Crown v. Stevens (1936) - full transcript

When an ex-dancer marries a man for his money she is suprised find he is a real skinflint. She owes a lot of money to a loan-shark who is after her. However, her husband does carry a lot of insurance ...

Subtitles by Nostromo



I knew that chap

I wish you wouldn't have anything
more to do with that chap

There's no harm in saying hello,is there?

Depends on how you say it

Oh,Miss,two please

Six pence

-Thank you
-Thank you



You don't look it

You always say the right things

It's easy to say the right
things to the right girl

So how many girls have you said that to?

I love you

You've only know me a month

I loved you the moment I set eyes on you

Are you sure,Chris?

Cross my heart,there's no
one but you and me

And you really mean you want to marry me?

Haven't I told you so?

Yes but we are not properly engaged,are we?

I mean people not popping
days until they have a ring

That isn't necessary is it? Between two
people who understand each other as we do

Oh it's not the only I'm thinking about

It's the other girls

And those keep trying me dating,
we showed them it's no use trying

How do you like show them this?


Is it all right?

Quite beautiful

Oh,thank you so much

I haven't quite bought it

What do you mean?

I have not paid for it,you see,
I just saw it,I got it on approval

If you like it I can pay for it next week

Why next week?

Well,I hope to get a rise in pay then

I mean you have asked for it

No but I'm going to tomorrow and then
I can pay the deposit and the rest is easy

But I have to take it back until then

Oh,Chris,please let me keep it

I can't,dear,it isn't mine

Hello people

Hello Joe

Look,Chris gave me

We're engaged


Looks real

What do you mean looks real?

Oh Chris,come on,no argument,let's dance

-Good morning,Chris
-Good morning,Charlie


Good morning

What's good about it?

That job at 46 held up all day
yesterday on account of the weather

That job at 23 hold up because
the desk table wasn't in the right shade

I can't control the weather,can I?


Let slip more service
from you,young lamp post

Oh,stop grousing Alf,you
know the business is doing fine

Good morning Mr Jensen

Good morning,Miss

Good morning,Alf

Good morning,Miss Hobbes,
what can we do for you this morning?

Well,one of those cut price jobs

Decorate a house in Chelsea

Won't spend more than 50 £

Look I got the drawings out


-That's good
-Not bad

What's the furnishing in this room?

Quite plain,cottage stuff

Charlie give me those new wall colours

How about this new
ivory tint for the walls?

Yes that would do beautifully


Quite a cheap colour that

Let's work it out,how about the curtains?

Sage green

We could do the window
frames and borders to match

-This order worked out all right?
-Good morning,Miss Hobbes

Good morning,Mr Stevens

-Are you being attended to?
-Yes,thank you

-Good morning,Jensen
-Good morning,Sir

I'll just get these figures
checked by Mr Stevens

If they are all right,I'll go down
this afternoon and take a look at the place

What time? I could meet you down there

Thanks,but I don't know
exact time I'll be free

What a pity,I live so near there,
we could have tea at home together

-I'm sorry
-Never mind

Perhaps another time

-I'll send the estimates along to you
-Thank you so much,good bye

Good bye

This is the job Miss Hobbes brought in,
she liked the estimate send up at once

All right,I'll attend to it

Excuse me,Sir,there's
something I'd like to ask you

-I've been here just over a year now

-What of it?
-I've been earning 2 £ 15 a week

And I was wondering,Sir,if you
could see your way of giving me a raise

You see,Sir,I'm planning on getting married

I suppose you realize

I'm already paying you all
your position's worth

Yes I know,Sir,but I was hoping you could
put me in charge of the estimating

I know I can do it if you'd
only give me a chance

I'm not saying you couldn't
but this is a small business

Yes I know,Sir,but I've got ideas
about decorating and I'm sure

I'm sorry,Jensen

Perhaps you'd like to look
around for a job elsewhere

Oh no,Sir,it's not that I was only thinking

Well,you know best,I'm paying
you all I can manage


Oh yes ,just a minute

It's just for you Jensen

Thank you,Sir

Hello,who is it?

Couldn't you call me later,
dear,it's rather awkward

Joe has got a new job up North

When he came to say good
bye I suddenly started crying

When you cry about someone
it shows you love him,doesn't it?

Oh,but I thought I did love you,Chris

But I must be honest,mustn't I?

But when you should coming
round,Joe's going to leave right away

And I'm going with him

If you feel that way about it you'd
better send the ring back at once

Yes,but you gave it to me,you
can hardly expect me to return it,can you?

