Crown and Anchor (2018) - full transcript

A raw look at the effects of childhood trauma through the eyes of two estranged cousins.




- I want you to stay in
the car on this one.


You know why.

That's not gonna
happen again.

That's what you said
the last time.

I'm not going
through that shit again.


Whatever you say.

Hey. Look at me.

If I need you,
I'll let you know.

Otherwise stay in the fucking
car and don't move.


Now what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna stay in
the fucking car-

Until you need me.

A man's only as
good as his word.

So if I see you out
there, we're through.




Here we go.

Jesus Christ! Get back
in the car, Downey.


You like to hit people.


Yeah, why don't you try
hitting me, you fuck?


Thinks he's tough.

Take his cuffs off and
see how tough he is.

Take 'em off,
tough guy.

Tough guy.


What the fuck
is wrong with you?



Get him in the car.
Let's go.

Let's go asshole.


Oh Donny!
Donny Donny P!

Right on time.

Charlie, my man.

Yeah. Alright?
Yeah, we're good?

Funny, funny guy.

All good.

Good. Good.

I like that.

Count it.

That's new.


I got sent it sent
over last week.

Needed some
good music.

If I have to listen to one
more diabetic fat man

playing the
fucking accordion

I'm gonna cut my ears off.
You know what I mean?

I mean, right?

Fucking hell man. They told me
it was gonna be beautiful here.

Ir's like a fucking third rate
Ireland at best, isn't it?

Ireland's already shit,
you know.

It's like all the fucking Irish
retards come over here.

They start fucking each other
and making more fucking retards.

How does it feel to be the descendant
of a bunch of fucking retards?


Somebody's getting
his feelings hurt.

I'm not hurt.
I just don't agree.

That's all.

Of course you don't.

'Cause you've lived
here too long.

Can't even smell
the shit anymore.



No problems then, eh?

Nothing we should know about?


You're not using, then?


Don't laugh.

Are you using?

Charlie. Jesus.
Come on, man.

I'm not fucking using.

Don't do that.
Don't fucking lie to me.

That just makes you
look stupid.

Do you think I'm
gonna ask a question like

I don't already know
the fucking answer?

Do I look stupid?

You're not stupid.

I'm not stupid.

So answer
the fucking question.

Are you using?

It's just a little bit.

It's nothing.

It's nothing.
It's nothing.

You know I've heard
of that before.

When I was coming up, I was
paired up with a guy like you.

Umm, what was his fucking name?

Shit, I can't think of his name.

Anyway. Nice guy.
Good guy. Funny.

Everybody liked him.

And then he started to
get a little bit loose.

You know.

Started partying a little bit.
Starting living the life.

Brendan Hutchinson.
Brendan fucking Hutchinson.

That's his name.

Called him Hutch.

So the boss started to notice that
standards were getting a little bit low-

So far as Hutch was concerned.

So he pulled him aside
to have a wee chat.

Of course, Hutch told him
everything he wanted to hear.

But nothing changed.

So next the boss
man comes to me.

And he asks me to do
something rather specific.

Made my stomach churn,
thinking about it.

But you don't say no
to a guy like that.

So I fucking did it.

I cut his fucking nose off.

And you know, the
sound that he made-

was like this really-

weird high pitched screaming.

Never heard anything like that.

I didn't think a man could
make a sound like that.

Point was, in the end-

He couldn't snort that shit
anymore, could he?

He killed himself six weeks
later. The poor fucker.

Do you want to have a go
with the juke box?

It's all good shit.
Hand picked by-

- by me.

What the fuck is that?

Sorry. It's my wife.

You see, you don't leave your fucking
phone on in a meeting like that.

You understand?

That's disrespect.

I know.
It's just that she-

You're fucking kidding me.


Ah, for Christ Almighty.

Cut his fucking nose off!


No wait!

What the fuck?
Just wait!

Jesus fuck.

Check his trousers. See
if he's pissed himself.


Oh man!

The look on your face, man.

Can I fuckin' go?

What? You don't wanna
stay and dance with us a bit.

Hey, hey, hey!

What the fuck man!

Come on!


Come on!
What the fuck!

Bang! Bang! Bang!


What the fuck, Charlie?


Fuck! Fuck!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Alright. Alright.

Get the fuck out of here.

Get out!

Go call your fucking wife.

Danny! Danny!

Don't get sloppy.

Hey, what's up?






Don't do anything
'til I get there.

How was the flight?


Here you are.

Where is she?

Right there.

No, where's the casket?

She's been cremated.

No. Where's her body?

There is no body.
She's been cremated.

Who told you to do that?

Her son.

I'm her son.

Your brother, then.

I don't have a brother.

He signed off on-

He's not my brother.

I'm sorry if there's
been a misunderstanding.

You telling me I gotta say
goodbye to a pile of fuckin' dust?


That fuckin' asshole.

Fuck him.

Not too much jam, please.

Mm hmm.

You're old enough. You should
be making it yourself.

I like it when Mom makes it.

I like it when Mom makes it.



Hey! It's fine.


Good Morning.

Did you get any sleep?


I can't believe they're making
you work the night shift.

You shouldn't have to
be working at all.

We need the money, Jess.

I can't take time off.

Still, they should be giving you
paid leave or something.

Weill. I don't know
what to tell you.

I would if I could.


A little early for that,
don't you think?

I'm mourning.

Yeah, I'm
mourning too.

You don't see me
drinking at 10 a.m.

Well, you're not me.

You guys know we're going to
Auntie Rose's wake this evening?


Mmm hmmm.


I told Val we'd give
him a drive.


Is Uncle
Jimmy gonna be there?

Don't fuckin' call him that.

He's not your uncle.

He's my cousin. Okay?

And we don't talk to
him if he's there.

That goes for everyone.

He can go fuck himself!


She's old enough.

Mom. Toast please.

Coming, sweetheart.

I'm going out.

Hey. Be back by two.


Hey Travis. Get back here.




Come in and put your bowl
in the dishwasher.

