Crow Valley (2021) - full transcript

Mountain biker Benny Jones sets off on a weekend ride to remote Crow Valley but is knocked off his bike in a brutal hit and run. He wakes badly injured in an abandoned cabin where he meets young hiker Greta. When her lies and sanity start to unravel he finds himself in a desperate fight for survival.


No, no, no.

No, just stay away
from me!

Stay away from me you bitch!

So you wanna come?

- Where?
- Crow Valley.

Ah, no
dude, I'm all right.

What about you,

are you're gonna be up for it?

I feel good.

Hey, give us a quick
smile, would you?

What are you doing?


That'll get you some
likes on Instagram.

Fair enough.

Not bad.




Fuck me.



Ah, Jesus Christ, it
hurts like shit.

I thought you were gonna die.

What happened?

- You don't remember?
- No.

I found you on the
side of the road.

- Where am I?
- My uncle's cabin.

- I've gotta call an ambulance.
- There's no reception.


Yeah, look, I've
tried, there's nothing.


- I gotta get outta here?
- We can walk,

but you don't look that good.

Look, my uncle,

he'll be here in
a couple of days,

and he'll have a car,

so we could just wait.

At least we're gonna have to,

we've gotta do something
about my arm, right?

It's parked so kinda
have to reset it,

and we're gonna have
to bandage it up.

Shouldn't you just
wait for a doctor?

Yeah, let's wait for a doctor,

and in the meantime,

I can fucking bleed to death.



For fucks sake.

Listen, if there
are any bandages,

or a clean bedsheets
or anything like that.

I'll check.

Okay, okay,

so you're gonna grab my wrists,

and then on the count of
three you're gonna pull it.


On the count of three.




That worked, that

You doing the folding?


You don't usually do it.

Well, kind of relaxing.

That's not how we do socks.

It's how I do the socks.

- Here, let me do it.
- It's just the folding.

It's fine, I can do it.

If you're gonna do it,

you need to do it properly,

so let me show you
how we fold socks.

I don't need you to show
me how we fold socks.

Well, you weren't
doing it right.

What, and you're way is right?

- You seem a bit tired.
- Are you fucking kidding me?

I beg your pardon?

You're just such
a control freak.

Stop being so dramatic.

How about you just
stop ruining my life?

You are driving me crazy.

Fucking debacle, fuck!


Hi, how are you feeling?

I've been better.

You look a little better.

Still look like shit though.

I'm sorry for screaming at you.

I just lost my shit.

It's fine.

Well, I'm gonna try
and be a lot nicer

from now on, okay?

That'd be great.

I am
Benny by the way.

Benny, right, I'm Greta.

Nice to met you, Greta.

So are you from around here?

No, I'm just down here, hiking.

Oh Jesus, now you're
stuck looking after me.

Best hiking trip ever, eh?

Yeah, it hasn't
really gone to plan.

Sorry about that.

Well, I couldn't
really leave you

on the side of
the road, could I?

You could have.

Not everyone would
have done what you did.

I guess I was just trying
to do the right thing.

Appreciate it.

Now if there's
anything out there,

if there is just give
me a fucking break.

Just once, even though
I don't deserve it.

Just me a break.

Are you taking
your medication?

Ah, yes.

I found this on the floor.


Are you taking your medication?

I asked you a question.

Can you just get off your
phone for just a minute?

Yes, I said, yes.

Well, then how did
this get on the floor?

I don't know,

I must've dropped it.

- How?
- I don't know.

Are you lying to me?

Can you just get out of my room?

I am so sick of
trying to help you.

You throw everything
back in my face.

You're just like your father.

He was stupid too.

Why would you say that?

You're gonna end
up just like him.

I'd rather be like
him than like you.

Well, good luck with that.

- You can be stupid together.
- I hate you.

I'm done with you.

I'm done with everything.

I hope you like beans.

Yeah, who doesn't love beans?

Well, it's the only
in the cupboard,

so you better get used to it.

Hey, I've been thinking,

we can still
walk out of here, you know?

- What?
- I'm feeling a lot better.

