Crown Vic (2019) - full transcript

Follows one memorable night in the life of LAPD officer Ray Mandel while hunting two cop killers on the loose.

211 in progress. Union Trust
Bank, 275 Valley Avenue.

Shots fired, shots fired,
all units code three.

LAPD! Throw down your weapons!

Get down! Get down!

Shots fired.

All officers in the vicinity
officers need assistance.

All units, 211 at Union Trust
Bank, Valley Avenue, Code ten.

Officer down, fifteen...

Repeat, we are under
fire! Officers need help!

Suspect vehicle is a green Ford!

Partial plate

Confirm on that Fifteen...

I have an officer down
at Union Trust Bank...

Suspect Vehicle fleeing
North on Valley Avenue!

Shots fired and an officer down.


Supervisor en route, be advised.

Officer down.

Fifteen, can you confirm?

Fifty-two responding.

Seventeen responding.

Advise County Sheriff...

Copy, code three.

Please clear the air, over.

20-L-14, Mandel in
service, please deploy me.

Roger that, 14.

Hey, sarge, anybody up
there got eyes on the boot?

Name's Holland,
just transferred in.

That's a negative, 14.

Be advised he was last seen
puking his guts out in the john.

Hey, anybody here named Holland?

Nick Holland.

Who, me?

Depends, are you Nick Holland?

Yes, sir. Nick
Holland, that's me.

Then yeah, I'm talking to you.

You my FTO?

I ain't your fucking
valet sweetheart.

You muster, you get
your ass down motor pool

for your patrol assignment.

Load up the shop, log on,
gas up, check for TC damage.

Any of this ring a bell?

Yes sir, I'm sorry sir.

I thought I was supposed
to come over here.

I can literally feel
myself gettin' older

just listening to this shit.

You gonna get in or
you planning on running

along side the car all night?

Yeah, right. Sorry.

War bag goes in
the trunk, genius.



Trunk ain't gonna close itself.

Sorry, you know,
first night, right?

Plus this uniform doesn't..
Doesn't fit quite right.

Ray Mandel.

Nick Holland.

Are you feeling okay?

Yeah. Yeah?

Yeah, what do you mean?

Desk Sergeant said you shot
your lunch all over the head.

Oh, don't worry, I'm sure
they have video online

by the end of tour.

You might have bought
yourself a new nickname.

I do that when I get nervous.

I just don't want
to screw up, sir.

Hey, don't sweat it.

They dick around with
all the new guys.

Piece of advice though,

anybody offers you anything
to drink, throw it out.

What about your
flak, you wearin' it?

Yeah, they told us in roll call.

Like an all units or
something. Hollenbeck, right?

Bank in El Sereno,
yeah, copy that.

Two man show.

They had AR15's, Benelli
pumps, high capacity loaders,

the whole fuckin' deal.

They had police scanner's
goin' the whole time.

It was a total ambush play.



I guess that's the
deal though, right?

What's the deal?

That, this.

You know, you roll up on a
211, a bank, a liquor store,

shit could go somewhere,
shit could go nowhere.

You make it home or you don't.

You roll the dice
and see what happens.

Just roll the dice.

Your 38 seconds on the
job teach you that?

My old man.

Anyway, that drill that
shit into your head

your first day in the academy.

What's that, Elysian Park?

Civic Center.

Yeah, 28 weeks.

I got three years before this.

Municipal detail, OPD.

One thing you got to
remember, man.

You're out on patrol,
there's the world inside

this squad car, then there's
everything else outside of it.

You see?

The only thing keeping
you from what's out there

is a couple thin pieces
of metal and glass.

You got to respect it.

Your equipment too. I mean,
always respect your equipment.

Say it.

You want me to
say that out loud?

I'm serious, man. Come
on you do a rover check,

check your batteries, check
your vest, all your gear,

your piece. What do they
got you guys carrying?

Sig 226, 16 round capacity,

got these new V
crown carbon points.

Can I see it?

Sure, yeah.

What the fuck are you doing?

Didn't anybody teach
you firearm control?

Put the fucking thing away.


And keep it clean, okay?

You got to pull it, God forbid,

you don't want a misfire
because you wore it out

at the range and never
cleaned out the residue,

which believe me,
fucking happens.

Say it.

Always respect your equipment.

Good newbie.

You might make it
out of the garage.

This is America, motherfucker.

Hey, what's happening?
Let me out, bitch!

Keep your eyes up tonight
it's gonna be a barnburner.

That's why they pay us
the big bucks, right?

Hey, sir. Nick Holland.

What are you my
fucking bartender?


Then why would I give a shit
what your fucking name is?


Whole department's on alert
and they got you breaking

in this fucking transfer cherry?

Jesus Christ, shut the fuck up.

Fuck you!

Hey, that thing you
wanted me to look into,

I got to talk to you
later. All right?

By the way, VanZandt's on the
prowl tonight on your zone.

My favorite guy.

Hey, I'm just the messenger.

Let me get dazed and
confused up to booking

and I'll check you later
all right? Be safe.

Nick Holland.

Nick Sr., that's your dad?

Sergeant outta
Hollenbeck now, right?

Used to be, yeah.

They kicked him upstairs,
he's out of Compstat now.

Made Lieutenant.

Hmm, big fucking shoes.

You walk into a room,

your name comes in
two steps ahead of ya.

Yeah, cops got opinions.
They ain't shy about 'em.

So that don't bother you, Nick?

What you were saying, that
roll the dice bullshit?

If I answer wrong, sir, does
it get checked off somewhere

and end up in my training
file or something?

You're way
overthinking this, kid.

10-37 intersection of 8th...

I do know when I
get nervous, I talk.

And vomit.

Any available
unit please code two.

Yeah roger that
Olympic, 14 en route.

I just wanna know.

I don't know, I guess
if it bothered me,

I should be selling shoes
or something, you know?

Hey, give yourself 20 years,
you might feel different.

10-37, that's a..

Suspicious vehicle.

Right, I was thinking 10-97.

Prison break?

Yeah, I guess.

Which would be odd.

Didn't use these codes much
in my last detail, that's all.

Pretty soon you'll be
hearin' 'em in your sleep.

When you do sleep anyway.

Jesus, hang on.

Jesus, what the fuck was that?

Somebody threw that shit at us?

Hey! Kid!


20-L-14. I am in pursuit,
suspect is on foot.

Corner of Crenshaw and Vermont.

14, do you need assistance?

That's a negative.

You doin' okay? You
feelin' all right?

You're not gonna puke
again or anything, are ya?


All right, I'm gonna
go get this guy.

Hands! Show me your hands!

You little piece of shit.

You throw this at my
fuckin' squad car?

I didn't throw that
shit, man, fuck you.

What, you turn on a TV, you
think it's take a free shot

at a cop night, asshole?

Turn around. Give me your hands.

Where the fuck I'm gonna
get a brick anyway?

20-L-14, 504 in custody.

Look at that.

You're two minutes out, you
already caught your first caper.


Way this shakes out is you
get me for two DP's, okay?

That's 28 days each. Then
they kick ya to someone else.

Look, anything you've
never done before,

I'll do it first,
then you, okay?

So, first traffic
stop, first report,

first field interview, just
pay attention, watch what I do.


And don't fuck up.

You can fuck up once.

Fuck up a second time,
you go back to Oakland.

Most of what we deal with out
here is pretty fucking simple.

You got drunk in public,
complaints, quality of life shit

but there's also a lot of
things you can't predict,

which means you stay alert.

Always be thinking
tactically, okay?

'Cause everything you do
and every place you go

is a potential situation.

Olympic's what we
call a heavy division.

It ain't the 77th
where pretty much

everybody walkin'
around's got a warrant

but we still get our share.

20-L-14, please confirm
on suspicious vehicle.

We have multiple units
in vicinity if necessary.

Yeah, 14 en route.

Keep your shirt on
for Christ's sake.

This is us here?


Western Bureau.

Basic patrol zone is
everything from Pico to 5th.

Koreatown all the
way to Boyle Heights.

So, you wanna build
a routine, okay?

You patrol at night, you
find out who's got business

being out late and who don't.

Be nosy. Somebody looks
guilty, you watch 'em.