You gave it to me,Joe can swear to that

What? Yes,dear,you have to have
something to remember you by

Well,all I can say is,
try and get it,that's all

Anything wrong Jensen?


In future try not to have
private calls here,Jensen


Good evening,Mr Jensen

Sit down

You come to talk to me about the ring

Yes,Mr Bayleck

That's splendid,Mr Jensen

And the young lady liked it,eh?

Yes,she liked it

Yes,so the young lady got good taste

Now let's see,where's the account

Mr Bayleck,I'd like to talk to you

-I can't pay you

At least not yet

I see,now look here young man, don't
waste my time,give me that ring

I can't give it to you,I haven't got it

Haven't got it? What do you mean?

I gave it to my girl and she's gone away

That's trick has been played
on me before,it won't work

-But I'll pay you ,Mr Bayleck
-Pay me for it,I think you will

You realize you've committed a larceny

But you must understand

Look here young man you
owe me 19£ 10 for that ring

Here it is

Either you pay me that money
within 24 hour or I shall go the police


Yes,Jensen,what is it?


I was wondering,Sir,if you could
advance me some money on my salary

Advance you money?

I need 20£,Sir

A young man in your position
has no right to need so much money

But this is something unexpected,Sir

Look here,Jensen,are
you in some kind of trouble?

-It's just as well

I expect my employee to
be steady and respectable


If you need money you must learn to save

Get back

If you say one single word
I'll do the same to you

You don't know anything
about this? Understand

Stay where you are

-Detective Wells and the Sgt are inside,Sir
-Can I go through here?


They are awkward

-Good Morning
-Good morning,Sir

-Shot through the head,eh?

What did it,Sir?

Probably a point 22 steal bullet
fired from an automatic,Sir

Close range too

Less than six feet,he must
have been standing in his desk


Apparently not,Sir,
the key is still in the safe

And the tray of rings untouched

Anything else?

The charwoman found him this morning,Sir

He was a local money lender
with a bad reputation

Could have been done by almost anybody


-Pull all the details up

Julius Bayleck commenced
business here 14 years ago

That's all right,you read that later

Be sure you don't miss anything


Doctor seen him?

Yes,Sir,apparently it was done
sometimes last evening

Any weapons found?

No weapons,Sir,no fingerprints


Just the usual business books,
those files and some letters

I'm afraid they are not going
to be much use to us,Sir

Why not?

Just come over here a minute,Sir

A grate full of burnt papers

Probably just the one that
would tell us who did it

Torn out of this book here

It's like an account book of some sort

It's part of a cash ruling

Well,it's not any doubt this job was
done by one of his clients,Sir

Someone he's been
putting his screws on a bit

What the Superintendent will
call a nice and easy case,eh?

You'd better go back to the station
and get hold of the firearms register

We got to check very carefully of everybody
in this district with an automatic

Blimey 5 past 9

And now the(?) I can't get on with the job

because there's nobody here
to give me any time sheets

They don't mean nothing
in your life at all, do it?


Well,isn't it My Lord,Duke

I've heard that you were up
in Scotland salmon(?) shooting

Fancy you bothering to turn
up to work at this time of the day

Is these that you want?

Oh,thank you,My Lord

And now I'll go on with the work
and try to get enough money

to keep the idler sitting comfortable
hanging around in this office

What's the matter,son?

Nothing I'm all right

You look a bit pale around the gills

Cheer up you'll be a long time dead

You finished with this?

Yes,you can have it

Thanks,I'll tell you

-Good morning,Alf
-Good morning,governor

We ought to be able to
finish the roof of 58 today

Time's running on on that job

Any news on the Barton Crescent?

I'll work out the quantities of
that this morning,Alf

Hey,stop spotting winners
and get on with the job

Well,what are you doing,Jensen?

Checking these invoices,Sir

Oh,they can wait,I left my book of
quantities at home,I want you to get it


Take a bus and be as quick as you can

I'll give you a note to Mrs Stevens

It's somewhere in the sitting room,
you know the book I mean

Yes,Sir,the little one
with a leather binding

That's right

-Get back with it as soon as you can

A note Madame

It'll be on the shelf

Thank you,good morning,Madame

Good morning

Here it is


I didn't expect to find you here

Drop that

Why do you follow me?

I didn't

It's true I come from the office

What's your name?


And you didn't know I was here?


