Cruel Instruction (2022) - full transcript

Tells the story of Kayla Adams, a 16-year-old who was sent to a youth residential treatment center by her mother Karen Adams at the suggestion of a school counselor.

They're going to
kill her in here.

She's going to die.

Get this door open! We
have to stop her right now!

Okay, flash cards
away. Quiz time.

As soon as you are
finished, you can go.

[bell rings]

Hey, goodwill.

Who died so you could
have those clothes?

Look at her, she
dresses like my dad.

We didn't say you could go.

I've got bio.

As if. You're dumb as dog
shit, everyone knows that.

- Come back here!
- Don't let her get away!

- Going somewhere?
- Nowhere to run.

What now?

[alarm wailing]

In the woods we return
to reason and faith.

You do not drown by
falling in the water,

you drown by staying there.

Let's move it, scheff.

I gotta go... Number two.

We just took a bathroom break.

You gotta let me poop.
It's in the rules.


Over there is good.

You've got three minutes.

You mind?

That's your third
flight attempt, scheff.


You know what that means.

Sorry, steven. You're
gonna have to come get me.


[police radio chatter]

Thank you for bringing
her home, officer.

This won't happen
again, I promise.

You broke the law today.

I told you... I
didn't have a choice.

They're just silly boys, kayla.

We've talked about this.

Mom, I told you...
Ignoring them doesn't work.

Well, then we're going to
have to figure this out

because this behavior of yours
is completely unacceptable.

I'm not just
talking about today.

You've been failing
all of your classes

since the start of
the school year.

You're not studying.

You blow off the tutor
your mother and I paid for.

Honey, just talk to us, please.

I've tried talking to
you but you don't listen.

I just...

I feel so alone.

No one likes me.

And I get this tightness
in my chest all the time

and it just doesn't go away.

And I can't sleep.

And then sometimes I
just, I feel like I can't,

I can't breathe.

And I just... I want
to be someone else.

Kayla, you're not stupid.

You just need to try
hard and apply yourself.

Then you can be
anybody you want to be.

Yeah? Ray?

Like you?

I should just hide
in my homework

and not feel anything, ever?

Alright. That's enough.
Go to your room.

Go on!


No, no, no. I'm not
going to have this.

We don't talk like
this in my own house.

Go on!

Go. Now.

She used to be so happy.

I just don't understand...

- I know, I know.
- What's, what's happened to her.

It's alright.

Can I get some o.J.? I
know I'm allowed juice!


Does my mom know I'm here?

She does.

She ask to talk to me?

I'm sorry amanda, she didn't.

What else is new?

I'm here to walk you
through your options

and talk about what's next.

Let me guess.

I get my choice between
wilderness adventure in montana,

therapy camp in georgia...

Actually, there really isn't
a choice at this point.

There's a treatment facility
in utah for girls like you.

It's either that or
juvenile detention.

This is what the judge
on your case has ordered

and your mom has signed off.

Girls like me, huh?

You think you know me?

I don't know you, amanda.

All I know is
what's in your file.

You've been in and out of
therapy since you were eight.

It's your fourth
time in a psych ward.

You've been diagnosed
with bipolar ii, adhd...

Yeah, and my dad
split when I was born

and my mom's a lying,
manipulative piece of work

and blah, blah, blah...
Guess I'm just certifiable.

Not worth saving.

Lock me up in another
one of these schools

and throw away the key. Right?


I know these places are rough.

I know the things
they make you do.

And if you were my daughter,
I would never send you there.

Can't you do something?

I wish I could. It's
out of my hands.

Let me give you some advice.

No matter how bad it gets,

never forget that
you are free up here.

No one can take away
your freedom of the mind.

Utah's your last stop so
just keep your head down,

stay out of trouble.

Just get to your 18,

'cause once you're 18 you
can go wherever you want.

You can do whatever you want

and you can figure out
what kind of help you need.

To be the person
that you want to be.

You understand what I'm saying?


I know we all just want
the best for kayla.

Mm-hmm.You know,

but unfortunately
this is her second suspension

so we can't welcome
her back at school

without additional treatment.

treatments? Like what?

I'd like to bring in

our outside educational
consultant, mr. Davis to join us.

Mr. And mrs. Adams, hello.


I've been looking
through kayla's file

and it's clear to me
that she's a good kid.

Mm-hmm, she's a good
kid. She's great.

I'm going to list some behaviors

and I want you to tell me if any
of them sound familiar. Okay?

Difficulty focusing on
tasks, like schoolwork.

Low self-esteem. Low motivation.

Mood swings. Oversleeping.

Slow development
of social skills.

Outbursts of anger.

You just described kayla to a t.

Have you ever heard of

residential behavioral
health centers?

Is that like a hospital?

Oh, no, no, no,
nothing like that.

It's a school with a
whole lot of added help

for teens like kayla
who are struggling

with this difficult
time of transition.

They offer a change
of environment.

Get kids into a new
and dynamic setting

to practice their coping skills.

They, they also provide one
on one and group therapy

with trained and
board-certified professionals.

Kayla would be
surrounded by girls

who are all working through
the same issues as she is.

And the best part is
they're all in it together.

I have to admit, seems
like this would help kayla

get back on track, but
this doesn't seem cheap.

There's no need to worry
about that, mr. Adams.

I've taken the liberty of
checking with your insurance

and the... The expense
is fully covered.