She's your mother.
Not your slave.


Thank you, baby.


Back by two, got it?

Jesus fucking Christ!
What is your problem?


I loved her.
I wanna be there.

Jess. We're in our own home.

Who gives a fuck if we say
a couple of fucks?

This is not what I
want modeled for her.

You got it?

It's okay.

How's it going,
Jimmy b'y?

Roy Burns.


Good turnout, eh?


Good turnout.
A lot of people here.

Yeah, she was a lovely woman.

Shame Gus isn't here, eh?

No. Gus is right where
he should be, Roy.

Still, a man should be able
to mourn his wife.

No matter the circumstances.


Roy, you don't have a fuckin'
clue about the circumstances.

If I do say so.

So, why don't you just stop
talking now, alright?

Roy Burns?

Long time no see.

Doug. How you doing?

What the fuck kinda
question is that, Roy?

My sister-in-law's sitting right
there in a fuckin' urn.

Pretty obvious I'm
not doing too good.

Don't you think?

No I... I just meant...

I'm just fuckin' with you.

But if you could fuck off-

That would be great.

I wanna catch up
with my nephew here.

Of course. Yeah.

Um. Sorry for your
troubles, there, Jimmy.

Good to see you, my son.

How's Toronto treating you?

I see you got you some
fancy fuckin' clothes.

Yeah, at least mine
got sleeves, Doug.

What the hell?

It's either this or
pit stains, Jimmy.

I runs hot.

Is your cousin here?




Father O'Brien, over at
St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Take it somewhere else,
Father. We don't need it.

You heard me.

Fuckin' pedophile.

Come on now.
There's no need for that.

You're fuckin' right
there's no need.


It's not worth it.

Sorry for your loss.

Why'd you do that?

I coulda made him cry.

I didn't wanna see my uncle
arrested at my mother's wake.

I wasn't gonna hit him.

Was gonna whisper a few
things in his ear.

So. Where're you staying
while you're in town?

I got a spare
room, if you needs it.

Nah, I'm good.
Thank you.

I'm gonna stay at the house
and deal with that whole mess.

Right on.

Well. I hope it's not too hard
for you to be there, you know.

How long ago
was it you-

You left her there?

Seven years now?


Eight. Right. Right.

She died there, too.
Poor thing.

All alone.
No husband.

No son.

Jeez, I don't know how
you can stomach that guilt.

I'd wanna kill myself,
if I was you, Jimmy.


What? You can't take
a fuckin' joke?


Holy Shit.

Looka this fuckin' guy.

What are you doing sitting over there in
your car like some kinda fuckin' creep?

Same thing you're doing.

I don't wanna see your
fuckin' family.

They fuckin' hate me.

I'm not gonna settle
for a handshake.

Gimme a hug,
you bastard.

Hey. It's good to see you.

Yeah, you too John.
How are you?

Not bad.

Not bad.

I can't complain.

I got my health.

So, what's there to
complain about?


I'm sorry about your mom.

I tried to call you.

Did you get my message?

I don't know.

I turned my phone off as
soon as I found out.

Gotta block out all that noise.

Only you would call people
caring about you noise.


How are things
in the big city?


Keeps me busy. You know.

Must be more action
than when you were here.

I imagine.


Yeah definitely.

I don't have every second person
wanna stop and have a chat.

Like around here.

I'm home a day already I wanna
slit my fuckin' throat.


Jimmy Power.
The lone wolf.

It's James Downey. Now.

Huh? Keeping your mother's
maiden name alive.


I like that.

How are things around here?


Drugs are outta control.

Things are going
down the toilet.

Jesus Christ.

Ever hear from Gus?

Check in now and then.

Doing his time.
Not making any waves.

He's hoping to get out for
good behavior, I s'pose.

Or he's just waiting to die.


You ever think
about what we did?


I fuckin' knew you
were gonna say that.


I don't think about it.

What's done is done.

There's no point
talking about it.

It won't change anything.


To Rose.

To Rose. To Rose.

And to Gus.
He should be here too.

He should.

And Jimmy too.

I'm not fuckin'
drinking to that.

I can't believe
he didn't come.

I mean, your own mother and you
don't show up to the funeral.

That's messed up.

Yeah, that's classic Jimmy.
That's what that is.

Times are tough.
And he runs away.

Maybe he didn't
want to deal with all of you.

Maybe he's a prick and he
did something prickish.

Why are we talking
about him? Val?

Why the fuck did you
bring him up?

I thought it was weird.

Yeah it was weird. We
knew that already.

But you don't gotta keep
fuckin' talking about him?

Jesus Christ.
Let it alone Danny.

Can we just please
keep this about Rose, hmm?

That's what I'm
trying to do.

And then Val brought
up that piece of shit.

I'm sorry.

I brought him up.

What. Whoever.

Can we just -

Please. Nobody say his
fuckin' name again.





Thank you.

Sarah. What's your favorite
Auntie Rose memory?


The time me and Travis
caught her cheating at cards.

But she was only cheating

so she could lose and
give us her money.


How much did she give you?

A lot.

Good job.

What's your favorite Auntie
Rose memory, Travis?


Time for bed.

Mom. I'm fine.

Come on. Go to bed.

Val. Gimmie a tattoo.

Here we go.


I want a tattoo for Rose.

Aw Jesus.


Okay, well,
what's it gonna be?

I dunno.
What should I get?

How about a rose?

Jesus Christ.
That's fuckin' terrible.

That's cheesy
as fuck, man.

I dunno, man.

You telling me you can draw
a fuckin' rose on me?

You're loaded drunk, Val.

You that fuckin' stupid?

Get the fuck outta
here with that shit.


You asked for help.
He's helping.

What more do you want?

What a good idea. What
the fuck's your problem?

How about Rose?

Across your knuckles.



There's a fuckin' idea.

My son.

My beautiful son.

How about you
sleep on this one?

You know.

Before you...

permanently mutilate your body.

Like a fuckin' idiot.

Yeah, why don't you shut
your fuckin' face now.