Ten million people in London
and it had to be you

So you didn't go to the police?


You would be afraid they'll get you

It wasn't that

I couldn't get mixed up in it

It's my job

If Mr Stevens knew he'd sack me
and I might not get another

I understand


Now you know,are you going to the police?

I don't know

Before I didn't know who you were but now

There's nothing else I can do,is there?

Yes,there is,look here

You and I are both in the same boat

I didn't murder Bayleck
any more than you did

You had the gun in your hand

I know but it wasn't murder

I took it to frighten him

Oh,Mr Jensen you must believe me

That man was going to ruin my life

He was going to ruin mine too

Did you owe him money too?


Then you do know

Mr Jensen these things are
much worse for women

I took the revolver to protect
myself against Bayleck

I couldn't pay him the money that
I owed him and he'd been..

Well you can guess

You mean he attacked you?

Of course

That's how the gun went off

You didn't think I'd shoot him,did you?

The papers say the police
is sure it's murder

Now I've proved that it wasn't

If you go to them now
I haven't got a chance

And I'm innocent as you are

Surely if you went to them and
explained everything they'll understand

They might

How long have you worked for Mr Stevens?

Just over a year

Then you know what would
happen,he'll turn me into the streets

I know exactly me if I were mixed up
in this but you,you're his wife?

You know how Mr Stevens feels about money

He never gives me enough for myself

But if he knew I borrowed from Bayleck

he wouldn't need a thing like
this to make it turn me out

He's pretty hard about the office too

He's worse at home

Mr Jensen,I'm in your hands

There's no other evidence against me

If you feel you must go to
the police I can't stop you

But now you've heard my story

You must believe it

I can understand about Bayleck

You don't know what I went through

But if you feel my life
and probably your own

should be ruined because of a man like that

I don't know

I'll have to think it over

Of course

I'm sorry I kept you so long

I'll just wait here

You see I'm trusting myself to you

An even if you decide against
me I understand

Old Service Webley 17943

Did you know Bayleck?

I don't do business with moneylenders

Possibly lots of people
in this district do

Lots of them have firearms
certificates too

That gun hasn't been fired since the war

It's obvious it's the wrong calibre

You can cross Mr Stevens
name off the list,Wells

Thank you,Mr Stevens

Sorry to trouble you

Quite all right,Inspector,good day

Thank you


-What's the matter with you?


I should think I could trust you
to carry a book without dropping it?

-Thank you

That's all right



They are still on the door barrier

They rung again,Mum

I know,you fool,tidy the rug,quick



Of course it's Ella Levine
you old silly billy

I'd never recognize you

Clothes and everything,I can't get over it

Darling,I haven't seen you since we were
in the chorus and that was ages ago

Three years

I can never remember dates,
three years,think of it

Yes,I have thought of it,what's
the meaning of this?

Tidying the room

-Mam,you only tell me to come in
-That'll do

-Get out and don't be impertinent

Doris,what an awful servant

Yes,they are all impossible


Oh,darling,I couldn't smoke those

They make me violently ill,
I know they would

Look,try these,Bunny says they
are awfully expensive

Bunny,are you married?

No,dear,engaged,simply engaged

I call him funny Bunny

Ella,what a wonderful coat

He is rather nice,isn't he?

I call him Wolfsy

Well,I suppose you are
happily married and all that


Arthur isn't rich,we are very comfortable,
I have everything I want

That's nice isn't it?

Of course Bunny spoils me so much,
he gives me awful,awful lots of the money

I can't help giggling,do you remember

when we cut us 10 shillings a
week in the chorus,how we screamed

That's was after I left the show

Yes,of course,they probably
wouldn't have cut you

We all envied you so much

We were quite sure you would
marry some perfectly splendid

With pots and pots of money like..

Like Bunny I suppose


You could have got any man you wanted

What has happened to you?

Oh,I'm sorry

I suppose money doesn't really
matter when one is in love

Yes,it does,it matters a lot

If it wasn't for money do you think I've..

Oh,forget it

My dear

What's the use of pretending

Look at the place

Not very bright,is it?

Darling,you'd love my flat,it's in Park
street,you must come and see me

I know we'll have a party just like
old times,I know some adorable boys

Years since I went to a party

Then we will have one

BTW an awful lot and I
know just the boy for you

What matters it for me,
with the clothes I've got

Try Wolfsy

Darling couldn't you get a new one?

