Cruel Ghost Legend (1968) - full transcript

A Samurai kills a Blind Man who tells him to "Repay his debts." Because of the Samurai's actions his entire family is to bear a terrible curse.

Cruel Ghost Legend

Based on a work by Rentaro Shibata


Masakazu Tamura
Saeda Kawaguchi
Yusuke Kawazu

Nobuo Kaneko
Rokko Toura

Directed by Kazuo Hase

It'll be New Year's Eve in three days.

How's your husband?

The money I lent him comes due this spring.

I hope you're listening.
Your wife is very sick.

Since I can't see, I find it easy to
turn a blind eye to things.

What is this?

The lord's indiscretions...

have manifested themselves...

on his mistress's pressure points.


Are you going to pay before
New Year's Eve?

- I'll pay you.
- How are you going to do that?

I don't have any money.

You're bold, I'll give you that.

My wife will pay with her body.

The wife of a ranking samurai
is worth 12 pieces of gold.

- It will pay off the interest.
- My lord!

- As your husband, I allow it.
- That's cruel!

Lord, I can't accept your offer.
It's out of the question.

She's worth money. You can get money
for her. My word is final.

Damn, he's bold.
This is the deal he had in mind?

- I've seen buffoons like this before...
- My lord, I beg of you.

I'm from a prominent samurai family.
I'd rather die!

She wants to die?
I get sick of hearing it.

I'm sure the pressure point
whet her appetite something fierce.

I don't believe a word of it.


Fuck her...

My memory of you bedding my wife
will go nicely with my sake.

You've certainly got a way with words!

I'll enjoy the spectacle and then it
will be water under the bridge.

Toyo... let this filthy old bastard
do as he pleases.

Just a second.


1-2-3-4-5 pieces of gold.

In exchange for one night here
with your mistress.

I'll take it.

In return, the interest and principal
will remain at 26 pieces of gold.

You're offering a miserable five pieces
of gold for the wife of a samurai?!

Be careful, he's furious...
Don't test him.

Lord, I shall do exactly as you have said.

Mistress, I ask for your favor
in this matter.

Shall we begin?

You came back!

It's usury!

I... want... my money!


You're going to kill me?

Son of a bitch!

Gimme my money!
You'll go to hell!


You were all in on this together!
You backstabber!

Money! The money! Suga, Ohana,
you were planning this all along!

You killed your own father
over money!

Go to hell!


Shinichiro! Help me.

We'll throw him in the river.

Suga, Ohana, I'm not giving you
any of the money!

Suga! Ohana!

Ohana! Suga!


My lord!

My lord...

- It's that little rascal.
- Shinzo?

Yes. He's not your wife's
son, is he?

He's the son of the girl who runs the
restaurant by Fukagawa Hachiman Shrine.

Did you let her live here,
like you did me?

Don't be absurd.
It was just a fling.

And you left her?

You're awful!
You'll do the same thing to me.

Give it a rest.

- My lord... Look.
- What?

- My tummy.
- Why?

- My boobs.
- What's wrong with them?

I'm pregnant.

- A baby?
- It's yours and mine.

Keep it if you want.

This is wonderful...

Your bloodline is flowing inside me.

I'm sure it'll be a little devil.


- It'll be just like you.
- He'll be like you, too.

Although sometimes they don't
resemble either parent.

Take me, just one more time.

You're incorrigible.

How true... My lord.

You must be ashamed to
have me as a father.

You hate me, but at least you
don't take after me.

Study Confucius and practice
the military arts.

Don't be like me, earn the yearly
rice of 600 peasants...

and rebuild the house of Fukaya.

And don't complicate your life...
with women.

My lord... I'm cold.

Come and warm me up.


Does this half pint really
intend to kill me?

Not a chance. He's a stranger
to the world of women.

He's melting just looking
into my eyes.

Nicely done, little man.

Strumpet! I'll kill you!

I'll teach you.

I'll give you a taste of the
juice of a woman.

You're shaking. Are you scared?
I'll kill you.

You kill me, I'll kill you, and we can
go to heaven together.

Don't rush, take it slow.

Shinichiro... Shinichiro...

You're dreaming.


Shinichiro isn't here.
He ran off in early spring.

What a nuisance!