And go back to your welfare
apartment, you cunt.


Get offa him.

The problem with you, is
your dad just fucked and left.

And no one ever beat any
sense into you.

Stop it!

Eh? You hear me?
You little prick.

You learning now?

Let him go!


Jesus! I'm sorry, luv.

Get the fuck out,

Oh. I, I...

Get the fuck out.

Why couldn't you just go to bed?


Jesus Mom.
What the fuck?

Don't you swear at your mother!

Christ, you're just
like the rest of them!

We're supposed to be
here for Rose.

And this is what she gets.

Sorry. Mom, I'm sorry.

Travis. Go. To bed.



Give me a sec.

Thanks for having me.

Goodnight Val.


I'm going to bed.

If you're not careful.
you're gonna give yourself a heart attack.

I exercise so I don't give
myself a heart attack.

That wasn't exercise.

That was masochism.

What do you want, Doug?

Jesus! Is that how you welcome
someone into your home in Toronto?

They really are
assholes up there.

You gonna make me say it?

I'm sorry.

About what I said at the wake.



You got any juice to drink,
or what?

Excuse me.

Jesus Christ!
Are you drunk?

I was. Just haven't slept yet.

Did you drive here?

No one was on the road.

I was just a little
tipsy, officer.

You gonna lecture me?

You're too fuckin'
old to change now.

That I am.

You want some water?

No. Never drinks it.

You never drink water.


And I'm the one that' gonna
have a heart attack?

You kidding me?

Got any Eggos?

No Doug, I don't have any
Eggos. I have water.

You're a shit host, Jimmy.

You invited yourself in here.

I know. I'm just
pulling your dick.

It's good having you home.



Sure doesn't feel like it.

I'm only speaking
for myself.

You're cousin, now.

What is it they say?

He's got issues.

Listen Doug.

I have a lot of stuff
to do around here.

So if you could just get
to the point.


Have you heard about all the
drugs going around?

I have.

Normally I wouldn't care.

Have at 'er, I'd say.

But it's brought in
some people from away.

Bad lot.

And they've got their
hooks in Danny.

He helped him get set up.

And now he's selling
coke for him.

But of course, he's
not just selling it.

You know Danny.

More, more, more.

Yeah, right.

Now back in the day,
your father and I woulda handled this.

And if he was here now,
maybe we'd still handle it.

But he's not.

That's on you.

So, the way I see it-

You gotta handle this.

Look, what I do is-

a lot different than
what you and Gus did.

Okay, I'm a cop, I can't
do what you want me to do.

No. It wasn't
that different.

We took money from people
to keep things straight.

We kept people safe.

Yeah, we did things
cops wouldn't do.

But it was for
the community.

Oh, it was for
the community?

Yeah, except if they didn't what
to pay you for what you did,

you'd burn their store down.

That is very noble of you guys.

Now, now.
Don't get it twisted.

We did some good.

We handled that fuck
who touched Danny.

You know the cops wouldn't have
done right by him the way we did.

And so we took some
money from people.

Big fuckin' deal.

We had to make a living.

Your father had to put
food on the table.

My father had to
put booze in his belly.

Well, I dunno.
Life is hard.

Yeah. It is. For some
more than others.

It is.

So, where the fuck
were you?


Where the fuck were you?

You saw the bruises.

That was between my
brother and his wife.

It's none of my business.

Oh my God.
You're so full of shit.

It's the truth.

No, you're just a coward.

Apologize for that.


No, you looked the other way
'cause he was your meal ticket.

And that is fucking pathetic.

Is it?


Look at me, Jimmy.

Grade ten education.
No job skills.

What was
I supposed to do?

I'm on fuckin' welfare the last
eight years 'cause of you.

Because of me?

Don't put that shit on me.

If you'd done something,
I wouldn't have had to.

I tried.

Hand 'a God.
I tried.

I asked her if she wanted to
do something about it.

And she said no.

Said she couldn't
live without him.

And when you had him locked
up, she wasn't the same.

I'm sure she wasn't
any happier.

My brother has his flaws.
I know that.

If you'd seen our father,
maybe you wouldn't think yours was so bad.

I doubt that.

Listen, Gus probably
got what he deserved.

I'm not mad at ya. And
know you had your reasons.

But Danny didn't do
anything to you.

And his situation
right now...

That's on you.

You putting Gus away set this
whole thing in motion.

You fucked everyone's life up.

And walked away.

You don't have to do
it the way we would.

Use the cops.
I don't care.

Just fuckin'
take care of it.

I don't wanna go
to another funeral.



Shake on it.

I love you, Jimmy.

I know what it's like.
I know it's tough.

You did the best you could.

I'll leave you alone now, to do
your chores like a good boy.

When a man can make something
like that for his wife-

You'll be forgiven,
more often than not.

I can't draw a fuckin' stick
man. And he can do that.

It don't make sense.

Can you draw?

Yeah, I paint.

Do ya?


Good for you.

Maybe I'll let you
paint me nude sometime.

Jesus Christ.

There's a smile.

About fuckin' time.

I'll be talking to ya.

Wake up!


Get up!

Right now!

What the fuck is this?

I can explain. That
is what I had to-

Where did you get them?

Can I talk?

I can fuckin' explain.

I'm listening.
I'm listening!

I lost my job at the warehouse.


Just before Rose died.
Two days before.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Jesus, when were you
gonna tell me?

I was trying to figure
out what to say, Jess.

And, bang, she was dead.
And everything was fucked.

I still had to pay rent
and feed the family.


You swore to me you would
never do this shit again!

You swore.

I know.

I was desperate.

I didn't know what to do.

You didn't know what to do.

You coulda tried
talking to me, Danny.

It's supposed to be
a fucking marriage.

We're supposed to
help each other.

I am helping you.
And the kids!

That's why I did this!

I dunno.

You don't know what?

You don't know if I
love this family?

How did you lose your job?


It's a simple question.

They're downsizing and a
couple of people got let go.

So you got laid off.