You probably
just collapsed,

and then I'd have to
drag you back here.

Come on, it'd be easy.

Yeah, but is it smart?

Greta, there is absolutely
nothing keeping us here.

All right, well, what
if we got halfway,

and then you can't
walk any further,

what are we supposed
to do then happen?

That won't happen.

Have you seen

You're literally limping
around like a zombie.

We're you just gonna
sit here, are we?

I'm just going to sit
here and do nothing.

Yes, we are.

Okay, what about this?

You'll walk back to
the store by yourself,

- I stay here, simple.
- It's miles.

It'll probably take
me at least two days,

and then by the
time I get there,

my uncle will already be here.

You got here in one?

Yeah, because I got a lift.

- You got a lift?
- Yeah.

- You hitchhiked here?
- Yes, I hitchhiked.

Yeah, I was wondering
how you did that.

Well, there you go.

God, this is so frustrating.

Come on, cheer up.

At least you've got beans.

Yeah, beans.

I gotta stop this.

- Bitch.
- Bitch.

You're a bitch!

Stupid bitch.

Welcome to
guide and meditation.

Find a space where
you're comfortable.

When you're ready to
focus on your breathing.

Thoughts may enter your mind,

let the come and go.

Feel your breathe
enter your body.

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

Get up you piece of shit.

Come on, get up.

It gets to me.

It was a dumb idea.

Greta, I found a car.


I mean, I guess we
could jump start it,

but I don't know how
to jumpstart a car.

Greta, did you
know this was here?


I don't know how you
could've missed it.

I mean, if you dragged
me to the cabin.

What are you saying?

How did you not see this?

I came in the other way,

and I was kinda busy
saving your life.

- Is it your car?
- No!

- Well, who's is it then?
- I don't know.

- Is it your uncles.
- How am I supposed to know?

How am I supposed to know?

It's just, I don't know how
he could not have seen this.

Well, I didn't.

Is it your car?


But this doesn't make sense.

Are you calling me a liar?

It's just a whole
bunch of shit right now

that isn't really adding up,

so, you know, if
you can enlighten me

as to what the fuck is
going on that'd be great.

There's a fucking car here.

Jesus Christ, as if you
did not see this shit!

Look, I saved your life
and this is the shit I get?



I fucking knew it.

I'm fucking stupid!

I'm so stupid.

Shit, shit.

Get away from my car!

Get away from my car!

It's over, champ, it's done.

It's finished, whatever you're
trying to do here, done.

You need to go
back to the cabin.

I mean, what's

with the fucking
baseball bat, seriously.

You've lost it.

You need to go
back to the cabin.

I'm gonna go home.

No, you're not.

Just put the fucking baseball
bat down, Jesus Christ.

Kill it with a
baseball wear, right?

Just relax.


You want to play games
you piece of shit?

Well, I can play games.

Greta, what are you doing?

- Let me go.
- Not gonna happen.

You hit me with a baseball bat.

You could have killed me.

I know I could have.

Listen, do you want money?

I can get you some money.

Have you ever seen the
movie "Avenging Angel?"


When I was in grade five,

I went to a sleep over at
my friend Abby's house,

and her mom and
dad just split up,

so her mum basically
let her watch anything.

What are you?

Fucking, you're
talking about a movie.

I'm fucking taped to a chair.

Anyway, so this movie is
about this cheerleader

who gets raped by
these drunk frat guys,

so she tracks them down,

and she kills them one by one.

But the kicker is
before she kills them,

she cuts their dicks off,

so the police find
all these bodies,

but they never find
any of the dicks.

Well, I never raped anyone.

No, I know.

You're missing the point.

The point is I'm
the avenging angel.

Let me go.

Fucking, let me fucking go!

Let me go, let me go!

Let me fucking go you fucking,

stupid fucking bitch!

Are you finished?

What's your real name?

What are you gonna
hit me with it?

Look fuck you up, fuck off.

Last chance, what's
your real name?

- Tell me.
- Put it away.

- Greta, put it away.
- What's your real name?

Put the fucking hammer away.