They look innocent,
watch 'em closer.

What do you think, that
look suspicious to you?

Just like Elysian Park, okay?

You get out, you stay
behind your door,

if it's all clear, you come out.

I got left, you got right.

Yeah, I know the drill.


Yeah, clear.

Son of a bitch.


That's an hour of
paperwork right there.

You got property loss,
you got fuckin' fire,

you got one for the hook,
another for the insurance.

20-L-14, I'm gonna need fire
unit and a wrecker on that...

Hey, everything okay?

Roger that, 14.

Yeah, yeah.

No honey, I know.

I will, okay?

All right, I love you too, bye.

Are you ready?


You need some more time?

No, no, I'm good.

Why don't you go get the fire
extinguisher and some flares?

Okay, got ya.

Here you go.

Is she checkin' up on ya?

Yeah, it's the first night,
you know, she likes to worry.


Is that wife or girlfriend?

Wife. Two years.

That's optimistic of ya.

Any kids?

I got one on the way,
she's due in two weeks.

What do you mean, optimistic?

You're the second cop
whose told me that.

Ah, it's a numbers thing
kid. Math is fuckin' brutal.

Oh, shit.


Son of a bitch.

There's somebody in there.

They let you do that?

What? These?

Yeah. City property, right?

Fuck that.

A man's on patrol,
he needs something.

Coffee, smoke, whatever.

Keeps him sharp. Keeps
his blood pumping.

Mark my words, next
thing they tell ya,

no coffee in your
black and white.

Can't trust a man with no vices.

My old man used
to say bad habits

were the only thing
keeping sane men

from going off the deep end.

You know? Like an oiler
doesn't feed the beast

he'd end up in a clock tower
with an AR15 or something.

Is that your first?

My what?

First DOA. First
corpse on the job.

Oh. Yeah.

Bad way to break
your cherry, Jesus.

20-L-14 are you with traffic
homicide? 14 please advise.

They go on like this all night?

All night, every night.

It's like living next to
the airport, you know,

after awhile you
don't even notice it.

Give her a 10-8, will ya?


Car number and the 10 code.

Right. 20-L-14, 10-8
back in service.

Roger that, 14.

My first assignment,
I was in a drunk wagon

out of North Hollywood.

It wasn't uncommon we'd
make 15, 20 arrests a night.

We'd see these traffic
fatalities? Jesus.

Think about it, right?

You're just some
guy. You got a life.

You got a friends,
a family, a job.

A drunk, some doped up
asshole comes swingin' across

the median, blink of an eye,

all gone, erased.

Only thing that really
mattered your whole life

was the moment the front
of that car opened up

and swallowed you whole.

So, what you're saying,
life, everything we do,

none of that shit
means anything?

Hey, life goes on, right?

People think they die they
leave behind some gaping hole

in the universe or
something. That's bullshit.

Life keeps going, man.

The world keeps
spinnin' without you.

That's a dark fuckin' way
to look at the world, man.

The world was dark
when I got here.

I just see it the way it is.

So how long have
you been an FTO?

Like two hours.



I'm your first trainee?

Hey, I rode patrol 25 years.

First eight in North
Hollywood, seven years Rampart,

last 10 they call it Olympic.

So why'd you switch?

Wasn't my call.

Wow, okay.

Wait, so what did you do?
Did you fuck up or something?

It's complicated.

Meaning what?

Meaning, it's
fucking complicated.

Just like every other
fucking thing on this job.

2-11 in progress, 446 Hamilton.

Lower canyon north of Kittredge.

Shots fired, shots fired.
Officers need assistance.

Be advised suspects and suspects
vehicle match description

of officer involved Union
Trust Bank shooting.

- Any units in the vicinity.
- Hey, easy.

Code three.

It's not in our zone.

Sounds like they're making
their way toward La Cienega.

Yeah, these guys are out
lookin' for targets now.

Anything in a black and white.

These guys are dead stick men.

Nothin' to lose.

Shine your light in
this back window here.

One hell of a parking job.




Do you wanna turn the music off?


Turn off the ignition ma'am.

Why don't ya take the key out

and throw it on the
dash there for me.

You realize you're parked
up on the curb here, ma'am.


Are you hurt?

No, no, no...

Just takin' a little nap?

I, yeah, I was just re...

Miss, have you had
anything to drink tonight?

No, what?

No, I just, I'm just tryin...

My apartment is back there.

Step outside the car, please.

Why? Driver.

No, I said I wasn't drinking.

Step outside the vehicle.

I specifically said... Come on.

Why? Why!

Let go of the door.



Come on out.

Yes, sir.

I am coming.

Thank you.

I was just coming for...
Take it easy.

Take it easy, take it easy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- No, you don't understand.
- Come on over here.

I... here's my problem.
Here's my problem.

Yeah, what's your problem?

See if you can get her ID out
of there for me, will you?

I am going through
a divorce right now.

It's not my divorce,

my boyfriend is going
through a divorce.

He said, - Hey, Ray?

That his lawyer
said that we can't...

Check it out.

Hey that's mine. My
dad gave that to me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where you going?

There you go, step right here.

I'm fine.

Thank you.

I'm fine, thank you.

You wouldn't happen to have
a concealed carry permit

for this, would you, ma'am?

- What, a concealer... what?
- Yeah, didn't think so.


Miss, what?

How much have you
had to drink tonight?

Fucking nothing.

I keep telling you,
Jesus fucking Christ.

I'm fine.

Maybe I've had, like, one drink.

No! No!

Stop it! Stop it!! Help!! Help!!

Grabe her feet will ya?

- Ma'am stop resisting!
- Why are you doing this?

Fuck you! Fuck you!

God damn it.

- Hey!
- Fuck you!

Do not fucking kick me. Hey!

You're lookin' at a
misdemeanor right now.

You keep it up, it's gonna be
a felony, you understand me?

Fuck you!

Calm the fuck down!

- No, no!
- Jesus Christ she's strong.

Fuck you!

Never underestimate them
overprivileged chicks

from the Valley.

It's all that yoga.

Keeps 'em in shape.

I'm gonna fucking sue you all

You don't fucking know me!

20-L-14, I'm gonna need
a hook on that 502.

6th and Ardmore.

Roger that, 14. 11-85 en route.

Please, please! Please
just let me go home!

Fuck you!

Don't fucking laugh
you fucking pig.

Hey you had your chance,
all right? Just shut up.

Fuck you!

You can't fucking do this to me.

I am from fucking Newport Beach!


Holy shit!

Yeah, let me know how
that works out for ya.

I'll fuck you.

I swear to God,
I'll fuck you both.

I'll suck your dicks right now.

I swear.

I swear.


Oh, oh fuck.

Oh, God.

No, no, oh no.

Oh no, fuck.

Oh my God.

Oh my God, it's so bad.

I can't...

Want a hot dog?

I'm gonna throw up.

So, you got a picture?

Of what?

Your wife.

Oh yeah, I do.

There she is.

Huh, nice.

How long you guys
known each other?

Since we were kids.

High school.

Can you trust her?

Hey, I'm serious, man.
Can you trust her?

What kind of question is that?

It's a legitimate one.

I married her, didn't I?

What, that's funny?

Hey, just 'cause
you love somebody

don't automatically
mean you can trust 'em.

I've loved girls I
wouldn't trust any further

than I can throw 'em.

I can trust her.

Yeah? She keeps texting
ya how do you know

it ain't 'cause she got
some other guy in her mouth?

Wants to make sure
you don't come walking

through the door any time soon.

Hey man, fuck you. That's my
wife you're talkin' about.

So what? You think that means
you can let your guard down?

You think that ring
goes around her finger

all the sudden this force
field goes up around her

suddenly she's impervious
to outside dick?

You just wanna fucking
stop talking about my wife?

I'm just sayin', you've known
each other since high school.

You don't think she's
the least bit curious

what some other guy tastes like?

You don't know, do ya?

Nobody knows anybody,
not like that.

You got a fucked up way
of looking at things, man.

Only person you really know
is yourself. If you're lucky.

A strong arm robbery
just occurred

near intersection of West 11th
and South Alvarado Street.

Suspect is a hispanic
male, 5'10", medium build,

white tank top,
blue sweat pants.