Because there should be some
kind of severance package, Danny.

There should be money!

You shouldn't have
to do this!

Well, I didn't get any.

I don't know what you
want me to tell ya.

Are you using again?

Aw, Jesus Jess.
Come on!

Of course not.

This is just to bridge the gap
between jobs. That's it.

I'm gonna get another job.

I'm asking around. Okay?

I can't.
I can't do this!

You can't do what?


I'm not doing this again,
Danny. Not with kids!

We live on a fucking island.

Where are you gonna go if the
cops come looking for you?

You gonna jump in the ocean
and start swimming?

It's beyond stupid.


Jess, look at me.


You're right, okay?
You're right.

Come here.

Come here.

I only robbed one store.


No one saw me.
That's it.

And I'm not gonna do it again.
And that's the truth.


I fucked up.

Mm hmm.

I'm sorry.

You're right.

Listen to me now.

I will kill for this
family if I had to.

You guys are everything to me.


Ten shots of tequila,
por favour!


Looking pretty good in
those glasses, old man.

Do you wanna fuck at
my house, or yours?

Jesus Christ. You are
sick, you know that?

I take that to mean I
won that exchange?

Nobody wins that
exchange, John.

How you doing?


Are things settling
down a bit?

Not really.

I'm up at the house.
Gotta deal with that mess.

Gotta sell it, you know.

Yeah, right. Do you wanna sit
down, or is this gonna be quick?

I'll sit.

Good, because my right
foot is killing me.

I think I got the gout.

You are old,
aren't you?

It afflicts many a
young man too, Jimmy.

Oh, before I sit down. Do
you wanna drink or anything?

Like maybe a rum, or beer,
whisky sour, glass of wine?

When are you gonna
quit with that shit?

When you start drinking and
smoking like a normal human being.

Not gonna happen.

o what brings you here?

I wanna solve the drug problem.

Holy Fuck.

God bless your optimism, but...

Nobody's gonna solve that.

Not even you.

Not the whole thing.

Just one part.

Danny's part.

Ah, I see.

I figure I've been fighting all his
fights since we were little kids.

Why stop now?

So how much do you know?

Nothing really.

Just that he's in with
some pretty bad people.

Do you know what they are?

No. Do you?

Oh yeah. I do.

And I know that they've
bought the King's Crown.

And they're operating out of it.

Okay, so raid the
place and build a case.

We tried that.

They were clean.

Made me look like
a fuckin' idiot.

And they fuckin' knew it, too.

Oh, the smug look they
gave me during that raid.

It was... Holy fuck.

You woulda lost it,

Believe me.

So, what can I do?

You know me.

I say meet force with force.

But this place has gone soft.

It's embarrassing.

I coulda used you
during that raid.

No one here is made of the same
stuff as you and me, Jimmy.

Maybe Toronto made me soft too.

Ah. You're still a bulldog.

I can see it in your eyes.

Christ, I wish you were
on that raid with me.

That smile. That fuckin'
smile he gave me.

I wanted to see you just knock
it right off his face.

You know-you give me and you ten
minutes alone with these guys-

And they won't be a
problem any more.

I'm trying not to do
that anymore, John.

That's a shame.

What happened?

Too many suspensions.

It just doesn't fly up there.

Some people just never

In the real world, the ends
justify the means.


So what do you know
about this Danny thing?

Not much.

I know he's in way over
his head with these guys.

Come to think of it-

I wouldn't be surprised if they
knew who you were.

They don't strike me as they
type to leave loose ends.


Did you bring a piece?



Hey. Follow me.

Christ! Fucking foot.

You alright?

Yeah, I'm fine.
Get my coat, will ya?


Take it.

What's this?

I don't want anything bad
happening to you.

Take it.

Okay. Well, what
happens if I gotta use it?


Maybe you don't need it.

Maybe when you talk to Danny you
can work this whole thing out.

But I don't wanna risk a situation
where you need it and you don't got it.

Just take it.

No thanks.

Suit yourself.

Jesus, Val!

You are one smart
mother fucker.

I can barely use a computer.

And your over here building
fuckin' robots or something.

I dunno.
I'm not that smart.

It's just the way my
brain works.

Yeah, well, my brain's
broken next to yours.

That's why me make
such a good team.



Like that song.

What song?

You know that song.

♪ You got the brains.
I got the looks. ♪

♪ Ow! ♪

♪ Let's make some
money money ♪

♪ Some fuckin' money money
money money ♪

Oh my God!

I'm so stressed man,
you don't even know.

You don't even know.

Don't get a family, Val.

You're smart.

Stay smart
and don't get a family.

♪ Money money money ♪

They fucking take it all.

I can't make enough.

Feeding four people.

Holy Christ, man.

You'd be shocked at
home much that cost.

You know what I was
thinking about the other day?

I was thinking about
that movie, Casino.

Sharon Stone.


Good movie.

That was a great
fuckin' movie.

I was thinking
about that scene

when the slot machine gets
hacked, or whatever.

And DeNiro yells at
the cowboy guy.


Do your remember that?



He's all like:

Either you're too
stupid to see it.

Or you were in on it.

Either way, you
can't be trusted.

I'm firing you.

I'm fuckin firing you.

I'm firing you!

I'm firing you.

Get outta here!
Get outta here!

That movie's based on
a true story, right?

Yeah, I think so.

Is that something that
could be done in really life?

With a slot machine?

Yeah, like a VLT machine.


Could you do it?

Uh, I'd have to get one to open
it up and see how it works.

But, yeah, probably. I
probably could figure it out.

Do you wanna do it?

Are you serious?

Yeah, if I can get you one.
Do you wanna do it?



Sure! Yes!



Fuckin' love it!
You crazy fucker.

So how can get get one?


We just take it.

Sorry. I didn't mean
to scare you.

Sorry, I was off in
another world, totally.

And I was just like, what the
fuck is touching me, and-

Is it okay that I'm here?

Of course. It's-

I'm sorry.
I didn't call.

I just was out, and...

It's really good to see you.


