Crows Zero (2007) - full transcript

The Suzuran Senior High School for Boys, nicknamed "The School of Crows", is the poorest achieving, most violent school in the country. The students are called "crows" and they band together in factions, battling each other for influence and power. But they all share a common goal, one that has never been reached in the school's history: unification. No one faction has ever reigned supreme. Genji Takiya, a transfer student who attempts to take over Suzuran Boys High School and is mentored by old boy yakuza Katagiri as he faces off against rival Serizawa.

Don't take it personally.

Just setting an example for the younger ones.


Make your peace.

Genji! Fly!





If I hadn't met you, my life would have been...

Suzuran Boys' High School


The King of Suzuran
Tamao Serizawa

The King of Suzuran
Genji Takiya

Youth is a once in a lifetime gift.

Please make it memorable and meaningful.

Next, a few words from our freshman
class representative.

37th Suzuran Boys' High School
Enrollment Ceremony

We look to Suzuran to give us the
knowledge and purity of mind

to shape us into responsible members of society.

Yo, listen up!

Here at Suzuran

it's the best stage to go up with just your fists!

But in all its history

nobody has ever conquered it!

Do you know who's going to take it?

Do you know who's going to take it?

I'm going to take it while I'm in first year!

End of speech!

You're full of it, squid head!

Who's a "squid head"!

You are.

No fighting, boys.

Please, no fighting.

This is a happy day, so please don't fight.

You'll disappoint your parents.

It's your enrollment ceremony.

This year's freshman class has some spirit...

There's trouble outside!
There are Y-Yakuza on campus!

Someone call the cops! Quickly!

Someone call 911!

Hey, everybody chill out! Knock it off!
Someone call 911!

Hey, everybody chill out! Knock it off!

Knock it off!

There's something going down outside! Check it out!

I'm looking for a punk named Tamao Serizawa

who sent one of our young guys to the hospital.

Show yourself, damn it!

Yo, Big Bro.


Could you please go get a drink for me?

I'll take canned coffee.

Hot Pocari, please.

And you?

Mochi ice cream for me.

Mochi ice cream.

Hey, why do I have to do something like a gofer?

Please. Let us handle this for you.

It's not something you have to dirty your hands for.

We'll settle this quickly.
By the time you return...

Go ahead.

You sure?

Then here, take this.

You too.

Okay. It's in your hands.

Then I'm off.

Take your time.
Then I'm off.

Who's Serizawa?

You don't know?

Our own third year monster.

Serizawa! Come out here!

Make it snappy, punk!


There's nothing wrong with me!

That's good.


Hurry and get on.

You're walking.

But you can't ride a bike...

Hey, Tamao!

Why aren't you telling me the truth?

Damn! Watch it, you jerk!

Serizawa! You got a license to drive that thing?

Are you Tamao Serizawa?

Hey! Hey!

Hold it!

Don't diss a public servant.

Don't follow me, Gramps!

Stop tailgating me, cop!

Move it!

Hey, watch it!





Don't diss the poor!

Go back, go back!

Out of the way!

Aren't they my guests?

How should I know?

I haven't seen you before.

Starting today, I'm Suzuran too...


You're Tamao...Serizawa?


Looks like we've come to one crazy school.

What was that about conquering it, squid head?

A word to my friends

living on the wild side.

That light which flickers far off in the distance...

It just might be worth believing in.

Crows Zero

At the beat-up afternoon intersection

I see a flock of birds which lost their wings.

Striving to survive in their own way

but still unaware of what they are.

Wings burned by the sun...

They can't even fly, but...

I wanna fly and keep flying.

I wanna fly and keep flying.

A word to my friends

living on the wild side.

What does it mean to live as yourself?

It's to break free from the shell which holds you.

With every season comes a new self-discovery.

I wanna change and keep changing.

I wanna change.
I wanna change, change.

The Street Beats are in the house!

The Street Beats are in the house!

Feel the buzz, yet?

Did the Beats' rock intoxicate you?

Must be lonely without any friends if you
switched schools your third year.


Mr. Ushiyama...

You've got a big mouth.

Don't get mad.

She's Ruka Aizawa.

So tell me...

Why did you transfer to Suzuran?