What's your real name?

Greta, put it away.

Put it away, whoa, whoa!

Stop, stop!


It's David.

It's fucking David
Stonehouse, all right?

Can we go home now?

Have a fucking cup of tea.

Are you kidding me.

What am I doing?

You okay?

Guess what?

That should help.

One more question.

Who am I?

Go fuck yourself.

Come on, it's not that
hard if you think about it.

I'll hit you again.

- I will.
- I know.

I know who you are.

You're friend, or a relative,

or just some free I read
about in the newspaper.

And this is my sister.

Olivia, you got big.

Why didn't you help her?

I thought she was dead.

You knew she was alive and
you just left her to die.

No, you're wrong.

You left her on the
side of the road.

So what, you kill me and
that fixes everything?

Fucking crazy, fuck.

She deserves justice,

and so do I.

There is no such thing in
this universe as justice.

You kill me and your
sister's still dead.

Will that feel like justice?


You, you go to jail.

Will that feel like justice?

No, it won't,

and believe me, Olivia,
jail is the last place

you wanna go.

You're gonna tell me the
truth about what happened.

You know the truth.

Give that a go.

In there?

That's good, but I'd be
getting it to a mechanic

as soon as possible.

- Oh, thank you, Heeps.
- Welcome.

- So what's Hannah like?
- Why would you care?

I don't know.

She was funny.

Hannah and I used to
play hide and seek

with my toy, Bunny Booboo,

Hannah used to go
with find and seek,

and I'd look for Booboo

while she made these
founding noises.

The closer I got,

the louder the found,

so I used to think she was
the funniest person ever.

God, Danny and I, Jesus.

We used to fight just,

we used to fight so much.

Who's Denny?

Den's my sister.

David and Denny.

Is she still alive?

Yeah, Den's still around.

Ain't you lucky?

Yeah, well, we don't
talk much anymore anyway.

After the court case,

I lost Booboo.

I couldn't find him anywhere.

I looked all over the house,

and I decide to
look in the garage.

I opened the door.

I found my dad hanging
himself from the roof,

mom came running in.

and she saved him.

We don't really talk either.

Hi, honey.

You know I'm going up the
cabin for a couple of nights.

No, I did.

I told you yesterday,


Ah, what caught
me say it on that.

Look, look, what if I'm
back Tuesday morning?

Yep, now I promise, promise.

Well, yeah, yeah, I
always leave at clean.

You know that,

I'll do it clean before I leave,

and I'll be back, 11 AM Tuesday.

All right, love you, love you.


Olivia, I am so sorry.

I'm sorry for what
happened your family,

and God knows I am sorry
for what happened to Hannah.

- I know why you're doing this.
- You don't know anything.

I understand why you're angry.

I would be too.

I would be furious.

How fucking insightful.

You leave my sister to die,

and then you figure
out why I'm angry.

- I checked her pulse.
- No, you didn't.

You would have felt something.

I didn't know what I was doing.

Yeah, you're full of shit.

That's easy to do.

You check someone's
pulse and it's so soft.

You can't feel anything,

so you think they did.

So you're a doctor now?

What a hero you are.

I was in prison for three weeks.

I was standing in
line for the canteen.

These three guys walk in,

and they are fucking massive.

I walk up behind this
kid in front of me,

and already he wasn't
hiding or something.

One of them pulls
out a metal bar,

just smashes the kid on
the back of the head.

There's blood everywhere
and he goes down,

and they just start kicking
the shit out of him.

They just kick the shit.

No one else.

Everyone just stands
around and watches.

So he's in a coma
for three days,

and then he dies.

You know what he was in for?

For Parking fines.

Fucking parking fines.

I thought I could get out of
prison instead of pay for him.

So that week I signed
up for medical course,

I know it's not much,

but I don't dunno.

That night with your sister,

if it happened now,

I could do something about it,

but I just,

I didn't know what I
was doing back then.

I don't know what I was
fucking doing.

You're acting like this
is some be accident.

It was a mistake.

You were drunk.

You drove your car
into my sister's bike.

That's not an accident,
that's murder.