Last seen heading North bound
on Alvarado Street on foot.

Go time, that's us.

14 responding.

All right, we're on
Westlake right now,

we can cut over at Olympic,
try to cut him off.

Dispatch tells you
where it went down,

which way he was headed, right?

The idea is you want
to contain him. Okay?

We respond to a hot
prowl like this,

you want to go lights off.

When we see this guy, we
get him out in the open,

you be ready, okay?


And watch his
hands, I'm serious.

You Watch his fucking hands.

This guy reaches,
does anything funny...

His hands, I got it.


Ray, Ray, Ray!

- Here we go.
- LAPD! Stop!

Get on the ground!

20-L-14 foot
pursuit, Southbound...

LAPD, stop!

Get down on the ground!


Get down on the fucking ground!
Spread your legs apart, now!

Hey, hey!

Don't you fuckin' bite me!

Hey! Hey!

Jesus Christ.

Aw Christ...

Wrenched my knee a little
gettin' out of the fuckin' car.

You got anymore?
Anymore in there?

You get it all out?

I'm gonna pat you down.

You speak English?

Fuck you!

You all right? Did he get ya?

Fuckin' caught an
elbow off of him

when I had him on the ground.
Rung my bell a second.

What's in here?

I'm gonna reach in your pockets,

is anything in there
gonna stick me?

Red stick, needles,
anything like that?

You got your gloves
on, reach in there

see what else he's got.

Fuck you! Fuck you, cabron.

You hear me, motherfucker?

Fuck you!

He says fuck you. You know,
in case you didn't hear him.

All right, thank you.

I don't think I
could do it, man.

What's that?

25 years in a black and white.

No offense, I just don't
think I could do it.

Same thing, night in, night out.

Same wheel, same dashboard,
same thing out the window,

same damn patrol, every night.

Hey, hey, man.

You kiddin' me, I
fuckin' love it in here.

This car is home.

Last 25 years, I've
spent a third of my life

in one of these.

Anything I got goin' on,

any bad shit I got
happenin' outside this car

disappears the second
I close that door.

I just don't think
it's for me, you know?

I think I get enough
time under my belt,

I'm gonna move into central.

TAC unit.


Yeah, how'd you know?

'Cause you're 29.

Fuckin' heavy
artillery, the armor,

and those super cool
balaclavas things they wear...

The whole thing
gives ya half a chub.

I just wanna make my own
name, you know, that's all.


And you figure a shooter's nest

with a .50 cal
full of high points

is the way to do it, right?

I don't know, maybe.

The old man must have
cast a hell of a shadow.

14, you copy?

I've got two brothers
on the job too.

One's a cop up in West Valley,

the other one's an investigator

in the D.A.'s office
in Sacramento.

Somebody asked me one
time, is it in the blood?

I told 'em we were all too
fucked up to do anything else.

Hey, they oughta put that
on a recruiting poster.

Ray it's Don. Go to
channel eight for me.

Yeah, Don, go ahead.

I did that welfare check you
wanted on Jim Peters' wife.

It's bad man.

She's back on that shit again.

Been in and out of
some kind of program.

Looked like the state
was gonna take the kid,

so she put her with someone
she used to work with.

Girl eventually took off.

No one's seen her
in at least a month.

Ray, you there?


Do me a favor Don.

Have a black and white
go pick up the mother

and let me know
when they got her.

You got it, man.

What was that all about?


Why'd he do that off
the open channel?

When you need to know
somethin', I'll tell ya.

All right?

There he is.

Saw you over here,

didn't realize you were
back out on the street.


Ray Mandel. Back in the saddle.

LA can sleep easy, right?

Is that Stroke?

What's up, Ray-Ray?

What, are you guys jerkin' each
other off in there or what?

Yeah, look at that.

What, they got you breakin'
in a cherry tonight?

What's up, you little
rookie fuckwad?

Hey don't be fucking'
lookin' at me, boot!

Eyes on the dash.

You little fucking bitch.

I'm just fuckin' with
ya, kid. God damn!

Boot can't take a joke?

What's your name?

It's Nick.

Sorry, sorry. What's your name?


I can't hear you!


You guys hear about this
Hollenbeck and Kittredge shit?

Yeah. Huh?


Them boys are serious.

I would give my
left God damned nut,

those mother fuckers
end up in Olympic.

My dick gets hard just
thinkin' about it.

Hit me.

Hey, junior, did Ray here
tell you what happened to him?

Why he ended up riding
a desk for two months?

That's all right.

No, he didn't.

Good story.

You know that Gas 'n
Sip over on West 3rd?

Come on, Jack.

Ray and Jim Peters walk in
on three Smokes stickin'

the place up.

Fucking Peters, man, he
just starts throwin' shots.

Doesn't even identify
himself, just starts shootin'.

Fucking misses everything.

And don't get me wrong,
I fuckin' loved Peters,

but even you got to admit,
he was jumpy as fuck.

Anyway, Smokes return fire,
Ray takes two of 'em out,

drops 'em.

One of 'em sneaks out the back

but one of 'em goin'
down's got a shotgun.

Right. Thing goes off...

Practically takes Peters'
God damned head off.

You could see his... you
could see his sinuses.

It was grotesque.

Anyway, rest of the
scatter finds it's way

into Ray's side, right?

He fuckin' somehow manages
to fall out of there.

Bleeding everywhere and shit.

Well, here comes the Smoke.

Yeah, the one that
jumped out the back.

He remembers that his
ride's up by the pump,

comes around, Ray
lines him up, boom.

End of God damn story.


Get's better every
time you tell it, Jack.

Yes, play that, yes.

Hey, you see that shit?


We grabbed up this little
junkie last week, right?

Little motherfucker resisted.

Can you believe that shit?

Five foot seven
and 130 pounds max,

fuckin' scratches
me, draws blood.

All kinds of horrible
shit I coulda caught.

Fuckin' TB, fuckin' AIDS.

Did he have anything?


But that's not
the fucking point.

The point is, he
coulda fuckin' had it

and I coulda fuckin' caught it.

Little motherfucker
got kicked last night.

We're out here lookin' for him.

I'm gonna beat that little fuck
within an inch of his life.

I can't... I can't fucking wait.

I'm gonna knock his fuckin'
teeth out, haul him in,

he's gonna have every fuckin'
scumbag in holding waiting

to skull fuck his
little faggot ass.

Don't forget.


What the fuck is that?

Gonna do a little work

with this beauty
tonight too, you know?

Mm-hm, crazy shit, man.

Everything's on
the table tonight.

Full on jailbreak.

Jack. Come on, man.

You sure that's a good idea?

I think it's a great
fuckin' idea, Ray.

In fact, I've been power liftin'

like a mother fucker all day.

310 pounds, 10 sets,
10 reps, power cleans,

dead lift, bench press, just
like the pro ball players.

Got a guy there put me
on a God damn program.

And look at this.

Look at this shit.

Full tanning bed, full body
wax, ladies love that shit

and I got five in my
stable, five nights a week

and they like it long
and fuckin' strong.

Fuck, I'm a sculpted
piece of fuckin' iron.

Yo, boot, you know this dude
was in Afghanistan, right?

Ah, don't start with that.

Nah man, this dude, four years.

Armored cavalry.

That shit's no joke.

Yeah, yeah I bet.

It's no different
than this, really.

I mean, maybe in
scope, you know?

But you're out here rollin'
these streets, these nights?

It's just like Kandahar,
fucking Ghazni.

I'm tellin' ya, man,
it's a war out here.

It's a fuckin' powder keg

and that wick is
just fuckin' burning.


It's gonna be a full
God damn battle zone.

It's gonna be tanks in the
streets that thing goes boom.

It's gonna be us against them.

Gonna be fuckin' beautiful.

Anyway, upshot is, I'm in
your patrol zone tonight.

So, I thought I'd
give you a heads up.



Hey, Rook!

Try and keep your dick dry.

Jesus Christ, was
that guy for real?

That was Jack VanZandt.

Every year he gets a
little more like that.

He's a total speed freak.

He's all 'roided out too.

That is a bad combination.

Some of the guys think
we oughta start a pool

on exactly how he's
gonna off himself.