How many times I gotta tell you?

Use a goddamn cup
like a normal person.

When's amanda coming home?

She's going to utah.

What's in utah?

Her last chance.

[notification alert]

Oh, shit!

What's going on?

We have some very
exciting news, kayla!

You're gonna be attending
a brand new school.

A special school.

What the hell?

You changed my school and
you didn't even tell me?

We're telling you now.

If I don't want to go?

You're gonna love it, kayla.

You're really gonna
love it, honey.

Mom... Please, I promise
I will do better.

I will try so much harder.

You're going because we love
you and we know this place

will help you be the very
best version of yourself.

- The plane leaves in two hours.
- Just give it a try, honey.

Mom please.

Oh, that's them.

Hi. I'm kayla adams.

Hey, kayla! You
made it! What is up?

- Hi, I'm trent.
- And I'm maggie.

- Hi.
- Hey!

That's me.

Great! Everyone's
here. Welcome, amanda.

Gang's all together.

Let's grab these bags
and hit the road.

I'm actually really excited.


Well my old school,
like... Sucked.

First time, huh?

So guys, here is
the visitor lobby.

This is where your
parents are gonna be

when they come to visit you.

And this is our
school mascot, bayou.

Oh and over here is our
student of the month board,

including artwork
made by the students.

[door beeps]

Okay guys, come on
in. Don't be shy.

Girls, welcome! Welcome!
I'm so happy to see you.

You must be amanda.

This isn't your first time
at the rodeo, is it honey?

No, ma'am.

Well, I have a feeling
you are going to feel

right at home here.

And you must be kayla.

Welcome to appaloosa
mountain girls' academy.

I'm miss connie. I'm
the head of staff,

and you can always come
to me for anything.

Well, actually miss connie

oh, come, come! We
have much to do.

We have dinner soon

and, of course, we want
to give you a tour.

But first things first, intake.

Feel free to leave your
luggage right there.

Caleb and jacob will
take care of it.

Thank you, trent.

Oh, honey. There's
nothing to worry about.

You're going to be
in and out in no time

and I'm going to wait
right here for you.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Welcome to appaloosa.

Clothes off.

Don't make this harder
than it needs to be.

Clothes off, now.

For you.

And you.

And just over
here, you're first.


Thank you.

Adams, this way.


Thank you.


Adams, you'll be up first.


Get your heels there.

And, uh, scooch forward.

Just move your butt
forward as far as possible.

Good, good, good.

I've never done this before.

It's standard
procedure. Come on.

But I'm 15. Do I have to?

Girls like you try and smuggle
in all kinds of things.

I've seen it all.

Come on.

Let's just get your
underwear there.

Okay. I'll put those there.


So now you're going
to feel some pressure

and it's going to feel cold.

Hymen's still intact.

Good girl.

Don't let them see you cry.

Ugh, it's the worst. I know.

But it's over now so
let me show you around.

Over here is our
pill dispensary.

You'll be visiting that
at least once a day.

And then over here
we have the cafeteria

which will be serving up
some very delicious food.

And in here you'll have
your group therapy,

twice a week, with your unit.

We have four units here.

There's two upstairs,
there's two downstairs.

But you will only have
therapy with your own.

Speaking of... This is unit 2.

Everybody please welcome
our two new members,

kayla adams and amanda scheff.

I said, say hello.

All: Hi kayla and amanda.

You'll be getting
your meds later,

just helps you sleep a little
better after your long travels.

Miss harris?

You didn't take your meds.

I'm not going to take
your stupid pills!

Dial nine.

No, I'll take the meds,
I'll take the meds.

Girls stand up. Turn around!

- It's too late.
- Face the walls.

No, no. I'll take the pills!

It's too late.

I'll take the pills.
I'll take the pills.



This door stays open at
all times. Understood?

- What, even at night?
- Especially at night.

Okay, phones please.

If you have music downloaded
you can still listen.

Before bed only.


First day's always rough.

Did you hear that girl's head?

Like when it, when
it hit the ground?

You gotta forget it.

But what if she's,
like, seriously hurt?

You can't think about
anybody but yourself in here.

I do not think I'm
supposed to be here.

My parents they thought
that they were sending me

some place different.

Yeah, no shit.

The parents never
know the truth,

that's the whole point.

You don't get it.
I can't stay here.

No, kayla.

You don't get it.


Dinner! You can
settle in afterwards.

Um... May I please
speak to my parents?

Oh, honey, I'm afraid not.

Phone privileges must be
earned and we really encourage

all newcomers to have no outside
contact for at least a week.

It's for your own benefit,
just helps you get acclimated

without all of
the outside noise.

But I can assure you that
your parents have been updated

and all is well.

It's urgent.

There's been, uh... A mistake.

A mistake?

I'm serious. I
need to call them.

Why don't we have a seat
and have a little chat. Hmm?

In here, kayla adams, I'm
your mommy and your daddy

and this is my house.

And rule number one in my
house is no talking back, ever.


I asked you a question.

No talking and no
moving until I say so.

And every time you push back,
that will be another week

without phone privileges.

And if this still continues,

you will find yourself
in investment.

Is that understood?

Dinner time! Line structure.

Arm's length apart.

Dawn, take your hands
out of the pocket.


You need to ask my permission
every time you scratch your nose

or you burp.

Do you got that?

Why don't we tell amanda
our five free phrases.

Girls: Thank you. Sorry.