Yeah. Hi.


I thought of you and...

Here I am.

Here you are.

Wow, it's exactly
the same in here.

I know.
It's crazy. Right?

She wouldn't let anybody
in here, you know.


Not me. Not the kids.
That door was always closed.

And it was off limits.

Can we talk somewhere else?

Too weird being in the same room
we used to have sex in.

Um. So... what's new?

You still at the nursing home?



Part time.

Might have to go to
full time. We'll see.

I keep expecting her to come
in here an make me some tea.


Do you want some of her bread?

Is that possible?

Yes. I can make you toast
and butter right now.

Are you in?





that's good.

I know.

I had a piece, but I
couldn't eat anymore.

I don't know why.
I just-

didn't want it to
be all gone.

Or something.

So, you're just gonna let it
go bad and not have any.

I know it doesn't
make any sense at all.

But I just can't eat it.

So how's Toronto?


Whereabouts do you live?

Cabbage Town.

Cabbage Town?

Cabbage Town.

Do you live in a farmer's
field or something?

Yeah, I live in
a farmer's field.

No, it's just a neighborhood
near downtown Toronto.

It's called Cabbage Town.

Is it nice?

Mm Hmm.

It's pretty nice.

There's lots of different
kinds of food.

And culture.

And it's a lot more interesting
than this stale white place.

So how long are you staying?

I don't know. I gotta
sell this place.

I gotta sell the car.

And, I dunno.

I might just head back to
Toronto and do it all from there.

I really don't know what
I'm gonna do yet.

You gotta girlfriend
you gotta get back to?

No. No girlfriend.

I... Actually, I haven't seen
anybody since you.

If I'm perfectly honest.

Holy shit, Jimmy.
Live a little.

I know.
I know, right?

Just really busy,
I guess.

Yeah, but come on. Sixteen
years, no girlfriend?

Are you becoming a
monk or something?

No. Definitely not.

Um. Just-

Busy with
work. Routine.

You know, time just
kinda gets away from me.

And you were such
a fuckin' nightmare-

That it kinda
turned me off women.

That was supposed
to be a joke.

Jesus Christ,


No. I'm sorry. That
was supposed to be a joke.

It sounded okay
in my head.

But it sounded terrible-

It's fine. You just said it like
you really meant it, is all.

I didn't. I'm really sorry.
It was stupid.

I didn't mean it at all.
It was a bad joke.



Mmm hmm.

So how's Danny?

I dunno.
Not good?

He's drinking more and-

I'm pretty sure
he's using again.

So there's that.

You feel safe?

What do you mean?

I mean, do you feel like he'd
hurt you or the kids?


No! He's not dangerous.
He's fucked up.

All that shit from
where he was a kid.

I mean,
I can't even imagine.

He's never hit me
or the kids.

I mean,
he's good to us.

I can tell
you don't believe me.


Just struggling to understand

how somebody could be a good
husband and father,

while drinking and doing drugs,
because my father did that.

And he beat the shit out of
my mom right in front of me.

He's not your father.

Same gene pool.

You got them genes too,
and look at you.

I mean,
you're straight.

You're a cop,
for Christ sake.

Genes don't make
someone who they are.

If you say so.

It's bad.

I'm not saying he's
not hard to be with.

It's just not dangerous bad.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't
think about leaving him once a month.

Sometimes once a week.

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like
to take the kids and come live with you.

Sorry I said.

Forget I said that.


Say something.

I'm just struggling to
understand why you'd think that.

Because I remember what you
said to me when we broke up.

You said it was because I was
too much like my father.

Am I imagining that?
Is that what you said?

Jimmy don't.

Did you say that?


So, why would you
want me back?

Just doesn't make
any fucking sense!

Which is it? Am I like
my father or am not?

You're not your father.

Then why did you choose
Danny over me?

Because I never thought
he was gonna hurt me.

And I can't say the
same about you.


I'd like you to leave now.

You brought it up.

I'd like you to leave now.

Just get the fuck out,
right now.

Thanks for the toast.


Don't fuckin' move
and don't make a sound!

I can't hear you!
Head phones!

Jesus Christ!

I said don't move and
don't make a fuckin' sound.

Just nod or shake
your head. Got it?

Is there anyone left
in the pub?

Do you have a key to
the back door?

Is there an alarm system?

Do you know the
code to turn it off?

Good. Now, here's
what's gonna happen.

We're gonna walk right
through that back door.

You're gonna keep looking
straight ahead.

If you turn to look at me.

If you try to fuckin' run.

If you make a sound. I'm
gonna fuckin' kill you.

Do you understand me?

Good. Now let's go.

Look straight ahead.

And don't you fuckin' look
at me, you understand?

That's it.

That's right.

This way.

Don't you fuckin' look at me.

That's right.
Straight ahead.

Atta boy.

Up these fuckin' stairs.


Don't you be stupid, okay?

Don't you be stupid.

Whoo! Whoo!


Stay right there.

Don't you fuckin' look at me.

Don't you fuckin' move.

Now. I want you to
open that door.

And go straight to the alarm.

Don't fuck up.

Don't Don't!

Val. Get the keys.

Give 'em to him.

Try it again. Don't
be fuckin' stupid.

Go. Right to the alarm.

Go, go, go.

Val, turn that
fuckin' light off.

Over here.

Now you fuckin' stand
right here.

And don't you fuckin' move.

You know there's
not much money in those.

Just coins.


I told you not to make a
fuckin' sound, didn't I?

Don't touch it.
Let it bleed.

Come on, Val.

Fuck, give me a hand.
It's too heavy.

Help him.

Just fuckin' help him!

Just help me
tip it off the wall

so we can put
it on the dolly.

Come on!

- What the fuck?

- What's wrong?

- Fuck!

- Val! Turn that
fuckin' light off.

- It's fuckin' connected.

- What?

- It's fuckin' connected.


- Turn the fuckin' light off.

You got a bolt
cutter in the van?

- I got one at home.
I could go get it.

- Goddamn it!