What? With Arthur he never give me a penny

But you could charge them

Bunny is awfully good at charging things

Arthur doesn't even know what it means

Oh,you poor darling but
he has got money,hasn't he?

Plenty,he won't part with it

Well,anyway the best thing you know he
got it,after all you come into it some day

What do you mean?

His will,darling

I hope you looked after that

I made terribly sure of Bunny's

I was frightfully disagreeable to him,until
finally the poor dear couldn't stand it

I hope you're going to be all right

Yes he's leaving everything
to me,what's good of that now?

Aren't men beasts?

Arthur,this is Miss Levine

My husband

Mr Stevens,isn't it?

-How do you do
-Very well,thank you

Darling,I must be running,look
I'll telephone you tomorrow

I'll have to call you

We are not on the phone

Must you go yet?

I must really,darling,
I'm going to theatre tonight

and there's a dreadful old
cocktail party beforehand

They are such bores,don't you think?

-Bye darling
-Good bye


What,my dear?

I've got to have some money

What for?

What for?




I might have guessed it

That woman

You know how I feel about that

I will not have my wife looked
like an overdressed trollop

Not even if we could afford it

We can't

That's not true

We can

You won't

Please,Doris,don't let's start again

Business is paying it everything it can now

I can't take another penny out

Did that young man,what's his name?


Get back with the book all right

Yes,of course

Clumsy idiot

BTW a couple of Scotland Yard men
were in to see me this afternoon

Scotland Yard men?

Yes,interesting to see
the way they go about things

What did they want?

They were trying to find the gun that
killed that moneylender at the office

What were you saying about Jensen?


The young fool dropped my quantities
book while they were in there

-Is that all?
-Of course,what else could there be

They won't suspecting me

Just wanted a look at my revolver

What made Jensen drop the book?

How do I know?

He didn't say anything

BTW I haven't seen that little
revolver of yours lately


You know it's only a little
stage gun used for conjuring tricks

It's about somewhere

Well,I don't suppose it will do any damage

But I get rid of it if I were you


I think I will

What's that Bob?

Just come off the top of the bridge

Someone get to move on

we've got to move on,I don't want
to spend the whole day up here

-Hello boy

-Got the wages?

Try one of these

They are very tasty,the Missus
put them together

Ham or beef,take your choice


It beats me what they are
going to put in the papers

Now the ?? season is over

Nothing but shipwrecks,suicide,murders


Who wants to read about that?

I say,Alf

This Notting Hill case
this moneylender who was murdered

What about him?

See the police are asking
for information from the public now

Go on

I wonder if anybody does
go in a case like that

I know

Would you go if you knew
anything about a murder?

Well,in my own time?

Not blooming like me

Bound to be a lot of questions asked

Questions? My lad they put
you through the

Ask you where you was at
7 45 on the night of 23rd

Who in the heck can answer that?

Leave me alone that's my mother

And maybe this chap Bayleck
deserved it,don't you?

Well,the moneylender?

Don't talk to me about moneylenders

Listen,I touch my Mom(?) for a tenner

I'll tell him ??in the ??

And the way the old..

The way they put you up something

And half of the ???

Any bloke could hand over a
man for killing a moneylender

He ought to be ??

Might have been a woman who did it

Anybody who hand over
a woman is beneath contempt

I wouldn't do that in my own wife

I think most people would
feel the same way about it

It'll be another unsolved crime

It's got nothing to do with us anyway

Now you read this

this is disgraceful,it didn't
ought to be allowed

They take the shooter Matthews

out of centre forward and
put him into centre

No wonder the Cup is going to the dogs

You're right,Alf

-Good afternoon
-Good afternoon,Miss?


How's the Chelsea job?

That's what I came in about

Everything is OK,you can start at once

They didn't argue about the price?

Not a bit,thanks so much
for keeping it under 50 £

Yes had a bit of a struggle

49 £ 10 sh wasn't it?

Never mind it made all the difference

Just a minute,it's for you,Mr Jensen?

Thank you,excuse me

Hello,who is it?

Doris Stevens

I have to find it out a way to meet you

I wanted to thank you for
all you've done for me

That's all right

I'm trying to forget it,
that's what you should do

Yes,of course

-Well,good bye

I've got lot to talk about

I'd like to see you

Couldn't you come over this evening?

Where? To see you?

No,I couldn't

I'll be alone all the evening

Be at seven

It's impossible I'm busy tonight

Couldn't you get out of it?