It's the roughest school with the

highest amount of troublemakers, also
known as the "School of Crows."

Have a factional dispute there and
become the king of the hill, right?

Sounds like yakuza.

Why don't you quit?

Let's follow that hard shot of rock with
the lady you've been waiting for.

Our own Goddess of R&B.

Okay, here we go!

By any chance, are you thinking that I'm annoying?


So let's keep it up like this till morning, okay?

It's getting hot in here!
Get with the rhythm!

Everybody kick the door.

Show you how to hit the floor.

Wanna rock you to the bone.

Up and down, up and down.

Hey, why don't you forget?
Nothing ever lasts.

Time won't come back, you know that.

Don't look back at your past.

Hey, girl.

Change your mood going to the spot.

There's no mistake, the party's gonna be hot.

What do you think?
There's no mistake, the party's gonna be hot.

Am I rushing even if I never, ever stop?

What do you think!
Am I rushing even if I never, ever stop?

Close your eyes.
Groove to the beats.

Give yourself up for this song.

Hey y'all, turn the music up.

All the ladies, won't you come with us?

Kick it back for once.

Without tensing up, yeah.

Forget everything and live it up.

All the ladies, won't you come with us?

Everybody kick the door.

Show you how to hit the floor.

Wanna rock you to the bone.

Up and down. Round and round.

Let me sing until morning.

I was dreaming of this kind of scene.

Look at me do my thing.

On and on. On and on.

It's fine. You are fine the way you are.

That's what I asked for, so it's fine.

Right, Reiko?

I'm Seiko.



Your son's home.

Excuse us, Reiko.

This way please.

How's Suzuran?

How the hell should I know?

I just started.

Suzuran isn't that easy that you can get to
the top just by acting like a tough guy.

I don't need someone that couldn't conquer
Suzuran saying that to me.

Young sir...

Please watch your tongue.

I'm different from you.

I'm definitely going to conquer Suzuran.

Exactly what a father hopes for his son.

Then I'll take over the business, like you promised.

That would be something.

You would conquer Suzuran and then
take over for the organization...


Don't forget those words.

I'm going to surpass you.

Who did that?

Beats me.

Probably one of our cute, fresh-faced
first year students.

Save the first year for later.
First we take over the third year.

Using our class A as the stronghold, we'll
crush classes B, C, D, and E in order.

The Mikami Brothers are in class B.

Thirteen Orphans!

In your dreams!
You're cheating again, right?

No, I'm serious!

Be amazed!



Calm down.



Who's this jerk?

An old friend from junior high.

So what?

I said chill!


How've you been, Tokio?


You the one that erased that?


Hey, Serizawa...

You're the strongest in third year, right?

Come on, let me borrow you.

Hold it, Genji.

Why do you want to fight Tamao?


Tamao, hold on a sec!

I had Thirteen Orphans, man!

I have my living on the line here!

Hey, poor man!

Hey, poor man!

Ah, it's the Mikami Brothers...

How convenient.


Sorry, but we've got no time for you right now.

If you really want a crack at Tamao

go take down Serizawa's disciple
in second year, Rinda-man, first.


Hey, what are you saying...

Hey, what are you saying...

Hey, what are you saying...
Beat him and then come here, okay?

All right?

Hey, Serizawa!
All right?

Let's get this over with!

We don't have time to spare, man!

Just this once.

Hey, jailbird!

Let's hurry and figure out who's the top of third year.

And since when is
Rinda-man one of yours?

Even though you were too chicken to fight him.

Oh crap!

Rinda-man in second year?


He strong?

Hell yeah.

From what I heard, his freshman year

he beat the crap out of ten guys
from another school by himself.

I heard it was fifty.

Bull. I heard a hundred.

A hundred is stretching it a little.

On top of that, all were hospitalized.


Is that important?

Regardless, the few that were sent in actually died...

You're Rinda-man?

I finally found you, you worthless scum.

Let me show you what happens
when you mess with yakuza.

Got that, Serizawa?


I'm not him.

Stop talking that gibberish!

Hey, you all right?

Truth is, I'm a Suzuran graduate.

They called me Jarhead Ken.