Maybe I'll just poison her.

Excuse me.

What is it?
Who the hell are you?

I apologize for coming unannounced.

I think I have the wrong house.
Please accept my apologies.

My lord...

I need acupuncture. Please.

- If you'll excuse me.
- Wait.

Can you treat my wife?

Certainly, sir.

God, what a mess...

This place is going to stink.
You miserable brat!

Take that!

What is it?

He did it again.
He wets the bed every night.

There's no time to even dry out
the futon. It stinks!

- Ain't he a hell spawn!
- It isn't funny.

God, it's hot!

I can't take her constant moaning.

It makes my guts rot.

She scowls at me every time
I go in the room.

She's figured out how things
are between us.

I can't take it.

Maybe I'll go to the
summer festival.

Do you want to see the festival,
little fella?

But you have to stop
wetting the bed.

- Do we have any sake?
- I don't know.

Sojun, you bastard!

I want my money!
You'll go to hell!



Sojun, you bastard!


It's like a haunted house.

I have to disappear.
I don't want to get mixed up in this.

I wonder if they have any money?

I really doubt it...

Where is that brat?

Who cares?

Someone will take care of you,
you bedwetting rugrat.


The house of Fukaya, with its yearly
rice production of 600 peasants has fallen.

The whereabouts of my half-brother,
Shinzo, are unknown.

I've changed, too...

After going to Edo, I joined the bandits of Mikawa. We
broke into storehouses and killed travelers on the road.

Many of these crimes over the last
five years have just been for kicks.

Who's that?

I bet that old fool has money...

- What are you doing?!
- Don't stop me!

Don't be so rash!
Ohana, help me!

Sir, please consider what
you're doing!

Nice and easy...


Think it through before taking
any rash actions.

My name is Sobei Shimofusaya.
I'll help you any way I can.

Tell me what's wrong.

- Men aren't supposed to cry!
- Shut up!

Let's stand up.

We'll go to my house.
I run a pawnshop in Yanaka.

In such a heartless world,
I'm humbled by your kindness.

Ohana, you go ahead and fix
our guest a hot bath.

- Is she your daughter?
- No, my maid.

- My name is Ohana.
- Ohana?

It's a pleasure to meet you.

She looks like she needs some lovin'.
This is a plum chance.


Everything was going according to plan.
I got on the old guy's good side.

I told him that I wanted to open
a fencing school in town.

He proposed that I marry
his youngest daughter.

This is the easiest mark
that's ever fallen in my lap,

but his daughter is only eight, so I'll
have to play around until she's grown.

Still, I'm living high on the hog.

Oh, someone's here.
It's that broad.

- I have tea for you.
- Thank you.

It's beautiful weather.
I feel a million miles away.

The more I look at her, the more I can see
that she's as horny as a stray bitch.

Is your master away?

Yes, he and the other people at the store
went to visit the temple.

A monthly visit?

Yes, on the 15th of the month.

I'm going to rest for a moment.

The master took his
daughter with him.

The little one.

Your future bride.

That's a long way in the future.

Your patience is appreciated...

but we're alone today.

I guess she's finally ready
for action.

A bump.

Right here.

- I can't see it.
- Can't you feel it?

I probably got it from training.

But it's a bad omen.

Forget about it.

My big brother had a similar
bump and he died.

We should lance and drain it.

Lance it?

I may not look like it,
but I can do acupuncture.


Does it hurt?

No, it feels nice.

Glad to hear it.

You're good at it.

My father was an acupuncturist.


Yes, he died five years ago.

You don't say?

My daughter...

Ohana... Suga...

- Ohana...
- What?

Shinichiro: Nothing.

You're strange.
Half-spoken thoughts...

What is it?
Tell me? Please.

Come on.

You said your brother had a lump
and later died.

I made it up.

You did?

I just wanted to be alone with you.

You lied.

- I have an older sister.
- You do?

But I haven't seen her in
a very long time.

I've never had good luck.


Get off of me! You tramp.

But why?

Don't touch me!

I love you! Take me!

We'll kill each other and
go to heaven together.

You're so good!
Do it rougher!

I belong to the old man...
but it's you I love!

I love you so much!

More! Give it to me harder!

I can't believe it!
She passed out!