Excuse me. You're
welcome. Bless you.

Very good.

Okay. Taco night!

Be glad you're
missing taco night.

I'll see you around hopefully.

Miss connie?


Uh... You came down
hard on the new girls.

Well, I find that it's
best to scare them

right in the beginning.

Then they fall in line quicker
and they learn to listen.

Uh, yeah... Adams
is in shock though.

What is our job here, remember?

To teach them discipline.



Discipline in here
equals success out there.

That's exactly right.

What we're doing
is helping them.

We are giving them the
tough love that they needed

and they never got at home.

Adams is going to be just fine.


Under your pillow.

It's all I could sneak out.


You gotta drop
the parents thing.

Trust me.

You've been in a
place like this?


I just loved the
first three so much.

You think I'm crazy now, huh?

I didn't say that.

You didn't have to.

Gonna want to work on your
poker face in here, rookie.


Are you?


In a place like this
nobody's a perfect angel.

Not even you.

That's not what I meant.


My mom had me real young.

Not that much older
than we are now

and it just messed
everything up for her.

My dad split when I was born,

leaving just me there to
soak up all her anger.

She's hated me my whole life.

She lies about me, says
I did things I didn't do.

I think she just wanted
people to feel sorry for her

for having such
a screwed up kid.


That's awful. I'm... I'm sorry.

Don't get me wrong.

I've done some
really stupid shit.

My brain's definitely
not normal, you know?

I've got anger issues.

Big time mood swings.

But, like, I can't remember
who I was when I was little.

It's like the chicken
or the egg thing.

Was I messed up
before these places

or did these places mess me up?

I can't even tell anymore.

How do you know all of that?

A lot of therapy.

If my mom knew that I
was in a place like this

she'd come and take
me home in a minute.


You sure about that?

First centre I was at they
woke me up at 3:00a.M.

Dragged me out of
bed, screaming.

I thought I was being kidnapped
until I saw mommy there,

just watching it all.


You've gotta find
something to focus on.

Your guiding star.

For me it's 18.

When I turn 18, I'm outta here.

I can go anywhere, be anything,
and nobody can stop me.

Ten months and I'm free.

What's your star?

I don't know.

Better find one.

Otherwise this place
will chew you up.

Or just fake it
'til you make it.

Voice: Shut down!

What's this investment place?

You gotta listen better.


We're not even allowed to talk.

Oh, there's talking.

You just gotta be all ears.

The investment unit
sounds like solitary.

They keep you alone
in a classroom

doing homework for days.

It's not too bad.

Obs is what you want to avoid.


Observation room.

I heard the girls talking
about it at dinner.

Like a cinder block cell.

They throw you in there,
maybe with clothes,

maybe without.


Our very own guantanamo, baby.


I like where you're
going with this, kayla.

Let's talk after class, okay?

[bell rings]

Remember, reports due Friday!


So how are you doing? Overall.

I know it can be
a hard adjustment.

Lots of rules.

But you'll get used to it.

I hope so.

You're a smart girl.

Has anybody ever talked
to you about dyslexia?

Do you know the term?

It's a learning disability

that has absolutely nothing
to do with intelligence.

It can just, you know, mix
up some of the letters.

Switch them around.

It makes it harder
to, uh, read or spell.

Even though you know exactly
what you want to say.

I thought I was just stupid.

No, you are
definitely not stupid.

Do me a favor.

Take a look at the board real
quick and then back at me.

Can you tell me
what word's on top?

Cat or cot?

Alright, it's
okay. It's alright.

Next week we will do the full
test and then go from there.


Thank you.


Um, sir, can I ask
you a question?


Um, do you know
about this place?

I'm not sure I
know what you mean.

Like how they treat us.

My first day I saw
a girl get tackled

kayla, it's not my
job to supervise

anything outside this classroom.

But don't you care

I do know that there's
likely a very good reason

why you're here.

You want my advice?

Just keep your nose clean
and do as you're told.

Now, I need to get
back to grading

and you should get to class.

Bryce: Nevertheless,
because those miracles

were worked by small means,

it did show unto
them marvelous works.

The show of their countenance
doth witness against them

and doth declare their
sin to be even as sodden

and they cannot hide it.

Thank you, bryce. Okay,
girls, time for achievements.

Anderson, perez,
lewis and garcia.

Tv privileges next week.

Torres and green.

You get to go to the library.

Uh, scheff... You
get a phone call.

And adams, let's
see here... Hmm.

Looks like adams was
spreading lies and negativity

as she was making up stories

that she told her
teacher during class.

What? No, I...

And as a result,

I'm sorry, but there are no
phone privileges for a month.

That's not fair.

Everything that is concealed
will be brought to light

and made known to all.

You know, you are
a very lucky girl.

I happen to be in a
fantastic mood this week.

Otherwise, the consequences
for what you did would be

a week on the investment
unit. Isn't that right, girls?

All: Yes, miss connie.

And for upholding
the rules here,

fry has earned herself a
trip to the drive-thru.

Isn't that great?


What did you call me?

Get up. Say it again to my face!

- Hey!
- Do it again, I dare you!



Miss connie, don't dial
nine! I lost my head.

I promise I won't do it again.

And what do you think would
be an appropriate consequence

for that behavior?

No drive-thru.



For how long?

Three days.

A week.



Stand up.

