Crowhaven Farm (1970) - full transcript

An aura of mystery and tales of supernatural activity surrounds Crowhaven Farm,when it comes into the possession of Ben and Maggie Porter,a couple moving to the farm to try for a chance to save their troubled marriage. Maggie,immediately senses that all is not right,and that perhaps the farm's reputation for being haunted by restless spirits and being the home of an ancient coven of witches is true.

(soft music)

- And to my cousin Margret Carey Porter,

I Evelyn Carey leave a cameo
broach of Neapolitan design,

my collection of milk glass,

and an original oil
painting of the Matterhorn

by an unknown Swiss artist.

To my cousin Henry Pearson

I leave free and clear
title to Crowhaven Farm,

it's house, outbuildings, and
80 acres of woods and farmland

in Essex County Massachusetts.

- Congratulations Mister Pearson.

- Thank you very much.

- There is a cotison.

Should the said Henry Pearson

fail to take possession of Crowhaven

within 30 days after being notified,

the farm shall then be automatically

become the sole property
of the a fore named

Margaret Carey Porter.

Is that clear?

- Perfectly.

I intend to drive up and take
possession of Crowhaven Farm

this weekend.

(car passing)

(horn sounding)

(tires screeching)


(sinister music)

(soft music)

- There it is Baby,

your ancestral estate.

- My friend you've come a long way from

that fourth floor walk-up in the village.



Would you believe a walk-in fireplace

hand pegged floors, beam ceiling.


- Felicia where's Ben?

- Oh he's out checking the barn I think.

(intriguing music)

How'd you know that cellar door was there?

- How did I know where the old well was?

Or that secret panel upstairs?

- Oh you probably heard your folks talk

about this farm when you were a kid.

- Felicia.

Do you believe people
can live within one life?

- You mean reincarnation?

Of course I do.

Why I've lived dozens of times.

I was a priestess of the Osiris in Egypt,

and we--

- Oh Felicia be serious.

- I am being serious Lovey.

I know I've lived lots of lives.

- That's how i feel about this place.

I've been here before.

I've cooked in this kitchen.

I've lived here.

And I...

Felicia I don't want to stay.

I can't.

I'll go tell Ben.

- [Ben] That's just a small
expression of my gratitude.

- [Maggie] For what?

- For this, for all this
beautiful, beautiful space.

And that barn.

What a great studio i'm going to have.

- Ben.

- I may even turn that loft
into my own private gallery.

- Honey.

- Ben Porter's Crowhaven period.

- Ben I've decided something.

I can't stay here.

- What?


- Well it's an old, old house,

and the repairs would be very expensive.

- I can do a lot of that,

and there must be some local
handyman who can do the rest

just as soon as we can afford it.

- Ben you're not being logical.

- Maggie.

Baby let's don't be logical.

I have a very strong
feeling about this place.

About us.

- Honey we'd be so far
away from everything.

- Maggie,

lately with you and me,

things have not quite the way we wanted,

but I know it's a lot
of my own frustration,

no recognition, no sales,

and the thing about the baby.

So we need to change,

but here here we can breathe.

We can unwind.

Be closer than ever.


Maggie please do this for me.

Do this,

and you can ask me for anything.

I promise.

I promise you on everything
I've ever felt for you.

On our wedding rings.


(soft music)

- Alright.

- Oh Maggie.

(sinister music)

- Ben?

- Yeah?

Baby what is it?

Maggie what's the matter?

- I went exploring.

Empty meadow.

Stone wall.

I thought i heard.

I saw.

- No,

it's just the sun.

You're overheated.

Why don't you go in
the house and lie down?

Take a rest?


- Misses.

- Who are you?

- Cheever.

Nate Cheever.

I'm what they call a handyman.

No job too odd for me Misses.

Your husband hired me
to mend the foundation.

I know how Crowhaven is,

but it wants looking after.

(sinister music)

(calm music)
(knocking at door)

- [Together] Surprise.

- Angie don't look so frightened darling.

- Just a few of your weekend neighbors

dropping in to say welcome.

- The party started at our place,

and Fritz said...