Ouch, get off of my shoulder!

Everyone will be coming home soon.

I can't afford to be found like this.

Wake up, Ohana.

I can't believe you.

I've never met a broad like you.


Goddamn! Since Ohana died,
there's no reason not to steal this.

I didn't expect an opportunity to exploit
my skills in cracking into storehouses.



Ohana, we're home.

- What's she doing there?
- Dad, she's asleep.

The second I leave this house,
she sloughs off her job.

Where's Shinichiro?

Get up, Ohana.

She's naked!

- Wasn't the storehouse locked?
- I'm sure of it.

- Was the lock broken?
- Look, here!

It's all gone!

It was Shinichiro!
Find him!

Get my money back!



I'm so happy you came.

Since I lost use of my arms and legs,

I lost almost all of my students.

As you can see, it's pitiful.

When I heard that you had
fallen ill, I came at once,

out of duty as your student.

You're so kind.

Sensei, if there is anything at all
I can do for you, please ask.

I owe you a great deal.

Well, since you were always
a good boy...

You learned the fighting arts and
you studied letters as well.

In my heart, I always thought
of you as the successor...

to my fencing school.
It was my dream.

What a stroke of luck.

It looks like I'll be taking over
the fencing school.


Why don't you take over
the school for me?

I, Shinichiro Fukaya,
accept this honor.

Oh, thank you!


I've never seen her before...

This is my adopted daughter, Tae.

An honor to meet you.

This is one of my most promising
students, Shinichiro Fukaya.

An honor to meet you.

The broad's shaking...
She's as innocent as the old man.

She's probably a virgin.

I'll teach you new worlds
of pleasure!

Rebuilding the school was
no mean feat...

Repairing its reputation was
the hardest part.

I spent every cent of the money that
I stole from the pawnbroker in a year.

Then, I saw a chance to make
some quick money...

What are you doing?

Your money!

Or I'll kill you!

Get out of here!


You are under arrest,
Shinichiro Fukaya! Come quietly!

Tae! Tae!

He's calling you.

I can't stand the old goat.

That broken down old man
still has his appetites.

He puts his hands all over me
when I change his diapers.

I can't take it.

You've changed.

I wonder who changed me.

Our vigorous coupling is
no doubt to blame.

Your body.

I'll go check on him.

- Let him be.
- I can't.

It's my job, but he stinks.

I'll be back soon.

Bring me some sake.


You're walking, sensei.

Shinichiro! You bastard!

What's the matter?

How long did you think you could
keep up this ruse?

Then you heard everything.

You bit the hand that feeds.

Tae: Please, stop!

Dammit! The police on my trail!

Idiots! Greenhorn beat cops!

How did this come to pass?

Come quietly!

What has become of me?
How did it come to this?

The last six or seven years feel as if
they had been a single day.

Let's get this straight. You're not even
going to have food on the table.

I loaned you money, and it's
New Year's Eve in three days.

I'll pay you with interest...
with my wife's body.



It smelled...

An unpleasant odor.

It was my father's smell...

The smell of his whores.

You kill me, I'll kill you, and we can
go to heaven together.

So this is the highwayman.

He killed the couple on the bridge.

Vermin! I'm going to enjoy
watching you die slowly.

Go to hell!

No one weeps for a murderer.



Do you have any idea how I feel!

I knew you'd come to a bad end.
You're a bad seed.

It makes me sick.

In these cases, you always get beheaded
at Kozukappara prison.

Then, they put your head on display.

I almost forgot, Shinichiro had
a half-brother by another woman.

His name was Shinzo. The brat was
always wetting his pants.


- I'm bored.
- Why?

Just because.

What would make it interesting?
You want to fool around?

That's boring, too.

You've got the heart of a woman,
but the body of a child.

You said that you wanted
to marry me.

- Yeah, so?
- I want money.

I'm sick of waitressing in a noodle shop.
And you're just a carpenter.

There's no future in being a pauper.

I want to eat fine foods,
wear fine clothes.

Even my hair ornaments are junky.
That's why I'm bored.

- These days, you have to be
a fool to be honest. - How true.

I'm going to show you that
I'm not small time.

- What are you going to do?
- Something.

You know I love you... Your face
when you're thinking bad thoughts.