I know you started this and
I'm not going to forget that.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

You know you are
a very nasty girl

who thinks you're smarter
than everybody else.

No, I'm not.

Well, it's true.
That's why you're here.

That's why your
mom sent you here

because she knows who you are.

So, I'd like to hear you say it.

I'm a nasty girl and
I deserve to be here.


I'm a nasty girl and
I deserve to be here.


I'm a nasty girl and
I deserve to be here.

All the days just
blur together here.

It's freaky.

I don't even know how
long we've been here.

We've been here
for three months,

one week and two days.

How do you know all of that?

Gotta pay attention, adams.

They want you to
get used to this.

My guiding star. Remember?

I turn 18 in six months,
three weeks and five days.

That's why I count.

I just don't have
a guiding star.

Well, stop moping around.
Maybe you'll find it.

Miss torres.


Ah, miss scheff. Welcome.



Harris. It's your turn to share.

My older brother, andrew, he...

Louder please. We
can't hear you.

My brother, andrew,
has this friend, kevin,

and kevin used to come
over every day after school

to play video games.

I would make them
bagel bites sometimes

when they would get hungry.

One time, um, I went in the
kitchen and kevin followed me.

Andrew was in the bathroom
or something, I don't know.

But kevin was there and he...
Pulled down my shorts and...

Finish the share.

This is for the
benefit of the group.

He pulled down my shorts and he
jammed his fingers inside of me.

And it hurt really bad.

And I heard him tell my brother.

Andrew didn't look
at me for a month.

Great. Let's hear some feedback
from the group, please.

How short were your shorts?

Yes. Good.

What was your
participation in the event?

You must've said
something to him.

Like something flirty to make
him think you were into it.

Very good.

And in what way were you
giving kevin mixed signals?

Maybe you were
trying to tempt him?

Resist the devil and
he will flee from you.

Court him and you
will have shackles.

Not on your wrist
but on your soul.

Don't duck under accountability.

You are not a victim.
Tears are just an escape.

Face your flaws.


Let's hear some feedback.

This is the third time

you've refused to
participate in group therapy.

I'm gonna have to report
you to miss connie

if things don't change.


Oh, I didn't know we were
allowed in each other's rooms.

We're not.

Staff said that you
weren't opening up

and they offered me leadership
points to talk to you.

So, you're just
here for privileges?

No, uh, it's a bonus.

I... I wanted to
see you anyways.

You know, I've been
thinking about you.

And... Like, how
you've been doing.

Well, invite the girl in.

Oh, yeah, yeah... Here.

So, how long have you
been at appaloosa?

Almost a year.

Does it get any easier?

That depends what
you mean by "easy".

I feel like I'm in jail.

You have to find things
to look forward to.

Things that they can't take.

Yeah, that's what
amanda was saying

that I have to find a
guiding star, you know,

something to think
about while I'm in here.

Until I'm out.

I like that.

- Scheff?
- [knocks]

you've got a family call.

Martinez. Back in
your room in 10.

I think it's pretty cool
that you didn't give feedback

to ashley.

Well, yeah. Poor girl.

It's not her fault that
that happened to her.

No, of course not.

Everybody just kind
of goes with it here.

I thought it was pretty
brave that you refused.

It's pretty hard to be
brave in a place like this.


Wait for it to ring.
You don't dial out.

If you dial out,
we cut the call,

you get a consequence.

I know the rules by now.

I have to say them every time.


No talk of the past.

I know. Keep it in the present.

I'll be back in 20.


- Hello?
- Hey panda.

Hey mom.

- Getting ready for work?
- Yeah.

I only got a minute.
You doing okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

What are they feeding
you out there?

Anything good?

Same shit as always.

You know I don't like
it when you swear.

Where do you think I learned it?

Oh right, this is my fault.

'Cause everything
is always my fault.

Forget it, forget it, forget
it. Um... How's jason?

Uh... Jason's doing fine.

He's outside skateboarding
near every chance he gets.

A little tony hawk.

He wears a helmet
and pads, right?

Of course he does.

God. You really think I'm a
terrible mother, don't you?

I was just asking.

Because raising kids is so easy.

Can't wait 'til it's your turn.

Okay, um... How's what's
his name... Steve?

Long gone. He split last month.

Sorry, mom, I... I
knew you liked him.

Yeah, you don't know
nothing about anything.

Liking someone ain't enough.

Look, I gotta go. Okay?

So... Stay out of trouble.

- I miss you...
- [dial tone]

seems like you and your
mother have a history.

I love my mother very much.

You know, I used to be mad
at my mother all the time.

Was she mean to you?

I thought so at the
time but then I grew up

and I realized she was
just trying to help me.

Just trying to make me stronger.

Like a 'break you down,
build you up' sort of thing.

You are a very smart girl.

And I am sure that all of our
rules here drive you crazy.

But if you just
follow the rules,

every last one of them,

you are going to
make it out there.

You really believe that?

I do.

Room checks!

Lights out in 10.

Hey, that's for me.


Do you think I'm blind?

I forgot it was
there from class!

Did I give you
permission to speak?

You just asked me a question!

And you have just gotten
yourself some time

on the investment unit. Go!

You don't seem
very happy, kayla.


How could anyone be happy
in a place like this?

Why don't you tell me about
the school you were at before.

It sucked.

I was failing all my classes

and these boys used to
bully me, like, every day.

And what did they say?

Made fun of the way I dressed.

Called me stupid.