And I'm famous for putting a checkmate
on dominating Suzuran.

Dominating Suzuran?


What's up with those eyes?

You don't get it, do you?
If you're just strong like you

there's no way you can unify
Suzuran that's filled with rival warlords.

For example, it takes heroic virtues and leadership.

Let's see, what else?
Diplomacy and keen perception.

You need to have all those different things.

You have all that?

Can't you stop being so disrespectful?

I can't.

I'm new at Suzuran, so I don't know
right from left or up from down.



Can you help me?

I'm not good with people.


Please help me, Ken...

Hey, hey, pick your head up, man.
Here, have a seat.

If it's something like that, leave it up to me.


Of course, you don't have to ask a guy twice.

I can tell you right now how
to win control of your class.


It's all about making an impression.

Say it in the loudest voice possible.

Who's the strongest in this class!

Who's the...strongest in this class?

It's me.

Who the heck are you?

You win.

As of today, this class is mine.

If you follow me...

"I'll show you what dreams are made of."

How's that?

You know, when you're at my level

words like that just come to you naturally.

Did that really happen to you, sir?

Of course.

I'm speaking from experience here.

But here's the punch line.

I didn't say it, it was said to me!

Good morning!

Good morning!

Looking real sharp, Boss!

Nice jacket.


Nothing, sir.

I was just thinking, one day,
I hope to wear nice suits like you.

Hey, what did you do with the
massage parlor money?

I'm asking if you're done with collecting the dues.

They'd like us to wait a little longer this month.

You loser.

What the hell, you loser.


Ryuseikai poached on our territory, didn't they?

I'm sorry.

'Cause of you...

Forgive me please...

Ryuseikai took it from you, right?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

As kids, Genji and me used to look for
the best spot to watch the sunset.

I thought he would never change...


I don't have anything to do with Genji anymore.

I'm ready to take him on.

I see.

You think

things will change between us someday too?

The scenery you see with me will never change.

No one can rise over us here at Suzuran.

Anyone who dares will be crushed.

You can sit back and relax.

This is Chuta Tamura who used to be head of Class E.

Call me Chuta, please.

Wait, that would mean... our strategy worked?

You're good, Genji.

Hey, you said your name was Chuta, right?

Then tell Genji and I about the situation
at Suzuran right now.


I'll start with the new players
that have been standing out.

Have you heard of
The Armored Front?

But they have nothing to do with Suzuran.

It just so happens that one of their
four leaders, Hideto Bando

transferred this year as a second year.

I hear if he snaps, he's pretty dangerous.

Then there's the first year
Ebizuka Junior High Trio.




What about Rinda-man?

He's a bystander in the Suzuran war.

He's on a totally different level.

Sounds like a monster.


The real monster is Tamao Serizawa.

Currently, he's the closest to
fully dominating Suzuran.

Right now, he's hidden in the shadows
of Tamao Serizawa, but

Yuji Tokaji used to be
Serizawa's rival for two years.

Some even call him the brain of Serizawa's Army.

Another one is Serizawa's underclassman
who has participated

in the All Japan Judo Championship during
junior high, Shoji Tsutsumoto.

Then there's Genji's old junior high buddy

who has conquered numerous
hells as Serizawa's accomplice

Tokio Tatsukawa.

Finally, the man they all follow

the "king of beasts,"
Tamao Serizawa.

This ultimate army is trying to conquer
the unheard of Suzuran domination.

Class B, led by the Mikami Brothers

have also joined ranks with Serizawa.

I see...

After beating up "B"

next comes our class "C," huh?

It's in your best interest if you
avoid pointless fighting.

We're not so weak we'd wave the
white flag without fighting.


Then we're just going to crush you.

We'll be waiting.

The leader of Class C,
Takashi Makise...

He's lost to Serizawa many times,
but he keeps fighting.

The guys in the class follow him
‘cause he doesn't back down.

Guys like that won't bend with sheer force.

Got anything on him?

Makise strikes out badly with girls.

That's it!

Introduce Makise to a girl.


Hey girls!

Wait, wait, wait!

Just tell me your names.

What was that for?

It's on me. I said I'd pay.
Please let me pay.

Oh, come on!

Just let me have a minute of your time, please!