Mother fucker!

Uh. Hey! Hey!

Fuckin's stay here!




Is Danny here?


Is that all?

Look. I realize I can be
really hard to be around-

Most of the time. And I
just need you to know-

That I would never hurt you.

And I'm really sorry
about being rude to you.


Jimmy, wait.

Danny didn't come
home last night.


Okay. Okay.


Hey! Fuck Face. Put all the Lotto
cards and the cash in a bag now!

Before I blow a hole in
your fat fuckin' gut!

Do it!

Oh my God!

On the ground, now!

On the fuckin' ground!

Faster, you old fuck!

Faster! Faster!

Shut up!
I"m not gonna hurt you!

What the fuck?

Fuck you,
you little prick!

That's it!

Ya little prick!

So, what did you tell
Travis and Sarah?

That he was sick in bed.

They're gonna be
home from school soon.

I don't know what
I'm supposed to say.

You'll figure something out.

It's okay.

What the fuck is this?

the hell were you?


You couldn't call me?

What the fuck
is he doing here?

What did you
do to your hands?

Nothing! What the fuck
is he doing here?

I'm sitting right here.
You can talk to me.

What the fuck are you
doing here?

I came, actually,
to talk to you.

You weren't here.

She let me in to wait with her.

You couldn't wait alone?

No, I couldn't.

I thought you were dead!

Bullshit. What, did he
spend the night?

Did you fuck him in my bed?


There's nothing going on.

Yeah, well there's
something going on.

'Cause you're in
my fuckin' house.

And I don't want you in
my fucking house!


I'll leave.


No, you stay.

Okay. He's here
because you weren't.

I was out there trying to
provide for this family.

Are you fucking kidding me?

If you want to provide for this
family, get a fucking job.

Good luck with that, now that
you broke your fucking hand.

Baby, listen.


Do you have any idea how close
I am to taking the kids-

And leaving here?

Do you?

What, are you gonna run
off with this prick?


Maybe not. It
really doesn't matter.

It matters.

No it doesn't. You should be
worried about losing your family.

Not who I'm going to
fuck when I leave here.

Jess. I don't know what you
think is going on, but -

You're on fucking drugs!
That's what going on.

We just wanna help you.

Don't you fucking talk to me!

Doug told me all about what
was going on, Danny.

What the fuck does he know?


He knows that you're in
way over your head.

He knows that you're doing
some really bad things

with some really bad people.

Oh yeah.

Here we go.

Bad, bad. Bad.

Jimmy Power and his fuckin'
moral judgements.

No judgements here, man.

Yeah, right. Look at ya.

You look like you wanna
fuckin' puke right now.

Oh poor Danny.
He needs me.

I don't need you to help me.

I don't need you to save me.

What makes you so much
better than me, Jimmy?


What is it?

I raised a family
with this woman.

It's a lot harder than anything
you've ever fuckin' done.

Look. I know you got your
problems, Danny.

And I'm just trying-

Oh God!

Yeah here it is.

Everything is because
of my problems.

Because I got fuckin' molested.

Yeah. Pretty much.

Am I wrong?

Fuck you.

Hey. Danny.

No. No.

Fuck you.

Fuck you!

Fuck you, Jimmy!

You wanna talk about problems?

Let's talk about some
fuckin' problems.

What's punching a hole in the wall
next to this girl's fuckin' head, huh?

Is that fuckin' normal?

Is that fuckin' normal?

Just because you don't drink,
doesn't make you a good person.

Ever look in the mirror, huh?

See Gus staring back at you?

You better watch yourself,

Actually, you know,
I take that back.

Your father's a better
man than you'll ever be.

Are you that fucked up that you
can't see Gus for who he is-

Because of what he did for you?

Is that what's going on there?

At least he fuckin' believed me.

No one else did.

You sure as fuck didn't.

When I told Mom that he
made me suck his dick-

she slapped me for lying and made
me go back and see him again.

And as soon as Gus found out-

He took care of it.

He put a fuckin' stop to it-

so it can never happen
to another kid again.

And what did you do?

You waited.
And you waited.

Until you could find
someone to help you.

And then you did it.

You put him in jail for it.

Your own fuckin' father.

Life in prison.
For killing a priest.

A twisted,
soulless fuck of a priest.

But that didn't matter, right?

Because you had evidence.
And you had Woods.

You have no idea what it was
like to live with him.

You have no fucking idea.

You ripped her heart out.
You know that, right? Rose.

You ripped her
fucking heart out.

That's enough, Danny.

Shut up, Danny.

You pissed all over everything.

She was on fuckin'
welfare because of you.

Shut up, Danny.

I had to take money from my kids
and my family to help her.

You weren't her son.
I was.

Shut the fuck up, Danny!

I was her son.

Shut the fuck up, Danny!

I was her son.

Shut up!

And all she wanted was
to see you again.

Shut up.

To touch your face.

Shut the fuck up.

She asked about you every day.

Shut the fuck up, Danny.

Every day.

She asked about you
every fucking day.

Shut the fuck up, Danny.

Shut up, shut up, shut up.

Danny. That's enough.

Shit! They're home.

Listen to me.

This stops right here.

You here me?

I don't want them
a part of this.

So that's it now, right?

Just like that. You're gonna
run off to Toronto together.

Is that it?

That's alright.

It was hard to
fuck her anyway.

Her cunt smelled like you.

Stop it!


Stop it!

Don't you touch her!

Stay away from her!

Danny! Danny!

Are you okay?

Are you okay?


What is wrong with you?

Baby! Please.


Could you repeat that just
one more time, please?

Um, which part?

All of it.

I was coming down Prescott
Street to bring you your money.

And someone jumped me.

And he hit me from behind.

He hit me in the back
of the head.

And he kicked me in the
face a couple of times.

And he took the money that
I was bringing to you.

And I tried to get up
to see him.

But I didn't fuckin'
see anything.

And that was yesterday,
was it?

Yes. Two-three o'clock.

Three o'clock. Fuck,
that's bad luck isn't it?