Did you tell your parents?

I tried.


My step-dad said to ignore them
because 'boys will be boys'.

And my mom's...

Tell me what you're feeling.

I feel like no one believes me.

I tried to tell my teachers
that I see letters,

um, different, and
then they just said

that I wasn't
trying hard enough.

My mom was just like,

"maybe the boys are
just flirting with you."

"Did you ever think about that?"

It was like I tried to
tell the adults in my life

what's going on and
then they just think

that I'm some liar.

I'm like a sneaky little
liar and then I come here

and oh, my god,

everyone's constantly
telling me that it's true.

That I am an addict,
that I am a liar

and that I'm just a bad person.

And then... Then I'm
just, like, scared.

I'm just, like, so
scared that maybe...

Maybe deep down they're right.

Maybe my parents
shouldn't believe me.

Maybe I am a terrible person.

Thank you for telling
me how you feel.

You don't think I'm bad?

No, kayla.

I think you're having
trouble processing

everything you're feeling but
you're doing the best you can.

And I'm going to help you.

If you let me.

Teacher: Starting with the
line segment already provided.

We're going to continue
constructing our polygon

using a series of similar edges.

Now, measuring from...


Teacher: Dial 9, dial 9!

Security needed in classroom 4!

Security in classroom 4!

Class: Booty juice!
Booty juice! Booty juice!

Booty juice! Booty
juice! Booty juice!

Teacher: We need the nurse
to the math class right away!

I just want everyone
to know that green

is going to be just fine.

She's in the nurse's unit
and she'll be back soon.

It looked much worse
than it actually was.

Permission to speak.

Yes, torres?

What about lindsay?

Fry is cooling off
in observation.

Now, onto achievements.

Harris: Gym.

Torres, mcdonald: Tv.




You have earned yourself a
phone call with your family.

That'll be all.

♪ love can be understood ♪

♪ I am sick of attachments
I recently learned ♪

♪ I can't relax and
I'm scared of myself ♪

♪ I'm scared for my health ♪

♪ tell me you'll
take me back home ♪

back to your room, scheff!


Hey. I wasn't gone that long.

Well... Are you okay?

Of course I'm okay.

I just got a cramp from writing
out all that religious bullshit.

Well, you missed the drama.

And the blood.

Tell me everything.


But first... What the
hell is booty juice?

You have been here how long now?

Five months and three days.

And yet you don't know
what booty juice is

after five months.

Okay. Well, like, I've heard
the girls talk about it.


It's an antipsychotic
and sedative.

Knocks you out stone cold.

Oh, you've had it before?

Yup. Shoot you right here.

That's why they call
it "booty juice".

That can't be legal.

Girl, you've been
paying attention,

all this ain't legal.


This is the longest I've gone
without talking to my mom.

Well, then relax and enjoy.

Why can't I talk
to them in private,

like amanda does?

Well, remember everyone here
is on a different timeline.

And the staff determines if
you've earned that privilege,

not me.

But let's start here
and if all goes well

I'm sure you'll have your
private phone time soon.



Hello mr. And mrs. Adams.

This is doctor jameson,
we spoke last week.

I have kayla here with me and
she's very eager to say hello.


Hi honey!

It feels so good
to hear your voice.

Yours too.
Hi kay.

Hey ray.

We've been trying to get in
touch with you for a while,

honey, but I guess somebody's
having too much fun to talk, huh?


Here at appaloosa it takes
time for the students

to earn phone privileges.

They're each on
a different path.

Well, what you been up to?
You been horseback riding yet?

Uh... No.

Swimming? You gotta
get in that pool, girl.

Summer's almost done!
Get in that pool!

Honey? Is everything okay?

Mom, you gotta come get
me. It's terrible here.

They give us these
pills, they scream at us,

and this girl got stabbed! By a

yes, it's doctor jameson.

I'm very sorry but as
we warned you last week,

kayla is concocting
these stories

to try to manipulate you.

To make you feel guilty
so you'll come get her.

No. No one was stabbed.

There's no need for
concern, really.

This is a common tactic.

The important thing is
we stick to the program.

Now, kayla is doing
very well here.

She's taking time to
adjust to the full program

but that's completely normal.

Thank you.

I'll check in next week.

Kayla, I'm very
disappointed in you.

Now, if you promise never to
do anything like that again

I won't tell miss connie.

No. I, I promise.

♪ I can get I can
get through it ♪

♪ I can get I can
get through it ♪

♪ I can get I can
get through it ♪

♪ When the rain comes
down it really pours in ♪

♪ pours in, pours in ♪

♪ don't believe the lies,
you know it's poison ♪

♪ it's poison, it's poison ♪

♪ you could turn the
rain to a rainbow ♪

♪ you could turn
a horn to a halo ♪

♪ when you don't what
you're gonna do ♪

I can't do it!

It's okay.

♪ I've gone through some
things in my time yeah ♪

♪ I can turn a penny
to a dime yeah ♪


- I'll push you up.
- Okay.

♪ And I've seen some things
that can make your skin crawl ♪

♪ you gotta get up every
time that you fall ♪

♪ you know what you gotta do ♪


Go, go, go! Go, go, go!!!

♪ I'll get get I
can get through it ♪

♪ I'll get get I
can get through it ♪

♪ I'll get get I
can get through it ♪

go, go, go!!!