That's kidnapping.

Just one or two women... one or two women.

I'll get them for you somehow.

Wait here.

What are you doing?

Chopping cabbage.


This is my house.

No way! That easy?

No way!

Oh yeah, Tamao!

You owe me $2,000 in bike repairs.

I'll add it to your tab.


The repair cost is $2,000.


Let's do this!

Who's he?

I don't know.
Who's he?

I don't know.

I don't know.
Go do your homework.

Not so fast, shorty!

I think he's a second year.

Conquer second year then come again.

You've got some balls.

What's your name?

Gota Washio.

I'm Manabu, nice try.

Calling people out like you own the place...

You've got some nerve.

I called you today 'cause...

I know.
I called you today 'cause...


Even if you defeat me, my guys won't join your group.

A group date.


"Love Love Group Date"?

No way you would come...

If I don't get a girl out of this

the deal to join your group is off.


You sure this is going to work?

Leave it to the group date king.


Sorry we're late.

My friends.

I'm Yu.

I'm Kyoko.

I'm Ken. Small frame, big hearted.

He's Genji. He's tall and has a big attitude.

I'm Genji...

And he is...

I'm uh...Makkie.

Your name sounds like a permanent marker.


You have a pretty voice...



You're right.

I might unload without doing a thing.


Unload what?

Are you really going to force a guy
to explain that from their mouth?

Hey, hey, hey!

Why don't we all sit down?

Yeah, that would be good!

Makkie is a little nervous!


Thank you, excuse me!

What, not drinking?

Why don't we order snacks?

You like cheese?

What about nuts?

I love chocolate!

No? Nothing?

I know, how about a game?

The Yamanote Line Game!

What's that?

What is this?

What do you want?

Ken, this was a flop from the start.

Really? Things are going well on my end...

Okay, I hear you.

Leave it to me.

It's early, but shall we do this...


Looks like fun over here.

Can I join you?

Yo, who's the drop-dead hottie?

Wow, you're nice.

Want to test out my finger techniques?

Hey, you!

Hands off my girl.

Or what, greaseball?

Come on!


Oh God, Chuta! You all right?

Idiot! If you say his name, they'll
know it was a setup and...

Oh, l getit.


Let's go.

You're an ass.

A total ass!

You're a crying drunk...

You sure are...weird.

Stop crying!


I sent Chuta home.

Sorry about today.

No worries.

So to restart things...

How about I take you to a massage parlor?

A massage parlor?




Genji, what are you, laughing?

A massage parlor?




You crying?

A massage parlor?



You do it on the bed.

Then on an oiled mat.

What's wrong?

Hey, he's holding it.
He's holding something in!


Sorry to bother you.

Do you have a pair of pants and underwear?


P-Pants and underwear...

You're a fashion leader!

No doubt!

Which side's the front?

I'm wearing women's pants!

Well, Makise, see ya.



I put class C

in your hands.


Let's take the top together.

Hey, number seven pin!

You're obviously not lined up!

You're off! You're off, man!
You're obviously not lined up!

You're off! You're off, man!

You're in too much, you idiot!


Number one!


How's that look?

Okay? Let's bowl!

Shut up already!

Let's do this!
It's getting dark. Let's do it!

Anyone who is a coward and moves, dies!

Okay, let's roll.

Let's roll, let's roll.

Okay, all clear!

This is bad!

Makise's joined up with Genji Takiya!


Stop freaking out about stuff every time!

But Makise's recruiting lzaki's gang now!

Izaki of class D?


You sure about that?

Izaki's pretty freaking rough.

That's bad.

Man, you guys are so freaking loud!

Come on!

Okay, aim well!

Ready, set...



When that time comes, we'll just crush them.

If they join forces, that takes time off our hands.


Doesn't he look pale?


Maybe it's the flu.

Listen up, Takeshi.

Rich kids get sick easy...

...when seasons change.

Is that true?

Now we own the first years.

Pretty impressive, guys.

As your junior high alumni and upperclassman,
you do me proud.

If you want, I can take care of you guys.


Don't flatter yourself too long.

We're ready to take you on anytime.

Hey, Hiromi...

You know who you're talking to, right?