- What a stupid thing to say.
- It's true. - I have to go to work.

I'll come along.
I've a lot of deliveries to make.

- I'll be waiting for you.
- At 10?

- At the usual place.
- It's a promise.


- Good morning.
- Oh, it's you.

- You're late.
- Yeah, I guess.

I hope you're not
staying out too late.

You're blushing.
How sweet.

Actually, my mother's taken sick.

I thought you didn't have a mother.

You told me before that
you were an orphan.

This is embarrassing.

Were you lying?

No, it's true.

You sure have trouble
making sense.

I'm sorry.

If you don't tell the truth,
I won't let you go tonight.

- But my boss will be furious.
- Then, tell me.

Hey, maybe... I should be your mother.

You can suckle at my breast.

I'll let you suck all you like.

Her tits are huge!

I'd be happy to suck on them,
but it wouldn't be fair to Ohisa.

You're too handsome to be
a mere carpenter.

You should have been
a kabuki actor.

Miss Ohisa, please don't
joke like that.

- You're more or less finished with
your work, aren't you? - Yes.

Then we won't be meeting
each other anymore...

Hey, how would you like to be
scolded by your boss?


I'll make it worth your while.

I'll let you go back to work

Scolded? I sleep in the storeroom
above the office.

Then the boss won't scold you.

- You're talking crazy.
- Then don't go.

Or you'll never taste the pleasures of
an innocent girl. More deeply.

I'll teach you how good it can be.

Don't make me laugh!

She's a former prostitute rescued by
some old rich guy who up and croaked.

She flirts with me every time I come. I'm
sure that she has plenty of money and...

that she got it begging and grifting.

She's at it again!

There'll be stains on the
futon tomorrow!

- My back hurts.
- Hey.

- Yes, madam. - Stop muttering
to yourself. Go take a bath.

- I'll go at once, madam.
- Wash yourself properly.

I will, madam.

- Don't worry about locking up.
- Really?

I don't think anyone will come
at this hour.

Then I'll take my leave, madam.

I don't care what you think.

Hey, come on down.

It's been a long time...

Since I've been with a man.

Come closer.

I imagine that you're no stranger
to the red light district.

I wouldn't know about that.

Don't you like me?

Don't be absurd.

Then come here.

I'll keep you warm.

Thank you for your hospitality.

You're young. Manly.

I've no one else worth giving
myself to. Shinzo!

I'll turn out the light.

Forget about it!

The broad had to have plenty of
spare cash lying around.

It shouldn't take six months to
get my hands on it.

I forgot, I bet it's already
past 10 o'clock.

This is getting gross.
She's drenched with sweat.

She's so sweaty. It's not easy
acting innocent and naive.

I can't get in the mood with
a dumpy old broad like her.

Someone's here.

- Who cares?
- But...

It's the maid.
Don't worry.

- It's you!
- You son of a bitch!


What do you think you're doing!

Please, stop!

Shinzo, what is this?
I was waiting at the usual place at 10.

I'll explain everything later.

- I don't want to hear your excuses.
Hey, bitch! - What?

- He's my boyfriend!
- Oh, really?

Touch him again and I'll kill you.

If you're so worried,
why don't you put him on a leash?

- What did you say?
- He's the one who hit on me.

- Hey, tell the truth.
- Isn't it the truth?

I said it was late and you should go home.
You held me down. You snuck up on me.

I said stop, but you forced
yourself on me.

- That's a lie.
- Oh, is it now?

Then why would I leave the
front door unlocked?

If I'd planned to seduce you,
you'd think I'd have been more cautious.

What do you think, young lady?
Does it make sense?

Now, now. I'll explain everything
later. Let's just go home.

She's a customer.

I'll take care of you, honey.

Stop it!

Ohisa, get a hold of yourself!

How dare you! Hair is a woman's lifeblood.
My beautiful hair!

I'll kill you!

That hurts! Help!

Miss Suga, please stop!
It's my fault! Don't do it!

Suga, I'm begging you!

Are you all right, Ohisa?

You bitch!
You tried to kill me!

Stop! That's enough!

Let's go home.

I wonder what that was about.
Young people these days!

Miss Suga, whatever happened to you?

I don't know,
but you must be more careful.