♪ I'll get get I
can get through it ♪

♪ I'll get get I
can get through it ♪

go, go, go! Go, go, go!

♪ I'll get get I
can get through it ♪


♪ I'll get get I
can get through it ♪


What are you doing in here?

I just wanted to see you.

We're gonna get in
so much trouble.

No, they can't see.

Just five minutes.

What's wrong?

I just never realized how
touch makes you feel so human,

and so alive, you know?

I know.

If I couldn't touch you...
I think I'd die in here.

You were a warrior today.

You're my guiding star.

- I should go.
- Bye.

So, you're doing better, honey?

Yup. Doing great.

Ray: How are those
classes going?

Kayla is doing very well,
especially in algebra.

Oh, I like the sound of that.

Oh, and we did this ropes course

and I helped all the girls in my
unit climb this really big wall.

Sounds impressive!

Unfortunately there is something
we all need to discuss.

Something quite serious.

Do you want to tell
them or should I?

Tell them what?

Honey, what's going on?

I'm sorry to tell you that
your daughter is engaging

in homosexual activity
here at appaloosa.

We're not sure how
long it's been going on

but she is in some kind of
relationship with another girl.

That's not true!

She's just a friend.
There's been a mistake.

I don't know what to say.

I'm telling you mom, nothing...

Kayla is exactly
where she needs to be.

This is a psychological disorder

and we can begin treatment
right here, right now.

Now, we'll discuss this
more at the next session.

It's nothing we
can't figure out.

Many girls have struggled
just like kayla.

They all found their
way with jesus's love.

Stop looking at
my body, pervert.

I wasn't looking at you.

[blows whistle]


You're transferred to unit 3.

You have 10 minutes
to pack your stuff.

I'll meet you upstairs.

Now! Let's go!

Everyone will forget
about it soon.

It'll all blow over,
just give it time.

You could write to each other.

I'll help pass notes.

Have you ever been in love?


I don't think I can
do this without her.

She was my guiding star.

Honestly, you sound like a kid.

We won't be in here forever.

There's a whole world
waiting for us out there.

Voice: Shut down!

Hey... It'll be okay.

[screaming] help!



Help me!

Only you control
what's in your mind!

That's your freedom!

Don't give it away,
kayla! Do you hear me?!

Hold her up! She's
still breathing.

Girls, get back in your rooms.

She put herself
there. She won't talk.

I know what this is.

You want attention,
plain and simple.

If you think I'm
gonna let you sit here

and soak up all this
attention, think again.

If you want to throw a
pity party for yourself

you can do that in obs.

Amanda: You gotta find
something to focus on.

Your guiding star, remember?

What's your star?

It's me.

It's inside me.


Miss connie?

How long should we
keep adams in obs?

Until I tell you
to take her out.

Spit it out, trent.

What if she was really...
Should we call her parents?

Are you kidding? They
would take her out.

Yeah, but...

The educational
advisor at her school

sent her here and
we paid him for it.

And now there's at
least six months left

on her parents'
insurance and that's how

we are able to offer this
service to these girls.

Yes, ma'am.

You're a hard worker.

I hired you with only a
ged. Isn't that right?

Adams, poor girl, she
had a lapse in judgement

and I feel for her. I really do.

That'll be all, trent.

Miss adams...

Your back. We missed
you the last two weeks.



I'm not seeing what
I think I'm seeing.


I have been very
clear with the staff.

I don't ever want to see
that kind of conduct.


Yes, ma'am.

I want you to keep
an eye on adams.

Ever since she came back
from obs she's been willful.

I don't like it and I don't
think it's good for the others.

Keep her off balance.

I'm worried about you.

I'm fine, it's okay.

Really and truly?

Really and truly.

Hey, I just want
to say something.

Look at me.

Look at me.


There is nothing
wrong with being gay.


I love you for
exactly who you are.

Don't change for anybody.


And I have something for you.

♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪


♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪

♪ Happy birthday, dear kayla. ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪


The candle's dripping.

Better make a wish fast!

What'd you wish for?

You know I can't tell you that.


look at these wrinkles.


Make it again.

Yes, ma'am.


I guess I can tell
you what I wished for

since it wasn't a real cake.


I wished that we
could get in a car,

just you and me, and we
can just... Take off.

Where we going?

Oh... Anywhere we want.
It's an open road.


It's kind of a lame wish, adams.


Dream bigger!

I mean, please tell me
it's a sexy red convertible

we're driving off into
the sunset in, thelma.

Okay, let's get some feedback.


You've got anger issues.

You don't even
try to get better.

It's like you're more
comfortable in here

than you are out there.

It's really sad.

Okay, great!

Gives you a sense of
what you need to work on.

Who's up next?

I'll go.

Adams. Yeah, excellent!
Way to volunteer.

You act like you
don't belong here.

Like you're better
than everyone.

Like your shit don't stink.

No one feels safe around you

'cause we know what
you're really thinking.

You're a pervert and if
you ever try to touch me...

No threats, please.

We're giving adams feedback

on what she can
improve about herself.

Okay, my feedback is to ask
god to straighten you out.



She's doing it on purpose.



Your family are here for you.


Maggie: Let's not
keep them waiting.

Kayla is doing so well
in all of her classes.

We couldn't be
more proud of her.

Thank you.

You know, in the brochure

it said that there was
a heated swimming pool?

Oh yeah, it is, uh... Under
construction for the winter.

So, let me show you where you
can have a little time together.