I'm with Hiromi.
You know who you're talking to, right?

Age doesn't matter at Suzuran.

I'll take you on anytime.

And you, get a haircut first.

Even he can't take the third years.

Meaning the competition here is really stiff.

Is it true you want to join us?


But the rules are going to change a little.

We'll join, but the one that's going to
fight with Serizawa won't be you.

It'll be me.


What a naive fool.

There is no clean fight in a war.

Out of respect for Makise,
I figured I'd give you a chance.

But you can't beat Serizawa.

I'm not done yet...idiot.

So, let's continue...





Why you!

Why'd you get behind this guy?

Don't say it's ‘cause he tried to get you laid.

There's no reason.

Even if there was,
I wouldn't be able to describe it well.

Tell that general...

Tomorrow, I'll show him how to throw darts.

You seem happy.

Well, of course I'm happy.

Right now, you're living my unfulfilled dream.

There's nothing that I would get
more excited about than this!

Stop trying to act cool.

You let me be cool...


Isn't that...


I'll cut that pretty cheek of yours.

What's up with those guys?

Get back here.

What do you think you're doing?


Who are you?

Know what I hate most?

Guys who carry knives and beat up on women.

Sorry about the other day.

Let me make amends.

Take Ruka and get out of here.

You're way outnumbered.

There's no way with that body of yours right now.

It's not just your body anymore.

Stop stalling. I'm going to beat
the crap out of you, damn it!

You shut the hell up.

Just take her and go!

I said stop acting cool.

Why not from time to time?

Hurry up and go!

Want a piece of me?

What era are you from?

Old enough to kick your ass!

Let's go!

Hey, now wait a second!
Hold it right there!

Wait, wait, wait! Listen, listen up!

I'm Ken Katagiri.
My name can silence a crying baby.

I'm a ranking officer in the
Soshu Family Yazaki group syndicate.

What the hell is that?


We don't give a damn!

Back off, damn it!
We don't give a damn!

Back up! Back up!

Listen up!

No one gets by me from this point on...

No one gets by...

We got a call, and I come here...

And it's just you?

Detective Kuroiwa?

Aren't you getting a little too old for this?

Just let me be...

That reminds me.

I ran into Nakai, the guy who lorded
over Suzuran back in your day.

He was a bad egg then, but now he's a company man.

Supporting a wife and kids and working hard.

It's time you grew up.

You're the only Suzuran graduate
still being a two-bit hood.

Even as yakuza, you're mediocre.

What did you learn at that "School of Crows"?

I guess not with a half-assed dropout...

You all right?

I'm fine.

I scared them all off with my sheer intensity.

I see. I'm glad.

Man, I figured you dead for sure.


I'm the invincible Ken.

I won't die that easily.

In that case, why don't we meet up somewhere?

Sorry, but I've got to be someplace.

Catch you later.

About the other day...

I'm sorry.

Ken's a character.

He's awesome.

Is he your friend?

I guess so.

Your face is a mess.

What happened?

Like here.



Want some candy?



Split the wind in half, then jump in with full force.

Who's getting in the way?
What are they going to break?

Rip apart the sadness.
Suck up everything.

Where are we headed?

Which way is tomorrow!
Bad times!

Good times!

Bad times! Good times!

Bad times! Good times!

Split the wind in half, then jump in with full force.

Who's getting in the way?
What are they going to break?

Rip apart the sadness.
Suck up everything.

Where are we headed?

Which way is tomorrow!
Bad times!

Good times!

Bad times! Good times!

Bad times! Good times!

Bad times! Good times!

Sapporo Beer!

Come on, Genji!

Stop rambling about stuff!
Come on, Genji!

Stop rambling about stuff!

Which way is tomorrow!


We can't just let those guys get away with it anymore.

Did I ever ask you to?

I bet the view at the top of Suzuran is...


We'll take the top.

"There is no clean fight in a war."


Jerk off...

What's that?


Bring him down gently!


Hey, Izaki!

Who did this to you?

Was it Serizawa?


I just fell.

Don't doit.

We're still outnumbered.


Out of my way!

Genji! Izaki's right.

If we fight now, we'll lose.

That's not the point!