I'm thinkin', pew.

Please proceed to 226
Elmhurst for a notification.

What are ya kiddin' me?
What about traffic homicide?

Negative 14, detectives
still on scene.


He was local.


That burnt up piece of
meat back on South Vermont.

The guy in the car.

14, please acknowledge.

14 en route.

Yeah, I was hopin' he lived
somewhere outside our zone.

Why's that?

Because now, we get to go
notify his next of kin.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

Hey, is what VanZandt said about

the convenience
store thing true?

The way it went down, I mean.

I Don't know.


I did drop the two
guys in the store

but I didn't know what the
fuck I was shooting at.

The guy outside,
he was pure luck.

I wiped my eyes
coming out the door,

didn't realize I had
blood all over my hands.

I couldn't see shit.

True enough, what happened
to Jim Peters though.

You guys ride together long?

10 years.


You know, you're in a
squad car with somebody

that long, you get close.

Or you wanna murder
'em in their sleep.

Or both.

So, you becoming an FTO,

that have something to do
with the convenience store?


I guess.

I don't get it.

A squad's kinda
like a pack, right?

Bunch of alphas.

And so, one of 'em
starts limping,

the rest of the
pack kills it off.

Nobody says nothin' 'bout it.

You see 'em in the squad
it's just like it always was

but they know it.

They can smell it on you.

You're damaged goods.

Why didn't you just put
in your papers, man?

You know, take a full
medical plus 25 years,

you woulda been set.

I dunno.

What else am I gonna do?

You see guys leave the job,

they don't know what the
fuck to do with themselves.

You know?

One day you're a fucking
king out here and the next,

you're just another guy.

20-L-14, this is Olympic-9,

we have your suspect here.

One, Tracy Peters. We've
got her at 5th and Normandy

if you want to connect, over.

Yeah, 14, en route.

En route.

I actually grew up
right around here.

MacArthur park?

Yep, right over there
between Grand and Ocean.


When I was a kid you
could still walk around

anywhere back then.

You had the old theater
over there on Alvarado.

You got the lake on the
other side of 7th over there.

Man, you know, they
drained that lake in '87

they found ten guns.

They drained it again 15
years later, they found 300.

Makes you wonder.

So your old man's LAPD, what'd
you end up in Oakland for?

My parents split
up when I was 10.

My mom's family was from
Oakland, so we ended up there.

Then I got back down
here four years ago,

did the academy.

Couldn't get on
the job down here

so I ended up back up North.

Yeah, in General
Services, right?

Scurity detail.

Yeah, my first
three years, yeah.

I was uh... I basically,
sat in a chair outside

the Budget Director's
office all day.

I was a fucking security guard.

Then my wife got into
grad school at USC

so we decided to
come back down here.

Three years under my belt,

this is my first
night on the street.

It took me three fuckin'
years to become an actual cop.

Yeah, I was surprised.

What do you mean?

I didn't know we had a spot.

Olympic. Patrol, I mean.


I didn't trade on my old
man's name to get down here.

Hey, hey.

I didn't say you did.

I get sick of hearing that shit.

Everywhere I go, oh,
you're Nick Holland's kid.

Like I'm looking for a
free pass or something.

She likes to worry about me.

She checks in every couple
hours, it's our good luck thing.

What are you superstitious?

What, you're not?


What about the thing you're
wearin' around your neck?

What, this? My
St. Anthony medal?

Yeah, that's not superstitious?

You know who St. Anthony is?


He's the patron saint of
finding things and lost people.

Hm, sounds like a cop.

I put this on every
day before I go on shift.

I see it in the mirror,

it reminds me of what
I'm doing out here.

459 burglary in progress.

North San Fernando and Merced,

any available
units please 10-98.


She give you any trouble?

Little bit.

EDP call goes out, we respond.

As soon as we arrive, we
can see she's on something.

Now what it sounds like she
tries to skip out on the bill

and things get a little rough
between her and the manager,

and the mutt she
was in here with.

We got 'em separated, wanted
to hold her 'til you got here.


Fuck you, Ray.

You can't keep doing this shit.

Jim is fucking dead.
You can't keep...

This is fucking stupid.

I told that asshole I
didn't have any money,

that I had to go to the ATM.

But he wouldn't
fucking let me go.

And then he started putting
his hands all over me,

he started grabbing me.

You see this?

Look, it's already
started fucking bruising.

You see that?

No, no.

I know what you're gonna do.

You'd gonna go what
you always fucking do.

You can't keep doing this.

Floyd is a good person.

He's a good guy.

Is he?

- Fuck you.
- He a good guy?

- Fuck you.
- Floyd?

- Don't.
- Floyd's a good guy?

Fuck you, Ray.

He's a good person?


I don't have to take
this shit from you, Ray.

You of all fucking people.

Why don't you get the
fuck out of my life.

Get the fuck out of my life.

You gonna fuckin' say something?

All right.

Where is she, Tracy?

- Fuck you.
- Tracy.

- Fuck you.
- Tracy.

- Tracy.
- No.

Leave me the fuck alone, okay?

Where is she?

I can't do this right now, Ray.

I just can't do this right now.

She's been gone a month...
I can't.

You've been too
fucked up to notice?

I can't do this, Ray.

I can't, I can't do this.

Okay. Okay.

Who'd you leave her with?

I can't do this.

Just, give me a name.


Tell me.

I don't know.

It was a girl I worked with.

They said she would be fine.

They promised she would be fine.

She's nine years old.

Fuck you, Ray.

What the fuck do
you want me to do?

Jim is fucking
dead, God damn it.

He's fucking dead!

You listen to me.

Floyd had nothing
to do with this.

You don't know him.

You don't, he's...

Does this square her up?

Ray, I just want my girl back.

I just want my little girl back.

You're her mother.

You're her mother, Tracy.

For God's sake.

Fuck you, Ray.

Hold her overnight.

Leave me the fuck alone.

Tell them it's Jim Peters' wife.

And kick her in the morning.

Yeah, no problem.

Hey, we run a 29 and this one
comes up with an open warrant

for failure to appear.

Give me a minute.

All right.

Stop trying to fix me, Ray.

Ray, whoa, whoa, whoa,
hey man, hey, hey, hey.

I already know what
you're gonna say.

Listen to me, man.

I swear, I didn't do it.

Turn around.

Come on.

She's a junkie, man, you
know that, all right?

Junkie's gonna say, whatever
they're gonna say, all right?

You know that, man.

I wanna help you, Floyd.

You believe that, don't ya?


Hey, hey, hey, before
you say anything, okay?

Me and her, we're done.

We're done, all right, I'm gone,
I'm gone, whatever you say,

whatever you want, I'm gone.

Take your shoes and
socks off, Floyd.

They already searched
me, man. I ain't holdin'.

No, they didn't search
you, they patted you down.

There's a difference.

Go ahead.

Take your socks
off, one at a time.

Don't you fuckin'
flick 'em at me.

Just throw 'em over there.

All right, get up.

Stand up.

Stand here.

Your shirt and your
pants, take 'em off.

Right here on the
side of the road?

All right, all right, all right.

Is this shit really
necessary, Ray?

Oh, I get it. You're
hittin' it, aren't you?

Old cop's gone, you
wanna warm his seat.

Hey, whatever, man.

She's nothin' but a junkie
piece of ass anyway.

See, when you talk
like that, Floyd,

it makes me think you don't
want me to help you but I do.

I wanna help you, Floyd.


Get your shorts down.


Come on, you've been in
County plenty of times,

you know the drill,
take 'em down.

Lift your sack up.

Lift it up.

Turn around.

Spread 'em.

There, now you've been searched.
You see the difference?

No, no, no, no, I didn't
say put 'em back on.

Where's the girl?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

I don't know nothin'
about that shit.


I don't know
anything about that.

Is that what she said I did?

She's a fuckin' junkie,
man. She's a junkie.

I don't know anything about
it. She's a fucking junkie.


That girl's a
fuckin' junkie, man.

I will beat your balls
off and I will fucking

feed them to you one at a time.

Now you tell me where
the fuck she is.

I don't know.

You got got any idea
what you're asking...


Fuck, Ray, fuck!

All right.