Of course you could if you tried

Sorry to keep you waiting

That's all right

About that Chelsea job I thought
you'd be getting on with it fairly soon

Well,I suppose I have to
talk to Mr Stevens first

Well,thank you for all your help,good bye

Good bye

-Oh,Miss Hobbes

Are you doing anything this evening?

No I don't think so

I wonder if you care to have supper
with me or go to the pictures?

But you are busy,aren't you? That's
what you said on the telephone

Oh,that was an excuse,someone
I didn't want to meet

Oh,I see,all right let's go
to the pictures shall we?

Call me for at six

If you call me Miss Hobbes
again I shall scream

My name is Molly

Mine's Chris

So you like my shop?

I think it's grand

Well,I'm tired of it for today

Let's shut up and go

Good evening

I'm so attracted by all the nice
things in your window

So I said I simply must come in

Well,if there's anything in particular
you'd like to see,Madame?

No thank you,I just like
to look around,if I may

Isn't that amusing?

I'd like to have lots and lots
of those all over my house

This is going to be a
personally conducted tour

Just the very thing for my husband
when he comes back from India

He's sure to be worn out,poor dear

He's been away five years,you know

I wonder why he didn't make it ten

Oh yes,Archie would adore this

It's a little spree

But then he is in the cavalry,so he'd
be used to that,wouldn't he?

Would you like me to book one
of those chairs for you,Madame?

It's so difficult,when one's husband
has been in the East for five years

He's probably got all thoughts of new ideas

Don't you think,Madame,you could see
these things so much better by daylight?

It's rather late

That's quite all right I'm not in any hurry

Isn't that two divinely ??

I wonder if Archie would like one of those?

She's going to be here all night

Not if I can help it

No,perhaps not

Aren't husbands difficult?

Of course you are both
so young and pleasant

Well,you've got a very
nice little place here

And I'm sure it'll be a great success

I shall come in often

And perhaps one of these days
I really buy something

I do like to see young
married people in business

Good evening

Just sit down here while I recover

Don't think it hurt thinking
we were married

I think she

Why,Chris? What's the matter?

Nothing,let's go

Well,all right we'll go at once

It's a perfect match,Inspector

There's the bullet that killed Bayleck

And there's one from the gun

Very pretty

I suppose it means a lot to you experts

It's a step in the right direction

Oh,I traced the gun all right,it's got a
darker history than Sweeney Todd

Certified to "Professor" McCloud,sleight of
hand man used to work for music halls

There's your lead

Yes,if McCloud hadn't died
in the States four years ago

and if that had been in the report,
what have happened to the gun

it would be of great help

Now we do this

-Now I do my twiddle
-And go and do it quickly dear

Hands off

Even three years ago the chorus girls..

That's just does appreciate ours

Darling I do hope you haven't hurt yourself

I've never felt better in my life

I've never had a better time

New woman that's what I am

And if you get in my way I'll
put you out like a chandelier

Ella,where have you been
hiding Doris for all this time?

You'll never believe it

But I found her in a stuffy old house

With a stuffy old husband

I've got to go home

You can't do it now the
time is just commencing

I got to get back to the stuffy old house

Before that stuffy
old husband gets there


If you must go home let
me take you back in the car

Thank you,best of heart



What's all that bellowing about?

-Where have you been?

-With friends

You mean that woman who
was here the other day?


You may not understand but a
girl got to have her relaxations

I've had some tonight and
I'm going to have some more

I will not tolerate this

I will not have my wife
running about by herself

I wasn't by myself

Anyway it's your fault,you
never take me anywhere

And BTW what's the matter with you?

Nothing.I want to settle
this once and for all

Nothing? And why your scarf?

I think I've got a cold
coming feels right through

Let me tell you this

-I will not
-Oh,shut up

Tired of what you will and will not

Tired of your goodie goodness

Your stupid ideas and your penny-pinching

Stood it for three years

I've given you everything I can

I'm not a rich man and you knew
it when you married me

You also knew I didn't over drinking
and all those things

I won't put up with this,Doris

I don't want you to have anything
more to do with that Ella

Whatever her name is

That's final

If I were you,Arthur

I'd shut up

Well,there you are,Sir,I hope
you find those satisfactory

They seem OK to me


What's all these here?

Don't let you the governor
to see you in that chair

-Take a good look,Alf,I'm the boss now

Mr Steven is home with flu

You don't mean to say
he left you in charge?

