Crush (2000) - full transcript

Tina has a big crush on her new friend, Robbie. But one day, she discovers that he's gay. She is disappointed, but still tries to fix Robbie with his crush, Tim.

Tina, come on.

Hello, and welcome.

Hi, hey, who you got there with you?

Hey, Mrs Thompson.

Is that Robbie?

Sure is.
Robbie, this is Mrs Bergman, Bryan's mother.

Oh, hi.

Hey, how do you like small town life?
I bet it's a change from Springfield.

Oh, he don't mind it.
Keeps him out of trouble.

How long is he with you for again?

Till the middle of August.

Oh well great.

Oh, you'll meet Bryan tonight at dinner
he's a year younger than you

but if you're interested in any sport
involving a ball I'm sure you'll hit it off.


Bryan, did I hear correctly that you quit drums this year?

Band's for losers.

Well I only said, because Robbie here plays piano.

Oh, really. Tina plays the flute.
Maybe you two could put on a show next time you're over.

It would be the most fun she's seen all year.


Sorry, sorry.

Bryan thinks that because he's at an age
where he gets to go out more and his sister doesn't

that her life must be incredibly dull.

Well it is.

Ah, your mum wants to know if you want dessert?

No, I'm watching my figure.

This is the one where Gina goes to the dentist, right?


Do you watch High School High too?

I used to.
Grandma doesn't have cable, it's killing me.

I read somewhere that he's dating
the girl that plays Rhonda.

Me too. Isn't it disgusting?
She's so ugly, and he's such a babe.

Hey Rob, mum wants to know if you want
to go outside and shoot a round of H-O-R-S-E.

Ah, that's OK, but basketball isn't exactly my game.

Ah, OK.


I was wondering if you want to come over and
practice this song with me playing the flute?

Plus, I have other surprises in store.

Such as?

Who do you think is cute on this show?


Rhonda's kinda ugly,
Gina's cute but her hair's too big.

I think I'd have to go with Cassie, 'cuz,

I think there's this trashy girl
inside of her just waiting to get out.

Like, do you remember that episode where
she started smoking to impress Brian?

I have this fantasy that she still sneaks
a puff between classes but keeps it from him.

Plus she dresses best.

Yeah, like the shoes she's got on.


So who do you think is cute?

Totally, totally Jason Hewitt.

I love his smile so much.
I have fantasies about him.

Oh, really?


In one, we're driving to the movies and we see
this barn where they're having a dance.

We stop by, and of course no one there watches
High School High, so they don't know who he is.

As we dance, tells me how happy he is
that he can finally get some privacy.

And then,

he looks into my eyes,
tells me how happy he is to be dancing with me.

And then he lifts you into the air
in some choreographed move.


You can stay for dinner if you want
to watch the 8 o'clock episode.

Hey, Tina.

Hi, Casey, hi, Tim, hi Mrs Van Owen.

Mum made some cobbler and I thought you might like a snack.

What's that?

My journal.

Cool, what do you write about?

Private things.

Hey, it's private, get your own.

Sorry, here let me...


That's Jason Hewitt.

Give it to me, a girl left it at the store.

I like boys.

You're gay?

Yeah, I guess.


You're mad at me!?

Why so quiet, Tina?

Robbie won't hang out with her because she's a lesbian.

That is so untrue,

you have absolutely no understanding,
of anything that makes me wonderful,

you rim job!



You're brother's silly, isn't he?

Yes, he's a big fat liar.


can people who are really
different have a relationship?


it depends on how different they are,

and it depends on the type of relationship.

Your father and I have a lot of different interests which,

makes things more difficult than,
say, if Carol and I like something different.

What do you and daddy do?

Well, we find common interests,

or even though I don't like golf

if I'm out shopping and I see something golf
related that he might like, that isn't too tacky

I'll pick it up for him, he appreciates
that I am trying, that seems to help.

Is this about Robbie?

This is not about Robbie.

Because he is quite a bit older than you.

We're just friends!

Robbie and I are wonderful friends,
maybe one day we'll have a relationship,

but I know in my heart that he'll always be in my life.

Ya know what Tina, I guess Robbie's not here, sorry.

Can you please ask him to call
me as soon as he gets home.

Will do.


Oh, hi.

What have you been up to these past few nights,
I have called.

Just stuff, listen I've got some inventory
to do out back so I'll, talk to you later, OK.


Hi, Robbie, I was wondering if...

We're eating dinner.

Oh, oh, OK, well, can you please call me when you're done?