It's that 187 red
label shit, man.

There's these guys that cook it.

What's that? Is that like meth?

Yeah, yeah. It's that
good shit though,

not that beaner shit
that took over East LA.

You're not Mexican,
right? Fuck, sorry.

Point is, they got kids.

What do you mean kids?

- Kids.
- What's that mean?

Like, fucking kids carrying
shit, man. Distribution weight.

They figure no one'll
look twice at 'em.

So, I'm workin' this
corner over on Ingram

and these 187 guys,
they roll up on me,

they say I jumped their spot.

Suddenly I owe them 10 grand.

So, I don't have 10 grand.

But I know they're
looking for kids,

so, maybe I let them
know where one is.


Yeah, man, whatever her name is.


I dunno. I don't
know, Ray, Ray, Ray.

Fuck, I don't know.

I don't know, I don't
fuckin' know, I swear.

I swear to you, I swear
to you, I don't know.

Does she know about this?

Ray, whatever you need that
to look like, that's fine.

That's not what I
asked you Floyd.

Just tell me what
you want me to say.

I'll say it.

Just tell me what you
want me to say, Ray.

I'll say it, all right, man?

It's fine.

Ray, please!

This one's a collar
on the open warrant.

And don't give him his
clothes back either.

Just throw him in
County just like that.

No problem.

Come on, Ray!

Get in the car.

What about my clothes?

Get in the fucking car.

What about my fuckin' clothes?

I know, mind my own
fuckin' business.

Hey, you see that?

You're learning shit already.


LAPD, anybody home?

Good evening, Miss.

You the one that called
to report a prowler?

Can I see some
identification, please?


I'm Officer Mandel and this
here is Officer Holland.

How do I know that this is real?

Like, I read all the
time about fake badges

and fake uniforms and fake
ID's and then they trick you

and these people, they trick
you into opening the door

and then they...

Would you open the door please?

They kill you and
then they rape you.

Ma'am, would you
open the door please?

Thank you.

Thank you, I'm so
sorry, I just sometimes,

I get these things,
these thoughts

and I think of 'em sometimes
and I just keep going

and going and going.

First thing, ma'am,
hang on a sec.


This whole thing feels
a whole lot less scary

when you call me Claire.

Okay, all right, Claire.

Why don't we start with you
tellin' me what happened?

Mm-hm, mm-hm, yeah.
Why don't we start there?

I've been taking my medication,
I have, and you know,

I know that sometimes I see
things but I know what's real

and what's not real and
I was getting dressed

and I saw him and
he was looking at me

and I could feel what he
was doing with his thoughts.

Take it easy, ma'am.

You think I don't know
what you're thinking

but I do because I can see it

and you're looking at
me and you're thinking

that she's crazy but I've
had these people following me

for the last three years and
now they've got these drones

and they've got these nano bugs
and they can hear everything

that I'm saying and then I think

that they're trying to
kill me and nobody cares...

Take a breath. Nobody cares.

Take a breath. Calm down,
breathe, just breathe.

14, standby.

No, no, no, no, are
they talking about me?

That's how they find
you, they track you.

They track you.

I'm gonna go look around
outside of the unit, okay?

Now, there's nobody else in
the house with you, right?

No unlicensed animals,
no dogs in the backyard

gonna bite me or anything?

No, it's just, it's
just, just, just me.


Oh, I, you are
trying to confuse me.

Hey, hey.
I know, what you're doing.

You're trying to...

Nobody's tryin' to
confuse you, Claire.


Officer Holland is gonna
stay right here with you

while I have a look around.

Okay. Oh yeah, uh-huh.

Okay. Thank you!

I'm sorry.

About all the trouble you
must think that I'm just...

Oh no look, it's no trouble
ma'am. It's what we're here for.

Claire. You keep not
calling me Claire.

It's not ma'am or Miss.

What's your name?

Nick. Nick Holland,
Officer Holland.



Are you sure I can't
get you anything?

Uh Miss, your...


Your robe.

Oh, you don't have
to get shy with me.

Uh look... yeah, you're
very nice, ma'am.


Can I please have my...

Oh, it's a clip-on.

Ray, I'm gonna need
you on the porch, ASAP.

Please come in for
just a few minutes.

What the fuck is this shit?

Sir, I'm gonna need you
to stay back, please.

That's my fucking wife, asshole.

What the fuck's goin' on here?

This woman reported
a possible intruder.

No, Lester, Lester, he
tried to force his way in

and he was gonna arrest me...

Ma'am, ma'am, please!

And he made me take
off my clothes, Lester!

And he was tryin' to arrest me.

Get the fuck away from her, now.

Put the hammer down!

Fuck you, you think I'm
afraid of you, motherfucker?

Put it down!

Put the hammer down!
God damn it!

Drop it!

Drop that hammer, asshole!

Fuck you!
Do it!

Ma'am, get back in the house.

Put the hammer down!

Drop that fuckin'
hammer, right now!

Fuck you!

God damn it, drop it!

Down, God damn it.

Get down on your knees.


Down on your knees. Put
your nose in the dirt.

Arms out at your
side. Do it. Cuff him.

Ma'am, step away.

Fuck you, get the fuck off me.

Give me your fucking
left arm! Give it to me...

Get the fuck off of me!



- Stop resisting!
- Fuck you!

Stop resisting!

God damn it!

Ma'am! Stop it!

Stop it!

It's Claire, God damn it!

God damn.

You all right?



Jesus Christ.

20-L-14, I got uh...
en route with a 10-15,

officer involved assault.

Roger that, 14.

Fuck the police!

How many times have you had
to discharge that on duty?

Fuckin' throws you don't it?
Almost havin' to pop somebody?

Yeah, it does.


In 25 years?


Once, 22 years ago in
Filipinotown, I was

Traffic stop in North
Hollywood, the second time.

Twice in '08.

Fifth time was that Gas 'n
Sip a couple months ago.


Back when I started out

the only thing they'd outfit
you with was a four shell

1100 and an eight shot .45.

Nobody carried
anything high capacity.

The only guys who did was SWAT.

Nobody had to wear
a fuckin' vest.

It's a different
world out here now.

What was it like back then?

It was different.

You started out
in Rampart, right?

You had a little more
leeway back then,

you know, you didn't
have some armchair lawyer

with a cellphone camera
on every street corner

just lookin' for you to fuck up.

Now you guys coming up,
pretty soon they're gonna slap

that fuckin' body cam on ya.

Suddenly you got no
room to work, you know?

You guys will be too terrified
to do any real obs work.

You just sit here and work
the box, make your numbers,

put some Franks in the tank.

They've even been phasing
out all the old Crown Vics.

You know that?

In two years, all gone.

Different job now.

You ever carry a
throw down piece?

I don't think that's
the kind of question

you should be askin'.

I mean, it's just a question.

Look man, it's a can of worms.

I just hear some
guys do. That's all.

You got a guy does
home invasions, right?

Does this one house, husband,
wife, two little girls.

Ties 'em up, decides he's gonna
go all the way on this one

on this one he goes full Viking.

Okay, rapes the wife and the
two little girls right in front

of the husband, douses
the place with accelerant,

and burns 'em all alive.

Oh my God.

Hundred different leads
out on this asshole.

Some cop gets the drop on him

coming out of some
ex-girlfriend's basement.

Has him.

This fuckin' guy is unarmed.

All right?

It's in that moment
this cop finds out.

Finds out what?

What he can and
cannot live with.

A guy has to make
a call like that,

I'm not gonna judge 'em
one way or the other.

So take him in.

Keep a clean conscience.

Don't let him win.

Yeah? It's that easy, is it?

How is it hard?

I'm sayin' that's
me, I'd take him in.

All right and you know
that to a certainty?

I don't think I know
anything to a certainty.

That's all I'm sayin'.

You don't know how you
gonna react to somethin'

until you're in the
middle of it, yeah?

So, you take steps, carry a
throw down piece, you know,

whatever, you keep
your options open.

My dad never really
talked about any of it.

The job I mean,
not to any of us.

Thing I remember,
was my dad sittin'

on the couch watching TV.

He'd come home, pretend
you weren't there,

dinner, he wouldn't
say anything...