Can you help me?

Please stay the night with me.

I'm so lonely.


Old goat! You only give me a trifling
amount of money each month.

You're not fit to be a father!

You can take your money
with you to hell!

You tormented our mother
to death!

You evil old pervert!

Tonight, I'm going to take it all
and escape forever!

Listen, I'm talking to you,
Suga and Ohana...

This old man is not giving
you one red cent.

I'm taking the money
with me to hell!

- It was about money.
- Yes, money.

She was rich.

I wouldn't have sex with that
hag for the fun of it.

- Gold bullion.
- You seduced her for the gold?

No, she seduced me.

Don't be angry.

How about you?

What do you mean?

You're messing around with your boss.
With the greengrocer, too.

- Are you jealous?
- It's tit for tat.

Maybe you're right.

My guess is that she has around
400 gold pieces.

You could live the good life for
10 years with that money.

In a house with a black fence and pine
trees in the garden. And eat till I'm fat.

You can have it all.

Shinzo, take me.

- What's the matter?!
- Something's stuck in my kimono.

How disgusting!

It's the hunk of that hag's hair
you ripped out.

I quit my job and moved in with the
disfigured puppet teacher.

Her students had long since left,
and she seemed very alone.

She demanded sex all day.

She saw several doctors,
but they just shrugged.

She feverishly doused herself with ointments
and swallowed pills, but it did no good.

The more disfigured her face became,
the more amorous she became,

and the stingier she became.
I couldn't take it.

- Seconds?
- Just a little.

You don't eat anymore.

Do I really disgust you that much?

Don't worry, I know the answer.
You're living with a monster.

It must be awful.

Still, I won't let you go.

Here, just one bite.

It's your fault that this
happened to me.

Come to think of it, it was that minx
from the noodle shop.

You were banging her.
She did this to me.

Just try leaving me.
I'll rip your throat out.

I'm just joking.

Who could do such a thing to
someone as sweet as you?


Another eerie night.

No matter how many times I told myself her
hideous face was my ticket to easy street,

it still gave me the shivers.

The gold... The gold...
This is all for the gold.

Dammit! Why doesn't she
cover her face?!

Once she's out of the picture,
I'm out of here!

So that's where she'd been
hiding the money.

She must've been worried about
it for some reason.

You look so sweet.

- Your hands are cold.
- You're awake?

- What time is it?
- It's not morning yet.

I brought you gold.
Look, a gold coin.

Don't you like gold?

I'm begging you,
please don't leave me.

She had weakened considerably.

What in the hell was she thinking,
giving me a single gold coin?

Soon I'll have hundreds of them.
Maybe more.

Hey, Ohisa.

Here's a little bauble.
Keep it.

A gold coin!

- All of a sudden you like me.
- Honey!

Tomorrow, we'll have more than
we know what to do with.

- Really? - I found where she
hid them. - Really?

I am a samurai, after all. We'll take
off together tomorrow.

Your plan worked!

We'll meet at dawn tomorrow,
at Senju bridge.

I'll take care of my mom.

I hope that old lady doesn't
give us any trouble.

If I'm caught, I'll just kick her
out of the way.

You're the breadwinner
in the family.

I'll slap her around if she
makes a fuss.

Good idea. Slap her around and
kick her out of the way!

Bingo! The whole enchilada.
300 pieces of gold...

No, 500. I'll check later. I'll be
long gone before she finds out.

You wretch!

You've betrayed me!
Give it back!

Give me the money! I even want the
gold piece I gave you yesterday!

I won't let you have it.
It's mine! I'll take you to hell!

Let go! Devil!

The horny hag is dead.

That'll do.

Oh, joy!

I got what I came for.
The fruit of my labor.

I can't wait to see Ohisa's face...
when I show her the money.

- Where the hell d'you think you're going?!
- What was that for?

- I asked you where you were going!
- None of your business! - Brat!

Ohisa, wait!

Do you know where you were born?

- You found me in a pumpkin patch!
- Fool!

Your father was a ranking samurai entitled
to a yearly rice production of 600 peasants.

I ate nothing but hog slop.

Finally you're old enough to work,

and you turn your back on your mother
to run away with some carpenter!

Just try to throw me away!

Demon hag!