Yeah, sure.

OK, bye!

Hey, Tina, you wanna come play with us?

Why don't you play with them?

Because I hate football, you know that.


No, thanks!


Hey, Tim!

He plays the flute with me in church.


Yeah, flute.

Is that why you're here for the summer?
'Cuz people know about you?

Only the wrong people.

Do you... know for sure that you're...

Pretty sure.

Have you tried hypnotism?


Well, have you kissed one because...

No, I haven't and this is totally ridiculous.
You don't want to hear about this.

No, but I do! I do!

I want us to be able to share everything.

And please come over tonight, please, please, please.

Hey, where is everybody?

Mom and dad are gone till late,
and Bryan's staying over at a friend's.

Why are you whispering?

Oh, hi.

Oh, Tim, this is Robbie,
the one who's been accompanying me.


Drinks anyone?


And rum and cherry cokes for us.

So Tim, how long have you been playing the flute.


Just curious.

Well, my father plays it,

guess he, started me like around 6 or 7
so, 8 or 9 years.

Robbie's a great piano player,
like Elton John if you know what I mean.

So, do you like living here?

Yeah, it doesn't suck too much.

You're from Springfield, right?


Big place, Springfield.

Tim, Truth Or Dare?

Tina we don't play Truth Or...


Dare unless we're all...
sitting on the floor, Tim?

Dare, dare, dare, dare.

Tim, I dare you to,

drink this entire bottle of rum.

Tina, he'll kill himself.

Tina, I can't drink that whole thing,
I'll get sick, maybe half.

Never mind.

Tim, I dare you to become like you're a Martian.

Martian, huh. What kind of Martian am I supposed to be?

Just anything.

Kinda like, I'm a Martian, I'm a Martian,
I'll destroy your world.

Can I get another one?


What is going on?

I thought we might all hit it off.

I think he's a little,
and I saw you looking at him at the park.



What if he finds out why he's here, he will attack us!

Relax, Tim wouldn't hurt a flea, he goes to my church.

Oh, well then, we're safe.

Just think about what you want to dare him.

Tim, Truth Or Dare.


How many people have you kissed?

Counting relatives or not?


Three, and a half.

Tina, Truth Or Dare.


You wear a bra yet?


OK, I dare you to go into the bathroom,
and come back out,

with your bra on the outside of your dress.

I can't do that.

Come on Tina.

You said Dare.

She doesn't like me, does she?

I don't think so.

Good, I mean she's like, twelve.

You aren't?

Aren't what?

Like with her.

Oh, no, we're just friends,
like you said she's twelve.

How old are you?

Fifteen, and a half.



Do you want another drink?

Robbie, Truth Or Dare?


Do you think someone in this room is cute?

Why don't we just skip that one?

No way.

I'll take his turn, come on Truth Or Dare me.

Truth Or Dare?

I'm gonna regret this one, but, Dare.

You bet you're gonna regret this,
I dare you to do a strip tease.


He's got to do it,

All right I'll do it, just my shirt now.

I'll turn on some music.

What is this crap?

"The Lucky Boys"

Alright, how's this?

How about this?

Come on now, guys, give me some encouragement.

I feel like such an idiot.

Oh, no, you're doing it right.

Take it off! Take it off!

Bryan, what are doing?

Get out, get out!

Well hey, thanks! You're pretty cool.


Maybe next time I can hear the rest of that song.

You gonna head out too?

Um, sure.

Thanks, Tina.

Come back and let me know if you kiss.

I'm not coming...

Please, just come back!


Well, that was fun.


Kinda weird.

Uh huh.

Well, I'm this way.

Hey, you got your license yet?


Maybe we could go driving sometime.



You are in so much trouble!

Oh, sweetie, what's wrong?

What is it?


Honey, what is it?

I love him,
and it's never going to be the same.

Oh, sweetie.

Don't say that.

You know, sometimes, sometimes
different is better than it was before.

There's a new High School High on tonight.

Oh, really.

You want to come over and watch?

I'd like to but...

can I let you in on a little secret?


Tim and I are gonna go driving around town.


Yeah, but pretend you don't know, OK?

You know who you should ask over?


Casey... why?

Isn't it obvious, he likes you.


Tim told me so.

Doesn't Casey like Tina?

Shh, he doesn't want her to know.

Yes, he does.

You ready?

Um, yeah, sure.

Tina, I'll call you later tonight, OK?


Hey, Casey!


Want to come over later and watch High School High?

I hate that show.

But I'll still come over if you want to hang out.