Naturally he wouldn't put any
of the outside staff in

Don't let it go to your ears,
don't stop putting on ears

-I've known you Chris
-Mr Jensen to you

When I start calling office boys Mr
it starts me to chuck my job

Oh,no you wouldn't,you are much
too fond of it,all pay and no work

-I'd like you to have a piece of my work
-It wouldn't be so bad

You know,Alf,you and me ought
to go into partnership sometime

That's right you with your ear all and
two face to keep down the office

and me with my brains to do all the work

You with your what?

You heard,brains,brains,brains

What you're supposed to
have underneath that ear all(?)

BTW the old lady in Bitten Avenue,
she's got another brainwave

She wants us to change her wallpaper again

I can't authorize that it means
spending extra money

I worked it out three quid so I said,
good morning Miss

Good morning,what's all this?

Well,I'm keeping the chair warm,
while Mr Stevens has flu

Don't you go and count yourself that
she comes to see you every day

She comes to see me,don't you,Miss?

Of course I do,Alf

If any of my workmen annoy you,
you might let me know

That's what they call the bird

All well,I'll pop in when
the governor is out

And try get them to
OK all eagle beagle(?) wall paper

Miss,that's nothing to do
with the bloke with the ear??

Remember the gypsy's warning

You do look at home there

Let me tell you something

Mr Stevens is going to have a struggle
if he wants that chair back

Does that mean you're
going to work late tonight?

Depends whether I can see you

Well I was wondering

Same place same time?

Think you ought to?

Oh I don't really matter around
here,just looking important

May I come in?

Certainly Mrs Stevens

I'm so sorry

-Mrs Stevens,Miss Hobbes
-How do you do-How do you do

I'm so sorry,you're probably very busy

That's all right I was going anyway

I hope Mr Stevens is improving

Thank you,he's little better today

-I'm so glad,good bye,Mr Jensen
-Good bye,Miss Hobbes

Charming girl

Yes,she's very capable too,an
interior decorator,you know

Is she?

Won't you sit down?

How is Mr Stevens?


Please sit down

I don't know,Mr Jensen, how to begin
to tell you how grateful I am

That's all right

You've been perfectly marvellous and
I'm going to come straight to the point

Mr Stevens isn't as well as he was


I'm telling you because
I have to count on you

-Is it serious?
-Very serious

You see it's not just the flu

He's so terribly run down

I'm going to get you into my little secret

You think you can manage
the business alone,Mr Jensen?

Because I want to take
him away for a little holiday

That is if you can take care of things

I suppose I could

I know you could

I've got him half this
way to go on a little cruise

There is just one point

I suppose this is one of
those things men worry about

He says the business is going so
badly he can't afford to go away

Of course I know I shouldn't ask you

Well,I don't know much about that but

As for running the business,Alf and I,
Alf's the foreman,we could manage

And the business isn't
doing badly,is it,Mr Jensen?

No,we are very busy

I knew it,you see Mr Stevens has
been a little delirious lately

He keeps saying that he'll
sell out for a thousand pounds

For a thousand?

It's so silly isn't it?

Yes,I should say five or six

As much as that?

I don't know I should think so

It really doesn't matter

And I'm sorry for what I
said to you the other day

It's true Mr Stevens has been very
careful with me about money

Of course I know it's for my own good

But I was terribly excited the
other day when I said all that

Of course

And you've been so understanding

Please,you won't let Mr Stevens know
what I told you about his health?

He's so very sensitive

You won't,will you?

Very well,I won't

Thank you again,Mr Jensen,good bye

Good bye

I want to see Mr Stevens

I don't know about that,
he's not seen no one

He's got the flu

Yes,I've been vaccinated
I've had my tonsils out

a little thing like flu ain't
going to worry me,handsome

I'm his foreman and I must see him

Oh,are you his foreman

You tell him Alf see a bright
?,he'll see me

-Who is it?
-It's the foreman to see you

Send him up

What did I tell you,handsome?

This is the strongest we are allowed
to sell without a prescription


I'm frightened of sleeping draught,it's
awful to stay awake all night,isn't it?

Well,of course it is,but I wouldn't make
a habit of relying on medicines,Madame

Of course not, that's what I'm afraid of

Are they very nasty?

Oh,no they are practically tasteless,
you simply dissolve them in water or milk

That's better than having
to swallow them,isn't it?

Could I take two safely?

Oh yes but I wouldn't take
eight or ten if I were you

You'll sleep very soundly

-I'll take ten
-Thank you,they are quite safe

-Anything else?
-No,thank you

Five shillings,please

Thank you

There's seven and six,eight,
nine and ten,thank you,good evening




How do you got on,boy?