If you lose, it's over for all of us.

That's how far this war's come.


Drink up.

This kind of thing

really hurts.

It'd hurt much less if it happened to me.


What timing...

This is enemy territory.



You bastard!

It's me you want, isn't it?

Did you do lzaki?

Don't play dumb.


If you're going to fight, take it outside!

Wait, Tamao.


I said move!










An operation?


I need to talk to your folks.

I'll talk to my parents.

I'm not a child anymore.
Tell me directly.

The chance of surgical success for
a cerebral aneurysm this size

is about 30 percent.

Then forget surgery.

If surgery gets me 30 percent

I'll take life at 100 percent.

But if you do nothing...

Even if something happens,
I won't blame it on you!

I'm not going to die.

Stop whining, you little wimp!

Hey, Genji!

Genji! What's gotten into you?


Hey, Genji!


Hey, Genji!

Get back here, damn it!

Pride that could get crushed...
Get back here, damnit!

This isn't enough yet, right world?

Strong arm, there is a grade over thatone.

The goal is the stage at the top.

With this fist grasped tightly

slice through the tainted darkness.

Go! Go! Feeling down, getting beaten up.

Go! Go! Thrown around with full force.

Go! Go! Work hard without looking aside.

Go! Go! No need to hesitate.

You guys!

As of today, you follow me. Got it?

What are you doing?

Can't you tell?

I'm getting numbers, like Izaki said.

Go! Go! Feeling down, getting beaten up.

Go! Go! Thrown around with full force.

You won't boost our strength this way!

Go! Go! No need to hesitate.

They got Chuta!

The heart that's been engraved is the soul. Hey you!




What happened?


I was trying to recruit the first years
and then got mixed up with Tokaji.

I'm sorry.

That puffer...

Hey, Genji!


That's enough!

Why are you going crazy?

Sorry, but I can't follow you like this.





So much stuff has gone down so quickly, I'm lost.

I don't have the power to keep an alliance.

What are you saying?
You've come this far!

You can do it!

We're going where no one's been!

Let's get up there!

To the top of Suzuran. Come on!

You're the only one who can do it! Trust me!

Okay, so I'm a Suzuran dropout.
A big fat loser, right?

But not you. So let's finish this. Come on!

You can do it!

You said so yourself!

You're living my dream, man!

Fine, forget that, then!
Forget about me!

Be a man, okay?

A man.

Don't be a loser.

You made a pledge.

You've got to see this through.

I came to Suzuran to outdo my old man.

To outdo your old man...

That's cool.

What does your old man do?

Same as you.

The Ryuseikai yakuza.



Are you...

Hideo's son?

GPS, it keeps on growing.

That's why we've got to get out of this situation.

Hey, Tokaiji.

We're going to do it without Serizawa?

Isn't that bad?

Just listen.

I have a plan.

You guys the ones who wanted to see me?


I hear you need some soldiers to
bring down your current boss.

If you do something for us,
I'll lend you some of our soldiers.

We got 30 more from the first
and second year classes.

The rest is up to Genji.

Be ready to go at anytime.

And if Genji doesn't return?

We still go ahead.

There's no turning back now.

Could you fight me?


If I win...

Will you join me again?

You called me, Boss?

You've been hanging out with a Suzuran punk?

On top of that

he's the same guy who beat up some of our guys.

Um, that's a misunderstanding.

Actually, we mistook him for a kid named Serizawa.

I want you to kill that kid with this.


The thing is, that student

is the son of Ryuseikai's boss.


So I'm saying

if we were to off the heir of the Ryuseikai syndicate...

We'd start a war.

Is that the intention?

Sorry to cause you so much trouble, Ken.

Izaki leaves the hospital tomorrow.

It was all a mess, but

I've slowly begun to understand what
it means to have comrades.

I've been looking for you.

What for?

I had something I wanted to say, so I came.

I guess the rumor of you becoming a shell was a lie.

It's about Tokio.

What's the story with him?

No story.

He'll be back soon.

lliness can't stop him.

If you want, we could call a cease-fire until he returns.

That's so stupid.

Putting you in the hospital will
be my "get well" gift to him.

I'll send those words straight back to you.

