter us?
- I thought it was you!

I'm sorry. We do have a name.

The team name is...

Loser and Her Lover.

Why would I be with
a loser like you!

I'm the loser? I'm the lover!


Think we were a little harsh?

Who cares?

Let's go dad!

He took advantage of me!

Last, last, last, last year.

He did what?

He came on to you?


Are you crazy!

ldidn't do anything!

How can you say that
after what you did!

Tell me what he did!

I can't say it!

If you don't tell me...
we're really through!

What the hell are you doing!

I'm so sorry.
Don't ever forgive me.

Sorry for what?


Don't cry Jong-hee! Please!

I'll confess everything.

Your dad didn't
take advantage of me.

What are you talking about!

It was...

Last, last, last, last year
in the beetle...

He touched me like this...

Then I...

touched him like this...

Don't worry, Mr. Suh.

Then he just...


pretended he was asleep.

That's it?


Don't cry Jong-hee!

I'll go back in
and tell them the truth.

That your dad
didn't come on to me.

And that the feelings
were mutual.

That I liked it, too.

I'm so sorry.

What are you talking about?

That's what you'll say in there?

Like this? And this?

And show it to my mom?

But that's the truth.

You hate me now, don't you?


Me-sook Yang!

Do exactly as I tell you.

Well, uh....

Inside the beetle
last, last, last, last year...

You must remember Mr. Suh?

How you licked up my ear?

Who me?

And stuck your tongue
in and out.


You sucked on my earlobe...

and whispered romantically...


You're so delicious!

I hate you dad!

I swear I didn't do it, hon.


Let me get this straight.

You sexually harassed
your co-worker!

Will you smarten up,
if you get sued?

It wasn't sexual harassment!

The hell it wasn't!

Ms. Yang...

Can't you tell the difference between
molestation and expression of love?

I felt it was an expression of love!

Then you must really be in love.

Spread the seeds of love

Spread the seeds of
love everywhere

Mothers, fathers, everyone
spread the seeds of love

First, you should get over
Jong-chul completely, Ms. Yang.

I'm divorcing him as of today, too.

Too bad.

Guess you're going
behind bars, dear.


He should pay for his crime!

I'll pay for
a good lawyer to sue him!

- Mom!
- Mrs. Suh!

It was all a lie!

If it was a lie...

that means a teacher
and student...

schemed together
to end a marriage.

Who'd believe that?

No one!

People make mistakes!

How can their feelings never change!

It takes effort!
Sometimes they need a break!


I stopped for a sec
and made a mistake!

Like you never made
one mistake in your life!

Was I a mistake, too?

Grow up will you, Ms. Lee!

Meeting you in that hospital
was my best mistake ever!

Then Jong-hee was born
and everything was great!

So let's drop this, please?

I know everything!

I know I'm adopted!

No! You're our daughter!

Stop lying!

How can you do it
when mom was covered in bandages?

I studied and researched it!

That's impossible!

It's possible!

Everything's possible
if you're in love.

Please, forgive me, hon.

I'll explain it all to you later.


I'm so sorry about everything!

You talk about making mistakes.

So I guess my accident was a mistake
and you volunteering, too?

Jong-hee being born
and everything's all a mistake?

Poor Me-sook.
Are you okay?

I know how you must feel.

I'm sorry, Me-sook.

Me, too! Please!

Include me in, Mrs. Suh!

Please! Forgive me.

Forgive you for what,
Ms. Yang?

So you're not going to sue
my Jong-chul?


And stop stalking him?

Then... what is it you want?

Not sure.

What do you want from him?

I never really thought about it.

You chased a married man for 4 years
and never thought about it?

Well, I've been really busy.

Let's set things straight
once and for all.

10 minutes should be enough
to decide, right?

How can I even think about

Starting now!

Relax your body completely.

Concentrate breathing
with the lower abdomen.

Inhale slowly and deeply.

Exhale in soft, short breaths.

With relaxed breathing,
concentrate on your heart.

A calm heart void of foolishness.

One. Take Mr. Suh and
be a home wrecker.

Or two.
Forget him and make a fresh start.

What'll it be, Ms. Yang?


l have one last question.

Did you ever feel like calling me,
Mr. Suh?

For no reason?

Not once.

Actually, that's what I thought.

But I wanted to call you everyday.
For no reason.

I chose number 2.
A fresh start.

Next up is
'Loser and Her Lover' team.

Where is
'Loser and Her Lover' team?

Let's not do this, Jong-hee!

They'll think we gave up
'cuz of embarrassment!

Where is
'Loser and Her Lover' team?

Are you giving up?

Last call for 'Loser and Lover'!

No one cares about people like us!

But I care!

But I'm...

I'm so embarrassed of myself.

Stop it!
I'm not embarrassed of you!

Stop whining!


'Loser and Lover' team
has given up.

Next up is...

Loser! Loser!
Loser! Loser!

Becoming One World Festival!
Loser! Loser! Loser! Loser!

We practiced hard like
everyone else!

And thank you.

Thank you.

Not at all.

Yes yes.

No no.


Yes yes.

No no.

ldon't seem to be able to depart.

Such is life.

Thank you.

They even threw us toilet paper
and stones!

I wonder what part we did
was so good!

We were so cool all the way!

So messed up!

This is only one bag that l have.

The following spring

Now... What do I do with my life?

Hey doc, are you married?

Stop it!

Are you married or not?

Say it!


You really got me.

My face was flushed red.

Stick skinny with mad,
curly hair.

I was so shy.

My red face...

No one took notice.

How much redder
mustlbe to be noticed?

How angry must I be
to get red?

I was so shy.


[had one little wish.

Though my face is red...

Please, listen to me.

Just once