It was a mistake.

It was a mistake.

That was the fucking
biggest mistake of my life.

I'll give anything to
go back and change it,

but I can't.

I can't go back,

and I can't change it,

and now I'm just fucking stuck.

I'm fucking...

I'm stuck in the middle
of fucking nowhere,

and I'm surrounded
by shit and misery,

and I can't fucking escape.

I can't get out of it.

You're so full of shit.

You may as well have
shot her with a gun.

You're a fucking murderer.

- Hey Tom.
- Hey, good day, Bob.

- Hey, how you doing?
- Yeah, good, good.

I think the dogs
are back this year.

Yeah, but you've never
been a very good judge,

have you, Tom?

No, no.

Not really.

Not as a bulldog supporter.

Well, anyway, we'll see.

- Living up the cabin?
- Absolutely.

It's the slice of paradise.

That's it you bitch!

- It's never gonna stop.
- Never gonna stop.

Leave me alone, leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

What are you screaming at?

There's nothing there, fuck.

Leave me alone.

What the hell am I doing?

There's nothing there.

It's all your fault.

It's all your fault.

Take it easy.

It's all your fault.

You ruined my life!

Come on then.

Come on then,

let's get this fucking
shit over with.

If you're gonna do it, do it.

- Bitch.
- Fucking do it!

Come on.

Is this your place?


Look, is there any chance of
getting a lift out of here?

Who are you?

I'm Greta.

Fucking shit!

- Is that blood on your top?
- What?

Blood all over your top.

Yeah, I just had
a recent accident.

- You okay?
- Yeah, no, I'm fine.

What are you doing here?

Oh, I was just,

this is my first time
up here and I just,

I got really lost.

- And you found my cabin?
- Yeah, I was so happy

I found this place.

look, Is there any chance
of getting that lift,

I just really wanna go.

Yeah, I'm just gonna
have a look inside first.

- I wouldn't go in there.
- What?

No, you just don't need
to go in there, seriously.

- Get out of my way.
- No, wait, please wait,

- can we just-.
- Get out of my way.

Please, please.


What the fuck's going on here?

Mate, get me outta here.

Get me outta here, please.

- Jesus.
- Why is there so much blood?

Why do you think?

Help him.

Help him!

What do I do?

You need to stop the bleeding.

Get a towel or something.

Fold it up like a bandage.

Now it's putting
pressure on the wound.

Nice and firm, okay?

Hold on the wound nice and firm.

There's so much
blood, so much blood.

Feel his pulse.

Two fingers next to
his Adam's apple.

- Okay.
- Can you feel anything?

Mm-mm, maybe.

Let me go, Olivia,
I can help him.

Like you helped my sister.

Let me go, please.

- You're just gonna run.
- Let me go, please.

I won't run,

let me go!

No, you're just
saying that, okay.

Let me go to a place
or he's gonna freeze,

he's gonna fucking die.

- No.
- Let me go!

Let me fucking go!

I cannot feel anything.

I can't feel anything.

You killed him.

You fucking happy?

You killed him.

I don't understand.

Are you fucking happy now.

Fuck me!

What a fucking debacle.


Leave me alone.

I hate you when you're fine.

Just hitting people
with a baseball

that isn't exact science.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I fuck everything up.

I fucked everything up.

Come on.



Oh, you fucking piece of shit.



Fuck no.


Oh fucking shit.

Oh shit.

Oh, fuck!

Come on, come on.

Oh shit!

Looking for these, David?

Go on then.


What the fuck?

It stopped.

What are you doing?

What'd you do with the knife?

Damn, crap.

What I want you to do,

Olivia, listen to me,

what I want you to is hold
your hand on the window,

okay, can you do that?

If you can do that,

I can drive the car.

Hold it there.

Olivia, hold it there.

Hold it for me.

Come on, just hold it.

Leave me

- Don't worry about it.
- Leave me alone.

Here you're all
right, that's it.

Oh, you're all right.

Try and take it easy.

What's happening?

You're strongest, okay?

Yeah, it hurts.

Yeah, I know.