Fuck me.
That's bad luck.


That's bad luck.

Well, here's the thing.

Well, two things really.

One. It's really hard to
believe a coke head.

I'm not saying your lying.
I'm just saying-

I mean, obviously
something's happened.

Look at your fucking
face, right.


What exactly it is
that happened-

I don't know.

Maybe you got stuck with your
hands in the cookie jar, did ya?

Maybe you deserved it.

I see you've got a broken arm.

Did you get that in the
punch up, did ya?

Charlie, man-


I don't understand what this
has to do with me at all.

Someone stole
your fuckin' money.

No. I would say someone
stole your fuckin' money.


Nobody took anything from me.

Except possible you, if you
don't fucking repay me.


When have I ever

not fucking paid
you, man?

When have I ever
lied to you, huh?

You could lie to me
all fucking day long.

I don't fucking know.
And I don't fucking care.

Because you always fucking pay
me on time, don't you?

Fuck. yeah.
That is a good song.

Es ist jenseits von Gut.

Just listen to me for a second.

I can get you -


I can get your money
for you, okay?

I don't have it now,
for obvious reasons.

But if you give me a couple
of more days-

Give me two or three
days tops, okay?

I can fucking get our
money for you Charlie.

I swear to God!

This is no big deal.
I can fucking-



I don't want to hear
your fucking voice anymore.

Do you understand? It's
really bothering me.


See, there you go again,

Da da da da da da.

I don't want to hear your
fucking voice!

Stick your tongue out.


Because I'm gonna cut off.

Nothing crazy. Just a little
bit. You know what I mean.

You'll still be able to talk.

You just might have to
repeat yourself a lot.

But you'll find you
get used to it.

Listen. I have a son.
I have a son.

I don't fucking care
what you got.

Stick that tongue out.

Listen to me. You
don't understand.

He can sell for you.

He's fifteen. He can get
into high schools.

Into parties, anywhere.

Stick your fucking tongue out-

or I'll cut through your
fucking cheek right now!

Just think about it,

Fuckin' think about it!
Think about it, Charlie!

It's good business,

It's good business. Just
think about it. Please.

Please. Please. Just fuckin'
think about it.


Let him go.


You wanna bring him
here tomorrow, right?

And if I like him, he's gonna
go to work for me.

And you've got three days
to pay me back.

With interest. Okay?

And if I don't like him-

He's gonna watch
you get mutilated.

Schultzy here is gonna hold him down
while I cut off your fucking hand.

Or maybe this foot.

Maybe that ear, eh?

Maybe these lips. Huh?


You understand, yeah?


Good man.

Stand up, ya cunt.

We got a fucking deal,



Get the fuck out of here.

Is the music too loud?

'Cause I can turn it down.

Nah, that's good. Just pause
for a minute, will you?

How's it going?


How's your face?

It's nothing.

Can barely feel it.

How's you neck?

It's fine.

That's good.

So, what's up?

Have you ever done drugs?


You're not in trouble
or anything.

I'm just curious.

Feels like a trap.

It's not a trap.
Answer the question.

Smoked a bit of weed before.

That's it.


I smoked weed when I
was your age. And drank.

I used to get all fucked up and
start acting like an asshole.

I was sloppy.
Don't be sloppy.

Yeah, okay.

I think I wanted
someone to hurt me.

You ever fell like that?




Yeah. So, what I need
for you to do-


Dad, spit it out already,

Never mind.


Never mind. I'll
take care of it.


Get up.


Get up and give me a hug.


Get up and give me a hug!


'Cause I'm your fucking father
and I want a hug, that's why.

Now get up here.


You're a good kid.


Don't loose that,

Don't. Jesus!

Alright, bye, Jesus.

Come on.

Can't a father love his son?


What's wrong with
admiring your face?


Just, please, please do
it from a distance next time.





See ya.

Jesus Christ.

I've never seen
anything like that.

Holy fuck.


You did good.
Don't worry.

Everything's gonna be alright.

They tried to run.

You had no choice.

You just got lucky
with a head shot.


Does that sound okay?

Hey Jimmy.

Can you give me a nod,
or something?

We gotta be on the same
page on this.

I had a choice, John.
I chose to kill them.

You reacted!


They were unarmed.

Jesus, Jimmy.

You did the right thing there.

They had it coming.


I"m gonna need you the get
out of my car now, John.


Look, please don't worry.

I'll handle the whole thing.

Please get the fuck out.

Fuck off, Jimmy.

Get out.

You look like shit.


I like to think of
it as character.

Good to get me some roles in
Hollywood, when I get outta here.

See, they can't teach a
face like this, me b'y.

Is that what you're gonna do
if you don't die in here?

Become a big movie star?

A man can dream.

Last I checked.
Can't take that away.

You never know who
might be on the ship.

You're grandfather
said that to me once.

You remember him?


He used to tap dance.

Did I ever tell you that?


But Mom did.

Yeah. Well he danced
up a fuckin' storm.

'Til they put plastic
veins in his legs.

Then he'd sit in a chair.

And go through his
steps half time.


I took him and your grandmother-

down on a cruise
around Florida once.

Now that would have been in-

What year were you born?

Nineteen seventy seven.

That was seventy six.

You might have been
conceived on that cruise.



He's unpacking
his suitcase,

when I stopped
by with you mother-

See if he wanted to go
out for a bite to eat.

And he's pulling his
tap shoes out.

I laughed and I said: Still
waiting for the big break,

eh b'y?

Crack! Smacked me
right across the face.

Right in front of your mother.

Right in front of my mother.

Cut me.

Above the eye with his ring.

Anyway, he goes back
to unpacking.

He said: You never know who
might be on the ship.


Did you drop by to apologize for
putting me in the fucking place?

Or what?

You put yourself in
here, old man.

I beg to differ on
that little point, Jimmy.

The way I see it,
it was you.

And that fuckin' piece of shit,
Woods put me in here.

Oh, it's okay. It's all good.

I forgives ya.