Just right through here.

- Yeah!
- Yay!

- Happy birthday, sweetheart.
- Thanks, mom.


I can hardly believe it.

I know.

We want you to know how
proud we are of you.

I've been making up lots
of ground and learning

emotional coping strategies for
when I'm back at school at home.

You know?

Mm-hmm, yeah. Um...

You know, um... Why don't we
stick to what's been working?


Nice to see your parents?

I guess?

Do they know about?

Not a clue.


At least they came to see you.

I don't even know what
to say to them anymore.

You know, like, they don't
trust me to tell the truth

and I don't trust
them to believe me.

And then we're all
just sitting there,

playing pretend.

I hate to break it to you but
we're all just playing pretend.

What, you don't think so?

No, I... I just love it

when you randomly say
something really wise.

It's like yoda.

[yoda voice] give up, do not.

Free soon, you
shall be. Yes, mmm.

You're a freak.

Junk on the bunk!



Just a bra, bryce.

What, you think her parents put
drugs inside the birthday cake?

Standard procedure
after a visit.

Hey, bryce.

You know I turn 18 in three
months and eight days.


I don't give a rat's ass.

I'm gonna miss you, bryce.

No talking.

It's shut down.

Good night.

I'll miss you. Like, so much.

Don't start.

February 22nd is a long way off.

Go to sleep.

Here we go.

And no talking during the movie.

Popcorn or candy.

Popcorn with lots of butter.

Coke or sprite?

I mix them together.



Hey! Hey! Out!

- Out.
- Turn it up.




Did I give you
permission to cough?


You know the rules, scheff.

Would you like us all
to wait until you ask?


If you make one more sound
without my permission

you will be headed
off to investment.

She's clearly sick
and needs help!

What is wrong with you?

Who asks permission to cough?

If you learn the rules in here,

out there, the rules
will be easy as pie.

And thank you so
much for volunteering

to take scheff's
place in investment.

You may go.

Adams, you keep this up

and I promise you I will
transfer you to another unit.


It's hot dog night.

[stifled cough]

Well, I've been
coughing a lot lately

and my chest feels really heavy.

Like it's full of something.

And at night it hurts
so bad to breathe

I can barely take a breath
in without coughing.


You're fine.

Just drink more water.

Nurse patty, something
is really wrong.

I can tell.

Oh, you can tell?
Are you a doctor now?

I need help.

I'm spitting up blood.


You may have the start
of a low-grade fever.

Go rest up in your room.

You can take the rest
of the day off class.

That's it?

That's it.

Should do the trick.


Oh, my god, amanda! Oh, my god.

It hurts to breathe.

We need to get you help.


Okay, um, tell me your
mom's phone number.

She won't believe you.

And how are you going
to get near a phone?

Don't worry about that, okay?

8-4-3, 4-5-5-5.

I swear on my life that
I'm going to get you help.

Your life, huh?

Yeah, it means
something that I...

It means something and
it's because of you.

Don't get all
sappy on me, adams.

Adams, get your stuff.

What? Why?

You're being transferred.


I warned you.

You need an attitude adjustment

and you're going to do it in
unit 4 without your friend.



I'm not leaving here
until she gets help.

We need staff in
unit 2, room 47.

You're a monster.

You know that she's sick
and you do nothing about it!

- Come on.
- Do not touch me, bryce!

- Come on, let's go.
- Do not touch me, bryce!


No, no, no!

- No! No! No!
- Come on!

[kayla screaming] no, no...

You're not gonna get
another newbie to influence.

Sleep it off.

I am so glad you're
my new roommate.

The girl before you
just cried all the time,

like a little baby.

Wait, why are you
putting on your shoes?

Uh... Hello? What are you doing?

We're not allowed
to leave our rooms.

You know what?
You talk too much.


What are you doing?

Okay, I don't, um... I
don't have time to explain

but amanda's like
really, really sick.

And I just, I need
to get her help.


What can I do?


Here is the gum and paperclip.

Thanks for doing this.

I'm happy to help.
Screw this place.



Help me!

Help me, please!

Nurse to unit 2, room 47. Nurse!

[gasping for air]

Take her temperature, okay?

I... I...

Ok. Amanda? Amanda?

- Yeah. Drink this.
- Oh, my god, it's 104.

Guard: I found her!
Security to the phone room.

It's going to help you.

- Shouldn't we tell her parents?
- I can't breathe.

She's a flight risk,
have you seen her file?

We just need to get her fever
down so help me get her up.

And then follow me.

Okay. Oh, come on.

- Got her?
- Yup, got her.

Got her. Okay, follow me.

I need my mom.

[gasping for air]

I need my mom.


Right inside.

Okay. Set her down.


Maggie: I still think we
should call her parents.

We just need to
get the fever down.

Ms. Scheff!

Oh... They're going to
let her die in here!

Please! No!

She's going to die! Please, no!

No! No! No! No! No!

Let go of me! Let go of me!

Let go of me!

Is she secure?

Yes, she is.

Don't you...

No. No.


[intercom beeping]

Ms. Scheff is on the line again.

Ms. Scheff, hello.

I would love an explanation as
to why somebody was calling me

late last night, screaming
about my daughter dying?

And why it's taken me hours
to get through to you.

I am so sorry.

One of the students got into
the phone room last night.

They're just trying to cause
as much trouble as possible

and making things
up to get attention.