- Why don't we invite
the pretty new people

at Crowhaven.

- But you don't have a phone.

- [Lady] Only that didn't save them,

did it Kevin?

- [Kevin] We have this impulse to share.

- And the weekenders rule is,

if you have an impulse, obey it.

- So we brought the party to you.

- I hope we're not
intruding Mister Porter?

- Intruding of course not.

This is one of the greatest welcome wagons

I have ever saw.

Come in please, come in.

- Very kind, very kind.

- Welcome to Crowhaven Farm.

(muffled chatter)

- So good to see some new
faces in this neighborhood.

You've no idea how dull
these weekend parties...

(loud chatter from everyone)

- Misses Porter,

You've inherited quite
a monument to the past

in Crowhaven.

- Fasten your seat belts everybody.

Harold is about to conduct
another one of his tours

to the 17th century.

- 17th century.

That was in the Puritan times wasn't it.

- Yes.

Brampton was an early Puritan
settlement founded about


With all the same attractions
as it's larger neighbors.

Salem and Handover.

Including witches and witch trials.

- Witches?

- Yes, oh not as so quite
as spectacular as Salem.

Yet there was a nice
practicality in Brampton witches.

For instance,

there was a certain Martha Lawson.

She had a husband Martha did
who she didn't much care for.

- How well I know that feeling.

- Divorce being unthinkable.

Mistress Lawson looked
about for an alternative.

Acting on the advice of a friendly witch,

she took off her wedding ring,

and passed into a bona fide
representative of the coven.

- Coven?

What's that?

- The witch equivalent of a bitch club.

- Before you could say the
Lord's Prayer backwards

husband Lawson was dead and his soul

signed, sealed, and
delivered to the Devil.

At one time half the
population of Brampton

was suspected of witchcraft.

Accused by the other half.

Actually there were eight executed.

Seven were hanged and
one was pressed to death.

The accused which was
placed under a wooden plank,

then stones such as our walls are made of

were piled on top.

Usually they were trying
to get a confession,

but if the accused wouldn't confess.

She was finally crushed under the weight.

- For Heaven's sake Harold that's enough

- Too much.

C'mon everybody have another sandwich.

(everyone chatting)

- Misses Porter,

you look as though you could use this.

I guess our welcome wagon
was a bit too much for you.

- No not at all.

- Well I understand your
husband's an artist.

What are your specialties?

- Well at the moment I'm
a full-time housewife.

In New York I was a legal secretary.

- You're not interested in a job are you?

- Well as a matter of fact I
have been thinking about it.

- Well I happen to know
one of the top law firms

in Lowell's looking for a good secretary.

Just say the word.

- A legal firm?

In Lowell?

- You interested?

- Maggie.

I think I guests are
getting ready to leave.

- Honey Mister Pierce is
offered to recommend me

for a secretarial job.

- Oh in his office.

- Unfortunately we haven't
a vacancy at the moment.

Let me know.

- Maggie you're not going to take a job.

- Have you checked our
bank balance lately?

- I don't want any favors from Pierce.

- Oh Ben, you know how I
feel about your jealousy.

- Look Maggie.

- It's just that I've been so edgy lately

and I think that it would be good for me

to get away from the farm during the day.

I want a job Ben.

The one Mister Pierce mentioned,

or another.

- Maggie, it's quitting time.

You'll make us look bad.

- Oh don't worry, I'll be
finished in a few minutes.

- Okay, see you tomorrow.

Don't work too hard.

- Night.
- Night.

(car trying to crank)

- Thanks a lot for the lift Kevin.

- My pleasure.

- You're car breaking down,

was the best news I've had all week.

- Thanks again Kevin.


Car wouldn't start.

I needed help--

- And you knew just where to find it.

- I asked Kevin to give me a lift,

because I thought you'd be worried.

I should have stayed Lowell.

Was that his suggestion.

- Oh Ben come on.

(intense music)

- Congratulations.

You find yourself a man,

who was eager to give
you everything i can't.

Including a child.



- Maggie.


- Ben.

- Oh Maggie I'm sorry.


Everything's gonna be alright.

It's going to be all right.

- A history of Salem.