I'm just making up the pay roll

I've looked in and saw the governor,we'll
charge the old woman with 30 bobs he said

What? Did you talk to him yourself?

Of course

Such a flu don't make a bloke dipping down

That's funny,Mrs Stevens was in just
after you left and she said he was very bad

Bad,my eye

He'll be kicking you out of that
chair the day after tomorrow

Are you sure?

Sure I'm sure

Didn't he say so himself

Well,she even asked if we could carry on
and she took him away on a cruise

Him on a cruise

Why? He is kicking to get back
here,I could see that for myself

Maybe he's worse than he knows

Just because Mrs Stevens been here?

She's his missus,she's the same as my wife

Your wife,if you had one

Always worrying or fussing over something

That's what wives are for


I'll go out and see him tonight

He's got to sign the wages check

No need for that

He's made an arrangement
with the bank manager he told me

We all know where we stand

Ah,forget it,you go out with
your Molly and have a good time

But here are the time sheets for today

And I'm off,happy days Your Worship

Good night,Alf

Chris,I had such a lovely day

More people came in
and bought lots of things

And I got a commission
for the real one this time

What's on your mind,this businessman?

You shutting up?

Yes but?

What's wrong?

Well,I'm worried about Mr Stevens

-Is he worse?
-Well,that's what I don't know

Mrs Stevens was in and she said
he might be away for sometime

But Alf saw him today and
Alf says he's coming back to work

Mrs Stevens is only exaggerating,
natural for wives to worry

Any other wife but not Mrs Stevens

Why not Mrs Stevens?


I've been thinking for myself but I
can't stand it any longer

I've got to tell you

It started before I knew who you were

at least when I knew you but
before I really looked at you

Don't I knew it,I used to think
I was the invisible woman

Here's your paper

You think you ought to go to
your lodge meeting tonight?

Yes,I'm tired of being in bed all day

And now the lodge will do me good

I suppose so

If you feel up to it

Are you taking the car?

Yes,I bundle up well and
keep the windows closed

Whatever you do,you're not
going out without your medicine

All right,I told Maggie to heat the milk



What is the matter?

Look at this

It's your gun

It's your gun that killed
that moneylender

How did that get out of the house?

How should I know?

Don't you see what it means?

There's no doubt that it was your gun

How can you be so sure?

The police have often made mistakes before

Where is it?

Probably in the drawer
where it always has been

Which one?

The second long drawer

It's not here

What can we do about it?

We must find out how
it got out of this house


Do you know what's become
of Mrs Stevens revolver?

Mrs Stevens's revolver?

I don't know nothing about that revolver

Why do you lie?

You've seen it in the drawer

Yes,Mam,I did it once

Did you take it,Maggie?

Oh no Sir,I swear I never,I was that
nervous so I shook when I've seen it

Are you sure you didn't take it?

Out your little liar,and it's not the
first thing I missed out of this house

Now Mrs Stevens I wont
take that from no one

I've never know I
had in my life, I've nothing

No real lady would treat me
the way you've done

But you can't take away my good character

I didn't take your gun

I've never stole nothing

You can take my notice

Yes and now

She didn't take it

She's such a little liar,
she must have taken it

I heard that,I heard that,keeping on at me

We must go to the police and tell
them at once that the gun has been stolen

-The police?
-What else is there to do?

Why must we be mixed up
in a nasty miserable murder?

We must go

What if they traced the gun to
you and found that you'd said nothing?

Don't you see? It would look
if you killed the man

Won't it wait until tomorrow?

You're too ill to go out tonight,Arthur

No,I'm all right

It will only take a minute

Very well,if you say so

But you'll have your milk
and soup first,won't you?

Very well

When did you last see it?

They are sure to ask you that

I've never take very much attention to it

Drink that while it's hot

-Peculiar taste?
-Did you drink it all?


Than it can't have been too bad

Rather musty

Doris,I can't help feeling that gun

For heaven's sake shut up

It's bad enough to be
mixed up in a mess like this

Rather ever talking about it?

You go and tell the police it was my gun

And it's their worry how it got out

Not my business

Take my character away

That what's they are trying to do

I've never touched the old gun

What was that?