Yeah, you done me like
God did Jesus.

But I can take it.

'Cause I'm a man.

And, besides. I haven't been
completely abandoned.

Family come in often,
do they?

Me brother,
not so much.

Once or twice.

But Danny. Once
or twice a month.

Yeah, he's a good one, Danny.

Comes by for a little advice.

Stuff like that.

You know, he always showed me-

the respect a father deserves.

Yeah, you really bought
his love, didn't you?

I did right.
And he knows it.

You knows it too.

You just don't wanna say it.

You wanna know where all your
great advice got Danny?

Danny's doing all right.

Yeah, he's doing alright-

for someone who just got his
fuckin' nose cut off his face.

Well. That wouldn't
be my advice.

Danny must have done
something to deserve it.

You know Danny.

He was always too emotional.

Shame I'm in here.

Never woulda
happened on my watch.


I woulda handled it.

I handled it.
They're dead.

Atta boy.

How'd you do it?



Oh no. That's not good.

You gotta use your hand
if you wanna be a man.

But, I bet it felt
good though, did it?


How was your mother's funeral?

I hope as beautiful as her.

You know...

I had a little drink
in her honor.

Now, come one.
That was funny.

Eight years you been in
here. You still can't dry out.

They're not as
clever as you were.

You know you still owes me
for all those bottles

you emptied on me when
you were a little fucker.

Ten years old. Outsmarting
someone as smart as me.

I shoulda hit you up
side he head.

Dulled that big fuckin'
brain of yours.

Maybe I wouldn't be in
here now, huh?


You know, I'd kill for a fuckin'
kit in here.

I would. Ease the tension.

Know what I mean?

You still play?


Probably all for the best.

You never were as good as me.

All that fuckin' fast
shit you used to play.

Nuthin' but noise.

No art to it.

♪ Sonny don't go away. ♪

♪ I am here all alone. ♪

♪ And your daddy's a sailor,
who never comes home. ♪

♪ And the nights are so long
And the silence goes on ♪

♪ Im feeling so tired
I'm just not that strong ♪


Fuck. Tough crowd.

Mom always used to say that
you had a sickness.

That when you were drinking,
it wasn't really you.

That I shouldn't hold that
against you.

Because you weren't yourself.

She said that you
were Jekyll and Hyde.

She was full of shit.

You were always being yourself.

You're just a fuckin' scumbag.

Why'd you come here, Jimmy?

To call me names?

Or do you need a hug?

I just needed to know.

Know what?

Know that I'm not like you.

Well, I'll tell ya.

I'm in there somewhere.


Mom is too.

She's gonna do what she
shoulda done a long time ago.

Yeah, what's that?

Kill you.

Never woulda happened.

See, she loved me.

Even more than she loved you.

That's fuckin' bullshit.

Is it?

Mm hmm.

Do you remember the time
you tried to fight me?

You were a little bigger,

so you probably thought
you could take me.

I remember.

I remember I shoulda brought
a fuckin' baseball bat.

Nah. You gotta have the stomach
for something like that.

You were too sensitive.

How old were you then?

Seventeen? Eighteen?

Just turned eighteen.

And what happened?

You were a full grown man.

You overpowered me.

Uh huh.

And then what?

Then I left home.

I'll tell you what I remember.

I remember your mother
pulling you aside-

And slapping the shit outta you.

And you crying like
a little baby.

As she threw you out
the front door.

And told you never to come back.

You see.

She picked me.

She could never stand
to see you hurt me.

She picked me over you.

And that-

is the meaning of true love,

my boy.

Yeah. I did.

I had a drink to remember her.

You see, she always loved it
when I'd take her to bed drunk.

She liked it rough.

Truth hurts,
doesn't it, boy?

I know you don't
wanna talk about it.

But the kids have got
to see you.


They can't see me like this.

They love you.
They miss you.

They don't care what
you look like.

You know the doctor
said that if I cry-

it could fuck up the surgery.

And if they come in here
and I see them-

I'm gonna cry.

So please just drop it,

Okay. You're right.

I'll explain it to them.


This is shit.

You gotta eat.

Come on,
you gotta eat.

You gotta get better.

You gotta get outta here.

Can you run out and get me
something else?

Yes. Will you eat it?

Mm hmm.

What do you want?

Burger and fries from Ches's?


Anything to drink with that?

Surprise me.

Jesus Christ, your face!

You look so much better.

Ha ha.

Love you.

I love you.

Is this a bad time?

No, I'm just going out to get
him some real food.

What's wrong with that there?

It's shit. That's
what's wrong with it.

Well, it looks fine to me.

You come eat it.

I will.

I'll be back soon.

Yeah. Alright.

You sure now?

I'm sure, Doug.
It tastes like shit.

Well, you haven't even
touched the meat.

Tell you what.

I'll be your taster, alright?

Yeah, go right ahead.

Just like with the
King of England.

Just in case it's
poison, you know.

It's not that bed.

Better than I could make.

You make it sound like you need
some cooking class or something.

I knows how to open a can.

Use the microwave.

Jesus Christ.

Hey, we can't all have fancy
tastes, your Majesty.

Want the pudding?


You-you hear form Jimmy?

I tried calling him.

But there's no answer.

Sounds about right.

Did you talk to him at all?

Like in the ambulance,
or anything?


All I heard was gunshots.

I didn't know it was him until
I was on the stretcher.

And he didn't say a word.

He didn't ride in the
ambulance with me.

Doesn't surprise me.

Did I ever tell you about when
he told his mother-

Gus was going to prison?

No. Were you there?

I was dropping something
off at the house.

He comes in.

Stands in the kitchen.
No hello.

He just says it. Bluntly.
In one sentence.

She kept asking him, Why?

He just stood there
like a statue.

She started crying-

Hitting him, slapping him.

His face didn't change,

I never saw anything like it.

I had to pull her away.



He was gone a few days later.

such is life.

This is a
final boarding call

for flight one eighty two with
non stop service to Toronto.

All remaining passengers

should be boarding through
gate number three.