My mom got sick of that
eventually, I guess.

So, you still see your old man?

No. Well once after high
school, that was about it.

If you weren't on the job
he didn't give a shit.

He doesn't know my
wife, won't know my kid.

He wouldn't give a shit
one way or the other.

I was thinkin' about
that the other day.

What would it be like, right?

You have this little
baby, you're holdin' 'em

in your arms, it's nothin'
but unconditional love.

And they get older and they
want absolutely nothing

to do with you.

I lose sleep over that, man.

I have this little girl and
she ain't even born yet.

I'm worried someday I'm
gonna do something so stupid

that she's never gonna
wanna see me again.

Look at this fuckin' guy.

This is cool.

Yeah, you like it?

You're out on patrol,

you wanna think of your
zone like a habitat, right?

You wanna keep it
healthy, keep it peaceful.

You got a wild animal
loose in your habitat,

you got a problem.

What's the deal with
you guys anyway?

Fucking guy's off the
rails half the time,

he knows I know it.

A guy like him, nobody
ever calls him on his shit.

Fuck, I can't believe we're

on the same job as this guy.

He ain't on my fuckin' job.

Thanks. Whoa, what the fuck.

Aw, shit.

Stay here.

What are you talkin'
about, I'm coming with you.

Just stay in the God damn car.

Hey, hey, hey! Whoa, whoa!

What the fuck?

You want 50,000 volts
stuck up your ass?

'Cause I will tase
the shit out of you.

Calm down, okay?
Get back.

Knock it the the fuck off.

Get back, back up.

Yo Jack she said you
had a small dick!

Everybody calm the hell down!

Think you can grab my
tit like that asshole?!

Oh now we didn't like
it? Now we don't like it?

What the fuck!

Don't touch her!

Well, then go home!

20-L-14 I'm gonna
need a couple of units

at Normandy and Westmont.

Sir, I'd like to make
a complaint, right now.

My name is Mandy...

Shut the fuck up!

No one gives a fuck
what her name is...

Shut up... Shut the fuck up!

20-L-14, shots fired...

Hey! Come here!

No, no, no!

Put the gun down, now!

What the fuck is wrong with you?

You good?

What happened?

The little fuck threw a God
damn can of Spaghettios at me.

Damnit, go get the fucking car!



20-L-14, I'm in a foot pursuit

of an African-American
male, red doo rag,

tan and black hoodie
and blue jeans.

Please advise.

Roger that, 14.

Foot pursuit East of Normandie,

suspect is an
African-American male,

black and tan hoodie,
please respond code 3.

Get on the fucking ground
or I will shoot you!

Get up!

Oh shit!

Yo, you got some
serious air time dude.

Get the fuck up,
you're not fuckin' hurt

you motherfucker.

You think you can step to my
fucking partner like that?

I will fucking end
you, I'll give the...


- Get the fuck...
- Mother fucker!

Get up.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Get the fuck off me!

Hey! Hey!

Don't put your hands on him.

20-L-14, suspect is down.

Fucking he saw it!

Roger that, 14.

The motherfucker drew
down on the rookie

and he was gonna
fuckin' do him, man,

I had to take him down.

I had no fuckin' choice.



Right! Okay, well, fuck you.

Hey, what the fuck are you...

Get back inside.
Whoa, whoa.

Hey, whoa.
What do you think you're...

Hey, touch me again and
see what the fuck happens.

Touch me again and see
what the fuck happens.

Hey, come on.

Fuckin' save this little
fuckin' pricks life

and this is the fuckin'
thanks... fuck that.

Hey, Ray.

Nice fucking patrol
zone, motherfucker.

Smell that?

I think he shit himself.




Yeah, I got all your messages.

Yeah, look, honey, I'm
sorry I didn't check in.

I know.

I know.

Yeah, well, honey I'm working.

I can't always stop what
I'm doing to send a text.

Yeah, well I'll...

Hey, I'm not saying that.

Of course I wouldn't
do that, you know that.

The way I hear it,

these people like to
cycle kids in and out.

They don't want anyone
figuring out a routine.

Illegals too.

When they're finished with 'em

they put 'em on a
van or something.

Remember the alert that
went out on that truck

that burned up in Indio
a couple weeks ago?

A bunch of wets tied up
inside, three of 'em were kids.

Probably the same kinda deal.

Well I got to... hey.

Okay, can I, I got to, baby,

I got to call you
back later, okay?

I'll check in with you later.

I got to go.

What about this
red label 187 shit,

that ring any bells for you?

I got a buddy used to be
a narc in Southeast 18,

I'll check with him.

Thanks, Don.

Everything okay?

Yeah, pregnant women, man.

Olympic patrol 20, be advised,

LA County Sheriff
has a description on

on multiple 211 and 245
violations, please stand by.

Yeah, 14, 10-4.

Are you sure?


All good.

Let's go.

Look, you got drama at home,

you got to keep that
shit at home, okay?

You can't have it
out here with you.

It'll take your knees out, man.

It'll make you blink.

I don't have drama
at home, okay?

I told you, she's pregnant.

It just makes things a little
more complicated, that's all.


Okay, what?


I was just wondering what
your wife's gonna think,

that's all, you know, that
broad back there in Koreatown.

Oh, yeah, that's funny.

Hey, no judgment here, man.

I go around back,
everything's copacetic

I come back, she's
flashing bush,

got her husband swingin' a
fuckin' roofin' hammer at ya,

it's none of my business what
went down when I was gone.

Yeah, that woman was crazy,
she was fuckin' nuts.

That poor bastard in the
back of our squad car?

Cuffed, all beat to shit
on account of her mouth,

his lip all split open.

You take a snapshot
of that shit, okay?

That is marriage.



Look man, no offense but I mean,

you've been in the big game
twice and you're oh and two.

That ain't all it is anyway.

Oh, okay, like what?

What do you mean?

What else is it?

I don't know, how about
having somebody to go home to

that cares about you every day?

Get a dog.

Okay, well, I don't know.

Fuck. How about not dying alone?

What, are you gonna
take her with you?

We all die alone, kid.

It's pretty much the only thing
you're really guaranteed of.

That's a death and
taxes scenario.

Okay, here we go.

You got a fuckin'
philosophy for everything.

Hey, I got experiences.

That's all.

Yeah, what'd it get you?

You got 25 years, you're
still in a patrol unit.

You go home, you got nobody.

I'm supposed to eat shit

because I want
something past all that?


LA County Sheriff
211 and 245 suspect

is an African-American
male, 5'10", medium build,

spotted white tank top,
green camouflage pants,

and pink sneakers.

Yo, my mans, they let
you put that radio on

or is there like some
rule against that?

What do you wanna hear?

Ah man, slow jams.

Like, something mellow, you
know, some oldies or something.

92.3 slow jams.

It's been a fucked up night.

Okay, all right.

You seem awful calm for
a man going to jail.

Not that we're complaining.

We all got to be
somewhere, right?

Shit, I been to Chino,
Kern Valley, Corcoran,

fuck, County eight times.

It ain't so bad.

You know your schedule,
got a bed, free meals.

Tuesday in County, they
give you Salisbury Steak.

Anyway, man, I figured
the way you found me,

maybe that's where
I'm meant to be.

You know?

It's like the
universe is saying,

Rondelle, it's time
you do 25 long.

Jesus fucking Christ,
what's you do that for?


That was Jack VanZandt.

Jesus, he wasn't kidding.

God damn it.

Just stay the fuck back, okay?

You hear me?


Yo, Jack!

Oh my God.

Hey, Ray!

Found my guy.

Yeah, a little detox
place over on Pico.

This little motherfucker
was in line.

Can you believe that shit?

He thinks he's gonna get clean.

Fucking serendipity, man.

It's like finding a
fiver in a pair of pants

you ain't worn in
a year, you know?

Swear to God, I just looked up

and he was fuckin' right there.

It seems like maybe
he's had enough there.

What do you say, Jack?

Oh, fuck that. No,
no, no, no, no, no.

I've been gearin' up for
this shit all fuckin' week.

This little motherfucker's
night's just gettin' started.

Jack, for fuck's sake, man.

You know you're gonna
kill this guy, right?

Whoa, Ray.