Well, she certainly got mine.

I can assure you ms. Scheff,
amanda is doing just fine.

I would like to talk to her.

Unfortunately, she is in
group therapy at the moment

and it is not possible to
take her out in the middle.

Well, then have her
call me when she's done.

Um, amanda has a very full day.

So perhaps she could
call you later this week?

Look, I know my kid
ain't no angel, alright?

But what kind of
a school is this

that I don't get to talk to
my own kid when I want to?

Put her on the phone... Now!

I'm sorry ms. Scheff,
it's just not possible.

Well, then I am getting on a
plane and I'm coming out there.

I don't know what you're up to
but if you won't let me talk

to my daughter then
I am coming to her.

And if she's not okay
when I get there,

you better believe that
I am hiring a lawyer

and I'm suing the
ever-loving shit outta you.

Only family in the vehicle.

I am the closest thing that
she has to family right now.

She's like one of my
own. All my girls are.

Then how'd you let her get so
sick before calling for help?

These girls fake being
sick all the time.

You wouldn't even know.

And this one? She
is a flight risk.

You can't come.

This is your fault!

Why didn't you tell
me she was this sick?

We did.

You said she was faking.

And now I have a parent
who's on their way here,

threatening a lawsuit.

You'd better hope
that she was faking it

or all of you are fired.

Every last one of you!

Left lung has collapsed.

Someone contact the family.

Please. Just tell
me, where is she?

You know I'm not allowed to.


Is she in the
hospital? Is she okay?

I don't know!

I don't know.

But I'll... I'll tell you
when I hear something.

Organs are failing.
Oxygen's at 70.

[heart monitor flatlining]

She's going into v-fib.
Get the crash cart.

Charge 200.

Don't give up.

We can make it.

We can make it.

I'm giving her 10cc epinephrine.


Trent: Kayla. I have good news.

The doctors say she's
going to be okay.


- Hello.
- Hi.

Okay. Looking good, miss amanda.

Keep taking it easy, you hear?

Yes, sir.

Thanks, eli.

I'm so sorry, amanda.

I know you probably don't
believe me but I didn't know.

I just... I just didn't know.

I know, mom.

You know now.

Hey buddy.

You wanna take
grandma and grandpa

and go find some of that
green jell-o for mom?


I know, mom.

Oh, my goodness.
Amanda, look at you!

Who let you in here?

I'm here on behalf of
everyone at appaloosa.

We heard that amanda
was doing so much better

and we just can't
wait to have her back.

Is that a joke?

A joke?

Why would I joke about...
We just all really miss her.

My daughter is never stepping
foot in that place again.

Do you hear me?

You almost killed her!

I will come back when you've
had a little bit of rest, okay?

Miss connie?

Yes, my dear?

Permission to speak?

Honey, you don't
need my permission,

you can speak any
time you'd like.

Thank you.


Excuse me.

You're welcome.

And screw you.



Jason, go play outside, okay?



They said no
unnecessary movement.

It's just a video game. You're
treating me like a baby.

Well, that's because
you're acting like a baby.

You sure that's her?

Pretty sure.

Wait, mom... I need you
to help me talk to her.

But I don't even know the lady.

You know how you didn't
want to believe me at first?

Kayla's mom's not
going to either.

That's what appaloosa does.

They train you
not to believe us.

Uh... I don't know.

She will listen to you!

Can you talk to her, mom to mom.


You've been here so long

we might as well move
your bed in here.

Sounds good to me.

You know, I do care
about you girls.

And I care about amanda.

You would've let her die.

And for what? Insurance money?

I made a mistake.

I should've called the
doctor much sooner.

You know, I think I figured out
what I wanna do when I leave here.

Let's not get
ahead of ourselves.

I've narrowed it down
to three choices.

A teacher, an
engineer, or lawyer...

So I can shut places
like this down.


Come upstairs, now!

Ray: Baby, it's the fourth
quarter, I'll be up in a bit.

Come upstairs, now! I'm
not going to ask you again!

We're leaving and
you're driving.

What's going on?

I'll explain in the car.

Grab your stuff.

Your parents are here
to take you home.

What'd I do?

Is this some sort of trick?

It's a new year's miracle.

You got five minutes.

♪ take heart my love. ♪

Don't look at her.

♪ I can be your sweet remedy. ♪

♪ Just hold my hand. ♪

♪ Out into the night find
peace by the moonlight ♪

I said don't look at her!

♪ Fear not my love ♪

clean up this mess!

♪ Just fly with me ♪

[door buzzing]

♪ Across the land ♪

♪ and over the sea ♪

♪ the sky that we breathe ♪

♪ I want you to know ♪

♪ you can lean on me ♪

♪ you can lean on ♪

♪ I just want you to know ♪

♪ I will always be ♪

♪ I will always... ♪

It's a very nice thing
you've done for your friend.

Well, she's the reason I'm home.

- Hey, mom, ray...
- Yes.

This is all, like, really
nice but... It's not amanda.

She'd, like, hate all of this.

[car horn honking]

Um... Can I borrow the car?


- Sure. Ray?
- Yeah. Of course.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

I promise we'll be careful
and we'll be back really soon.

Like, maybe an
hour, or something?


Oh, my god.

Wanna go for a ride?

Where we going?

Anywhere we want.

Open road, baby.

What's there?

Our new guiding star.

[laughing] I love you.

Let's go, thelma.