Records of the Brampton witches.

Well that's very thoughtful
of you too lend these to me

Mister Dean.

- Oh they're all fascinating.

I just feel that any
descendant of the Carey family

should know at least a little
something of the early days.

- Well to tell you the
truth now that I'm working,

I don't know what I'm
going to get to these.

- Oh no hurry.

I'm off to Florida in a few days,

and won't be back for several months.

- Well you know I'm really
more interested in the present

and in the future than I am in the past.

- Well aren't they part
of the same circle.

By the way I might suggest a
visit to the Brampton Cemetery.

There are a number of Carey markers there

dating back to the late
17th early 18th centuries.

- Really.

Well thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

And enjoy your vacation in the sun.

- I'll try to.
- Bye-bye.

(gentle music)

(wind blowing)

(mysterious music)

Who's there?


(dramatic music)

I wasn't dreaming Doctor Terminer.

There was a child sobbing.

- Needing your help?

- And when I went to find the child


the sobbing stopped,

and there was this awful mocking laughter.

Somehow I knew I felt something terrible

was going to happen to me.

- Misses Porter you've
been married seven years.

Do you plan to have a family?

- Ben and I want children very much.

We can't.

We haven't been able to.

- You've had the usual test.

- There seems no physical explanation.

- Adoption.

We've applied.

I guess our financial status
isn't exactly impressive.

- I'm wondering Misses Porter

do you think it's possible
that the sense of frustration

and denial you feel
because you're childless,

do you think that could
be responsible for this,

nervous reaction?

- I suppose.

I know it's spoiling
everything between Ben and me.

We're both so defensive.


I'll give anything to have a child.


I'm going to prescribe a mild sedative

and I want you to try to occupy yourself

with other interests,

and most of all,

don't lose hope.

(soft music)

- Ben.
- Hmm?

- This is Miss Lewis.

- Mercy Lewis.

- This is my husband Ben.

- Hello.

- Doctor Terminer suggested
she come by for a visit.

- About a possible adoption.

- Do you represent an agency?

- No I'm trying to find a
suitable home for my niece.

- Oh.

I see.

- Jennifer is 10.

- 10.

Well you see I we always thought

that if we adopted--

- You'd prefer a baby.

I understand.

In your place i might feel the same way.

Still I had to ask.

Jennifer was orphaned when she was two.

Now Doctor Terminer tells me that

my illness is,

incurable so,

I'm trying to find a
good home for Jennifer

before I...

Thank you.

- Miss Lewis.

I'm sorry.

It's just that well ten is half grown,

to miss seeing.

(mysterious music)

- I asked you to wait in the car.

- I'm sorry Aunt Mercy

but I was cold.

- Well I bet you were.

You're Jennifer?

- Yes ma'am.

- I'm Maggie.

Short for Margaret.

- Maggie's friendlier.

- And this is my husband Ben.

- Hi Jennifer.

- Hello Ben.

That's a friendly name to.

- Did you paint this Ben?

- That's right.

- Those colors are so pretty.

They're almost too pretty.

They make me want to cry.

- Well

that's the nicest
compliment I've ever had.

- We've got to go now.

Come on Jennifer.

- Yes Miss Mercy.

Aunt Mercy, can I stay with Maggie and Ben

while you go to Boston?

- No dear, I'm going to Boston tomorrow,

additional tests.

If you had been


Well I thought perhaps a trial visit.

We shall work out something else.

- Miss Lewis wait.


would you really like
to stay with Ben and me

while your aunts in Boston?

- Yes ma'am.

- All right then.

Until tomorrow.

- Thank you.

- Goodbye Maggie, goodbye Ben.

- Goodbye Jennifer.

- Bye-bye.

(soft music)

Ben was I foolish?

- No, she's a lovely little girl.

- Even if there's no
commitment, it's just a visit.

Well there you are all scrubbed fresh

and hey, where your slippers.

- I haven't any.

- You haven't any.

Well we'll have to fix that.

Tomorrow you and I will go
on a little shopping spree

too Lowell.

Would you like that?

- Yes ma'am.
- Okay.

- Well are goodnight kisses in order.