It's kinda the point, Ray.


Jack! For fuck's sake!

Come on!

All right, Jack, hey, hey.

Jack. Hey! Hey!


All right, Jack.


Come on, give me
the fuckin' baton.

Shut your fuckin'...

Hey Jack, he look like he
about to suck your dick, Jack.

Oh yeah?

Whoa, hey...

He tryin' to suck
your dick, Jack.

Is that what you're
tryin' to do?

All right, all right!

Jack, all right!

He's had enough.
Open your fuckin' mouth!

Open it, tonsils!

Fuck, Jack, God damn it!

All right, that's enough.

Hey, fuck you, Ray.

Nobody wants you here, okay?

You washed up piece of shit!

This is my party.

Nobody invited you, okay?

So, get the fuck out of here.

My night.

My night.

Do that move.

Do the move, do the
move you were gonna do

and let's get the
fuck outta here.

Oh yeah, watch this, Ray.

I'm gonna stick this thing
right up his fucking ass

like they did to
that guy in New York.


Ray, if you don't do something
about this right now, I will.

Get back...
Fuck you!

Get back behind the fucking car.

You newbie piece
of fucking shit!

You think you want a
fuckin' piece of this?

Come over here, I'll throw
you up here and fuck you too.

Get back in the
fucking car right now!

This little
motherfucker did wrong

and he's about to get
his fucking medicine.

Oh yeah?

Just like the guy you ran
down back in Westmont?

Do not fucking touch him again.

Fuck you! Holland! Put
that fucking thing down.

Put the fuckin' gun down.
That ain't cool, man!

You gonna fuckin' draw on me?

Do you know who the fuck I am?!

Do you know who I am?!

Control your boy man.

You think you can kill me?!

Fuckin' pull the trigger!
Ray, control

Please! Holland put it down...

Please! Please, pull
the fucking trigger!


Please fucking kill me!

Jack, for Christ
fuckin' sake, man.

I will put you in a fuckin'
cell, you understand me?

I will lock you the
fuck up tonight.

Is that what you want?

Ray, you're gonna
fuckin' draw on me too?

Put the gun down.

What the fuck?

What the fuck are you doing?

- Jack.
- What the fuck!

- Put it down.
- I thought we were...

I thought we were
fucking friends!


Why would you do that?

All right, all right, all right.

Put the fucking gun down.

He's done, we're done.

All right, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Let's go.

Come on.

Fuckin' unnecessary dude.

Stroke, get him the
fuck outta here.

Get in the car.

You. Come here.

Give me a hand with
this fuckin' guy.

I need my lithium...
Where's my fucking lithium?

Where are we takin' him?

Take him over to Good Samaritan,

say we found him in the
street just like this.

Jesus Christ, we
can't just leave him...

Ah, shut up.

Open the fuckin'
door, he's slippery.

Officer involved
shooting, 4th and Kenmore.

Any available units
please respond,

be advised, civilians 10-13.

Yeah, so at this
point the suspect

is out of the
vehicle, driver side

facing the black and white...

What I understand, Diaz
proceeds to take soon to be dead

asshole #1 to the
ground, at which point

Clark feels like soon
to be dead asshole ♪2

is going for Diaz' holster
so he discharges his weapon,

drops em both.

Guess it was Diaz
initiates the R.A. call.

211 in progress,
211 in progress.

Lockwood and Madison
North of Olympic.

Officers need assistance.

Shots fired, shots fired!

Officer down.

My partner's down!

Jesus Christ!

Officers need assistance.

Be advised suspects
match description

in Union Trust
Bank in Hollenbeck

and North Kittredge shootings.

Suspect vehicle is
a late model ford,

partial plate, 2-1-Apple-Baker.

Any units in the vicinity,
code three immediately.

34-10-9, over.

18 roger.

This ain't what I thought, man.

Come on, man, what did
you think it was gonna be?

I don't know.

Something else, I
guess, just different.

Name one thing in your life
that has ever been exactly

the way you thought it would be.

I don't know.


If I'm cut out for
this. I just don't know.

You're thinkin' too much.

You'll be fine.

I want you to remember
somethin', okay?

Everybody, every single
cop ever came before you

out riding a tour, they
all had a first day too.

I'm serious.

Just take it as it comes, man,

you just stay focused on
what's in front of you.

All right?

You ever gonna tell
me that story or what?

What story?

The little girl.

Peters' kid or is that
still none of my business.

Man he was a fuck up.

I loved the guy,
don't get me wrong

he just couldn't keep his
shit straight, you know?

He met Tracy when he was
working North Hollywood,

she got her junk this Vice
CI that he brought in.

Something about her, man.

He just couldn't see straight.

They got married, had the kid,

he thought that'd
get her clean but...

We'd be out on patrol,
he'd get a call,

she'd be passed out
in a bar somewhere

with a fuckin' needle
hangin' out her arm.

She got caught up in
some narc raid somewhere.

Hang tight a second, I
wanna check somethin' out.

20-L-14, can you give me the
plates on that Ford APB again?

Stand by 14.

That is a green Ford. Partial
plate, 2-1-Apple-Baker.

Jesus, that's the car.

Copy that, Olympic.

I got eyes on the suspect
vehicle in the 300 block

of South Roosevelt Avenue
over by the cemetery.

Roger that, 14,
Olympic code three.

Union Trust Bank and
Hollenbeck and North Kittredge

suspect vehicle spotted
in the 300 block

of South Roosevelt Avenue.

All units in the vicinity,
please, code three.

You ready?

I think so, yeah.

All right.

Follow my lead, do what I do.

Yeah I got it.

LAPD, I wanna see
some hands in there!

Anybody in the car,

I want you to open the door

and put your hands
outside the vehicle.


Let's move.


Anybody in that car, I wanna
see some fuckin' hands.

You clear?



Shit man, they're long gone.

20-L-14, suspect
vehicle is clear.

Hey, Ray.

Roger that, 14.

Check it out.


It's warm but it ain't hot.

They've been gone
a little while.



Heard you found
the shooter's ride.

Must've missed
'em by 10 minutes.


Well, hey, at least you got
the big boys out of bed, right?

I hear they didn't
set up block cover

for you for a half hour after
you made the fuckin' car.


Fuck em.

Will you stop saying that?

Okay, well, what do
you want me to do?

Huh? I'm working.

I cannot just come
home right now.

Just, okay, okay, calm down.

Stop saying that.

Would you please
stop saying that.

You are not gonna hurt yourself.

Marital fuckin' bliss.

Of course, I love you.

Yes, I... Hello?


New place, you know?
She's havin' a tough time.

You got somethin' for me, Don?

It's all right.

I got something
for you to look at.

Plain clothes in Northeast
11 pointed me at a CI,

said there's this
place up by the 105,

Southgate, Lynwood, that area?

Says it's where they cook
up that red label 187 shit.

Got kids to carrying the weight.

Says he's pretty sure
that's what they got

the little girl doing.

And other shit too.

It's bad, Ray.

How bad?

As bad as it gets.

They got these parties,
you know, you hear shit.

Hope it's not true.

This CI got some
place for me to look?

Yeah, this guy runs this
fuckin' mobile meth lab

out of the trunk of
his car in Willowbrook.

Deandre something.

He usually winds up
around Wilmington

and El Segundo over
by the high school.


Supposed to be a
red Monte Carlo.

That's way out of
your zone, Ray.


I'll see you, Ray.

You gonna tell me
where we're going?


I thought you were
supposed to be teaching me.

Yeah, lesson's
over for the night.

20-L-14, 10-10.

14, please confirm,

did you say you
were out of service?

Do you require assistance?

What are you doing?

Ray, you can't just go
off the grid like that.

I just did.

Jesus, Ray, what about regs,
what about procedure, man?

You find this guy, you're
gonna go to Lynwood, Ray?

If they find out we're operating
outside of the patrol zone,

they're gonna hang us.


You know, I'm just curious man.

Like if any of the shit they
teach us means anything to you?

Standard of conduct,
section 210.

Remember that one?

I recognize the
badge of my office

as a symbol of public faith,

and I accept it as a
public trust to be held

so long as I am true...

To the ethics of my department.

Yeah, I remember.

He was my partner.