I'm no demon hag!

I'll see you work until there's
nothing left to you!

Let me go!
Let me go, I say!

I can't believe that you'd leave
your own mother in the back.

- You're not my mother!
- What?

- Goodbye!
- Wait!

- They're beautiful!
- You think so, too?

- What did you do with the
monster woman? - I got rid of her.

- Perfect!
- You think so?

So you slayed the monster woman!

They're so shiny and jangly.

Jangly and shiny!

- Hey, look!
- What?

What is that?

Let's go!

He's going to be beheaded at
Kozukappara prison!

- I hear he's a serious criminal.
- He's from a prominent samurai family.

A prominent family, you say?

Yeah. They caught him once
10 years ago, but he escaped.

- He busted out? - He's finally going to
get what's coming to him.

What a scoundrel!
Let's have ourselves a look see.

So that's him.
He's got ice water in his veins.

I'm a descendant of the same
prominent samurai family.

A likely story.

My mother said so.

I wouldn't put too much stock
by what she says.

- I guess so. - My old boss
once told me... - What?

- that my parents were of the
Fukaya samurai family. - Really?

He said that he found me
in an abandoned mansion.

- The boss did?
- He said so.

I disowned by mother.

- I disowned my boss.
- I did it for you.

I did it for you.

In the pouring rain...

That's what my boss said.

Oh, in the samurai mansion?

He said I was bawling...

Goodbye, bedwetting brat!

The baby is kicking.

I wish I'd never gotten pregnant.



It hurts!

- What's the matter?
- My stomach!

- You've caught a chill.
- I'm OK.

- Stay strong.
- Please hold me.

This way.

- I'm really in pain. - Don't fall
apart on me. - Let's hurry.

Hanyu village is close.
There's a café there.

My stomach hurts.

I'll carry you.

Ohisa! Ohisa!

Help! Please!

Hold on, I'm coming!

I would like to ask the condemned,
do you have any last words?

Do you have any last words?!

I have a younger half-brother...

Is that all?



Where are you, Ohisa?!

Here! Help!

- Give me your hand!
- I can't.

My leg hurts!

I wonder if she cut herself
on the sickle?

Hold me. I'm cold.

OK, hold tight.

You demon hag!

Stop, Shinzo!


Ohisa! Please don't die!

"Shinichiro, disowned from his family
and having no last name,

"although having been the eldest son of
the high-ranking samurai Shinzaemon Fukaya,

"possessed an inherently evil nature,
and 14 years ago murdered...

"the maid of a pawnbroker in Yanaka
who had taken him into his home...

"and robbed his storehouse of
300 pieces of gold.

"Later, he murdered his fencing instructor
Issai Kurosaka and his adopted daughter Tae,

"and was also a bandit and a robber. Immediately
before his execution was to take place,

"he escaped and could not be found
for an extended period.

"Now that he has been captured, he is to be
executed and his body used to test swords."

The eldest son of Shinzaemon Fukaya...

He's my brother.

You're my brother...
My big brother.

You're the carpenter Shinzo,
aren't you?

Who are you?

Aren't you... Ohisa's mother?

I want my daughter back.

I don't know what you did with her,
but I want her back.

I bore her out of wedlock with
a high-ranking samurai.

She's the half-sister of this pig.

What did you say?

Her father, Shinzaemon, was a bad man,
so I didn't expect much from his son.

But when I heard the son's head was on display,
I had to bear witness to his humiliation.

Meeting you here was no coincidence.
He brought us here.

Where's Ohisa?
A simple answer will do.

Give me money!

I struggled to raise her in the hope
that she could make money...

when she was an adult.
I just wanted an easy life.

Give me Ohisa! Shinzo!

- That head is my brother.
- What?!

Ohisa... was my... half-sister.

The product of bad karma!

You're that brat who always
wet himself!

Ohisa's... dead.


With this scythe...
It was an accident.

I killed her.

You killed Ohisa with the scythe?

You're little sister,
and I killed her!

I killed her!

Forgive me, Ohisa!
I didn't know!

Damn! Gold coins...
You sold my daughter as a whore!

That makes it mine! Give it to me!
Hand it over!

I'll follow you to hell!

English translation: scannon
Timing: lordretsudo