You're the ones that are going
to be sent to the hospital.

Tokio's my friend.

It doesn't concern you.

I came to tell you that.

See you around, poor boy.

Poor people are tough, you know.

Man, I envy you guys.

Driving straight down life's roads at full throttle.

No pretensions.

Makes me weep with joy.

If I had spent my time at Suzuran like you

I'd be a better man now.

Thanks to you,
I can see more clearly.

Did you forget? That time.

How we went to crush them.

What was that for?
How we went to crush them.

How we went to crush them.

My punches don't affect you.

The breath is white, so
My punches don't affect you.

The breath is white, so

I know about punches.

we thought we were alive.
I know about punches.

we thought we were alive.

we thought we were alive.
I've taken my share of them.

Did we change?

We started saying it was lame.

We started saying it was lame.

We started saying it was lame.

Time and law are

Take the top.
Time and law are

Time and law are

something we don't know.
That's what we said.

That's something someone chose on their own.

Yo, lzaki.

Let's abandon the gods.

You're late. Where were you?
Let's abandon the gods.

You're a nag. And you smell.

Just that. Just that.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

It's sad and pathetic

muttering I hate spring.

We ran and laughed

on the drizzling highway.

How long has it been?

You haven't changed.

No, sir.

Back then, I...

I admired you, Hideo...

Mr. Takiya...

But you didn't let me join your organization.

So I joined the Yazaki group that was your enemy.

What a fool.

What are you looking for?
What a fool.

I didn't know a thing.

My boss plans to kill Genii.

What did you say, you punk?

Why tell me?

I've spent my life running.

I want it to end by being honest with myself.

I see.

Please give this to Genji.

I heard if he dominates Suzuran, you'll
let him take on the organization.

What if he does take the top at Suzuran?

Are you going to let him take over?

Are you going to bring
Genji into this world?

If he has what it takes to conquer Suzuran

I'm sure he'll choose not to.

Hey, what's up?

Hey, what's up?

We've been kidnapped by guys
in leather jackets with skulls.



I heard them saying Bando.


They hang out at the Narai Warehouse.

Where's that?

Kijima Docks.

They're dead.



Do we take on The Armored Front?

If that's what he wants, that's what we do.

I hear you.

I'll gather men.

Let's go!

I can borrow this?

Thank you.

They've got spirit.

Took out a knife from the pocketof my jean jacket.

Sharpened a branch and made a bambi carving.

Put that in the palm of my hand
as I layered it with the scenery.

Let Ruka go!

What're you talking about?

Don't play dumb!

Oh, Little Rinda...

In your future, there are dreams
and love waiting for you.

It's better not to know.

It's better not to know those things.

Oh, Little Rinda...

Then my girlfriend hums a song

while she licks the droplets off the cherry
from the melon soda with her tongue.

Today, when I get home

You don't kidnap chicks!
Today, when I get home

I would rather watch football
on TV while doing sit-ups.

Oh, Little Rinda...

Oh, Little Rinda...

In your future, there are dreams
and love waiting for you.

It's better not to know.

It's better not to know those things.

Okay, that's enough!

No skulls.

You're pretty good.

So it wasn't you that did it?

The third generation of leadership is rotten.

Until I've taken down the third,
I've sealed the skulls.

Look, I don't care.

Who, then?

Who's the one that would benefit
the most out of us going to war?


You've got my boys all fired up.

I probably can't control them.

They'll want some kind of apology.

Especially from you, old man.

Should we take your ear?

An ear?


An ear.

Only one of them will do.

That's funnier, right?

Then are we even?

If that's what you want.

Would you settle for mine?

I'll give you both.

As you wish.

Hey, Genji!

I don't want your filthy ear.

"Take the girl and bring her
to the basement of Club S."

That was the plan that was given to us first.

Go on.

Get her out. Then we'll settle things.

Who cares who wins?
Both sides will be depleted.

We'll clean up the stragglers.


Tokio's operation is at five tomorrow.

I see.

What is it?

Give me the girl.


Don't act stupid.

What did you come here for?

What did you do?

You again?

Don't. Gig's up.


You all right?

Where's Kyoko?

She's safe.

Ruka! I'm so scared!