- They certainly are.

- Goodnight Jennifer.

- Night Ben.

- And remember if you need
anything during the night,

you call us.

- Okay.

- [Together] Night.

(dramatic music)

- No question about it being a suicide,

even if I didn't have
Doctor Terminer's report.

- Miss Lewis was in constant pain.

These tests in Boston
were a last faint hope.

When that was eliminated...

- Ben has Jennifer been told?

- Yes,

she accepted it very quietly.

- Poor thing, she probably
doesn't understand.

- I think she does Misses Porter.

I think her aunt had prepared her.

Doctor what will this mean for us.

Jennifer is visiting,

I mean up there was no formal arrangement.

- Well has Jennifer been
happy these past few days?

- [Ben] She certainly seems to be.

- And you?

- Oh very much so Doctor.

- Don't at the moment what else matters.

Jennifer has a home with
two people who love her,

and you have what you said you wanted

above everything else,

a child.

- Here we go.

Get you nice and warm.


if you ever feel like talking
about your aunt Mercy.

I mean I know you must miss her very much.

- Aunt Mercy is happier now.

So I am too.

- Jennifer

that scar, how did you get it.

- I don't know, it's always been there.

- Looks like some kind of animal bite.

- Maybe, I don't remember.

(thunder crashing)
(wind roaring)

- Maggie,

Kevin Pierce,

- [Maggie] Oh hi Kevin.

- I've been looking for
a semi legitimate excuse

to call you.

The storms just supplied it.

- I'm listening.

- According to the Department of Highways

stretches of the road to Brampton

are under three feet of water.

You shouldn't try to drive home tonight.

Well I'll have to.

We still don't have a phone
and Ben's expecting me.

- Call Claire Ellen.

She'll get a message to Ben.

- Well I have to get a hotel room and--

- Stay at my apartment.

I can picture the look of outrage.

At ease Maggie unfortunately this time

it's only a friendly gesture.

I won't be there.

- I don't know.

- I have to go into Boston.

The key will be with the manager.

Besides the hotel's are full
so you don't have much choice.

- Well if you're sure it'd be alright,

yeah I'd appreciate it.

- I'm glad to be of service.

I'll see you soon.

- Okay Kevin.


- Jennifer what are you doing here.

I thought I had you all nice and cozy.

- I'm lonely.

Can I stay here with you,

just for a little while?

- Sure,

I could use some company myself.

That a girl.

(hums in agreement)


(dramatic music)


What did I do to deserve that.

- I love you Ben Porter.

- Likewise.

But Jenny it's late.

You'd better get some sleep.

- You're not glad to see me,

which confirms my suspicions
you've been avoiding me.

- We've been busy.

Ben sold another painting.

The galleries promised him
a one man show in general.

- I wasn't talking about Ben.

I haven't spoken to you,

since the night of stayed at my apartment.

- Kevin don't mention that.

Well I didn't think it was important--

- You lied to a jealous husband.

Why were you afraid he'd
come after me with this?

- I didn't lie.

Ben assumed I'd stayed at the hotel.

- So why bother to set him straight?

I'd like to give him a
better reason to be jealous.

- Kevin you really...

(dramatic music)

- Look Maggie.

I'm Priscilla Aldon in the
Thanksgiving play school.

I wanted to show you the costume
they've given me to wear.

- Very authentic.

- Jennifer how long have
you been standing there?

- A little while.

- The reports not conclusive.

But instinct tells me you
are most probably going to

have a baby.

Your incredulous.

- Suddenly after seven years.


- A part of a commonplace.

The shortest way to
have a baby of your own

is to adopt one.

- Oh Doctor Terminer,

if only this were true.

What a Christmas present for Ben.

- The odds are in our favor,

but suppose you and I keep
this beautiful possibility

our secret for another month.

- I won't tell Ben.

Not until I'm 100% sure.

(soft music)

Wouldn't it be a lovely
way to start the new year?

(muffled chatter)

- Now remember we promised,

not a word.

- Cross my heart Lovey but I'm thrilled.

(muffled chatter)

- You're very brave giving
a New Year's Eve party,

I'd never have the courage.