I understand that, Ray.

But Jesus man you can't just...

You want out? I'll have
a unit come pick you up,

take you back to Olympic.

Say the word.

He was my partner.

Oh, sorry Officer.

I'll move my car
right now, Officer.

I'm gonna make...

You Deandre?

Huh, no, what?

Are you Deandre, turn around.

Nah, I don't know no Andre.

What's his last name?

Did you check on the East side?

Okay, man!

I'm not resisting, okay?

Get up.

I'm not even resisting, man.

Hey man, put this on
Facebook Live, yo!

Hey, stand still, asshole.

Y'all gonna kill me?

Yo man, you can't do that, man.

Yo, you ain't go not
consent for that.

I'm sorry.

You can't search my shit.

I see a mouth full of meth rot

I automatically
think probable cause.

Hey man, whatever you find
in there, it ain't mine.

What ain't yours?

Whatever you find.

Little science
experiment, Deandre?

No, this is my cousin's
car, it's not even mine.

And I was going to, no wait,

I was going to the pharmacy
this is for my grandma.

Yo, yo, yo, yo hey, yo man.

That's the street
right there, yo.

El Granada

The one with the fences
all tagged up right there.

Get out.

What you mean, get out?

Somebody gonna see
me if I get out, yo.

Come over here.

No, I'm not goin in...
Hey, hey, take it easy.

Turn around.

All right.

I'm releasing you back
into the wild, you moron.

Can I have my phone back?

Beat it.

Can I have my phone back?

Get the fuck out of here.

Take your badge off,
put it in the glove box.

Name tag too.


Tape over the car number,
there's one on the side

and one on the back.

I'm gonna get the plates.

I'm on eight.

I'll call you if I need you.


I'm serious.

Don't come in unless I call.

Yeah, I got it.

Ray, Ray, can you hear me?

Think I'm some kind
of bitch, motherfucker?!

You come up in my shit, think
I'm afraid of yo' punk ass?

Fuck you!

Go ahead and take
your little bitch.

We gonna get another one anyway.

Motherfucker. You think
you some kinda shit!

Take her to the car.

Yeah, you ain't real.

You ain't real motherfucker.

You was real there'd
be 20 of you,

you'd be takin' people out

of this shit in
fuckin' handcuffs.

Yeah that's right, you
mother fucker, keep going.

Yeah, keep walkin' your little
bitch ass off of my property.

Think this changes anything?

I'm gonna remember
that little bitch now.

Yeah, you like that?

Yeah, I'm gonna make
it a point to remember

that sweet little honey now.

Yeah, what I hear,
she was sweet.

Yeah, I'm gonna find that
sweet little honey now,

you can count on that.

Me and this little girl?

We gonna fall in love.

What are you doing, Ray?

How'd you like that, huh?

Go ahead, scoot over.

Okay, come here.

Come here.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, it's okay.

You're safe now.

It's all right, you're safe.

You're safe.

You're safe.

It's all over now, you're safe.

She's got a grandmother
in Eagle Rock,

we'll take her there.

Let me see you.

I am not, God, I'm
not okay with this.

What happened back there, you
should have said something.

You fucking killed that guy.

Fuck him.

Oh yeah, Ray, yeah that
solves everything, man.

What about the dash unit?

What about it?

The recorder man, it got
everything you did back there.

The recorder's been
busted for two years.

Same with half the black and
white's in the motor pool.

There's no money for it.

That's not the
point, God damn it.

What is the point, Nick?

Come on, tell me the point.

Is this the part where
you start trottin' out

the fuckin' regulations again?

You know what, fuck that shit!

It's about right and wrong!

What do you know
about right and wrong?

You're a fuckin'
newborn on the street.

I can still smell your
momma's pussy on you

for Christ sake.

I didn't fucking
join up for this.

I got a wife!

All right.

I got a daughter on the way!

All right.

Say that was her.

Back there, that
was her, your kid.

What would you do?

That is fucking different, Ray.

No it's not. No it's not.

What are you talkin' about?

That shit I said about Peters.

He was a fuck up, couldn't
see straight with Tracy.

I was talking about me.

They'd already been
married a year,

she had Kailey and we
let him think it was his.


He was my partner.

I loved him.

I wasn't gonna let him get hurt
like that, for fuck's sake.

It's not like I'm proud of it.

Oh, fuck.

Man, I look at you,

I see me 20 years ago.

I look at me, I see what I am.

There's a person you
wanna be when you're young

and there's a person
you end up being.

That's a hard
reality to face, man.

But there it is.

20-L-14, back in service.

Roger that, 14. Got a little
worried about you there.

Do you require assistance?

Yeah, sorry about that Olympic.

We ran out of gas.

Sent the rook to fill
up the can, he got lost.

Roger that, 14.

Shift's almost over.

Shit, look at this fuckin' guy.

Just rolled a red
right in front of us.

You want it?

Sure, why not.

Driver, pull over to the
side of the road please.

I got it.

Okay, genius

20-L-14, traffic.

Go ahead, 14.



How are you doing tonight?

Good evening, Officer.

Could you turn your
car off, please?

Oh, yeah.

Sorry about that.

Did I roll that stop
light back there?

You know, I'm sorry about that.

I didn't see it.

Yeah, you did roll
that stoplight.

You realize you have a brake
light that's out as well?

Oh man, I'm gettin'
it handled tomorrow.

Okay, do you have a driver's
license and registration

that I can see, please?

You really have to do that?

I mean, I just live a
block down the street

and I'm just tryin' to get home.

It's a little late...

I got the big guy in here.

Do you have your driver's
license and registration on you?

Yeah, you know what,
it's on the counter.

Forgot it on the way out.

Okay, who's this?

Oh, he's just...
How you doin' sir?

He's had one too many.
You got a name, buddy?

He's had one too many.

What, he can't
speak for himself?

Look, we just one block to
go and we are out of here.

I'll get that light checked out.

Thank you very much.

Okay, could you step out
of the car for me, please?

Hey man, look, I like cops...

Do you mind steppin' out
of the car for me, please?


It's just a little stoplight

and it seems a
little ridiculous.

I really am just...


Step out of the car, now!

Seriously, man,
why you got to make

a fuckin' federal
case out of this shit.

I'm not gonna ask you again.

Put your hands out at the side
and step out of the car, now.

Okay, boss man.

Just openin' the door.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!

Drop that fucking gun, asshole.

Fuck you!
Do it, now!

Drop the gun now!

Do it, now!

Fuck you.
Do it, now!

I'll pull this fucking
trigger I swear to Christ.

I told you not to
get me stirred up.


Eddie, God damn
it, say something.


Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Whatever you thinks gonna
happen, ain't gonna happen

until you put that gun down.

You understand me?
No, no, no, fuck you.


Fuck you, I get to three,
this little fuck buys it.

I swear to fucking Christ.

Ain't gonna happen, pal.

Fuck you, you think
I'm playin?! One!

Hey, listen to me...

Look at me...
Wait, no, no, no, no...

Hey, look at me, asshole.

Look at me.


I got three of
you motherfuckers.

I got him.

I got him.

I got him.

Hey, fuckin' cut it out asshole.


I want you to listen to every
word I'm about to say to you.

Because after tonight, you're
either gonna figure this out

and you're gonna learn
how to do this job

or you're not and this job
is gonna eat you alive.

You remember what I told
you when you came on shift?

There is the world
inside this squad car

and there's everything
else outside of it.

You're out on patrol,
every person you see

that's not in a uniform is
either somebody whose been

in the back of your squad car
or somebody who hasn't been

in the back of
your squad car yet.

I'm not just talking about
catches, I'm talkin' everybody.

Everyone who's not a cop.

You're not a part
of them anymore.

It is us against them.

You understand that?

You are the sheep dog,
they are the sheep.

You could save somebody's ass,

they could turn around and
hang you out in a heartbeat.

That's the trade.

You read 1984 in high school?

People sleep peaceably
in their beds at night

because rough men stand ready

to do violence on their behalf.

People sleep peaceably
in their beds at night

because rough men stand ready

to do violence on their behalf

and they will fucking
hate you for it.

That's the deal.

It's the deal you made when
you signed up for this.

See you tomorrow.