I suppose that wretched girl has gone

Maybe we should have prevented her


The police would want her I suppose

They can find her

Don't be so long at that,Doris

I can't find my

I feel so

It's very peculiar


So sleepy

Well,if we are going to do this

You can't sleep now


I'll be all right

You go along downstairs

I'm coming



-You can't sleep here

No,of course not

The air would do you good

You do feel better now?

I think so

You rest there,Arthur,I'll open the door

All right

I'll just warm up the engine

It's all right,Arthur

All right

-Go on,Sir
-Thank you

I think you should have gone
directly to the police

If she shot him in self
defence,she'll get off

Suppose if she didn't?

How would you feel if you were in
my place and she were convicted?

Or even hanged?

I'll always feel maybe there
was a mistake and I killed her


And now I'm going to do something
I'm going to see Mr Stevens myself

I hoped you'd say that

I sort of prepared
an excuse for going up

What's that?

Blank cheque for the payroll

Gosh, I feel better when
I know more about this

I'll run up and get him to sign this

-We'll run up

There's no sense in you going
to be mixed up in this

Oh,go and sit and ? or something

-Molly ,please
-We can use my car

-I was just thinking

-What about?

Oh,how very nice,I am pleased

You ought to be

If I had her here I'll wring her neck

Let's go

-I won't be a minute
-OK,I'll wait

Good evening,Mrs Stevens

Oh,it's you Mr Jensen

I've just run up to get Mr Stevens
to sign the cheque for the payroll

I'm afraid that's absolutely impossible

He's fast asleep

I do hope the doorbell didn't awaken him

I'm sorry perhaps I could call back

Well,I don't think that would be any good

Give me the cheque and I'll
see he gets it tomorrow

Well,I suppose tomorrow will do

How is Mr Stevens tonight?

Oh,he's been sleeping soundly for hours

That's a very good sign,you know

-I'm glad,good night Mrs Stevens
-Good night

Any luck?

No,she said he was asleep

Oh,I am probably worrying about nothing

I think so


Oh,these women drivers

There's an engine running in there

Well? What was it?

One who forgot to turn the engine off

Women drivers

My Chris what do you mean?

We'd better tell Mrs Stevens

I heard your car stopped

Is there something wrong?

There's an engine running in there

Oh,that's impossible


Yes,it is I wonder

Perhaps you forgot to turn it off

I haven't used the car

I don't understand

I'd better get my keys,thank
you so much for telling me

Wait here it might be dangerous,
the place might be full of carbon-monoxide

Oh,please don't trouble

There's someone in there

There is,nonsense, how could there be?

There's something in there

Well,I think I'd better get my keys

It maybe too late is there another door?

Just round this house

Did you see her face?

-Chris,do you think he
-Yes,I do

This is dreadful

-Who do you think
-You'd better go and get your key


Stay out there I'll get him up

-Arthur,what happened
-Keep outside this place is full of gas

I said to myself what was the revolver for

She had it her drawer,I didn't know

Be quiet

Tell your story later

I think you'd better tell Jones to wait

Oh look

-Is he alive?
-I don't know,better get a glass of water

No,you stay here


Scotland Yard

What's going on here?

He's gassed,we found him in the garage


Better get her into the house

Where you the one that found him?


You'd better go into the house too

Look after him,Wells

Better phone for a doctor

It's Dr Ardee three doors down

All right,get him

This is terrible

Killed himself

Steady Mrs Stevens

Do you think he'll die?

We must wait for the doctor

I think you'd better tell
me exactly what happened

There's nothing to tell,I don't
know anything about it

Mr Jensen heard the car
running in the garage

I thought Mr Stevens was asleep upstairs

When we opened the door he

I was afraid this was going to happen

He's been so ill and discouraged

He's been set doing it for a long time

But I never thought he meant it

If only I've listened he might be alive now

You didn't hear Mr Stevens go out?

If I had wouldn't I warned him?

Wasn't he a sick man?
Wasn't I worried about him?

I'll never forgive myself for this

Is he?

Mr Stevens is recovering

Got a match?

Well,that's that

Arthur needn't strain himself

I'll tell you

Besides he doesn't know
the really interesting parts

I see

We really came about
your revolver,Mrs Stevens

Revolver? Of course

It was used to murder a man


I'll tell you that story too

-I can see Mr Jensen is longing to help you

Mr Jensen was an innocent
victim of circumstances

-Shall we go?

Wells,look after these
other people,will you?

-I must warn you that anything you..
-It's all right let's go

So long

I'll see you all at the trial

Or will I have two?

Subtitles by Nostromo