- Brings out the worst in everyone.

- You know we're at our best
when we're at our worst.

- Listen everybody, I'd
like to propose a toast.

To our handsome host.

May the new year bring greater
and greater recognition

of his creative powers.


- I'd like to offer an amendment.

To our charming hostess,

may she share with her husband

a sense of creative fulfillment.

(muffled chatter)

- Yeah it's New Years.
- Happy New Years.

(all sending wishes)

- I've been maneuvering
towards this moment

all evening.

Happy New Year Maggie.

- Happy New Year, excuse me.

Hey Ben, Happy New Year.

- Happy New Year.

- Ben?
- Hmm?

- Please don't sulk about Kevin.

Not tonight.

I have something very
important to tell you.

- Okay.

- Doctor Terminer told me this afternoon,

there isn't the slightest
doubt that I'm pregnant.

- What?

- We're going to have a baby.

- A baby?

Our own baby?

Oh Maggie.

Oh Maggie, this was
the only thing missing,

now we've got it all.

Our own baby.

(dramatic music)

(intense music)

- Begging your pardon.

Last fall Mister said I
was to clean out the cellar

before spring.

- That's alright.

I just hadn't realized
you were started yet.

(sinister music)

- Scarred bad on the one side.

- [Ethereal Voice] May you
go with the worthy mediator

or the evil ones.

Meg Carey,

confess Meg Carey confess.

- Burn it.

Burn it!

(soft music)

- You have no idea when
Mister and Misses Porter

will be returning?

- No sir.

- Well I don't think I'll wait.

Will you tell Misses Porter that I called?

- Yes sir.

- My cane?

I'm sure I had it with me.

- Well I don't see it sir.

- Strange.

Well if it should turn up,

perhaps Misses Porter
could bring it to me.

- Yes sir.

- Thank you.

(dramatic music)

- [Postman] Hey that was shortening

about Mister Dane wasn't it?

- [Maggie] What do you
mean, what happened?

- Oh he fell down the cellar steps,

and broke his neck.

- Oh no.
- Yeah.

I guess the wood rotted out
while he was away in Florida.

- That's terrible.
- Yeah, he's a nice fellow.

Really just gonna miss him.

Hey this must be a special shock

for you seeing him just yesterday.

- I didn't see him.

I haven't seen him since,

well since he left for Florida.

- Was that right?

Well he come to visit you yesterday.

- He did!
- Sure, sure.

I saw him turn into your lane.

- Ben and I spent the
day in Lowell yesterday.

- Oh that's how you missed him then.

Bye-bye Mister Porter.

- Bye.


did Mister Dane come to visit us

while we were in Lowell yesterday?

- Mister Dane?

Well if anyone came yesterday,

I didn't see them.

(dramatic music)

- And in that year of 1692,

there were living at the
place known as Crowhaven Farm.

It's owner, one Daniel Carey

and his wife, Margaret,

or Meg.

Their union had not been
blessed with children,

and it was generally acknowledged,

Mistress Meg Carey was barren.

- [Ethereal Voice] And
how Mistress Meg Carey

did ye a barren woman conceive a child

if you did not compact
in blood with the evil?

- Meg Carey.

Margaret Carey.

Maggie Carey.


So Daniel Carey and his
wife were generally accepted

as God fearing and true
believing Christians,

there were rumors and whisperings

of strange and evil practices

on the farm.

It was said that a coven
of 13 condemned witches

held their bloody and orgiastic Sabbaths,

in a stone quarry on the farm.

Where was spilled the
blood of sheep, goats,

and even larger animals.

- [Ethereal Voice] Name
those who were thy mediators

with the evil one.

Meg Carey,

name their names and ye shall live.

Name them.

- Mercy Lewis.

Her niece Jenifer.

And the child Jennifer
was brought before them

and stood mutely.

But when her garments were removed,

there was plain on her left shoulder,

the mark of the Devil.

The mark of Satan's own teeth.

(wind blowing)

(muffled chatter)

(rooster crowing)

(dramatic music)

- Maggie.

- Oh Ben.

The quarry,




- Now there's no blood.