Do you know what you've done?

I had to...

If we didn't, we would've been crushed.

Don't be stupid.
If we didn't, we would've been crushed.

I'd rather be crushed head-on than
to pull a punk stunt like this!

We took partin it too.


There's only one way to solve this now.


Looks like the time has come.

Tomorrow at five.

At our very own Suzuran.


left this for you.

Read it.

Dear Genji, the perch is yours.
Fly! Fly, high!

What did you talk to him about?

He broke the rules to save you.

What's that mean?

He ignored orders from his boss to kill you.


Even if you make a move, what's going to change?

Shut up.

Don't be stupid.

The man chose this path.
He can wipe his own ass.

You can carry on his wishes.


Take the top.

Let's do it!

Get psyched!

Could you stop?

Stop, please.

May I walk on my own?

Is that okay?

You sure you don't have to be with Tokio?

We fight along with him.


Let's win and brag to Tokio.


It's starting.

Serizawa's got about 100.
GPS is about 70.

Serizawa's got the numbers and the strength.

GPS doesn't have a chance.

Don't be so sure.

I can't doit.

You look pretty sure of yourself.

You probably went and warned them anyway.

About my plan.

You're a fool.

It'll cost you.

Get the car.

You're going to become drowsy.

Damn you bastard!

It's begun.

Genji, go!

Well, come on!

I'll cover your back with my
life till you reach Serizawa.

Serizawa Army's winning.

Look, just as I said.


Wait and see.

Hold on, you bastard. You're an idiot!

Hey, what's wrong?

Is that the best you can do?

I want Serizawa's head!

Why is Bando siding with GPS?

With his personality,
I guess he just felt like it.


They're only a few, but suddenly it's an even fight.

Hey, ugly!

Hey, ugly!

Want some plastic surgery?

Want some plastic surgery?

Well, come on!

Don't mind if I do.


Plug your hole, pig face!

I can't contain this feeling

swelling up inside of me.

You take on the world alone

but don't know where to stop.

What are you looking for flying into the sky?

The hero lives in you within your heart.

Your true destination lies there.

Become the light taking flight into the future.

The life you live is the sunlight that shines on them.

The hero lives in you.

Are you running breathless again
somewhere in this town?

Tell me why you leave those scars.

Maybe we'll find a place one
day to share our laughter?

All you gotta do is believe.

The hero lives in you within your heart.

Your true destination lies there.

Become the light taking flight into the future.

The life you live is the sunlight that shines on them.

The hero lives in you.

The hero lives in you within your heart.

Your true destination lies there.

Become the light taking flight into the future.

The life you live is the sunlight that shines on them.

The hero lives in you.

You wanted this, right?

Take it.

It's yours.

You regret becoming a yakuza?

No way.

Damn you bastard!

You're pissing me off!

Don't take it personally.

Just setting an example for the younger ones.



Kill him!

Come on...

Make your peace.

Genji! Fly!






If hadn't met you, my life

would've been a complete waste.



It's the hospital.


How's Tokio?



He won.

What did you say?

He won.



I'm freezing...

Thank you so much!


I'm alive!

I'm still alive!

Sorry, but...

If I don't defeat you,
I don't have the top of Suzuran.

There is no top of Suzuran.

Just like you beat Serizawa, there's
always someone new.

That's Suzuran.

While you fight and fight, you eventually graduate.

Conquest is just a dream.

Don't be so sure.

I won't hold back.

Let's do it.

I feel my soul about to explode

into something that will live forever.

My instincts keep telling me

this is my defining moment.

Eternal rock 'n' roll!

Eternal rock 'n' roll!

Never-ending rock 'n' roll!

A fate named reality is

an onslaughtof unforgiving truths.

The moment I'm cornered in

I must face it without regret.

Eternal rock 'n' roll!

Eternal rock 'n' roll!

Never-ending rock 'n' roll!

I feel my soul about to explode

into something that will live forever.

The moment I'm cornered in

I must face it without regret.

Eternal rock 'n' roll!

Eternal rock 'n' roll!

Never-ending rock 'n' roll!

Eternal rock 'n' roll!

Eternal rock 'n' roll!

Never-ending rock 'n' roll!