Look, there's no blood.

- Stay away.

Sta away!


- Jenny, get a hold of Doctor Terminer.

Tell him to get over here fast.

- No.



Help me.

- It's alright Misses Porter.

Everything's going to be alright.

Anything, I'll give
anything to have a child.


- Thy soul Mistress Carey,

in payment, thy soul.

- I want no traffic with the evil one,

nor the who serve him.

- Then die barren, Misses Carey.


- What a way.

Terrible way.

No more, no, no,

no more, please,

no, no more.

I'll bargain with the evil one.



(baby crying)

- Maggie.

It's a boy.

We have a son Maggie.

A son.

- A son.

(wind blowing)



- Right here.

(baby crying)

Well you had a long sleep.

How do you feel?

It's okay nurse, I'll be here.

- How's Brian?

- He's fine.

A bit small being ahead of schedule,

but he's strong and healthy.

- Ben, don't let them take me.


- No one's gonna take you anywhere.

You're going to be in
this bed at least a week.

- Nurse Clay said you were awake.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

- Jennifer,

I think it's past your bed time.

- I was just on my way.

Goodnight Maggie, goodnight Ben.

- [Ben] Goodnight.

- Ben,

go get the books that Mister Dane left.

They're in the sitting room,

on the top shelf,

the one book explains everything,

records of the Brampton witches.



and her aunt, Mercy Lewis,

they're witches.

- Maggie, Jennifer?

- On her shoulder,

is a scar.

Teeth marks.

The mark of the Devil.

Jennifer and Mercy Lewis made a pact

with a woman named Meg Carey,

same name as mine.

Maybe it was me.

I don't know.

But she couldn't have a child,

until she agreed on their terms.

Her soul.

And then something went wrong.

Something and...

It's happening all over again.

- Maggie,

Doctor Terminer gave you
a very strong sedative.

Now you probably dreamed all this

because of some nonsense
you read in the book.

- I didn't dream it.

It isn't nonsense.

Mister Dane saw the parallel,

that's why he came here.

He came here to warn us,

and that's why he was killed.

- He wasn't killed.

He had an accidental fall.

(intense music)

- Accident?

Like the one my cousin
had Henry Pearson had?

Ben don't you see, it was all arranged.

My inheriting the farm,

our taking Jennifer,

Mercy Lewis's death,

your success...

Oh Ben read the book.

Then we've gotta get away from here.

We've gotta get away.

- Alright darling, go to sleep.

- Promise,

you'll read the book.

- Yes, I'll read it.

No nothing, and I've searched
every bookshelf in this house.

Doctor do you think
ever was any such book?

Or was she imagining it all?

- Well premature birth
is a tremendous shock

to the nervous system.

A certain degrade of
ability is quite common

in mothers who deliver early.

- Well you think we should
put her in the hospital

in Lowell?

- Oh I considered that possibility but,

but I don't feel it's
safe to move her now.

- Look Doctor,

this is going to sound a bit selfish,

but I have a one man show
opening in Boston tomorrow,

now I don't wanna be away from Maggie,

not even for a day not now,

well you see I've worked
so hard and for so long--

- Oh you must go, of course.

Maggie will be perfectly
safe in our hands.

I'm sure she'll insist on your going.

- No.

Don't leave me.

Take me with you.

- Maggie I can't.

You're too weak to travel anywhere.

But look you and I will go to Boston

just as soon as Doctor
Terminer gives the okay.

- Ben don't you care what happens to me?

- Of course I care.

I always have and I always will.

- Then don't go.

- Maggie, I've worked for
years for a day like today.

A one man show in a first class gallery,

and I have to be there at the opening.

It's our future.

- You once made a promise to me,

that if I'd live here,

you'd give me anything I asked for,


And now I'm asking.

I'm begging don't leave me here.

- Maggie,

now I've never ever
broken a promise to you,

but Doctor Terminer says

you're not responsible
for what you're saying,

so I'm gonna have to do what
I think is best for all of us.

Now I promise,

I'll be back today.

I promise.

- Ben.


(dramatic music)


- Misses Carey?

- Please.

What have I done to you?

- You betrayed us Mistress.

Exchanged our lives for thy own.

- 62 years ye enjoyed life.

I died at 10,

because ye betrayed me.

- No.

No that was Meg Carey.

Hundreds, hundreds of years ago.

- We've waited for thy soul
to return to this world,

for our revenge.

- What is unfinished must be finished.

What is unavenged must be avenged.

Then will our master
claim his overdo payment.

Thy soul.

(intense music)

- Felicia!



Hurry, we've gotta get
away before they get us.

- Maggie what's the matter,

what do you mean they?

Maggie, what's the matter with you?

- Drive away.

I'll explain.
- Okay, okay.

- Thank God.

Thank God it was you.

Felicia there are such things as witches.

You know in some other life
they think I betrayed them.


they wanna kill me.

(sinister music)



Not you.

- Get out Meg.

- No!


- The baby.
- No!

Don't take my baby.


- Our quarrel is not with the child.


- Felicia?



- Miss Meg Carey,

you did break thy blood
signed covenant with him

who is our master.

To save thy own life,

you betrayed thy sisters Jennifer

and Mercy to the persecutors,

who did here hang Mercy Lewis by the neck,

and they pressed Jennifer with
such a weight of cruel stones

that her tender spirit was forced

from her child's body.

Now shall the circle be closed.

Our sister Jennifer,

will here this day,

June 8th the anniversary
of her own cruel death,

have her just revenge on her betrayer.

At the same time,

our master will receive
the payment long due him,

thy soul.

- Ben!


- You wish to save thyself,

and sacrifice another as
you did before with me?

So be it.

Give me Ben in thy place.

- You want Ben?

- I would know with him something
of the life ye denied me

Meg Carey.

- You can't give away

another person's soul.

- It has been done.

(baby cooing)
- My baby.

What will happen to my baby?

- Give me Ben,

and live.

- No!


- Give me thy wedding ring.

I may not take it from thee,

but ye may give it freely.

Will ye give me the ring?

(baby cooing)

- Yes, yes!

(dramatic music)

- Hi Jenny.

How's my favorite model?

- Fine.

- Hey I better teach you how
to tie a bow a la Ben Porter.

- No one ties a bow the way you do.

- That's right.

- Everybody like your
paintings as much as I do?

- Yep, sold almost half of them already.

Oh, I better go tell Maggie.

- Maggie's gone.

(sinister music)

She's very angry after you left.

She sent for Doctor Terminer.

They talked and they
said Maggie and the baby

were going to Mister Pierce's.

- Kevin Pierce?

- Maggie said that was
where they both belonged.

- Her and the baby?

At Pierce's?

I told her that once,

to go to him.

- Maybe that's why she stayed
in Mister Pierce's apartment.

- What.

- The night it rained so hard.

- Jenny,

she didn't?

She didn't?

- Please Ben,

don't be angry with me,

but it's true.

I heard her tell Mister
Pierce not to mention it.

- Of course.

A couple who can't have a child

suddenly do after the wife
spends a night in Lowell.

- Porter!
(Gun shooting)

- You may alert the police.

- Ben!



(wind blowing)

- Ben.

Hurry Ben.

I've been waiting for you.


- Hey Bill,

cause of death broken neck.

- I guess he panicked
after he killed Pierce.

Got lost in the darkness
and fell in the quarry.

What do you make of that Doc?

- Laceration or puncture
wound from the fall.

- Looks almost like teeth marks.

- Teeth marks?

Now Bill.

What kind of animal
native to Massachusetts

has teeth like this?


- I guess you're right.

It is kind of a far fetched idea.

- Good afternoon.

- Good afternoon Officer.

- I haven't seen you in this
part of the park before.

You're new around here aren't you?

- That's right.

- Oh he's a handsome little fellow.

Must have his father's coloring.

- His father was very fair.

- Was?

- I'm a widow.

- Let me fix this for ya.

(dramatic music)

- Well isn't that extraordinary?

You know my husband used...

- Been a pleasure talking with you.

And if it's any comfort to
a woman alone like yourself,

you can be sure from now
on I'll have my eye on you,

and your little boy.